The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, March 12, 1915, Image 4

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tan, Ml Kmm af ajmtort.
t pat. Write tar ral S S. rtWIUna, .
I tarf Km Trad Weak. Swata, JLi
. i a, ranlaaa. gnw,
Paiim In eed aware ar"""-
I aa, tt aarr latt
kubtar8tuM fwIVaN Bovh. stadee that-
Writ vwn mar a mi
I mm aua, rmxLtm, mmm
"S.eoe ferad far eartala
mlloaa. "Mew eaObwl
hi In end mrt ete-e lor free
rwr m w. p.iiui.uitT. r;;
tula. I034r.."l""
f . Ml -"" XK-0
a. mmu4 mow r r rni. ro. mm
fawfawiir. hw we ai
a r- Teiea.
r fa k4 rr,t.ta" muhc ef Traa.l Jkh
ateel v. Iran.
' For worn purpose iron to to U
"rferrd to suet and vie vara. To
, easily distinguish one from the other,
,raake a bright spot on the metal with
a file or eand paper and apply a single
arop of nitric acid. Allow it to r
V main tor on or two minute and wash
ar wipe off. II the apot hu a pale
t ashy appearance It la wrought Iron;
If It la a brownish black. It ta aUel;
1 tt ft deep black. It la eaat Iron.
Fully Prepared.
" "How la this. Herr Zwelsokef Toa
bava tot your room toll of oleandera
and other tropical planta, and a tele
phone, I see." "Ton see I hire been
asked to compose a poem oa spring,
that la why I hare had a telephone
laid on the pablle park to enable me to
listen to the aiming of the bird."
Der Flon..,- ? ,. , . ,
Benefit In Comradeship. .
Half the difficulty of Bchtlog any aa
vere battle or accomplishing any hard
task raaishes when a man feels that
be baa comrades at his aide lighting In
the same cause, so that the eyea of
those ke loves are upon him. and their
feearta praying for his rictory. C J.
. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets first
pot up 40 years ago. " They regulate
and invigorate stomach, liver ana bow
els. Sugar-coated tiny granule. -
Above Them All. -Homan
"One of the waiters at this
place waa formerly a duke, one of the
chefa waa a count and the bellhop
waa a prince." Ryontoo "I suppose
the manager waa formerly a king or
mperorr Homaa "No; he waa a
milk wagon driver." New York San.
A Slight Dlfternce.
First Father "WhatT Tonr son la
an undertaker? Why, I thought you
- said he was a doctor." Second Pater-
" nal Relative "No; I said that be fol
- "lowed'tha medical profession." Har
vard Lampoon.
Early Slave-Holdlna State.
- -. Maryland waa an early alavfrsold-
i inr colony, for In 164J Governor Cal-
' vert bargained with a certain ship
': master for the delivery of 11 African
; "alavea." t''- ' ';
Important Accessory, Anyhow.
The automobile people to the con-
' trary notwithstanding, the best spark
1 lng device continues to bo a sot, with
the lights turned low. Judge.
It la odd that the man who apeak
without thinking la the one most apf
to aay what he thinks
Sometime it's an opportunity that
nocks. Oftener It's only a man.
f.Isst Skia TitsIa
, Hesily Overcenje
The ActiVe Principle of a
Famous Remedy Works
" ' . Wonders.
Vaay popl har surrcM the wti
8. S. OTweoma Un trooblea. Tb z
plaaatloa to tk tact that 8. 8. . work
la tbt blood and tha blood 1 roallj a aioil
tntrlcata sad cztrsordlnary suss at srtcrlca
sad vela.
Whn yoa com to realm that ta kls
sad U sash kBatli ar eonposcd of s
aatwork 9i ttay blood voaels yea solve tat
aijratery. -
Tbtr are wonderful meitdoal propcrttai
la & & B. that follow th coon t th
blood stream Just a naturally a tb awst
aoorlshlnc lood alemanta.
