The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, July 02, 1915, Image 3

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and cake
10 efts.
lh dish at the
Weston Bakery
Fresh llread, Cake and I'Mtry.
Klna CmihIIm. Uod Mla lit All
Hour, V. W Hrlalli In
Lotl- and Party Hupper.
Z12MM the Baker
Duputa Ilulklliiir, Main and WUr
gJtT Hhnrt and llmiM
repaired iivxt door.
Ice Cream
C0T Popular Soft Drink
J. B. Farrcns
1 Weston Meat I
Brandt Building, oppo-
I Good, Fresh Meats!
Fish in Season 9
ti ...
i Cash paid for J
I Perry & Lundell I
New Groceries j
New Notions s
New Canvas Gloves
I For Men and Women
For Hula- rYrsh, yuunir, fnll cow.
flood milker. V. K. Ilullineh.
Wa positively Ixava Juli
mart It Abram, )ltiUi(frai
A sack pilar run by gasoline aiwr
has been purchased ljr Ilia Wanton
Warehouse company.
Those sample tennis racoiirita thai
ara not sold ar I II m rrtnrnrx) In two or
three daya. Walls Itojfpr.
Mra. (1. II. Fontaine ami Hula aon of
)vtort, Wash., am vUtilntf lirr par-
aula, Mr. and Mra. w. K. IU-Isbuii.
(lot your repaired for bar.
vest at ilia tt rston alum ami harness
ahup, M heeler block. W. I ( ooht.
We Ilka you ao wall we ara ifolnjf to
alay umll July 10. Hcluresl ruv
lures! Plcturea! Umliart Ahrams
Mr. ami Mra. W. II. Hlamper ara
movlnir Into the Power rxllnce at
the corner of Water ami I'oineroy
Ijosl-rlomewher In Weston, an
0irn-fard (olil watch. Mouth Hend
make, r inner win ainuiy leave at m
I.kahkk offlce.
IIom K (lor anil family motored
town from Marshall, Wash., laat work
for a vacation with hie parrnta, Mr.
antl Mra. 8. T. tlore, at Walla Malta.
K. f.. Illomirren and liny Head ara
tenting nar tllii-liiin htprlnya, wluls
laklna- a valuation from their respective
duties In tha bank and. tho O'iiarra
John llarnea, Jess I'owta and Krnert
licvnolila In It Monday on a Itsblnjr trip
to tho I'luatllla river, and returned in
few data with a catch of aeven
aalinon. '
For Bale cheap, by owner, MO acra
ranch, aril Improved; a cony homa
ilace l'4 mill1 I id hi um. II Inter
ested writ Uuo. It. OlBsmore, Amity,
County Huperintendetit I. K. Young
nd John llalley. Jr.. of Pendleton,
were In town Monday on their way to
Lit achool district .No. VM, beck In lli
Karl Lovell came oar from near
Walla "alia Sunday for a vUU with
hUmulher, Mra. J. H. rarrena. and
aaln donned a eion uaaeliall onl
form for tha final Kama wlili Athena.
Tha Chlldren'a Pay axarclaaa vlven
by tha Union Sunday achool Sunday
laat on Waaton niounlain war largely
!. t .1. ...
aitenuru mntt vrwetir viiiirvv.,. j
MulliixlUt Hundav acliool fi-om Weston
atlaudml In a botly, ami It la eatlmaUid
that alMiut ,')0 tmoola In all want pres
ent. Tha urogram wa given in tnt
afternoon In Hi lmelder'a grova. where
a Una oiuulo dinner waa also served.
Them war aunga and eierrlsea by tha
siiImmiI, weluoma from r.rma Aiay.
and recitations by Maififla lowd, I'aul
llniiklna. tlena Hehneiiler. Mia (IimmI,
Itheuamy owd. t'ecll Nichols, Van
k;oiiipton and Hugh iKiwd. f're hlng
seivloes were held in tha loreixxm.
with serinou by lUiv. N. I). Wood of
U esum.
