The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, October 15, 1915, Image 1

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Brief tee of General News
Uve News (terns of A3 Nations and
Piclfic Northwest Condensed
(or Our Busy Readers.
Oreec announce a policy of armed
British submarine are raiding Ger-
Baa shipping la tha Battle.
Wtlaoa baa formally agreed to Uta
official recognition of Cerrans.
New York elnoTph ragtetere
violent earth shock, probably la tbe
Weal Indie.
Bulgaria' antry Into tha war may
eauao Japan to reconsider bar poaltton
and cbango bar plana.
Mora slide bv completely block
ad tha Panama canal and no dato can
ba aat for I la reopening.
Newspsper adltora of Paris bava
mad a violent protest against tha sus-
pension of four papera for dlaoboylng
inn ornera oi ina praaa wniur,
A number -of proralnant Portland,
Or., woman ara sDaudlna tbraa days
par week each la making bandagaa
for wounded European soldier.
A stockholder of tha New York Mu
tual Ufa lnauranea aompaay baa auad
for an Injunction to prevent the com
pany from aubaortblng to tba big Ku-
ropeon war loan.
tela bava acreed on a policy of practi
yearn. I ne nrai year a proaram con
tampiataa tna axpenauure or szis.vw
A dispatch from Athena aays a Brit
Uh aaent baa nnaarthed a aubmaiiua
baaa In the Clulf of Na&pllo, soutbeeat
of Greece, from which It la believed
bar the aubtnartnea which recently
aank allied tranaporu bava received
their supplies.
A Petrogred dispatch aaya Rusalaa
furcea bava pierced tba Auatro-Ger-man
llnea on tba Btripa river. Tbay
bava already taken prisoner mora
than S0O0 men and 10 offlcera and
bava captured four funs and tan rap
Id flrers. Tha Rusalaa advance la be
ing pushed vigorously.
' Tha following announcement of tba
dismissal of tha Bulgarian minister to
Great Hrttaln waa Issued la London:
"Ills Majesty's government announce
that tha Bulgarian minister baa bean
banded his paasporta and that diplo
matic relatione between Great Britain
and Bulgaria bava been broken off.
s Four boys were buried alive at Mue-
catlo. la., when a cava tner naa ex
cavated In tha aide of a bill collapsed.
They were John Gsuthler. Hi Charley
Becker. IS: Harry Davidson. 14. and
Glen Thompson, 11 (colored). Tba
you tha' cries brought rescuers, but
they were dead before tha latter could
reach them.
Tha baaing system baa bean abolish
ad at the Annapolis naval academy by
the voluntary action of tha midship
men of tna three upper ciaasea. ai
though no formal resolution waa pass
ed, It waa aald on authority that there
waa practical unanimity or opinion
that tba time bad coma when baaing
abould cease. "
Admission that German loasas bava
been heavy In tha paat few daya on
tha western front Is made by the cor
respondent of tha German Tageblatt,
who declares French attacks were car
ried out "with unprecedented vigor
and courses. " Ha eatlmatea that witn
in a brief Derlod tha French bava tired
mora than a.000,000 sheila against the
" German line.
Russians art bombarding Bulgarian
porta with great energy.
Largo farces of Germans and An.
trlana bava Invaded Serbia.
A shaggy-haired goat overestimated
hie fighting ability at the Portland soo
when ha wandered into tha buffalo
miUmW mnA mm haHla f rt Ana nf the
big mala buffaloes. Tha goat's bat-
I . . I a. ,L. 1 .
lerea remains were taaen w vn any
Inetnarator for cremation.
Total casualties of offlcera In tha
British army from tha beginning of
tha war op to September 27 have
reached a total of 17,074. Of this
number 6178 war killed or had died of
wounda, while 10,469 warn wounded
and 1429 war listed as missing.