It I really s remarkable reoedr. It
eoatalo on IngTWHent, tb aetleo purpoof
at which is to Umulat tb tiaauea to the
healthy eleetfoa ot Its owa oaaeotlal sotrl
awnt. Aad th medicinal alementa ot thla
Batchlaa blood purifier ar J cut a aeaea
nal to well-balanced health ae tb aatrl
Uou elenenta of the meat. graJa, fat
and eura-a of our dally food.
Not oa drop of mineral or drugs Is need
hi It preparation. Aik for 8. 8. B. sad
luit laelit upon bavins It And If joa de
li r aklllful adrle and connect opoa anr
matter concern lef th blood and ekln, writ
to th Medical Department. Tb Swift
Sped CV, 62 Swift Bldr.. Atlanta, Oa.
IX a at allow come sealoae cierk'l elo-
foeeee ovw omtblna "Joat as rood" a;
8 B. t fool you with th old
mineral dmf. Beware of alt subMltatea
lunl apoa o. B. A.
T. tt, V.
No. 11. WIS
! tr-HW WfWa, t
e no.
Cash "'ape's Dlapepeln" Digests 000
grains food, ending an etomaen
mleery In five mlnutea.
Time It In five minute all atom
aca distress will go. No Indignation.
henrtburn, iminii or blphlng of l,
acid, or rectationa of aiuiisvatwl '""J
no dlulneea. bloaUag. foul breath or
headache. .
Pa no a DlaMDsIa Is noted for Its
speed la regulating upset stomachs,
it i iha auroaL autckeet stomach rem
edy In the whole world and beeldea It
le harmless, rut an ena w
trouble forever by getting a large
nfiMBt raaa of Pane a ptapepsia
from any drug store. Toa realise in
rive mlnutea bow needlesa It to to Buf
fer from IndliresUon. dyspepsia or aay
atomach disorder. Itw the aulcaeat.
surest and most barmleaa stomaca
doctor la the world.
i f ,-
Te Remove let '
Eouat narta of ammonia and turpen
tine will take paint out of clothing, no
matter how hard or dry It la. Satur
ate apota two or threo times, men
wash In warm soapsuds.
Wan a nice, and otherwise attrao-
tire, girl la a social failure because ot
her poor completion. If you, too, are
embarrassed by a pimply, blotchy, un
sightly akin, resinol will probably
clear it Just try resinol soap and
resinol ointment regularly for a week
and seo It they do not mske a blessed
difference la your akin. Sold by all
druggists. Prescribed by doctors tor
20 years for moat akin troubles. Adv.
His Preference.
The women rd rather llvo on bread
and water than on charity.
The tramp Tea, mum: mere a no
accountln' fer taate. Fhiiadeipnia
Its Class.
"How would you classify this sys
tematized church-choir workf
-Why not rank it witn organises, la
bor T" Baltimore American.
Plneflah Haa "Pockst"
The pipefish, aa It to called, from
the length of Its jsws, haa a pocket on
the under aide ot its body nearly half
Its length. It la found In the mala
speelea only, and to tha only part ot
Its body which Is unprotected by large
Sat plates, which take tha place of
aealea In its protective armor. In thla
pocket the young Oah are carried very
similar to the way tha kangaroo car
lie Its young.
Damaged Goods.
Kate So Alice broke her engage
ment with Jack because the doctor
aaid he had a tobacco heart.
Marie Yea. and I dont blame her.
What girl wants a husband that dam
aged by smoke? Boston Transcript
Clinton Place, Kansas t
ito. writes: "I cannot
thank yon enough for being cured.
For eeven. long year 1 doctored
steadily for my catarrh and cough,
which cost ma hundreds of dol
lars. But my catarrh grew worse
all the time. . Even though I was
under the treatment of aoroe of
the most famous doctors. I still
had a terrible cough and tnougnt
sometimes that I would choke.
I could get no air. I then
bought a bottle of Peruna. and
that evening and all night my
wife gave It to me according
to the directions, and I felt bet
ter the f olio win r day already.
