The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, September 24, 1915, Image 1

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, weston, onmox, Friday, seitemjxeii 94, 1015.
NO. 14.
siwmt sm ma
Arctic txpforcr, lenj Ibosgtl
lost, Seeks New lands.
Ottawa, Ont An official report
I from Vllhialmur Stef anason, th x-
plow, (hat he bad discovered mi land
I In th north.rn water of Canada,
I reached tha minister of naval affair
bar Wednesday In rieesag from
I Noma.
Tha official raport confirms tha r.
port mad at Noma thr days ago that
I DUfanaaon bad diecovered now land.
Hlfanuon'a ranort hriaflv daacrlbae
POIAI Ml. KYSTIRT B BB 60AI ,n x .tnrrr
1 tna aierovery ui raw iara ana siaiee
that on August U bo aailad for
.' I lierscbel Island In th Polar . Baar,
Thirteen of Crew Haw Prithd in which ba chartered to establish a bat
w -ww f wvvv.vw I . ll.ll 1. Il A ILL
Iva rrinov rsurca Asiano. rnmuin
point. km ftnnouncM. h will eontlnu
Um work of ipJorlnr tb mwIv dlv
France and Britain Seem Well
0a Way to Success.
host mm rankles mm i:ovf
Polar Hardships Explorations
of New Land to Continue.
Some Opposition Developed Among
German-Americans Bonds to
Mature in 5 and 10 Years. -
Noma. Alaaaka Vilhjatmur Slefsns
on, cblaf of tba Canadian government
Mplortng and surveying oipadtion that
loft Victoria In J una, 1911, and wbo
act out afoot over tha lea with two
companion from tha aboro of North
eastern Alaska In March, 1914, to seek
now landa In unehared aeea, did not go
to bla death, a tba world bad begun to
fear, but found tha new land. Tba
only bardtblpa endured ware thoeo of
abort rations, ba ear.
Btefanaaon la wintering at Bank
Land, where bo baa a largo power
schooner and small one. Ho plana
to explore tbla new territory during
tbo winter, and next aummar pene
trate farther Into tbo region of mys
tery between Alaaka and tbo North
Pol, where no chip baa over gone.
Tbo power eboonor Ruby arrived
from Uerachel laland Saturday with
dlapatchea from 8tefaneaon to bla gov
ernment. In which bo omit reference
to tbo peril of tbo Journey on tbo lea
and givea apaeo to tbo aclentifle ro
eulta achieved. Ho seems to have
been quite unaware of tbo anxiety hi
long t bee nee aroused.
Tboaootbern or Anderaon wing of
the eipedltlon la pursuing " It aclen
till work In tbo liackenalo delta, and
report no mlibap except tbo death of
Engineer Dan Blue, of tbo power boat
Alaaka. Tbla la tbo thirteenth death
among member of tbo eipedltlon.
Eight men perlahed on tbo Ice while
trying to reach Wrmngell I.I and, after
tbo Karluck waa eruehed. Two died
of scurvy on Wrangoll laland. Anoth
er accidentally abot and killed bimaolf
there. Another in tbo Mecknilee
country want Inaano wbilo loat and
committed aulcldo by abootlng.
Captain Cottle, of the Ruby, aald
that 8tefanaaon bad accomplished tbo
purpoao lor which bla baaardoua Jour
ney waa undertaken, lie discovered a
continuance of tbo continental ahalf
aoveral degree weat of Dank Land,
and bla purpoao In tbo near future la
to Mcortain the extent of now land be
discovered southwest of Patrick'
Land. Thl required two perilous
tripe northward on tha Ice.
. . ., f . . , .