H. T. Jor, tha well-known aivhllect
and it.ntrscior from nana waua,
! In Weston avaln to remain for anon-
aldurable lierlod of time. Mr. Oor
has drawn the plana for and will direct
tha construction of tha new home of
tha Weston Mercantile company,
which will replace tha Marshall Hons
bl the corner of Main and Kranklln
streets. Oiieratlotia war begun Mon
ds and will Im hurried to completion.
Mr. Uore also has the contract for
bulldinir a warehouse 43i(JO feet In dl
mansions, to lie located on the railroad
sour below town, for tha Waaton
Warehouse company.
Tha mountain lake alwul three mllea
above town, created aa waterworks
reservoir bv the city. Is beautiful
body of water, and should be seen . I o
lie aiipreclaieo. i ne laae is "
full and la discharirlnir aurplua water
tliNiuvh Lhaaolllwav. tha alight leak
sua havlnir occasioned no material
loss. In fact, the new dam seems to I
luBtif)lng In every way tha confidence
of Its builders. Itecent photograph
were taken of the lake uy Mrs. J. r.
Lleuallen, and portray it to eicelleni.
advantage. a
Itenoru from the grain field indi
cate that there ha been some damage
north and northwest of Pendleton and
In cnaln district on the reservation.
Cold rather than hot wind aeem to
have bllk-htedthe wheal, and will cut
down the yield considerably In the sec
tions affected. It la sal. I Hist in yieiu
from 7oo acres of lb lr. C. J. Smith
Isnla farmed hv ius Wyrirk will lie
cm to ill busiie ner acre or i
Home damage from the prevailing hot
wave la reported around eston.
Cloud sewing machine for aala or
rant, ibihm a Mecond-hand Store.
Mis Mary Lansdala waa In the cliy
Tueailay from Kiwter, visiting
IrlniKJs. .
firramland motion plcluraa at Waa
ton opsra house next Mmdajr a nit
Tuesday evening.
July 10 I our laat day In Weston.
That photo must be inaile now.
Uhiuart A Abrama.
Mra. L.C. Smith of Seattle ta visit
Ing hereon, W. W. Smith, U-W. It
& N. agent at Weston.
A baby boy wa born Monday even.
ngtoMr. and Mra. W. 1 I'uroell, at
their Iioiii near W eston.
Mra. Joa Lleuallen and Mrs. Kalph
Htagga have gone to McKay creek for
a visit with Mr. and Mra. Dick Hush,
and will remain until after l,lia Fourth.
f. M. T.ucas. a Irrother of K. O.
Lucas of this city, died June Z4lh last
In a hoaiillal at Maoomb, Illinois. He
had been an Invalid for aeveral veara,
K. IL Lundell and family left Wed
neMlay by motor car on their return
home to lone. Oregon, after an ag
tended visit with relative in Weston
awl Walla Walla.
Iter received by local business
neonle announce that J. A. t '. Oak of
I'ortland will be here aoon to organize
this field In connection with the Ore
gon Social ll;giene society ' state
wide campaign of education along sex
ual line.
Nearly every Pendleton building la
made of Weston brick which ranks
among tha very beet common brick
manulaciused In the Northwest and
it la evident that the new government
poatoolc will be no exception. The
local yard ha contracted to furnish
4.W.000 brick for this structure. Ao-
iither recent order la one of 100,000 for
Milton achool buildings.
