The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, October 08, 1915, Image 3

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Dr, Alfred F.Sempert
Graduate and Reg U tared '
PrlcM RMonbl
gT BRANDT DLDO., upstair
Brandt Building oppo
site Fostofllce.
Good, Fresh Meats
Fish in Season
Cash paid for
A. P. Perry
i at Weston Bakery
Cak and raalry.
J Fine Candle.
Cowl Meek at All Hour, 2&c
' W apeelallae in tiratg
' - and Party Supiwra.
Second-hand Store
In Wheeler hotel.
;baic Rothwclll!
ii Optical Specialist
! I ! all my time U the At ! '
' ' tliur and grinding of glasses. I ;
; ; have prectlced in IWIeton alx . .
year. All work guaranteed. ' , j ;
' American Nafl Bank Did. ; ;
: (Upatalra) . ; . .
; ; Pendleton Oregon;:
AaU IUr Sdrtdula
t Wmai Vt Weatoa ' 1:00
Athena 1:11
A4ame :J
Weston Meat
' A. M. Ootng V. U.
L rendition 1: LPedlten :
, Adam 1:I0 " Adam :0
Athene 11:11 Alhna. 1:11
.... t rare. '
Weaton to'Athana, Ito; Weston to
Adama, 10c; Athene to Adama, 5o;
. Weston to Jndlton. ll.OOi Athena to
Pendleton, Tie; Adama to Pendleton,
Round tripe. If made la eama day:
WeatoD and Pendleton, $1.10; Athene
ad Pendleton, .
Headquarter: Woeton. at City Drug
Store: Athena, St. Mohola Hotel;
Adama, Inland Mercantile 8tore; Pen
Alston, Trench Restaurant.
An Eleven-Piece Aluminum Set
All next week Davis-Kaser's will conduct a free dem
onstration showing how easily and with what satisfac
tion any woman can cook and bake on a Monarch Range.
One of our townswomen will conduct this demonstration,
and will be glad to show why no expert is needed to cook
and bake on a-Monarch; to Bhow you the exclusive f ea
ture8 which make it easier to use and more economical of
fuel Be sure to come and see this demonstration if you
do not know all about the Monarch. Buy a Monarch
next week, October 11 to 16, and get one of these fine
eleven-piece Aluminum Seta free, ;
Special payment terms of $5.00 down and $5.00 per
month allowed if wanted. Jr, ? :.: .. y t . 1 - -
Order by mail or phone if unable to come, but come
if you can. : ,
Complete Furniihera of Home, Office, Churche. Schoola
t(W0 Alder St (Odd Fellow' Temple) WALLA WALLA, WASH.
flaled alfalfa hay delivered at 111
par ton, Inquire at Wetie Hoger1
hardware tr. :
Mr. and Mr Itatph Klnnear ware
visiting la Westoa uaday from thlr
Coue eraak farm,
3, V. Hall haa purchased a naw ford
aar with which to run up and down
the mountain aa occasion demends,
t. O. Lursa. Waalon'a walt-knowa
m.iih Mtn, M, a a in S tutka na dur.
tag tha first of the waak on a busi
ness mission.
u. 1 A. Kirk of Hslsey. Oreeoa,
he been the (uaat of Mr, and Mr.
Harry Warren, aire. sura lurowni
lived near Athena.
ail.atae laama raoraaaatlna the Ne
(lonal and American baseball leagues
ere speet4 FenaiatoB an
November It or II.
Motor ear aarvlee to all paint. df
or nlaht. Ale livery aad feed sub.
ooBoalle the lieuallea elackamlta
(hop. Lafe McBrlde.
WantedTo borrow ! for three
month on ll.l e worth of pr
aonal security. Will pay 111 Inter.
Inquire at thla office.
Ale. Mrltae greeted Westoa friends
thla week while In tow a for a few
day' atay. Mr. Mrltae la aow a re
Ident of Ooldendale, Ween.