1 ;
mM-nHwHd:r mi
Constantln Oumba, whoa recall
Auetro-Kunganan ambaeeador waa
eked by President Wllaon because
he fomented strike In American fae
teriee. '
covered land. Regarding tbo dlecovery
and hi plana, Stefanaaon telegraphed
tbo Canadian government:
"Landed aoulb and Prince Patrick
laland Juno 1. 1918. Proceeded north.
finishing mapping weat eoaat Patrick
"Juno 18 discovered new land of
conaiderablo but unknown aiae near 78
degree north. 117 degree) weat. Fol
lowed coaat aoutb-aoulboast by east
three day. Total dcmontrbl extent
eoaat over 100 miles, nearly atralght
lino. Land in part rugged. Game
abundant '
"Started aouth Juno 22, reached
Chronometer Bay of Mercy July 14 to
SO, crossed Banka' Island diagonally
hrifir fflad k" FfifWad (aebooner Mar Sacba Un ml lea aouth- miaalonora are J. P. Morgan,
mmmx m kin mi r i Atimi.r. x ma sjvtnanL i " " "
or bardablp on trip."
Great Irea tcdsstry Center ea
New York America' billion-dollar
loan to Croat Britain and Franco
seemed to bo well oo tbo way to actual
accomplishment Tburaday night, ac
cording to bankers familiar with tbo
pledgee aoeurod by member of tbo
Anglo-French financial eommlaalon
during their five daya' stay In tbla
Announcement at thl time that tbo
auceeaa of tbo loan waa assured would
bo, these banker thought, decidedly
premature, but there waa every indi
cation, la their opinion, that too
miaeion's work tbua far bad mat with
a degree of success that bad fully
equaled their expectations.
This view did not coincide with tbo
sentiment of those opposing tbo big
loan, nor of tbo ao-eailed pro-German
financier hero wbo have not boon in
vited to attend the commission' con
ference or meet the commissioner.
An effort will bo made to sell tba
bonds at par. In eaao tbo interest rata
should bo A per cent. Member of tbo
commission fully believe that euch
bond could bo disposed of at par, but
American banker have tboir doubt
on thl score.
Oppoaitioato the flotation of tba
loan la country-wide among American
of German aympathie or parentage.
but ba strengthened other banker in
thler determination to aid in floating
tbo loan. In tbo opinion of the com
mission's friends, and baa not serious
ly Impeded tbo task.
Tha bonds are to bo payable in eith
er five or ton ' years. Poaaibly
aerie will mature In five and the oth
er in ten year. . Tbi ba not boon
Into tbo band of tbo commission, it
became known , many American bank
or have placed their pledge to take
part of the loan. Not a bint a to tha
amount of these pledge waa given,
bat there were indication that the
sum totaled many minion, lnese
prom I sea. it waa assumed, were con
tingent on conditions of tbo loan.
In nearing tha intimate details of
tha transaction, the member of tbo
commission narrowed tboir conference
to a smaller circle of financiers, which
Included only the moat influential of
tha country' financial and industrial
factor. Among tbo men who
known to have consulted with tbo com
Supreme Court Refuses to
Check Naming Boundaries
, 8alem Evil of gerrymandering
school districts by ; county boundary
board that tbo taxable area may be
increased, are not within the provi
of the Supreme court to correct, but
are admlnlatratlv questions, accord
ing to an opiolofby Justice Burnett.
A suit was brought by School District
No. SB, In Tillamook county, to re-
atraln tb board from annexing part of
It territory to aid tbo acbool district
In which lie tbo town of Tillamook.
Tb opinion sustain tba derision of
Circuit Judge Ilmea and tb suit I
ordered dismiss.'
Effort of tbe town of Tillamook to
add to it taxable area for school pur
poses led to tbo boundary board ex
tending: tbe line of lbs district em
bracing tbo town about SO mile out,
so as to include valuable timber land.
Tbe taxable wealth of the district
waa tbua Increased more than $1,000,
000. Alleging that school district
ia a municipality, School District No.
95, from which territory waa taken.
attempted to restrain tb board. Tbe
complainant contended that only by
vote of the electors could the district
boundaries bo altered. Tbo changing
of tbo limits. It - waa asserted, waa
tantamount to tb amendment of tb
charter of a municipality.
Suggestions for Handling Bees.
" w i "IF 1 1
San Prsnclsco -The future of tb
Pacific Coaat as an Iron and (tool pro
ducing center waa pictured a not far
distant by J. W, Bockman, of San
Franc I sco, In a paper read before tb
- American Institute of Electrical En
gineer. "There I no reason why tb Pacific
Coaat, with plenty of high-grade iron
ores, cheap fuel, natural gas, oil and
charcoal, and Immense hydro-elnctricsl
power potentislitlea, ahould not boa
groat iron-producing center of the
world," Mr. Beck man aald.
