The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, January 22, 1915, Image 4

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TMa tnuna fftlrir.iT
better care of the
Stomach and help-
tng the Liver and tl
iioweis m ineir
daily work. If as
sistance is needed,
try .
Ccncral Resume cf ImptMtant Emits
Stomach Bitters
n It has been proven -
U vcrv fonnffrial in such
cases. t-j
n U
Arfcsneas Ttohtwd.
W know two or thr men la this
to va who bar owed us a mU
mount of money since the time when
Helm bad only one pickle, and we
have made arrangements with a local
doctor to administer the twilight
sleep treatment' so they can part with
the money that belongs to us without
M much mental agony." Siloam
Springs Herald and Democrat
Each "Papa's Dlapepsin" Olgesta S000
grains food, ending all stomacn
K. misery In five minutes.
Time It In five minutes all stom
ach distress will go. No Indigestion,
heartburn, sourness or belching of gas,
add, or eructations of undigested food,
no dizziness, bloating, tool breath or
Pape's Dlapepsin la noted for Its
speed in regulating upset aiUmachs.
It Is the surest. Quickest stomach rem
edy in the whole world and besides it
Is harmless. Put an end to stomacn
trouble forever by getting a large
fifty-cent case of Pape's Dlapepsin
from anr druc store. Ton realise In
' Ave minutes how needless it Is to suf
fer from Indigestion, dyspepsia or any
stomach disorder. It's the quickest.
surest and most harmless stomach
doctor In the world.
; - Her Indorsement.
"It was a ptty to let the maid over
hear us Quarrel.
"I have rectified that by discharg
ing her."
"That was a mistake. She is smart
enough to take the whole story to
somebody In our set and get a good
Job on the strength of it." Louisville
Tobacco Habit Cured
Not ontr to wn of pipe and rJsars, bat th
ricknm cirxrMI kabit is w by sine tlx
"MlRlir Wtrnt. Prle eomptoa, eoeti
paid. tl.OO. Less-Davis Dros C. M sad Ti
kin, Portland. Or. fWbaa writtnc naantioo t
' ' Resemblance.
One day there was a Csh for dinner
and little Margie said: "Mamma, do
you know what a shad reminds me
"No. dearie." was the reply.
"Weil," said Margie, "it reminds me
of a porcupine turned outside in."
Chicago News.
Germans plan another dash for Parts.
Selsmie disturbance hare been felt
in the European war tone.
Fearing raids from aircraft. Parts
has again ordered street illumination
Yarmouth. Eng., is visited by Ger
man airmen, who aemollsn wnoie
buildings, killing two persona.
Lieutenant General Freiberr von
Omnteda, of the German army,
been killed in the western arena at the
bead of his brigade.
Reports convey news that General
Villa with his troops, will evacuate
Mexico City, and will go to Northern
states to strengthen his forces.
England hauls down Stars and
Stripes from an American ship which
is detained by that country, and in its
stead raised the British emblem.
The house of representatives has
adopted all the Oregon and Washington
items in the rivers and harbors bill
without discussion and without amend
Republican leaders in the senate
have attacked President Wilson's ship
purchase measure, but the President
feels confident it will pass before
March 4,
Lumbermen of Oregon have'aecured
order for 10.000.000 feet of lumber
and structural material to be shipped
to the United Kingdom between March
1 and June 30.
Lighting fire witn a can of gaso
line resulted in an explosion which
nrobablv will prove fatal to Mr. and
Mrs. Clarence Backus, of I equina.
Or. The can exploded in Mrs. Backus'
bands, throwing the flame over both.
Mrs. O. R. Meye. 35 years old, of
Colfax. Wash., was killed accidentally
by her 9-year-old son at their ranch
home near Hay, in Western Whitman
county. The boy bad been sent to the
house for the shotgun by bis father,
and upon leaving the bouse the gun
was accidentally discharged.
Portugal is reported in a singular
situation in reference to the great war.
German forces have invaded Porta
guese Angola and fighting has been
roin? on there between German and
Portuguese forces for several months.
Yet Germany has not declared war on
Portugal, the German minister remains
in Lisbon and the Portuguese in Berlin.
German aircraft made long-threat
ened raids on England Tuesday night
and attempted with bombs to blow
up the king's royal residence in Sand-
ringham, county Norfolk. King
George and Queen Mary, who had been
staying at Sandringbam with their
family, returned to London only Mon
day to resume their residence in Buck
ingham palace.
