The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, September 03, 1915, Image 3

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    Dr. Alfred F.Sempert
' Graduate I ml Registered .
I Price! Reasonable
BRANDT HI-DO., upstairs
Brandt Building, oppo-.
v site Fostoflke.
Good, Fresh Meats
Fish In Season
:Cash paid for
A. P. Perry
10 cs.
tha dlah at the
Weston Bakery
Freeh Bread, Oik end Paelry.
Fine Caialieav I'm-d Meals at All
Hours, 8. Wa apeeialise iu
Lodge ami Parly Suppers.
ZG11M the Baker
Do puis Bulkllng, Main am) Water
' Shoo ami Harness
repaired next door.
BREVITIES Huum for rant. Inquire
at O'Marra more. - '
ee the ttrsndt atore'e ad. Ihla week,
II will Interest you.
ii r J.ihnann of ralrvlew Farm
waa a Jendleloa visitor during Iha
hank Ksamlner F. T. Hlmma waa
WhIiiii visitor August II and esaro
Ined Iha local bank.
wM u J Usvbee Uft Wednesday
fur tlrangevUle, Idaho, la visit bar
dauihtar, Mrs. A. F. Tumar.
p.. urM ef Improved
foothill land w miles from Western
alao Iowa properly, lauulre of Ed
ward Andereoo.
lira. Andraw Laraoa aad Ihraa chil
dren, of Walla Wall, ara visiting bar
perenta. Mr. ana Mr u. "', a
.her eleler. Mra. Him i. Cullar.
For Hale -Eighty acres Improved
land ona and one-auarler miles aoulh
of Waalon. Prlca lisas. Tor larma
Inqulra of O. It. Dlaemore, Amity, Ora.
,on. '
I IU. N. D. Wood and Mm. W. i.
I Price ara attending Iha general con
f.renre of Iha Boulh Methodist church
In session Ihla waak at Oakaadala.
I Mra. Kalph tana. Mlaa r.lhal and
Maalar Tommla lina. and Mra. t. II.
I 1 Leade arrived from Portland Wad.
! aesday for a visit with Iha "old folka
at hoim." ,
Wheat com I nut to etump, and no
business la reported In any of Iha
Umatilla county markets. The bid
Iprlra in Portland Wednesdsy waa It
I rents for club and II cents for blua
j Mr.' and Mra. Charles Oraham ara
In Iha elly from lhair homa near Pen
dleton. Mra. Oraham la attending Iha
conference of the Church of tha
Hrethren. while Mr. Oraham la re
newing acquaintance with old-tlroa
Waalon friends,
Mra. Oeoree Umm auatalnad an op
eration at Walla Walla Baturdsy for
tubal pregnanry, and bar condition
llnra la raportad to ba encouresing.
Tha oparallon waa performed by Dra.
Ruttner and 111" of waiia .
Smith of Weaton.
Mlaa Nellie Nalaon ralurnad Friday
h m with hr sister. Mra. Anna
j Warner, at Faker, Oregon, "he waa
.accompanied homa by har.llllla niece.
oris mr npr, w no nmm w
pleasantly engaged In bossing bar
grandparenta here.
E. K. Crlaa. a mambar taat year of
iha Vaaton farulty. haa baan elartad
to tha prtnrlpalahlp of Iha Waahlngton
arhool at Pcndlatoa. Mr. Oalaa la an
aaMorn-tralnad laachar. and will laka
to hla Pandlalon work Iha knowlrdga
and axparlanra that mada him ao auo
rwaful with hla alghth grada puplla at
After months of careful consideration we have de
cided to install a Piano Department and thus make liter
ally true our slogan of "Everything to Furnish Homes,
Churches and Schools." ,
Very careful consideration of the numerous makes
available led us to the decision to represent the time
honored house of Chickering of Boston and of Haines
Bros, of New York in Grands, Uprights and Player
Pianos. In these we found a splendid spirit of progres
siveness and extraordinary musical excellence.
