The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, October 01, 1915, Image 1

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NO. 15.
rn.niw inwrmre y . X
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i . " V
Va , :
Portland-All prliM to be awarded
In the land product aax-tlon of the Sec
ond Annual Manufacturer' Land
Product Shew have beeo announced
bv tha chairman of thi section of the
fall expoeitloit at tha Armory. Pre
mium llata will b printed at one and
mallad broadcast over the Northwest,
The show opens October t8 and do
November II.
On. t h faaturae ef lha award
ihia will
full InxUI u tha ! eumr eslilMI.
Ke eahlbll arda4 ewao prlsa all
racaiv a allr awAit and lis In
cash. The b.l t.H.1 1- frin wli
MUMly will raale frum ti lu lloa l
,-.. TlM ara lb (atura of cUaa
Thr Utm BUbllrallona. lha Narlh
Weal rtrifw PiMRwr, iTrult a4 'ro
4uf Mrkir and ' ron armr,
ill ! on. rcMir e aubarrlpllon lu lha
wlniwr ( uriwa In lha tand dlvlalan
al lha aitxtsltlon, .
Cmninyi)i with la lo olhar
fMluri of lha llli rmlum Hal ara
a. fall.; ftum
' IraiftMM Hrm .mlMI-O-'H ''
.Mr " l
trim" IhmI Ma at "Aim-
Mr IM4.I 4 a wul ariw illwl k thj
Ckaal i ilM A rUa nHnawif ( 4M Mat
ar aa Atmm" awil m.
itil.ll ato auM
aa mwi aw 4l aaa (J
ctjtaa i.
al.a rt'
ii koaM JwMtka ......... ,"
a Ma M Mir
10 kM !."-
Sal Oil
1 aara
tliaaba II
art ftnl ar1 '' ' "t
la M mwi " a aa avaad
aVaaa af aftlahla alir aia,
t'Laaa T. ... .
bnat " aaaaa Wafli ....
koaM llahlwla Sf '
aa HallrMa J "
autaa UHaM ............. raw
14 iO
, a.aa J'HMibaa ...,......"
I anaaa "filar "J
I kvaaa llr Howloaa ... !
i kaaaa l iKaaa Mala.. JJ"
i Wtaa It'iwa Itaaulf t m
I aaa ........ V"
I W.aa ataia ...........
aaaaa W.a Ji
aaaaa ....
t..IM imi ........... '
a kuaa Maaaua
I-aaia-' ' f"l-
I kair -aaaaa Oalraaa f a iai
kalt butaa A
kair k.iaa H.-T
a i.t
I f kail koaaa tuuilra
' I kail haa H'urra Ka.lar,
Ik.lI kjM KIMM Nalla ,
- - , ... ,l'Ua VII.- ;
tUtian--" rlral.
. tilalli af Mioaa aartailaa.
i Flo Mnl aaik ......... ..II"")
I to IbaT Y.lkiw IM Iwn.ara ll.uu
.. Ill"
au lua. n
I ta
a iw
lha. Ammlraa wi
II -. Karlr I'M ........
Ilia. Barijf ta
a., a., r.u.1 aaai .........
Clba. Oariwt rtlljl
It. Ilumlrad fold .....
k.. 11 k'.nurf flam .......
I al
7. u . . ... t. naiauMt latari
liaa ilia. rir mw--r- " '' - "
Ctilaafl a lliiina omiianr, lal caak or aa
lrM" Bialal walar Imurt, ,
law lha. I'rtaa Jluliiiumak iclal ealaa
k lh JWlUnd ad tniialir. .,
' (I.AN IX.
tbraakad afalna HiiaHal irlaa ajr lha floVl.a
V4 MIUlDf uaitaHr aaaa af aaaurtad
E i 9
Artificial Oaa for Twin Fall.
Twin Fall, Ida. Application ha
been made by Jamea McMillan for a
franchlM to inatall a gaa heating,
lighting and power ayatem in Twin
Falle. Thateitna of tha application
etate that the installation of tha sys
tem will begin on or before June 1
1916, and will b in operation wiuiin
hru aaara nt that data. '
iTha franchiae aaked for la not an x-
JmeV" and doea not prevent tha
thlrtl Gera!n"tn,rtln ,nd P"ti'1
eoQnt eyatem in competition.