The $100,000,000 gold pool organised
to meet American obligations abroad
shortly after the outbreak of the Euro-
German Airmen Drop
Bomb on Yarmouth, Eng.
Yarmouth A hostile aircraft passed
over Yarmouth at 8 :30 o'clock Wednes
day night and dropped saves! bombs.
Constdersble damage to property re
sulted and there wss some loss of life.
One man I reported to have had his
head blown off.
On bomb fell In Norfolk Square,
close to the sea front, and another on
the south quay. A third struck the
York Road drill hall, fragment of th
casing of the thell crashing through
th glass roof of the billiard room of
the headquarters of the National Re
serve. A fourth missile fell near th
Trinity depot
Great excitement prevailed in th
town and special constables, th polio
and mlltiary were called out to cairn
the people, who streamed out of their
homes when the explosions occurred.
The electric supply was immediately
cut off and th town was plunged
Th whirring of th propeller of
the air craft first attracted attention.
Then came the explosions and the
sound of breaking glass. The first
bomb dropped near the recruiting
ground and the others
hail. In all fiv
by th aviators.
After the attack the air craft sailed
ina southwesterly direction.
One man was found outside his home
on St Peter's Plain. ' His head had
been crushed, lie was Identified as
Samuel Smith, a shoemaker. A wom
an, who has not yet been identified.
also was found dead, while a soldier
was discovered in Norfolk Square with
a wound in his chest
The towns of Yarmouth. Sandring
ham. King's Lynn and Cromer are all
in the province of Norfolk,
near the arm
bombs were thrown
abuts the North Sea about
northeast of London.
160 mile
England Replaces Old
Glory With Own flag
Washington, D. C Ambassador
Gerard cabled the Stat department
the substance of a statement made to
him by Captain Farley, of the Ameri
can steamer Greenbrier, which arrived
at Bremen a few days ago with a cot
ton cargo from New Orleans, after
havins- been subjected to a series of
detentions, notwithstanding assur
ances which had been given by Great
Britain that shipments of cotton in
American vessels would not be de
Officials did not disclose the details
of Caotain Farley's statement but it
is said be charged that after examin
ing the Greenbrier's papers, a British
prise crew ordered the American flag
hauled down and convoyed the ship
into Kirkwall, a British port. Captain
Farley refused to navigate the ship
while the British nag wss at her mast
and asserted that through incompetent
navigation by the British three booms
were swept away. He was ordered to
take the ship to Leith from Kirkwall,
which be did after raising th Ameri
can flag and later was able to proceed
to Germany, after a delay of three
The State department, it is under
stood, is investigating the case through
the American embassy in London.
peanwar will be abandoned because I Consul-Elect From U. &
New Ills.
"JTonesby had a doctor with him all
- - '"Was h very slckf"
"He was toward the last when th
doctor held all Che good handa." Bir
mingham Age-Herald.
-: Find Strona Poison.
' The new poison extracted from
seeds of the castor oil plant by a Ger
man chemist Is said to be so powerful
that a single grain would kill a mil
lion and a half guinea pigs.
In Mexico.
"Who governs here?" asked the
newcomer. looking at the assembled
"We take turns," explained an inno
cent bystander. Philadelphia Ledger.
Gastronomic Health,
"Pa, what is envy?"
"Envy, my boy, is what your mil
lionaire uncle feels every time he
bears you begging your mother for a
second piece of pie." Detroit Free
Catarrh of Head
bankers believe the necessity for it
hss passed. Bankers back of the pool
have communicated this decision to
the Federal Reserve board, whose
sanction for the undertaking was
ssked and granted before the pli
were comlpeted.
It is reported that there is consider
able dissention In the German cabinet
A French senator advises parliament
to be quiet while France is invaded by
an enemy.
Twenty thousand persons, including
many notables, were giuea in ue
earthquake in Italy.
The American branch of th Red
Cross is asking help to aid the Italian
earthquake sufferers.
Five governments are in the Chi
cago wheat pit nuying neavuy, to
gether with many foreign individuals.
