The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, November 12, 1915, Image 3

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    Dr. Alfred F.Scmpert
Graduate iim) Regttr4
omcK nouns
.00 lo 120 A. M.
10 to 1.00 P. M. ,
BtT BRANDT HLDO., upatalr
at Weston Bakery
, Cak and Paatry.
Una Candle.
Good Mal at All Hours 26c.
t W epacialla In l-oilu
and Party Kuppera.
' Cf RarotMl html Store,
la WbMtor htH.
Oram (Iranlte War at a
Watt Hr,
Two mill plk-a, full-blooded lierk-
ehlre. fur aula. I. C. Ilouhlne,
Mm. Jitim Klrknatrlck rturae4
Tueadar from her vlalt lo llappnar.
Mr. and Mra. J. II. Price ware vlait
ln relative la Walla Walla unn
lha weak.
Wa think our Block la complete, but
If we haven't it what you want tall
ue we raa fat It. K. O. DaMoaa.
Ilanry lllampar hi gatnlnv In
alranath. and aa able Wednaedax to
appaar lor a ahort time upon I ha
Motor car arrvlre ta all polnla, da
nr nlaht Ala livery and Irad elan!'
oppualla tha Mauallaa
hop. la fa Mctlrlila.
tlav. TV. , Payne ftllad tha pulpit
el tha l'nltad llrathran Church at
i Walla Walla Ikinday lor both tha
morning and evening service during
tha abaenc ol tha peat or.
Frank It. Adama A Co. hav dona
a naal Job In repainting tha drop
curtain at Waaton opara houaa. Tha
jcantral plctur. portraying Multno-
malt falla, la surrounded by atlractlva
I Announced lor November Id. tha
prolrartad maallnta at tha United
A (Jravk ami Ion IiMihI. only Id )i
Old. aaa arreaietl lmr VS-mIim.! el
tar a marry eliaae hy Clilaf W llano and
lUTlcer rUvanla, who found hi in in ao
aoamliMiad aall on Ilia I'oaera pram
Um afiar lia had boiled mil ol Ilia back
dior of Zrlini'a uekrr. rWjutia Uau
(lieu irlrd to lln In tlia pursuit. Itu
got bnpalraaljt Involved In a chicken
Ira fane. Whaa rti 4o tha
ITi ljrulwJ un- (irwk aa plain that
ha feared tlia eilloara tr are ting hla
Ilia. U eaein thai ha bad troulila al
Athene alib hla bnnlit.r. liuor
out a warrant against III m on a charge
ol breaking Vn a tool liotiee ami
ateallnir aoui elirthaa. Till tha !oy
uaolaa, sating thai III brut bar locked
up hi clot ha and ho baa ui g" n
one on credit.
Tha long-dalayed mokature needed
by tha larroara for Ihalr dlng opar
alluna errlvad Monday night la tha
una pa of both rain and snow the
snowfall being light, huwevar. A tha
tnwn naadad walar, everybody eaem
to ba wall plaaaad that tha waathar
god hava at la at "got action," and
a Ian dlapoaad to forglv Observer
llaala lor tha fall'a ' nneceuelomed
blackimllh aridity. According to Manager A vary
who casta dowa Tueeday from , tLe
tlmbar. Inchaa of now fall at tha
Hlu Mouatala aawmlll thla bring
prartlrally tha first anow ol tha aaa
aon la iba Kluaa. Lt alyhl mora
anow and rain dewsaoded bora lo aupr-
Dale Rothwell
. Optic! SpecialUt
I glva all rojr tlm to lha flu
bava prarttratt in IWHatmi all 2
aara, aii wora guaraniaan.
. Aaxriran Nat I Wank llkl.
Oregon i
Tha Udlaa Ootid Of tha Kplaropal
Church nat at tha homa of Mra. Mar
la Prtra for thatr Novambar aaaakMl
Mra. J. W. Portar waa praaant aa a
guaat, and Mra. O. W. Maybaa aa a
vlalllng mam bar from Praawatar. Tba
parlora wara baautlfully daroratad
with flowering; plant and with rut
llrathran church hava baaa pnatpimed j Howard. Conalallng of cholca whlla
until rbrury I, (l, at tha aaaiat
anra dralrad by tha oaalor will not ba
avallabla until that tlma.
