The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, December 10, 1915, Image 1

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NO.! 2-.
Ericf ResLT,e of General News
Frcni All Arcur.d the Ml
live News Items of All Nations and
fhdfic Northwest Condensed
(or Our Busy Readers.
The governor of Oregon pardons two
toftvku and paroles nine other.
fourteen women In llaxlco ara ebot
uurruu spite, by tha Vlllautaa.
A hfanltou, Colorado, bank robber
lock the eeehlef la Uto vault and a-
eapee wtlh 11600.
Wilson' xldrtet to congress elee-
trIBee the eauntry and the dominant
aofe la National preparedneee.
Tba Turkleh troop drive Brltlah
from their position cm the North bank
ef the Tigrl river, greatly aarprialnf
' Tba Brltlah praaa ecnaldara Preel-
dant Wilton's add rr aa "by fore of
tvanta, a war msassg from beginning
to end."
Tba Damacratia National aomnlttaa
baa aalartad St. Loula aa tba city in
wbleh to bold tba National eonventlon,
Junala, 11. ;
Member of tba ralcbaUg nra de
bating tba food eltuatlon In that coun
try. Producer, consumer, dealer,
and mlnlater ara blamed.
, lira. Ella Flc( Young, superlntend-
ant Of tha Chicago acboola, baa ra
algned.' She baa bta active In edu
cational work for U year. -
Tba Ford peace ahlp baa uked. by
Wlralaaa to Secretary Lanatng, that
paaaporta ba Uauad no that tba party
may antar belligerent oountrlea.
Tba Carman government concede
tba Sorlaltat wing in tba rakbetag tha
right to advocate tarma upon wnica
tba Carman might accept peace.
Austrian cruisers alnk ona French
submarine and eeveral amall ataamera
and eailing veeael In tba Adriatic aaa
wbleh war carrying war malarial.
. A Bdotland manufacturer, of Uoen,
wbo Impacted' Oregon's , flax crop,
frown by tha Inmate of tba lUU pen
itentiary, dec! area It la aurpaaaad by
nona in tha world.
R. Prank SewalL . writer, adula
tor, taacbar, for It yaara profaaaor at
Urbana onlvenlty In Ohio, author of
tba Cbrlatikn hymnal, dlaa at hla boma
in Washington. D. C, In bla 7tb
yaar. ,r:,'.;(i;v'::;" iA'-vv,
Senator Dilllnahem. of Varmont
chairman of tha formal Immigration
eomrotaslon. introducaa a bill In tha
eenato providing that mala allana over
16 yaara old who cannot reau enouia do
oicludad from tha united stata.
Aa agreement for a conference ol
Craok military authoritlaa and mill-
tarv rprntatlvM of tha antanta
power to eiamlne Into tha report on
tha naeaaaltlea of tha altvatlon raapeet
IngMho allied damanda opon Greece,
ha been raached, and tha preliminary
top toward coiaing ua wranwm
, bava baan taken. .,. -.h
John II. "Fehey. praaldont of tha
Chamber of Commerca of , tba Unltad
State, told Fraeldenl Wilton was du
Inaaa men want eongraaa to aaUbliah a
Mn.nartiMfi tariff eommlaalon and Dro-
vida maana to atrangthan tha marebant
marina. Mr. ranoy oeciarea were
wai grant noad for mora ahlpa to carry
tha exports of tha Unltad SUtaa.
Official announcement that tha Amer
ican ataamahlp Hocking bad baan re
quisitioned by tha Brltlah govammant
without tha formality of prlaa court
proceeding, wai received by tha Bute
department In a dispatch from Halifax,
where tha ahlp waa being detained
tinea aha waa aelied by a Brltlah war
ship white on the way from New York
.to Norfolk.. .
three blgh offlclala and aubordlnata
officer of tha Hamburg American Una
ware found guilty In tha Federal Die
UIH Court of New 'York of having
violated tha laws of tha Unltad State
In tending coal and other aupplleo to
German eruleera in the South Atlantic
in tha first few montha of the Euro
pean war. Tha Jury returned a ver
dict of guilty on each of two Indict
ment. Tha apeclfle charge agalnat
tha defendant waa conspiracy to de
ceive and defraud tha United Bute.
The maximum penalty for each Indict
ment la two year' Impriaonmant and
110,000 fine. t
North wait lumber mill receive big
order for railroad tie.
