The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, May 28, 1915, Image 3

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and cake
10 cfcs.
the. dish at the
Weston Dakcry
r"rh llreail, Cake ami Paatry,
Fine Candica, () Meat at All
Hour, Th W aiicrlallse In
Laxltf ami 1'irly 8uiwm.
ZEI1M the Baker
DupuU luiklii, Main mid WaUr
V Shore ant) Harness
rirwJ next dour,
cigars mMi
ml POCK KT Pool.
Ice Cream
tW Popular Soft Drink
J. B. Farrcns !
Brandt Duildinjr, opjk
site Postoflice.
Good, Fresh Meats
Fih in Season
Cash paid for
Perry & Lundcll
New Groceries
New Notions
New Canvas Gloves
For Men and Women
New Summer Underwear
The Economy Stirs
Physician, and Surgeon
Office In Brandt building
Practice in
all State
and Federal
Qfnee in the Elxm Bulltllng, Milton,
Hour, 9 to 12 and '
Weston Meat
Expert Auto and Gas Engine Repairing
GASOLINE & OIL and accessories"
At-L Work Guaranteed .
I Ohmart A Ahrama, photographers.
Ilrandt llulldlng.
Couklea of all klnde at II nnU lha
dosrn. Waatnn Nakary.
A very nlr picture f Ilia lghlh
trad graduate of Wnlun waa mad
by filimarl Abrama, lha photogra
pher. J. r. Blovar waa In town from Mil
ton Tudy on bualnee connected
with lha proposed organlaatlon of the
Weaton MorcanlU company.
Mr. and Mr. M. J. NorDean hava
gone In Hpokana for a. aeveral wm wllh Ihclr daughter, Mra. tt. U.
Caaliatt and Mlaa Radla NorDean.
J. K. Htanfleld returned Halurday
evening fitun Newport. llrln, where
he attended lha arand loag or ia
Falloaa aa a delegate from lha We.
Inn lodge.
Ohmarl Abrama. lha pholo men.
report lhal Ihelr bulne la Increasing
and lhal Ihey ara wall pleased with
lha palrunage accorded them by pco.
pin uf Weaton.
Frank iTIre, agant of lha Waalon
Warehouse company, haa mada rccnl
purrhaara of wheal aggregating 11.70
bushel, from Athana parties, lla
paid a round dollar per buhU
A ann waa born Hunday morning lo
Mr. and Mra. Herbert Maker at mrir
home In Waalon. Mr. and Mra. J. C.
Yandat war here from Joseph, Ore
gon. lo welcome Ihrlr little grandaon.
Mra. Ilalph Klnnaar of Mlllon and
Mlaa Kthfl launcan of Athena ware
hara Friday avrnlng lo congratulate
their alairr. Mlaa Leola Iunran, upon
her graduation from Weaton High
Tlia I'rndli'lon, Adama. Athana and
Wealmi auto ataga leave Waaton iwlca
dally fr Prndli ton at t a. m. and I p.
m Hound trip. 11.71. Headquarter
al tjoodwli' drug al'ira. A. M. Iloy
Idii, proprietor.
Illllte Mascot!, lha rlavar Portland
iMtnlam who la lo go 14 rounda with
Jockey llennell at I'andlaton June I.
la expected In train al Weelon for Ihla
vent, lla will arrlva hare. It la aald.
aboul the flrat of the month.
II. I Hedrlrk haa leased lha Pur-i-ell
cottage, which b la furnlehlng
and otherwlaa preparing for occupan
cy. Mr. Hedrlrk doea noi deny tnai
he haa found barhelor Ufa a bit too
lonesome, and Intenda aoon to re
nounce II.
I The Kaat Orraronlan report lhal
' Mayor Homer I. Watta of Athena and
Kirki.aiilik or Pendleton, were
arrested Hunday by IVpuly Warden
Jaek VIm-ent for flailing for aalmon
within iM feet of the government dam
near llcrmlaton. contrary lo alate law.
I have temporarily opened my tailor
and barber ehol In the Wheeler bulla
m on Water street. I do all kind
of cleaning, prcawlng and repairing
Hntlafactlon guaranteed or your money
lurk Your ualronage aollclted. It.