Reports from the western front say
that Moroccan soldiers captured oy tna
Germans consider themselves guests of
Germany and not prisoners, saya tha
Overseas New Agency. They ara op
posed to Franca, which compels them
to fight against their raligiooa conv lo
tions. Information reaches Geneva by way
of Munich from n source which la re
garded as reliable that Roumania will
soon laaua a decree for general mobil
isation, -
An aeroplane coming from Bulgaria
dropped numerous bombs on Nlsh, kill
ing live persona and wounding two
others. It than returned aafely to
Able Gorman sgwta have convinced
tha general public of Greece that Ger
many Is Invincible, and tha Greeks
ara not enthusiastic over going to war
against tha Teuton.
The Austrian a evernment has
placed a price of 94,000 en the head of
Oabriele d'Aanunsle, the peet whe aa
strongly urged Italy ta ge to war with
Auatria and whe new le carving aa a
lieutenant In a regiment of Italian
ci mm or nama am
Washlnaion. V. C A demand on
all Americana, on penalty of ostra
cism, to ba mora than neutral In re
tard to tha European war, to tase
their stand for America first, last and
all tba time, waa voiced by President
Wilson la a epeecB in celebration or
the z6lh anniversary of the founding
of tha Daughters of tha American Rev
olution. The United B tales, the presi
dent aald. waa not merely trying to
keep out of trouble, but waa trying to
preserve tha foundation upon wmco
peace could be rebuilt.
-Peace can ba rebuilt.'' bo added,
"only unon -the ancient and accepted
or ndoee or international law; oniy
open these thtnge which remind na
tions of their duties to each other, and
deeper than that, of their dutlea to
mankind and humanity. America has
a great causa which la not confined to
tba American continent it is ue
causa of humanity Itself."
Declarim bla faith in tna toyaity or
the treat body of naturalised elliiena
of foreign birth, tha president aald ha
believed the ImDresalon waa too gen
eral that a larxe number of to see ciu-
sena ware without a eufflclont affec
tion for tha American Ideal.
But I am In a hurry to have a line
up," he explained, "and let Ue men
who ore thinking first of other eoun
trlea atand on one aide and thoea who
ara for America first, last and all the
time, on the other aide."
Every do it cai action ana every so
cial action In America at this time,
said Mr. Wilson, should bava for its
oblect to challenge tha spirit of
American lam. ,
. 1 1 , sgV"
Uzma Army Attacks Sfffcias.
taxatjIrvM A Atmni 4e that TlmM
esVHUUH ( asuevfwsst w
fWi-v-. a ik Ai a saai wa that thm tliilnrtmna
S Ws 4riww swwter ""
began an atuck on Serbia at Bartbo-
gbaa near Kniaabevau on Monaay
A OMIgh AlUiVUgtis waj,Bw-w "
evacuated, tha MaUn'a correspondent
ui.h ..M In a ilisnstnh filed Bun-
Im, mA m Ills Atl crh
day, the fighting continued stubbornly
on tna nine surrounainsr ue vhj,
soma of whioh had bees taken and re
taken aeveral tlmea.
AvMIIrv nn hnth aldaa." tha dis
patch aaya, "baa been tiring without
Mniu Inr hMa tava The Berba
gained tha advantage when they cap
tured exoeiienc posiuoua near inpvi
der and drove the Germans back on a
suburb of Belgrade called Great Vrat-
onar, wnere a iieroe suru(i u s"ua
on. ' - - ' y:
"Tka lanm tline tnnra than KA.'
000 shells on Belgrade, sparing neither
nospitais nor cnurcnes. djtdbbusubb
wsra destroyed and jewian ramiuea
h. h. i,v,h Mfiiira thera warn hur
led In ths ruins. French artillery took
nan in im aerense ot ui cut. im
UHtlah with hvr runs. Inflicted
great loasea on the Germans and sunk
two monitors in tbe uanune.
"Near Ram, on the Danube, the
okia, ,am ilrtvAn hank with the
loss of four howitsers and aeveral ma
chine guns."
War Supply Cargo Lost
Toklo. One life, that of a third offi
cer, waa lost in the wreck ot tha Brit
ish steamer Rutford Hall In a typhoon
In the Tsuruga straits, while on her
way from New York to Vladlvoetok.
