The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, December 25, 1914, Image 4

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mm ariiy
teAsIiorc Mowed Dcv.n li,
WalbliS 6f AiucSL
Uj German Mctory Over
Czar Set Berlin Aglow
Berlin, via London The people of I
Berlin war aroused to enthusiasm
Friday by the announcement of a great
Austxo-German victory over the Rim
Una In Poland. An official bulletin
to thti effect wh leaned shortly after
noon. Within half an hour extra adl-
tlona of the paper appeared and the
M elt iitaralle flashed Into bunt I
Superioritm of trencH Artuierg mi ing.
.ChAU hn InUmntiama oi American visitor, wno a lew uay
"-" - I . j .v. Ji I-- .
I ago CWmnnMU w nvu-wopioj v
" flair, scarcely recognised Ue etreeta.
which everywhere were gay With the
rurman black, whit and red. and the
London A dispatch to the Exchange iuatrlan orarure and black, at man
Telegraph cam pant Monday Rom Am- nlace intertwined.
terdam aaya: ' 1 I At the Relchatag, where a Red Croaa
"The Germane have evacuated iix meeting was In session, word waa re-
mud, but the report mat toe auiee i eaed from the palace tnat tne great-
have taken Wddelkerke Is untrue. Mt victory of the war had been won.
Tha oehnola wm clooad bo that the
Amsterdam The Slut. Ketbar-1 . nj. im .,a tn Muhrar.ina tha
- ..-,, I ..u,.-. ...
lanae, corresponaeni oi u iwigm nL
ends the following: I The first intimation of the nature
VA diapatch aay that violent EgM- mnA ent of the Ruaalan defeat waa
Ing occurred on the Tear. The fleet ,1 Thureday night and circulated
gunt are playing havoe In the Oennao (n 0flcj,j quarters, but nothing waa
ranke. Irains Oiled with wounaea ex knowB of tt ,.,,11. until the official
enuring Bruges. Moat of theee train KulJeUn waa published. It haa been
proceed eastward, nnderatood that the Roaeians were in a
, "The alliee have not occupied Roul- ,. ,;,, nnoitinn. hat it waa not
era, but the fighting la raging between hiDt6d a decisive result waa at
there and I pros ana uixmuae, hand.
. ."! . . I The official bulletin reported Thure-
parts roe rollowtng omciai comma- ... .... tK nUAB. "nranMd.
nicaiioqwMgivwnw,ini... ta normally" which Dhraae is the
"From the aea to the Lye we nave ... , fK. t.i r.irt It I.
gained a little ground before Nieuport kmWQ D0V thtt thouaanda of Rueaiana
ana su ueorge. have been Uken criaonera.
in un wiani ami nuui v. m
where the enemy reinforced hia organ
iaationa, defenaive artillery battle oc
curred and there waa alight progreaa
on our nart.'
"From the Ly to ths Uis tne new nm-oummw wooden ahoee and grouser a half yard
allied forcea have Mixed a portion of I raped from their cage on the stage of j about the anklee. When he
the German trenchee in the Brat line I j. . Eiirhtv-eixth atreet vaudeville I reaches hla own door a door exactly
IRKK hundred and aome odd
daya of the eren tenor of hla
way and. then, the Kermcea
and the Volendamer dancoa,
write Anna M. Penuiaon In the
New Tork Tribune.
No. lie doee not dance In hla wood
en ahoo. No man of faahlon ha a
pair of pump better aulted to tripping
the light fantaatio than are tbla Dutch
man' Sunday allrper. They are of
aome aort of ofU ahlny leather, and In
them he becomea light of foot Tbe
aame may be ald of father, mother,
brother, alater, aweetheart and triMid.
The Volendam fiahennan goea week
ly out Into the Zuyder Zee and caata
hi net for tUh. Aa regularly a Sat
urday come around tbe harbor out-
aide the dyke flUa up with craft until
It can hold no more for then he re
turna for a peaceful Saturday after
noon or Sunday with hi family and
friend. When h- ha anchored hla
barge be turn toward home, walking
with that clever combination of drag
ging, (huffllng and freedom of awing
Vaudeville Lion Escape
and Terrorize Audience hia tep that can be acquired by
. no other mean than the wearing of
New York Six trained lion ee- h . . hif ard
.. . . r .i t r : ... -
on tne ironi running wrougu rx,;r tnil,
boorg. L'Avenue and Givenchey 'Lea- J,,"7 "TT, ,7 ,
La Baasee.