- W will alao repraaant tha Foaler and tha Brawatar Pianoa and Playera,
tiavlna; in Umm four mnkaaan Inatrumant to mtvl avary demand-from tha
flnaat Coticart Grand to a reliable Inatrumant at a modeat prlca.
Our ONE PRICE PRINCIPLE, with all gooda -marked In plain fliruraa,
will ba rlgWIy maintained. Our prlcoa will tot a naw atamlard of valua on
planoa. Wt ran our euatomara mora valua for Icaa money becauaa of direct
factory buylmr, of carload ahlpplng and bacnuao wa will hva no added axpenaa
othar than aaleaman.
Thla naw Piano Departmant will ba randy for bualneaa by tha laat of thta
week. You ara eordlally Invitad to viait It,
riaaaa ramambar w"a ara aganU for tha WONDERFUL NEW EDISON
DIAMOND DISC PHONOGRAPHS. Coma In and hoar tha lataat raeorda.
CompleU Furnlahera of Homaa, Ofllcoa, Churchaa, Schoola
10-80 Alder St - (Odd Fallowa Temple) - WALLA. WALLA, WASH.
- I 111 I Ml I I ' i 'it i Mil II
nriinirTnU. ORFCAM
SEPT. 23-24-25, 19iS
WAA Wonderful rfV Furiout and Exciting
manurna BUSTlNa I A "d CAamptoaa, awn aa
tttxANt, cowaovt
Get fires vA Partkuiart
VvHwl ttlCay fMa"V
ton Ma an
ma I
Froa Agent 0-W.R.&H.
i, a Hart and family aiatorad avar
In lhair MtuiWbakvr Ihla weak from
lhair farm two mllaa waat of Walla
Walla for a fU with old uma frlanda
an Waatoa muuauln. Mr. Jlart r
aorta a fairly good whaat harvaat Ihla
yaar In hla awtlon. From III ara
ba bad aa avoraaa ylrld of II buabali
par aare of ht aad buahola of
barlaywlila whaat running about la
buahale 4 than uaual, Tha prwaa
rup in few Uciir waa oaira bhm
Ihla ntr, running from If lo ittt
tuna la Iha aora. and la balng marhat
ad al profitable flaurea. Mr. Hart
aara lhal ha la hlihlv plnuad with
hla prvaanl loration. It balng aa a1
miraule olaee to rataa a family. Ha la
doing pretty wall la Ihla particular,
baring aavea elurdy children.
Laalnaion, Morrow county, la la
have a new arhool building aad what
ki further to Llioa'a credit. h
etnwlure wllr be bull! of Weatoa
brick, which rank or ranka among iha
vary baol common brkk manufactuiwd
lif Iha Northwaat, Manaiar Marbaor
haa placed a lll.lll ordar for Ihla
building. Tha currant Mwua ef Up to
lheT1maa mayaalna aon'aloa a good
picture of Waaion'a landing Industry,
with Iha following title leal) "Mtae
al Iha Waatoa brkk. yarda, Waat on,
Oregon. Thta aonrarn la iw of tha
moat auecaaaful Indualrlala in the In
land Empire aad lie product are
known far and wide for the'r blah
The mercury raaiatared tod degreee
In Pendleton Monday, and III In Wal
la Walla. Pendleton complained ef
the botteot unday elfht In Ita hla
lory. Thlnca ware allahtly tropical In
Waalon, where Ihe mercury regleterel
IIAt, laat gunday, thla balng by ona
half a degree the hotteet day of Ihe
aeaaon. At four o'clock Sunday after
noon tha temperature waa II. and II
waa hoi enouah that nlirht lo make t
chunk of lea an aereeable bedfellow.
However. II la comforting lo . think
lhal Pendleton and Walla Walla (and
fUlan'a othar habitat) ware even
bolter than Waalon.
