The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, May 07, 1915, Image 2

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    Are If Going?
Why, fishing:, or camping, or hunting, or
autoing or anywhere that you will need
lunches. We have everything that is eata
ble, and can assure you of something nice
for a lunch.
And don't forget that we have a nifty
line of Men's Furnishings Summer Hats,
Caps, Gloves, Underclothes, Outing Shirts
and Light Summer Shoes.
STRAWBERRIES, Green Peas and
New Spuds are the new additions to our
vegetable counter which holds many appe
tizing green goods for the table.
3U L O'Harra
(Phone Main 241)
WtLUAA JfacKEKZIE, Preside
J. IL PRICE. Vic PruMtal
E. H. SAITO. Cashier
E. L BLOMGREN. Aunts Cashier
Established 1891
The Farmers Bank of Weston
are being founded every day upon small saving
from alender incomes.
The savings fond, started today and built upon
faithfully, creating eventually a working capi
tal; then investment directed with the good
judgment which the savings bank implants
thus destinies are wrought.
Your working capital can be built safely ai
surely by depositing your savings in this ban
DIRECTORS William MacKeniie, Dr. F. D. Watts, Joseph Wurzer,
G. W. Staggs, J. H. Price, J. C. Price, E. 14. Smith.
Wall Paper " House Lining
Wall Paper
Spring Styles
8 cts. to $1.00 per Double Roll
House Liniug
Wall Paper
CURK WOOD, Pablbhtr
an tffort to settle the Autro-8rvln
dispute, and that Germany did actually
Invade Belgium. The German chancel
lor 'a oft-quoted ofllelat utterance on
August 4lh last agaif become per
tinent: 1
Gentlemen, we are now In a slate
of necessity, and necessity knows no
law I Our troops have occupied Lux
emburg, and icrhapa are already on
Beliilan soiU Gentlemen, that is con
trary to the dictates of International
law. It ia true that the French gov
ernment has declared at Brussels that
r"rance is willing to respect the neu
trality of Belgium aa long as her oppo
nent respect It, We knew, however,
that Krenco stood ready for the in
vasion. Prance could wait, but we
could not wait. A French movement
upon our flank upon the lower Rhine
might have been disastrous. So we
were compelled to overrule the just
protests of the Luxemburg and Bcl
srian arovernmenta. The wrong-!
speak openly that we are committing
we win etHteavor to make good aa soon
aa our military goal has been reached.
Anybody who is threatened aa we are
threatened, and is righting for his high
est possessions, can have only one
thought how he ia to hark his way
The German mlrld ia studious, inquir
ing, analytical, with passion for re
search and fact-seeking. Very well.
Let it seek and produce the facts to
show that Germany was "threatened"
by England and that "Franc stood
ready for the invasion" of Belgium.
Otherwise the neutral world will be
prone to believe that it ia a mind ob
sessedthat the most colossal, the
moat disastrous, the most terrible con
flict in history waa of pyehol.gical
origin in the tragic delusion of a peo
ple. "Militarism" will no longer ex
plain it, since the whole of Germany,
prepared for any and every sacrifice, ia
devotedly back of the kaiser, his army
and his government.
That the war has but begun, that
Uars for years may continue to work
his bloody will, is now a sinister prob
ability. Germany haa failed in her ag
gressive campaign, but will he well-
nigh inconquerable in the defense of
her own soil. Mesnwhile the utmost
circumspection, the most tolerant good
nature, become the constant duty of
thia republic and its people. In view
of Italy's probable participation, and
Japan's ultimatum to China, the mer
est spark may yet involve us in a
world-wide holocaust.
MmiUIihii Dra 0h Mat U Kill fem
ale!, Tknwfk htUM Errtrt.
Leapt SUaslaf
Mllioii-Freeeater 4
Weston 3
Alliens 3
Helix 3
Lufttl Scertt
Helix . Weston 4.
Athena 4, Mllion-r'rcewater I.
Rut Jmi4t Camn
Helix at Weston, S: p. in.
Allien at Mllton-r'retr.
Although the Columbia river has
been opened, we are glad to note that
the Celilo celebrants from Weston
were tactful enough not to regard this
as an invitation to drop in.
A Philadelphia scientist asserts that
roses fall in love, and we are not sur
prised to note that the confirmed bach
elor rose leaves so early In the spring,
The Republicans themselves have
eliminated Governor Whitman of New
York aa a presidential possibility, and
the Democrats will do the rest in 1918.