"All th neceaaltlea for xtanahr
at eel manufacturing and allied Indus
trie are to be found on tha Pacific
Coaat In ore aultabl for alloys. Un
usual Iron or deposit are held here,
and th quality of some of th or can
compete with some of th boat Swed
., lab proa.
"The ttm I not far distant when
th product of tb section will figure
largely on th world' market."
Canal Seriously Blocked.
Panama A serious 1 Id In tb cans!
occurred Sunday north of Gold Bill on
th east bank. . There bad been a pre
vious slid at tbla point, but th new
movement is much greater. Th mas
almost entirely fill tb channel. It
has not been possible as yet to estimate
th yardage involved, but It amount
to mor than 100,000 cubic yard Th I
dredging division baa hope of cutting
th channel through in four or five
daya, but th general opinion I that It
will be week at least before vessels,
ven of light draft, can pass through.
Station Agenta Gat Rlae.
St. Louis All station agent and
telegrapher throughout th Wabash
Railroad system will receive salary in
creases of 9 per cent, beginning with
November 1, it waa announced at tbe
executive office her. In addition tha
working day of elation agenta will be
reduced from 12 to 10 hour and tele
grapher will work eight hour a day.
Overtime pay wilt be Increased from
25 to 35 cents an hour. Tbo payroll
will be Increased by $40,000 cnnually.
Mil D. Rockefeller Ir.,
YisiKCoismdo Cool Kises
Trinidad. Coolo. John D. Rocke
feller, Jr., visited tb mining camp
at Bar wind and Tabasco on hi first
day' . inspection tour of the Colorado
proper tie of tb Colorado Fuel A Iron
company Wedneaday. He talked
freely with the miner and went into
tboir home, questioning th men and
their wivea about working and living
condition and making suggestion to
Individual for Improvements.. Mr.
Rockefeller apparently ' was greatly
Interested In tha work being done in
tb public chool at Tabasco.
"Tbey don't sing very well, stir,"
apologised th pretty chool ma'am,
"You see they have just eartod to
school and haven't fiad tlm to learn
much. And then they are ao little,
"They're doing fine fine," replied
John D. Rockefeller Jr., smiling
broadly. And 60 sons and daughters
of Berwlnd an Tabasco miners of an
average age of 0 years, and perhaps of
dosen nationalities, sang lustily, In
good United States, th song in which
tbey had been ao carefully drilled by
Miaea Edna Campbell, teacher of the
Brat grade in th Tabasco-Berwind
eChOOl.-. i '
Rowboat Trip 400 Miles.
Wenatchee, Wash. Robert L. Tal
bot and Earl D. Freeman, two Port
land youths, arrived In Wenatche Sat
urday from Portland, making the 400-
mile trip In a rowboat. They met die-
aster in Prleut Rapids, when their
17-foot boat overturned, and they lost
their baggage. They had planned on
going to Canada by water, but they
find it necessary to stop here and go to
work until they can re-outfit. Several
boats have made tb trip from Wenat
che to Portland, but ao f ar as known
thl la th first trip up th Columbia.
Paper Money Increased.
Washington, D. C Improved busi
ness conditions ar indicated by th In
crease in demands for psper money,
according to Treasury department offi
cials. To meet the demand Secretary
MeAdoo authorised the director of tbe
bureau of engraving and printing to
Increase tha dally output of
money by 250,000 sheet.
' Bankera for National Defense.
Denver Hearty support of the na
tional administration was pledged in
a resolution adopted by the convention
of the Investment Bankera' association
of America here Wednesday. Th
resolution urged "a complete program
for national defense" and urgea em
ployer to give "employes sufficient
time for participation in annual mili-
t , fv n naval m.nativars wHJinitt In.
paper or pay or prejudice oi position,-- in
J addition to their regular vacations.
lEcrsstofff Tbiaia Cercua-
rVncriaa deed is Passing
New York That tba difficultiea be
tween tb United State and Germany
will be settled within a fortnight, waa
the opinion voiced by Count von Berna
torff, the German ambassador, at his
hotel her Thursday shortly after hi
return from Washington. Approached
by a newspaper man Count von Berne-
torff said; ';.! v-'-''
"Ordinarily, I give only prepared
Interviews over my signature. How
ever, I shall now make an exception.