Tha steamer Itself, which had a car
go of war supplies for Russia on board
waa a total loss. . .,.,-. v-r
Tha wrecklns: of the Rnfford Hall
was reported in a Toklo dispatch on
October t. At that time It waa aald
that a lifeboat containing tha offlcera
and one passenger waa missing. .
Roumania to Aid Alllee. '
Paris. Premier Bratlano, of Rou
mania. baa given tha Italian govern
ment to understand that Roumanian
operations on the aide of the entente
mar be considered certain, aaya a apo
dal dispatch from Rome. Tha Rou
manian government, however, will
choose Its own time for taking tha
field against the Auatro-Qeraana.
11,000 Mere Brltlah Fall.
London. British casualties report
ed since October 1 amount to more
than 21,000. The week-end casualty
list published Saturday glvea 200 offi
cers and 4300 men. This brings up
tha total casualties published In the
London papera since ths first of ths
month to n officers and 10,351 men.
Government Studies Sentiment
In Railroad Land Grant Case
Eugene. The United States govern
ment Is making an investigation of
sentiment In Oregon as to what should
be done with the Oregon California
railroad grant lands. Attorney 8. W.
Williams, of the department of Justice,
arrived In Eugene to pass several days
la Lane county. Ho will also visit all
counties In which the land la located.
Upon his return to Washington Mr.
Williams will make bla report to the
attorney-general, wbo will In all prob
ability report to congress. He waa ao
oompaaled to Eugene by Leonard Un
derwood, special agent of tbe depart
ment of the Interior.
Mr. Wllllama met a number of Eu
gene bankers and bualneea men at tba
commercial club. Ha staled briefly
that bis mission wsa to ascertain what
tha lands are beet suited for and the
vlewe of the people In the section of
the state moat vitally Interested aa to
what should bo dona with the landa.
Mr. Wllllama stated that If no ac
tion waa taken by congress tba rail
road would be permitted to carry out
ina terms or ue orisinst orsnu bom
present at the meeting were not In
clined to tha view that congress should
not take action.
Mr. Wllllama. for the purpose of
suggestion, said that tha removal of
all restrictions upon the railroad, with
a condition that tha landa muat be
sold within a certain time, would
suit In the early aale of landa and
make them available la the develop
ment of tbe etate. The suggestion did
not meet approval.
Fight Timber Tax Reductions.
Oregon City. Tbe county will not
submit tamely to big reductlona In
tbe assessment of tha Weyerhaeuaer.
Collins estate and other big limber
holdings and every case will be fought
through the courts, declared District
Attorney Hedge.
The Weyerhaeuaer case, which waa
appealed from the board of equalisa
tion and lost and lost in ue circuit
court Saturday, will be appealed to
the supreme court, aald Mr. Hedges,
who believe that the county can
nrova Ha case before the higher tri
bunal. Tha court refused to reduce
Assessor Jack a value ot tha timber,
but cut the estimates 144.460.000 feet
In five aactlona In question. Tbe eeo-
tlona were not changed by the court
Between $1100 and $1200 la Involved
In the annual tax payments by tha re
ductlona ordered In tbe circuit court
The ease la considered Important In-
ae-much as It opens the way for other
big Umber Interests to fight for lower
assessments. Tbe county's figure
i all baaed on tha ; M. Q. Neaae
cruise. . r ..
Governor Paroles Ten.
Salem. Ten parole were laaued
Tueaday by Governor Wltttycombe
upon recommendation ot the parole
Those receiving them are: B. O. Ma-
goon, committed from Columbia coun
ty for forgery: Fred Barnhart com
mitted from Jackson county for lar
ceny: J. B. Ulrton. commitieo irom
Umatilla county for rorgery; ir i-e-
Lawrcnce, committed fro in jacKson
county for larceny. Fay R. Smith,
committed from Cooa county for lar
ceny; William Smith, committed from
Malheur county ror urosny; rrana
Johnaon. committed from Umatilla
county for larceny; 8amuel Diabaw,
committed from Malheur county ror
larceny: Peter Kelly, committed from
Umatilla county for larceny: Herbert
8. Sullivan, committed from Clatsop
county for aaaault
Hatchery Improvement Advised.
