The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, November 26, 1915, Image 1

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    TOL. XXXV.
Brief Ecsceof General News
Uvfl News Items of Ail Nations and
Pacific Northwest Condensed
for Our Busy Readers,
Another munitions plant It blows up
at Parry Bound, Ont
Th British mplr capital wllh U
estimated at 1180,000,000,000.
The world' corn crop la estimated
at thr and half billion bushels.
Assistant bank examiner of Califor
nia la amatad charged wlUi embetale-
8eattle experlanr wind velocity of
44 mllaa an hour, baaidaa flare thun
der atom.
Olympla efflel! ara Investigating
M alleged thaft of 116,000 from the
ttaU Industrial Inauranea fund.
Tha kevnot of Praaldant Wllaon
message to congraaa will b prepared-
mm for war and eoaat derene.
Byaeurprla attack tha force of
tha alllat captura tha city of Tlbait, la
tha Carman colony of Kamerun, Weetr
am Africa.
A tidal wave off tha Oregon coaat
dashes the Hotel Bar Vlaw InU tha
ceean and doea eonaldarabl damage to
otbar property.
Brand Whltlock, mtnlatar to Bel-
a-lum. aacompaniad by bit wife, ia pay
ing a flying visit to Washington, and
othar eiuaa In thla country.
British captura anothar A mat lean
vmm I, tb Kankakee, at uueno Ayr.
Thla etaamar ia Hated b tha Brlllah
government aa "auapactad" aa to bar
Ei pandlturaa of laxg auma of money
Bead agalnat tha neutrality of the
United Ktatea, ara traced oy govern-
ment melal to atiacnea of ma ur
. Aeurnce of King Constantino of
firm re are lran the entente DOWart
that ha baa no intention of disarming
or Interning allied troop, mainly the
Serbian, who are attempting to eacap
Into that country.
Sinking of a Turkish traniport which
wsj carrying 000 soldier across th
Baa of Marmora la reported In a mee
aag from Zurich. Tb message say
. . . . a . i j
tna transport sirucx a mine am neariy
all on board war drowned.
Tha London war office declare that
no commercial blockade baa been es
tablished before Grecian porta, but ha
"withdrawn, or threatened to witnaraw,
tha special privilege which Greek
commerce has enjoyed since the out
break or tha war, ;
The Woman' Peac Party ha an
nounced that every woman' club of
prominence In the country would be
appealed to thla week to send wie
rama to President Wilson, aaklng
him to confer with neutral nation to
org paaoa In Europe.
The Mason of Belgium hv placed
8,000,000 franc ($600,000) at tha die-
poaal of tha manager ot in xuna lor
relief of allied prisoners of war now In
Germany. This money Is to be em
ployed without regard to tha nation
ality or religious belief of tha prison-
Dispatches of a aeml-ofllcial nature
received in Washington Indicate that
Practically a state of anarchy exist in
'areia. According to tha reports,
troop of various nation ara doing aa
tha please In certain sections, the gov
ernment being powerless to curb their
action. Many government officials ara
said to have fled from the ares in
which tha most serious condition pre
vail. "".
A a euel to the report that a flo
tilla of 26 German torpedo boats and
a big cruiser had passed Ilelsingborg,
Sweden, Wednesday, proceeding Into
tha Cattegat, a dispatch to the Central
Nawa from "Copenhagen ssys that a
British squadron of cruisers and de
stroyer baa bean seen entering tha
Cattegat. .
A Copenhagen dispatch to Renter'
Telegram company of London ssys
that tha copper famine In Germany Is
o acuta that requests equivalent to
demands ara now reaching tha author
ities of th churchea to band over all
tha copper In their possession a a
good example to other. Th hug
copper roof of the great Cathedral at
Bremen are being dismantled.
Villa i reported wounded In battle
with Carraraa forces.
Military training In public achools
haa been approved by th American
Federation of Labor.
- A Douglas Or tree which grew on
Finney creek In Western Washington,
shows 1144 annual ringa. ,
Tha British army at the Dardanelles
haa resumed the offensive and captured
80.yards of Turkish trenches.
Austria will be told that open boats
are not considered "place of safety"
for passengers of captured steamship.
era men mm destroyed
Bar View, Or. Tb storm which
for sever si dsys past haa raged off the
west coast of Oregon broke Into vio
lence) Wednesday at Bar View. In Til
lamook county, and Seaside, In Clatsop
At Bar Vlaw. tha Bar Vlaw hotel
an all-year resort, the Southern Pacific
depot and fix or eight cottage were
wrecked and partially swept out to
sea. Th damage ia estimated at
1100.000 at this resort.
