The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, July 16, 1915, Image 3

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and cake
HO cts.
the dish at the.
Weston Oakery
freah Hreed. Cake end PMtnr.
hit Candle. O.aai A."
Hour. . VV eueelalUe In
twig and I'arty Supper.
ZCIIM the Baker
Dupuia HulMli, Main and Water
Shoe and II erne
rmtrd nel dour.
! The
Hazelwood .
Ice Cream
f0- Popular Soft Drltiki
J. B. Farrensj
Weston Meat
Brandt Building, oppo
site Postoffice.
Good, Fresh Meats
Fish in Season
Cash paid for
Perry & Lundell
New Groceries
New Notions
New Canvas Glove s
For Men and Women
New Summer Underwear
. ... AT . V v.
Ik Economy Store
1 AuU SUft Sckatidt ': ':"
A. M. OtAag West. P. it -
L Weston l:0 Ur Weaton 1:0 J
Athena " Athena J:
- Adama Adama
A. M. (MBf Eaat. P. M
jvPcnoioton W:0 L Pendleton :M
Adama " Adam. J:0 11:11 w Athena
,. (" ; . Fare. ,
Weaton to Athena, Be; Weston to
A dam a. lo; Athona to Adama,. I6e;
Weston to Pendleton. I1.W; Athens, to
Pendleton. 7o) Adama to Pendleton,
0. ,
Round tripe, If made In aam days
Weetoa. and Pendleton, ll.Wi Athena
and Pendleton, '
Headquarters: Weston, at City Drug
Store; Athena. St. Nlchole Hotel;
Adama, Inland Mercantile Store; Pen-
dletoa. Franco Beataurant
Dr. Farnsworth
ear Phona or write for
an appointment.
Temple Bulkllng
Pendleton Oregon 1
Nice organ for aale cheap. Zehm.
five-room houaa (or rent, furnished
or unfurnished. Mia. Wheeler.
Merloa Mann haa returned from
a visit to North Yakima, Ween.
Ilullln McHhsrrf of freewater waa
a buelneee visitor rlaturday in w eewo.
Mr. tlla Ooldsmllh haa purcheeed
the collage property of A. Phllllpe oa
Waahlngton etreet.
Mre. J, O. Davie and her two aone
wore visiting la Weetoa thle weed
from Weahtucna,
Keep your eyee open for the young
ri. m trill come aa near riving
aa any other automobile. A. Phil-
u.i-. " a.rvlca to all Dolnla. dar
or night Alao IWery and ' the Ueuallea blacksmith
.hop. Ufa Mcllrwe.
Mre. J. B. McDenlel haa returned
to her home oa Weetoa mountain
from Pendleton, waero ene nmm
under medical treatment.
...... wm Arut Infant ann
are leaving tomorrow for Hnak Klf.
........ u Warren, who It
conducting- a warehouse there.
. . . A vtHmA TllfftdlV With
relatives and frlenda at Weetoa while
on hie way to Itltevllle. Waeh, where
he will engsge In hanreet work.
A epeclal meeting of Pedora Circle
Tin 11. w ii.'w
Wedneeday afteroooii for the purpoee
of greeting Mre. Jenale Oreeo, aa or.
gantxer for the order.
m . in. oi nmii
u a u nden return'
M r. una m
.... l . rimnln trlD.
ea inie - -
and Mr. Hoyden U arala at thju teer.
Ing wheel of Ma auto atage between
Weeton and Pendletoa.
... ..4 (Mm Kirk-
xne m 'pni ' - .
f,,lk who went to WaMa Walla Mon
day to eee Ihe Liberty Dell.
Have tried eome of tehm'e Milk
owe town aad huy the bread that a
made at home, weetoa --
. . .A .ni r.mllr of lone.
,K.nn. have been trWtlnt . thjl bom.
Mr. ana mim. -n..rd
la a brother of Mre.
Iilo'rerman. and la a Morrow county
farmer and atockman.