Three days later I felt much Im
proved, and today, after the use
of tha fourth bottle. I feel en
tirely cured. I can consden
Uoualy reeommend this grand
medicine to every citizen."
A Good Cough Tablet.
There are people who object
to taking fluid medicines. For
such people the Peruna Tablets
are especially valuable. They
are convenient to carry to tha
pocket. ' . .
Taking No Chances.
At a Scotch watering place one sum
mer, Macpherson waa found stretched
In a contented mood on tha sands,
puffing his old pipe. "Come on, Mac"
said his companion, who had just come
from town, "let's go for a sail." "Ka,
na," replied Macpherson, slowly shak
ing his head, 1 haa had a guid din
ner at tha cost 'o three and saxpence,
an' I'm takln' no rinks."
. Lesson From tha Lily.
How easily wa lose poise, swept by
the current of life! Our root to not
deep enough. Consider tha illy rest
ing on the face of tha waters, Its roots
far below. How serene It rides tha
ripples, and how confident It haa
sought tha light, that Its life may ex
pand therein above the turbulence of
tha waves! Trinities and 8anctlUes.
Duty Ever Present,
A sense of duty pursues us aver.
It to omnipresent, like the Deity. If
wa take to ourselves the wings of tha
morning and dwell In the uttermost
parts ot the sea, duty performed or
duty violated to still with ua, for our
happiness or our misery. Daniel Web
ster. ' - ' '" ' . ',
Out for tha Dollars.
"I hear Rev. Mr. Sharps Intends to
resign from the ministry." "Ye. Ha
says there to no money in marrying
people, so he Intends to practice law
and divorce them."
10 CENT ASCAn-trS'
For Sick Headache, Sour Stomach,
' 8lugglah Liver and Bowels They
work while you sleep.
Furred Tongue, Bad Taste, Indiges
tion, Sallow Skin and Miserable Head
aches come from a torpid liver and
clogged bowels, which causa your
stomach to become filled with undi
gested food, which sours and ferments
like garbage in a swill barrel. That's
the first step to untold misery indi
gestion, foul gasea, bad breath, yellow
skin, mental fears, everything that to
horrible and nauseating. A Cascaret
tonight will give your constipated
bowels a thorough cleansing and
straighten you out by morning. Tbey
work while you sleep a 10-eent boi
from your druggist will keep you feel
ing good for months.
Th Now Procatt, it is
Claimed. Will Malta
Largo Guns Useless.
Anothar of th sarlaa of xnrtmaU to
l.l.rmlna th rMlallna Power oj a i
tain rlaaa of armor wa recently conduct
,ri with aitramelv aatlefaclorv rwaulta.
Fortification built of thla metal might
he mad Indeatrurtlbl and It would be
uaeloaa ta bombard them.
It I alao ueeleaa to try to mah a u
In lit If handicapped by poor health.
row lark th strong ta and lamia Bes-
aary te win.
In th majority of Of poor neaiio.
t.rnia.h irouhl la th real cauee: out
thla can b corrected be careful diet and
th aioletanc of Huatetter' Htomaoh
ti i . - ..u atrMntflhanl and hellia
th dlceatlv fum-tlmia and when the. food
la properly dleted, trenth and re
aewtd visor I seat couroliMI through lh
ntir ayetem.
Th proper time for action I when you
notice the rtret rmtoma of wvoaneaa,
u.-o aa loos of appetite, headache, Mt
m. k-r.hurn. dour etomarh. Imliaea-
Hen or roneitpatlon and by roaortlnc to
tloatettcr Htomacn Ultiero you ran nwp
V.111M miiau. them. IkelaV only astro-
Tto matters and protons your suiir-
kbi a Vmtil. homo with you today bet
eea that th atatup over in aoca w i
It alwara gives ma pleasure to rec
ommend anything that Is right and ao
l feel It my duty to boraid taa praises
of Dr. Kilmer a swamp isooi.
For years I wss troubled with kid
aey disesse and It was so Intense that
I waa bedridden for daya at a time,
t gave up all hope aud doctors tor
miles around gave me no help. Inct
dentally I tried several pstent reme
dies and at last tried swamp-ttoot.