Ohio C Barber, millionaire match
manufacturer of Arkon, Ohio, aged 76,
aomettmea called the "Match King,"
married Mia alary F. Orr, aged 44,
for 18 year hi private aocratary.
V Lamont II. Bower, of Bingham p
ton, N. Y., until recently manager of
the Colorado Fuel iron company,
will resign on January 1 a $30,000
pott with the Rockefeller btereet be
cause ba believe that men past 60 are
"either foolish or Irritable." Mr.
Bower la peat 70.
com starts m SHAKER
Washington, D. C. Cangreet aaaenv
blad and arganiaed ftfonday fur the i
Ion. which la expected to be the
greateet within the memory of the
nreaeitl generation.
Four hours' work In the bouse aaw
Speaker Clark returned to tha chair;
Kapreeentatlva Ifann returned to the
leadership of the Uepubllcan minority
the Introduction of low bllla and n
lutlona. many of them proposing bm
area of National dafenae and many
mora In opposition; tba reappearance
of eonatltutlonal amendmenu to en
franchise women and a mlnlture rutaa
light that flickered out with tha adop
tion of last year' rule with a few
la tha aenata practically tba tame
waa done, except the election of Sen
ator Clarke, of Arkanaaa, aa president
ore tempore. Vice President Mars ball
waa absent because of tha illnaa of
bl wife.
Both bouse than, atar tending
Elected Speaker of the House of
Representative for the third time.
olnt committee to tba White House to
give official notice of the opening of
consresa. adjourned until Tuesday,
wbea tba reel Maine or in aeeaion
began with President Wilson's addreea
to a Joint teas ion in tha hail of tha
borne at It :80 o'clock.
Tba greateet budget of expendiuree
ever placed before any American con-
aa In time or peace waa Drougnt
In from the various branch or we
tovernment. tha total being eome
$170,000,000 mora than waa naked for
laat year. .
Expksatlofl for M ef AStadies
Rcntsed Germany by Uasm;
Washington. D. C The atate da-
partment's formal refusal to give ita
ton for asking recall or Uoy-tAi
and von Pspen. . German embassy at
tache, waa forwarded Tuesday night
to Berlin and given to Ambassador von
Bernatorff. Tha embassy interpreted
this action aa "vary unfriendly." The
embassy explained, too, that tha Ber
lin foaelgn office bad aakad that Amer
lea'a reason ba given secretly, if the
tate department did not car to make
them nubile.
Secretary Lansing, however, ui em
bassy aaid, refused any iniormavon.
Bute department authorities aid noi
minimise the afTect tha refusal reply
would have on Berlin, but they pointed
out that Lansing is merely abiding by
a strict custom.
Tha refusal ba tba effect of calling
for a ihowdown from Berlin.
Germany probably will ask that
Barnttorff now confer further with
Lansing on tha lubject. '
With these development giving a
new tinge of seriousness to German
American relation, it waa admitted
torpedoing of tba Jiner LuslUnla will
ba hopelessly muddled If Germany
make good any diplomatic bluff aha
may ba attempting in the Boy-Ed-
von-Papen ease. ' For, either breaking
off diplomatic relation or a complete
acquiescence In America' demand
ara Germany' only alternative, un
less tha sUta department permit a
long aeries of conference which would
kedD Boy-Ed and von Papon here In
definitely pending outcome of tba ses
sions. ;-y - ' ' - ' "''v.. '.;,
African Contingent Recruited.
Capetown Gen. Jan Christian
Smut, minister of dafenae In the
Union of South Africa, announces that
tha force aakad for tha Eaat African
expedition has been recruited and that
tha imperial government had been In
formed that the Union was Increasing
it force. Explaining the decision of
South Africa to send an expedition to
East Africa, Gen. Smuts said thia ac
tion was taken because of danger aris
ing from arming native by the Ger
man and tha preaching of a holy war
against Christians.
' Citlisnshlp Bar Upheld.
Washington, D. C Tha Supreme
court Wednesday affirmed tha decision
of the California court interpreting the
Federal expatriation law of 1907 as
constitutionally applicable to women
wbo continue to live in the United
States after marrying foreigners as
well a those who marry foreigners
and lire abroad. The case waa brought
by Mr. Ethel C Mackenxie, who was
denied registry because she married a
subject of Great Britain.