Lee Wltoon, Weeton'e faithful chief
of police and waterworka auiperln
tendent. haa gone to Aatone
,.,r vacation vlell with ",r;
prank nklnner U wearing the alar
during Chief Wlleoo'a abeence.
Itev Charlea . Powell of Cove,
general mu.lon.ry of th. EpUoopal
church for Baetern Oregon, will con
duct irvlcea at All Slta- -
Weeton next Sunday evening, July 1.
.1 p. m. All ar. Invited to attend.
Ixnite Chrurteneon. who waa In town
Wedne.t.y from Heed and
r.oorta that the mountain
PPle crop promUoe well thla year
Tm treea are free from blight and
iile and are well loaded with young
Pon B. Bennett a railroad man of
.. ..VWt Thuraday to
SElir. TBH-dl. .tie daughter
who have oeen ""
Weeton. Mr. and Mra. Bennett m
t.molata a trip to the Panama- Pacif
ic expoeitlon.
. o a nudiev brought
Atnena rr- - ' .
k. .ihdIm of aome good wheat In to
town Wednesday. The heada were
well filled and ahowed no algn of In
Jury from the. recent hot wind, and
Mr. Dudley earn ne
a good yield.
. . . - h Interested
in knowing that both the grouae and
j eibklam Vrihat a AD
the deer eeaaon opn ...
Auguat II and cloee October . The
' . . .k. e.rlter
grouae aeeaon vm" ' . .
and the deer aeaeon two weeka later
than formerly.
William MacKenale and family,
who left Weeton June lat by auto-
.... ....... han tourneying ty
May atagea through Oregon and Call-
claro and are now enjoying the glorlea
of the expoamon.
John Beynolda haa been doing
.m. work for th. city in liquidate
of a nna Impoeed upon him for en-
... i. . haiitcoee argument wltn
u..n.v. Mr. Stamper waa
. .imiup contrlbu-
cauea - -----
Hon. which ha eettled In coin of the
..(.mi who became known
thla aeaaon a the barley king of the
Eaat End, motored to weatou at-m-
..-,-.. . xtr Adama kept
enough barley to make aereral kega of
beer or more, but loom jue m v..-.-ful
aa though h. had aold U at top
price . ' ",;"t
Tha application of J. B. and Jennie
. W..nn fn. Writ Of ha-
beaa corpua to aecure the cuetody of
a minor daughter or mm. .....
waa dtamlaeed Monday In the circuit
court at Pendleton. A aatlafactory
aettlement between tne oiri
atlvea waa made out of court.
vi. m.t with a aerloua
i.f.muni Monday, which will "lay
i . miuith nr more. While
nun uy ..." . .
k.,.im hav for hla brother. Balpn
... . w. viimuv farm . on
K.innear, - :
Couee creek, he waa thrown about 10
feet from me top oi no ----.
. . .knnb hrtU in tne
wagon .nierea m v...
field, and auetalned a fracture of the
left tnign.
k - .. nf v.ndellam In con
nection with th. trip of th. Liberty
Belt occurred between Pendleton and
Walla Walla. Boya atandlng on a
k.-ir k thj. aide of tha track
threw rocke at the bell, and one hit It
i.. to.. annapaniiv nin dul ubiii
la. e-PAlemlel MnmnlllVlnf VltO
bell aay thla waa the first unpatriotic
tBOO-mll. trip.
in ,. children of Mra. M. J,
Maybee are expected to aeeemble in
Weeton next Sunday, and a family re
onlon will be held at the home of Mr.
and Mra. W. 8. Price. Those reeld
, k. .r. n. Price and O. W.
Maybee. Thoae coming from other
i r-m a. v. Turner of
Orenrxvtlle. Idaho; Mra. Geo. 8. Mar
... u.Htn. Wnh.: Charlea E-
Maj bee of North Bend, Oregon.