... -
r 1,11
Tha Unltad Stataa Rotlamatlon aarv
Ira baa juat fannplatad It Inveatmont
of 112.000.000 In tba Arrowrock Um
and tha iiolaa Irrieatlon pro j act in
Idaho. Aa a raault 234.000 aeraa of
aairaoruah doaart In tba vicinity of
Doiaa, Nampa and Uldwall ia t ba
watarad and brought under cultivation.
Tba aoil and cllmaU ara well adapted
to tha production of fruit, fraaaea and
rralna. Tba $12,000,000 will ba ra
turnad to tha g ovarnmant by tba aet
11 ara In 20 annual payment for water
tiara tha government problem waa
to Impound the flood water of lha Boiae
river and hold It until needed for irri
gation ia tha dry, hot aummer month.
To aecomptlah thla tha Arrowrock dam
waa eonelructed 22 mile above Bolae
at a coat of 15,600,000. It back the
water up tha channel for IS mile In a
reaorvoir thai bold 244,300 aera-faat
of water. . It earvee aa a reserve bank
for tha farmer.
Thla dam, the hlgheet aver built
848.6 feet goea down 91.6 feet below
tha bed of tha river to tha aolid fratv
(lohlaa Rod Canwb) IW tha brat 10 Iba. ef
"""' m"':,. ctAM . i . .
Uraaal aaaah- riraf . f, aaouod. J-0O.-CLAM
n rtrat aacaad.
Eaannralad aiilr, aal la
than pvunda ....).0 tlfl.00
Baanufal'il prMiwa. not la
Iban ku pninJa M.w 10.00
CaaBiniad ellatla of ..
tablaa 10.00 ' 10.08
t-i.AHS XII.
Korlbaraaiara Onat Nia Flral. kaooad.
Iiullm'ilua of walnnla .......K'i .ia
CullaaUaa of tllbaru 10.IM .U0
Capitol Bond Held Up.
Olympia, Wash. Before attempting
to market the projected $3,000,000 to
$4,000,000 capitol bond issue author
ised by tha recent legislature, bond
broker want Caldwell, Masalich &
Reed, of New York, to pasa on tha val
idity of the issue. The legislature,
however, failed to make any provision
for meeting this expense. The State
Capitol commission met to consider
what ateps could ba taken. The is
suance of the bonds during tha present
bienniura appeare unlikely.
I V -a ."L J
l A M
fvr " ,'
. . 11
lu. It ia 240 feet thick at tha baae.
In it eon miction 610,600 cubic yard
of concrete wa ueed, in-addition to
great maaaea of ateel and rock. It la
to be dedicated with fitting ceremonle
October 4 and 6.
Above tha dam In tha baaln of the
Boiae river there la three billion feet
of merchantable timber, while tba mill
la at Barber. 14 ml lea below. An In-
renloua device la conatructed at I
end of tha dam to pick tha log from
tha reaorvoir, carry them over the top
and tend them through a concrete
chute to the river below. It la plan
ned to handle 60,000,000 feet a year
in thla way.
At the oppoeite and la a aplllway to
carrv tha aurplua water around tha
dam when tha reeervoir ia full. Gate
in thla work automatically and thua
eliminate all danger from high water.
Outlet at different elevation In tha
dam. operated from chamber inaide,
release the atored water aa it ia needed
for irrigation. Tha ayitem include
minor dam, a network of canal and
'-' iMaa ;
a"Nk Ma " ' .
Portland Uncle Sam ia to have an
important part in tha coming Manufac
turers' and Land Products' Show here.
Space baa been donated for exhibits by
the Parcel Post and tha United States
Forestry aervlce.
1 Tha Forestry service exhibit will
illustrate many phasea of national for
est activitiea over tha United State,
and in particular the life of the ranger
In tha Northwest. A model forest win
show how the government protects the
arrest timber reserves in Washington,
Idaho and Oregon. A model lookout
tower will be a feature, aa will tha
Osborne Ara finder, one of the latest
Inventions used for locating fires.
Packing equipment and tools of the
Northwest ranger will be displayed.
The emergency telephone will be ex
plained and a papier mache horse,
friend of tha ranger, 'will be featured
In a life-silo model.
Tha displsy will illustrate the
method of preparing for shipment, and
a demonstration of a line of containers
and packers which are now manufac
tured expressly for use in making par
cel post shipments. A government
clerk will be detailed to make explana
tions and give information concerning
ratea and regulations governing the
parcel post.
