The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, November 26, 1915, Image 4

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ii" i:dte c:xgon
(UK , Vtaeel & M WW"
H II ( toiko, waa waa n Mr
I.J rlk CM 1-ar.i.aa. (wMkMI
mi rtmrarS hh ana wOl aJarare
a -a a, nM a a-imi wa,wM.
i mm Nrwhaf I. M aaal aa.
f-v ra t
We eulWtl fWT
Amsricaa Plan,
If naare mtim m aa waa
iwh, l. L.atDVi&lWBeaeii
., V.iU, lliW4.Wtl lUW,
pail m . ' I
teKpday. I
pu, ft y I
iff y uiivwuuli
. Ghca to Avxid Fridici
erteta hate. rS aroauaM. Smm
lMl. allr ,-?. . Swatr
MM aM-ana-tann BaMW IH Inn
mm i Mr ar . rmi
ImW CV7n Ciaaa. Om. rwrtfcan.
Oregon City. Or, Charles S turtle,
41 rrS ftW, Who disappeared two
ftm ego after escaping iron the In
um aay him t Salem, and whose body
umi vnAntka amk atlnnneadlv VIA bur
jLA V-.-l KAm by hie Mm( walked Ik
HA KIHBU Ileal W 1 1.. II- nnMura ! r.nK.
HVIU V m P wse- W w-waaawj
Tuesday night a rejuvenated and ap
parently rational wan.
The shuck waa so severe that a Is
father and mother both collipd oo
FtaiAiS All EE CLISTS Of E0Il!pdiU 'Zir.
TM sister who opened tne aoor to
the long-lost and mourned aoa tu able
to receive the brother; at gently aa
poMibla broca th nawi to Uia paranU
and put th youngar Sturgii to bad ba
foratka. too, cava way ndar taa
! train.
Th ratura or Chartaa Stunrli Ttndl-
1 cat Um ard moUtar'a intutUon oftaa
axpraaaad In tba laat raw waaka that
bar aoa waa not dead. Sba oftaa
I iLi iv ia
Portland Wheat Bluaatam. I5
buthali forty-fold, 4e. club, rad
rifa, 8Si rail Ruaiian, I9e.
MiUfaad Spot prioaai Bran, 1X4
nUlad barlay, WW
the doufjh
avnj wmuivb
Severely Crilitisd
mm cr BocE.9 ts rca
Dalles-Columbia Lino
dtato t WaMlnatoa, fW TtoMaMrn
Itmxkar II a. av Ua Mm Ut m.
II M. tMM J. N. tW, laW Mir wi
tri OtiM far Vim Oriwrnw m4 gwanriw
Ma IsW at. Uw. ItikUaau.
Allies' Turn to Come Fust; Germany,
Austria and Turkey Second
Other Dinners to Follow.
Washington, a C Praaidant WiW
Cora Whit, lit torn craekad, $37.
Hay Eaatara Orafroa timothy, tit
file: vallay timothy, llt(jlJ; alfalfa,
Iia.60fltl4.60: chaat. li 10'. oaU
and ratch. I11A1L
VagaUblaa-Artiahokaa, 7Mtl PT
doaan, tomatoaa, UffCl.U; eaUWgra.
04 bundrad; farllo, 16 pound: pop-
para, 44oc; act plant. 4(UI aprouta,
Doctor Who Condemned It 0(3 ?,.'';
Tot Would 6a Great Sufferer
and Burden Ail Its Ufa.
Chicafa Tba Boltingar baby, da-
at I
A tubduad Vacallat.
"Pa, yoa alog baaa ta tba choir,
' doat roar aakad Bobby Smithara.
-Yaa, aay aoa. rapUad air. Smith
ara. "And ma atnga aopraaor
"Thafa rlht-
"Well, thera'a ona thing 1 doat v
"What la Itr
"Mra. Tompklnt aaya yoa aing
mighty big in public and mighty amall
at homa."
A Solution.
.. "I aaa that tha EnglUh sewapapara
ooraplaia becauaa tba Britiah work
Inrmaa drinka a few glaaaea of bear
and than caat do aoythlng alaa all
-Why In tha world dont tha Engllah
government make a Cbrlatmaa praa
ant of a daya aopply of that bear to
each German aoldiarr" Judge.
Xtis hzi ;
1 WCkmumnd MMr M
atft mum.
. mm) a ann, a nin
km vhifk ! mm nhM at Um
JaakMaCa, X Cmm. mi Com. Nrtei Or
Tba Entrance Out.