"To the aootheaat of Albert tha
trench captured by a on the 17th near
Haricourt and lost on the lBtn,
recant ured on the 20th.
"In tbe region of Li bona the Ger
man made two violent attack for tbe
audience, conalating 'principally of
women and children, created a panic
One lioneea, Alice, the largest of
the pack, escaped Into a crowded
atreet. Policemen panned her into
the hallway of a nearby apartment
bouse and in shooting at her probably
like those of hi neighbors to right
and left he deftly eltpa out of hla
wooden ahoee and crosaea the reatl
bule Into the living room of hi home.
The Fisherman' Home.
Thla vestibule and living room are
exactly like those of hla neighbor to
rtebt and left, to front and rear. The
living room has two windowa In front.
porpose of retaking theUenchee won fatally wounded a companion. Sergeant Mch of whlch u curtained wtm even
by u. on the 18th. They were re- DuiM Glenn. Two other officer were , Mlei ,ace ,cro tna ,0W,P M,h
uilaAil I . . J J S, ak. M l I r
"From the Oiae to the Argonne the
operiority of our artillery continued
to be manifested by the interruption of
tbe enemy' nre, ue destruction oi
machine gnn aheltera and obeerva-
toriee. and the dispersion of a conaid-
arable number of troops.
"In the Argonne, the forest of La
Grurie, we have repulsed three at
tack, two on Fontaine Madame, and
one at St Hubert.
upper. A table itanda between these
two windows. The floor I covered
from tbe table back to tbe opposite
wall with matting, the fireplace acconv
alighUy wounded by the claws of the I tnd imoothiy ironed lace serosa the
beast tn a oatue at cnee range.
At aight of the lion hundred of
person in the theater fled Hereaming
to the exit. Mother delayed by
gathering up their children crowded
into camera and places of (apposed
safety. Score fainted and many,
numbed by the sight of the animals
among them, aat transfixed in their
aeeta. "
With the exception of Alice none
left to beat out Ita routine, organism
and established. To learn tha Ufa a
the people la to find that they live thui
content, but alwaya counting and plan
ntng for the Kermeaa a an America!
country child wait the year arount
for Christmas.
It I easy to nn-leratand that whet
a man and a maid who can dance, ant
at that well, and can take a glaaa, ant
with unction, will do It with a vln
when the moment arrtvea, for there b
but cue geuulne diversion during th
year. Therefore, bofore a certalt
Saturday evening In the month of Sep
I teraber. It I tho custom each yeai
for all available men and boya to begli
putting up booths along the dike, ot
on the seaward aide of the main atreet
In these bootha are bestowed drlet
fish, smoked eel, toy, candle, bak
ery, etc.
Bootha for Everything.
One booth la prepared for the cakt
cutting. Thla means that each cue
tomer la given a hatchet. It he can
cut the etrln of cake In two with
three strokes, sometime four tbs.
cake la his. If he fall be paya foi
It. Vsually he paya.
Another booth la tor the housewlfs
who makea and aella aome aort of
fried cake. Those are bought eagerly
for and by the children. Another
booth 1 arranged for ring throwing
Clocks, watches, dishes, lamps, and so
on throueh a long list, are won or
lost by the payment ot ten centa (two
eenta of American money) and tn
akill ot tbe thrower.
Thl Saturday afternoon the Usher
man cornea home and puta on hla Sun
day heat Hla wife, and bablea are
already spruced up, and presently they
troll out, hand in hand. In troop and
groups, past theee tempting display.
regaling themaelve on smoked eel
Kan To.wn flighty Named,
It waa a aad loukn.a Utile towu, Ilk
all the rest Jtiat a mala atreet aad a
few store and houses set dowa la tbe
midst of the Illimitable wast. Our
train atopped there.
I aaw a man across the alale loot
out ot the window, scowl, rise from
hie Beat, throw up hla arm and
olalm, addressing no on In particular!
"How can they stnni living out
here I'd rather be dead I "
Mr companion and I bad been speak
ing of tha same thing, wondering how
people could endure their Uvea la such
a place.