Andy T. Harnett local aaeat for the
Monarch typewriter, report the eel
of ana of hi popular machlnee thla
week to the Weatoa Mercantile com
Announcement la mad b the effl-
eer of fitephanle Temple Ko. 14.
Pythian Hlalere, that It win reeume ie
regular meetlaae nt Monday eve
ning. :' , . ... , ,.,
MT. U Cooper haa moved hi aho
hop to the north room oa the lower
floor of the Wheeler hotel bu 11.11 n.
where he will be pleeaed to welcome
patron. ' ,.
r awiupil mmm a. Ilvalv da In
the lore! barley market. . A. Same.
cent of the pncine rwi eieraior
rem Dan v. havlne nurehaaed 1S.0
urk at 111 l per ton.
Merrltt A. Baker la a proud grandpa
again, the parenta la thla Inetance be
in Mr. . and Mra. Oavlea Baker of
jflallree. Montana. , A daughter waa
lately hora to inem.
rrank Rrrant. former cltlen of
Weeton, wa up from Echo Tueedar
renewing hla acquaintance with old
frlrnda and eeenea. Mr. Ilrrant ha
charge of the O.-W. R.' N. aetloa
at Bcho.
J. M. Raalator. Oeo. W. Sugg and
J. K. Tork, Weaton member of the
grand Jury, are back In their reepect-
Ive homea. that InduetJioua Doay nav.
jlng flnlahed Ite term'a work Saturday
la recora time.
Work la In progreea on four new
concrete cromwalk. under the direc
tion of lUreet Superintendent K. 1
Wltaun. Th grading and graveling tf
Main atreet will alao be an Improve
ment development of th near future.
' Prank Richmond of Walla Walla
motored through Weaton Wedneedajr
... v. 1 1 mm rAiii in til Huttz ranch.
Kver a careful man, Mr. Richmond
rut down hi apeed to all mile an
hour while In thle watchful buitfe en
vlrona. I Intend to eell at once the three
lot djulnlng the realdence property
of Ralph Haling on the north and
rant. Two fine building location
iti Watar atreet. one oa Franklin
I atreet Tell me what you will give.
r, P. watt.
Nat Hate, old timer, ha returned
from Waahtucna, Waah., where he
waa employed during harveet with II.
A. Dowd. Nat etopped at Walla Walla
-la wait dawn, and waa aa honored
gueat at the golden wedding of Mr.
and Mr, a. W. Bmlin. h waa tn
pioneer fiddler of the eccaalon, which
waa enjoyed by all preeent
The Athena Pre report that a cer.
tain Athana lady hit upon th happy
experiment of etrmlnetng fllee in
a tan hv alnnlna them With a burn-
InAvtaper. and that Herman Myer tried
the earn tact lea on me iocbi roeai
market awning. Reaulta: A big patch
adorn th tady"a tent and a new awn
ing will grace the markefa front
d.uh vaina tn tha Weaton neurit-
hnrhnnd wara much aDDreclated by a
eomewhat dry and duaty populace.
Quit a eoploue downpour la reported
In the mountain neighborhood, where
the precipitation la aaia io navo oern
much greater than throughout the
ina-ianita Tha mountain harveet to
nearly over, but one or two lete-eown
crop remaining to be eacked.
U n. Sllrtaoa. for II year grand
keeper of record and eral for Oregon
of the Knlghte of Pythlaa, committed
aulcld Tueeitay at hla farm near Ha
lem by ahootlng hlmaelf through the
head with a ll-gauga shotgun. Mem-
ber of th family declare that Mr,
tlnaoa Buffered a aervoua break down
from overwork about a month ago,
aad that hi mind became affected.
lie fta4 II yeere eld. and U aurvlved
by hla mother, hi widow, aad a on
and daughter. Mr. Mtmaon waa widely
known throughout the elate, and bad
a number of warm friend t Weaton.
11 waa a lovable man, of aunay and
gonial temperament, and they are
both eurprlaed and ahorbed at tha
new. Hla occaalonal her with
th local lodge of Pythian were a
way enjoyed.
