The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, March 05, 1915, Image 4

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Da Kin Pre. H. B. Hmw Man
fli.hi IhnlM 111! MflMi Of MIlAWti M
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te i-rfc-ee. Tare MM lor welj ""J
Write tor ratae, nil
A frurnted ramedy for Coldi nd
t nftH PIaa oil, wmir f1nimrit
aV-SS Ul SWM we, jrvm wop. n
II I good, Tui nothing !, Adv.
Toaokos tk Trede Weak. 8c(p. XJ
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' Slavery Originated In the East.
Absolute slavery seems to bar ap
Mud in th eastern colonies some
what earlier than in tha southern, tor
slavery existed in New York in 16Z8,
U New Jersey in 1628, in Massachu
setts in 1S30, in Connecticut in issi
and In Delaware in 1836. There waa
a statutory recognition of slavery in
Massachusetts in 141, which waa con
siderably ahead of auch recognition
of slavery in Virginia or Maryland.
Bavbsrrv Shmb.
; The plant from which the bayberry
candle is made ia the shrub Myrcia
eerlfers, a plant which la common in
New England, and especially along the
eoast of Maine. The bayberry shrub
la not closely related to the Myrcia
aerie, or West India bay, from the
leaves of which bay nun ia obtained
by distillation.
8alzera White Bonanza Oats.
Vide C J. Johnson of Lincoln Co,
Sims., famous in growing 3U bushels from
XV bushels sown last spring. Can yo
bast that ia 1915! Wont yoa try I
This great
Oat ass taa
T b o r i
nrises and
given bigger
and larger
i throughout
Vthe United
-States than
4aar Oat
4L. known. It s
e n o rmonaly
V prolific. Just
tha Oat for
V Iowa, Minn,
W l s , 111.
ilnd Mich.
I-mi iiiii'Bi i n in ""'Ohio, Neb,
Pa N. Y, Kansas and Miasonn.
V are America's headquarters for
Alfalfa and Potetoee
Timothy, Clovers and Farm Seeds,
For lOo In Postage
We gladly msfl oar Catalog
and sample packag of Ten Fa
awos Farm Seeds, including
Spelts, The Cereal Wonder;
Rejuvenated White Bonansa
Oats, "The Prise Winner;" BU
bo Dollar Grass; Teoainte,
tbs Silo Filler, etc, etc
Or Send 12e
' And we win msfl yon oar sr
Dig vataiog ana six generous
Beckaeos of Early Cabbag.
Carrot, ' Cucumber, Lettuce,
end Sots of juicy deUcfama
Vegetables daring the early
Spring and Summer.
Or send to John A. Setlxer
Seed Co.. Box 720. Let
Crosee, Wis., twenty eenta
and receive both abore eolleo-
and their big
The Flshlno Banks.
Newfoundland would be nothing
without the great submarine plateau
known aa the "banks" on which aU
the fishing is done. At a small sta
tion within the edges of the great
bank that the cod loves so well the
sea is quite smooth. It is usual for
vessels fishing on the banks to ln-
ouire from those that have arrived
from the open sea aa to what sort of
weather it is. Exchange,
nhcuntic Throat
Is Co
Mmnn I wish fi lm
Should Be Treated in Blood
To Prevent Recurrence.
Tners are successful gargles that stof
, soreueu In the throat, but to prevent thelf
tnceawnt return, the blood muit bs put in
order. The best remedy Is 8. 8. B., as it
issuances all tbs functions of the body to
BtutrallM tLe Irritant or wast products
and to tlmu!ate their excretlsa through
th proper chaunels. -.
Rheumatic aor throat Is a dangerous
tadleaUon, as It means that tbs blood la
loaded with more uric acid than th kid
neys can excrete, and may thus lead to
serious general disturbance.
Tbs action of 8. & 8. itlmulate cellular
activity. It prevents ths accumulation of
Irritants tu local apota. It enable tha
arteries to supply quickly th sew red
blood to replacs worn-out tissue.