"Come on," he said, rising. Thla
la the last atop before we get to Colo
redo. Iets get out and walk."
I followed hi in from the car and to
the atatlon platform.
Looking away from the atatlon we
gased upon a foreground, the prin
cipal acenle grandeur of which waa
supplied by a hitching post. Ilvyond
lay the Inevitable main atreet and dis
mal building. On ot them, a 1 re
call It, waa painted sky-blue, and bore
the simple, unoatentatloua word "Hotel."
My companion gased upon the scene
for a time. He looked melancholy.
Finally, without turning hla head, be
epoke: "How would you like to get
off and spend a week here some day?"
"You mean get off some day and
spend a week." I corrected.
"No. I mean get oft and apend a
week aome day."
I waa still cogitating over that when
the train started. We scrambled
aboard and. resuming our aeat In the
observation car. looked back at the
receding atatlon.
There. In strong, black letter on a
whit sign, w saw, tor the first time,
the name ot tbe town: MONOTONY!
Are Your Hands Tied?
by a fhroal disease eoimae wx
alnef You njsl dull-bMduhaiT llaak
, palne aw and there diaila a er
MThaua hot AMhasf There's aalhla ye
ea eoeempUaa aothlng ra eaa n)rl
Taare'a iw good reaaoa roe IS
yee sea And permaaeBt relief la
Favorite Prescription
Mia. faanle It. Prant. et Itryant. N.Uoa Co Vs.. writ
bm! uni aoha a nnu could bate, tut back was waaa.
HrvwiMMM aad eouhl oi al el ihu ult.rad wllb mh la
. ..J ih .,,,1.4 k.-a .nail aad kit. Id la DWI. I
tht botllaa of yoer K..riU ITaaerlpttuu' end one vial of jrour I'laeaant alUta ,
Can now do r work f. all In family, and laal like a new Woman. I think
It la the boot audUlaa la too world for wvMea. I rooomoioad II t ail mf mead
ead ataay et litem have beoa greatly eeoadled by It.
Helleve IJrer 1IU1
sssasaoassiaaaaaai I 6
' iwmniwa i. I
att "t bollave I had
and I sultorad with H
y rla-kl
save tokos
A Baltimore doctor suggeata thla
simple, but reliable and Inexpensive,
home treatment for people suffering
with ecsema. ringworm, raahe. and
similar Itching skin trouble.
At any reliable drugglst'a get a Jar
of Realnol Ointment and a cake of
Restnol Soap. With the lleslnol Horn
and warm water bathe the affected
parte thoroughly, until they are free
from crusts and the skin la softened.
Dry very gently, spread on a thin layer
of the Realnol Ointment, and cover
with a light bandage. Thl should be
don twice a day. Vsually the dla
treoslng itching and burning stops
with tbe first treatment, and tbe akin
soon become clear and healthy again.
Between the Argonne and tle 0f u beaaU dispUyed great ferocity.
Vosge there has been no salient Inci
dent to report."
A few person who got in their paths
were scratched, but none of them was
serioosly hart.
Five of the animala still were roam
ing about the theater when the last of
the audience escaped. In their raw to
Co-operation Plan ot Scan
dinavian Nation Assured
Stockholm King Christian, of Den- Ml ety, spectators left behind all kind
mark; King Gustavo, of Sweden, and r
King Haakon, of Norway, who, with Meantime the beasts roamed over
their foreign ministers, met in confer- the hones from gallery to basement.
eoce at Malmoo on Friday and Satur-1 Within an hour after the laet spectator
I at. . 1 J I .L. l.kL
day to formulate a plan to combine weT "r ? , , v.J
hlr manaetiva interests durinsr the I o ---rro.
war. reached an agreement on the ape- none of them being injured.
fltMaad-iA.wtaa wataawl TK s4mf awmswflt I
: - I rr y-fr- vn..- c IL
is made In an omciai communication, i r ttrcc wuk rr mpn ovu Ma
in sobatance aa follow: CnlifnTnin Caat Town
'The meeting of tha three monarch I
oraa inanimr&ted Frfdav with a sneech Los Angeles Heavy seas, whipped
ho Kino- r.nntmvn who alluded to the I no bv a 40-mile ootheaster that swept
unanimous desire of ths kingdoms of I the Southern coast Friday night and
the North to preserve their neutrality early Saturday, wrought damage
and pointed to the desirability of Urn- amounting to more than 9100, wu at
ited co-operation between the king- Long Beach and at uueneme. jonn
doma as a safeguard to their common Caspinola, a fisherman, was waaneo on
interests. ' Kings Haakon and Chris- the launch Koma, one or ina v ease is
tian replied, expressing their hope cent out to search lor a disaoiea motor
that the conference would have good boat, which waa blown out to aea wim
and happy results for the three peo- six member of the family of J. H.