Mr. Oee. B. Oarmlrhael wa boateee
et tha first regular meeting of the
year of the Saturday Afternoon Club.
October I. Aa exceptionally Interest
ing program wa enjoyed by th full
memberehlp of th club and their
gueat, Mra. D. McCourt of Cornwall,
Canada. The panere were: "The Pan
ama Kpoaltlon." by tha rlub'e preel-
dent, Mra. P. D. Watt, who recently
vlaited th fair at San PYandaro: "Th
aa Diego Pair." by Mra. William
MacKea!, wh waa one of the aoto
tourleta from Weaton through Califor
nia. Aa Intereetlng talk wa given by
Mr. Minnie Walker, who attended
th national convention of Federated
Women'a club at Portland. Dainty
refreshment were aerved at th cloe
of lb afternoon.
A pleaaant Wedding reception waa
recently given Mr. and Mra. Pred O.
Dupul at th horn of th bride
groom' parenta, Mr. and Mra. J. B.
nupula. Hearty congratulation were
ahowered upon the guesta of honor,
and they were alao th recipient of a
number of handeome and valuable
wedding gift. The refreshment eon
slated of punch and rake and preaeed
chicken sandwiches. Th Hat of gueat
Included Mr. and Mra. Dunnlck and
family, Mr. and Mra. Lowell Rogers
and family, Mr. and Mrs, C. E. DupuU
and family. Mr. and Mrs. Ren Dupula.
Mr. and Mra. B. C. Rogera. Mr. and
Mra. Albert James, Mr. D. H. Wlley.
Mlas Eunice Wllaey, Mr. Robert Proud
fit, Mr. John Banister, Jr. .
.The etudant body of Weaton High
chooi waa lately organised by the
election of the following officer: Jo
Read, president; Ruth Read, vice
president; Olady Smith, secretary
treasurer. . Tha high school now ha
II atudeata enrolled, breaking all rec
ords. The number ts, tn fsct about
three time aa greet as laat year at
thla time. Much af the Incresss come
from th freshman rlasa, which h
II members. Th Delta Sigma aoclety.
which will have cherge of the high
school debate during th year, ha
also been organised, offlcere having
been elected aa follow: Jamea Kirk
Patrick, president; Ruby Price, vice
president; Or Martin, secretary.
I. D. Oraham baa resigned aa assist
ant chief of the livestock department
of the Penama-Paclfle International
exposition to become editor of the
Rural Spirit at Portland. Ore. Mr.
Oraham la a welcome addition to the
rank of those who are working for
better farming conditions In the Pa
cific Northwest He was for nineteen
year a professor In the Kansas Agri
cultural colleire and for several years
wa editor of th Kansas Parmer. He
waa tha organiser of th Kan Pur
Bred Livestock association and waa
one of the strong men In getting legis
lation favorable to the farmers.
Thomas Copeland of Walla Walla
haa brought suit In the Umatilla coun
ty circuit court aralnst J. I McClel
lan, a young rancher who la aaid to
have cut a rather devious financial
swath around Weaton and to have
left auddenly for California without
paying hla debts. Mr. Copeland seeks
Judgment on claim assigned to him
by th First National Bank or Athena
for !0 end Interest, and by Watte aV
Roger of Weston for 1117.14.
The Trajan Tuckers are reveling In
second growth strawberries et their
home on Reed and Hawley mountain.
Sunday they entertained Mr. and Mra.
Albert O'Harra at dinner, and regaled
their gueat with strawberries and
cream. Th berrlee are aatd to be of
good sis and of delicious flavor
farts which The Leader's horticultural
editor would be pleaaed to eetabllah
soon by personal gastronomy.
uiiiah Saa4a ' (Imtm Scrtmahep la
having a record crop of Mann apples.