A apeclal bualnaaa maallng of tha
ladlaa flulld la announced for next
Monday afternoon at two-thirty
o'clock at tha homa of Mra. Ulllan
rrederirka. Ily order of tha preal
rtenl. Mra. O. W. I'roabatel.
A change of arhedulo on tha O.W.
R. N. bring la tha evening train
from Pendleton at I; 10 o'clock, or
half aa hour earlier than formerly.
I Tha morning train from Pendleton
arriTra ai a.aa, or live minute earteir.
Tha Athena Praaa report that ap
roaea and yellow rhryaanthemuma.
Dainty refreahmenta were aenrad by
tha hoateaa. aaatated by Mra. O. W.
Maybe and Mra. Htm J. Cullcy. Tha
neit meeting will ba held tha flrat
Thuraday afternoon la Dacamber at
tha homa of Mra. iiobert Proudfic
Harry Rhlrk, popular young man of
tha Weaum neighborhood, leave to
morrow by a round-about way for hi
homa In M. Patera, Prnn. Ha antici
pate much plea ao re from tha vblt, aa
ha haan't aean hla parent, brother
and itera alnc coming weat aeven
year ago. He will aa th major
leagua ball gam at Pendletoa tomor
row and will then go to San franctaco 110.000 buahel. of whaat ,h "po"T" SPf
war bought at Athana I..I week byi'n" ,h ,on ,rlD '? 1W,U
tha I'reMoa.ghaffer Milling company. 'V"'" "'' Pannaylvn-
Tha largeat aeller waa R. A. Dudley.
ho dlapoaad Of 4I.00 buihal at Id
nla. but think that I' mat II la county
will afterward culm him again,
Th council mat Saturday evening
and appointed th following officer
for next Monday election: Mrs. W.
A. Oraham, Mra. Harry Teatb. N.
M M Hiif ee M wn k
i.W. !. j ,.V?y-. 1
m ear ktt la ataev "i , ' f .. I
H ! la l rt.1 f J"
, a ataiiaee. UI
lMnlMj'.HaMi a.,..,,.
K. fl. Ilrahm waa In town thla week
from tha Alba nela-hborhood on a
Ibiialneaa vlall. Hoeaklna of snnda.
I Mr. Urahra aa hla aeotlon aaema Ivarldga. Judge: J. II. Price. Mrs.
rather to hava Waaton mountain boated I W. 8. Price, clerk. A resolution waa
thl year, aa h paraonally rained lOOiPnaaed aipreaalng th regret of the
aaraa rrom nair an acra of unlrrlgated
Marlon O'Harra
' ; " Ala SUfd Sckdtaid ,
K K. alMt Wd. P. M.
t Waaton 00 I.v Weaum 1:00
Albea aoll.
W. A, Ilarnea haa mntrarted for tha
purrhaa of th Alexander Klnnear
place adjoining town on th aouth.
whlrh la among th flneat "elghtiea"
in thla vicinity. A large brick resi
dence and other substantial Improve
ments add to Ita attractlvaneas. Mr.
nnd Mrs. Ilarnea expert to make It
their permanent horn.
Osviga tarda I her from Aah
land, Oregon, viaiiiag old !rlad aed
aenea, ..(
Homa souvenir and a lady'd hand
bag lor Ihoee who belong to them.
Watt at llogara. ,' , '
Tha wlaa one will reflect that al
ready It la tlma to let K U. DeMca
hr!p you do your CS.tiw m.vU-t.
IUnh from th Hicred Heart row
lillnl, rlitokane, that lb oomlnlnn
of Jua Wurser la rag nM aa erlilcal.
Jack Carneniar has returned from
Cortland, wlier h liplielil tlia rprV
Ing laorela of Weetoo In four builnf
anyagsnianla. '
na Palmer of Jjk Oram!, ttrsal-
f t)
run, will meet wl'htha local llabek-
aha nail 1otmIv sranlng.
A Tbanksaivlnt' tarkey ahoM" U
announced by Karl uua for paxi
Priilav. Noveinlier IB. on vrourwlt oear
tba Weston brick vard. Turkava. jiiica,
garse and duck will ba IhH for, and
tlia ahiad. Uoiienfor IxKh rifled ami
ahotfuns. Hatarta at lu a. ta.