Roaeburg. As a result ot a visit to
tha North Umpqua fish hatchery by
Attorney-General George M. Brown,
that official will probably recommend
to the state fish commission the Instal
lation ot a Dumping plant there as an
auxiliary to the present water supply.
The runnln water for use In the
hatchery la procured from a email
creek, but In dry aeasona la Insuffi
cient. .-. ''
At nresent there ore approximately
3.000.000 ealmon egga in the hatchery,
according to Mr. Brown. On account
of a scarcity of water, not more than
.000.000 more egga will do taxen to
this hatchery during- the present year.
The attorney-general aaya he wilt
nrobably make hla recommendation
to the atata fish commission as soon
aa he returns to salem.
Cattle Shipped to Fair.
Salem. On a special train early
Wednesday morning, prlae-wlnnlng
herds at the Oregon state rair grounds
left for the Panama-Pacifio exposition
at San Francisco, where they will be
entered In the International livestock
competition. The run to San Francis
co will be made In 40 hours. .
Among the herds going to tne fair
were George tnanaiera nereroras
from Baker; Dave Looney'a Guernseys
from Jefferson; A. B. Gile's Guernseys
from Chinook, Waah. and William Bis
hop's Holstetns from Chlmmicum,
Puplla to Build Addition, trails R. H. Dunbar, nrln-
clpal ot the city schools, announces
Himt tha arhnnl hoard has lust granted
permission for the erection ot a manu
al training buuaing on u cenirmi
school property. The new building will
k envJA fiul anil will he constructed
entirely by the advance students ot
the seventh and eighth grades ir man
ual tralnlnv who will work under the
direction ot Professor Luther A. King.
etate Fair Showe Profit
Salem. The Oregon atata fair took
finnn )m all axnanaea this -rear.
according to W. A. Jonea. secretary
tne Doer, ui wis sum siwv was
I out for expenaes incurred laat
leaving a net balance ot (7000.
Ilea iaGoveroeEt Service Are
Suspected cf (kpEcity.
Ninely-Thret Registered Packages of
Money From 0. S. Treasury
Taken From Mail Sacks.
Cincinnati Not less than $100,000
and maybe aa much aa f 10,000,000 was
tbe amount of loot secured by bandits
who beld op Baltimore A Ohio train
No. 1 at Control Station, W.""Va.,
yrly Saturday.
This was U opinion expressed by
postal officials in Cincinnati, after
they had received official reporta from
the clerk In charge, Halnee Huff, and
tha other two mall dark, who war
beld at bay while the bandit made
their eaeape with 9$ registered pack
ages containing money shipped from
ths United States treasury at Wash
From statement made by the thro
postal clerk to saparintondent Clark,
of the fifth division of the railway
TMa la Col. . E. Hatch, command-
Ina the Fourth Infantry. U. 8. A now
at Brownsville, Tea. '
mall service, and Darticularlv from full
and complete repeat made later to
Aetlnv Insnactxv-in-chsrtra Griswold.
of tbe Cincinnati division of the post
offiee inspection service, there is strong
Indication that the member of the
robber band, or some of them, were
In nr rlnaeiv connected with, the mail
service or tbe treasury department
Chrosslosy ef Isrspcaa War. .
V,th tha Rnaalan naval attack UDOO
the Bulgarian Black Sea port of Varna
tha countries now at war, with their
date of declarations or attacka, ara :
July 28, 1914, Austria against Ser
August 1, 1914, Germany against
Aueuat 2. 1914, Germany at war
with Belgium.
Angust 8, 1914. . Germany against
France. "
August 4. . 1914, Great Britain
against Germany.
Au trust 10, 1914, tTanee against
August 12. 1914, Great Britain
against Austria.
August 23, 1914, Japan againat uer-
November 6. 1914.' Great Britain
againat Turkey.
May S3, 1916, Italy against Aus
Angust 20, 1916, Italy against Tur
October 7. 1915, Russia at war wtta
Montenegro baa been in a state oi
war with Auatria since July 29, 1914.
. Social Worker Organise.