"It pave lo advartUe." What la
more lo Iha purpoaa and Ita officiate
are herewith advlaad to that effect
It pave tha O.-W. R. S. Co. to ad
vert lae In the Waalon Leader. Quite
a colonv of Weatoa folk ara now camp.
Ing el Wallowa laka, attracted thither
by Iha low exrurwJon ratee announced
In The leader by the above company.
Among them are Henry Waddlnabam
and family. E. C. Rogere and family
and F. C. flreer and family all of
whom mada Ihe trip by rail. J. A.
King and family contemplate a Jour
ney from Weatoa eoon to the aame
celebrated reaort.
Athena Preen: Throuah the apian
did artlalle work of F. B. A da ma. aa
alated by B. B. Lae. the etage of the
auditorium lo Ihe new erhnol build
ing haa been furnlahed with aetttnaa
and acenery. For tha drop curtain.
Mr. Adama did a an pert palming of
Multnomah Falla In oil. For the back
curtain a painting of Ml Hood makee
a aplendld backtrround. . Two eettlnra.
ona Interior mad one extarlor. with
the wlnga. complete the equipment of
arenery. With tha Installation of op
era aeata the new auditorium will be
one of the beat In the Inland Empire.
t K. Harlan and W. R. Fletcher.
awoclatea of R. O. Harlan In tha pub
lication of the Hrpnner Herald one
of Ihe very beet country papara In
Faatern Oretfnn, with few equate any
where -made a flying trio to Weston
Sunday and called on The Leader man.
U K. Harlan haa a light welaht motor
car that thrtvea on Ihe heat and dual.
and driven It like a Barney Oldfleld
on Ihe rm oar. He haa alao devel
oped conalderable apeed aa a bane hall
pitcher, aa Weaton batamea ara well
O. W. Maybee and family are leav
ing Boon for Freewater to make their
home, Mr. Maybee having accepted a
reaponalbla poeitloa In the new Blover
atore In that city. Mr. Maybee. who
haa lately been In the aervlce of Watla
Rogers, la welt qualified for hla
Freewater dutlea by yeara of practical
experience. - Loren Maybee haa ' re
alaned aa aaalstant telephone operator
here. In order to accompany hla par
enia. and haa been aucceeded by Lyle
Webb. - .. ;"
In Juatlce Lteualten'e court Wed
neaday, the cane agalnat John Falk
brought by the Umatilla county truant
officer waa dlemleaed, Ihe defendant
having agreed to aend hla two boys
to arhool. Mr. Falk la a resident of
tha Finland aettlement on Reed and
Ilawley mountain, and la unable to
apeak Engliah. The aervlrea of an
Interpreter. Mra. John Blom, were re
quired by the court -
R, Alexander, pioneer Pendleton
merchant who baa been an Odd Fel
low for 14 yeara. and waa grand mas
ter of Oregon nearly II years ago, waa
lately presented with a paat grand
maater'a Jewel and a past grand pntri
arch'a Jewel. Paat Grand Maater Hen
ry J. Taylor made the preeentatlon at
a meeting of Eureka lodge No. It.
County Superintendent I. E. Toung
advlaea ua aa follows: "Labor Day la
no longer a school holiday. Aa there
seems to be a misunderstanding In
some aectlons. I ahall appreciate an
announcement through your columns
relative to the above change.''
i .. ,
Tha firm of Perry Lnndell, con
ducting the Weeotn meat market baa
been dissolved by mutual consent and
the bualneaa will ba continued by Mr.
Perry. . Mr. Lundelt and family will
continue to make Weaton their home.