I. Iteynaud.
Loren Mnvbee. aa.latant operalor at
the Weelon telephone exchange, hoa
in. tailed a wireless maat on the roof
of the exchange building. Ihua en
abllng him lo get Pacific Coaat new
.o.i ih rlaht tlmo of day from the
circumambient air.
- .n.i Mr. IL. ('. Michael were
thnmn out of their ronveyanco Bun
day In an exciting runaway down Iry
creek hill on the Milton roaa. nrm.
Michael, who waa quite aerloualy In-
lured, waa picked up by a paaalng mo-
torlat and carried to Milton for medl
ral aid.
Un J. D. Plamondon and Mia
Kola Keen motored over from Athena
Hunday. Mlaa Keen haa conaenled to
take part In the plonoera' reunion pro
mn and will give "The Unknown
Speaker." Ihe arlectlon with which he
won aecond prl In Ihe county hlgn
chool conical.
Mr. and Mra, E. K. Oelna. member
of Ihe teaching force of Iho Weaton
ai-honla during the Daat year, ar leav
ing today for California and lie two
fnlra, via Portland and Seattle. When with then- California vUil
i..u xnni.mniatA anendlng part of
Ihelr aummer vacation In Alaaka.
Allen Hrchal haa returned from
Wnahluena, Waah., after accompany
ing Ihe It. A. Dowd to their farm near
that place. Mr. Itlchal any that aa
much rain 'haa apparently fallen
around Waahtucna aa In Ihla aectlon.
and lha wheat outlook would be bright
but for the prevalence of Jim Hill
E. U Clark wnd wife of Momphl.
MlMourl, were vlattlng Monday and
Tueaday at the home of Mr. Clark'
aunt, Mr. I. K. Baring, while on their
way to the Panama-Pacific expoaltlon
by way of Portland and Seattle. Mora
than a. quarter of a century ago Mr.
Clark made hla horn with the Baling
at Weaton. Ho la now a Momphl
auctioneer. ,
Robert E. Smith, a buRlnaaa man of
Roseburg and aecrelary of the State
Taxpayer' league, la acheduled for an
addreaa at the opera houee thla after
noon, beginning at one-thirty o'clock.
He la aald to be "the man who put the
ax In tax," and will tell ua how to re
duce taxation. The meeting la under
the auaplcea of the Umatilla County
Taxpayer' league.
Church people at Pondleton are cir
culating a petition to have J. S. Lan
der retained aa head of the Pendleton
echoola. It having been reported that
hla recent resignation waa eekod for
by the aohool board. "When a few
men on Main atreet and a achool board
can turn down a man like Prof. Lan
dera It la time for tho people to apeak
out," aald the Methodlat mlntater Sun
day from hla pulpit.
It la re port ad thai the Iwe Maal
Knd loagua ball garni proleated by
Athana and llelli on lha ground thai
Mllton-Freewaler uaad an Inallglbln
player, hava both been decided by
I'realilenl Itlcharda In favor of the
prolcstsnls. Thla even up lha league
rare lo a Very light prnpoalllon, with
Athana, and Mllton-Freewaler Had for
flrat place and Weelon and llelli tied
for eH'ond place. Much hinge upon
neat Munday'a is mra Wiwlon will try
ronclualona wllh Mlllnn-Kreewatwr on
the horn ground, and not a local fan
ahould mlaa Ihla ronteal. Il la aura la
be prelty one and bealdea, lha gala !
money la needed. Whether or not
Weaton will be represented In organ
Iscd baaeball another year, depend
largely upon III volume of patron
age eatended till aeaaon. And every
fun will get hi quarter'a worth.
)r. Hmllh'a llllle Kotd runabout
aklddnd and turned turtle Sunday af
ternoon near the J. ('. Turner place
north of town. It waa being driven at
a moderate rale of apced, however,
and when It had been righted It waa
found thai not on of lla orcupanta
had auaialned an Injury. In Ihe car
were Ir. ann Mra. nmim ana ineir
baby boy, and Mr. A. J a me. Mra.
iamea, who waa holding Ihe Smith
young.ter. felt eapeclally relieved to
find that It Beamed to regard the ar
cldent aa of trifling rnnaequence. The
lop of Ihe car waa damaged to aom
extent, and Ihe wind ihlcld (haltered.