Eighteen Russian generals have
been discharged from important posi
tions, according to the Hamburg Frem-
Rejected by English City
London John L. Cutright, newly
accredited United States vice consul at
Nottingham, has returned to London
without taking up his duties because
the mayor and other city officials had
advised him that he would not be ac
ceptable in an official capacity. The
objection to Mr. Cutright was bssed
on articles which he wrote and which
were published in a Lincoln, Neb.,
newspaper. It was charged that the
letters expressed pro-German senti
Before coming to Nottingham, Mr.
Cutright served as American vice con
sul at Coburg. Germany While there
be wrote the letters to which the Not
tingham officials took exception. Mr.
Cutright is a son of John Cutright, ed
itor of the Lincoln, Nebraska, btar
and formerly was private secretary to
William Jennings Bryan. The son, a
graduate of the University of Nebras
ka, has been in the consular service
only a few'months.
The British foreign office has no In
formation concerning objections on the
Portland Thar Is soms Improve
ment in the potato market this week,
Th shipping movement; southward has
started, but no great hope are held
out. as only a small part of th stock
I of shipping quality, A few ears of
Bur banks are going to California and
for these buyer are paytng 80o90o at
East Sid points, while ordinary stock
Is bringing T5tf86c In Portland. Th
San Francisco market la In better
shape, as th Salinas are practically
all son; and this will leave an open
ing for a limited quantity of Oregon.
Th American Wonder seed movement
seems to be about over,
Th local jobbing trad la not brisk
and th market is sufficiently supplied.
Front street price are unchanged.
There is no shipping outlet for eggs
and with receipts enlarging th mar
ket Is slowly reaching a lower level.
Sale were mad at SSujliWe, case
Poultry receipts were liberal and the
market was weak, hens selling at 13(.(
14c. Dressed pork was very weak.
with Do as the top. Veal was barely
No changes were reported In the
butter or cheese markets.
Whit beans are steadily advancing
in price. There was a good crop on
the Coast this season and the quality
was fine, but the market is being
strengthened by the upward movement
of prices In the East where large ex
ports to Europe have caused advances.
Wheat Bid: Bluestem, 11.42;
forty-fold. 11.42; club, 31.41; red
Russian, f 1.34; red Fife, 11.37.
Mi I need Spot prices: Bran, 128.60
(29 ton; shorts, $30.50t31; rolled
barley, 133.634.60.
Corn White. 136 ton; cracked, 137.
Hsy Eastern Oregon timothy, $16
4115.60; vslley timothy, 113(413.60;
grain hay, 10.60fU; alfalfa, f I SOS
Vegetables Cucumbers, hothouse,
$1.76 CS 2 dosen; eggplant, 8 10c
pound; peppers, 12(i16c; artichokes,
85c(tX90 dosen; tomatoes, $1.76 crate;
cabbage. ljitle pound; beans, 12e;
celery, $2.60 crate; cauliflower, $2.25;
sprouts, 8c pound; head lettuce, $1.86
tj$ 2 crate; pumpkins, lie pound;
squash. lie; carrots, $1.25 sack;
beets, $1.26; parsnips, sl.Zo.
Green Fruits Apples, 75cH$1.50
box; casabas, $1.65 crate; pears, $1
1.60 box; cranberries, 9($11 barrel.
Eggs Freeh Oregon ranch, case
count 2930c dosen; candled, SIXtf
Sic; storage, 2529c.
Potatoes Oregon, $1 sack; Idaho,
$11.10; Yakima. 80c1.10; sweet
potatoes, 2e pound.
Unions Oregon, buying price, ti.zo
f . o. b. shipping points.
Poultry Hens, large, is 14c;
mixed, 13c; broilers, 186120c; tur
keys, dressed, 21c; live, 18c; ducks,
12t($16c; geese, ll12c.
Butter Creamery, prints, extras.
29Je pound In case lots; e mors in
less than case lots; cubes, 26c
Veal Fancy, 12Jc pound.
Pork Block, 9c pound.
Honey Choice, $3.25 case.
Nuts Walnuts, 1624e pound.
Beans Small white, $5.75; large
white, $5.60; Lima, $6.25; pink,
$4.60; Mexican, $6.25; bayou, $6.35.
Hops 1914 crop, 10 J 12tc; 1913
crop, nominal.
Hides Salted hides, 14c; salted
bulls, 10c; salted calf, 18c; salted
kip, 14c; green bides, 12Jc; green
bulls. 8ic; green calf, 18c; green kip.
14c; dry bides, 25c; dry calf, 27c.