"And th cat caraa back." having
noticed iwrbspa in lbs U km tun Lkai
r.H thai bla iiroloagrd aliwne bad
occasioned Borrow and anxiety In lb
rred Mctirss huuasliolil. A h I a
I'srslan cat of high oWr. th Me-
Grswa ara dallgliiwl. Prom hi des-
perate hunger and travel worn appear
ance, It la Inferred tbl ha started for
but old bom In Portland and gsv It
u as a bad loo upon re senior ma
A atala eaaa against Char lea Morta-
mer is aet for toinurrow la Magtstraia
Mauallf n'a court, with Nat Uale a lha
eouiplatning wlinaa. It aeeina lliat
Monainer juoked arier ttaia wnen tne
latter was alck at Mis Weston botL
Whan abla to gel tip. lists found Mor-
tamer gone and his watch and money
m aalnir. J ortauier explains that na
took lb valuable for aafa keening,
lbs hotel tolny left, unlocked, and had
no opportunity to rsturn tlicm before
tielng aervaxl with a warrant upon bl
return after an abaeac ttva town.
Mr. Thomas IJoober and XI las Ruth
K. Hchnalder were united in marriage
VVrdnrsdav, November Id. at the home
of lit briito' parent. Mr. and Mra.
Charles M. Schneider, on Weatoo
mountain, by ilea. J. n. Good 8. lb
tmnir efiuiila war aLLe ruled be &lr.
Thomas Hoolier and the bride's sUler,
MM Agne Sclinciiler. and Mia
iilancbe (oode plat ed th . wedding
march. Light rrfreahmeni followed
the ceremony. Many useful and valu
able glfia were received by Mr. and
Mr Hooher, together wnn neartv
ell wUbea. A number of guesta were
iircent from Albena, Weston and
lla Walla. ;
I. 1. Earp-lllteisclf.
D. D. Earp. who la now engaged In et tfee a ahlh tu.ftl
Councilman Joe Wurser a lew weeke r?l.?MMl'L bu"""" at Waltsburg
ago. Ha appreciation el hla faithful
work lor tha city and Ita hope of his
apeedy recovery. Huperlntendent Wll
aon made hla report of waterworka re
ceipts for October, which were till.
nuaaelt O. Balden, th Spokane min
ing promoter, much too well known to
and Walla Walla. Mased through
!tnrn the nth fltav. with a "nrtMnect"
In tow, on hla way to Enterprise,
Wallowa county. D. I. evidently came
back to thla country from near Taco
ma becaua he Is something of a nolo
( . for those who left their tickets with us.
' We also have a lady's hand bag left in store on Free Day. '
Another car of that choice HOG FENCE enroute. Ask the "buyers,
about the fence and the prices. . '
The KENTUCKY DPTTJ. guaranteed to seed perfectly just before
a rain and that rain will follow.
The WEBER WAGON, an owner's pride and guaranteed to follow
any team properly hitched. Just now we have a bargain if taken at once a
team, waeon and harness for $250 in cash or eood as cash. Team 7 and 9
I years old, grey and extra good pullers. Harness a good one and the Weber
V Waron new.
We are giving come good bargains in that GREEN GRANITE
WARE, the shamrock kind. V
We want some good pop corn. ; ,
W a 1 1 B Ik Mo go f s
Mayor John M. Banister.
Councilman, two year David R.
Wood. Prank Price. Ralph O. Baling.
Hecorder-i-Andy T. BarnetU
Treaaurer Simeon A. Barnes.
Th above ticket was nominated at
the mass meeting Saturday evening
for th city election next Monday. No
vember It. when In all probability the
meeting's action will ba ratified at the
Sixty-eight citizens or tne town
were present nd voting It being the
largest municipal primary ever held
within tha memory of the oldest in
habitant. Usually the nominating is
done by a couple of dosen voter, and
the Interest shown now fat taken to In
dicate that Weston Is "waking up"
Dolltlcallv as In other respects. Wo-
klU M.I ...... 1.4 AM H 1 fh. I
Bound. Ha Inlttala do not aland for wen were Urgely i-epreseoted I. and did
w 'O... . ihir full ihin of the ballotini
Investor In coal stock throughout i ' "' ". neunec wou.o ;nn..7 r, .verv
thui county and the Wall. Wall, val- w " "i" In.Uon excent that of treasurer. 81m
It. A. Parnea. agant of ,h. Pacific I .1. Z'ZTZ ' h M fame, was awarded .hi. plm n
'.-t Klevator company racantly , JXartna 1 approprlata enough, a. he! by onantmoua He haa been
boushl about JMOd bushel, of wheat. .J" JJJ nu y 1 ,, remlnos one tn general atrhlterture "r tremrer of West on for more
..vii,. rr ti ix avu. mpi' circuit court oi appeals at ran . ., years, nerhaps. than he has hairs on
...... . FVanrinrn A. KuM AVavlanrt. aha "" eMi""iii !"" . . .t.. ....