Dies. Blake, of Kodonda THe xuaJtes, now-
' . . ..... i , , .
Tha dallrjerations eonsoiioatea toe I ever, were aavea uy auwuwr Teooci.
aood relations among tbe three king- At Long Beach tbe gale rolled op
rinma and resulted in an agreement to the highest sea seen at that point thi
mnn tha en-oneration o hanoilv be- vear. Breakers dashed Into ue
tmn mnA ta 'arranire. when eireum- trand. tearinz out bulkheads and
stances should occur, for fresh meet- cement walks, wrecking several reel
ings between representatives of the denees close to the waterfront, nooa-
threo covernmenta." ing atreeta and sending spray mgn
over OU-IOOl Dauoinss oaca m
n r mr r. I nromenadi
Loser tn Railroad Deal) in the Seaside park and Alamitos Bay
I Ji-s-I-s. Qhm aioaeratal katfssMil jf Tri
www t . i OI- -S-I -9 UWUIGIsJ. UUKO mmwvm iwtwivu avaa
m a I J"l I. AT J TT I1. as. I HVUbwIi iUHWUlM svfWM awaaaavov
"I01 ""l V""r'"." their home, and flooded streets and
i,yum rauroaa. now ".r, streetcar tracks to depth, of from one
ior Jf.!TJ.'w to three feet Several factories and
aVVVWa WSlw n-M ava(haa a-wa.wo.v
CommiMioner Hall, of the Interstate
Commerce commission by Frederick
iC'helai)'' Q ' "' ' r -K
II 1 jimj . t" w .,
rumavaowT .. .' V 1 j ay l. v.
Beware of the Japan I
Tbe diabolical aecrecy and cunning
ot the Japanese are at laat fully ex
posed. Dr. S. L. Qullick. missionary
in Japan for it year, avera that he
never heard a Japanese exprea a de
sire for the Philippine or a business
man envy ua our advantage there, or
a newspaper rerer to them aa even a
remote goal of Japanese ambitions.
New York Post
Not From West Indls.
Borne time ago the teacher of a pub
lic school was instructing a claaa lu
geography, and when It came time to
hand out a few question an turneq
first to Willie Hmlth.
"Willie." said she, 'Van yon tell ins
what la one of the principal product
ot the West Indies V
"No, ma'am." frankly answered
Willie, after a uiomeul'a baaltatlou.
"Just thluk a bit," encouragingly re
turned the tearher; "where doea the
i sugar come from that you use at your
"Mometlmee from the aloro," answer
ed Willie, "and ometline w borrow
It from the next door neighbor." Phil
adelphia Telegraph.
A Rsbuk.
"Mary followed Kdward." mumbled
the high school girl, who waa trying
to fix tbe sovereign ot Kuglaud In bar
mind. ,
What' thatT" spoke up grandma,
who had been doting.
"Mary followed Kdward."
"Then you keep away from Mary. I
dont wnnt you to go with Ihem kind.
Olrls I getting too bold." Louisville
"Isn't It strange that so few mew
discover the secret of success In life'
"Ye, but It's stranger still that the
erret I still a secret. Purely some
of tbe men who discovered It must
have told It to their wlv." I'lalladeL
plila Press
futons sulror nxir trwo BMajMrWaoo mot
.ulna Uian trant sontla. Wk out bur roof
truHo from uforu? Try taoo4ola tiro Uo
at bl and Yomhlll. roiUaoe, Oio, wko we oe
sort arid Ihi how.
Constipation causes and aggravate
many scrums disease. It is thoroughly
cured by Ir. Pierre's Pleasant Pel In La.
The favorite family laxative.
Word and Detd.