Wool Valley, 17Cq518c pound; East
ern Oregon, 1520c, nominal; mo
hair, choice, 1914 clip, Z7Jc
Cascsra bark Old and new, 4&4ic
Cattle Prime steers, l.owav. vo;
choice, $7.267.60; medium, $6.76
7; choice cows, $6($6.75; medium,
$5.7E6; heifers, $5 f6 6.60; bulls,
$3.606; stsgs, $4.60ft6.
Hogs Light, $6.766.B0; heavy,
Sheep Wethers, $6(6.60; ewes,
$55.60; lambs. $6. 26 7. 60.
Tacoms Local commission men re
port a splendid movement of apples
and a firmness in prices. Prospects for
a healthy business for the remainder
of the season are bright During the
early part of the war, shipments of
this fruit could not be made to foreign
Can Tsll Ipssd f Asreplane,
Fvr an aviator there has been In
vented In Prance apparatus which
shows the spend at which his aero
plane la traveling, the velocity of ths
wlml and the angle at which be Is at
tacking It and whether h Is rising or
Us Ilsolrlo Outfit
A Urns railroad the New York ter
minus of whlt'h Is electrified has put
Into service th first large electrically
driven wrecking outfit, current being
taken from the third rail which sup-
piles It to locomotives.
Tslk Prom a Bright Friend.
"I never knew until last night what
a bright fellow Mr. tlddlewli Is."
"U rn? How did you rtjid It out
"He told me,M Judge.
Fsther Is In the Library.
Porolho Newrox Where la pa pah?
Mrs. Newrox In the library, dearie
but don't wake hint up now, Puck.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant IVIIets regu
late and invigorate stomach, liver and
bowels. Sugar-coated, tiny granules,
easy to take as ratuly.
What Jarred Her.
"The published reports do me a
great Injustice," declared the beauti
ful actress.
"Then you didn't shoot him?"
"Of course I shut hi in. Hut the re
ports say I'm 35, whereas I'm only a
little past 33." Louisville Courier
Weak Women!'
SSWS Kama woman are weak becaus of Uls that
In Girlhood-Womanhood '
and Motherhood
The prescription which Dr. R. V. Plerc wed Vfb.,,!ILr to
duIaM of women-whkh hat stood th test ol neatly haU a cnluiy-l
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Tk this in liquid or Ublet form at a tonic and regulator!
Hit Kate n. Rkhanlww. ol noa.Wv, T.-n r..Va. mv. 1 srtsem It r'''V
lily I
mill I'hytLUpf hill li
imuIu ul voiir 'ramitis I
ana aim Ukm II. wilh I'm,
uIIvimI simIIv wllh WMKiiwa twraliai lo my m I i
ulna My aiw utMH I'll in my liwmn
it iu ilia uitia nor a
nt IVIWla." I canmaniTil lu et Ml". I
a IimImI M
i ul th
lor anil s S, hull!.
iiww wnal haeeiiww mtt, lor I waa alwaw arts and rameialiiUi' ami aiatl others ad
veil as niywU uuaaiw. fcu yuu s what a ikU I ixw mail
Dr.PUrc'sPUaantPIUt$ rtguhts itomach, live, bowth
Watch Your Colts
Fur Cousha. Culila and nialmpr. and at th flrat rni.l..ina
uf any aiirh miIiiiihii, iv aiimll iliwua ut that unilrlul
rainxly, nuw lha moat uartl In ilaim-
60 iila ami It a bnltlit; It ami 110 th ituaan, uf any drug
tal, hartiM ilmlnr, or dllviil by
Chemists sna) aactrlloiata, Oohn, In)., U. . A.
For Sick Hsadaehs, Sour Stomach,
8lu6Qlsh Llvar and Bowtls They
work while you sleep.
Furred Toniiue. I'sd Taste. Indiges
tion, Sallow Skin snd Miserable Head
aches come from a torpid liver and
clogKed bowels, which cause your
stomach to become filled with undi
gested food, which sours snd ferments
like garbage In a swill barrel. That's
the first step to untold
geatton. foul gases
Kstp ths Apple Hanging High.
Dr. Worcester used a simile In his
testimony before the senate l'hlllp
pines committee which sums up the
true philosophy of our relationship to
the Filipinos. "I believe," he said,
"that the practical way to drvlop the
I Philippine people Is to let the apple
hang high ami make them climb for
It. Insti-ad uf telling them to hold their
hats and shake the tree. New York
Fire Proof Cnvtlops.