, - - - .-
ur uenerai interest.
About Oregon
Stock Show Rated as One
of Best Seen in Northwesi
Portland Judge, visitor and ex
hibitor unite in aaaertlon that the
lock that I now on exhibition at tha
yard at Kenton is tba beet that ba
aver been gathered in tba North w eat.
There ara prise pan and Individual an
imal that must compel attention
prise herds, and rattle, abeep and
win by tha carload lota.
Ona of tha Individual anlmala that
ba created unusual attention la
registered Duroe Jersey barrow, named
Woodrow Wilson. It la but 16, month
of ago and already baa attained
weight of 700 pounds.
The student' judging contest waa
concluded with tba reeult that Wash
ington 8tate eollere won with a score
of 11X2 point. Oregon Agricultural
collage wa second, Idaho third and
California fourth. Tba Judging was
made and tha men given 80 point for
perfect judgment and M for a perfect
Judging at tba Fifth Annual Pacific
International Livestock exhibition
concluded In Holatalne, Jerseys, Ayr
shire and Guernsey. In tha cattle ex
hibits. CoUwolds and Lincoln
tha only two elaaaea of abeep that were
judged In which there wa competition
and two breed of awlne, Bcrkehiree
and Poland Chines, received their
award. A few elaaaea of tba Short-
born remain to ba judged.
The bigget thing on the program
wa the auction of tba fat stock. Tha
chief attraction In tba collection of fat
cattle and tba animal that will first
fall under tba auctioneer's hammer I
tha grand champion Shorthorn steer
from tha University of Idaho. This
animal baa never lost in any of tba
elaaaea in which ba baa been entered
and ba Invaded elaaaea in which ap
peared steers of greater age and bas
competed with many prise ateer d ur
ine hi short life.
His weight la now 1635 pound. Hi
mother Is a thoroughbred Shorthorn,
If at Daisy, and aha waa aired by the
grandson of Gold Crown, reared by J
H. McCrosskey, Fish trap, Wash., ona
of tha beet known breeders In tha
F. W. Harding, secretary of tha
American Shorthorn Breeders' associa
tion and a man who has judged that
bread of cattle for years, declared the
champion to ba tba beat specimen he
bad aver eeen. .
Land Grants May Be In
Courts for Many Years
Further litigation that may keep
both the Coos Bay and Oregon & Cali
fornia rrant lands in tha courto for
rear is threatened aa a result of tba
decree banded down In tba United
Bute court at Portland by Judge
Wolrerton In tba caae of tha govern
ment against tha Southern Oregon
comnanv. :.
The court held, in thi decree, that
tba grantee of the land ara entitled
to a value of $2.50 an acre and no
mora. Attorney for tha defendant
cava notice of appeal. A aimilar de
cree, with (ubatantlally tha tame pro
vision, ha been prepared by Constan
tino J. Smyth, special assistant to tba
attorney general of tba United State,
In the Oregon ft California caae, wnicn
deer will ba submitted to Judge
Attorneys for the Southern Paclflc
company, who contend that they, a
present holder of the Oregon ft Cali
fornia land, own tha timber, coal,
minerals and other natural resource,
well aa their value of $2.60 an
acre, will contest thia view of tha
caae," - ;v':s-
If tha court accepts tha contention
of the United State attorney, aa it
did In tha Southern Oregon caae, it la
probable that the Southern Pacific at
torney will prepare an appeal.
Both these appeala muat go to tna
United States Circuit court of Ap
peals, from which it will be possible
to appeal to tba United States Su
preme court. Thus it is possible that
tha lands will be held in litigation for
a long period.
The decree signed ty Judge wolver
ton enjoin tha Southern Oregon com
pany from selling any of tha timber on
the Coo Bay wagon road lands, "or
any minerals or other deposits thereon,
except aa part of or in conjunction
with the land on which the limner
standi or in which tha mineral or other
deposits ara found, and from cutting
or removal of any of tha timber there
on, or from removing or authorising
tha removal of mineral or other depos
its therein, excepting In conjunction
with the sale of the land bearing the
timber or containing tha mineral."
Tha defendant ara further enjoined
from the sale of tha land and ita re
sources until congress shall have had
'reasonable opportunity", to make
proviaioa for its disposition by legisla
tion. .