Thou ...r..-t.. i - ' ' . , . .. , .w-.tnia neaa: ana tnucn w
. - - ranvin.n iaihiiv wiin Hainan in n . ...... ...... .... . .- . i .
THEY SAID: '. . '
'You Can't Raise Corn"
in the Northwest. But corn is grown here good corn, f
small cobs, deep kernels, solid ears, and
plenty bushels per acre. ,
: . ... . . i ,. .
Every farmer every live stock owner
every dairyman knows what corn means.
Whether or not you know that corn is a duecexaful crop hi this country, g and 5
, see tba results of a campaign for more pork and better pork, mora
cattle, more dairies and alios, and better times at toe
3 : Walla Walla, December 2-3-4
gating H.000 bu.hl. war among hle,Miy ,4 h ,rt,(,y w.rv,d out h
.. Adama
I 15
A. M. Uolac East.
jt Pcoillcton I Lvrendlelon
" Adam 1 " Adam
.Athena 11:11 " Atheaa
I. M.
Uinglit lv
Much grain wa sIimi
Msnngcr Krank I'rtca of
J!i? tba Vtton Warehouaa tiiiinnr
lie! ,
I. n. Davla la again Wralon a tran
portatlnn magnate, la aaaoclatlon with
llii-y Hrathe. Thi-v have Itougb the
sentence and Is tuppoaed to b aom-
where In Montana.
The New Minister" Is the title of
he la younger than ever, but his yarns
(Earp sent word to Th Leader by
Mayor Harbour that he- wanted a
uratlflcatlon (not to aay surprise) Its!
funds ar still intact
P. T. Harbour, who haa been Wee- i
ton's mayor for the past two years, j
roat." which he consider the best i f.fllnd
locsl dray business from Smith benefit of th caUurdny Afternoon
a musical olec which will aonn be kind of a-aaveruaement. ana we nave
preeented her by local talent for the don what we could In our feeble way
Waaton lo Athana. Itc; Weston to
Adam. Idci Athena lo Adama. t&ci when they
Weston t Pnndleion. 11.00; Athena to activity.
rendition, Itc; Adama lo rendition.
Hound trip. If made In aa me day:
Waaton dad IVndlclon, ll.0; Athena
tad Pendleton, IMS.
Headquarter: Weaton. at City Drug
Btore; A'hcna, fit. Nlrhola llolel;
Adama. Inland Mercnntll Htore; I'm
dUston, rrsnch Ucmnuranl.
A. at I0TOCT.
tnne, and ar developing aa much of
a "pull" aa la pneslbl with horse
power. Th Payne brothers will prob.
ably remain in Weaton until aprlng.
will seek other fields of
(I. II. Tllahop, welt known attorney,
and R. D. Compton, who la connected
with tha Schmidt Mercantll company,
were bualnaaa visitors Saturday tn
Weaton from Freewater. They took
occasion to compliment this burg on
th many evldencee of lor I Improve
ment merely saying that what It now
need Is a wide-awake Commercial
club, urh aa Freewater poweaea.
.Leave nothing undone in your Thanksgiving prepar-
tton. Always me neigni 01 me goou nuusewue inut
tion, the Thanksgiving Feast this year should outdo all
.w.vffii i-ffnrts. for we of America and especially of the
vValla Walla Country certainly have abundant cause for
aaataa mm jl . - X 1 u.'J.l ssit.laai.-MaV. . asjva
rnanKiuiness--ac peace in me mmm, vi yivmv, m wn
trast with the pitiful condition of millions in other climes.
Look through in noma room ty room, man uv m """!"rf-1ra;t
thanJct UavU-Kaaer'a shorten tha Uak of preparation, for hore you wiir find all
your rqulremrt-vry need, In good. bin. liberal assortment, and at price
that win aave you monoy, ni w fmiwa m r--i
tion aa a whole ban ao attractiv aa right now.