Judire Ceorge A. Hart man. Sr., pio
neer of Umatilla county and prominent
for year in the business, industrial
and uolillcal life of the county, died
Hvmnaihlxlnir with the diwlre of lila suddenlv Sunday morning at Hot Lake
voting aon. Master Marloo O'Harra, to where he had been taking treatment
uviulre rub hear as a net. "Doc" I for the iat few week, lie nau neen
i'fir ,irve Wmlneatlav to tlie Uma- sulfarlnir from heart disease for eorae
tllia river to consult an old Indian who time and went to Hot Lake nut long
i. knosrn I., have eaiKured a few of avo from I'onlaml, which had been
New Summer Underwear
Tat Economy Store
, Ant SUgi Schadttli
A. M. Going West. P. M.
tx Waton :0 Lv Weaton 1:00
" Athena :1S " Athena 1: IB
" Adama 8:IJ " Adama 1:S6
A. M. Going Fast. P. M.
Lv Pendleton 10:00 Lv Pndleton 4:00
" Adam 10:B0 " Adam , 4:80
" Athena 11:11 " , Athena 6:15
Weaton to Athona, 2Bc; Weston to
Adama, 10c; Athona to Adama, Sic;
Waaton to Pendleton, 11.00; Athena to
Pendleton, 7&c; Adama to Pendleton,
Round trip. If made In aame day:
Waton and Pendleton, 11.50; Athena
and Pendleton, 11.25.
Headquarters: Weaton, at City Drug
Store; Athena, St. Nlchola Hotel;
Adama, Inland Mercantile Store; Pen
dleton, French Itoataurant.
A. K. BOYD Elf.
Dr. Farnsworth J
Phone or write for
n appointment.
Temple Building
Pendleton Oregon
A nubile recital will be given next
Tuesday evening at High School audi
torium by the music pupil of Miss
Soi'inuer. A cordial Invitation to at-
,tiid is attended the people of Weston
ami viuinuy.
If you want to buy or aell second
hand furniture, call at my new aecond
hand store In the Weston hotel build
ing. I now have a cood aelectlon of
household and kitchen furnltur to
offer. K. E. Zehm.
Mis Mario Van Winkle, daughter
of Frank J. Van Winkle, died last
week In a I'ortland hospital, after a
hiiet Illness truiu splual trouble.
Mlsa Van Winkle, who waa W years
old, lived at Weston durisig her girl
hood. Ilarrv Hcalhe. L. H- IavU, Fjii-I
t'ouli 'and l harle Van Hoy returned
iHutidsr from their Ashing trip to the
! north fork of the Umatilla. They re
j Hirt rat her oor sport , a Indian are
constant ty ruling mir n,m- v..
slivaui whllo taking salmon with grab
A large and beautiful photograph of
I". 8. 8. Maryland la displayed io the
eMos window, and allow th full
ship's company In dn-s uniform with
iIih vessel lu the Itackgrouml. It was
sent from Honolulu by tjlenn Morrison,
who Is now a sailor boy, to his parent
at Weaton.
Accompanied by Mr. and Mra. Claud
Itlchmoud, relative front autithwrn
tlregun, Mr. and Mr. H. W. Hrown
motorml Sunday to Dayuui, Wash., for
adav'avlsit with Mr. Hrown'a alster,
Mr." Carrie Hendcr. They reiiort oon-
sldcralile damage to grain In that lo
cality from recent wlnda.
Hev. N. H. Wood of thl city ha ac
cepted an Invitation to deliver an ad
dress at the Fourth of July celebration
tomorrow on Weston mountain. A
number of Weston ieople are plaunlng
to iend the day in the shade of the
pine and to enjoy the program of ex
ervlse and amusements which the
mountain folk will provide.
Kdwanl Crowe, atin of Mr. and Mr.
George H. Crown, Wall Walla pion
eers, sKMil Monday In Weston, where
he began hi business career a number
of veara' ago. Mr. Crowe came up
from Taooiua to visit hia parenta, both
of whom are 111. Mrs. Crowe la thought
to lie suffering from the effect of a
spider's bite, and is In a aertoua condi
F. II. Haves, superintendent of the
IV mile ton waterworks, came to Wea
ton Hundav oy motorcycle io inspect
the water plant here.. Mr. Hayea Buf
fered a few minor Injurlea from a bad
spill on the W ild Horse road, which i
a trltledangeroue at present for inotor
lata and cy ol lata. W here recently ol led
it la very slippery in spota, and skid
ding accident have been quite fre
quent of late.