You may say for mo that i am sure
that within a fortnight all aupposed
difficulties between the United States
and Germany will have been settled
and permanently settled, and th na
tion will be mor friendly than they
ever have Men."
Count von Brentaorff added that he
felt gratified over the outcome of bla
conference with Secretary Lansing.
Later th ambassador amplified the
statement, saying:
In my opinion everything as re
gards the situation between th Unit
ed States and Germany will be settled
within a fortnight I do not expect to
have anything mor to say with refer
ence to thia matter In th next two
weeks." . I'
ll. S. to Recognize Carranza. .
Washington, D. C President Wil
son has decided to recognixa Carranxa
a th executive head of the Mexican I
government and xpecta the arrange
ment to bo completed within two
month. Tbi was learned through a
public man In authority, who haa bad
every opportunity to Know tne presi
dent's position. It is also learned that
a majority of th Latin-American
diplomats who will confer with Secre
tary Lansing on th Mexican situation
are persuaded that the Preuident'a
course is the only satisfactory solution.
All Haitian Porta Held.
Washington, D. C All open cus
toms ports in Haiti now ar under
United State control. Rear Admiral
Caperton telepmphed that this was ae-
cctcuiiihed when the cruiser bacra-
mento, with the Fourth and Seven
teenth companies of marine, occupied j
Jacroel and Le Caves Thursday.
Paymasters Rogers and Van Patten
accompanied tbe expedition to act aa
collector of customs and captain of the
port respectively.
Coeval! ie Beginners of bee-keeping
should use hive of th Langatroth type
because of the simplicity of both con
struction and handling, ia the recom
mendation mad by Professor H. F.
Wilson, entomologist of tb Oregon
Agricultural College. Tb hive hold
ing eight or ten frame ar generally
need, and th beginner ahould first try
tb igbt-fram hive. These can be
made at bom mor cheaply than they
can be purchased, but th factory-built
one ar mor satisfactory.
All bive and part ahould be of the
same six and well painted, preferably
white. Tbi will protect tb part
from decay, which will be further pre
vented by Yaislng them slightly above
th surf sco of tb ground. In Oregon
where it is not necessary to put th
hive In cellar during th winter, or
to protect the bee by putting them in
a, th hlvo afiouid be put under
shelter. A stand for bousing six or
Igbt hive may be made for from aix
to eight dollar. Top and aide are
detachable ao that tbey may be re
moved In cummer without disturbing
tb bee.
If a smoker ia needed, th larger
site I recommended, since It doe not
hsve to be replenished with fuel often.
Be veil may be bought ready-made
or mad at bom. A piece of black
netting in th shape of a sack open at
both ends serves well. A better one
I made of wire screen, rolled into a
cylinder that will go over tb head,
covered on top by a piece of canvas.
and finished by attaching two pieces
of canvas to the lower end ao that they
ill fall about tbe aboulders and pro-
vent bee from crawling under the
A small tool for prying open the
hive cover is needed; a screw driver
will do.
Queen excluders ar placed between
the body of the hive and th supers to
prevent the queen from entering the
extraction frames and depositing eggs.
They are tine sheets containing per-
forationa largo enough to permit the
passage of th workers, but too small
to allow the queen to paaa through.
Thev mav be plain, or fastened to
wooden frames to stand about a rourtn
of an inch above tb frame of the
main body. "y
Wire embedders ar used to press
th wire of the frame into the wax.
They ar toothed rollers.
A small brush, similar to a dining
table scrap brush, will also be needed.
A pound spool of No. 80 tinned wire
and a pair of gloves without fingers
should alno be provided. Professor
Wilson thinks that a certain amount
of equipment is essential to success in
handling bee.