For this reason crle add that Beds th
throat aa ar prey to tta breaklnc-dowa
influence, 1 scattered and eliminated. In
other words, 8. 8. S. prevents chronic con
ditions by enabling all th mucous linings
of the body to secret healthy mucus. Its
Influence shown in a marked improve
ment of th bronchial tubes, whereby th
busklneas of vole with thick, sraylah ex
pectorations is overcome. e . 8., well
diluted with water, means a blood bath,
sine It Is welcome to sny stomach and at
one gets Into the blood.
8. i. 8. Is free of sll minerals snd con
tains tntredleats wonderfully eosduclvs to
rell-balanced health. . . .
You can get It at any drug store, but do
et accept anything euje. Tber Is danger
tn nubetltute. 8. B. 8. Is prepared only by
4b Swift Sped no Co 628 Swift iilig-.
ittasta, O. Chir UcaI Dept. will glv
vou tre ntrtictia bv mall on any subject
It Hood ouunlers. Well today.
F, N. V.
No. ia. itis
XVEWf wrltta IiiHph, aim
I ") tw .
Germany h Closed to
AU Iraffic bg AUiet
Washington. D. C By the "un
limited blockade" of their enemies,
the allies bone to cut off their trade
with the world, which prior to the
war was valued as follows:
Germany. 4,800,000,000.
Amtrla-Horriry. tl.tOO.000,000.
Turksv. 1276.000.000.
The trade of these countries with
the United State during the last year
of peace was valued at :
Germany, 535,000,000.
Austria-Hungary, $51,000,000,
LondonIf the combined fleets of
Great Britain and France can prevent
It no commodities of any kind except
those now on the seas shall henceforth.
until the conclusion of the war, reach
or leave the shores of Germany.
This Is England's answer to Ger
many's submarine blockade and it Is to
be effective forthwith.
Premier Asouith, reading from a
prepared statement, made this an
nouncement in the house of commons
Tuesday afternoon at a session which
will be historic. Studiously avoiding
the terms "blockade" and "contra.
band" for these words occur .nowhere
tn the prepared statement the pre
mier explained that after this day the
allies considered themselves justified
in attempting:, and would attempt, to
"detain and Uke into port ships car
rying goods of presumed enemy destin
ation, ownership or origin."
The premier emphasised, however.
that vessels and cargoes so seised were
not necessarily liable to confiscation
and berred' the patience of neutral
countries in the face of a step through
which they were likely to suffer. He
added that In making such a step the
allies had done so in self defense.
'We are Quite prepared," he went on.
to submit to the arbitrament of neu
tral opinion and still more to the ver
dict of impartial history, that in the
circumstances in which we have been
placed we have been moderate; we
have been restrained; we have ab
stained from things that we were pro
voked and attempted to do, and we
nave adopted a policy which commends
itself to reason, to common sense and
to justice."
Every member of the bouse not at
the front in khaki or unavoidably
detained was in his seat to hear the
prime minister's speech and there was
frequent cheering. The galleries were
packed. When the premier concluded
his set statements and, turning to the
speaker, said, "That, sir, is our re
ply," there was a tremendous ontourst.
Curiously, the uerman reply to tne
American note seeming to solve the
situation growing out of Germany's
declaration of a naval war tone, was
handed to Ambassador Gerard at Ber
lin and Premier Aaquith, in his speech
said that Great Britain and her allies
were carefully considering the Amer
ican note to them on the same subject.
That the British government had re
jected the proposal, he declared, was
'quite untrue."
Protestants, Catholics and
Jews Sign Peace Letter
New York The Church Peace Un
ion, founded a year ago by Andrew
Carnegie, through its secretary, the
Rev. Frederick Lynch, made public
here a message which the onion has
addressed to "the churches and clergy
of America," cautioning ministers
and church people against partisanship
in discussing the European war, and
protesting against. the present agita
tion for increased armaments. This
is saidto be the first time in church
history that Catholics and Protestants
have joined in signing a common letter
sddressed to the churches. The Peace
Union's letter is signed by Cardinal
Gibbons of Baltimore, and Archbishop
Glennon, of St. Louis. The president
of the union is the Right Rev. David
H. Greer, Protestant Episcopal Bishop
of New York.