A t'allfornlsn lies patented a docu
ment envelope with an Inner lining of
aabestoa covered with carbon uanr to
misery Indl-! receive and retain ronlea of tnarrln-
bad hrratk, yellow i Hons written on an outer paper cover-
skin, mental fears, everything that Is : lug should the latter be deatroyed by
norriDie sua nauseating, a i aararei i fir,
tonight will give your constipated I
bowels a thorough cleansing and
straighten you out by morning. They
work while you sleep a 10-cent bot
from your druggist will keep you feel
ing good for months.
A Hsrd Knock.
Lawyer So you want to make a
case of It?
Farmer Yes. by Jlns! 1 offered to
settle by fair means, an' he wouldn't
So I decided to hire a lawyer an' have
him took Into court. Livingston I aU
Have New Dipper.
A new bulb shnped Indie for molten
metals hss sn opening In o ie side so
that Its contents ran be pou: ed more
accurately and at the same time leave
the dross behind.
Uss Rlcs Flour as Binder.
Rice flour Is used In France as a
binder In the manufacture of fuel
briquettes by a new process from coal
dust, lignite, peat or sawdust.
Invent Pneumstle Tool.
Resembling a pistol and controlled
by a trigger Is a new pneumatic tool
for cleaning dirt from Inaccessible
parts of machinery.
The moment that reslnol ointment
touches Itching akin the Itching stops
and healing begins. That Is why doc
tors have prescribed It successfully
for nineteen years In even the sever
est rnsea of ecsema. tetter, ringworm,
rashes snd other tormenting, disfigur
ing skin eruptions. Aided by warm
baths with reslnol soap, reslnol oint
ment makes the skin or scalp perfect
ly healthy, quickly, easily snd at little
coat. Try It and see.
Kealnol ointment contains nothing
harsh or Injurious snd can be used on
the tenedrest or moat Irritated sur
face. Practically every druggist sells
reslnol ointment snd realncl soap.
PENMANSHIP tkachks you
i', 7 M JJ ... IIV Mill, lie.
ItM lloualmv IV, . K Trutrwn, Hg
Tkurvutrhlv ajtml. 0 liuaam rf urr IW4. UM'
tt Kit fur ratatv 11 A mm SU fwlljAML M,
!M)YOir WANT m Wttr w-lt-. tr aril.
rtssiHry, rtig?ht I VWran Hl rHi. ttnlif
lr iiiMn uf aHt rrsHHtmtfmw ttty, atf m
ly cImnkp. aalrwtiMU lMkvlhal, t'utl - w
amlaaf kMta. KittrtitvvrHi. k4 in, t'rwpara
uwr vwt NaiMattaJ liMiHutatkf MtKaihm, 164
VVlrtona Ar,4t htraffu, Itt,
Kola Tablets
saw aiany frifula ha un tbm as at!
lanl ami fur kk!nr traubw 1'rte K par Ian,
Stan fur lion, rur by l.aii-lifU Dm
Ov. Si and Yamhill Hla. ISIIand. Cfca,
Naval Safety.
"Son. If you mutt enlist," said
wise old man. "enlist In the navy."
"Why. dadr
"A government sustains no actual
loss If a company of soldiers Is shot to
pieces, but a nuw battleship Is too val
uable to take chances with." Louis
ville Courier-Journal.
At a Donation Party.
"Were you gambling last night?"
"No. Indeed. It was a donation
party. I came away a hundred to the
good." Livingstone Lance.
Panama sulfr mar from lniMrined trua
llttlnf than from hum a. Why not buy your
trnaaaa from pruT Try Drus Co..
at ad and Yamhill Portland. Or., who ar ax
parts and know how.
Motives of Friendship.
"Are you familiar with the motives
of Blink s new plsy?"
"Yes; he needed the money."
Brlmlnghsm (Ala.) Age-Herald.
Unnecessary Effort.
Ills Wife This paper says an army
of 100,000 nien baa wrecked a railroad
in Belgium. ,
Railroad Magnate What a waste of
energy! A hoard of five directors
could have done It Just as thoroughly.
Preference of the Ltsser Evil.
"I rsn give you a cold bite," said
the woman.