From ten tree n nas pacnen oui svv
Kav. tha, lejM 'arnlna much better
than ! boxes to the tree. Thle la re
markable la view of tn tact tnai a
few year ago th aame tree bore but ,
a email crop of runty applee. not worth I
the plckine. Topping back, pruning
end nraylng for a few year hv
broueht the tree back to-bearing full
capacity. , v. .
John Rlehardeon, who confessed to
killing 3. Tv Owing and burying hla
body in an abandoned a lonely
gulch northwest of Pendleton, waa In
dicted Saturday by tha grand Jury on
a charge of murder In the second de
gree. First degree murder la no
longer a legal possibility In Oregon
with the abolishment of the death
penalty. . ,. .,
Another speeding; case ceme up lest
Friday In Recordor Harnett court I
the first since the big haul hy wnicn
Weston' anti-speed campaign became
so thoroughly advertised. Th defend,
and waa C P. DeReamer of Walla
Walla .the aame gentleman who sold
Weaton the water pipe for It recent
extension. Mr. DeReamer gave ball
In the um of 111 for hla appearance
later. ' ' ' : :
Mra. T.lillan Purdv of Portland ha
been th guest during th week of her
aunt Mrs. i B. wooo. sirs, rumy
motored up from Pendleton Sunday
with Mrs. Una H. Sturgt. Mra. M. J.
Marsh, Miss Nason.and Mr. and Mrs.
George Hartmaa war also of th par
ty. She left yesterday for Wsll
Walla, accompanying Mr. and Mr.
J. A. Cooke. .
Superintendent Toung I preparing
a fin program for th Umatilla coun
ty Institute at Pendleton November 17,
18 and It. The teachers of Morrow,
Gilliam end Wheeler counties have
accepted an Invitation to Join with
those of Umatilla at this gathering, i
William Fraker. II years of .
who came to Pendleton In 1871. la the
oldest voter to register at th City
hall tor Pendleton' election. Mr.
Fraker I a familiar figure at Weaton
during the pioneer reunlone never
mtsaing these events.
Call at my second-hand store end
see my nice line of heating and cook
stove. E. E. Zehm. , ,
Dreamland motion picture at "vte
ton opera house next Monday and
Tuesday evenings.
Watte Itogere. 0
Three nine sleeping toon fur rent
Inquire of Mr. Vvlteelsr.
I'm going to sell those lot pretty
etHHi. 1'ut la good bid-you may fet
oinellilntf, P. U. WaW.
A auroW of Weetne) farmar are
jfvjiijf Ui rendicton toraurrga to ic
eoeut bore and atula sbow.
Mr. 3. fl. Hsrrl and Mr. LUxl
llsnattrtM left yesterday for a visit
with relatlvee at Oranyiflll, Whj.
Mra. Cherlee Prentiee of Seattle at-
. I I . 1. A. II k.a Md ,n llaa.
nee to MIAgna MacKeosle Wed-
pesuay sitsroouo. ,
ft. 1. A ftaat. Is an avowed randl.
due for myor of pemlleton and will
likely be optioned by i. K Montgom
ery. To registration, 1650, beate all
reeorda. ' ' '
, tr.a M n eatiirnad Wedne
day evening from hie Redmond farm,
rreslillng KWer Khangle will, how
ever, preach next Homier momlnf and
evening at the MsthodUt church. '
The Beouola Male Quartet gave a
most delightful popular uruyrsw WTV
dsy evening' Tns Hatunlsy Afternoon
Club la to be congratulated upon e
euring tble etellar musical auraetlon
for Westoa.
la keeping with the preaant local
pint of Improvement A. P. Perry I
building a new business office and a
sauaage kltchea et th Weston meat
market lie Intends also to brlghtea
the entire Interior of the chop with a
coat of kalsomlne.
Lea Pal wa eoiivlcled Tuesday of
the O if I Ivy double murder, after the
Iurr had been out but 20 minute.
)al'e only defense ws that he was
drunk and didn't know what happened.
Jndg-e pheliMg sentenced blm Thure
day to life ImprUoument.