"You should have beard ftmlth at
the club lunch tbe other afternoon,
lie certainly I In love with his wife
the way he kept talking about bur per
fectlons. Uy the way, I didn't notice
Jones there."
"No, he waa at home, putting down
the carpet at their flat (or far bla
wife would have to do It bersvlf."
Ualtlmor American.
Not Branch.
Young I.ndr How I It you dont
come to Huiulny school, Katie?
Katie Oh, plitasw, tls, I'm learn
lug Prtmch and music - now, and
mother dtH-sn't wish me to take up
rxtlgton nil later Philadelphia Led
Wandering Beys.
"Thl Is old home week In Plunk-
vllle. but I don't think the district at
torney I cntvrlng Into the spirit ot the
"What make you think tint?"
"I Just found Mm overhauling hi
o!t Indictment." Washington Herald.
Da HattsrtafL Prat. H H ThcinrM. Ugrr.
Trstafmrrhly aialorn. 101 KatwaMtif ccwttrwt. Meat.
ant IlrV. Thrwei miaut' wik fprarn T'nkx)
DapM. wntff for ratM, fi A smm 3L, raiUAA vm
.. sW...: .,",..
A guaranteed remedy for Colds and
La Grinne. Price 25c of your druinnat.
It's good. Take nothing else. Adv.
Kola Tablets
ha-m anay frisads who as Ihoca as stonorol
tonic aad for Kklaor tmblo. Prie S per b
t ben for 11.00. For sal by Lou o-Do via Dm
Co, Id and TsmhiUSta. Portland. Ors,
V - - -r w , rr,:'it
Reflection of a Barber.
It's a gone hair that ha no return
Toupee cover a multitude of skins.
A dull raxor gather no tip.
A mole on the neck la worth two on
tbe mush.
When hair fan out, then barber
ell tbetr dope.
A the wig la blent, the fee I de
A rolling dome purchase no tonic.
A strop In time .have nine. Kan'
saa City Time.
She was but seventeen nd very sweet.
Her corn-fed costume was quit
And when she slipped upon the Icy
She tore a great big hole In her ellk
Cincinnati Enquirer.
She waa sweet sixteen, and you know
that meana
The hnppleat time that life can aend
But when she stepped high to the car
She busted tbe strap of her Imag
ination. Memphla Commercial-Appeal.
8he'd passed eighteen, this sunny little
She sat and chatted with young
Spoonyun Hoot,
lie picked a thread aa be bestowed a
At home, she found ahe'd lost her
self composure.
Presentation Cigar.
"I am going n" e t fner
box of hi favorite brand ot cigars."
"Iiow do you know it a Urn id.urll
"Ilecanse-every time I give him a
box of ihem be acta aa If be hated to
use them up. He Insists on saving
them for company," Waablngloa
Tobacco Habit Cured
Not wily to on of pip and tlawre, but the
vMouo rioorMi hoMl a) si enows hr sole lb
"NtTRrrs" uoounonb Pnoo otilsm lao
roU. 11.04 Uue-lMol lru Co. M ao4 Yaw
but I'orUoad. dr. tWboo vrlita SMoUee lata
So He Bought.
"Why are you plunging In chicle and
rubber today?" Inquired tbe New York
"Had a hunch, explained the cus
tomer. "Heard an old farmer say 'Uy
gum' just now aa I came through Wall
street" Ixjulsvllle CourlerJournal.
. ...i, . '. . . -.'i 111 -.J . an
Tee Frse and Easy.
"How about a tar roof for your ho
tel?' asked tliu agent.
"Not In thla town." declared the
landlord of the I'mphsvllle house.
"The boya bav already carried oft
hnlt my bed for tar and feather par
ties. 1 don't want 'em to begin on uy
roof." Ixnilavllle Courier Journal.