The graduating exerclana of Weaton
High arhool, and lha banquet given by
lha Junior rlaaa, were carried out Fri
day evening aa announced In laat
week' Leader. Hpeclal mention la due
ha aplendld addrea delivered by IT,
W. If. Illoaknay of Whitman (College.
Forcefully and eloquently, the apcaker
ai t forth Ihe value of a life of anrvlce.
and lha beauty of a life unepolted by
evil. He Indicated clearly, for th
guidance of Ihe gradualra, th differ
ence between true and falae uccea
In prewnilng Ihe diploma Chairman
J. M. Ilanlater pralaed the work of the
rhool during lh pal year.
A Weaton glee club haa been organ
ised and la practicing choruaea for
the pioneer.' reunion, under the direc
tion of A. W. Lundi'll. rteheareaia are
held Monday and Tueaday evening,
and aurh other evening aa may be
found convenient, at Ihe Methodlat
church. All the alngera In the com
munity have been Invited lo Join the
organlxallon. and to help with their
voice In (welling lh chorua of re
union song.
John tMi'kn. Clark Kelaon and
Harry Collin, veteran ball player of
Pendleton, have gone to Ihe reacu of
the Pendleton liuck. who will be
managed hereafter by Dlckaon. Nel
n n may play at flrat baa. "The Bat
tler." or "Koapy." If you prefer the
latter aobrlquel. I a Weaton product,
having enjoyed the d lull net Ion aome
year ago of playing ball In a Weton
Watta St Iloirer. whoae firm name
la b"Ciminir a household word through
out the count rvaula, were repreaented
at Die Milton liorae (how wllh a (rally
decorated chariot, auitably Inncribfd
ami glowing In the national color.
The .lately equipage wa drawn by
four coal black alel. entered for the
alio bv the Mcllrlile A D Harra Co.
The Saturday Afternoon Club. Wea
ton' progressive ladles' organlxallon.
haa In view the Installation of a tennis
court In a convenient tract on North
Waler street, opposite the residence I
of Dr. Smith. It I expected that work !
alll begin on the court so soon a
more ellled weather permits.
There will lie big doing at the Alh
rna picnic June 4 and ft. acconllng to
the MMiers. Weston will endeavor to
enhance Naiumaya icaiiviiie oy trim
ming !) Oahut-n' suburban crew in
the national xrt.
Notice I hereby given lo delinquent
waler ratcpayt'ra that In all cane
a here the rale has not lieen paid bv
June 10, IIIIS, the supply will lie cut off
at the mains. II. U wiiaon, supi.
Mra. Frank Uarah of Klk City,
Idaho, a girlhood friend and former
schoolmate or bin. i: T. nanwur, is
visiting Mayor and Mr. Harbour at
their home in Weston.
Mra. J. B. Karrens entertained the
Mission socle! v Wednesday afternoon
Quilling constituted the program, and
the refreshment consisted of straw
berry Ice oream.
Miss Ceoile Ilovd. tilargroiind In
structor in the Pendleton schools, will
take further preparation for her work
thW summer at Columbia University,
New York.
Mr. Roy Hyatt and Mlaa Constance
Larson, popular and estimable young
teopleoi tin community, were uniteu
n marriage Wednesday In Pendleton.
MIsa Meryl Kepler, whose musical
talents are well known to Weston peo-
nle. has been elected as a teacher in
the Whitman Conservatory uf Music
Motor ear service to all points, day
or night. Also livery and feed stabln
opposite the Lleuallen blacksmith
hop. Late McBride.
Cast Proelattet, old timer, bowled
through town yesterday with an auto
mobile party en route to the Milton
horse show.
Hie H. CI. Sallngs motored yesterday
to the Milton horse show with Mr. and
Mra. F. H. Long of Athena.
Mrs. Wilms Mlnniok of Irrlgon. Or.,
Is visiting at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. DuPuis.
The O-W. R. & N. Co. will begin
work soon on the new terminal yards
at Pilot Rock Junction.
Mrs. Ida Wetxell of Mabel, Oregon,
Is the guest of Mrs. Orval Uunoan.
See the money to be given away by
Watts & Rogers. Read big ad.