Wheat advanced during the week
until it wa quoted yesterday at 85
cent In Weston without, however,
btimrlng the cereal oat of hiding.
Just one mall transaction I reported
for the week, tout) bushel having been
purchased Monday bj Agent Uarnea.
Superintendent Hayes of the Pendle
ton waterworks was In town Wednre
day and accepted so Invitation to ad-
dree the local council, to which body
he gave an encouraging eod Instruc
tive talk. Mr. Hayes outlined meth
ods by which stale water In Weston'
reservoir lake may be obviated. -
Roy Nicely, a young farmer of
Plineville, Crook county, wa her
during the week, after, attending the
Pendleton Roundup; for a visit with
his aunt Mra. W. It. Besthe. lie Is
a grandson of Thooaas Nicely, one of
Umatilla county's earliest farmers, who
1 now a resident of Crook county.
Steck el Wtftea ifercuUl Centpaajr kai
sMotei PrespetU Pleue Kuureaeat
' The large stock of ths Weston Mer
csntlle Co. Is being constantly aug
mented by new Invoices. Every dsy
the store grows bigger and better. Re
cent arrtvsls Include:
Additional footwear for ' tha shoe
department ' ' ' " '
Another Invoice of ladles' coat end
suits. The wide rang of sixes Insures
e fit for every patron.
Ladles" waists especially dainty
and elegant in beautiful silks and
crepe de chines. v
A complete and elaborate assort
ment of ladles' skirts.
Silk hosiery.
Hart Schaffner Man eulta for
men. -'-- - " 5 '
Clothcreft aulta and overcoat for
men. J r -.- - .
The latest deelgna In aute robes.
1 Rubber-covered laprobee for etormy
weether ' '
A comprehensive " line of rubber
goods for men. women and children.
"We are highly gratified." says
Manager Stover, "at the generous
patronage our new store hi enjoying
not alone from Weston end vicinity,
but from neighboring towns. In fact
a number of our customers from other
communities have taken occasion to
compliment us upon the general excel
lence and attractive arrangement of
our stock, end the uniform reasonable
ness of our prices.
"We find that Weeton to all right
and alao Athena, Adama and Helix.
We are made to feel that we are sur
rounded by good - people by thrifty
and prosperous people and are de
lighted with , our store's preeent con
dition and ' future prospect. The
.Weston Mercentlle Co.- Is not an
ephemeral and catch-penny errair.
We era building for the future, and
Intend to build solidly and well."
To Whom It May Concern.
In the Matter of the Accounts of
D. B. Jarman.
Notice la hereby given that I am the
assignee of the accounts and . notes
rrmari riiia and owlns to D. B. Jar-
man of Weaton, Oregon, and aame are
due end payable to me. I have ap
pointed . Mr. Oeo. I Horseman of
Weston. Oregon, as my a Kent to col
lect these debt and he la authorised
to receipt for the same. Debtors are
respectfully requested to call on Mr.
Horseman and settle their obligations
In thla matter. . . .
R. la. 8ABIN.
Statement of tite Ownership
Management circulation, etc, requir
ed by the ect of August 14, 1811. of
Th Waatnn Leader, oublished weekly
at Weston, Oregon, for October 1,
Editor, managing editor, business
manager, publisher and owner Clark
Known bondholders, mortgagee or
other ecurlty holder none.
Sworn to and subscribed before m
this 6th day of October. 19 IS.
. V ' ' . ' ' Notary Public.
My commission expires June 11, 1811.
.New Tork. N. T. Thersa Pis nets
and her eon Lou) were kept prisoner
by a Jealoua husband If? an hermetU
tally sealed flat tor four year until
released by an gent of the Children'
Society. Joseph Planeta, the hus
band. I a proaperou cigar merchant
and had to be forced at a pistol point
to give up hi wif and child. He
locked hie wife In her cell when he
found an old photograph of a former
weetheart in her trunk.
