The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, September 10, 1915, Image 3

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    Dr. Alfred F.Scmpert
t Gradual and Registered
Price Reaaonabl
Weston Meat
Brandt Building oppo
site Postoflke.
Good, Fresh Meats
Fish In Season
Cash paid for
A. P. Perry
10 ots.
thadlsh at th
Weston Bakery
Fresh Rrd, Oak and Paatry.
1n Candasa. Coud Meant at All
Hour, le. VV specialis in
Lodge aid Party Supper.
ZEMM the Baker
DttXiU Bulktlng. Main and Water
' 8bne and Heroes
repaired next door.
Hoytl and Craig DrlaktU ar hr
from Kay tun, Wun,
Ohitiart iha photo man will I In
AWiana only litre week longer.
Mra. Joseph VVurser visited with
friend la Walla Walla and
Bunder. ,
Dreamland motion picture at Wee
Inn opra houe neat Monday and
Tuesday evenings.
IHrk English haa a flvs-roora bun
galow under construction at hla place
n Weston mountain.
IJlrk Morrison returned home Fri
day nlsht from Pendleton, where ha
served aa member of Iha grand Jury.
W. H. Bailey, prominent Mlltonlaa,
waa a guest aunnay mgni or as.
Maker while reluming from a Pendle
ton trip,
i If Vaw hu nurrhaaed a cottars
In Athena, which wll be occupied by
hla aon-ln-law and oaugnter, Mr. ana
Mra. Harrteon Kirk.
O. n. Robinson, superintendent ot
the Weelon schools, and family, ar
rived homa Baturday from their -cation
rlall to Portland and Iha coast
For Sale Eighty acrea Improved
land one and one-quarter mllea aoulh
of Weeton. Price H0. Pur terma
Inquire of Q. It. Uiasmore, Amity, Ore
I...W ii.nn.r bill I.anada.1. Hot-
If Kay aad Ruhlln Smith ronatltut
mA m nartv nf huniara who left Wed
nesday for tha Balmoa river. They're
after bear. f ,
The dancing aeaaon will be ttahered
In tomorrow night with a Marveat
Hall at Weeton opera houee. The
management haa engaged Lea J-ihn
on e orcheetra of Athena.
Miss Sylvia Heafha haa reaumed her
dm Ice In the dry good department of
the Moegreve Mercantile company at
Athena, after a month'a vacation rlslt
with her parenta In Beattl.
Mr. and Mra. C. M. Price returned
home Monday night from Camp Mc
tMugal. having finally found the ye'.
lowjarheta a greater aulaanca than
tha mountain are an attraciloa.
Mra .Ileulat March and Mlaa Flor
ence March were In Mliu-u Maturdav.
Ml March will leach lite fourth
grade thia year In the Mil ion achoola.
and went over to locale a suitable
boarding place.
Ed. May. well known resident of
Weeton mountain, left Saturday for
Oregon City to vialt hla aged parents,
both of whom are III with naralvata.
The stroke Buffered by hla father la
of recent date, lie I W, W. May, ft
yeara old. who crowd the plain aa
early aa II4T and haa alnce don hi
part In the development of tha weal.
Mr. Kd. May. by the way, la a native
aon of Oregon. ,
'Welcome WeM
i . ., - -: . ,. - ; - ' ' ' r
at Walla Walla
Next week, Fair Week, is Welcome Week at Walla
Walla. In common with all good citizens we extend you
a hearty welcome to our; city beautiful, historic old
Walla Walla. Whether it be home-coming with you or a
first visit, we shall be glad to see you with us. May you
enjoy every minute of your stay among us.
- ; Welcome to our Fair and Frontier" Days-Oi beat Fair in tha Northwe!,
and th biggest and moat realistic repweentatlon of Pioneer and Frontier daya
Welcome to Davis-ICasers. Make thia store your headquarter while
down town. Meet your frienda her. Leava your bundle her. Uae our t I
phone. Atk for any wanted Information. Ua ths Poat Office Subaiatlon,
Iter for your convenience. Consider youraelf at home at Dsvis-Kaaer'a Re
member your comfort and pleaaur will bar pclal eonakleration during- thia
Welcome Woe.
Of eoura w will gladly ahow you the moat eomplet aaaortmant of Horn
Furnishing hrsbouU-to sell you at money-earing- price anything you may
rd If you to deal re-but flrtt of all we want you to enjoy your vlait.