W. Steven, formerly an official of
that line and tbe Pare Marquette,
whose affairs are interwoven with
those of tbe Dayton system.
modates a small charcoal burner in Its
flue, and all the family china and sil
ver and brass Is assembled hereabout
Tbe beds open Into the walla like
cuDboards. and here the family 1
stored away at night like dry good,
on shelves. , '
During tbe day, however, coffee or
tea simmers over a perpetual lire,
which Is kept alight In tbe burner on
.v. hwMn thn wtnrtnwa. Hare
two schools were among the buildings I
tr. niAthaP rf kutfT ftAWfniT flf at lilt
flooded and workmen and student took . tn tM. hoanltable board come
I a compnUory holiday.
cousins, aunts, grandfathers and beaux
to pour and drink a cup of tea while
the gossip of the day is passed; or,
if It be tbe sweetheart, he steals a
Mob Holds Seattle JaiL
Seattle, Wash. Two hundred men,
Mr. Stevens appeared aa an associate (applied with litertaare of the Indus- few minute of flirtation with the de-
of J. P. Morgan & Co. Tbe burden of M. w,lcro of tha World. Thnrsdav mure damsel.
hi testimony w a statement support-1 , , th- ,Mrro. and at- Alwaya Planning for Kermees.
ed by many document involving mil- f d,ir- iunch on Second ave- Money is not so abundant from the
lion of dollar in stock and bond trana-1 nu8 Qg gtreet, took all the labor of the average nsnerman as to
action, that when the late J. P. Mor-L , , m, . m.,kat of all permit much diversion from tbe rou-
gan bought the controlling interest of -uoojje. -ni aq of them, who were ar- tine. In fact, to one used to the at
the a H. & D. for the Erie in 1905 he ed. wrecked the Interior of a part traction of cltle or the push ot mod
had no knowledge of the financial re- of thg e-t aiL Tb men declared era time, thi life eem like a 12
ult of the preceding year to the road. the unemployed and that they month clock, wound np each year and
refused to go to the municipal refuge
because they would have to work for
their lodging and food. :
and giving the cMldren a "Christ
masy" feeling by buying and present
ing to them dolls, toy, cake, e'c.
Everybody begins to be happy.
So goes the week. Tbe daytime i
pent more or less quietly about dally
affairs, but the evening, arj full of
music, laughter and madcap dancing.
As the last nlgbts of tbe Kermess ap
proach it seems to dawn upon the
Volendamer that tbe humdrum length
of another year is approaching, and
accordingly be raises his heels and
limber, up hla knees. Whole bands of
boys and men clasp band, or embrace
lovingly, and .pound the floor in
rhythmic thud, and thump until tbe
entire building. sways and trembles,
rocks and echoes to motion and sound.
They dance and-dance the last Satur
day night away. 'Still they dance when
Monday morning dawns, and only up
on tbe stroke of noon on Monday doe
bedlam die away and all Volendam go
first to bed to sleep it off, and then
back to work till the Kermes come
again. (
For the Red Cros.
Sister Susie' sewing shirt, for sol
Such skill at sewing shirts our shy
young (later Susie shows!
Some soldiers tend epistles, say they'd
sooner sleep In thistles
Than the aaucy. soft, short shirts for
soldier Sister Susie w.
War Ballad. ,
Natty Nettle' knitting knots for New
Nice, neat and nifty knot for Newt
doe natty Nettie knit
No nigbtlea' nutty knots.
Knit for naughty aeronaut
Are among the nifty knot for Newt
that potty Nettle knit.
If "Tb Only Son" got mixed np
rltta tbe eleven American Whirlwind
Beautle would "The Circus Man
rescue him from the Bower of Melody?
YOl'S. OWN Det'OfitST Wilt Tr.ll YOU
Yrjr Motto ltoiilj fur Had, Wok,
Ko oo4 OrouuJot4 KrIHln! No Hinorllno
Iu-K IVmforl. wm tor liouk ul (i fro
ijraiaurroo. MuilnKrK,oioJj c.,v,kk-oo.
Poultry Raiting at Horn.
"Kver raise poultry, old rhnp?"
"Not exactly. Hut I rend chicken
literature every night, and I have a
grnphophone record of a hen who ha
Inld an egg." Louisville Courier-Journal.
L'pnson "You have a now baby at
your house, I bear."
Downing "Great gunt! And we
live four mile apart! I had no Idea
any one could hear that distance!"
London Tlt-lllt. .
A Suptr-Optlmlst
"What a cheerful woman Mr, ttmt
ley l.M
"Isn't the. Why, do you know that
woman can have a good time thinking
what a good time she would have If
she were having It." Brooklyn Cltl-ten.
The latest dlspatcho prove beyond
doubt that every army In the field tin
won ome tort of victory tn the hist
few day.