"Why not warm It up?" asked the
"There ain't any wood sawed "
"80? Well, give It to me cold."
Now York Hun.
Rather Bold.
These Aparbe dances are said
Delicious "Fruit Lsxstivs" can't harm
tender llttls stomach, llvar
and bowels.
Why not help the "poor" farmer by
starting a tuy a buHhel of dollar-whet
I.ook at the tongue, mother! If
coated, your llttlo one'a stomach, liver
and bowels need cleansing at once.
When peevish, cross, listless, doesn't
sleep, eat or act naturally, or Is fever
ish, stomach sour, breath bad; has
sore throat, diarrhoea, full of cold,
give a leaapoonful of "California
Hyrup of Figs," and In a few hours sll
the foul, constipated waste, uudlgest
ed food and sour bile gently moves
out of Its little bowels without grip
ing, and you have a well, playful child
again. Ask your druggist for a 60-
cent bottle of "California Hyrup of
Figs." which contains full directions
for babies, children of all agea and
for grown-ups.
be a cure for nerve and timidity.'
"I think they will do away with tim
idity, all right." Louisville Courier-
The Last Word.
Bin What nonsense to say that on
can't get the last word wllh a woman!
I found It easy enough today.
Dlx You don't say! How did It
Ulx Why. I said to a woman In th
car: "Madam, have my seat" Bos
ton Transcript.
A Ham.
"The Russian government has taken
over a sewing machine factory."
"What on earth for?"
"Hem In the (lermans, naturally."
Buffalo Kx press.
For Interest.
my wire everything
A resolution was offered In congress t2E L"2S XT " ?J
kino- rw aMwtjirv of war for In-I H"rv "l """"'s""'" J - r-
asking the secretary 01 wariorin- r,t! u tu i . mtriwht nt Ma , as low thev were last
vi cuaii i - I
dunes at ine American consulate, iub year.
American embassy would say nothing; The trade grasped the fruit instantly
Gov. Blease, of South uaronna, wno concerning ine ease, i turner man w ,t theM price and the unususl demand
resigned near the end of his term, has say that if Cutright was not accept- hom other actions of the United
pardoned and paroled 1460 convicts, able to the Nottingham authorities, be Sute an(1 Canada soon exhausted th
formation as to the strength
defense guns. ,
I Feel It
a Duly
, J Mankind
J to Let
iiSv M Know of
beside disbanding the state militia. probably would be sent eleswbere.
An aged pipe smoker in San Fran-1
cisco was killed when he fell on his
face. The long stem punctured the!
I roof of his month and entered the
Harbor Bill Patted.
Washington, D. C The rivers and
harbors appropriation bill, carrying
more than 134,000,000, passed the
house by a vote of 164 to 81. The bill
now goes to the senate, where a pro
tracted fight is expected. All efforts
to block or substantially amend the
bill failed. Amendment after amend
ment was voted down. The bill
The German and French accounts of nonzes no new projects, me a j,-
I AAA fiiA tiottiM Brtu a. AAntititlaa
the, fio-htimr on the Western front ww,v HI'""
agree in sleclarlng' there has been a
The battleship Kansas sustained
damage In the big storm off th Vir
ginia coast, which it will require two
weeks to repair, it was reported on the
warship's arrival in Hampton Roads.
Mr. W. H. Chaney, R. F. D. 2,
Butherlln, Pittsylvania Co Vs
write: "For the past twelve months
I have been a sufferer from catarrh
of the bead. Since taking four bot
tles of your Peruna I feel a different
person altogether. Th severe pains
In my head have disappeared, and
my entire system has been greatly
strengthened. This Is my first tes
timonial to the curative qualities of
any patent medicine, but I feel It a
duty to mankind to let them know
of the greatest medicine on earth
peruna In my estimation for the
above trouble.''
Those who object to liquid madl
elnee ear) new preeur Parana
No. 4, 11
I " a pasar.
improvements already under way, with
provision for examination and surveys
in various places, including Colorado.
Socialists Want Voice.
Copenhagen Three resolution were
passed unanimously at the closing
sion in Copenhagen of the conference
of Socialists of neutral countries.
which opened here Sunday. The first
resolution declares it to be the duty of
all Socialists to work for a speedy
declaration of peace, the terms of
which shall provide s bssis for inter
national disarmament. It also calls on
the International Socialist bureau at
Berne to call a meeting of Socialists
at the beginning of peace negotiations
to take an advisory part therein.
