The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, February 05, 1915, Image 3

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    Weston Dakery
r"rh Bread. Cak and I'wilry.
Fin Candle. !H1 Mel at All
Hour, . W prilla In
l.olg and I'arty 8upr.
ZCIIM the Baker
Duput Ilulklli, Mln rim! Wnt.r
Shoe and llriea
repaired noil door.
Canned Goods and
Walters' Flour
Our Leaders
T.i Eccaccy Store
Call on u t our
new location In
th Gould brick.
a. Railroad Official ; 4h Cua la
Imply Cartlest.
la answer l III V.wtlun "What la
i an! Iwt r a Khimki City HouUi-ru of-
O' Ihi mi ma ruimwiug iu m:
"A hot bog la a lgn lust Iba rty
Anil ml In nut IH-Mcilitxl by auiua oar
diimrtiuriit iimm.
Tbr la airUM for but boi
nr a car la rut out If (ha train la
carefully hulked over by the rar man
I Mi h tiTuiliml. rrtiiuirlly a but lol
I cniiimhI by poor wimt and an lu
aulll Ifiit greMlug' at Iba lima It
ahuuld have been done, ami Ihcr la
no riruw fur on. A bit boi, bt Ha
bl to cause a wreck, and a wrat-k on
um( rallrutfil tuia money, mmb
mora thnu lb ' umcieiit
quantity of wnal and oil and graaa
to itruliU tb Journal of Iba
WM, '
Tb farmer who buy a new w.
n or a bunny ba pretty n1
.if what a H but uicau aud tb
way to preriut It Wbc b buy
uew waguu b a to It tbat Iba atria
dl I wll greased ao It will not get
but. II wUbe It rloly and doe
nt lab any chance on tb wheel
running hot. Tba fiirui-r' wheel on
III nrw waguu or buggy would altrk,
ml ir he itvralMtrd In driving abend
b would aoon bar a ImJ aludl and
a bad whirl.
ii.iwr. lb result would not b
ao d'aa-iron a tbi-y would b In a
tmln of rare rntinlug at a pi or
HfiM-n ur iwrntr mile an hour. It'
no woudrr llmi trainmen tin htnguag
UiiSt for a Kuiiday honl el wtien
llicy Oud a but bug In their train-
Tb-y know lht eoni ona na ueeo
rarrlvM and ablrkln In hla work and
I bat b la to bmui."-Jkw Tore row.
imrtna porlod of an eonMfu
llva day, andlnc lh paat wk, II.
000 hog wr rMlrd at lb Port
land yarda, only amall par conlaa
of which wr rly fit V hlllina.
Ih balanca apparrnily havlna bMn
ahlppd to avoid lh rpn of carry
Ing lhm until prinf. Th rtln
raault of IhM o-'IV hlpmrnt
will b a rulnnu niuna orr in vaiora. v
tkA U,m Mttunlua rtt ImmI
Kor aala rhnap, a ll-aallon faolln fall. Orgoa anil and sllmata la ault-
tank. K. K. Zhm. 4 lo lh production or corn, nia
.... . .m airaira. all of which art
Oood mllih
it thl offU.
cow for ) Inqulr
ill dm t ijs f - HI?
a w , t -
or th ii. a.
Ur. and Mr. T. II.
wr ucla Haturday
Ma!lna. '
Pr.amland motion plcturr at W
Inn ni.ira hnun next Monday and
.Tutaday vnln(.
I Mr. Mary (Orandma) Ilinlatar hi
bfn III durlm th wreb at
. hr horn In thl city.
I u... if. V. Khm at tha Waaton bak-
enr cry If you want neat workmanahlp In
ho and harnca rpirm;.
Arc You Hesitating?
t wher you abouM I'laca that or
t.r for arain and food fr your IW
t.ickT HiaiUata no liiiircr. tt can
'v Imlubilablo rvulonra that U
i l yur rrat ilviitnit l
tn A with u, th kind -f prm-r Ihul
nikM iu way in court fact fr our
tj,,t furtomora will tll jou uf th
.nliiy f ur tod. KoIImI Hurley,
atiHl Wheat; Hour, MilUUulT am.