At the first meeting of the Church
Peace Union on February 10, 1914, it
was announced that Mr. Carnegie had
made it an endowment of (2,000,000,
its aim being the furtherance of the
cause of international peace through
the united efforts of all religious bod
ies. Twenty-nine prominent clergy
men and churchmen, representing all
denominations, inclndniz Jewish or
ganizations, were appointed trustees.
It is these men who have signed the
message in question. Following is one
of the striking paragraphs in the let
ter: 'Partisanship is sdding fuel to fires
of passion which already are too hot.
Clergymen should allay prejudice, not
intensify it. Each of the warring na
tions believes in the justice of its
Neutral Rams Submarine.
London The' destruction of a Ger
man submarine when it was rammea
the steamer Thordis off Beachy
Head is reported by the captain of
the steamer, which has just arrived
at Weymouth.
'We sighted the submarine when it
was 40 yards away," the captain de
clared. "It fired a torpedo, wbich
missed us by a few feet. Then we
put the helm hard to starboard and
rammed the periscope. There was a
crash and we saw nothing more of the
Milk in National Test
Portland, Or., is going to prove its
right to the oft-made assertion that it
has the purest milk supply of any city
in the United States. Dr. Mack, head
of the city's milk inspection bureau,
announced that Portland milk will be
entered in a national contest at the
Panama Fair. According to govern
ment records Portland has bsd the best
milk supply for about a year. In a
contest of cities of the Northwest last
fall first place was accorded Portland.
Competition will be for certified, pas
teurized and market milk.
Utah House Vote Dry.
Salt Lake City The Wooten state
wide prohibition bill passed the house
by a vote of 40 to 6. It passed the
senate about two weeka ago. The
senate bill wss amended by the house
to prohibit the manufacture of wine
for sacramental or personal nse, and
to make it effective July 1, 1916, in
stead of June 1, 1916.
Should always find you waiting
wun a nearly appetite
And your condition should en
able you to enjoy your food.
A "don't cere" or a "no Ifcank
you" disposition indicates
A laiy liver, clogged bowels or
impaired digestion.
Will tone and sweeten th
stomach and bowels
Regulate the appetite, assist
the digestion
Help Nature in every way to
wards improving your general
Try a bottle today, but be aura
you get lioetctter a
World's Oldest University.
Founded In the year S7I A. IX. the
Mohammedan university of El-Aihar
("the Luminous") is the oldest exist
Inc university tn the world. It Is the
Oxford of the Moslem world, and is at
present attended by upward of 10.000
students of all ages, and rrom every
eastern country, from the Caucasus to
Somaliland. Board and lodging ia
free. The teaching consists chiefly of
Mohammedan dogma, which Is labori
ously committed to memory rrom
sacred books.
Look Motharl If tongue la coated,
cleans little bewsls with -California
Syrup of Figs."
Mothers can rest easy after giving
California Syrup of Figs," because in
few hours all the clogged-up waste.
sour bile and fermenting food genUy
moves out of the bowels, and you have
a welL Dlavful child again.
Sick children needn t oe coaxea to
take this harmless "fruit laxative. -
Millions of mothers keep It handy be
cause they know its action on me
stomach, liver and bowels la prompt
and sure.
Ask your druggist for a BO-cent bot
tle of "California Syrup of Figs,"
which contains directions for babies.
children of all ages and for grown-ups.
Nature Supreme.
Not all the product of artificial
greeneries are so lovely as that of
the fields, the country garden, the
fence rows, the first roses, the daffo
dils, the arbutus which hides under
the hillside leaves, the nrst ouas ot
the rhododendrons and the other
forma telling ot the life blood drawn
direct from the earth, while poor man
kind has to take all second band.