"What doea 'exit' mean, mammal
asked amall Edna, pointing to the
word over the door of a moring pic
ture theater.
"I know!" exclaimed her little
brother. "It meana tha entrance out."
For Ordinary Grip;
ForAU Catarrhal Conditions;
For Prevention of Colds.
An Excellent Remedy
' "ForThe Convalescent:
For That Irregular Appetite;
For Weakened Digestion.
eon annoancad Monday
for tha doming winter. Ha
bride will be tha boat and
ever al receptione and dinnara.
Among theee dinnara will be two
given for the diplomatic corps. Here
tofore only one dinner baa bean given.
That, however, waa la time of peace,
when tha Britiah and German, the
Roeeain and tha Auetro-Hungmrian,
tha Tarklah and Italian, and all tha
other ambaasadora repeal anting tha
two armed cam pa of Europe, ware eo
sneaking- terns. To overcome tha
present awkward situation, two din
ner! will be given.
Hera, again, tha President la likely
to Bad himself In difficulties. Which
tide will be rape eamted at tha first
dinner? la other wards, who will have
precedence T Again, who will be aakad
to meet the aUiea, and who tha Gar-
nans snd Aoatro-Iiungariana?
Tha State department has careful
ly studied this question. Tha dean of
tha diplomatic corps la Mr. Juaaerand.
tha French ambassador. Naturally,
ha most be Invited to tha first func
tion. This meana that Invitations
moat be extended also to tha British
ambassador, tha Russian ambassador,
the Japanese ambassador, and tha
Italian ambassador.
The anderstanding ia that tha re pre
sents ti Tea of all tba neatral nations
will be invited at the same time.
The second dinner will be given with
Count Bernstorff, tha German ambas
sador, aa the guest of honor. His col
leagaea of Austria Hungary, Turkey
and Bulgaria likewise will be invited.
In order that no onto ward questions
shall develop, tha repreeentativea of
all tha neatral nations will be asked
for the second time to dine at tha
White House.
Hera ia the official program of tha
receptions and dinners which tha Pres
ident and Mrs. Gait have arranged:
January, 7, Friday, Pan-American
January H. Tuesday, Cabinet din
ner. January 21, Friday, diplomatic din
25, Tuesday, . diplomatic
8(if8. e: lettuce, 11151.60
I crate. -
Green Fruits Apples, Tacdjfl.71
box; pears, 11411.80; grspes, 86c4J
fl.eSerete; caaabaa, lie pound; cran
berries. 19. 60u 10.60 barrel.
Potatoes Oregon. XXOiSi; Tail
You may Um aa oU favoraa recipa and tha beal of male-ia. taJ aiala
carefully, the ovea may e iuat right, yet you wil Kara a failure I
"Tha Powoj behiod the Dough" it not tkt rfett atw leave. properly
aad mak 1 kghl, dtgeatiUe, wiromoaac.
Conl kakinf wuhout good baling powder b out of iKe quetboa,
a. . tiiy rW4rr mi wmdmUi Immmm fwm. awl imJJ, mms
ate aewt sa M I
i aVs i
aWUy .
TaAe M el eases f tmJhm m K C
awe Aeaw "tW awa" eawrjf luna,
Mas bntwa
a gay season faared that they bad buried tha wronf I f active, whose mother, on proeaalooal I mM i. io per sack; weeta, H.fOt
advice, decided It should not undergo
operation which probably would
have as red IU life, died Thursday at
the German-Americas hospital hare.
Tha child waa baptised with tha
name of John shortly before its death.
Mra, Bollinger waa not immediately
Informed of tha death of tha baby.
I The subject of tha propriety of tha
I sacrificing tha Ufa of tha Infant, that
it might not grow up a burden to Itself
I snd a possible menace to society, was
tha subject of widespread discussion.
Dr. H. J. lislecltlen, on whoso ad
vice tha mother acted, waa visited by
I msny medical man and telephone calls
alternately accused and praised him.
lie remained unaltered In his convic
tion that death was tha greatest bless
ing which eould be hoped for.
Tha principal physical deformities
I of ho baby war tha closure or tne In
testinal tract, paralysis of tha nerves
per hundred.
OnionsOregon, bulynf price, fl f.
o. b. ehlDDing Points.
Eggs Oregon ranch, buying prices:
No. 1, 40a doaea; No. a. Sue; No. 8,
tOo. Jobbing prices: No, 1,41a dos.;
Oregon storage, tmsfte.