Noted "Frtar Tuck" Dead.
Burlington, Vt. George Frothing-
ham, th original "Friar Tuck" of the
old Boston ians, died suddenly Wednes
day of heart failure. He was 76 years
old. Frothingham appeared her Tues-
the dissolution of dsy night in a revival of the comic
the union so simple that the mere I opera "Robin Hood." He had played
agreement of man and wife to break I th part of the jolly friar more than
I their marital contract ia sufficient 1 6000 time in the last 27 years.
desperate battle near Soissons. The
issue is not wholly decided, but the
Germans are believed to have gained
ground northeast of the town, while
the French wholly failed to make
progress. The French are now de
scribed as taking cp new positions on
the south bank of the Aisne. Em
peror William in person directed the
battle on the plain of Vregny. In
spired by his presence, the German
troops cleared this important elevated
position of the enemy.
General Carranza ha added to his
program of reform the granting of ab
solute divorce. Any judge in Mexico
if he care to take the chance of Car-
ranza's reseating himself at Chapul te
pee may now annul a marriage con
tract. Th law became effective on
New Year's day. Mexico has hereto
fore never granted more than a legal
separation. The new law not only pro
vide for divorce with the right to re
marry, but makes
surplus. Dealers report that there Is
still five months of apple business.
New varieties taken from cold storage
are offered now at from 76c to $1.25 a
Onions also are said to be firm and
rises are looked for. Brown Oregon
onions are moving out at from $1.75 to I
Eggs Fresh ranch, Z7Z8c; local
cold storage, 23 26c; Eastern, 23
26c '
Potatoes are getting firm. Last
season th spuds opened at high prices 1
and went down toward th latter part.
This vear the table ar just reversed,
the tubers opening at low prices and
going up as th season advances.
Merchant say, however, that quota
tions will not rise much.
Milling wheat In Tacoma made other
advances, reaching th nignesc poim
yet known locally. Blues tern is offered
at $1.42; forty-fold, $1.41; club,
$1.40; red Fife, $1.86; red Russian,
Fresh meats Steers, IZc pound;
cows. lZc: netrers, lzctanzsc; wem-
121c: dressed bogs, lZc: trimmed
sides, 16ic; combinations, 15c; lambs,
1314c; Diamond T. C., 14c; year
lings. 13c: ewes. lie.
Poultry Ducks, live, 10JZc; bens.
dressed. 16 18c; live, 10 14c;
springs, dressed, 22c; live, 1416c;
squsbs, live, $2.60 dosen; dressed, $6;
turkeys, live, 18c; dressed, 28g30c;
eeese. 20c
Butter Washington creamery, zoigj
29c pound; Oregon, 2627c.
Seattle Wheat Bluestem, $1.43;
Turkey red, $1.88; forty-fold, $1.42;
club, $1.41; fife, $1.87; red Russian,
$1.86; barley, $30 ton.
For Young and Old
The acute agonising pain of
rheumatism is soothed at once
by Bloan's Liniment. Do not
rub it penetrates to the sore
rt, bringing a comfort not
amcd of until tried. Get a
bottle today.
Hare What Othar flar I
"I Bishly raramnw-od your Mntment
aa th b-iit remrdy for rhfumstiam I vr
(land, Ilafora uaiDS it 1 apent larsa aiima
of mono? tryinc to ft rahif of tha miwy
and paina in limba and body, so I trfxl
your Limnf-nt both internal and asurnal
and I found quirk relief, and now am
mil and troni ataln." Qw. Carl", tU
N. Uih SI., SmnfMU, 111
"I wl.h to writ and tall yon about a
fall I hud down fourtawn atapa, and bruiaad
my nc'-k and hip vary bad. I could not
alurp at ail. I aant my ifa for a 2& rant
bottla of your Unimeot and la two days'
ttma I wiia oa my feet aaain." CharUt
Uyit, HUH PratritAwt., ill. lonir, Mo.
for neuralgia, sciatica, sprain and
AO Drxtlata, 2Se.
I Send four cents in stamps for a
Dr. Earl S. Sloan, Inc.
Dept. B. Philadelphia, Pa.
"I buy
wants, ilow about you?"
"I kerp mine wanting a tew things,
jurit to be sure that hr Interest In
me la maintained." Louisville Courier-Journal,
Don Properly.