Cure 8Ick Headache, Constipation,
Biliousness, Sour Stomach, Bad
Breath Candy Cathartic
No odds how bad your liver, stom
ach or bowels; how much your head
aches, how miserable yoa are from
constipation, indigestion, biliousness
and sluggish bowels you always get
relief with CascareU. They imme
diately cleanse and regulate the stom
ach, remove the sour, fermenting food
snd foul gases; take the excesa bile
from the liver and carry off the con
stipated waste matter and poison from
the intestines and bowels. A 10-cent
box from your druggist will keep your
liver and bowels clean; stomach sweet
snd head clear for months. They work
wnne you sieep.
"Are you coming when I call you.
or is there going to be trouble?" said
nana to his four-year-old daughter. "I
t'ink dere's goln' to be trouble, papa,
replied the tot, keeping out of reach.
Aluminum cooking utensils are si
delight until they turn dark inside
then thev are abomination. It is easy,
however, to keep them bright Either
wash them in soda and water or boil
tomato parings in them; cuttings from
rhubarb and the water It waa washed
In alone will often do the work. Sol
will lemon and table salt
Thousands Have Been Helped
By Common Sense
Women sofferinar from any form of
female ills are invited to communicate
promptly with the
woman's private
correspondence de
partment of the Ly
dia E. Pinkhara Med
icine Co., Lynn,
Mass. Your letter
will be opened, read
and answered by a
woman and held in
strict confidence, A woman can freely
talk of ber private illness to a woman ;
thus has been established a confidential
correspondence which has extended over
many yean and wbich has never been
broken. Never have they published a
testimonial or used a letter without the
written consent of the writer, and never
has the Company allowed these confi
dential letters to get out of their pos
session, as the hundreds of thousands
of them in their files will attest.
Out of the vaat volume of experience
which they have to draw from, it is more
than possible that they possess the very
knowledge needed in your case. Noth
ing is asked in return except yoor good
will, and their advice has helped thou-
Surely any woman, ncn or poor,
should be glad to take advantage of this
generous offer of assistance. Address
Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., (con-
fidenti&O Lynn, Mass.
Every woman ought to bare
Lydia, E. Plnkhnm's 80-paw
Text Book. It is not s book for
general distrflration, aa it la too
ex-Derisive. It la free and only
obtainable by mail.. Write for
Sharp-Pointed Bullet May Make.
Fearful Wound.
(Una at Which Pro ls til Is Fired
and Age of the Msn Hit Are Factors
In Amount ef Oamsge
American army surgeons are con
vinced .that under normal conditions
all modern bullets are more humane
than those formerly used, la spite of
the fact that they travel at higher
speed and have a far wider range.
They are so sharp pointed that whin
they strike the soft tissues alone thsy
make clean-cut. narrow wounds which
heal very quickly.
When, however, they take a side-
wise twist, or develop Irregular, jagged
edges through previously striking or
glancing off some hard object, they
bare an explosive effect which pro
duces just such terrible wounds as the
"dumdum." These effects are most
liable to occur In vital organs Inclosed
In resisting bony walls, like the brain
or heart, and are nearly always fatal
The range at which bullets are fired
and the ages of the men they hit have
been found to have a marked Influence
The Diagram Show Hew the Base ef
a Bullet Spins Like a Top In a Con
stantly Increasing Circumference.
Thla la Why It Often Strikes Side
wise and Mutilates Llks a Dumdum.
on the character of the wounds they
The bones of younger men usually
have a great amount of animal mat
ter, consequently are less brittle than
those ot older men. The less resist
ance met by the bullet la the compar
atively softer bones, at short ranges.
permits the passage ot the bullet with
out explosive effect In the cases of
the older and more brittle bones the
bullet at long ranges causes great dam
age, especially as the bullet at these
long ranges has become unstesdy from
toss of velocity and atrlkes the bone
sldewlse, thus transferring Its energy
over a greater area than If It had
struck point on.