At Seaalde. on of the larger aum
mer resorts on the Oregon coaat, huge
John Dee No. 104, aliae Austin Mo-
Claary, aa ha wee celled when he
wea a homelese waif, la now romping
ereund Lyndhurat, at Irvlngton-on-Hudeon,
the acute of Mr. and Mr.
rinlev l. hepard, new known aa Fin-
ley Jay the ear, jr, neir ta tna oouia
million. Mr. thepard and hie wife,
wHe wea Mlea Helen Oeuld, formally
adopted the four-year-old bey wha waa
feend an the ate pa af at. Patrick"
Cathedral by a policeman.
breaker aubmergad th pier In front
of th Hotel Moor. wept Julia Mad-
den, a woman aged 80, off her feet
and almost into th ocean,, and tore
railing and lawn away from tha Dan
J. Malarkey and Edgar B. Piper cot-
tare. Broadway waa flooded for sev
era! blocks and th Necenleum river,
which enters th ocean at Seaside, la
out of it banka. -"
At Bar View, which ia on the ocean
front lust north of Tillamook bay, tha
shoreline f ot 60 fact back haa been
washed away. Th government Jetty
tafeellna? th the -strain and several
sections bav been damaged. Th Bar
View hotel baa been In danger for ev
era! day and bad been raised prepara
tory to belna? moved. A , huge wave
picked It from It mooring. The ho
tel I a wreck. Th Southern Pacific
denot. Including th Walla Fargo ex
nrea office and Western union, taie-
eranh office, was washed away.
Much or Lb soutnern racino use
la washed out. A crew of 60 men and
three train hsve begun hauling rock to
make a sea wall. Th county highway
la also impaired. -.
Bdriaa Orphan fcfcf is Ordered
Deported from United Sates
New York A 18-month-old Bel
glan girl baby, known as Jeanne, who
esme nere oy wo way m bngienu, wa
Wednesday ordered deported by im
migration officiate, Tha deportation
order waa mad notwithstanding an
offer by Mr. Percy Proctor, formerly
Barones Nodinevon Klaerusa, to adopt
tha baby.
When Jeanne arrived on tna sc. raui
in custody of a woman passenger not
her mother, aha waa a topped at Ellia
Island. Mrs. Proctor' plea that aha
would adopt tha child waa declared by
the board to be Insufficient.
Chines Reply Friendly.
London Replying in the house of
common Wednesday to a question re
garding China's response to the joint
representation or the entente power
In the contemplated cnanga in me
Chinese form of government, and aa
to the possibility of taking further
steps, Lord Robert Cecil, parliamen
tary undersecretary for foreign affair,
aid that China had received the ad
vice In the friendly apirit in which it
waa offered.
lie aaid there was no necessity for
further action. -
Suspect Utter Threat.
Baltimore Otto Buelow. or Unt-r.
the suspected deserter from the con
verted German cruiser Prins Eitel
Friedrich. now Interned at Norfolk,
declared that "in eix months' time
there will not be a war munitions
plant in operation In the United
Statee," according to City Detective
Robert Porter.
According to Porter, Buelow seemed
to know the location of all munition
plants in tha country.
Diplomatic Purpose to Forestall
- Fridica Willi Japan.
Tokio Government Likely to Gain in
Trade by New Move is General
. Opinion Among Officials.
Washington. D. C Effort ar I
Ine- mad br Great Britain. Franca and
Russia to Include China in the mem
bership of th entente now aligned
e-inst the Germanic power. Dls-
tlon of official Washington Saturday to
Artmri mlmA altiiMLImn In the Per
Eaat, the seriousness of which haa not
hitherto been realised.
It hvima known that to I near
frUnHI Mlatinne between Jenan and
China conversation and exchange had
Deen proceeaing in ream ana u s.a
roneae caDltala look In to tha formal
entrance of China en an aoual footing
with Japan Into th alliance that now
Includee Great Britain, France, ku
sla. Itatv. Jaoan and Serbia. .
Milltarv narticlDatioa bv Chin In
the war would not be expected, but
the political necessity of adding China
to the alliee is looked opon by them a
nt vast Imnortanea.
It was learned that recently several
Japan warebipe were piaeea at
atralavla mint alonv tha Chine
coaat, and that th possibility of In
terna revolution In China through the
propoeed change from re public to par
liamentary monarchy had caused some
Japan officiate to beliov munition
of war should be husbanded for emer
gency ease. When th recent Japanese-Cblneee
negotiation war In prog
ress, Japan similarly felt compelled to
hold her ammunition aupply for devel
opments, a circumstance that ia known
to have embarraseea Kuaaia consider
ably. -
' Rn far aa la known harev meet of th
conversations bav been conducted at
Pekin, and It la not clear how far th
nmnoaal haa bean discussed with the
Japanese government at Tokio,
Isffiber Shbss Eatelfearssf
bsses Sdicul Te&ccsy Dad
PortlandLamber bnaineaa In Port
land is good, aay th Willamette val
ley millmen.