Beginning Monday (15th) we will give a nice young
corn fed Turkey free with each purchase of $25.00 or
OVer"tnia in uuuiiiuzi w inatijf ocw.t- iiuuiiBji6
Reveral hundred of them ai this time
(Tuesday, Nov. 9th) though every day sees the last of
some oi tnem. ,
How about a Dining Table or Chairs, a Conch, some Rutrs-nerhajia soma
Curtain or an Kasy Chnirr How about aom Muslc-a Victrola or a Player
Piano to help antartaln tha "Company?"
Uow about a Monarch Ranga-the "Stay Satisfactory Range -or aoma
Cooking Utenaila, a Koatr perhapsT How about the Dutnorware, tha Silver
War or GlawarT - .-- . V "" " , ,
- Remember, aatiafactlon goea with dvery purchase at Davia-Kaaer a.
Complota Furniahera of Homea, Offices, Churches, Schoola
10-80 Alder St
- (Odd Fallow' Jample)
flodel Tailors and Cleaners
Ladies' and Gents' Suits Made
- and Remodeled
gf Special attention given to out-of-town cleaning
aent by parcel post.
114 E. Webb St. Pendleton, Oregon
club. It abounds In clever dialogue
and "catchy aoloa and choruaee. Re
hearsala are now In prntrrca at the
residence of Mr. T. D. Watts, who Is
serving a accompanist. A. W. Lun
dell haa consented to act aa musical
director, and a large number of local
singers are In the cast
Dutch songs In costume, guitar and
mandolin numbers. - sketches, song
and reading of many and varied
kinds, all go to make up the attractive
program offered by tha Beverly Enter
tainers, All of their number are
given In a moat charming manner,
proclaiming the artlatry of the mem
ber of th organization. (At High
School auditorium November Id.)
Manager Harbour received a phone
order Tueaday from Pomeroy, Wash,
re-nomination. Dr. F. D. ,
hvejwtu wss also named and declined.)
i la. I. v narra oniy was ien u
Mr. Banister a race for the honor.
The runnere-up for coonclimen j
were Henry Waddlngham, E. M. ,
Smith and I B. Davis. . Joe Ueuallea
onooaed Mr. Barnett (the Incumbent)
A tax of eight mills waa voted at OP .h recorderahlp nomination. -
th special school meeting for this dis-1 -pj,, hold-over councllmen are Joe
tilct held last Monday, thl levy being wurser. E. C. Roeers ' and H. A.
based open the cleric budget aa pub-1 Bmridt. Those who retire are Edward
llshed In The Iader of October It. j Anderson. J. M. Ash worth and U B.
I nia UUC I jun a. Itnn miii wi arr pavts.
to accommodate hlrrl.)
Taxation Ma Mem.
last year. Only ft v. voters. Including
th directors and the clerk, were pres
ent at th meeting.
The city council of Weston baa 1m-
J. M. Banister received a handsome
vote, and hla nomination for the head
of the ticket seems to meet with gen
eral approval. lie la one of Weston's
for IJO.OdO Weston brick, and amiled j huagri ot estimated xpenses for the
posed a tax ot IS mills, which Is 'hirsest farmer and makes his home
same as laat year. in several i
are set forth in an ordinance publish
ed elsewhere.
The county levy haa not yet been
made, but will only.b slightly more
than that of last year, as only a six
per cent Increase la allowed under the
Bingham law. The . county clerk's
appreciatively thereat. The yard haa
had a good season thla year and la an
Induatry of much value to the com
munity In that It converts local raw
material, earth and day. Into genu
Ine wealth through the. employment
of local labor,
Weaton. which formerly secured Its
meet supply from th larger towns la
switching Ita system by Itself becom
Ing n, shipper. Three , shipment . a
week of beef, pork and mutton dressed
at the Weton market of A. P. Perry
are now being made to a Pendleton
dealer. Each shipment averagea about
400 pound In weight
Matt Moegrove la reported to have
met with another automobile accident
Sunday evening, although thla time he
(imtalned no personal Injury. His ma
chine skidded on the Dry creek grade,
it ia said, and pitched him Into J. N.
York'a field, from which he picked
himself up unhurt. Th car waa
wrecked. ,. ,v. ;
Mra. Stanley Neeland of Albany,
Oregon, la vlaltlng her father, Mr.
Loula Nolle, and ulster. Mrs. Linus
Andenon She will make her home
soon at Pendleton, where Mr. Neeland,
who ta a locomotive engineer, la pre
paring to locate.,, , . . .tvi ,
Vocal Culture A. W. Lnndell, B. M.,
will accept a limited number of pu
pil in singing and eight reading on
reasonable terms Class forming now.