A doxen or more Walla Walla farm
er are aald to be alill holding nearly
iaimski hiislie Is of wheat for winch tney
refused the fancy prloee offered during
I. he winter. No wheat retuaina at
Weston in the hands of the grower,
although about 15,000 sack of barley
is yet stored In the warehouse at Wea
ton and lilue Mountain stations. For
some of thl offer of 13 per ton or
better were refused.
While "vacationing" at Bingham
Springs, Bob Proudtlt, export angler
from Hie l BUB ivognrs uniuil
icnt. took an elglit-pouna aaunon
with rod and line. The Hah put up a
gallant tight, and only succumbed after
a half hour of futile battling with Ita
captor. At that. Bob had to oall
Hbddv Graham to nia aaaiatanoe.
This eager ally plunged into the water
and secured a death grip on the sal-
men's tail, lust aa it nan nearly vorn
itaelf away from the hook.
these ills t ful little animals and ia of.
ferinif them for sal. One of them was
lately secured from the same Indian by
Kenneth MacKenxle. and has become
an ohiect much admired and coveted
by W eston's Young America.
The following hour have been act
for lawn irrigation by the Weaton city
council: Normal Height. lo7 p. m
remainder of the city. 7 to ti p. m. Ir
rigation la unlawful at any other hour,
and In case thla rule la broken the
water will lie turned off at the main.
It. L. W llaon, uierintrmient.
An auto si a ire line Is alwut to be ea-
tabllshed between Walla Walla and is said, also serving the
intermediate towns at the same as rail
way fare. It is also reimrted that Se
attle ieople are back of the enterprise
and thai a string of Wlnton Sixea will
be put on the run.
Mr. and Mr. Hansom Lleuallen left
Stindsv for l-xliigion, Oregon, fiom
which nlace they will accompany the
J. H. i'adherv and other Morro
mm nt v oeonle on an automobile trip
Into tSrant county, visiting the Granite
mining district and other places of In
C. M. Price I the latest among VVea-
ton' representative farmer to acquire
an aiiiuniolille. havlnir nurciiaseu a
Overland from J. M. Price, the
Weston agent. For a five-passenger
car of the latest type the cost waa very
moderate, being only wno I. o. o. fen
CUv Smith will next week take hi
annual vacation from duty a rural
mall carrier by camping out In the
mountains with his family. His relief
la J. H. Baker, who will again essay
the hazardous iob of holding the rib
bons over a span of government mulea.
McBride brother lately dlsiioaed of
23 beef steers and one cow to U . uren
nan of Walla Walla for 516111. Al
though the animals were fresh from
the grata and had not leen specially
fed for the block, IS of them weighed
better than 1 JU0 pounds each,
The following party of recreator
left yesterday In three automobiles for
a week'a sojourn at Bingham Springs:
Mr. Z.C. I'rioe, Mr. and Mr. J. M.
Price. Mr. and Mr. J. H. Price, Mia
Kuliy Price, Mis Josie Lavender, J.
U. Price, Frank Lavender.
Tlie baseball championship of Uma-
hi home during recent year. Sunday
morning he arose and ate hi break
fast, returning to has room aoon after
wards. At V o'clock an attendant
at the aaeltorlum called at hi room
and found him dead in lied. He had
apparently lieen dead for half an hour.
lila aon, ueorge A. uanman, jr., oi
Pendleton, and two of bia'nephewe,
Judre Charle H. Marsh .and Cresa
Sturgla, left for Hot Lake by auto up
on learning the sad new and took
charge of the body. Mr. Uartmao, Jr.,
took the remain to Portland on the
night train. The funeral wa held
in that city Tuesday morning at 10
o'clock at the family home, oJ Han
cock street. The Masonic order, of
which be wa a member, conducted the
Georire Alexander Hartman
born July I. Ioo2. in Iowa and thus
lacked but a few day of being &i year
old. av the Kal Oregoman. tie came
west with hia parent In tail, settling
in the town of Weston. During his
earlv manhood he wa ragagd in
fanning principally. In the spring of
ISM he waa elected clerk of tiualilla
county and moved to Pendleton. He
took office in July of that year and con
tinued through two terms, retiring in
iSOO. Shortly atter in retirement
from ohicisl life he purchased the con
trolling interest in two amall abstract
otllcea, consolidated them and incor
porated the new company umicr tne
name of the Hartman Abstract Co.,
which name it ha ever since retained
although be ha not been connected
with It for some year, in ivou lie ran
for the office of county judge on the
democratic ticket and wa elected.