Poultry liana, ltClS)o pound;
spring. IS n ISae: turksys, IKe;
dressed. IftSSe; ducks, white, 14
16c: colored, lie: geeea, lOdtlla.
Butter City eraamery, rubes, a
tras, aelltng at Ilia pound; firsts, t9e;
print and cartons, extra. Prices psld
to producers; Country creamery, 14 at
t8e; butter fat, premium quality, IJc
No. 1, avarage quality, 81c; No. I,
t9& '
Veal Fancy, 10ftl0e pound.
Pork Block. H& pound.
Hope 115 crop, lOvitllic pound.
Wool Eaatara Oregon, 18f,Soe
February 4, Friday, judicial recep
February 8, Tuesday, Suprsms court
February 18, Friday, Congressional
February 22, Tuesday, Speaker si
Prince Lubemlrski, a Polish noble
man of pro-German tendencies, haa
been made governor of tne province
ef Warsaw by tha kaiser, whose arm
lea now. hold possession of that re
gion. body and n pressed a vague feeling
that some dsy "Charley" would re
turn. Only comparatively recently,
after patient waiting for ths son to re
turn, had aha appeared to accept bis
death aa certain.
In May a body, on which was cloth
ing silmilar to that worn by Sturgia
when he waa last seen, waa found on
the outakirts of Eugene. Word waa
ent to the man's parents and a rela
tive went to the university city and
there identified tha body, aa thai of
Charley Sturgia.
The body waa returned to Canby and
the funeral eerviees were duly par
formed on Msy 17 over tha body sup
posed to be that of tha lost son.
teetlnal trsct, paralysis or lha nerves I po,,. XUOc: fall lambs'
of tha right side of Use fsce, the sb-1 15,. mohair, Oregon. 28c pound.
eeoceof tha right ear, blindness oil Cascara Bark-Old and new, SQ4e
one eye ana mauormauon w iia snow 1 nound.
1. .. . . . . . t ... . 1
oers. it, aaisetoeiv wao oaiciBiea at
the birth, noted tha absence of a neck.
Tha brain ha found to be only atightly
subnormal, but tha cranial nerves were
absent or undeveloped.
"If ha grew up ha would bo a hope
leaa cripple and would suffer from
fits," said tha doctor, before tha child
"Would his mind be elearT Would
his soul bo normally allrs?" one of
the visitors aakad.
"That I do not know, but tha
chances are against It."
Dr. John B. Murphy, ax -president of
tha American Medical association, and
phyaiciana and professional man and
women, including several clergymen,
generally took sides with Dr. lislsal-
den. But hie eritiea were lust aa
Mrs. Anna Bollinger, tha mother,
remained in a room nearby. Many
times aha asked :
"Ia it dead?"
She remained steadfast in bar belief
that death waa best for tha little ona.
She haa three healthy children and the
plight of the condemned one ia be
lieved to have been duo to aa attack
of typhoid fever which the mother
suffered recently.
Tba authorities took no action fur
ther than to determine that no death
certificate should be issued until after
aa investigation by tha coroner.
a-asisi-ji a eiw Mil ju" ni' im ii-wi
Na Lenasr rteeaenelale.
Tha dangera of travel by sea at this
time have played ha foe with tha
aervea of timid nasssnisra.
Karly ana morning recently there
waa eonitoerabie commuiion oa ma
decka of a coastwise vessel plying
tweea fiavsnnsh and Italtlmore, when
a scantily clsd msa hurried from his
stateroom and dssbsd toward tba up
per dark. Oa tha way ha raa Into
the cantata of tha vessel.
"wast e tne mailer, captain r aa
isnsged to gasp. "liava wa beea tor-
Dadoed r
Calm yourself, my dear air, ana oe
prepared for lha worst." aaawered tha
oh, doat tell ma we're going
dowal" moaned tha other. "Quick,
where are the life preeerverar"
"They wouldn't be of any service. at
this atage," explained tha captain.
"Too lata?" quavered tha despair
ing passenger.
"Tse," ssid tha captain, solemnly.
"We've done all wa can for you. You'll
hare to look out for yourself from now
on. Tou aee, ware Just tied up ta
the dock."
- Kitchen Philosophy.
. Mr. Bradahaw wss ia a great hurry
and breakfast waa late.
"I wish you'd find out what this
trouble la," he said to his wife.