Striclv in Aifbtnct
The Year l 50
Six Months 0 75
Vmr Months 0 50
Per Inrli per month fO 50
Per inch, one insertion 30
Iworals, iter line each insertion 05
MAY 7, 1915
Estate1 at Ins petteflkt st Wtilen. Ortges,
m Mtead-clssi awll sutler.
facts rasas usatno.
There can be no further question
tnat tne entire Oerman people are a
unit in believing that their beloved
Fatherland is prosecuting a righteous
war for the defense of its integrity.
Further, that they firmly and earnestly
That Russia is in the war to acquire
Meditteranean port and to bring
about a Pan-Slavic onion.
That France is in the war as Rus
sia's ally, and to preserve its security
as Russia's greatest creditor nation.
The desire of France to re-acquire its
lost provinces, Alsace-Lorraine, is re
garded even in Germany as purely incidental.
That England is in the war to crush
Germany as its commercial, naval and
military rival, and has constantly eon-
spired to that end itntil the hour was
ripe to strike. In the German view
there would have been no war bad net
England supported and encouraged
Russian mobilization.
In Germany no bitterness is felt
toward France and Russia. Intense
hatred shared by every German of
whatever degree, politics or religion
ia felt toward England.
The arguments set forth in the Ger
man propaganda now so actively dis
seminated on thia side of the water are
plausible, almost convincing. One is
de to feel that the Germans are
wholly sincere in asserting that they
were compelled to fight and are fight
ing for their national existence. How
ever, it is possible for a man or nation
to be sincere and yet be mistaken.
What the neutral, disinterested and
dispassionate observer requires is
proof, not assertion.
The Germans being painstaking and
thorough, and possessing the finest
intelligence bureau ever known, may
eventually be able to furnish this proof
before the moving causes of the great
war are finally set down in history.
Convincing evidence that France and
England were plotting to violate the
neutrality of Belgium will go ' far
toward supporting the German conten
tion. Meanwhile the evidence is with
the allies, in that Germany ignored
their invitation to unite with them in
Data si Mrs. trai Wuui Dcaqt sey.
Mrs. Bessie Winn Dcmpsey. wife of
Mr. PUllman Dempsey a teacher In
the Tckoa. Washington, schools and
daughter of Mrs. A. (J. Winn of Wes
ton, died May 1, IIS. at S:10 a. m.
In 8t Mary's hospital at Walla Walls,
after a few weeks' Illness.
Mrs. Dempsey was bom July S
1SS7, and until her recent msrrtacc
had resided from girlhood on the Winn
farm near Weston. She waa an es
timable and lovable young woman
possessing many grace of heart and
mind, and a host of friends unite In
the sorrow of those bereft by her
death. She wss a graduate of the
Eastern Oregon State Normal Hchool,
and had also been a student at Wash
ington State Cotlege. She as a mem
ber .of the church, whore
the funeral services were conducted
Tuesday afternoon In the presence of
a large congregation. A feeling aor
mon waa preached, by Elder John
Bonewlts from the text:
"Set thine house In order, foe. thou
shalt die and not live."
The last words of Mrs. Dempsey
had been committed to paper, and
were read by the minister. They were
embodied In the following prayer
which she uttered sbout 20 minutes
before she passed away:
Dear God, what have I done to
suffer so? O Saviour. If It la possible,
let this cup of death pass from me. It
Is appointed once for every man to
choose between life and death. If this
hour Is to be my last, dear Saviour,
save me, save me.
I feel as though my life work Is
not finished, but Thou knowest best
Not my will, but thy will, be done.
Dear Father, there la my dear hus
band. Dear Ood, guide and direct him
through his life work. I love him so.
And my dear mamma. Dear Ood,
bless and keep her.
'Save me, save me, and take me to
Says the Litchfield (III.) News-
Herald: Not toner ago a man came
Into thia office and stopped his paper
because he said it waa always print
ing a lot of things about the same peo
ple and he aald he was sick of it Now
when something goes wrong with the
country the government appoints a
commission to Investigate and find out
what is the matter, and the first thing
a commission Investigates Is the man
who made the holler to see If the hol
ler waa a reasonable holler. So we
appointed s commission consisting of
ourselves to Investlgste thia man. We
Just followed the man's career ever
since we knew him. The first thing
that happened to that man was that
he waa born, but he had nothing to
do with It However, we mentioned
him, although hla parents were enti
tled to the credit When he was In
his early twenties he got married.