Amber Glass In Goggle.
To protect the eyes of motorist at
night from glaring headlight, goggle
have been Invented, the upper portion
of tho letisea of which are of dark
amber glaa.
King Pip, a hapless wight la he.
We re orry to relate.
No sooner Is he made tbe king
Than he needs mutt abdicate.
Tbe theaters of war seem to be
1 rawing all the crowd nowaday, al
though the box office receipts are fall
ing off.
' Course Wanted.
Princeton, N. J. Princeton uni
varoitv mav have a course of military
instruction during the second term if , Turks Condemn Greek.
the Diana now under way take definite London Renter's Telegram com
ahane. Tha movement started with a pany has received a dispatch from its
small body of students, who submitted Athens correspondent, saying that a
a netition to the faculty reaaeetine I Greek naval officer attached to the
auch a departure, A comimttee of the Greek legstion at Constantinople haa
faenltv was BDoointed. and it announced been court-martialed and condemned
that if a suffieent number of atudents to death on the charge of spying, par-
was behind the movement it would re- ticularly in connection with the de
oort favorably. Nearly (00 student parture of steamer from Constanti-
hsve signed the psper approving the nople,
formation of a military company.
Cigarettes Not " Turkish.'
London With Turkey's entrance in
to the war, the question arose among
many patriotic Londoners as to the
propriety of smoking Turkish cigar
ettee. Several smoker wrote to the
newspapers, urging the abandonment
The . Greek minister to Turkey has
protested and demanded that the con
demned man be turned over to the
Greek legation.
About Women,
While the war is on wedding bann
til ha disnensed with In Austria.
The average life of women is about
four year. lorer than tnat oi men.
When an English woman marrlea a
3erman .he take, her husband'a na
tionality. Mis Alice George Is managing the
political campaign of her uncle, Con
gressman Ht-nry ueorge. jr., wuu
seeking re-election to congress.
Ten young Chinese women received
the degree of M. D. at the recent com
mencement exercises of tha Hackett
Medical College for Women at Canton,
Most Wounded Recover.
Cum Chewing In Kansas.
i never realized that so many
Paris No fewer than M per cent of I cBew gum until I started to
the French wounded retun ed to the maka gn examination of these tables,"
firing line before December 12, ae- L.M j0i,n Thomas, proprietor of Fur-
of the Turkish tobacco in favor of the cording to Interesting figure supplied TJ t confectionery, 325 East Douglas
American or Egyptian weed. A long by the surgical department of tbe min-
avenue. "One of the tables . needed
statement from a tobacco expert clear, iatry of war. Of the remainder 24 per repairing and when I turned It over I
the atmosphere, however, by explaining cent had received convalescent leave, fOTn(i 64 wads of gum struck on the
that the best "Turkish" cigarettes 17 per cent were still in hospitals and an(jer 8i,je 0f It. I then looked under
are ro longer luraisn, out cun.v uvm i f menkuw vwu e" tt3 tners ana iouuu moi "icm
Macedonia and tha westers Areas of the army. Three and a half per cent I atween J.'ty nd one hundred wad
Thrace since the Balkan war. ol the wounded died.
Movie will tell the history of the
war. That, of course, 1 tbe only way
tbe reel facts can be known.
of gum on each of the 25 tabels in
here. About 1,250 women must have
placed their gum under these tables,
a there are that many wads"
After the reporter saw for himself
that tbe piece of gum were there, he
"Why do they leave It there, after
"Because they find so many they f( Will DO YOUT
uo bui auuw wuuoo mtj are getting I
l.;iefla"h,ru Christmas Shopping
Speaking of hot stuff in movies, A
roll of film exploded and set fire to
railway emoker.
At any rate, turn about seem, fair
play in Poland.
Largest Usera of the Cable.
Who are the biggest cablera? Prob
ably Lloyd'. Shipping agency, for they
have aleepless agent In every corner
of the world keenly watching for .hip
ping arrivals, departure, wreck, cas
ualtics, etc., which they Instantly no
tify by cable to Ixndon.
Raven Not Long Lived Bird.
The ancient credited the raver,
with unusual longevity, but rnoderr
investigation slsoas that It I not
warranted. Tha bird rarely Uvea mor
than aeventy year.
tSfWt purchase anything from a
Ntedte to an Aula. Sptdal attention
to Dnumaktn and Mail Orders.