Mrs. Bradahaw returned from the
kitchen wearing a melancholy expree-
"Well, wen." demanded tha has
band, "what did aha say?"
"She said," responded tha wife.
"that we ail have our dlsappolnt-
meats.' " Browning's Mags-sloe,
"ltaaa't, Friday. Army and Navy 63 All L&XaikS M
far tog&sst btfzd
Sfft-a r-Eles Alsast r:
Oysasite Placed to O Arctbc'J, "
President cf fc:iLi Cil Cfl.
Tsrrytown, N. Y-A plan to kiU
John D. Archbolod, president of the
Standard Oil company of New Jersey,
wsa frustrated by the finding of a dy
namite bomb In tba wheel rut of a
roadway on hie estate here leading
London Too cam Dai ro for economy
! in living aa a vital necessity for Ansa-1 London The" fact that tha Balkan
cing the war, which is costing Great I situation, both military and diplo-
Britian nearly 825,000,000 a day, eon- matte, la disquieting, 11 not enucaj, is
i tinuea to be Dressed. Imports are as- believed in London to have led to tha
eeedlng exports by nearly $5,000,000 visit of the British prima minister, M.
a day and consequently deprecisting I Aaquith. Dsvld Lloyd George and A.
foreign axchange, so that England J. Balfour to Paria for a conference
I really pays about 6 per cent mora than with tha French cabinet and General
the nominal prices for commodities J off re, the French commandar-in-chief.
booffht in America. Restriction of The main Serbian army, which ia
A; pie and Potato Crop Big.
Tha average yield, all crops, par
aero ia tba Pacific Coast statea aoade a
vary favorable shooing, according to
a government crop report Just Issued.
Tha comparison is made with tha aver
age yields of recant years and la
shown In percentage aa follows
Oregon. 100.4; Washington, 104.8;
Idaho, ?.: California, 103.8.
Id ita detailed report oa the Amer
ican apple crop, tha department says:
"Tba apple production for local and
farms, aa wall aa eommarieal consump
tion, aa reported November 1. 78,670,
000 barrels, mora than confirms tha
earlier promise of a large crop, Tha
crop ia approximately 8,000,000 bar
rels less than last y sar g bumper crop,
but 18.000.000 barrels above the five-
year average,
Of the American potato crop tha
mvarnment report aaya :
"Tba estimates of potato yield show
a decline of 18 bushela per acre frees
the promise of a month ago. The se
ll ma ted yield of 86.8 bushels Indicates
a total crop of 869,000,000 bushela,
47.000,000 bushela lees than the large
crop of last year, and 8.000.000 bush
els greater than tha five-year average.
Hog Market Good.
In general price conditions of swine
in Portland are unchanged. Calls
values are quoted steady with demand
for good quality. Sheep are firm.
The undertone of the hog market la
Inclined to bo weak In view of tha
large receipts of lata,, but a smaller
run is looked for this week than last
Commenting oa the marketing of
swine, the Livestock Reporter aaya :
la treating wounda containing dirt.
always wsah them out with warm soft
water and eeetile soap, drying before
applying llai ford a Ualeam of Myrrh.
No Waning.
Potro had drifted dowa to Florida
and waa working with a gang at rail
road construction, lie had been told
to beware of rattlesnakes, hut assured
that they would always give tha warn
ing rattle before striking.
Ona hot day be was eating kia aooa
luncheon oa a pine log whea ha saw
a big rattler colled a tew feet la front
of him. He eyed the aerpsat and be
gan to lift hla lege over the log. Ha
barely got them out of tba way when
the snake's fangs hit the bark beneath
'Sun of guna!" yelled Pstro, "why
you no rings da ball r
ne setter, Iwm, isaMurai arse
Ocaiiaw aa4 ruiWHi Ma4 stwnM Sjre
Inrii Maf nu, Mfete U was eSe aa e
PmiiiiU S atejwlae. MorlM Is auU Onw
ef on rarmn a4 w area Was
i Um aa a aeUee Uailal aw Ijn Umj Km
Care. Tr M ta fmr Bw see la Bkr arte
WaScttoa Jm StTmiIwl, mot aiertMi
at raa UtmgtUt imm ee ealwMiaM, ami U
kWMN hh n ef ISe na.
stvauaa sta kaaiaiv h, csucaww
Csngrsssmaa Taksa Mangy.
Patrolmsn Patrick J. Walsh of tha
South Kaglswood slstlun, Chicago,
waa looking for some youag trees to
plsnt around his bungalow. Near
there be came across sjtsa clad la
khaki, seemingly a laborer, hard at
work la a grove.