The Mlaaea Dorothy and Marjorle
Rulflnch left Wednesday for Steptoe,
Waah., having been elected to post
ttona In tha Steptoe schoola. Both
have dlplomaa from tha Cheney,
Wash., normal. y,
Virgil Lundell, a young Weaton mu
sician, haa been engaged by the Milton
band to play trombone with that auc
resaful organisation at Walla Walla
Frontier , Days ..and the Pendleton
Fire at DtxUvWaah.. Bunday night
destroyed two store-, and the poatoffice
and then spread Thto an adjoining
field, where 1000 aacka of grain were
burned. The total loss Is estimated at
Earl XInnear waa brought In last
week from the Klnnear farm on Couse
creek and la now at hla homa In Wea
ton. He la able to alt up. and hopes
soon to regain tha uae of hla broken
Tat On tha road between Milton
and Athena, a small brown hand
aatchel belonging to A. Blxby of Free-
water. Finder wui ctnaiy return to
this office.
Mrs. Luther SheHenbergwr and chil
dren left for Cold Spring tlaturday on
a camping trip, but were soon driven
out by the yellowjsrhets.
Mr. and Mr. IJeorye liaVer left
Bunder on their eel ra lme u Wat
lace, Malm, areoinsoiad by Hula alias
Amy O Uarre. ,
After aavea weeka af mountain life
St (m Mclhmgal, Mr. If, tkiuld and
family hara ralurnad lo lhair home va
Noroial (lelgbta, ,,,, ,
Manager lis via Millar announce
that I tut Dreamlaud. wmlua pleut
will he reeunuNl at Waatoa 0iers
nail IIOTMla evening.
Mra. J use lib Waraer haa aa her
house guest Iterelaiar and nine, Mr.
MarolJ Htewart aod Uauiirhter.
Uarlatra Ajvlalile, vf Teownia, Waall.
Fire near Mailt Mumlsr afternoon,
auppuaed to data ueoorauawl by aparka
Irvia a niurthera racina Kmutive,
d-airo)ed HHire I lieu 2UUU aacka t(
U. DeOraw la excavating a well la
the bench land back of hla preiulaea
with a vlaw lo Installing a prtvata
Irrigation eieum, if auftlvlaM water
la t!vlued.
Mlaa Maud Thorn m of Ilaker, Or
egon, la the gue.i ul Mr. aod Mrs. J.
N. York at Nevarfall farm. Mlaa
'I'bumisMtn will teach ecliool tbls yaar
I nomia
ill Wild
Uorea disirtcj auuih of town.
MUe Anna Wuner and Mlaa Mary
Van lluy bare reiuraed kurae after a
surceaslul prune packing aaa.iro In the
Mlltuo aelghiMH-iioua Later in vis
aesaoa they uiteml going to lite Hnake
Hirer district lor eiiullar employment.
L. W. Bmllh waa la tewa aaiaryy
oa hla way lo hla . newly-eequtfed
farm In Pine valley near Halfaay,
Oregon, and vUlted K. E. Kirk Patrick,
local business man. They ware old-
time frtanda while living at Anatona.
Wash., a Bomber of year ago.
Mr. Uenrr H. Tbomtiaon, a young
Gibboo aujckwan, and Mlaa tiladjs
Price, daughter of 8. G. I 'rice of Wee
too mountain, were united In marriage
recently" In Pendleton. Congrstula
l loos and well wlsbea ara citended by
lhair oameroue friends thruugbout the
mountain district
While digging near . the Weston
Mercantile company's hew slors bulld-
ing Dave Lavender unearthed an old
euin from a depth of nearl all feet.
It la of silver, a bit lancer than toe
ourrent American dollar, and the data
of loll la legible as is alao tba legend,
"Vou ir rains." Mr. LAveooer Caa aa
yet beeo uoable to Identify it
Frank Nkinner of Weaton and Flor
ence Miller of Cuour d'Alene. Idalio,
were united ia marriage Wednesday
In Pendleton. Mr. and. Mra. Hkinner
arrived to Wesloo aooa after tha cere-
nun r and have gone to boosekeeplog
In their Kouih Li rued street residence,
which had been Deatly furnished by
the bridegroom lor their reception. .