"How Is It you wero so long over
your work loduy?"
"Sure, ma'am." replied the servant,
"you were watching me most of the
time." Judge.
Anxiety to Correct a Mlstsk.
"Look here!" said an excited man
to a druggist "You gave me mor
phine for quinine this morning."
"Is that so?" replied the druggist.
"Then you owe me 26 cents." Chris
tian Rcglstor.
owi natitttasr will rnt vnu
Murin fcra nuimiy fur M4, Wa, Watry
rty a
h) mail fr. Marin It jr Um4y c, CbUas.
gya na lranuiai4 fcyait.iMi No amarfiiif
u. Ky (Jomlnrt. Knin for Moos o(
,n ayi
rife needs rides In th open
"All right, doc, I'll drop word among
the real estate agnnts that I might
look at property In the suburbs.".
Ixiulsvtlle Courier-Journal.
How the Trouble Started.
"What slartnd Hip row?"
"A fake dontlat sold a set of cellu
loid teeth to tin' muu who rais lire
In the vaudeville show," I'biladelphla
Helping Kidneys
By Clearing Blood
A Function Greatly AasUted
Remedy. v
Remark of a Candid Chum.
"Why are you moping there, Dick?"
"I've no one to play with."
"Well, go and fetch Freddie next
"Oh, I played with him yesterdsy,
and I don't suppose he's well enough
to come out yet." London Opinion,
He's to Blama.
"Men are always late. I have wait
ed here since 6 o'clock for my husband
to come, and It Is now 7:30."
"At what hour were you to meet
him?" asked the woman who had Join
ed her.
"At 6 o'clock." Buffalo Courier.
Defined at Last
"What Is the meaning of ragtime?"
asked the loving young thing.
"It's the way my stenographer
spells," responded the tired business
man. Philadelphia Ledger.
He I feel like a fool tonight
She So glad you've recovered.
Boston Transcript
In th new night school curriculum
the new society dances haven't been
given th slightest consideration. ,
Vost rasdi-ra will h ntrtK te more
rloarly umlt-rautid why analyala of urlna la
ao Important, In Ilia ti H. B. H. to
purify lha blond, lia action Is a siltnulant
In lb myriad of lln blood vaaaala that
Disk up Ih conalriiPtlr tiamii-s of th
klilnay. All Ilia blood from all oror th
body Burnt paaa throiicrt III klrinnya. Thar
set ss tratara snd saaayara. And armrding
to wbat tlii-y allow to paas out In th" urlna,
both as lo iiuanlliy and niaii-rlala, ths
health of th klilin-ja snd til nuallly of th
blood la di-tornilnrd. 'J'ha catalytic rnrroy
forced by rt. H. H. Is shows lu Ih urlna.
It Is also dcmnnairslad In tha akin. Anil
as th blood continue to ewpp through
ths kidneys th rinmlnntlnit natura f
ft. H. H., scllng as It dors through all th
avanura of elimination, ahowa a marked
darraaaa of dlacaa msnlfratatlrma aa dam
onatrstrd by urlna snalyala. This asalat
anr Is a great relief to th kidneys. Th
body waalea ar Dior vrnlr dlatrlbuted t
tn amuni-torl.-a; their elimination la itlm
nlated by th toulo action afforded th
liver, limn, akin and kidneys, Thin, la
caeae of rheumatlarn, ryaittla, chronic sore
throst, hiwkuieas of voice, bronchitis, sath
ni and th myriad nt other rrflex Indica
tion of weak kidney actios, Drat purify
your blood with K. M. ., so it will enabl
to tlaatles to rebuild th cellular StNBgtlt
aad regain tha normal health.
8. 8. B. Is prepared by The Bwlft Irpeelfls
Co., B2T Bwlft Hlds., Atlanta, Oa., and If
you hay any deepeated or obatlnat blood
trouble, writ to tliair Uedlcal IMpt. tut
free advice,
GaJaraaere coosa faatar and brisnwr eabrs SSaa anr atV. Eary Mtkaa auatantaad a aelei SHa. Waal. Cnaa and Hlaad Coaa st an MUn. I0ana
WriM let fix fceoaial Un Or aad Mia Caiara." calaaaaf. fcawMfa, ate UONKOE DBUC COMPANY. Dcpartaoot Z. Quawy, UaaaM