Completo Furnisher of Horn, Office, Church, School
10-80 Alder St "- ' (Odd Fellow Tempi) - WALLA WALLA, WASH.
mmvmm a m ai ii-awi
pUttmlt are already behind lb time becaoM liaproYefcienta aat
fawn cud that overoom their hortoomlng. "
'Twin,, Pedestal Extension Tables
la the extended poeliioa, they are aa parted aa
when cloned. ' '
SlnrwIThrrt .re a ewhHede of r-oawkr yea
b7. TWIN" M !. B-le.alMe
nW ade la a.r dedee. aed IUhk
WWUll-tok.roUIlurikeretlcJ .
k. o. deivioss :
At the Kat Columbia conference of
the M. IS. Church. Mouth, la recent
aeeelua at Oekeeuale, Wah, flev. N.
l. Wood waa reappointed to the Wes
ton ehara. Thia popular pastor'a
return will be a aource of pleasure to
hla growing membership, and of greU
Iflcatloa also to townspeople In gen.
eral. Key. H. N. Hhangle will be pre
siding elderhev, W. A. Urr, whom
aa succeeds, having been trenaferrej
to tha Columbia conference, . R
Naylor retain the presidency of Co
lumbia college, and Rev. C. It. Howard
la returned to the work at Walla
C. W, Ray, former poat master of
Preeweter. waa killed Monday Bear
Trouldal whea hla automobile was
strurk by a special train. He waa oa
hla war homa with hla family, after a
few weeka spent at Ran Pranclseo. Hla
engine "died" while hla car waa ea
tha track, and owing to a, curve the
train could nut be stopped la time.
A 1 1 -year-old girl, his niece, wa also
Injured, dying several hour later.
Hla 1 1 -year-old eon, Freak, waa
atlghtly hurt but hla wife waa unin
The fruit and dairy farm of Mra
II. N. Bhanka In the Dry Creek dis
trict, hs been leased by the U. W.
! roe betels, who will sooa move to ths
country. Their cottage oa Pomeroy
treat will be occupied by Mr. ana
Mra. Prank Graham, who relinquish
the Wheeler reeldene to t. W, Potter
and family, recent ariivala from Mil
ton. Mr. Porter come here with
Manager glover, and will direct the
shoe department of the Westoa Mar
cantlle Co.
Three of the four prlaoaera who
escaped two weeka ago from the
county Jail were recaptured by Sheriff
Taylor aad Deputy Vhenrr Kates near
Lookout mountain In the aoulh end
of the county, i. M. McCormack,
ells Arils Arlington, the Helix pris
oner Indlrted for a statutory offsnss.
I atlll at large. McCormack waa the
first to escape, and the other three
declare that they were never with him
after he left the Jail.
Eaat Oregonlaa: Hla clothing catch
ing on the fly-wheel of a gasoline en.
glne gunday afternoon. Pred Hill,
well known Birch creek farmer, was
almost beaten to death by the revolu
tion of the wheel before the engine
stopped. Hla back 'waa broken, hla
ahoulder fractured, an arm mangled,
hla head cut open aad numerous In
juries resulted before hla wife rescued
him. His recovery Is considered
Jack Read will move hla family
from Westoa to Athena soon to reside
there permanently. Mr. Read ha
purchased Charlee Bryan'a Interest la
tha Athena meat market, and here
after the firm name will be Read
Meyer. Jack haa been connected wit a
the meat business In Athena for sev
eral years, but heretofore la a sub
ordinate capacity. He haa been mo
toring to and from hla home In Wta
ion. '
Rear and deer ranging the north
fork of the John Day are In Immedi
ate danger of their Uvea, a party of
Weston hunters having left for that
region yesterday with the avowed pur
pose of hunting big game. They ex
pect to be absent a month, aad to live
close to Nature'a heart. The person,
net of the expedition Included Walter
Williams. Charlee Van Hoy. Rudolph
Proebstel and Robert Reynolds.
O. DeQrsw hue struck bedrock bot
tom and an ample flow of water at a
depth of about 11 feet in the well
which he caused to be excavated at
the edge of the hillside west of hla
premises oa Water street. He expects
la due course to Install a gasoline
power pump and to construct a suit
able reservoir, la order to have plenty
of water at all time for lawn and
garden' Irrigation.