Furnished rooms for housekeeping
may be had from Mrs. Wheeler.
The choicest of chocolates 40o per
pound at Weston JJskery.
Memorial services will be held at
the Baptist church next Sunday at
1:10 o'clock p. m. Everybody Is In
vited to attend, and a special Invita
tion la extended to all old soldiers and
their families. An addreaa will be
given by Rev. Mllo Q. Bentley of Free
water, who la also pastor of the Bap
tist churchea at Weston and Athena.
New Tork. Lillian Pabltck. age 11.
haa been arrested charged with com
mitting It burglaries. A van load of
furniture and other articles which It
la alleged tho child stole haa been re
covered from her homo.
The Saturday Aflarnnn Club hat
eacured the Marahall Houee dining
room for lha flrat day of lh pioneer.
picnic (Friday, June II) and will aarve
a fin chlrken dinner at noon to lh
public, Th object I lo ralae money
for lh club' aeveral actlvltle for
community welfar. Another mean
of fattening (he club exchequer will be
provided by Iho Weston High arhool
atudent whe appeared In th school
play, "Kngaged by Wdneday." Th
hava agreed to give thla amudng lit
tle cumedy again on Saturday after
noon of lh picnic, th proceed lo go
to lh club.
Any help In Ihe line of ratable
from lh people In town or country
for th club dinner, will be thankfully
received. Thoa willing lo donate will
plraaa notify Mra. William MacKemle
or Ihe O'llarra Store. .
The club lately became federated
wllh the Otneral Federation of Wom
en' Club, whoco blannlal council
open at Portland May II, with an
evening reception at lh Multnomah
hotel. Mra. F. D. WatU. prealdent of
th local club, waa honored with an
appointment aa a member of th re
ception committee, and expecta to
leave for Portland Monday, accom
panied by Mr. Minnie Walker.
The eeaalon of th council will be
held at th While Temple and will
continue until lh evening of June t.
June 4 there will b an all-day picnic
at Multnomah Fall.
Washington. D. C Report from
Vienna, Austria, ar thai member of
th Hap.burg family, th royal fam
ily of Auatrla, not Including Emperor
Francla Joseph, purchased In the Unit
ed Slat during February real estate
and American Block to the value of
70.001,0(10 crown, about 117. E00. 000.
Piedmont, W. Va. A family passed
through Piedmont on a Baltimore A
Ohio train laal week consisting of 21
member. The father was 11 year
old, the mother 11 year and
there I
war nine pair of twin.
Fourteen of
the children paaaed free, being under
th age limit
Klrksvllle, Mo. Andy Hunaacker
did not bellevo that he had appendici
tis and when th surgeon operated
he Insisted upon the ua of a local an
aesthetic only. It wa admlnlatered
and Hunaacker watched the operation
closely. Ho had appendicitis, all right.
Violet, Texas Joe Hoelscher died
here laat week, aged 85. left twelve
children tha combined weight of
whom la 1010 pound, or an averago
of 265 pounds each. ' Thee twelve
heavy weights have IS children and (1
Chicago. A clever Jeweler here has
ucceoded In engraving tho entire
Lord's prayer upon the head of a pin.
Brooklyn. Laat Christmas Rev. W.
L Davidson received a gallon can of
what he thought waa oil for hla auto
mobile. I .est week he decided to lu
bricate. The car ran three blocks and
slopped. Mr. Davidson went homo to
:eal the OIL It looked good. He tast
ed t. It wa maple airup.
Dale Roth well
Optical Specialist
I give all my time to the fit
ting ana grinning oi glasses, i
have practiced in Pendleton six
years. All work guaranteed.
American Nat'l Bank Bid.
Pendleton Oregon
Dr. Farnsworth
Phone or write for
an appointment.
Temple Building
Pendleton Oregon
Dr. J. G. McMATH
Office one block north of the bank
Phone S21
Local Lodge Directory
Meets every Wednesday evening.
J. R. English, C. C. Clark Wood,
K. of R. & S.
WESTON LODGE NO. ftf, A. F. & A.
M. Meets every second and fourth
Saturday In each month. Richard
Morrison, W. l. U u. avts, aec
Meets every Thursday evening. W.