Lumber buainaa In tb Willamette
valley ia good, say the Portland mill
men. Tarn Muifllettna' lines of testimonv
developed at tha hearing before Ex
aminer Butler, or the Interstate uxn-
mava nnmmlaaloB. when tha COmDlaint
of the Portland milt agalnat the
Southern raclllc - lor maintaining a
differential of 4 cent tn favor of tha
valley milla on California business was
Each aide waa willing- to admit that
buatnea In th other fellow' territory
I good, whll each a readily conceded
that bus 1 nee at bom 1 decidedly bsd.
Th Portland mills contend that
thai marbat haa been restricted In
various ways in the last four or five
years; that tha new uaurornia ratea
bav restricted It atill further, and
that thalr ra-oriuetion and earainar
have diminished in direct proportion
with their losses ox maraeu.
At the urns time, th Portland wit
ness were ready to point out that
many new milla have been built tn the
Willamette valley within tha last, de
cade, that th capacity of existing
plants haa been increased within tha
last year, and that tha market of the
valley mills haa expanded.
On the other hand th valley men re
ferred sadly to their own lack and loss
of business, th while pointing to tha
improvement in tha situation in Port
land. ' ,. " -
Vram thla conflict! n- maaa of testi
mony th commission la expected to
decide the reasonableness of existing
rate and adjust the rat aituation be
tween Portland and California and be
tween th Willamett valley and Cali
fornia accordingly.
Union Labor Face Crisis.
San Fraticlco What waa said by
labor leaden to be the moat serious
mlaU that avM mnfmntafl orraniaed
labor developed late Saturday night
when a resolution waa preeenieo. to we
American Federation of Labor, in con
vention bare, for the suspension of the
charter of the United Brotherhood of
Carpenter and Joiner. The organia
atlon haa a membership of mora than
200,000 and ia aaid to be the second
largest International union in America.
A tubstitut resolution, omitting ex
pulsion, finally waa adopted.
Poor to See Fair Free.
Ran Pranclaco The attendance Mar-
urea for th th Panama-Pacific Expo
sition passed tne 17,wu,wu mara ov
urday. There remain practically 16
day in which they exposition may
reach the 18,000,000 mark aet for it by
official com time ago. Every person
In Kan Francisco too Door to buy a
ticket will be admitted free on a day
set apart. Patrolmen on every neat
began taking the name of such aa
have not aeen the exposition.
Flax Crop Failure U Denied
By State Board of Control
Sslero-Member of th Stat Board
of Control assert that an article la a
dally paper laat weak saying that the
flaaralalna' work bainer aandnetad bv
th state promised to be a f si lor and
that they were diaaatisnea wtu i. M.
Cady, in charge of th flea plant at
tb penitentiary, waa antra.
Both Governor Withy com be and
State Treasurer JLy declared tnat tna
arnrk as far had been aatlsf actorv. and
Seeraterv of State) Oteott aaid that
with th Mperimant aneoenplatad It
waa too arly to predict tna outcome.
All three member of th board aaid
tha had not considered ask Ins- Cady to
appear befor them for an explanation
of bis conduct OI in nsx wora.
"Indications now aeem to point to a
success of tha flaxraisinf industry,"
aid Governor Withy com be. "Where
w bad only Dgured on Detaining auu
ton of strsw, w bav harvested (00
ton. W bav tbreehed ect nearly
8000 buabala of Med and should realise
16000 from this sourc alone. Whether
it la haat tA tat tha flax In tha winter
or wait until spring ia a question yet
a a a
to M oetarmineo."
Rtata Treasurer Kav Bronouneed the
daily' story aa abeolutely without
It ma be that th flax can be
retted beet In the spring," aaid Kay,
"an aa to rjarmit the acotchinr proeea
without th employment of artificial
heat. That Is to b determined."
Fruit Forces Differ In
Manner of Apple Publicity
Hand River While a marked oppo
sition waa apparent among th apple-
grower and market men ot ina po
kan fruit district, ' opinion aa x
nrmnil h f rait from all Darts
of the Northwest preaagea an adoption
next January of th propoeed plana of
the Growers' Council aa recently out
iliuul MMiMtln la K. H. ShenanL of
this city, who returned from confer
ence of apple men at tn Spokane
National Apple snow ut wee.
It ( nrorjceed to lew an assessment
of one cent boa on all fruit to raise
fund to be used in opening up new ap
ple market, widening distribution and
Inrraaatna mneumntion. . It (a esti
mated that such a levy will collect a
fond of mora than ftS.OOO twith which
tn mm aa arVnla nubtlcitv eaunnaim.
No on district will be featured, bat
all Northwestern box apple wiu n
givn the benefit of th fund impar
tially. "Th Spokane fruitmen," any Mr.