A very desirable residence tract on
North Water-street, about U0 feet
wide, with a total depth of 41 feet,
haa been purchased by Henry Schroe
der from the Baling eetate, Mr.
Schroeder haa In view the : eventual
Improvement of hla newly-acquired
property with a modern bungalow.
The amall cottage on the tract at
present la occupied by Mr. Thorson
and family.' , -
Irwin O. Brooka of Athena, former
college rhamplon of the northwest at
lawn tennis, won th tennla champion
ahlp of Umatilla county In the recent
tournament at Pendleton. He defeat
ed me runner-up, R. H. Horns ot
Pendleton, In three straight aeta. Mr.
Brooka la also a clever ball-toaser.
having played second baae thia year
with the Athena championship team.
Tha pulpit of the South Methodist
church at Weolon will be occupied
next Sunday morning and evening by
Leslie E. Tabor, a theological student
at Columbia college, Mr. Tabor will
have charge of the work at Weston
for several weeka daring the absence
of Pastor Wood, who haa gone to hli
alfalfa farm near Redmond; Oregon.
The will ot the late William Tomp
kins, prominent East End farmer, haa
been admitted to probate. H left an
estate valued at 150.900. to be .held
by hla widow during her lifetime. At
hei dearth a quarter section of wheat
"and revert to eaeh ot tour children.
Manager Rawla Miller announced
Tuesday evening that be had secured
several celebrated photo plays for
presentation at Dreamland theater du
ring the fall and winter, and that the
droll Charlie Chaplin would also be
seen here in Esaanay eomedy.
Athena Press: Judge Richard
tlnA VmaTv Wnrthlflrtnn end a Mil.
am rmtit ruutrilafi fts each for hreaklna
the automobile apeed limit The ped
dler was also assessed is tor contempt
of eourt. The arrests were made by
special officer Rawl Miller, - ,
It is reported that Athena's chief of
polio has resigned and left the coun
try In response to an urgent request
that he do ao because of alleged moral
turpitude. It is also said that there la
a score or more ot applicant for the
vacated position.
Tea of the eleven applicants who
took eighth grade examinations last
week at Pendleton were successful.
Among those who qualified were Stel
la GiliDore of Reed and Hawley moun
tain and Lysle Webb ot Westoa. ,
Motne car aervlce to all Point, day
or night. Also livery and feed atabl" ,
opposite the Ueuaiien Diacanmun
shop. Late McBrlda. .
For Sale 1 acrea of Improved
fonthin lanri two mllea from Weston:
also town property. Inquire of Ed
ward Anderson - I
Rosa Maloney waa here from Walla
Walla during th week for a vacation
visit at the 81m J. Culley ranch house.
rk-lnxl books fji cash only. Ooud-
In'.jImi, anitt. . '
V 7 I . ,
mill tlioel Hires weeka only in Alb
na. IMiniert, I'liomg.
Mr. and Mra. J, It. Baker left yes
terday fur a visit at, Knterpris.
Hurry now, aa I remain only three
more weeks la Atiieus. Oliwart lb
i'lHJtograpber. ,
For the II rat tlm lno hla aocldenl
last July Karl Klanesr la abl to get
about on cruuhes, and Wedoeeilay lie
cams duwa town.
Mta. Karl Harnett ami bar Infant
am are both reported to bs critical!
Ill with diphtheria at St. Vincents
hospital in I'ortlanO.
C. O. I'edersen left yesterday on a
busies trip to He met, California.
Mr. I'edersen will lake only passing
glimpse of lbs fairs during his ab
"It' like getting Wer from all my
frienda when tha Wmcton f,KAIK
arrives," write Mr. Hi an ley Keeland
of Albany, Oreguo, In sending u bar
valued rwmltuno.
Pre. Low and Turner, ths well
knnwa ere elIIt of Portland,
will bs ia Westoa again Wednesday,
fteptamber 22d. Consult them at Mr.
Webb's Cottage hotel.
Tommy Clark of Seattle defeated
Hilly Karrell of Pendleton In the ninth
round of their boxing engagement
Wednesday night In the latter city. A
part of Weauia flghl fans west down
to trs lbs mill.