H. Gould, N. G. A. A. Kees, Reo.
Sec; E. O. DeMoss, fin. Sec.
Meets the first and third Saturdays
of each month. Monroe Turner, C.
C J. J. Heeler, Clerk.
tted Artisans. Meets the first and
third Mondays in each month. Nel
lie May bee, M. A. Frances C. Wood,
No. 88. Meets the second and fourth
Tuesdays of each month. Anna O'-
Harra. N. G. Otlessa Klrkpatrlck,
Reo. See. Lottie Brandt, Fin. See.
E. S. Meets the second and fourth
Fridays of each mom h. Mary E.
Barnes, W. M. Alice F. Price, Sec.
To be Given Away to Our Customers
In change.
All the talk about "Cash Store" brings out a sentiment that is very
gratifying to us. "Them's our sentiments tew,"
So here goes: All cash purchases for shelf hardware and store goods
now to be one-tenth off. Nine cents pays for a ten cent article; 45 cents pays
for a 50 cent article; 90 cents pays for a dollar bill, and $9.00 pays for a
110. 00 article or total bill.
We want our food to be of such value to you that you will come back again and again.
Now watch our amoke during Pioneer Picnic week. Some people will go home richer than the
came. You may amile, but thia kt true.
The new store subscriptions have passed the $20, 000 mark. And that
means A GO.
We got tired fixing op for Milton Hone Show- good night
Waffe & Rogers
PottBtown. Pa. Irvln Hlllebeltt I
haa filed a claim of 1400 against the
estate of the lato Mary E. Frttx for
services In nursing her during her Isat
Illness. Inasmuch ss Irvln was en
gaged to Mlas Flits the executors of
her estate refuse to pay on the ground
that hi service were contributed as
a labor of love.
Iho County Court of the State of
Orrgon for Cmatllla County.
In the Matter of the Estate of Eliza
beth Prlne (sometime called Ellxa
Prlne), Deceased.
To Frank Prlne. Mrs. Cora McDuff
and John Prlne. heirs at law of Eliz
abeth Prlne (sometime called Eliza
Prlne), Deceased:
In the Name of the State of Oregon.
Tou, and each of you. are hereby cited
and required to appear In and before
the County Court of the State of Ore
gon for Umatilla County, at It o'clock
In the forenoon on the 14th day of
June, 1 915. In the County Court room
in the Court House of Umatilla County,
then and there to show cauae. If any
exist, why aald County Court ahould
not make an order directing and au
thorising E. O. DeMoss. as administra
tor of the above named estate, to sell
the real property thereof particularly
described as Lots numbered 11 and 11.
in Ulock numbered 6, In the City of
Weston. Umatilla County, Oregon, for
the purpose of paying expense of ad
ministration and the dvbt preaented
and allowed of and against said estate.
Thla citation Is Issued pursuant to
order of the above entitled County
Court made and entered In the above
matter on May tth. HIS.
Witness the Honorable Chas. H.
Marsh. Judge of said County Court and
the Seal of said Court hereto attached
on this 10th day of May. 1915.
( Srl of ) FRANK BALING.
(County Court) Clerk.
Fine Jewelry
Expert Repairing
I will appreciate a call when 2
you visit Athena.
Hawk's Drug Store
Ice Cream
t rmle Miiurkl iuM cotyV Mftim4 or mm I
H ( aw4 auxlvl. tkttohm mr phuto. sad I
H MHptfcM tor FRtg SEARCH sad rapart
Ij aa pateatablUtr, aak ntfvraaeaa
M yoa. Oar rnabaokMa tell kow, what wlamM
sal as ra iaaar. Wrtl todajr. I
H 303 Seventh SL, Wsihington, P.C f
ml .ay aaa-aVai'' a. n'ri'..1''i
At 2:30 p. m. en,
Admlfteno 25c.
Grand Stand Free to Ladieiand Their Escorts
Butter Wrappers
Furnished and Printed at the Leader office
Sixty (minimum) $0 75
One hundred 1 00
Two hundred 1 50
Each additional hundred 0 30
"I'll buy at the y
My Davenport Chairs
Rugs Dressers
Beds Mattress
Kitchen Articles Tables
Where I can get the NEWEST at a price within
my reach and prepare my home for Picnic."
May 30