Owing to the change In the position
of bullets fired at long ranges, the ef
fect produced In the bony tissues is at
Drat in the short ranges very severe
from the high velocity, but In the
mldranges the effects are less se
vere because of losa in velocity, and
at long ranges the effects became se
vere again because of the Impact be
ing made with the side of the bul
Bsd Tast as Sen In Japan.
Roctor Aston, the scholarly Japan
ese secretary to the British legation In
Tokyo, summarized what Kenko, the
fourteenth century writer of "Tsure-
sure Ousa." considered to be "bad
taste." thus:
Too much furniture in ones living
Too many pens In a stand.
Too many Buddbas in a private
Too many rocks, trees and herbs In
Too many children In a house.
Too many words when men meet
Too many books In a bookcase there
can never be, nor too much litter In
dust heap. London Saturday Re
Parasite Destroys 8sn Jose Scale,
A parasite which destroys the dread
ed San Jose scale has been discovered.
and Is ' now being used In Pennsyl
vania, where it has been highly suc
cessful In combating the ravages of
the pest which has done such damage
to American fruit and nut trees. The
parasite is the Cbslcld fly, which
comes from the same pan oi unina
from which the San Jose scale first
came. There the Cbalcld fly has ef
fectually checked the scale-
Patterns by Kaleidoscope.
Doctor Pulfrich, one of the experts
of the Carl Zeiss Optical company In
Germany, has constructed a kaleido
scope on scientific principles and of
mathematical accuracy. Its use Is for
making kaleidoscopic patterns for tex
tiles, linoleums, decorations, etc., some
of those it has produced being of ex
traordinary beauty. He calls it the
photokaleldograph, because It is part
of a camera that photographs the pat
terns it forms.
Horse Chestnut Tree In Bottle.
Horse chestnuts can be grown In a
bottle of water. Use a bottle with a
neck wide enough to bold the. chest
nut, adding water to just touch the nut
and stand it In a window. Roots will
form, followed by a stem and leaves.
If the water is constantly supplied the
tree can grow for years in the bottle.
Spreading Tuberculosis Infection.
Dr. Ouy Hinsdale ot Hot Springs,
Va., points out that it Is not the ex
pired air of consumptives that car
ries Infection, but the sputum and tiny
drops of moisture coughed up by the
patient that carry the bacilli and com
municate the disease to others.
Saersd Cattle Turned Into Beef.
The sacred cattle of Madagascar,
where these animals roam In immense
herds, are being slaughtered and
shipped to Paris to help out the scar
city of beet
And There Are Others.
The only actress who is willing to
admit that she does not know all
about acting Is she who bas been st It
sU ber life. Margaret Nybloc.
f f P A vin
wml uyuiij uii
'inn i mi ii i i i ! I I'" 1 1 1111 1 11 " 1 """ mum"
With a Grafonola you have always
at your command "all
and most of the fun of
Whatever model Grafonola
buy you can be sure that it
rva Columbia in romr-yuiiftfy
ton volume whether it's
Jewel at $33 Illustrate), or
of the handsome upright Grafo
nolaa. We will gladly send to your home
on approval any Grafonola you
select, with an outfit of records.
You ran decide fAr whether you
want it or noL And we think we
can meet your idea of uu ttrms
n. e pnENcn & chaa McKinnu
erj Duitding
Droadway at Alder
Stiff Muscles
Sloan's Liniment win sava
hours of suffering. For bruise
or sprain it gives instant relief.
It arrests inOammation and thus
prevents more serious trouble
developing. No need to rub it
in it acts at once, instantly
relieving the pain, however
severe it may be.