The Westoa school will opea neat
Monday with ths - following teacbere
In charge;
Louise Rlntoul of The Dallas, first
and second grade.
Alberta Drydea of Peck. Idaho,
third and fourth gradee.
Olive Kilmer,- fifth and part of ths
sixth grades.
Nellie Workmaa of BayaM, Ne
braska, part of the sixth ana tne aer
snth grades.
Maude Ager of Portland, eighth
Emma Johnson and Lud.e Cogs
well of Portland, high echori.
O. R. Robinson, superlntemlent.
The board of directors and the su
perintendent bar taken definite
palna and hare spared no effort to
secure the very best teachers possible
for each position, and are fully con
fident that Westoa will neve one of
the best teaching eorpe In Oregon.
Th high school work will be ma
terially strengthened this year by th
addition of a course In mechanical
drawing and manual training. Plret
claaa equipment has been Installed for
this work and Indications point to
large clasaea In . this department.
Sixth, aerenth and eighth grade boys
will take manual training one day
each week, and the girls from thoae
grades will be given sewing or other
industrial work at the same time.
It Is especially dealred that pupils
who expect to enter school register
the first day! pupil will not be ad
mitted to the first grade, or to the
high school after October 1st.
The school building la being thor
ntiehtv cleaned TMa week and will be
ready for the opening of school Mon
day. Dare Lavender will hare charge
of the Janitor work. , -
We hope that history will not overlook the sec
ond great event of this year-
Sept. 15 is Jfee Dafce
But do not forget that Watts & Rogers are open
all the time.
W a .ft t s .i R g e E s
Few men
really think, although
each would deny the accusation. Al
though man la supposed to be a ra
tional thinking animal, thinking la ac
tually the hardest work and the rar
est hs does, Ws hear a thing, ordin
arily, and Immediately form aa opin
ion about It. Usually sell-Interest is
at the bottom of our conclusion. We
iare told, for Instance, that woman
j suffrage la a good thing and we ought
to nsre a law auiowmg wwiirq w www.
Do we look Into the matter? Do we
study the arguments for and against
woman'e suffrage? It la the same
with the tariff, prohibition, th unions,
the Mexican situation, the European
war. la fact, ererythlng we bare any
thing to do with. How much more ra
tional It would be to hold up our
Judgment on a question until we hare
had aa opportunity to atudy It from
every angle. Then form an opinion
and atand or fall by that opinion, un
til w learn something (Of which we
have been la Ignorance ' that might
j change our mlnda on the subject. Not
to Do open to conviction pn-nraom.
Narrowness Is the bane of our whole
system of clrtlteation. Let your mind
be open to every argument, and think
think for youraelf. Exchange. 4 '
Link Bwaggart. prominent pork
grower and ' leading suburbanite,
meandered over the hill In this direc
tion the other day while la a atate of
such violent Indignation that he bit a
chunk out of a -hitching poat before
he could control himself. Link tells
us that in his current "Mulligan
Stew Colonel BOyd Inserted the fol
lowing foal morsel. nd that be Is
regarded aa the oat At least, all oi
hla suburban friends are pointing at
him the finger of ridicule and de
rlalon. Link thinks or chartering a
big aoap kettle . and Introducing
Colonel Boyd Into a different atew
from any to which he has heretofore
been accustomed:
"t have a friend (no need to men
tion hla name here) who recently
bought a ford. After teasing U into
town from the ranch one day, he
started it for home.' He had tried out
all the klnka In the machine he had
ever read of, heard of or been told
about when a brilliant Idea pierced
him. He hit r up a little, let go the
wheel and grasping a plug o "Star"
which be took from hla pocket with
both hands, proceeded to ; leisurely
nibble. Result: - ford In the ditch,
family scared speechless, and the
whole durned plug in hla mouth.
f TTTrrTf rf TTT ''TTf f TTTTT 1 1
M I II llvllMUlHl
Bangor, " Me.Hal Llsaenblnn. a
realdent of thia city, who had been
missing for several daya, waa found
mired to- the waist la mud near Sltll
water and unable to more. He was
nearly exh&ustei from lack of food
and aleep.
Muskogee, Okla. -Prankie Lily. 10
yeara old, la making a amall fortune
teaming In the oil fields. The heavy
lifting la done by cranes, but the girl
driven her team and la aald to be one
of the beat "horsemen' In this sec
tion of ths country. '
San Francisco. Cal. Ths Pan-American
Medical congress Is made up of
physicians who are brave men. Thv
are trying to atop kissing. Dr. E. F.