The following offioere of Hiawatha
Rebekah Aawmbly Wo. II were In
etalled Tueaday evening by Ethel Sni
der, dial rut deputy noble grand, aa.
elated by Kit Morrlaoa, diet rut dep
uty marahalt Huby Jamea, anble
grand; Anna O'll.rra, paat noble
grand; Maud Stanfleld, vie. grand;
f'helcey Imnran, rhaplatn; Odeeaa
k.rku.irli-k. mardliu eecretanri Lot-
lie Brandt, financial aecretaryl Uorla
llarnea, warden; Mabel Oraham, con
duotor: Marr MacKenale. 1reaurer
Maggie O Harre. outer guard; Zona
Smith, Inner guard. Sherbet and cab.
' . .
were aerved during an enjoyable eo-
rlal aeaalon which followed the cere
mony, Both th. women, and mea'a meet
Inga held here In co-operation with
the Oregon Social Hygiene eoriety.
were largely attended, and the local
campaign of aeg , education wea
launched under very favorable
eee. Strong and effective apeerhee
.were made by Dr. Snyder and Dr. Mc
Kary of Pendleton. Dr. Snyder ad
A hAlh MMllltH MA AA Bot
heellale to rail a apada a apade when
plain language became aavisatxe to
drive home hi polnta. At the conclu-
aloa of tha men' meeting tha local
committee waa made permanent, oa
motion. It conalata of E. M. Smith, J.
M. Banister, K. C. Roger, L. I. 0Har.
ra, C. P. Bulflnrh, Dr. C M. Smith.
Tii .tf abnut 141. faat
of ditch had beea dug and pipe laid
for tha waterworka extenalon above
town by the contractor. Frank Paw.
celt A Co, of Peadleton. Unueual
.i ... tiu dm mad fop th num
ber of men employed ome four or
five. Aa the total length of the ex
tenalon hi 1471 feet, the tank will eoon
be completed and Weeton will then
be aupplled with dear mountain wa
ter piped from He new etorage reeer
vnlp. Than, contractor hav had
much experience la ditching and pipe-
laying, ana are ooing nir w
neatneaa aa well aa with dlepatch.
Th. r.mnna Libert Rail WB Been
at the Weeton depot Monday evening
while paaalng tnrougn town on me
Hookana branch.- Weeton folk who
went down to th depot got a good
view of th ball and of th. gaily dec
orated locomotive which haa drawn It
all the way from Philadelphia. We
understand that tha bell waa permit
ted to remain for an hour or two In
eorh bucolic village aa Pendleton and
Walla Walla, and reel that thla par
ticular metro pot I haa been th. vic
tim of unjuat discrimination. W
hava tuat aa much libartv here aa any.
body, and probably mora.
Whenever a nromlnent Weaton rltl-
... ha. nnthlnn hattar ..or Worse to
do he goea over and thoughtfully In
spect the progreea or in wora on tne
new stora Building at tne corner
Main and Broad utreeta. wltn every
appearance of eatl.factton. Any num
ber of more or lea competent inspect
or could tea hired by Dr. Watta at a
very reasonable wage by the hour or
day. Th. Leader man himself would
be willing to devote a little more
time to thla Job If It paid a little bet
Th. concret. garage building on
Went Main atreet baa been leased
from A. Phillip by Homer L. Had-
rick of thla city and Howard E. Mc
norman of Portland, who have been
associated In the garage buelneee
heretofore conducted here under the
management of Mr. Meartca. air.
Hedrtrk will at one mov. th. equip
ment to the new location, where he
be better prepared than ever to
.a. .
take car. of the wants of the auto
mobile owner of W eaton and vicinity.
II. .n,l Mm W W Kmtlh are nr.
Paring for a vacation vlatt anon to the
'anama-I'eclfio Exposition. Tracy
Inman. Mr. Smith' relief aa agent at
tile OW. It. dc N. depot, la already
her., and ho la merely waiting to be
"checked out" by th. company ami-
Hor. Mr. Hinitn may not, return .to
iransierw w. r.,,.. ..n
la a popular ana aooorarnoaannif agent,
rZL "f.-n.' S?'"V "
lowrmpeopia in gvovrai.