. Not the Painlesa Method. ,
"In Belgium," aaid Will Irwin, "I
know an ordinary blacksmith who car
ried on the'eleeve of hta uniform the
hammer and pincers tha insignia of
hia calling." 'Wot'a them things on
your sleeve mean?" a civilian aaked
him. " They mean I'm an army den
tist, ' he said, with a wink. " 'Dentist,
ehT' aaid the civilian.- "The pincers,
then are to pull the teeth out with.
But the hammer wot'a tha hammer
furT ' The hammer,' aaid the black
amith. "ia for use in bad ease to chlo
roform tha patients."
Sslem, Or. Harry yinto, eupertiv
Undent of the OregOA pajnitaantlary,
wa ahot and killed at 11:20 Toeaday
algbt a few mile north of Albany, by
Otto llovkar, an ear pad convict.
A few boar earlier, Hooker. I
ahot and perhepe fatally wounded J. J
Benaon, city marshal of Jefferson.
After Hooker bad shot Marshal Ben
aon, Superintendent Minto atarted di
rectly for Albany to bead off the fugi
tive eon t let. Returning north from
Albany in company with Guard John-
eon, be ram upon Hooker.
Mlnto and tha convict opened lira at
about tba same time. Jlioto naing
hot run and the convidt a revolver.
A bullet bit Minto In the bead, klll-
Inr bim Instantly. Hooker eeeaped
amid a bail of shot fired by Guard
Johneoo. Hooker evidently waa not
hit Ha waa aeen an boor later noar
Millaravlll station, ; soma distance
out of Jefferson.
Tba run with wblck Hooker killed
Minto bad been taken from Marshal
Benaon at Jefferson, the convict bav
in- ahot the officer while they were
Hooker escaped from gang of ZS
convict grubbing brush mil south
of the penitentiary.
When Hooker elipped Into tba broah
from tha field where tba gang of pris
oners waa at work, he waa uot mfeeed
immediately. Later when tba alarm
waa Bounded. Superintendent Minto
rushed to the scene in an automobile.
Gasoline Causes DkH ef 35
isd Sets fire to feitire Tews
Anlmore. Okla. A spark from
workman's hammer ignited a tank of
Mainline hare lata Tuesday, and from
tha ruina of two city .blocks rated by
the resulting explosion ana uw nree
which followed, 81 bodice bad been re-
aAvared. I
Fifty persona were believed to bava
been crushed to death under failing
walla or burned to death wbil pinned
in tha debria. Search among tba
ruina ia proceeding, the worker cen
tering their efforta on tha tangled
maaa nt lumhatr and hrirks which bad
been the department a tor of Maddia
. m a a t . a ir
ft Co., where it waa learea mo noaiea
of manv arirl and woman ahoppera and
employee would be found,
The property duamago waa aeximaiaw
at $500,000. A ecore of fire caused
hv thaa flaminaT tramline, which Wa
thrown for blocka when tha ear x-
nlnrfavl with a tatnifle detonation, were
got under control after two hours' dea
nairara srark bv tha small local fire
department, aided by every able-bodied
man In ua city not assisting me in
lura.1. The citv immediately waa
nlaaval nnafar martial law.
Tba explosion . wrecicea an enure
block of building in the bean 01 town
ami nrwinitatad a scene of Danic.
Along Main etreet from the atation to
tha Whittington Hotel, every building
waa demolished, and on tba oppoeite
side of the street tha plant of Swift
& Co., a two-story rooming house and
cafe and other business buildings were
raxed. 1 " .
Allies Stm Push Agaisst Germany's
Strongholds oa Weslen front
Tendon The .treat offensive of the
acond British force asainst both
sides of the elbow Joint on toe uerman
nositiona on tha western front had not
lad Iran aut TuaMHav. hut General
Joffra'a bulletin reported no new out
standing success.
Tha Rritlah official statement told
briefly of heavy lossea Inflicted on the
Germans northwest ox uuiiucn, wnere
haaaa Raman counter attaeka were
carried out during the course of tha
Berlin maintains that Dy means oi
winni., atfaoka tha alliaa' drives have
been checked, with heavy losses, but
aa tha uermana maxe no ciaim w nav
(no. MMaarail tha irrotind taken from
them, the indications ara the allied
gains of Saturday and bunday general
ly have been maintained and at some
points improved, and that tlie fighting
has reached tha state of vicious at
tacks and counter attacks, which may
nakvaint frn weeks. -
Berlin reports insist that any stor
ies that tha uerman una naa oeen
nlarnal ar nntrne. and - it ia minted
out that those who havo aeen service
in the west know it to be impossible
for the allies to break through.