Otis, of Santa Domingo, the tubercu
losis expert, aay It would be far bet
ter for sweethearts to greet each other
with a gentle alap on the cheek In
atead of an embrace and a kiss. The
doctors accepted tha hand-alap kiss
aa their future rule and It la believed
they will be alone in their misery.
Towanda. Pa. Mrs. Luella J. Pack
ard, 15 yeara old, swallowed a stick
nearly 10 Inchea long, and is dend.
She had no recollection ot ewnllowliig
the wood, but It waa found when doc
tors operated for appendicitis f
Milwaukee, Wis. Joseph Glllett Is
the "oldest schoolboy." He haa Juat
inrnul 71 and Is one of the best schol
ars In the engineering course of the
continuation school. .-
Sterling, Col. A train atruck a
young colt near here and carried It
three miles on tb pilot without In
juring It.
Bridgeport, Pa Dreyfull Bonhara,
while plowing In a field, caught an
Iron chain attachnd to a can contain
ing tit half dollars. Th datea on
the colna indicated they had been
buried many years.
- 1 "V (No. 206) '
Th Farmers' Bank of Weston, at Wes
ton, in the State of Oregon, at the
close of business September 2, 1915:
Loans and discounts $125,018 65
Honda and warrant.... 8.267 82
Banking house 8,500 00
Furniture and fixtures. , 1,000 00
Other real etate owned 27,056 75
Due from approved reserve
bank ...20,695 12
Checks and other cash items ' 208 17
Ch on k.nd 4.271 63
Expanse... - 4,852 23
Total.......-.,............;........$195.870 47
Capital stock paid in 80.000 00
Surplu fund 15,000 00
Undivided profit...... 8,879 62
Due to bank and bankers... 123 88
Individual deposit subject
to check.. 92,968 25
Demand certificate of de
posit ; 4.810 44
Time and Savings deposits 29.465 68
Bills pay abl for money bor
rowed .... 20,000 00
Other liabilities 123 20
Total.;.....,.............. -.$195,870 47
State of Oregon,
County of Umatilla, v.
I. E. M. Smith, Cashier of the
hnv.namKl bank, do aolemnlv swear
that th above statement is true to the
beat of my knowledge and benei.
E. M. Smith, Cashier.
Correct Attest:
Wt. Mackenzie,
. P. D. Watts,
.... Director.
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 9th day of September, 1915.
E. L. Blomgren,
(SEAL) Notary Public
Nature's Food
for horses and cattle is the Kr8SS that
ctows on meadow and hill. The next
best iniruj is sweet, vieeu, j
feed that cornea from our mill. When
you need rolled gram oi me nni son.
lor keeping your livestock in fine fet
tle, look for our sign and the good
things for for your dumb servants
stored in our bins. We handle Steam
Rolled Barter, Oats and Wheat; Baled
Hay, Millstuffa and Chicken Feed.
We're local agents for Pecock Flour
and Blatchford's Calf Meat Phone 281.
D. R. WOOD the Feed Man
Practices in all State and Federal
This Briquet Man
hasn't got the STUMMY
KAKE, as you would proba
bly think from his looks; he
is merely" asking for more
kake of the kind his wife
bakes when she burns DIA
range. DIAMOND BRIQUETS is tha
cleanest and, w think, the moat econ
omical fuel on the market. W have
carload now in stock and would be glad
to supply you with a sample order.
a. ... "-'T J T"T J 'U t lt saT-T! swessat- jr - wt . a
At WlM
SEPT. 23-24-25. 1915
Wild al Wonderful
OUTtAW woasts
Get Fares and Particolari
Furious and Ezcilln2
New Caatsttanot tar BJaty
. OM Csawipian. asm as4
beast, fcsM yes apeWwus.
Ife Wll
IfHSuTii '" HiflTi iiiaalilTi ' - --- - j
i 1 11 it
Jli li all aJ.
If you need anything in Drugs and
Medicines, be careful where you buy.
Selecting a drug store i3 very import
ant in many ways. Ability, carefulness
and promptness are necessary. All
this you get with your purchase at-
obdwih's DrunCi-'
Weston, Oregon