"I'd like to bsve a few of these
young trees," said Wslsh,
"Help yourself," replied tha man la
khaki ,
Wslsh uprooted several trees. Ha
said be would like lo leave them there
until tomorrow, aad the other replied
that would ha all right
"Final" eiclslmed Walsh. "For
whom shall I askr and hs banded a
quarter to ths man la kbakt r
"Jantee It. Mann."
Repreeentstive Msna of tha Second
Illinois congressional district minori
ty leader In Ihe house, pocketed lha
quarter aa a aouveatr. .
hcauM (At eifr ty$tm
vwcomet pwrmtattd with
injvriou acUs,
To relieve rheumatism Scott t
EmuUkM U a doubte help; It is
rich ia Uood-foodj k iw parti
trangth to tha functions and sup.
plies tha very clhttxxt that rbcu
cvatk coodiuont always need.
Scotfi Eauliloa bu
helped countlets Uvouaands
hca other remedies failed,
ffl Jltihil
Illuminating Comparison.
She aoterad the department store
and eomplainsd about a lamp aha had
purchased, demanding that it be takea
What's tha matter with It
arar '
"It bag all the faults of my husband.
aaa none or ms vtnuaa."
Please axplsia yourself."
"Well, It haa a good deal of brass
about It; It la remarkably brilliant;
requires a great deal of attention; la
unsteady oa Ita legs, flaree up occa
sionally; la always out at bedtime.
ana is noona to smogs."
ii i IWCnT CTf!n!FJ rwr. rw
TV. tK.. t1n...n, Mrm
late and in vigorato stomach, liver and J from the financier's home, in the opin-1 imports ia urge aa one of the moat ob-1 operating under General Putnik in tha I 'P''
November 18 there baa bean nearly
100 per cent gain msds In ths mar
ketlng. This period laat year the
total receipts ware 11,779, this year
for the same period 22.642, a net gala
For the year to November
Mur fma SiS to lies
Mas Mr rmmtmn. Intorwiins ana laMlMllnf
KirirMM m 11 1 !. Wark m Mar ikm.
y rvimlM term, hmrk Kiwuiv Ce,s1S
rtruMc vra.
bowels. Stursr-eoated. tiny graaulea.
. easy to take. . Do not gripe.
Complete Failure. -
1 read a joke the other day about
a man getting the last word with his
wife by bawling it up the speaking
tube as ha went out the front door of
the apartment house."
"Tried it eh? How did It work?"
"Didnt work. My wife must have
read the same Joke. She let a kettle
: of soapsuds come dowa tha tube just
as I started to whistle up." Louisville
ion of Chief of Police Bowies.
The bomb consisted of four sticks of
dynamite, with wires and percussion
caps, and Chief. Bowlea said he be
lieved the plan was to blow up Mr.
Arch bold in his automobile as ha was
riding over what ia known as the south
roadway from his home. . "
The dynamite, wire and caps were
wrapped in dark yellow paper.
vious practical methods of economy. 1 north, ia now encompassed on every
Soma papers, notably the Morning side but one, and, being cut on from
Post, demand a high tariff 00 imports
and one so frsmed that the colonies
will have preference through the di
verting of business from the United
State to them. Thus the British Em
pire must live on its own reaourcea, so
far aa foodstuffs are concerned, the
Post contends, and spend Ita money
Beat Proof That
Reainol Heals Eczema
In our file of reports, covering a
period of twenty years, UteraUy taou
saids of physlclsns teU how success
ful tha Reainol treatment la for ede
ma and similar sun troubles. Tne
first use of ResinoJ Ointment and
Reainol Soap usually stops the itching
and burning, and they soon clear away
all trace of the eruption. No other
treatment for the akin now before the
public can show such a record of pro
fessional approval.
Resinol Ointment and Reslnol Soap
work so gently, and are so absolutely
free from anything that could injurs
even the tenderest skin, that they are
Ideal for healing the akin troubles of
Infants and children. Sold by all
Chief Bowleg said It was all so ar-1 among its own people as Germany is
ranged that tba slightest impact would doing.
explode the bomb.
' The bomb was found Saturday, but
the fact did not become known until
Monday, when Mr. Archbold issued in
structions to increase the number of
guards about tha estate.