Man, 01, Seeka Office.
Elisabeth, N. J, Milton a Loudon,
aged 91, of Linden,: decided Tuesday
morning to aeek hia first political
office at the i fall election. H has
been nominated for justice of tha-J
peace by Linden ieraocrata, ana ma
candidacy waa returned by the Repub
lican organization of the borough.
Although he baa never Del ore oeea a
candidate for any political office,
Mr. Louden declare that if his ser
vices as-justice of tha peace prove
pleasing he will aeek higher honors at
the polls.
Air Bombs Hit Gas Work.
Amsterdam, via London Airmen
the entente allies bava again oom-
harded Bruires. Belgium. The sudden
cessation of the flow of gaa at Sluia,
on the Belgian frontier, whica la aup
plied from Bruges, led to tha suspicion
here that bomba from tha air craft
struck the gaa works, and a message
received later from Bruges confirmed
thi belief. .
The whole city ha been thrown In
to darkness, the dispatch said.
l P ll' a. ma .i I a. . I . .1. " -' ' - " ' auau-ai... , u.u. -
u .. -, 5 I
'Y ' " I
t 1 i 4 ,. u. -
p. A "I f .t
. V r-l i z- .
r ... ' : .., 'k V ' ... 4 . a . r." .V)W , .
h'-'- - - .... -l - . ' -
' - ' ; --'' - - 1 1. ' . ; m- ...... -
a .v. Mn.H.a trA in tha
amusement place that baa been taken
The Portsmouth. aevenlyiht - yer
W and atory. aa ah. wM burning og
ment to a Junk dealer. Having aeea
-a tfftw.w-
vina-AdmiriU Tomosaburo Kato.
minister of the navy la the new cabi
net formed by Premier Okuma. He
waa chief of staff of one of the Japa
nese squadron during the Russian
war. and commanded the nrst squad-
ron ia the 'siege of TslngUu. He Is
not a politician. Japanese law requir
ing that the navy ana army uwa-aa
shall always be officers on the active
list, -v' ' ' ": :'-"";''-
Tomato aa a Fruit
SftAP an are-ument in the Brooklyn
courts lasting more than two months,
a police court Judge baa ruled that a
tomato la a fruit and not a vegetable.
Two montba ago Mtsa Eva Schecter
amaataai for Bellini tOmStOCS OB
Sunday, lu violation of a law which for-
blda the selling of on mat
day. The woman raise ina point
that a tomato was not a vegetable,
but a fruit, and tha Judge, after delv-
in ttwn Into the autboriues. discov
ered that the article In question waa a
cousin to tne persimmon, ins
gripe and th currant The. woman
waa diacharged. ,
Wall. Rather. .
iTnrla Jackson (showing city boy
the farm) With all your city eddlca
Uon. sonny. I'U warrant you dont
know which aide you milk a cow
tromt '
Tha Boy Sure, I 001 ua ue en-
Aer aide! Hamburg Patriot,
m n umL 1 JUL 1 ,j) ; irrrri V " -"'
J - ; ' , - ! , s ' -. . .... ,
"J 1 " "" '
' f' Wta, - -j t . X
I ? ' J. -
' :l ..V .
) .-n. -itaRt LmLLLjxiiiiijiriii fli'iiiair liartai iiii mir.ii mai laiiiMiiiaiii'inair-iaifl
British hosDltal at Luna Park. Hellopolt. near Calra Luna Park Is aa
over for the us of wounded soldiers,
- old wooden frigate of war of the Called State, mj"?? '
Governor'. I.Und. Boaton. .fter having ven.
atnppea oi everjuim
Deuchment of Bersagllerl. the crack Infantry f Aha; Italian ;ru)y. bat
tling at the outskirts of a forest in the Carso region. .They bad been hld.Ien
in the thickets aeen at the back ot the picture and, poa-the ppaA of the
Austriuns, came out to meet them. ' . , .'.;, .'..j' : ';.
h Art
rr-. I U
. .ria aa. cr
First picture received of the German occupation of Wat ,
Prince Loopold of Bavaria riding at the head ef bis staff alvitr t 3
nrtnclpai atreeu of the old PoUsb capital which his amy fcud c , t -
a s"i
most of whom are Australians.
a. ' .
4v aL
'"J .-,-.wki, . 1
xa, V . a ' ,
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