Itenr Plnkerton. now of
waa a recent caller at The Leader of
fice, and very sensibly renewed his
suoecnption. e mm .u w
the first time that Mr. Plnkerton haa
. . . . J ,..kMtiM
open m conaisni wmwr .wwv.
Inc. Ita foundation In lt?l. He thus
shares thla distinction wnn rrann
n-u.r-n r Pendleton. Should either
or tnem ever quit wnun no
. . . u ... , 1 1. a
in. Ajeaoer woum icm ,--
Its hand preaa and retiring- to the
Journalistic boneyara.
rril. p ' Co, oro feasor of com-
anrf aducatlon In McMlnnvllle
college, waa In town Monday recruit
ing atudanta for tnat weu-anown in
stitution. H. eaya that several con
template attending from thla neigh
borhood. Thla la th. college attended
by Buth and Hugh Dowd, ana 01
which Huerh and Delia Prultt were
former atudent. It haa won two of
the four Bhodea acholarahlpa offered
Oregon during th. paat five year.
a natitinn attaatlnar tha good be
havior of Leater Carllle prior to the
recent trouble in which h. became
Involved at La Grande, and aaklng
the trial Judge that he be paroled.
waa quite largely aignea at weaton.
c.tti. onnvictad of a statutory
charre and waa aentenced to from six
month to two year, ilia wire oas
sued him for divorce..
J. B. Horner, profeaeor In th. de
partment of history at the Oregon
Agricultural college, will be In Wea
ton Julv 10. from nine to eleven
o'clock In Jlhe forenoon. Mr. Horner
wHta. that "It will be a pleasure to
meet aa many aa possible of the alum.
.1 .4.nt. nrnanactlva atudent and
other frlenda of th. Oregon Agricul
tural College." ,
Tk. .0lnlnir hour hav. been set
for lawn Irrliratlon by the Weaton city
council: Normal Helghta, 6 to 7 p. m.?
remainder of ttia city i to o p. m. r
rliraiion 1 unlawful at any other hour.
and In cane thla nil. la broken the
water will be turned orr ai in. mains.
R. L, Wilson, auporlntendent.
... ... o . . J. Qnn heoran thresh.
IT . cil-exK" w . T L
ln Wednesday at tneir lower rancn
on Dry creek, where thstr barley is
.i.ui.. .M,n,t IM tn 20 sacks ner acre.
rhav have not vet iron. Into their
wneat, wnion luuas iu w -y
burned. ,
tr.l. . tn nmcrraas on the 45x80 ex
tension to tha Weston Warehouse com
pany' warehouse below town. When
the work la completed and th. parti
tion taken out the company will have
a room for grain storage 300 feet long-.
Mr. Conrad and family and Miss
Grace Dodd of Walla Walla visited
Sunday at the bom. of J. B. Farrena.
Mr. Martha Harrison of Milton and
Uttle Miss Svbil Kinder of Dayton are
guest at tha bom. of R. W. Brown.
Wanted Woman U do family wash
log, lnu.ulr at till ofltoe.
Mr. ami Mr. 1 Cohort Wheeler hav.
Inraied In I'aaoo, ttaab., wbare Mr.
Wheeler will euotltMt onIenliotry
and algar auira.
Our cantlr apaclal oontlnue at the
ttaa Hakry, Never bef'fre were
Nna. fresh ehuriilalea and Mher eaeta
quoted to tlieaply. t- K. 2ehm.
C. D. Oabrlelsofl, llwelal agent
of the ' IVyal. waa nera wr aaverai
1.J helping lb. local .g.nt,
I lMnb IMm Ih wrlllrttf rnln lii.ur-
of ib. Horal. wa bar. for eral
r"ranli Prloa, In wrltW grain lusur-
Mr. and Mr. A. C. Kinder and fam
ily of Dayton and Mr. and Mrs. Hert
Wodif. of Waltahurf motored down
Kuivl.y for a visit with th. It W.
U'k.., i. .'dinTn an" la both th.
cku...iPntUiia market. Port
land teeienlsy w bltkllng W) cent for
eluband II 00 for hluestem. Chicago
quotation for July option, II. la. .