Msn Bom in "West" Is 77.
Albany Cyrua Hamlin Walker, old
est living white roan born weet of the
Rocky Mountain, celebrated hi 77th
birthday at hi home near Albany
Tuesday. Ha wa bora December 7,
1838, at Marcus Whitman miaaion,
near Walla Walla, Wash., the cen of
the Whitman maaaacre. Mr. Walker
ba resided in Oregon all hi life. He
is an Indian war veteran and i paat
commander of the Indian War Vete
ran of the North Pacific Coast. Mr.
Walker haa been writing "Memoir of
Old Oregon," which I almost finished.
Portland Whs. Blueetera, 1 5
fortyfold, 4c; elu. lcj red Fife,
88c: red Russian, lc
MUlfeed Spot prices 1 Bran, $2J
per ton; abort. $24; rolled barley,
Corn White, $3$ per ton; cracked,
flay Eastern Oregon timothy, $11
tI16: valley timothy, $12411$; alfal
fa. $l$.SuM.0; cheat, $310; oats
and vetch, $11.
Vegetablee Articbokea, 76 O $1
doaea; tomato, California, $IJ.1.60;
eabbag, 90 hundred; garlic, 16
pound; sprout, ge; horseradish, 6e;
cauliflower, 76c41tl t6; eelery. 60feX
66 doaen; bean. 10&12ie; lettu
I2flii7S crate: nee. lOxftll.
Green fruit Apple. 76eft2.2( box;
peara. Hftl.60; grape. $L$61-M
crate: eaaabaa. 21 pound; craober-
riee. 696111 barrel.
Potato Oregon, buying price, $1
f . o. b. shlpnln point.
Egg Oregon ranch, buying price:
No. 1, 42c; No. 2. $0c; No. $, 20e per
doaen. Jobbing prices: No. 1, 4Z4J
44: Orsroc store re. 2628.
Pou trv Iiena. lzftixe: springs.
12c: turkey. 17c: tokey dressed. 20
K 2 2c; duck, white, IZc; colored, loe;
8310e, . -
Butter City creamery, cube. x
tree, eel I log at lle; Brat. Ze;
prints and carton, extra. Price paid
to producer; Country creamery, 24(3
28c according to quality; butterfat.
premium quality, 82c; No. 1, average
quality, lie; No. X, zc
Veal Fancy, par pouna.
Pork Block. 7ic per pound.
Wool Eastern Oregon. l&225c;
valley. 2626c; fall lambs' boot, 26c;
mohair. Oregon. 28e pound.
Caarara bark Old and now. Kc
Cattle Choice steer. $6.867.26;
good, $6.60&6.86; medium, $&&6.60;
choice cows. $6.2606.76; good. $6
6.26: medium. ' $4.606; heifers.
$3.606; bulla, $2.606; stags, $3
Hogs Light, $e6.10; heavy, $6
Sheep Wether. $4.766-60; awe.
$46.60; lam be, $637.85.
Wheat Outlook Not Clear.
Portland a-rain dasdera see no reason
to change their attitude toward tha
wheat market, and consequently nuai
nee la inactive all along tha Una, with
nrlMa mm rm atationaTV. Where
there waa a Chang la quotation it
waa in tha nature of a reduction.
No one ia able ret to figure out what
arill tie tha affect of tha Canadian em
bargo, but tha feeling prevaila that if
it Influence tba American market in
any way it wiU ba adversely. The net
reeult of tba operation at Chicago waa
a decline of f cent, and it would occa
sion no surprise if tba Eastern mar
ket would continue to eag for tavaral
day, or at least until tha aituation
clear. The influence of tha Canadian
government' action. It la expected,
will soon be felt in the freight market
on tba Atlantie aide, and that should
furniah a cue as to tha probable course
of wheat value. In tha meantime,
the trade here aeem disposed to stand
by and await deveiopmenta.
No trading it reported at country
points. At the exchange in Portland
there waa a sale or euuu mianei oi ue
eember club at 92 cents, the tame
nrlM that eraa bid tha Drevloua day.
Offera for January club war lowered
1 cent. December bloeatem Did were
also down 1 cent, and flf a offers were
1 to 8 cent lower than last week-
Other varieties and deliveriee of
wheat were unchanged in price. There
was nothing- doinr in the coarae grain.
tha former price were posted.