From tha first It gave me relief and
it waa no time before I was able to ha
up and around and now I am perfectly
well and able to work as I used to be
fore mv terrible alrknpss.
. So now . let me uiaruc you tor your
wonderful discovery and take thla op
portunity to recommend it to au who
tuffer from kidney troubles.
Tours very truly.
Hope, Ark.
Subscribed snd sworn to before nie.
this 25th day of March, 1311.
A. V. WARE. Notary Public.
Welch. Ark.
Letter to
Dr. K timer Co.
mnahamton, N.T.
Prove What Swamp-Root WTI Do for Voa
Send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer A Co,
Binghamton. N. T- for a sample site
bottle. It will convince anyone. Toa
will also receive a booklet of valuable
information, telling about tha kidneys
and bladder. When writing, be aura
and mention this paper. Regular
titty-cent and one-dollar sue bottles
tor sale at all drug stores.
"A waist for a salesgirl" to describ
ed by a fashion writer. But In what
respect does a salesgirl's waist differ
from that ot a duchess Louisville
Art la long and time is fleeting, and
wa are reminded that tha bizarre vai
entlse will soon be In our midst again.
Why Good Man Are Busy.
"Marry a busy man," advises Helen
Rowland. It can't bo dona legally. All
tha busr men are married. That's
what makes them busy.
The pork barrel seems to be tha
center of interest "over to" tha legis
Much In Brief Dream.
It la written of ona of the moat
eminent of Englishmen who was dic
tating to his amanuensis thaptera ot
an Important work, and vhllo so en
caeed waa overcome by sleep. He
dreamed of matters of great moment
of dlplomatlo conferences, exhausting
many days and weeks. Becoming
awake he chlded hlr secretary for per
mltting him b sleep, and war astound
ed tc 'j told by th scrivener that
he bad '.ot finished the last sentence
that hac been dictated. Volumet. have
been written crammed with such ex
periences t". infinite variety
Optimlstle Thought
Resolutions token without thought
bring disasters without remedy.
The Price She Paid for Lydia
pound Which Brought
Good Health.
rwmrtii. Va "I have only spent tea
dollars on your medicine and I feel SO
- n ,,,i n much better than I
did when the doctor
was treating me. I
don't suffer way
bearing down pains
at all now and I sleep
welL I cannot aay
enough for Lydia EL
Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound and
Liver Pilla aa they
have done so much
forme. I am enjoy
ing good health now and owe it ail to
your remedies. I take pleasure in tell
ing my friends ana netgnoor aw
them." Mrs. Mattib Haley, 601 Col-
quhone Street, Danville, Va.
, No woman Buffering from any form
of female troubles should lose hope un
til she has given Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Com pound a fair trial.
This famous remedy, the medicinal
ingredients of which are derived
from native roots and herbs, has for
forty years 'proved to be a most valua
ble tonic and in vigors tor of the fe
male organism. Women everywhere
bear willing testimony to the wonderful
virtue of Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound.
If you have the slightest doubt
that Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Cora pound will help you, write
to Lydia E.PlnkhamMedicineCo.
(confidential) Lynn, Mass 1 or ad
ice. Your letter will be opened,
read and answered by a woman,
and held in strict conildenxe.
Washington, D. C Cenaral Car
ranaa. has been Informed In a note
from the United SUtes govarruwrit
that unless thare Is aa improvement in
conditions with respect to foreigners
and their Interest In Mealraa terri
tory under his control, such steps as
may be necessary will be taken by the
American government to obtain the
tha dealred protection.
Tha note Is the strongest and most
emphatic document that hu been sent
by the Washington government to
Mexico since the correspondence with
Huerta year ago, Carransa Is
warned that the United SUtes hu
viewed with deep concern the growing
complaints by foreigners generally
against his administration of affairs
snd now, la effect, demands an early
The contents of the communication
wu revealed to several of the ambas
sadors and ministers here, who e
pressed satisfaction at its argent lan
guage, Some regamea it u an enure
change ot policy toward Mexico on tha
part of the United State.