We mentioned that. Including the
name of the bride, the preacher, etc.,
In fact we mentioned everything but
the preacher's fee, which was not
worth mentioning. We never men
tioned the fact that he .never won any
premiums at the county fair, because
he never exhilbted anything. We
never mentioned his name In the list
of committees, because he never at
tended anything. , We never mentioned
his nsme in the list of donors, Be
cause he never donated aa much aa a
doughnut We certainly have been
treating this man shamefully, but we
will agree to run a nice obituary when
the time comes.
The Helix Jsckrsbhlts (liunnlos for
hortl have evened to be timid Itltl
snltnals. and Sunday last turned fero
rlousty upon the Weston Mountslneors.
whom thoy trimmed In nine inning
of nnmlescrlnt bast-ball.
The nomlssvrlDt baseball was fur
nished by Weston, Helix pulling up
nifty exstntile of the national sport
While rarmer O'Msrra works better
on a hot clay, and the wintry atmos
phere Uat Hiindsy was not to his Ilk
In, he nevertheless held the ftsbini
to three scattering hits. Ilsaehall lur
decreed thst these should mine with
men on bases. glvn life and hone by
the blunders of Weal una Infield. It
a perfectly gd inneiii. nw, cmim-ie-n
and groomed with much pnlns by ths
Weston mscnale, but hsd an off day
Fverv man Jack of It erred more r
less except Illomgrrn the Swede, wh
supplied the stiver lining to the dark
some cloud and whatever other eon
solatlon wss In order. The Swede
a nice little consoler. ,
Tho Mountaineers garnered no li
thsn eleven full-fledged swsls FUI
ford. M. Turner snd Kennsrd starring,
with the stick which should be
enough to win slmost any old bal
game. It wasn't enough st Helix
however, for the rcaann hereinbefore
coaently staled. ' Tho lliinnles slao
connected quite freely with ramie
O'ltnrra's slants, but were not hilling
safety, and their efforts would have
gone for naught hsd the Tea Klilge
slabster been accorded belter support
They sre herewith warned of more
skillful irsntitng when they come to
Weston next Sunday.
The game waa almost a constant
Iswfeet. with lit-tlx leading the Jaun
diced conversation. and t'mplr
Sharp never hsd a dull moment. I'm
plr balling must be a fsmlllsr sport
In Ksbbltvllle. Don't keep It up, our
bucolic friends, until Helix you
Irry Mitchell made his debut In
center field In a Weslun uniform and
pulled down a high one In pleasing
fashion. He hss the lok snd action
of an accomplished ball looser.
We are Indebted to Mr. Sidney
Parties for the sppended grewsome
Isle of the tragedy:
Wrsion ah K ll in
Hlomgi-en 2b a I I 2
Ku I ford 31 4 I
Kennsrtl m 5 I
Mitchell cf & 0
Wood e 4 0
M. Turner rf 4 0
F. Turner lb 4 0
Smith rf... 4 1
3 0
O'lisrrs p
Mills If.
3 2
2 2
0 I
1 .1
2 1
0 J
1 I
I 0
M 4 11 27 II t
a i
Thome e tt 1
H.Thome 2li 4 0
lirvao as 4 0
M Thome p 3 0
J mid cf 4 0
Clark lb 4 2
Oelsi rf 4 2
Pierce 3b 4 0
H Pi I
II 0
3 27 6 1
37 6
Seen lr Inolnfs
Weston I 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 1-4
Helix 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 1 2
Stolen base Hlomgren, Fulford.
Two-base hits Turner, fierce.
Hase bits off O'Harra 3, Thome
fierce a.
Struck out by O'Harra 4, Thorn 0,
i'lerce J.
Hit batsmen Smith, C. Thome.
Umpire, Sliarpe; scorer, H. Barnes.
They say that I am worthless and
guess, at least, I be: 'cause kids and
other people'a dogs they all shine up
to me. While decent men Is scram-
blin' to nail a dollar down I spend the
best part of my time In aimless ram
blln' roun", I pity lots of well-dressed
folk thst coolly psas me by; the wearl
ness that's on their Hps, the pain that's
In their eye. In winter, lust a corner
near to some one else's fire; In summer-time
a patch of shade's the top
of my desire. A gun when fall winds
whistle, a pole when fishes bite; three
meals, or less If need be, and a place
to sleep at night To turn a little fa
vor for a stranger or a pal, to get a
tender smile from a youngster or a
gal; to grin with them that's grinning,
and weep with them that weep, to
never mind my enemlea and like my
friends a heap, to never hurt a wo
man's heart nor do a man a wrong-
ask for nothing else except to drift
and loaf along. Exchange,
j (No. m)
The Farmers' Hank of Weston, at Was
ton. In th Stat of Orejjw. at the
e itaanr business msj
Dr. J. G. McMATH
Office on block north of the bank
Electric Treatments Given
Phone 521
In the county Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Matter of the Estate of Mary