Oakland, CeL Social worker of
the Pacific slope, who met bar a in
dividuals, formed a permanent organ
isation to be known aa the uonierene
of Social Workers of the Western
State, and selected Portland, Or., aa
their place of meeting next year. F.
a Nelles, auperintendent of the Whit
tier, Cal., State School for Boys, waa
elected president Other officer were
elected aa follows: Dr. Susan J. Fen
ton, Oakland, first Tic president; Mrs.
Lola G. Baldwin, secretary; Mrs. John
L. Covington, treasurer.
Germans to Arm Polaa.
London In a dispatch from Petro-
grad, Router' correspondent aaya:
Polish refugeea arriving nere aay
that German officials declare that Po
land will be surrounded by a triple
line of trenches and barbed wire en
tanglementa and that tha Russians will
ba quite unable to dislodge them, for
if there is a shortage of men the Ger
mane will arm tha entire masculine
population of Poland and force them to
fight the Ruaalana." j
.1 . I a
i 'W". r.
1 "V- -.('
1 ! f '
Scene abowlng the dally lifeboat
part Just before the Lapland Bailed
discovered in the cargo. .
- - :X-'
TV... .Hm hita hlvh-nnwarori
v a
making a speed, of more than thirty-five miles on hour, ore part ot a large order being executed at Greenport, U L,
for the alliea. The vessels have been nicknamed "mosqultoea." because ot their also and neatness. They are to
a nui in tha Oarman auhmarinaa and nut them out of commission, being equipped with rapid-firing
guna for thia purpose. The boats ore 60 feet long with a beam of 10 feet, and float In ib feet ot water. The three
big engtnea which drive tbe three propeller and the four gasoline tanka occupy the center section and leave no
room tor pasaage forward and aft beneath the deck. They are to be taken to Archangel. Russia, aboard Teasels of
the Caribbean and Southern line. '
a J
Is . Aft1
t iK.iA
1 x
An Italian soldier photographed as
he was sharing bta lunch with hla be
loved horse.
Edison Conquers Chlorine Gaa.
Tiniiad states submarine crews need
n innrnr fear the chlorine xsa hith
erto automatically generated among
the metal ot their precarious craft
v. i.n. haa fnund the secret Of
ror. ftuiw
prevention submerged boats may pro
ceed to greater muw
dangera created oy me onwct m
salt water with lead batteriea In the
electric InatallaUon. It coat him 65.-
000 different experiments to aetermine
the cauae and provide the remedy, and
13,000,000 in money. Hia new nickel
battery. Impervious, tried out by a year
in sea water, waa Installed In K-S and
haa been recommended for the other
undersea boat. Deaths, ailments and
Incapacities have been due to chlorine
ss; Mr. Edison's service, therefore. Is
less on behair or liie-Bavin man un
behalf of alert effectiveness in wis
arm ot defense.
Their Use.
"What do they use bltta on a vessel
I suppose they use uxem woen a
vessel is driving In the teeth or a
H -----
1 ? N W'
if-T... Mr '
w i '.--, . 1 1 -- ...
'. 1 -
4 V-y- - ... .
'Z . . -. . .
' - .? y' '
. r .
. ' 'it
j h ' i
drill on board tha White Star liner Lapland, crew and passengers aU taking
from New York recently two glass bomb filled with high exploalvaa ware
' '
i 0
mntnr hoate. ao llsht that they rest like
if ' . -
. -V . &
,?y V-
These two Italians made a heroic attempt to cut the wire entanglements
in front ot an Austrian trench, but were bit and killed by a shelL
I rj-r" x
-V-.-- ? P . i-UBwJ-WMit .
So many wounded alliea have been taken from tha Dardaaellee to Egypt
that the erection of numeroua temporary hospitals has boon necessary. To
equip these quickly, bedsteads were made of date palm trees. They re
semble bird cagea. and the material Is ao supple that they ara as comfortafc-e
aa if they had the best of modern springs. Tha photograph shows wsgo
loada ot these beds on ths way to a hospital.
V4 . -:
bubble on the water yet capable ot
, ,:V,-V
, aVC-
iHnwmniiiwi'imsii imi' im