Some movements of American war
ships have been ordered, the effect of
which will be a naval demonstration
such as, tt Is hoped by some officials.
will convince General Carraiuta of the
determination of the American gov
ernment to obtain a change In condl
tions In Mexico City.
Secretary Daniels conferred with
President Wilson over the pro pacta of
sending additional warships to Vara
Crux. Only one vessel, the battleship
Delaware, hu been at Vera Crua for
several weeks, but five warships will
be in that vicinity in a few daya. It
hu been planned to send the Delaware
to Guantanamo soon to join in At
lantic fleet in its spring maneuvers.
As a result of the latest develop
ments the Delaware will remain at
Vera Cms Indefinitely: the cruiser
Tacomaleft Port au Prince, Hayti,
under orders to proceed at once to
Vera Crua; the gunboat Petrel already
is enroute from Mobile, Ala., and the
cruiser Dee Moinea la bound from Pro-
gresso to Vera Crua, while the gunboat
Sacramento is at Tamplco.
Other available light-draft vessels
more valuable than battleships In
tropical waters are the gunboats
Wheeling and Nashville, being held
in readiness with the armored cruiser
Washington. In Haitian and Domini
can waters, while the entire Atlantic
fleet of 21 first-class battleships is
at Guatanamo. within two and a
half day's sail of Vera Crua.
atr. uanieia gave wis summary vi
the position of the warships, but de
clined to discuss future movements.
Thst conditions again have reached
an acute crisis wu admitted at all the
government departments.
Britith CoUier Sunk by
Torpedo on English Coast
London The admiralty announce
that the British collier Ben grove wu
sunk Sunday, probably by a torpedo,
off Ilf racombe. which Ilea ten miles
northeast of Barnstaple, county Dev
on, England.
Ilfracombe The British steamer
Bene-rove wu seen in distress and
sounding her siren five miles off this
shore at 1 :30 o'clock Sunday afternoon.
Forty minutes later toe snip s oow
rose from the water and she ssnk by
the stern. Thousands of people stood
on the shore snd watched her go down.
Tan afoamera vara in tha vicinitV.
one of which, the Paignton, of Liver
pool, rescued the crew oi sz, ana tocai
lifohnata braturht them uhore amid
the cheers of the populace.
Big Air Fleet Makes
Swoop on German Base
London The admlrallty hu Issued
the following statement:
Wing Commander Longmore re
ports that an air attack on Ostend wa
carried out Tuesday afternoon by six
seroDlanes of the naval wing. Of
these, two had to return owing to their
petrol freezing. The remainder reach
ed Ostend and dropped 11 bombs on
the submarine repair base and four
bombs on the KursaaL the headquar
ters of the military.
All the machines snd pilots re
turned. It is probable that consider
able damage wu done. No submarine
were seen in the basin. The attack
wu carried out in a fresh north-northwest
wind." . - :
Prince's Menage found.
Paris The Revue Blue prints tbs
diary of a German sergeant-major,
who bad charge of the telegraph ser
vice in the Verdun district, in which
the following telegram, sent by the
German crown prince to his wifs Sep
tember 8, wu preserved :
After a bard fight we have forced
the passage of the Meuse, always find
ing the enemy fortified in new posi
tions. This means terrible losses, but
we advance. Papa, Ust night at Mar-
ville wu very sad. Von Wedel hu
been kiled." .
Disease Sweeps Prison.
Geneva, via Pari Advices from
Serbia set forth thst typhoid fever
prevaills among the Austrisn prisoners
to the number of 70,000, who sre in
the bands of the Serbians. The Swiss
government hu been notified by the
Serbian military authorities that a
Swiaa doctor by the name of Lachle-
der, who hu been serving with the
Serbian medical corps, wu dead of the
disease. The Serbians are uklng for
more doctors. .
Smallpos is also said to be raging
among these Austrian prisoner.