J. Powers, Deceased..
To all whom it may concern: No
tics Is hereby given that Hettle Powers
Is the duly sppolnted, qualified and
acting administratrix of the estate of
Mary J. Powers, deceased, and all per
sons having claims against said estate
are hereby required to present the
same, with proper vouchers attached
thereto to said administratrix at her
home In Weston, Oregon, within six
months from tho Uth day of April,
Administratrix of the Estate of Mary
J. Powers, Deceased.
fastis snd discounts ....
Momls and warrants
hanking house
Furniture and fixture...
Other real estate uwned
lu from approved reserve
Check aim other cash Item
Cash on hand.
Other resources
Capital stock paid In
uri'ius num..
ttmlivMed prolUa
Due to banks and bankets
Individual deposit subject
lo check
Demand certificate or de
posit ;
Time certlneate of deposit
Hills payable for money bor
rowed .,
lllll.MO W
12, im m
J.MHI 00
87,0otl 75
11, M0 M
Itl5 Ml
MIO 51
2.7H5 M
1 4ft
ilw'i'jt 81
Nature. Pood
f.,r horses and tattle I th grasa thai
grow im meailiiw and hill. Th next
f , K1, (KM) 00 bt thing ' Clean, nay na
IIUMi to ; fd that rome from cur milt. Vhrt
K,4kl INI , you need rolled ifraln f the rlpht sort
iit .m i ..- l ..... st.ur In fin fU
I tie, look lor mir sign nd Hi good
iH.4f4 Wlthltm f.'r for uur dumb rvsnl
1 slot vd In our bins. W hsndl Ktesm
SA'W l I Kollcd Hsrley, Ost nd Wheat; JJalrd
2,CUi7 03 May, Mlllstuff and t'hltkn Feed.
We're hcl sgenls for I'esotfk Flour
and lllatrhfoH'sCalf Meal. I'hoitslMl.
Stat of Oi
5,000 00
f IK4.SM 31
if tireeon, J
County of Umatilla,
I. K. M. Smith. Cashier, oi in
above-named bank, do solemnly swear
thst the Ih.v ststement Is true to the
best of my knowledge- ami belief.
K. M. SMITH, Cashier.
Wm. Mai'Kknkik,
Sul'scritied ami sworn to before me
this 6th day of Msy. I'M.
K. I- HlOMiiHKN,
(Skai.) Notary 1'ublic.
fraetleea In H Htate
and Federal
I will rsrefully look after your lis
In the Wvst.m cemeteries for a rt-oson.
able fee. J. U Fuson.
I). K. WOOD the Feed Man
Dr. Farnsworth j
Thou or writ for
an appointment.
Tempi Uuiktinsj
Pendleton Oregon
Oltlc In the Klsm Hulldlng, Milton,
Hours. Bio 12 and I toft
It's a Great Satisfaction
to thl Arm to see our store trwliig so rapidly, to see hundred of
new fsce and friends among out petrous. It is our conftdene lo
our method and our merchandise that will Inspire us on to a blf
ger sml better store. We have demonstrated within the last few
months the great principle of economy In a cash system, It means
economy not only in buying, but economy right down the line.
The tDWF.K of CASH 1 evidenced lo you In our I.OW
PRICKS, ami behind each purchase stands our Ironclad guarantee of
Satisfaction or Money Back
- ... nr-tr "iT-f-- ...... r m:mmrmatmimMmnmammm
To the People of Weston:
Now ia the time to buy your next winp
tor's wood. We have contracted for
several hundred cords cut from largo
pine trees and arc prepared to sell you
wood cheaper than you have bought it
for ten years. We will deliver this
wood, for cash only, to any place in
B'IFTY CENTS ($4.60) per cord. Or
ders will be taken at any time and de
livery made as soon as possible.
Weston Brickyard
Expert Auto and Gas Engine Repairing
GASOLINE & OIL and accessories
All Work Guaranteed
and Kodak Supplies
Films Developed
and Printed.
Branch Agency for American Express Money Orders
H. Goodw
. Druggist, Weston, Oregon