. College Head Resigns. -
Albany Harry Meana Crooks has
resigned as president of Albany Col-
lrige to accept th presidency of Alma
Collere. Michigan. He will leave
about November 1. Hia successor hss
not been chosen. Th executive com
mittee of th board of trustees met to
consider the resignation, but no an
nouncement as to men under considera
tion for tha presidency haa been made.
President Crooks ha been president ox
Albany College 10 years. During thia
time the endowment raised from $3300
to $213,000. :
Polk County Prunes Disappoint.
Dallas Folk county prune growers
are much disappointed over thia year's
crop. Prior to the picking season it
waa generally believed that an ordin
ary yield would be harvested, but with
tbe nicking practically completed in
dication point to tbo fact that hardly !
mor than half a crop haa been realised.
Msny growers contracted their prune
at price ranging from 4 cents to 6J
cents a pound.
Oregon Normal School Starts Wall.
Monmouth Tbe Oregon Normal
School dosed its first week of tbe year
1915-16 with a total enrollment of
three hundred and ten, being an in
crease of 50 per eent over a like period
last year. The outlook is very favor
able for a total enrollment of at least
four hundred during th year.
1 -
la an effort to check the Germans, the Russian forces Intrenched themselves In what they believed waa an
Impregnable position just behind Jaroelao, fortified city la Galicla. Tbe German forced their position, however,
and compelled the Russians to flee before them. In the upper photograph a group of German soldier ar seen ap
proaching tbe acene of death wrought by their runs In driving out the Russians, while on th lower photograph two
German officer ar aeea contemplating the havoc wrought by the force ba their aocceaaful forward movement
TV v- . -'iS- ..r ...
T""- . V "v " ,,'! 1 ;
.K- 1 i -n -lin ' -t - ,1.1 .
r v
i - A.
M I- -X
1 K'trc.v i
" - VX-Z.:
Boston accorded naval honor to William Gompera ot Brooklyn, N. Y. a
nephew of Samuel Gompera, the president of the American Federation of
Labor, and Carson Whltehurst ot Norfolk, Va., both members ot the crew
of the U. S. 8. Washington who were killed July 29, when some Haitian
rebels resisted the landing of tha American wallers at Port-au-Prince. The
picture shows sailors firing a volley over the flag-draped coffin on th pier
at Chartestown navy yard. Boeton.
Bandit Who
Went About HI Work
Merrily Now In
Redding, Cat John Hooper waa ar
rested at The Dallea, Ore charred
with being the "whistling burglar"
who compelled Gordon Jacobs, mana
ger of th company store at
Bornbrook. Csi. tear hers, to march
from hi home to the store, open the
aafe and permit the robber to tal
with him cash and gold dust to th
amount of $700.
While taking Jacobs to th store
and oa his wsy out of town with th
loot th robber whistled merrily and
aroused no suspicion. Tbe robbery
waa committed on June 13.
Hooper, according to the police at
Tbe Dalles, waa paroled from I'clsom
penitentiary hut year.
In the rear ot the German army which triumphantly made its entry into Galicla and Russia were thousands
of Jewish refugees who had fled from their home before tha soldiers of the cxar. Believing that they would be
permitted to enjoy privilege under the German which were denied them under th rule or the czar, the Jew
looked upon the triumph ot th German forces as another ot the blessings heaped upon the "Children of Israel.''
Th Italians, having found the Aus
trian frontier well fortified, are now
making use there of their heaviest ar
tillery. On of th big gun is her
shown. . . . - . .
Identification In Chicago May Be Only
Trlok of th "Heathen
Chlnee.7 -
Chicago. A tbe Jury wa completed
to try Harry Eng Hong, f barged with
th murder ot Mock Chung In a Chi
nese gambling house in 1913. an Ori
ental walked into Judge Barrett's
room in th criminal court building
and announced that a was Mock
Chung. His announcement caused a
The attorney for th defendant told
th court that the man who was k::;!d
waa Juna- Lone and a bjsjtIaks li
cense also would be Introduced la evi
dence to prove that the supposed mur
dered man is among the living. -
Accordlnc to Assistant SUtas f
torn ey John O'Brien the state be?
to pror that Mock Ctacg wss r Ci
murdered and VM. m man wno
naared tn court possess -t -
nam a the dud sua.