Bernhardt Able to Sit Up.
Bordeaux The bulletin just issued
by Dr. Denuce, who Is attending Sarah
Bernhardt at the hospital here to
which she is a patient, following th
recent amputation of her right leg,
uys: "Madame Bernhardt is able to
sit up. Her condition is excellent,"
. na Bin,.
Osllslsus "Fruit Laxative" eant harm
Under Htti stemssn, uver
and eewele. -
t at tha titnaua. mother! It
coated, your tittles one's stomach, liver
I kn,ala naad flloanattl at OHC.
v. .l.h xniaa. 1 a Una, dooan I
awH -, . . -
lP at or aci naturally, r ia ta.wi-
i.a atnmara aour. urvain van, mi
sore throat, diarrhoea, full ot sold.
Ua a taaapoonrui Of "l anioTBia
yrup ot fts." and In a few hour all
k r.,nl annattnatatl waat. undlat-
d food and sour bile gently moves
out of Its littut Downs witnoui grip
ing, and roe have a well, playful child
aaaln. Ask your druastal for a o-
eeat bottle ot "California 8yrup of
rigs." whtoh contains fun aireciions
for babies, children ot all agea and
tor grown up.
The submarine a sportsman Is,
Aa th sporting instlnrl got.
It stalks Its game most cunningly
And loves to snoot lorpe-uoe.
eaHFtskl kAmiMNsI ftAMTVw-V
mw ww.'w w - -
K. fWrlw Hl !. fc laaola Daatl g.
art aa lM.twl.-r la New Ytk t M. wrltaM I
.-aJ AU.tN S rXHiT-KAMkl thaanu
a ran
WaaatiaalatatlMaHaai. fv "a raaea.
and It la all mi uiM." It rural aa
tinrnu wra fa, I, tWW hy alj lira a4 fel"'
Ml. Lei
m. M. V.
The Boure of th Ooldn Eggs.
t. it tmi that tha annanitlx I ab-
tolutely uselessr aaked the mdlral
iT.aiiuar thundered the nroreasor.
h air It'a a varltahle cold mine for
lurgeons!" Philadelphia Ledger.
tort ow nauooiir win rn t too
rr? Mima H.JJ lur Hl. . Wa
.Kr Owaim. wrti la na at ib ar
tail ma. MtulD k,J, lCaia.
Neutrality Note.
U'k.a mnlhar.ln.Uv cut mad at
a-lf and demand her passport so she
:an leave, husband to a fool If he
loaan't remain neutral. Florida
rimee Union.
Society note Mr. Woodchuch
Groundhog will return from his winter
residence tomorrow. Perhsps he will
M shadowed.
Poor Father.
"Mother, where are Helicon and Par-
Ak your father, Johnnie, lie keeps
ip with the war ."-Life.
A stationary engineer Is suing the
:lty. How csa a stationary engineer
lake any ectlouT
Tha moon la setting1 a good example
to the blbulously Inclined. He Is go
ng to go through February witnout
letting full.
my. , - m - tw. altlh
it a wvrv -
out capital, and wanted aa early eontpe
trocy, I'd start right out growing PoU
to.'' id Henry tatsroeder, lb folate
kins of tb Rd Rivr Valley, whoa tory
la ma jonn a. car snw v. wwiwa
reat atranrer than a romance.
That aiUu-a of Mr. Sc breeder, th lf-
mad Potato kins, coma from a warm
heart, a lerl head, an ertiv band, and
auov an, vuccvaaiui rviaiv gruweri
Do You Know, Mr. Fsrmsr,
there i mors money ia five acre of Pota
tnaa rear ia and ear out than in anything
vow ran grow oa your farm, and lb grow
ing of Potato now, with prearnt machin
ery, etc., i eaay. It's rsi"lr Fourth of
uly ln: .
Kalzer Creation in Read Cora put
Wiaeanain on tb Cora Map with it -
toniabing yMdal
Htsdqusrters for OaU, Barley, Clovers.