Chickoti Kl. l'hoiia No. 2HI.
I) R.WOOD the Feed Man
Local Lodge Directory
vVrvi k:.h um;i: .t. 4, K. ok i.
J. H. Kmtlifh, ir. C. Clark Wood.
k. tt it a
WK8T0N MM KIR NO. Aft. A. K. A A.
. M. Mi every aneond and fmirtli
HalunUy In arh tnunili. Hlohard
Morriwin, W. M. I. H. Ivla, Kj.
WS'IX)N IjOIhIK NO. 6rt, I. O. O. V.
Meet vry Tburwlay avenlnif. W.
II. Uoulil, N. O. A. A. Ke. IUc.
Hon.; K. O. IVoMimw, Kin. Hve.
tVKMTON f?AMI NO. 112. W. O. W.
Mialb flral and thiol Saturday
of each niunlh. Monroo 'turner, . .
V, J. J. Belr, t'lcrk.
ill ArtUnnn. Met the flral ant)
ihlrtl Muiulav In immili, Nt
lia Mayhee, M. A. Kranoe U. Wood.
uuiara Klia atieund and
fourth Monday In aoli month. Anna
O'Narra, M. K. C. Alloa r. rrice, m
of K. A C.
No. 88. Meeu the inoond and fourt Ii
l.kM..u. Amivh mnnth. Anna O
llarra. N. O. Oilwwa Klrkpatrlok,
Uco. Hon. lAiitlo liramtt, f in. reo.
i'HKSt'KNT niAlTKIl NO. 47, O.
K. 8. Mevta tba acond and fourth
Friday of each month. Mary K.
Barne. W. M. Alice F. I'rloe, 8eo.
Dr. Farnsworth
Donrllofnn OretTOtl ?
. v. cv m
t '.
Hwn In th Crwl f fur V"a
and Pur Orn Fa.
Th following beautifully clear aum-
wary of Ibe rlnllea vf meadelUro
la du to tb Iter. W. wim. in ia
ntoua bortb-uUurbit wbo drloied tu
lUiiriey iiopcy:
it rn mm our reiiow ana pur
jrreea ea either way-It matiora not
which la ed hearer ana wnirn poi.oo
lienrer-you will net all yellow aeeda.
If you "W Ibeae bylwld aeeda, acb
will If It emiliMtte. produc a plaut
which will l-ear. any. forty aeada. thir
ty of a bk-b w ill on lb areraa be y
.tut fn irreen. Tb RTeen. If bowb
and ai.wn and awu for ronntleaa gen
mtlona. will alwaya bear ureen aceoa
true to tb original Breeu iHirenta ilr
Hug th alwaye ilbl lutrcutlon
of Inaet tai.
Not ao the thirty yellow. Theaa
whrn aown will on lb average pro
dm ten plant bearing all pure yellow
aeeda. which will I eonxtnnt and trua
10 th orutliml yellow innt for count.
i lu.rniluii. The rvmnlnlng twen
ty plnntM will l lniinr yollow. icb
plnnt prwlm lim. on lb arerag. one-
Hininer of Ita aeeU- pure yeuow. .or
tuiirler pur grei-n and oue half lui-
liure yellow, wblrh Inat will reH-at ine
t,iwvm and urortbHi pracllcully for
ever . . .
Thb m the law of tnlierttnme wnun
la the lnU or all the atuuiea pi oe
eiigenUH and. In fact, of " breeder
.f aulmnla and pmnU. -. lora
Caua f On War.