Th. let. O. A. Hartman leff an w
lata valued at principally In
Portland real awiai.. Ill will haa
k..n aiyt f..p nmlau and beaueath
tlini to each of hi four children. Th
residua la left to bl widow.
J P. Mover, manager of the We.
n Uemntlla romoanv. left Thurs
day for th eaat on a buying trip aad
III purrhaee th. atock ror weeton
new tnre.
The slock wUI be selected with care.
with a view to meeting the went or
thla field, and that It will be compre
hensive aad aatlafactory Is assured. In
view of Mr. SI over' well-known ex
perlenc and Judgment aa a buyer. It
III be bought direct rrom tne iar.
torlee. thus eliminating middlemen
proflta. and bought for caah. By this
meana the Weetoa Mercantile . com.
wimmw .in nnl nnlv be able to meet th
competition of neighboring towns, but
alao that of catalogue houeee. Mr.
Hlover y that be la In a poaitlon to
ku an4 knowa haw to buy to aa much
advantage as the largest mall order
housea in th. United State, ana win
be able to compete with tnem on equal
terma for the trade of the Weston die-
Tha merchandise will be . of top-
notch quality, auffldent to pleaae the
mn-, atiecfntnatln- natron -and Wes
ton buyers ar. known to us dlacrlm
Inatlon. Here are a rw or tne stand
ard brands that will be stocked by
Manager Blover:
Hart. Srhaffner Marx, and t-iotn-
eraft clothe for men.
Tiger and Stetson hats.
Blcberdaon'e Nk' and meaaallnea.
KlrkendaH E-Z Walker, and Ham.
Ilton-Brown ehoee. 'v
The O. Edwin Smith shoe for wom
en eald to be tn. beat American
make. -"7
a awul line at ladlea coats and
suits and an Invoice of specially Im
ported linens will be Included In Man
ager 8lovera purchases. Every artl
i. mi. I to n 111 modef dry
roods store will be storked at Weston.
"We expect to be able to cater to tne
fastldloue and to those who want ub
et.ntibl rnintt" cava Mr. Blover.
Manager Flover will visit such com
mercial and manufacturing centers as
Chicago, Cincinnati. Philadelphia ana
New Tork. and will arek out the best
there la going In merchandlee.
I J.. awiuelaillAa) la ntlVlll SP gst tl 1.1
prior experience In buying for hli
Milton store, he knowa what be wanu
and where to get It.
&BCtrtla ta Cray (XUeot
Appearancea are deceptive with re
gard to Umatilla counfr'e grain crop
thla year. Notably la thla true in tne
" - - ' ,
t uiiAt Mavtai n lani-ir-x w iinis mwn iium
ZT.", ..h. iMk, od
oJio buahe.. to the acr.: It
- . . - ,B(1 . ricn ,low
t - - - hH.
Barlev around the Bock I. much bet-
1 . . k. w . th. luiii. . anod
IKrr .iii, -n. .
herlev dlatrlct.
I Favorable weamer cor tne puv
week or ao haa helped mature the
Weaton crop without further injury.
i wenoa crop wunum iw.w, ...j-. j .
and tha wheat la much better than on
- . i . . i . ..I, Innt.
im. Ilgnter waua si. v...
good from th. road, but la good
i rrom ao to to pura imr
. . . w W....U .1. mnr. taA
voutu nmvo uwn v
0ot the hot wav. struck tha grain at
.rlllMt time.
, Barley la alao aaid to hav auffered
mm it.m.M in this locality. One
small crop haa been threshed ' north
of town and made an .xtra gooa yieia,
but aa It waa aeeded laat December
and 'beat out" the hot weather. It
cannot be taken aa a criterion for
thla district hla crop was on the
Harr Turner place, recently bought
bv William Perauson. Thirty seres
.e h.ri.v la aaid to nave Droaucea i
100 sacks, or an average ot aooui sv
kii.h.i. n.e acre. Mr. Persruaon tried
out a new Oregon Special Holt com
s. Tvnla Mo. BUssleaa and kiss
I... i. the wav Mra. Euarenta KocB
Anderson, II year old. describe her
k.nhj nr. with Arthur R. Ander
son, pastor of th central unnsuso
church of Granite City. Two Klsse
in tha laat two months and 130 In
..v.n mnntha aocordina1 to Mra. An
deraon. make a good recipe for a love
Tiehtn. Polo. A 'natient at the state
asylum 1 suffering from the hallucin
ation that the wireless stations of the
world ar drawing their electricity
from him and sapping his strength.