Shepard, "ar apparently opposed to
the proposition, since they think it
will ha hatter foe all districts to con
duct their forward campaigns individ
ually." '
Ma daflnlte action waa taken at th
Snokana conference, which waa in a
measure informal. Tentative plana
ware discussed and It waa left with
th exponent of the movement to
atnrlr mat mora eemnlete detail, to be
submitted at the second annual meet
ing of the council in January. -The
rodlintr moth caused damage
ranging from 10 to 60 per cent, and
even higher in caaea, in Northwestern
orchards. Dr. Melander declared mat
araathar conditions war mOT fVOT
able thla year than ever on any former
year for tb breeding oi mow, ana
thst more than ever before the insects
had survived the winter of laat year.
Aid Is Pledged for New - -
: Central Oregon Railway
Klamath Falla Banker and back-
smiths, cattlemen and homesteaders,
Mnl annnnrt tn Robert E. Strahorn.
each In hia kind, during an eventful
four-days trip tnrougn ienovu vnv
gon, completed Wednaedy.
(lanh. labor, terminal si tea and
righta of way war offered, and the
Kit Mm araa aaanrad that the
terms ha exacted would b complied
with. '""-,. " ' -
The strongest men or every commu
nity visited accepted tha responsibility
of undertaking the duties prescribed.
, "If the promise mad to ma in Cen
tral Oregon ara fulfilled, and I bav
confident they will be," aaid Mr.
Strahorn, "a good atari will have been
made towards getting a railroad across
that big region. I am gratified by the
spirit ahown, not only by those who
innnrf.n Anancialtv. hat b the
W, - .
people of limited means, all of whom
seem to want to nave a pan in oeipmg
. . .. . i
bring tne ratiroao.
Scarcity of Hay Probable.
Baker Because of the earliest heavy
now In year ranchers have begun tha
feeding of cattle in many parts of this
district. Union ther is a sadden
change to balmy weather there will be
a shortage of hay and price will boom.
TkU ) aliwaHv heenme a realitv In
the Hamilton country of Grant county,
where hay ia now eetung xor io a ton.
M. waa acarce in that vicinity this
veer, so that the ahortage came earlier
than in other districts. Practically all
tha range have been under snow the
last two week.
Mnnth Road BiH S25.372.
Salem Marion county expended
J25.S72 on ita roads in October, ac-
eordins; to the report filed with the
county elerk. Apportionment of the
money was aa follows: Graveling,
$5600; bridge. 16170; general re-
. tsRn7. naw tenia ana mscnio-
$138; aupervlsora' aalariea, $1292;
paymenU to cities, $6521, and paving,
$264. During the month 4664 yard of
gravel and 6210 yarda of rock were
x . i J ;
Thla photograph of Bulgarian troops ta a mountain paaa In Berbia glvee
ountry tn which tb war ta Ue Balkan Is sow being conducted.
;..w . 'j
? -, - ,
pi UNOErVrfiOBk'' ' '
Vis uMDCRVi.'OCO . .',
French nd German dead soldiers
PUC Of burial. ..
-r- oL
a il
Jlf-v---e-Vrvr'ra-',' '1 I
(v (Saw V - fv '
Although the German navy haa been bottled up by the fleet of the alltea
that fact doe not prevent her from constructing other warships. The upper
photograph ahowa tha launching ot tha latest German cruiser, with tha bull
ot tha reuse! going down the way. Tha lower photograph ahowa the launch
ing party, with Fran von Ulndenburg. wife of Field Marshal von Hindea
burg. on tha launching bridge. ,
" -"
View ot a Bulgarian transport train and IU convoy of Infantrymen after
the Bulgars had begun tha to ration of Serbia.
5 pP
-' Jill I t lii'-il. J
.r la- "v
, . f" I f,
1 ''
v.. -. tt
i .
gathered up on the field of battle and placed on a wagon to b carried to th
- -l!JvLvmn:iJui,iiinnrLnjjunnr. --j i.n n n n n, ulili . n.nir, nr
t N
aa Idea ot the nature of much of tha
. 0
Here la graphically pictured the fat
of so many of the brave Russians who
desperately charge the German poet
tlona that ara protected by barbed-,
wire entanglementa. Caught tn th
barricade, the men are mowed dow
by machine guns.
Nothing In modern warfare ia more
dramatic than the battle between air
craft Tha photograph shew a au ac
tion between a German aercplane and
a French dirigible airship.
Avoiding the Incongruous.
"Ar you going to run picture of
thl woman who haa Just fo'Jca tttlr
to a large fortune T" asked tha re
porter. "No." replied tha city editor. "W
couldat get one."
"All right. It will J sU for m t
aay tn the tory Cat sh Is i t-i
beauUfut" - - '
I:?. ;---