Wltllaoi tin "nil'lecor lout bl Mfe
In r'ram-e tbroniib bw u.xe irenunm
... . .n,..i , linl,.r whll be wn n-
Mrluleudlng the burning of Mantea. but
few ieople know the nut wimn am
rMe to th runiiHilgu tbat iwt William
hla life.
i, iniiw ruirt or ma reurn
be iNTttm litmrnuilly ainut and con
wNiuently tlie laiigblntraiwk of not
unlv bl ubje.t. bul bW neigiioor
croa the water. On day w con-
eniurHry. I'UIUp of Kmnce. cotnnre.i
hltn to a nib-t of venl on catera ann
HUgge-ded IhHl he ahoiild be exhibited
ut a wine nionun n now. j ma mi -
raged William ibnt be itraigntway
nunle war upon hi rldlcuier. ami me
ih uf thmiiwiiiln of Uvea wa tb r-
ult-Londou Tit Hit-
Th Fleet fvlotfnlt.
Th firat fo anggeat th tranatnnta-
tlon' of apei'la among aulmala waa
Buff on. about " Th temnv
t..t M.H.imtdo wna the Brat to alle
ge! the iMxwiltle di-w-vnt of wan from
the ape. about ITT. in mia a ut. .
r u'tiu flrar nmnoed to apply th
principle of natural aelectlon to the
iintm-Hl hlntory or man. ana in
Herbert llwt aaaerted tb tranamuta-
Uod of apeclea In plnnt.
Not Complimentary.
Mr. Illitrk-I don't want to maka a
cc tie. but Ibnt mnn over there U atar
Ing at me very offeutilvely. Mr. Black
-He I. ebT W lk to blm. Mr.
Blink m few momenta In ten-Did h
apologlxe? .Mr. Blnck-T-ea; be antd
he waa looking for hi aunt and
thought at Hint tbat you wore lie!
Tk.. AuaiJ Odd Numbar.
The Hlnmcae have a ueintltlou dia
log. r utit nmnlieni. nnd they atiiat
.....i. atrtvu to hnve In their houaea nu
oiniher of window, door.
room it ud cupboard.
fluaht ta BaV.
iiiMraaThia lau't a clean knife.
Jnne, New Hervmit - I'm ur it ought
to lie. ium. The Inat thing I cut with
It wit a bur of oap.-Boton Tran
acrlpt. - -
Mtlno BHI
n eomnlnlua ibnt he never can
hla lillla."
'I.uckT dog! Mine alwaya ahow up
un the flmt of th month."-Judg.
I (., IWal iaM krlHi or hmi tMl
tar PNIg alaOH 4 murl
, . fTI)Tg OltD rOwTUUM
ill y.. i. HurlnwkaaktouMlkp. lMtullnmt
u.d an r mom. unmvxnj.
opO.1 S-vrnth St., Waghlnqtaw. D. C.J
W. M. Ptnoa . G. H. Bbhop
Peterson & Bishop
Pendleton. Or. Freewater, Or
Chaa. H. Carter ' Dan P. Smythe
Carter & Smythe
Olendld hog rd, and until th far
mer plant mor iniveiy oi
crop nd Ihu make hlmaelf Inde
pendent of outld aaalatanc. lh hog
Induatry will b t th mercy of any
Influence which may aifct lh price
of wht and olhr gralne In th
north went. -
Alexander Kdoln, 41 year old. wa
nt lo Tendleton Saturday ftr an
examination before Mltrat Uu
alien, and w committed t 'h Et
rn Oregon hopltl by County Judga
. .... i. - ft..., . n Wtrl n Ih
I Ilooklna. formerly of Weeton , .......i w.ain for aev-
mountain. I recovering from a aerlou wrkii entering wood aheda. rl
lllnea at hi horn nar Helix. Ur a)d ch,.,rn yard without an In-
.1. ..... i I - lnf.rrnlrf ha WOUld
ii .... tko now nronrletoe or.vnatiun- t -
th popular Whll lioua reo in
d Monday with hi family at Milton.
Mr. and Mr. Herman Hmderson of
Ih IHu Mountain eawmlll hav been
pending Ih week with Mr. and Mr.
Clay Smith.
u Mrs J. H. Prtc left Mon
day for Portland for a vlalt or wveral
waeka' duration. They hav given up
their California, trip.