James Ritchey and family ara here
from Forest Grove for a visit with tbe
Jue Hodgsuna at Meadoaliruok Farm,
tha Jame Turners and other friends.
They will remain until after tbe Pen
dleton Koundup. Mr. Ritchey -la lak-
Inir full advantage or the opportunity
to admonish the Lr.ADKA man aa to his
alleged sine of omlaaiuo and oommis
loo mora especially with regard to
county hooding.
Harvesting la now- quite general In
the Meston mountain country, where
raid jtelita ara reported. A small
tract of wheal on the C M. Schneider
farm yielded 4tJ buabels per acre, and
lite Feriruaon broliiers eropped 3.VI
arka of barley f roirt 15 acres At the
Ur. Kern farm ueorge r erguaoo s list-
acre oat Held is averaging about oO
bushels. Kurt her 'repuru will be
available next week.
William MacKenxIa and family are
back from their motor car trio Into
California, after traveling about 4000
entire by easy atages and camping out
en route. They reiwrt a most pleasant
outing, spiced wilb constant variety
and change of scene. They visited
the San Francisco fair, but did not re
main long at Han Diego. While in
southern California they motored
across the border for a short distance
low Mexico. : -
Scrlmsher, Bell aV8lrapon have fin-
Islted a successful .harvest run of 33
days with tbeir stationary outfit They
'wound up ' the season wedueeuay on
Reed hod Ilawley . mountain, where
they threshed 2o40 aacka of barley for
J. V. Bell at the Van Winkle farm.
Mike Kaglelon, engineer with the out
fit, la leaving today for his home on
the Sound near Long Branch, Wash.,
to renew acquaintance with his "In
dian runner" ducks.'
The Oregon State Fair, for fifty-
four yeara an annual Index of the
atate'a Industrial, commercial and
agricultural growth. ' will be given
thit year at Salem from September 11
to October 1. Inclusive, - It will be big
ger and better thaa ever, and IJ0.000
Is offered in - eaah premiums. Free
camping privileges are available In tha
oak grove park, which la electric
lighted and welt supplied with good
water. Among the leading attractions
will be two aviation fllghta dally.
A delightful little party waa given
Saturday afternoon at the home of
Mtna Price In honor of her cousins,
the Misses Velma and Zada Pierce of
Los Angeles, Calif. Varioua games
provided pleasing entertainment for
the merry company, and appetising
refreshments were served. , The Invit
ed guests were; - Joyce Wood, Dorothy
and Ruth Proebstel, Gertrude Van
Winkle, Vlda Greer, Hortenae Baker,
Hope Beeler, Rena Banister, Isabell
and Maggie Fuson, Goldie Nesbitt
Anna Lavender, Bethene Read, Ruth
Douglaa, Haxel Brown and Zada Sni
At the council meeting Wednesday
evening Mrs. F. D. Watts and Mrs. K.
O. DeMoss were appointed to succeed
themselves on the local library board
for a period of three years. A resolu
tion was passed requesting the Paci&o
Telephone & Telegraph company to
install a phone In the council chambers
and another in the city marshal's of
fice at a concession of 00 percent from
its rerrular rate. The local saloon or
dinance was so amended as to permit
the town s one aaloon to close at 11 in
stead of 10 p. m. each night (and Sat
urdays at midnight) until it ia put out
of business January 1 by atate-wide
prohibition. j lv
The conference of the Church of the
Brethren Is In auoceasful progress this
week at Weston with twelve visiting
elders present There will be oom reu
nion service this evening; preaching
Saturday evening' by Eider Hiram
Smith of Albany; Sunday morning by
Khler J. H. Keller of Iowa, and Sunday
evening br Elder THrsra Smith. The
publio ia cordially invited to attend all
uieeiinga and service. The visitors
are being entertained at the several
homes and gel their meals on the cafe
teria plan in the Normal dormitory
basement Much' brslse Is bestowed
bv all upon the cookery of Mrs. H. N.
Shanks and Miss Eiisa Morrison.