Han's rW
Clvfc JAnmm, P. O. Bern lot. lw
fcm'a Sltttum, N. y wrilM.' "I pfuiJ
but aakl and dUamted my bill hip br
UDto. out ol m third Mary vtadow
uoatn. mo. I wat oa entlelM fur tour
month. Una I started to taa aonw of
I your Liciir.nt, ftooonhafT la your dttM
tioa, and I muaa any UmI Ii is halpim
bm wonderfully. 1 lhrw air cniulM
I away. Only used two bottle of your
Luiawataod now I am araiain quit
wall with on. eao.. I imw will be wlta-
out tUosA's Usunent.':
AH Doelare. IS.
Send four cents la stamp foe a
Dr. Earl S. Sloan, Inc.
DepkB. ' Philad.lphK Pa,
Quiet Shoes.
To make nice sick-room shoes In
which you can step about softly cut
from old felt bats sole and heel
pieces. Olue these on and you have
quieter shoe man tnose soiu as
nurses' shoes. 1 ne paiier 01 iuud
feet, so bard on some people's nerves.
easllv deadened By tne same mem-
od, also helping to keep the little foet
warm when playing on a cold floor.
Miniature Cattle.
The smallest cows in the world are
found in the Bamoan Islands, ine
average weight does not exceed 150
pounds, while the bulls weigh about
200 pounds. They are about tne size
Merino sneep.
Pspe's Dlapepsln" makes 8lck, 8our,
Gassy Stomacna surety iei nn
In flvs minutes.
If what you Just ate is souring on
your stomach or lies like a lump of
lead, refusing to digest, or you belch
gas, and eructate sour, undigested
food, or have a feeling of dizziness.
heartburn, fullness, nausea, oau uw
In mouth and stomach-beadacbe, you
can get blessed relief lrt five minutes.
Put an end to stomach trouble forever
by getting a large fifty-cent case ot
Pape S Dlapepsin rrom any urug iwn.
Ton realize in five minutes how need
less it is to surfer rrom indigestion,
dyspepsia or any stomach disorder.
s the quickest, suresi tunisu.-u uw
lor In the world. It's wonderful.
the music of all the world
it, too.'
is a
TV. "TstaBSl JrT CrafM!.
H-Raar Twm
Mall Orders
Send for
Good and Evil.
We often try In vain to cut up our
errors bv th roots, to fight evil baud
to band on Its own ground, where It
has us at a dlsailvautaxe, whereas our
most sure wsy to victory is by devel
oping and fortifying the good that Is
In us. We have but a certain measure
of strength and activity: as much of
this s Is added to the good Is taken
from the evil. Mme. Swetcblne.
Constlpstion causes and aggravate
many serious tllsrase. it is tnorougniy
cured by Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets.
The favorite family laxative.
Onion's Good Properties..
From the best authorities we learn
that colds are caused by three things
a chill, a germ and a urlo acid ten
dency which provides a soil for the
germ's growth. Tho pungent oil ot the
onion neutralises snd destroys the
germs that wrest lite mourns oi us
all, even or those in good neaiin.
yot'a own win mi you
Try Mux lie Kjre itoweu U Itnl. Weak, H BUrf
tree and iruoJtl kell4a No Momrllus
luet-Kr' Comfort. Writ for Hook of .Ii. t jt
byawlirra. Murine KeKnedr I-. CUltaao.
Wrssths for the Victors.
In classic times successful wsrrlors.
athletes, poets and singers were some
times crowned with bay. it is some
times written that they were crowned
with myrtle wreaths. These loaves
came from a tree which botanists call
laurus nobills."
MQWARD K Bt'ltTilM - mjmt a "H
Lm4II. Cvltad, Sw.-liu.ll f,lcl 1,.IJ.
Mil,.,. Lota, tl u-l.l. MUtar. Uei Uol4, i Xine
nlMW' "llla-kn a jj iii l",r-
o-wt en ai'tl lea toe.
Wwi OarlwatfoKaUoaid tfcMdb
If you are troubled with dandruff,
eczema or other scaly, Itching scalp
affection, try shampoos with reslnol
soap and an occasional treatment with
reslnol ointment You will bo sur
prised how quickly the trouble disap
pears and the health and beauty of
the hair improves.