Lord Devon port, who has had long
experience as a successful business
man, told the House of Lords the im
port of Mo-essential things through
the Port of London alone reached
1125,000,000 a year.
tba south by the Bulgarian advance
beyond Tetovo, must depend on tha
rough roads through Montenegro and
Albania for any supplies from the
In the aooth the Serbian position la
almost aa bad. The success of tha
Bulgarian flanking attack on Babuna
Paaa and tba advice from Vales have
prevented the hoped-for Junction of
the Sebrian and French forces. This
leaves the Serbians only two lines of
retreat, one into Albania, where they
may be harassed by unfriendly tribes,
and the other the Greek border, where
they are in danger of being disarmed I Dera by L. M. Holden, of Seattle, a
IS, 1914, there were received 188,471
and the same period this year 220,887,
a gain to November 18 for the year of
81,788, which la a very substantial In
crease and reflects in the vary best
way the popularity of the Portland
market. It looks aa if the total re
ceipts for 1916 at the end of this
month will more than equal the total
receipts of bogs for tha entire year of
1914." ,
Centralis lo Gst Big Corporation,
Centralis, Wash. The Prundentlal
Savings & Loan association, a $2,000,-
000 corporation, la being organised
Polite Substitution.
"What makea you keen sarin'. 'Ob.
Warl Oh, War!'" asked ths paper
hanger. .""': :
Don't you know a synonym whan
yoa hear It?" asksd tba man who bad
just moved Into a new bouse.
Is that oner
''Certainly. Everybody knows what
war Is. I just hit my thumb with a
hammer and I dssn't use profanity
around tha house." Washington star.
Ifanford's Balsam haa besa success
fully used alnoa 1444, Aa a liniment
for domestic animals It Is unsurpassed.
Adv. ;
and interned.
Liberty Bell in Danger.
Paducah, Ky. Safety of the Liberty
Bell waa threatened Sunday when fire
swept a warehouse near the spot where
the train bearing the relic was side
tracked. The blaze threatened to
reach a 600,000-galloo oil tank across
the street High wind fanned the
flames in the opposite direction.
Memphis As a result of excitement
incident ta the Liberty Bell parade
here, Mrs. Emily Crane, 87, collapsed
and died while being placed in an am
bulance. Two Confededrate veterans
fainted in the line of march.
474 More Officers Die.
London Officers' casualty lists for
the fortnight ending October 25 show
that the British army, in all theaters
of the war, lost 474 officers killed,
837 wounded and 147 missing, a total
of 1458, which brings the casualties
since the beginning of the war to 18,
668. Of this 6033 have been killed,
11,957 wounded and 1683 recorded as
missing. Losses have again been
heavy among officers of high rank, Ma
jor General Wing and Brigadier Gener
al Wormald being killed and Brigadier
General Bruce ia missing.
. Young American la Free.
New York Friends of Wolfgang C
Triest, a New York contractor, re
ceived word from London that Mr
Triest's son, Kenneth W. Triest, form
erly a Princeton student, will be re
leased from the British detention camp
at Chatham and will start for Ameri
ca with bia fstber. Young Triest ran
away from Princeton and enlisted in
the British navy, was arrested as a
German spy and waa saved from pos
sible execution through representation
by tba State department that be was
not responsible for bia actions. -- .
An Eye for tha Future.
- Goldsmith Would you like any
asms or motto engraved on it air?
Customer (who haa chosen an en
gagement ring) Ye-yes-ura, Augus
tus to Irene. : And ah look here,
don't ah look here, don't ah cut
Irene deep. London Punch.
For all external Injuries to horses,
cattle or sheep, apply Hanford's Bal
sam. Tou should always have it on
hand for accidents. Adv.
Christmas Rush Is Nesr. I Knife In Woman Eight Months.
Washington, D. C. Postmaster Gen- Chleago Mrs. Elizabeth Hochaber
eral Burleson is organizing for the ger was right and doctors wrong, as
Christinas rush. He gave these direct she proved Tuesday. Eight month ago
tions to postmasters: Advertise that Mrs. Hochsberger had typhoid fever.
parcels should be mailed early to avoid She recovered, but her stomach did not
the rush. They can bear the words feel right. Finally it dawned upon her
'Not to be opened until Christmas.' in a dim way that during ber delirium
"Put on extra carriers, provide push of fever she had swallowed a table
man experienced In this line of work,
who Just completed tba organization of
I the Grays Harbor Savings ft Loan
association. George Barrier, clerk of
the school board, will be secretary of
the organization and ten prominent
men of tha city will be numbered
among the Incorporators. The new
company will operate in nine counties
in Southwest Washington,
Benton Hogs Grow Fast.