We hope that history will not overlook the sec
ond great event of this, year
Sept. 15 as felio Dafto
But do not forget that Watts & Rogers are open
all the time.
Spick and Span, Clean, Bright
Everything for Everyhodyi
The Weatoa Mercantile Companya
store will be opened for business Sep
tember 11, 1111.
This data was definitely decided up
on Tuesday st a conference between
Manas-er Slover and local directors.
It anil give ample time In which to
complete Ihe building and to Install
and display the Block, ao that on tha
opening day Weaton'a promising new
business enterprise will be complete
In every detail.
The people of Weatoa and vicinity
ara advised to defer' their purchsaee
of needed merchandise until tbay see
what the new atore by prepared to of
fer. "We can aave them money,"
aaya Ur. Slover and be aaya It with
tha emphasis and confidence or a
capable man of business who knows
what he Is talking about
Tbe new atore will have a beautiful
home attractive, well lighted, com-,
anodloua nd It will be stocked from
end to end and from top to bottom
with the fin eat assortment of mer
chandise ever aeen In the East End.
Tbe wanta of everybody have been
anticipated by Manager Slover In his
btiyinr trip to New York end otner
eastern centers, and the moat discrim
inating patron Is assured of satisfac
tion In price, style and quality. Just
a few of the many lines are mentioned
below: .
Men's and boys clothing.
Ladles' coats and suits.
. Children's coata.
Footwear for men, women and chil
dren. Millinery.
An especially complete line of piece
goods, from calicoes to the finest of
measallnea and crepe de chines.
Stationery and achool auppliea
with tha exception of text books. '
- Manager Slover waa delighted with
the new atore building when tie came
over Tuesday. "It la simply admira
ble." he said; "and wa will have the
stock to correspond make no mistake
about that I hope that all of our
people will wait for our opening Mate.
September It. to do their fall shop
ping. We will not disappoint them In
a alngle particular." ,
Motor car aervlce to all points, day
or night. Also livery and feed Btab
opposite ; the Lteuallen blacksmith
shop. ; Late McBrtda. ;
Four nrlaonera escaped Saturday
night from the county Jail the only
boardere Til Taylor haa lost In rour or
five yeara.
Lee puncture-proof tires may be
had at my place of buslnesa In Dr.
Watts former office. A. Phillips.
Nature's Food
for horses and cattle ia the grass that
ra.inmii,i1na imI hill. The next
best thing ia sweet, clean, hay and
feed that comes irom our mm. r nwi
you need rolled grain of the right sort
for keeping your livestock in fine fet
tle, look for our sign and the good
things for for your dumb servants
stored in our bins. We handle Steam
Rolled Barlev, Oats and Wheat; Baled
Hay, Millstuffa and Chicken Feed.
We're local agents for Peteock Floor
and Biatchford's Calf MeaL Fhoue2Sl.
D. R. WOOD the Feed Man
. Attorney-at-Law
Practices in all State and Federal j
G? ;-'-.-j
This Briquet Man
hasn't got the STUMMY
KAKE, as you would proba
bly think from h.1'3 looks; he.
is merely asking for more
take of the kind his wife
bakes when she burns DIA
range. DIAMOND BRIQUETS la tha
cleanest and, wa think, the most econ
omical fuel on the market. We have
carload now in stock and would ba glad
to supply you with a aampla order.
mm aw. kuw
Something New
Something Swell
Something Cheap
One Settee
One Chair
One Rocker
Solid Mahogany, panel back, upholstered
with brown Spanish leather, spring seats, and
fitted with casters. ,
Wa invite you to come and sea Una beautiful set; also our ,
line of Furniture, Carpets, Rugs, Matting, Linoleum.
If you need anything in Drugs and
Medicines, be careful where you buy.
Selecting a drug store is very import
' ant in many ways. Ability, carefulness
and promptness are necessary. All
this you get with your purchase at
Weston, Ore