A ...I...4 klnititnl of blil'k WU
mad from the Weaton brickyard IhU
week to Pendleton for ue In enlarg
ing the Od-W. K. 4k N. depot there.
iit.ri li. ltr.r fnreat raneer at
tached to the Wenaha reaerve, favored
Weaton with a Vlalt Turaoay rrom m
ranger cmp on Ih Umtllla rivr.
Mr. Helen Dorran, formerly Mia
Helen Narkau. topped In Weaton for
a, few oy vwii vim i
friend whll on her way lo Spokane.
Henry Kocpke of Athrna ha bought
lit acre of farm land lying clone to
th Waahlngton line from Oeer
Drumheller of Walla Walla for
Mia Ida Narkaua cam to Weaton
thl week for a few dy' vlalt with
fc.r i.i.ra. Kukiii al Katncr nara-
aua. wbo ar attending the local high
George W. Badgett, formerly of
Weaton, ahook hand with old-lime
frlenda here Wedneaday after an ab
sence of eeveral ycara. nr. oe
I now engaged In farming near Mla-
It. P. Johnon of Falrvlew Farm
waa a Pendleton vlaltor aunng ne
flrat of the week, and attended a con
ference there of lh International Bi
ble Studonta.
jrm Falling, a prominent merchant
and Influential cltlaen of Pendleton
from pioneer day, died Saturday t
th of 14 year. Ho had Keen a
realdent for tt yeara of Umatilla
r. Pi.iiiiiinn. Adam. Athena and
Wealon auto tnge ictivc Weaton twice
dally fr Prndlcton at a. m. and S p.
m Bound Irlp. II.7S. Meaooonnc
at Goodln'a drug tore. A. M. Boy
don, proprietor.
t P u.uallen went lo Pendleton,iuinv lih new petition lo th
county board to change the grade of
the Pine creek roaa. me paper
algned by. nineteen freeholder, or
even moro lhn the required number.
Mayor P. T. Harbour I attending
Farmer" Week" at th Oregon Agri
cultural College. Mr. Harbour went
with the view of picking up ome
pointer of value lo hi bualneaa ci me
hFiriinukln conference which la
among th feature of lh week" pro-
n a Rmiarhee came down thl week
from Becd nd Hawley mountain for
vllt with hi family, anq aay ni
the recent rain bring welcome renei
Her the dryet aeaaon ever known In
hi locality. He that ha haan t
had aufftc cnt water on nia piece
thrc head of horaca.
in. hnvhood chum around Wea
ton will be Interested In learning that
Elliott Carmlchael I now ai nw
mother home In Cincinnati. Ohio,
and I aaltlng hi tepfather In a bi
cycle tore. He wrltea that abaenc
makea the heart grow ronoer oi
ton. with which friendly old burg he
will be kept In touch hereafter by
meana of The leader.
rtarlev la now quoted at 11 per
ion In the local market Several large
i ..i. mm two week ago at UO, but
dealer report that there la allll a con-
Iderable amount or nia cereai ro-
malnlne- in the handa or tne grower-.
nni. th month of January Prank
Price, repreaentlng the weaton wxe-
.n,nnv. nald out 150.000 for
Weaton barley and wneai.
"We all love th old Tader and are
tnr It m vtalta." wrltea nam
unrti from Llnd. waan.. in renew
i hi. .ili.xrlnllnn. Mr. M or Kan IB
IKS - - -
Tha l.adera moat vaiuea pio
...k...rihAr ana ir ne couia w
BWl . u .- . . . -
multiplied a thouaand or o w would
nut In a. .new Dreaa. Tne irouiii- i
,k.t .mi nt our other (ubacrtbera are
neither o faithful nor ao apprecia
i..n.u.i.. h .ale of 10.000 acre of
in tha vicinity of Bend, It
expected mat ine nnuiMii
lumber In lentrai urei
n InrrA acalft. It I
VUllllllVII'.VU w
atated that the timber belt of Central
Oregon la approximately no mnea
long by 50 mile wiao. na mi
...itn.u irihiuarv ta Bend alone there
I at least 20.0fl0.000.000 feet of good
aw timber.
pin durln th early part
.i h. wMk aoaked thl neck o. the
. .. n,iKh tha rroaiea conui
.in a tha rround would permit.
r-vn . n frAm waahed fields I
fnm anmA incalllie. i ne rain
waa rollowed by a thick fog. which cf-
m nravantad the BTOUnd-hOg,
Tueadny. from seeing bl ahadow and
may result In better treatment rrom
the weather gods.