Growing Contest End. .
rhohalla. Waah Tha Chehalia Na
tional bank ha just closed an interest
ing farm products contest. Tha judg
ing was dona by Profeasora E. G. Sha
fer and J. N. Price, of the State col
lege. They were unstinted in their
praise of the quality of the various
products on display. An especially nne
corn exhibit wa made. Owing to the
fact that the Southwest Washington
Fair waa bald tha last week in August,
before much of tha lata vegetable crop
t.A tainnAii nmnnletelv. some ex
ceptionally fine specimens of various
kind were shown. "
Spud and Rutabaga Arrive.
Tacoma Big, yellow rutabaga
from North Yakima are in heavy do-
mand on the local produce market, ao-
Mwiflnff tn mmminaion men. ' Dealer
ay the quality of the vegetable ia "su
perb, being xrean tuio sweet. iu
price now ia aaid to be uncommonly
low. 11.26 ner cwL . An advance, how-
aver, ia expected later. Yakima Net
ted Uem potatoes nare gone up
tha price now being $2122 a ton.
At these price the vegetable 1 aaid to
be very firm and further rises would
not com as a surprise.
Cranberry Prices Are Advancing. -Tha
cranberry market ia steadily ad-
vancina-. Several of tha Jobbers quot
ed $11 on lata Howes, and -thia price
will probably be general soon. The
im waa not srap-
ranted by the conditions in tha East,
where cranberries are in smaiier tup
nly than last year add ara very firm in
Hop Market Quiet Down.
Portland Tha bop market quieted
down at the close of the month, as the
last of November sales had been taken
care of last week. Moat of tha busi
ness reported i between dealers. H.
L. Hart purchased 90 bale at 1C to
12 cents, and Julius Pincua bought ISO
bale at Si to 10 cent.
! M
MM- r:-:..:: I 1, .r- -.. .'-
a .n nm.M fit Paul' cathedral. London, after the memorial service
Belgium. Amone tioae present who
every station la life, from tho cottar
Bad Cross nurse acted aa a guard of
- ' ,.. y ' "X "
, . ... . i
",H, ' ' '- k '
,my,.s " : - - ..." - "
Ona of tba first picture of tha Oermana on Serbian oH. It show a Teuton Invading division halting for tha
. . . l. i.M ,n s.a 9rt.Ha ha mM li ilnwn rtr rather about the
noon meal and rest. Tna noraea ana
goulash cannons." the portable Held
i t." if
Among the many device with which the German army I equipped lfl
thia portable aearchlight. mll but powerful, wmcn. wnen noi m use.
taken apart and dlatributed among five men.
iw.k i w ThlaL aaaiatant treasurer
tha United Statee, tn hi official capacity is
called on to lgn nearly 600.000 check a
.... . RamnUv a check-aiZMnz maenme
waa 'inataUed. and the other day Ur.
signed 100 checks tn 64 aeconas.
WaTsagsjajsjssjag, . ,i
came to pay homage to the memory of Miss) Edith CaveU. representatives of 4 )
to tba king and queen of Great Britain, were prwent. A group of British
pecs muie
kitchen. ,
. v r .
f L 1
. i
tor the British nurse martyred in . t
Thia i a French official cinemato
graph operator at work In the flrstf
line trenchea. - In making moving Pic
ture of tha fighting the operator ba
to take aa many chance t th Mi
dler. ' -
A Place for Him.
While at lunch with William Ao
blngdon and William Collier, the ac
tor, a young Englishman, also au
actor. Indulged in numerous criti
cisms of America and American In
atltutton. It became very distaste
ful to Abblngdon, who ia a British :
subject and was not permitted to Join
the army, even though he applied. ,
"If you dont like America and hei
people," suggested Abblngdon to hit
younger fellow-countryman, "why
dont you go over to England and be!j
fight for your own country? Yos
could get In the army."
"No, I couldn't." the'yousger Fnj
lishmaa hastened to eiplaln. "1 tried,
but they wouldn't lot ma !n Iktsess,
they ald, I had a floating i'.
"Wtll," suddenly iuterjcfd Co".i
with a bit of sarcasm, "that wo'jlJa't
keep you from Joining tba nary, wul
ttf Saturday Evnlcg Pott,