For 10o In Postsgs
Wa aladlv mail our CataloS
na sampl ptcaag oi in ra-
mou rann Beeua, inciunina
SpelU, "Tha Cereal Wonder;"
Rejuvenated Whit uonanz
OaU, "Th Priz Winner;" Bil
lion Dollar uraaa; icoaiaw,
th Silo Filler, tc, U.
Or Bend 12e
Asd wa will mail you our
big Catalog and aix generon
package of Early Cabbas.
Carrot, Cucumber, Lettuce,
Radiah. Onion fomiahins lot
and lot of juicy dciieiou
Vegetahlea during tb early
Spring and Summar,
Or end to John A, Salrar
Seed Co.. Box 720. Ia
Croaae, Wis., twenty oanu
and reoely both aboia eol lea-
sad tbalr big catalog.
Dally Thought. -Rvtnnathv
la Iha aafceuard of the
uman soul against selfishness. Car-
lyle. . '
Husband: a maker of excuses.
Wife: a skeptic Smsrt Sot
a L3 a I' zs
aiva arnvr vr r i,
1 , aaaeaaWaWaiB
MEN'S 2.50 3 3.G0 4.00 '4.60 -5 0.60 SHOES
WOMEN'S 2.00 '2.60 '3.00 '3.60 & '4.00 SHOES
BOYS' 1 .75 '2 '2.60 '3.00 MISSES' '2.00 St '2.50
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If your df alar cannot supply you, writs tot Illus
trated Catalog (bowing how to ordar by mail.
W.L.Douglaa.210 Spark Bt.,Brockton,Mass,
baw wan (of ImmW ani briifM aicn llm arr Mfc" 'rt. BrTratkr u"""l a 'lk. Woal. C ana tl4 Gm mt mm ralUna. ISeaat
ajKfcas. WilU ba Ire booklet "Hoa to Dr, mU Ml. ColMa," cslaUai, UctUra. tta. MONKOE DKUG COMPANY. Pi,arnil Z. (dav. Ulaaal
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for his besutilul
V..,.t tkia Inwlirat ol
Now everybody can enjoy It. lor after years of Mtltnt
effort the vjctoi JiastucstoJed In mskln oumbef ol getusi
bird records.' , . .t
mm are not only JndivUtisl records of the songs of tht
nightingale, thrush and sprosser, but mil duel by esnaiy
SentTfW our eataloguuj thsy are free, You 11 find them In
teresting. ." ... aa w a. aaw saas
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tiler arwiiaiaw.
BraaSwar at Alae St
ralB4, r.
Wonder If Thre Wss a Chsuffsurr
Six centurtf ago the Chlneao used
a vehicle that carried paenser and
dropped a pebble In a receptacle lo
meaeure every mile that waa trav
ersed. VITAL
Dinenfto grcrms are on f very hand. They are In tho very air
y?a brvathe. A system "pun down" ia a prry for thorn. Ona
must have vital force to withstand them. Vital force depends
on digestion on whether or not food nourishes on tha
Quality of blood coursing through tho body
Golden Medical Discovery!
Strengthens the weak stomach. Civ good dlgtlen. Enliven the
eluggwh liver. Fewda the tarvd nerve. Again full health snd strength
return. A general uulUlir,g enables the heart to pump like aa engine
running In oil. Toe vital force is one more eatabllahed to full power.
Year In and year out for over forty year this great health-re toting
remedy haa been prdlng throughout the entire world because of Its 1
ability lo make th sick well and the weak strong. Don't despair of
being your old self again." Give this vegetable remedy a trial Today
-Naw. Vouwilloonf-I,llknowagln." Hold in Hmttdor tablet form b ,
DruggisUorlrlal boi for 80c by m. I. Write Dr. V. ULlterce, UulIaJe,Xi.Y.