Reslnol soap snd ointment also beat
sktn-eruptlons, clear away pimples and
blackheads, and form a most valuable
household treatment for sores, burns,
scalds, etc. Sold by all druggists. Pre
scribed by doctors for 20 years. Adv.
. ii ti l
Nature Never Intended
Woman to be Sickly
the fact that It fs she who brings Into the world the offspring.
Every woman can be strong and healthy. Don't resign
yourself to a delicate life.
If you suffer from headaches, backaches, nervousness,
low spirits, lack of ambition, or have lost all hrpe of boinij
well again it's mora than an even chance that yoa, wlJ;
speedily regain your health if you will try
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
This famous remedy is the result of years of patient
research by a physician who has made women's peculiar
ailments a 'tile study.
Snv Its fntrodnetlon-mor than fV-rty year eao thoo
wnda of women In ovary part of the irlol bays teatlnad
to Its wonderful merite. Yoa, too, will find It benenclsJ.
Try It now. Your dealer In medicine will eopply you e
oa sen eend M onomt stamps (or a trial box. Atlilrea
V.M. florae, at U.. Buffalo, N. Y. , j
Dr. Pleawew neeuuuat
gT. fyWMMy I
TW Ui Wllk Iktrlv
4 llfcOT! MHlf at, Ml tk. ilml WM
Given Special Attention
Catalogues they Arc rllr.fc.
Bladder Trouble Causes
Terrible Pains.
After taking s trial bottle of Dr.
Kilmer's Swamp Knot which you for
warded to me, 1 purchased some from
a local drug store and after using
three dollar bottle I can truthfully
say that I was cured of all the terrible
pains I had In my bark, side and head,
caused by blaiMi-r trouble. 1 bad the
worst kind of kidney trouble and suf
fered so that I could not even stay In
bed with the pain. Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Hoot made me fret Just like a
new person and I am kind to recom
mend It to anyone suffering as I did.
Very truly yours,
(07 Washington Ht. Defiance. Ohio.
Sworn to before me and In my pres
ence subscribed by the said Miss
Mary Ardner. this tih day or July,
1U09. K. 1 HAY. Notary Public.
Letter 'jo
Dr. Kilmer Co
Binshamton, N. T.
Prove what Swamp-Knot WIS Do for Yew
Send ten cents to Dr. Kilmer at Co.,
DliiKhamton, N. Y., for a sample else
bottle. It will convince anyone. - You
will also receive a booklet of valuable
Inrormsllnn. tolllne about the kidneys
and bladder. Whim writing, be sure
snd mention this paper. Regular
fifty cent and one-dollar site bottles
for sale at all drug stores.
Loyal to Aunt May.
Aunt May was the favorite aunt ot
little Ellon. One day tbo former said
to ber, naming three other aunts,
"Which do you tike best. Aunt Anna,
Aunt Kmlly or Aunt I'almcrT" Little
Kllen looked thoughtful a moment and
then said, "Why. I like Aunt Anna bet
ter than Aunt Palmer, but I don't like
anybody best what Isn't you."
Guide for Dally Life. ,
"Know what you want to do, hold
tha thought firmly, and do evory day
what should be dona, and every sun
set will see you that much nearer the
Will Not Stick.
To nrevent postage stamps from
sticking together, rub them over the
hair before putting thorn away. "
' As a matter of fact It is
her right and her duty to
enjoy perfect health and
strength to be just as
strong and healthy as man
nerhnns more so -in view of
(In Tablet or Liquid Form)
Pellets rwawlate steaaeh, UvetV
Watch Your Colts
For Coughs, Colds and Distemper, and at th first symptoms
of sny such ailment, Siva small dimes of that wonderful
remedy, now th most used In existent'
to cents snd 11 a bottle; U and 110 th dozen, of any drug
gist, harness dealer, or delivered by .-,..
Chemists snd Bacteriologists, Goshen, Ins U. a, A