Keimewick, Wash. Within the past
8 years the growth of ths hog Industry
in this section haa been marvelous.
With tha advent of tha doctrine of di
versity of crops, about five years sgo.
tha hog industry baa been growing un
til now there are literally thousands of
"'. Proves Itsslf. .';
"Tou must never forget my hoy.
that about one-third of all success la
pure luck."
"But bow can you make sura 01 wis
"Why, by being successful."
Well Supplied.
IU lake two cards." said the tuaa
oa tha right of the dealer.
"Three for ma." said tba aeil man.
Tha dealer gave each one what ha
had asked for and then picked ap bia
own band aad looked It over.
"I've got enough," be announced aa
ha caal a proprietary look on tba chips
la tha middle of the table,
"I ahould say you hare got eaough,"
remarked lha man opposite. "Count
lag tha two you've gut up your sleeve
and tha three that are atlcklng out of
your shoe, a looks to ma aa If you've
got enough to play tba game all by
yourself. But before you do so I'm
sure yoa wont mind If the rest of us
lake our chips out of this jackpot" ,
It your horse goes lame, rub oa and
rub la thoroughly Hanford's Balsam,
' A Carslssa Person.
Lawyer judge. I want you lo fine
thla man who waa knocked dowa by
my client's car.
Judge Fine blm? Wbyr
Lawyer He had a nail la his
clothes and It punctured a new tire.
Topeka Journal,
: Fsrfsctfy Willing, ,,' ..-"'i ,'
"That boy of ours la a Issy, good-
for-nothing loafer," growled tba head
of tha family, "lie doesn't seem to
want to do anything at all." .
"Why. Father!" said Ilia boy s moth
er, reproachfully, "you do Alfred aa
Injustice. You know as wall aa I do
that ha said It you'd buy an automo
bile he'd be only loo glad to drive It"
LrtMHlIm rrC ! awWe
mw. it Mr m Um wainnlitf nnril In.
etMMMM. Attm rmk HMrtoiiy tti U$
An Expart
"That new coach of ours is one of
the greatest football strategists In tha
How do you make that out? Tba
team hasn't won a game this year,"
"I know, but ha can think up mora
reasons why wa don't win than any
man I aver saw."
Social Leaders to Nurse.
Chicago Twenty women prominent I niT produced In Benton county where I ,poctable." Judge,
in Chicago society have organised an
In Fashion,
I have never owned any automo-
bllea," said tha man who hadn't yst
paid for bis home, "but I can say one
thing in praise or them;
What Is that I" inquired Hender
They have made mortgages re-
Visitor What'a that new stracturs
en the hill there?
Farmer Well, If I find a tenant for
it it's a bungalow; If I don't it's a
tarn. Passing Show.
VilniN, Foraralar. Tricks.
snd KuuK-bokl Hints m mar intMwtiaf
nrtMM lor MM MMM.
I . r. fte
, a Cw tS Chambar at
? 1;. V.
Ke. aa, Itl
t" mml tl .
carts, bicycles, motorcycles, wagons or
automobiles as necessary. .
"Do not work clerk overtime to the
point of hardship. Do not overlook
the fact that this year's Christmas bus
iness will be the largest ever known."
Deportation la Ordered.
New York A special board of in
quiry of the Bureau of Immigration
Monday ordered the deportation of Pro
fessor Elis Volpi, of Florence, Italy,
and bis secretary, Mm. Lizetta Moro-
sino, who arrived here two days sgo
on the Italian liner Daea Deglia Ab
roxxi, from Genoa, Professor Volpi,
who says be has brought psintings
valued at $500,000 with him. will ap
peal to Washington. Professor Volpi
is 60 years old and bis secretary is 25.
knife. Physicians had something to
say of the imaginations of nervous
women. They told her to forget It
An X-ray photograph showed a 10-Inch
knife in the lower stomach. Mrs.
Hochbcrger will be operated on. .
Economy Roils Britons.
London Wooden spills in the place
of matches, penny wooden penholders
instead of the quills so dear to British
officialdom and a few envelopes and odd
sheets of note paper instead of unlim
ited supplies, gsve a surprise to mem
bers of parliament, who are accus
tomed to utilize the bouses of parlia
ment as a club. Ia reply to angry pro
test a, the attendants expisined that
this wss the first step ia the direction
of national economy.
emergency Red Cross nursing corps
and begun a course of training for tha
work that army nurses must do. Not
only Is it their purpose to be ready at
a moment's notice ahould ths United
Statea need their services, but In esse
of a disaster similar to tba Iroquois
fire or Eastland steamer disaster they
will be ready to supplement the serv
ice of the hospital nurses. Arrange
ments have been made with one of the
large hospitals for Instructions.