Clay Smith, mall carrier on route
one. waa unable Monday to make hi
....... .4a hacauaa of thawing oriua.
Starting from Weston at a. m. Mon
day he did not get back until Tuesday
at one-thirty o'clock In the afternoon,
u. rf.iavad for three hour In ne
gotiating the Jim McDnnlel hill and
went all day Monday with nothing to
eat until 10 o'clock at night, when he
ought and found nutrltloua refresh
ment In aorne of "Spud", lortle' peer
lea potatoes. v
.i-..u., that ha wanted work,
and sometime h wouio pm up
or wood without being ked to do ao.
Such conduct waa quit naturally re
garded a queer, and th examination
showed him to he meniauy unwi
anced. Pare.! w IndlcaUd by th
patient' history.
eh. tTmaiilla Pnuntr Taxpayer as
sociation In araalon at Pendleton Tues.
day ravored a return io ne oio ya-
tem or tax collection By ine snenus;
oppoMd an Increaae In the tal road
tax, th propoaea naii-mni imiu
tax and Ih proposed (tat appropria
tion or 0,000 for Irrlgstlon pur
.ainraad iha Rlmrham bill pro
viding that tsx levlc cannot b mde
for sums mor lhn a lx per cent In
rresa over th levle of the preceding
yer. nd deferred any action a to
bollahment of Ihe county arhool u-
pervlsor ytem. It w voted to or
anlse branch asaoclaUona In the
varlou communlilc of th county.
and committee will Boon unaeriaae
thl work. . , , . , j
F. a. Luc, th Weston real tat
man. both lost and won lh ult
k.n...Hl aaalnal him bV MaHoO Jack
to recover balance of I ISO alleged
to be due on ISO ton or nay wnicn
he old In Il to th defendant. Ver
dict waa returned for the plainuri.
but for only about one-third of tne
amount aued for. Defendant claimed
that the hay wa moldy and waa re
fused by the Portland firm for which
he purchased It; and lunner aa-et-ieu
that ho loat a ault which h brought
against the Portland firm at the In
stance of the plaintiff.
. -
Th basket ball sessott waa wound
up by the defeat of Weaton High by
WalUburg High Saturday evening,
cor 47 to II. Th local were over
whelmed In the flrat half, but Walta
burg then consented thst three grad
uate etare. Blomgren, Proebstel and
Ueuallen. enter the Weston line-up.
This mad an even and pretty game
of the second half. In which the score
waa a tie. Point toed for WalU
burg were: Ogdcn It, Adams II. Hss
le li. Danlelaon I. For Weston:
Blomrgen I. Pro betel 10, Smith I.
Kirk p trick t.
Another verv nlaaaant country hop
Is reported from Ihe Pry creek nelgh
hnrhnnrt nt here ftfiv vouna oeopl as
sembled Friday night at the horn of
Ilobert Still and wooed tne terpsicno-
an eoddeaa Until Halt PSSl IWO
o'clock In the morning. The supper
Is described a a triumphant culinary
achievement. Music wa furnished for
the dancers by Mr. And Mrs. George
Phillips. "
l-malllla nniinl will this Year DBV
KKiO,mi4.2 In taxe, or nearly IIOO.OtKl
less than last year. The ataie snare
i IW.mH. Weston, city tax this
...rl.W-MW. A i hens' t2o6.32 and
t'an.llutnn'a sH4.I79.32. Weston has
H1I12.85 school tax and Athena 4X212
iM.ra, Ann e.mA down Yester
day from the Blue Mountain sawmill,
and report two leet-or now at ine
mill and live at tne ton paie. jot
...i i. all.lltf frAnn under the
jflVUlM J . . .
enow, making the flood proseot ome-
wnai tnreauininjr.