That olUce he held one term, retiring
in 1U04. and being succeeded by Henry
J. Bean, now a member of the supreme
For the nast elirht or nine year he
had made hi home in Portland but
waa a. frequent visitor In Pendleton.
Hekeut his farm land near Weston un
til a few year ago, when he sold it.
Durinir bis lonv residence in the county
his name was a prominent one and the
friends he made were many and strong.
In IHia while still living at eston,
he waa married to Miss Kva Lansdale
and she still aurvivea him. rour
children. George A. Hartman. Jr., of
Pendleton, Krneat A., and Fred L,.
Hartman and Mr. Jessie H. Myers,
wife of Charles W. Myers of Portland,
also survive him as do hia mother, Mrs.
Jane Hartman of Pendleton, four als
ter, Mrs. Lina H. Stut-gls and Mrs.
Mary Jane Marsh of Pendleton, Mrs.
Kllxabeih L. Purdy of Medfoi-d and
Mis. Clara A. Price of Gov an, Wash.
He had three irrandchildren. County
Judge Charles H. Marsh and James H.
and Cyrus C. Sturgis are nephews.
We Are Just Busy
That is all and it is Enough.
Come and See.
Watfcs & Rogers
Allentown. Pa. Twenty acres were
found covered with fish when a cof
ferdam at the government dam on the
Ohio river below Evansvlll. Ind., waa
pumped out. People from mllea
around gathered up the flahea in bas
ket and bucket.
New Tork, N. T. Sal lie Parneaa. a
New Tork woman wno ia an expert
butcher, haa been placed aa head
butcher In a booth in the new cosmo
politan market.
Local Lodge Directory
tills county will be decided in a aerie
of three games between Athena and
Pilot Hock. The date propterd are
Friday, July 9, at Athena; July U at
the Hook and -'Liberty Bell day,"
July 12, at Pendleton.
Saturday to lose a 530 bill while trad
ing in town. Anyone finding the
money will confer a favor by restoring
it to Its owner, to whom the loss is of
serious oousequenoe.
Lewis Oelss was in town Wednesday
from his farm six mllea east of Pendle
ton. Good oroie are yet In prospect
in hia ne Urhliorhcod. he says, the grain
having apparently suffered but little
from unfavorable winds.
For the convenience of patrons liv
ing at a distance who desire sittings
and cannot get in sooner, we have de-1
cided to remain in u eston until Juiy
10 positively no longer. Ohmart fc
A brains.
W. O. McLaren, former ohaplain of
tha Oregon penitentiary and present
superintendent of the Paolllo Coast
Kesouo and Protective aooiety, gave an
able lecture Sunday evening at the
United Brethren church on "lAin
Shadow on the Pacific Coast." The
lecture waa illustrated by more than
inn views, and has been given in more
than 40 Portland churohe and schools.
The several churches In Weaton dis
missed their congregations, in order
that Mr. McLaren might be given a
good audience.
Dr. Smith was called Monday morn
ing to the Blue Mountain sawmill to
atteud a young man named Welcher,
who austalned a fracture of both bones
of the left leg In a logging accident.
Ralph Sating baa attracted the ad
miring plaudits of neighbors on north
Water street by personally painting
his cottage in colonial yellow, with
trimmings of bungalow brown.
The International Bible Students an
nounce a free bible lecture by Prof.
Paul Johnson, a converted Hebrew, to
be given next Sunday at 2:30 p. m. at
Weston opera house.
Motor car service to all points, day
or night. Also livery and feed stab!"
opposite the Lleuallen blacksmith
shop., Lafe McBride. .
Mra. Z. C. Price Is recovering from a
serious attack of pleurisy, which for a
time caused much alarm to . ber
. Fresh bread every morning at the
Weston bakery. W bake each night.