" 445 Receiving Pensions. ' '
New York Pensions amounting to
$874,000 were distributed to 445 ro
fessors or widows of professors by the
Carnegie rounds I on fa the last year,
according to a report made at the tenth
annual meeting of the trustees Thurs
day. '
Tha general endowment fund now
wss reported to be $14,882,000 and the
income for tha year $712,000. Twenty
eight allowances were terminated by
death and 49 ware added to the list.
hundreds were not grown before. The I
problem confronting the growers of
swine in this section, and whlee is I
threatening to destroy the Industry,
however, is not how to produce bogs,
but bow to market them.
Storage Butter and Egg Stocks.
The national Warehousemen's re
port, representing 46 large warehouses
of the country, shows that November
1 there were 77,913,000 pounds of
butter In the freezers against 64,478,
000 pounds the same date a year ago;
an increase of 23,435,000 pounds.
The holdings of eggs November 1
were 2,823,000 eases sgalnst 2,888,000
esses the same date a year ago; an
Increase of 483,000 eases.
Orsgon Hop Msrkat la Quiet.
There has been a slowing down of
trading In tha Oregon bop market this
week, and dealers are not so disposed
to outbid one another as waa tha ease
a few days ago. Tba only repoted
dealings ware in tha Yakima section.
Uwm wt Gmjumim. fatUtnd. Or
Quits Likely.
"I can't understsnd It" said the fair
customer In tb shoe ator. "You aay
these are No. s, and they pinch
dreadfully. Tha pair I had bfore
vw it and they never gave nis any
rwrwaps tha 8a ware' marked
down," suggested th salesman.
When a horse la calked In deep
snow, apply llsnrorda Balsam of
Myrrh., It will quickly relieve. Adv.
Herrlbls Mlstsk.
Ths New Maid If you please, mum,
these flowers corns for you w'en you
waa out, an' I put 'em In water,
Tha Mistress Good heavens, girl!
What have you done? Why, that's'
my new hatl London Sketch.
aaBsssBBBBassasMSsswassMMMMM J... -
Sesrss em. -
"How did you get rid of that life
Insurance agent so quickly?"
"Oh, I'm always prepared for those
fellows. I keep a large bottle of cod
liver oil In plain sight on my desk.
and when an agent eaiia I greet blm
with a hollow cough."
Dizzy r
Mr. AMI Cmttmtmr, ef
bar CUra, ., wrwtm
Hester Him a mUowtl
"I amain aanU for toot Yfen
WloA mhm Mediesi AA rimf tot
mjr daaaHtar wha hu rMithr
a larrWd ttfK) 1 know ih book will
Mormaenmluatsliar lhava
rM4 an m4 tot kl yra ilia
valuable traatmanta emtafcta4
la tea liMteai Advtoar' and
have talt a nip bnttlM ef Vt.
Plaraa'a Favorite PraMilptten.
and hare baM ran farad tokaahk
mfh tim t ,Md It, Itiaae-rM
rrraady lor woiom M a Hfwr h
koisuvr, Am for taa nil aad
swaatai Mlk. ,
TlOMEN who are restless, with
constant chanjre of position, fidget
iness," who are abnormally excitable or who
experience fainting or dizzy spells, or nervous
headache and wakefulness are usually sufferer
from the weaknesses of their sex.
Favorite Prescription
Is the soothing, cordial and womanly tonic that
b rlnsrs about an invigorating calm to the nervous
system. Overcomes the weakness and the drag
ting pains which resemble the pains of rheu
niaUem. Thousands of women in the past forty
: years can bear witness to Its benefits.
' Yaar malar In madMnM anha H nt rbiaM er aotme.
ecaaag tablat form; or you aaa aanit acl'marnt atompe
tnt a Irial knx ef Pr. (larre'l I'lra li. jprmrtpiloa
tabMta. Aildraee Dr. V- M. rkrea, laniula'
aaa feunftaal iMUtuta, Buffalo, il. t.
Dr. Pierce' FJeeaaet FtirU Brraleta aaj brlrerete
Iteamth, lint aad Bowela, , ar-Caeta Tlay Craaaia.