Ir. rtara mat 10e)aa -MaaTteal mw,'
i.aaaa. aaats star
It Is a common saying that one
freeme of that which on has been
thinking most about This Is the ei
ceptlon and not the rule. The dream
may be of something thst one thought
of at some time, but possibly not for
teara, that would not be recalled In
waking hour, which had tain dormant
In the mind, te be prosaically re
hearsed through some operation ef
physical function, Impeded
respiration, feverish conditions, some
poature of the body, a lata supper, pos
sibly ended with a dessert of mince
pie, stomachic distress, clogging ot ths
circulation or some bodily pain.
The Honor ley aeeut.
Tho most Important scout virtue Is
that o honor Indeed, that la the baals
of all acout virtues and la closely al
lied to that of self-respect. Whan r
scout promises to do a thing on his
honor, be Is bound to do IL The honor
of a scout will not permit ot snythlng
but the highest sad the best and ths
manliest The honor ot a acout la a
sacred thing, and cannot be lightly set
astd or trampled on From tha Hoy
Scout Handbook.
Thr Silent Hour.
One of the most valuable and ef
fective methods of relaxation, recently
tried for both children and mother,
haa been "the silent hour" Immedi
ately after luncheon. Each member
of the family's privilege of reading,
wrrltlne or leonlDf la respected dur
ing this hour, In which children after
a few days' trlal-areadlly co-operate.
; - Left Over.
."Robert." said his mother, "what ml
chief have you been up to nowT I
can tell by the look In your eyes thst
you have been naughty." "Oh," re
plied Robert, that's part of the look
loft over from the last time I was
Hindu Wisdom. :
If your mirror bs broken, ssys a
Hindu proverb, look Into still water;
but have a care that you do not tall in,
Usslsts Proceeding.
Showing a men that he's wrong
won't stop ths srgumsnL It will only
mak blm more angry.
thm ImmI Anmsmim nl IrfafiorUd
arvtssiarvi w '-
SnaataI ill It ftir Mt WlS
swd aervle
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are man;
abvaa can no
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JF ' f i7V. Jl-Ji H i:vWV i waei
?JyAV-. BP.WARF. orvv - -W.
,,.v.v. v a
Real birds
-sing to) you
on thoyictrola'
TV. !.,!.a1 baa been famed far and wUle -
singing, put lew pcopie usvw .
syaiblcrn t
Proper Vlsw ef Dull.
Great thought go beat with coav
moo dutlr. Whatever, therefor, may
be your office regard II as a fragment
la aa Immeasurable ministry of love,
ml WMU m ,M la-air
m ava ... a.
k,Mi artMuxa. twin u e,
(- 1 are"- , . . -
a, tar rli : f "
imi utstunss ts.
Wertaaajl.ra Aaeaat fa EOW-SURS.
rartlaa, Oraawa.
The Bey Who Dreams,
It Is a good thing for the farmsrboy
to have an Imagination, says the Prai
rie Farmer. It la a good thing for
blm to "dream dreams and see vi
sions." :t takes a dreamer to see the
trsnaformstior that Intelligent effort
will bring to pass on the old place.
It takes a dreamer to see bow much
more desirable that place will fci In
ten years than a Job In dry. food
store. Emporia Osteite. .,
4 ,i
Mlnee In Warfare,
a tmnA mirva tn warfare consist of
a charge ot high explosive burled. In
the ground, and arranged so ss to
explode when the enemy's troops are
over it Mlnee are also used In alage
warfare, tunnela being omen snuer
the enemy's fortifications snd enor
mous quantlUes of high explosive
placed in them.
Common Practice.
As soon ss some young fellows get
what they think la going to be a
steady Job they begin to estimate the
possible number of vacations they will
get In a year Toledo Blade. ,
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,-nirftniMd taw ltM aad
p. I -ci Ml ta aw M'l
bl.a ixsmarar Inla w snow hvt NAM) AND
.iijk siuBiMd ua ibabol
Uim 11 of, Amt Ua.. Ua
ftuiuvv IMi aot ba uarauaflNI
lo Ufe. aun alba- mkm
alalmal lo d. Ium at aoua.
You an aaylna rout muaar
and ar.Millilai lo th. Si
L. Deusiaa
throueh SO
tor. In the
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