. c.l. At Mra neiiherirer's
ranch, one irray horse rears old, one
Iron grav mare n years oiu, one uik
liorve Ja JMnt uiu. wiw ,
,nn,h. r.i.1- atiKt viii buv them if tak
en within the next week, inquire oi
Henry Stamper
Alhaat A Urn Inat. nna nf his bllirtrr
horses, a household pet, the other lav
through it spirit of playfulness. The
animal wa romping with iu team
mate when the latter kicked it. Both
of Iu hind leg were broken and U had
to be shot.
Mr. Fred Shelton and daughters
have arrived from Masnachuselia "r
..Ian.lal ckll. ll Wesum and Mil
ton. Thev were truest uurmir me
week at the Henri March resiuenoe.
M. kin rnart RLarrirs are ex
A knma a,un from Portland.
IWlilM nu'"" "v
1 . . . . . I alt...
where Mr, ssiagga is rwmormji
an operation tor appeuuioiwa.
rAn.t.i.-..K1a ImkimvAmAnL is' re-
VUiwiuvi a r --
ported this .week in the condition of
VIm. a A kaml wno JJU VVVU 111
since I'hristmas. i
n,. .nn.,ntaln atnl-V la .till AM dutV.
ann ion um, unuBm-3i .
st the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Ttin Tin nap .nd children have
returned to their home at Gibbon, af
ter a month' visit with relatives nere
-Lri. m..w TanaitlA waa here this
week from the Vincent neighborhood
for a few days' visit wun xrienos.
house announces a St. Valentine' Ball
for Friday evening reoruary u.
Mr. S. T. Gore of Walla Walla l
visiting Mr. and Mr. H. K. Turner
and other friends at Weston.
d Yr nan-an .n, I Jna TTorlmtton are
serving as jurors in the Richard Burke
murder ease at renuietoas
George, the younger son of Joseph
Blomgren, 1 under Dr. Smith' care
with an inreotea anee.
' C W. DeGrsw returned Tuesday
from a visit with relative and friends
at Walla Walla. , -;
Mrs. Lillian Fredericks has returned
fmm a visit at her brother's noma in
Burley, Idaho. . .
Mrs, J. E. Scrimsher returned Tues
day from a visit to relatives at rree-
Depot eab far reduced to 25 cents
for toe rouna trip, r m.
Today we believe we are ' showing the largest
and best assortment of pocket knives ever on sale in
this locality. Just think over one hundred differ
ent patterns from which you can make your selec
tion, and every knife carries our personal guarantee
as well as that of the manufacturer. Here you will
find such well. known brands as 0-V-B, Keen Kut
ter, Diamond Edge, Griffon, etc., knives that have
established a world wide reputation for durability,
beauty of design and perfect workmanship.
If you want a knife for pruning, hunting, camping, fipeying, budding,
manicuring, leatherfpunching in fact, for any purpose ask us; we have it
A knife for every purpose for man, woman and child this we had in view
in making up our stock. Prices are reasonable, ranging from two bits to two
and one-half plunks. We will sell you a knife for two bits and guarantee
that it wiil give perfect satisfaction jor your money back. One look at our
showing will convince you that we are in a position to supply your wants.
Hardware and Implements
Maa- ,,.e a, et?j
Tb Milton team won the high
school basket ball championship of
th East End In th serlea just closed,
with five game won and one loat, or
a percentage of 1.1. Weaton and Fern
dale tied for second plac with toO
each, and Vincent gallantly brought
up th rear with 147.
Ti.antla JTarm.n And Genevieve
Borers took part In the musical re
cital given by the Ftocher achool of
muln at Fllrr. niano house In W alla
Walla but Friday evening. The little
mimes did credit both to inemscive
and to their teacher, Mia May Spring-
ak Thau tav,tAT aivnm na nA in W a 1 1 A
Wslla by thlr preclico teacher, Hope
Tta mirtnn S. Hndm. tirofaaanr of
aoctal biology at the University of Ore
gon. Is delivering Illustrated lectures
during the week In Umatilla county on
'Public Education (or bocuu Ad
vance." He will address the people
of Weston torn rrow evening at 7: JO
o'clock at High School auditorium,
and should be greeted by a large audi
ence. The lecture is rree or cnarge.