E. B. Zchm.
Tha contract for a half-mile of ditch
ing and pipe-laying along Pine creek
about three miles above town, con
necting the new Poplar Springs res
ervoir with the present intake, was let
Mondav evening at a spools! meeting
of the city council.
Six bids were submitted, snowing a
wide diversity of views on the part of
the bidders as to the probable cost of
the yvork. These ranged from 421.2o,
the price at which the contract was
let, to no less man a.-uuu. jiney were:
Frank Fawcett & Co., Pendleton,
421.26.. ,
Contractor worlln, jewiston, oo.
Schnltxer & Thoeney, Weston, 5606.
Charlea Van Hoy, Weaton, 32 oent
per running foot.
J. U. r ran K ti in, vau naun,
O'Rourke Bros., Walla Walla, 2000.
Six-inch steel pipe will be laid, and
has already been received by the city.
The contract specifies that the work
must begin by July 1st and be com
pleted on or before the first of August.
Herndon. Pa. Pretty pink toes and
the ambition of a snapping turtle
nearly caused the drowning of Ma
Leaser, 18 years old. While swim
ming, Miss Leaser suddenly disap
peared beneath the water, and when
dragged out. a snapping turtle was
found allnglng to her toe.
Kingman, Ind A colt ha been
born on a farm near Romney, which
la minus hia front l?g. Where the
right foreleg should be, there are two
leg about alx Inches long. One of
these haa the foot of a dog and the
other the foot of a calf. The animal
la expected to live.
Meets every Wednesday evening.
J. K. English, C. C. C"lark Wood,
K. of It. A S.
M. .Meet every second and fourth
Saturday in each month. Richard
Morrison, W. M. L. B. Davis, Sec.
WESTON LODGE NO. 58. 1. O. O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening. W
H. Gould. N. G. A. A. Kees, Kec.
Sec; E. O. DeMosH. Fin. Sec.
Meets the flrst and third Saturdays
of each month. Monroe Turner. C.
V. J. J. Beeler, Clerk.
ited Artisans. Meets the tlrst and
third Mondays In each month. Nel
lie Maybee, M. A. Frances C. Wood,
No. 88. Meets the second and fourth
Tuesdays of each month. Anna O'-
Harra. N. G. Odessa Kirkpatrick,
Rec Sec. Lottie Brandt, Fin. Sec.
E. S. Meets the second and fourth
Fridays of each month. Marv E.
Barnes, W. M. Alice F. Price. Sec.
Newly Opened in Reynolds'
Residence, Wee Main
To the People of Weston:
Now is the time to buy your next win
ter's wood. We have contracted for
several hundred cords cut from large
pine trees and are prepared to sell you
wood cheaper than you have bought it
for ten years. We will deliver this
wood, for cash only, to any place in
FIFTY CENTS ($4.50) per cord. Or
ders will be taken at any time and de
livery made as soon as possible.
Weston Brickyard
ggiw Mja
Good Room and Board by the
Week W.00.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Webb
trails marks sad euwrtsiiu oMmisnl r
rr. Send SHalrl. rtMrtM ST SlHSw
KripOoa for PRKI SEARCH Nport
aa IwmwsbUKr. Dutnlnnm
yoa. Our fw hooklrt l-ll Sow. wlww Uiwil
nanrHT. WtitatwUr.
!), SWIFT & GO.
303 Seventh St, Washington, D. C.
t Is I I t
rinc jcwciry
Expert Repairing I
I will appreciate a call when J
you visit Athena.
Hawk's Drug Store
Physician and Surgeon
Office in Brandt building '
Chas. H. Carter
Dan P. Smythe
Carter & Smythe
Op Fer Your
Iritis, h Lirp U I
Don't Fail to See the $4.50 Stand
Table Special in the
ieloss Furniture
and Kodak Supplies
Films Developed
and Printed.
Branch Agency for American Express Money Orders
H. Goodwin
Druggist, Weston, Oregon