Ha want to form a union to abolish
aerial communication throughout the
Dale Rdthwell
The Pendleton Optical
- Specialist'
will visit Weston
Tuesday, July 27
- He will carry- complete eye
testing outfit and will be pre
pared to fit you with new
glassea or put new lenses In
your frame. . , .
Will be at WESTON HOTEL 900
a. m. to 4:00 p. m. only.4
Did You Ever Sec or Feel a
Felt Like a Boost?
One on the New Cash Store and One on Us
each was such a rare article that we really felt an upward lift and went cf!
alone and hugged ourselves in self congratulation. Aren't we excusable?
Come and tell us.
McCormick Binders and twine. International Threshers and engines
that are the most pleasing, perfect, light outfit you ever saw. Three to five
men, two or three wagons, and you can count three to four hundred bushels
threshed every 8 to 10 hours. If oats, nearly double.
W bavt wagons galore- Weber, Winona and John Deere, Kentucky Drill. They e.11 tlwmaelvea.
' Pkaatag KedUl arts.
At a very pleasing recital recently
given by Mlas May Springer's pupi's
In music, the following program was
-Bea. Baa. Black Sheep." by New
ton Swift Naomi B earner.
In May." by Fran Bebr William
Duet Naomi B earner and Gene
vieve Borer.
The Whlppoorwlll." by Kiix
Bchwarta Buth Douglaa.
Forest Brook." by Corn uuruti.
and "Melody." by Bubenateln Arlolne
Duet, "The Skylark MounU tne
Blue. Blue 8ky." by Ellxa Bchwarta
Buth Douglaa and Anaon Payne.
"Skating Bong," by Theodora uut-
ton Anson Payne.
"Puaay Willow Waits," by Mar. nan
Loepke Wllma Harbour.
"Sonatina." by Kullah carmen
"Die Jagt," by Bhlneberger Hope
Elko. Cal. Austin Baasett. a bach
elor of New Tork, Cat., recently re
ceived a baby by parcel post from
Seattle. Wash. He eaya he Is Ignor-
of the mother of the Child, and I
advertising for her to put a stamp on
herself and follow the oaoy.
"Pride of the Pacific"
is the place to forget nim
mer's heat and dust, also The
Cares and Worries of The Day
-to enjoy life at ib best.
down by the sea where ocean!
breezes blow.
Reached only via the
Tick eta on sale daily at low
fares for the round trip.
Ask W. W. SMITH - - Agent
. Weaton. , .
Newly Opened in Reynolds'
Residence, West Main
Good Room and Board by the
Week 16.00. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Webb
Fine Jewelry
Expert lepairin
I will appreciate a call when
you visit Athena.
Hawk'a Drue Store
the People of Weston:
Now is the time to buy your next win
ter's wood. We have contracted for
several hundred cord3 cut from large
pine trees and are prepared to sell you
wood cheaper than you have bought it
for ten years. We will deliver this
wood, for cash only, to any place in
FIFTY CENTS ($4.50) per cord. Or- t
ders will be taken at any time and de
livery made as soon as possible.
Weston Brickyard
tiiiilPJ iWliii
When the New-Comer Arrives
Welcome it with this delightfully
attractive and comfortable crib.
Der.loss r
a n ' - - m ' li.jgnn.,,,! .m .rj
and Kodak Supplier
Films Developed
and Printed.
Branch Agency for American Express Money Ord
' H. Gocdi"7in '
Druggist, Weston, Oregon
i i
Knock That (
g tj 'C&r rwlt