Nsst rlvsoom eotUir for rent
i V " f 'I
J .ai j ..... ' -- .---
(more popular with the public than it is with us)-but
"It AU Comes Out in the Wash"
Our loss is your gain your gain is our joy.
Nice, dry, split mountain pine, $3.50 in yard, $4.00 delivered.
Our 1915 Hudson for $400 off, or we will sell you a Ford each
v the Leader in its Class.
Davenport Wash. When County
Prosecutor David McCallum passed a
horse hitched to a raiting, th animal
nipped him and began to prance
around. Struck by the strsage actions,
th prosecutor stopped and recognised
a mar which he. aa a farm lad. had
raised but had not seen for eight
years. Bystanders declared th horse'
recognition of th man wa unmistak
able. St Albans, Vt. W. Lw Plumley of
North Clarendon has a pet dog which
he declares climb tree to th height
of It feet. The dog's nails er alight-
ly more pointed than those of en or
dinary dog. and th padding on hi
feet la broader. Veterinarians are et
a loss to understand how he accom
plishes hla feat .- . , ' . ,
Bluefields. Nicaragua. -Jose Agutdo
Is aa example of strange reversal to
the savage. When bis sister violated
an edict regarding marriage to her
cousin. Aguido cut out her heart
baked It and ats part of It He con
fessed and will be hanged. '
8C Paul. Minn. Dr." 8. N. Gogilner
and Dr. N. O. Mortensen charged In
police court with kicking out th false
teeth of Emmll Frelden were dismiss
ed because of Isck of evidence whea
the false teeth could not be produced.
New Tork, N. T. Mrs. Jeanette
Schwarts. 10 years old, who weighed
leas than twenty-five pounds, died re
cently. She was two and a half feet
tall. At a party held Just before her
death, ahe recited and . danced. Of
late she Tied the habit of awakening
during the' night and calling for a gUue
of beer. ' . '-' --.
New. Bern, N. C. A S-gmlton carboy
of "monkey rum" In the office of U.
S. Commissioner Chaa. B. Kill, showed
th color of the liquor to be milky
and the smell like that of molasses.
Moonshiners tn North ' Carolina are
making and selling It la large quanti
ties. It Is made of water, molasses
and certain unknown chemicals. Af
ter working, the liquor Is 100 froof.
and a saucerful will burn for five
minute when lighted. The "monkey
rum Jag" lasts three times aa long as
a whiskey drunk, and enda with fright
ful delirium tremens.
Crookstown, Minn. A fisherman
here haa placed a mirror In th water
and tn front of It a plate glasa slant
ing at tS degrees angle. The bait is
placed between the two. : He claims
that when the fish" appfoache and
sees his Image In the mirror, he speeds
up thinking enother fish Is after the
morsel, strike the plate glass and
slides up It Int oa net placed at the
It's Trite Economy
The H.Q&Dmy Stcre
W bny for cash and sell for
cash at small margins.
Crash and Linen Goods
School Supplies
Office one block north of the bank
Electric Treatments Given
gXT Phone 621
or Wood Proposition
To the People of Weston:
Mow is the time to buy your next win
ter's wood. We have contracted for
several hundred cords cut from large
pine trees and are prepared to sell you
wood cheaper than you have bought it
' for ten years. We will deliver this
wood, for cash only, to any place in
FIFTY CENTS ($4.60) per cord. Or
ders will be taken at any time and de
livery made as soon as possible.
Weston Brickyard
(Next week is very likely
the last in which we will be"
able to accept these orders)
I""nwpeaasaBB i .
to you for your own use our
It's the only machine that operates as
easily as any Carpet Sweeper.
It haa 9-inch adjustable brush, steel-frame dust bov, new
auto roller bearings, beautiful piano finish. .
Under Absolute Guarantee
The Bey oss F
The kodak season
is at hand, and much
of beauty is offered
by the autumnal land
scape. We wish to
remind you that we
have a nice stock of
kodaks, and camera
supplies. .
Goodwin's Dms Storo
Weston, Oreson
1 wr r
If uj W xL