The two county rock crusher How
at Athena will be moved to Weston
soon to com Die te the link in the coun
ty road between Weston ana atmon.
It waa the Intention to move the ma
chines the first or this week, but rain
Interfered. The Dry creek road na
been selected for the Improvement,
and the crusher will be established
na tha J H. f off man Dlace. Jack
Crura will have Immediate supervision
of the work, and about forty men will
be employed.
Pastor William A. Baker of Now
York City spoke at the opera house
last evening at acvcn-thlrty o'clock
under the auspice of the Internation
al Bible Student. Hla subject waa.
To Hell and Back." Pastor Baker
waa formerly a Catholic priest, and te
recarded aa a Bible scholar of un
usual attainments. He is remembered
at Weston for the very able -address
whl-h ha anva here last fall, following
the scriptural photo drama which at
tracted such large audiences.
iujaa Mackenzie, Prtsidc.
J. N. PRICE. Vk President
E. M. SAUTR. Cathhir
Established 1891
lis Farmsrs Bank of
Do not envy the man with a bank
account Deposit your earnings
with Farmers' Bank and be envied
DIRECTORS-William MacKeniie, Dr. F. D. Watts. Joseph Wwsar.
G. W. Stages, J. H. Price, J. & Price, E. M. Smith. .
fk. TITaatsin mountain ahonl. Wo.
IO arl,t,.h Uai-liart W f!mMlani is
w. " . . . v-. . . . - ... r t
. ,,. . T, ...I I. ft.lLl
leacner, win ooservo iiiw-uiu a wimr ;
day on Friday evening, February 12,
w ith appropriate exercises after serv
ing a big dinner at the school house to
the natron ana otners interesieu id
the school. Following is the program:
Violin solo Ray Jones.
Song, America School.
Recit ation. Lincoln's Birthday (Cope-
land) Rbeuamy Dowd.
Reading, Lincoln and the Terrapin
(Kimball) Ray Jones.
Song, Tentlnjf xonigni vuanene,
Messrs. Charles May, Ben Lee and
I .. V ,t Jki;.. l,.th ICnhnaitl.
er; Bertha Lee, organist.
.... . . . , , , n , I v
tteeitation, xvon van oueiieru;
Paul Schneider, v.
Recitation, When Lincoln Was
Young Freddie Aliyo.
Song, Just Before the Battle, Mother
Hooitailnn. The TVaih of Lincoln
(Halpln) Pauline Ray born.
Readinjf. The Soldier'a. Reprieve
(Bobbins) Maggie Dowd.
Song and march, Battle Hymn of
tha ttamihlin Kehonl.
T- : . . ! TL. UI..A . n.l lh. flMV
XeUlUtVIlU, A ll- UIUD cm wm "
(Finch) Helen Rayborn.
tteciiation, -uoness aiw, vupo
land) Gene Schneider,
itanitatinn o Cani.ain. Mv Captain
(Whitman) -Waller Ray born.
song, uur r lag yusnene.
riai.tinn nh vvh,-Should tha Snlr-
It of Mortal be Proud? (Lincoln's fa
vorite poenfTTCnox) Ruth Schneider.
Declamation, Lincoln's Gettysburg
Speech Terrence Terhune.
l-tecitauon, Aoranara mucuiu
ant) Myrtle Ferguson.
Song, Lincoln Says We're Free
(Copeland) Ray Jonea and Norval
Recitation, Antietam Miller Ray
born. Violin solo Ray Jones. ;
Recitation Bar bur Frletchie (by
Whittier)Pearl Dowd.
Song, Kingdom Comtn' School.
Song, Hurrah for the Flag Quartet.
Entire Line
Last But Not Least
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Practice in all State and Federal
Courts. (
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Kodaks :
Druist, Weston, Oregon