Tour piano tuned, at city price.
Repair work neatly dona at the Wes
ton shoe and harness shop, Wheeler
hotel building'. New management,
new equipment. Phone 63. H. Katon.
Mr. Llllle U'llVinaon and aon Wal
lace and Mr. Jay V. Smith and daugh
ter Alba of Walla Walla were guests
of Mr. Wlley during- the week.
Earl L'euallen haa returned from
vlalt to American Fall. Idaho,
where hla father, J. A Ueuallen, 1
serving aa chief of police.
J. H. Clodlua la back from a pleas
ant visit to hla niece at Spokane, a
brother at Ritsvllle and another
brother, at Wattaburg. ;
A daughter waa bom recently to
Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Forth at their
home oif Dry creek. i
year la f 300.000, which sum doea not
Include Umatilla county's share of the
state tax. . ., 4.. , ,
In town. He takes aa active interest
In Weston's welfare and has served
the community efficiently aa school
director, being at present a member
of the board. '
: E. O. DeMosa presided at the pri
mary, and Clark Wood waa secretary.
High School Basketball.
The basketball team of Weston High
are being put through some whirlwind
practice nightly In t the gymnasium
court by their coach, Ernie Blomgren.
If the boya have a losing season. It will ;
not be becaua of lack of strenuous
preparation. Their first game will
probably be with Athena, High Novem
ber It at Athena. - ,-
The following young athletea ; are
listed among the moat prominent tal
ent trying out for the several posl
tlona: Earl MacKensle, Bob Hodgson,
Ruhlln Smith, Virgil laundell. Alison
Wood, Jim Klrkpatrtck. Ray Gould.
Aliaon Wood has been chosen captain
and Jim Klrkpatrtck manager.
The glrla' team are also practicing
faithfully under the direction of Miss
Luclte Cogswell. The candidates are
Gladys Banister, Gladys Smith, Ferol
McBirda, Ruth Read. , Ruby Price,
Blanche Cooper and Hortense Baker.
Ruth Read is manager, i , , " ; s
kk Meat
i ' Mnlr,i 1
;. , . ,. FOR SALE. ..i,
Well-Improved place of 114 acre
on Wild Horse creek, three mile
south of Weaton.' Good well; hog-
tight fence alt around; an attractive
My home ranch of 170 acrea two
miles up the Walla Walla river road
above Milton; 150 acre tn cultivation.
160 In summer fallow thla year. Good
well and plenty of running water.
Fine new bungalow.!
Phone 47FJ, or address
Milton, Oregon.
Philadelphia. Pa, 'There are
wheela in my head," said a Martton,
N. J., man to the head phyaician at
Cooper hospital. Camden, N. J. The
physician examined the man a ear
and found twenty-three small wrig
gling objects which Were identiried ty
an entomologist si the larvae of a fly.
The man had been sleeping on th
ground, and 11 is thought a female
laid the eggs which were hatched by
body heat. i 1
Information and Premium List Free
upon application to .
: S. S. NELSON. Agent. Weston
R. BURNS. D. F. & P. A.. Walla Walla
Low Fares for the Round Trip
f J i I k
1 mi-, V f -r- I
mfr 'I)
Prime Beef
Pork, Mutton, Veal
Dressed Poultry
FISH Mouday and Thursday
Get Our Prices
Phone No. 53. Orders taken by
phon for mail routes.
AP. Perry
Dr. J. G. McMATIi
Office one block north of the bank
Electric Treatments
J - f?S". Phone 521
W. M. Ptttnoa ... C B. Bidie
Peterson & Bishop
' ' '" ?" ' - LAWYERS ; :
Pendleton, Or. Freewater, Or.
"ck. people with the glamor of low
prices; it is really wonderful how a
small price in large type fills the
eye so completely that the quality
buck of the price is lost sight of.
The Der.loss Furniture
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Home Merchant Prices
25 pound pail stock food 12.25
12 pound pkg. etock food 1.00
1 pound pkg. atock food... .65
2 pound pkg. stock food .25
Comparison of dosage two
tablespoonfula twice daily.
Mail Order and Fed- '
k I , .. diers' Prices ,
25 pound pail stock food......t3.K)
7 pound pkg. sttx-Jc food 1.00
& pound pkg. stock food ... .CO
1 pound pkg. stock food ... .5
; Two taMespoonfu) thrc
j s times daily.
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