Stranger accompanied on Shopping
Write for Particular.
1 13-314 RayaSAnmx. MorrUom atfrnrk.
Hum. Matt 4011.
. Skating Rink of Salt
In Berlin there has been constructed
a skating link with all the proportlos
of Ice, but mode of salt, tho invention
of a dorm an scientist. London Tit-
Bit. "
Dangerous Occupations.
It I asserted that more children are
employed in dangerous occupation
now than 30 years ago. Indianapolis
Rheumatic Throat
Is Common TroiiMa
Should Be Treated tn Blood
To Prevent Recurrence. .
Carrier and Forest Fire.
Rural carrier are now required to
report forest fire throughout the
United States to proper authorities.
Indianapolis New.
Pay of Scotch Painter.
Fainter In Glasgow, Scotland, re
ceive $9.60 a week. London Standard.
Barbara In New Zealand.
Barber. In New Zentand have a min
imum wage acale of lit a week. Lon
don Tit-Bite.
Los In Battle of Sedan.
Of 267,000 men In the battle of Se
dan, 25,970 were killed or wounded.
London New.
Million Egg Lost In Breakag.
The New York market lose a mil
lion egg a year by breakage, Baltimore-American,
Aa Christmas draw near there 1
something rather attractive about a
turkey rlub.
The limit In Irony making a rule'
that homelea. men must b in by 7: SO
at night.
The glove cutter, have been dented
Increased wages. It Isn't child labor,
even if they do work with kid.
Tbr ar surresiful gargl thtt tW
onreara la tb lliroat, but to prttoul ttuir
Inmuwnt Ml urn, tlio blood mut bo pot la
onlor. 'JD toot rrmrnr I H. H, ., It
Inlliimeta sll the fuurilona of tb body to
nrulrslli tho Irrltaiila or prneurte
oil to stlmutst tuilr escntlea. tarette
lbs nnipor cliaiumls. i
llfiumtlfl trr throit li a dangtroti
Indication, a It Bns tbat tb blooa !
Ini.lnd with mors uric acid tlna tbs kll-
ae; ran eirnm, ami may tbua load t
Tba actma of H. H. H. ailmulata rllalar
rtlrlty. It prtTsai tb accuiaulatlua ot
Irrltante la local siwita. It enahlra tb
arurlce to supply quickly tbe dw rail
blond to rnplar worn-out tlasuo,
Vnr this rraaon uric acid tbat gad tha
throat an tar prey to Ha breaking down
Inftutnro, Is araliorrd and ollmlnatrii. la
othrr wnrds, H. K. H. nrcrenta rbronla eon
dUlona by enablln all lb mucous llalnir
or tho body to "rri hoalthy muma. lut
Inrlirenr Jo abowa In a marked Imprevo.
mcnt of tb bronchial tnb, wbrlv tb
htmklnmo of vole with tUkk, grarlah at
itortlnns It ovarenmo, g H, ., wall
dllutao with wairr, oicene a blood both.
I lira It la walcom to any (toauuh aad at
on' rata Into tb blood,
H. 8. H. la frr of all mlaaral aad eon
talna Inurnllrata woauorfully eouduelr to
Wtii-iaiancci ncaiui,
You can a-t It at aw dreg star, bnt da
aia. . 'mora is oanror
H. la rraoarit onto b
Tti Hwirc sporiDO i o.. oj wwirt mo.
sot accept anytblos
m auiiaiifiiua. n.
Stlaata, Ja. Our IfMlral Dept. will give
roo frr Inatrnctloa l mall na ear BUblact
of blood dlaonlcrs. Writ tvdsv.
No. It, MM
WBEN wrlUa aarwtlaenv slaaa aw I
CateaOTofafaraaJariaMa oalots Ska aarr oeaar era. Booty ncki. roaMa! to oW SUk. WW. Cow aaal Mlwa1 Gooit at ana boUtno. 10 - -
WdM l Ina kookkt "Hmw la Dv aoal Haa Cakaia." caJaadx. Uottm. aw, WOHKOS DS.VQ COttPANY. Dwtuma Z. Quoxr. Ulaaasa.