The Weston leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 189?-1946, December 18, 1914, Image 1

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NO. 26.
vol. xxxiv.
Man mammy say dat landy Clau eon
T.r food U I boy,
Kci brina ar ho'n en ar bl rad drum,
Rn yuihar lay.
Ilul thy while rhlllunt ts dam new
I rain on'alaiT.
I ttiaaa I knows a-hiil Randy Claua do
II sae'n dan' manl
I,aa' yaah ha rkmb down ouah aloveptp
W'.nal l a aralaao.
JCT lvi-h soma oyna boul half rtpe
fcn th'ae lu ahaD.
Kn on. (Ira Jump' Jarka-broken, douB
Ilul dan. my Ian I
'Bmil diahyare Handy Claua 1 da know
II aae'n ban maul
I a a' my mammy f Bandy Claaa sin'
lion know da how
Tar man' dam Inya, an' flt dry paint.
Kn aha aay: "Now.
Dob' worry, chile, 'boul da whit folk.
llll'a Am a-ond I-aa-d'a olan."
o I swaa dai mah Mltlali Handy Claue-
II see nan' man I
Puritan of England Mud Christmas
11101 and Dsclartd It a Ml
dmanor tp B Gay.
English Puritan of tha eeventeentb
sentury guarded against looking upon
th roy aide of lira.
Because Christmaa li really a eur-
rival of tha Ct(' Yule, and I not
lh actual anniversary of tha birth ol
Christ, they refuted to countenance
Chriitma festivities. Not only did
thy refuse to reeoimlte tha day, but
tbty toad lawa to that enact.
Tba parliament of 1844 patted an
tot ordering all law abiding cltlsent
to observe December 15 aa solemn
hat. to be spent in silent atonement
for prevloua ChrUtmai day that bad
pawed In rlotoua llvin- and merry-
' Naturally tba community did not
shara in the hard , and fast rules,
ind many a turkey was aurreptltlous
ly killed, and many a plum pudding
julttly boiled. Hut woe betide the
anfortunai offender agalnat the act
were bo luckiest enough to bo dle-
Soldlera were sent to loarch the
bouses of those suspected of harbor
Inc luch dcllcaclei aa mince plea,
tv and many were the pitched bat
tle between disagreeing aectlona of
tfca public, ;
To ask a strt If you may kits her
before doing It la an insulting way
of lavlnt- all the responsibility on
e e
In a man'a opinion a klsa la an ond
that Justifies any means.
Yon needn't be afraid of a mere
klsa. Tbouaanda are exchanged daily
(y people of tbe highest reputation.
The kissed girl fear no mistletoe.
. e e e
a kiss la aa good aa a smile and
I goo deal better, tool
"The Ideal kiss la the klsa that la
te?ar given, r "
A Mas too soon mar be a fall atop
a) the tale of lore.
The child who doubta about Banta
Baas has insomnia. The child who
jatkma baa a good nlgUt'a reat
Hew Grandmother Heart Waa QlaaV
dnd by Remambraneea From
the Children.
"Grandmother Jeaaupl
Bulla's tone waa distinctly ao
euslng; It waa evident that grand'
mother bad aomethlng to anawer for.
Grandmother, from bar Invalid chair,
looked acroea at tba girl who stood
at bar bureau drawer. She bad en
dured years of pain and weakneea
but they bad not aucceeded In quench
Ing the spirit in the frail figure; bar
voice waa as saucy aa a girl's,
, "Not guilty what la Itr
"It's your handkerchiefs. How
many doien bare youT"
"Seven or eight Too aee, I have
even of the dearest grandublldrtn In
tba world. It's queer, Isn't It, that
your nose should be so especially
honored when you grow oldT
Hut Stella's gray eyea forgot to
laugh back at grandmother1. Some
thing bad dlconcrtd ber. She put
the handkerchief back, made aome
trivial excuse, and ran up to ber owa
koom, where ber sister and cousins
were holding a Christmas conclave,
"I wonder," aha burst out. "that
grandmother can endure Cbrlstmsa at
"what under the tun do yon
mean?" Corlnne and Isabella ei-
claimed together.
"Corlnne, what did you give grand'
mother for Chrtstmtt last yearf"
A boi of handkerchief Wbyr
"And you, laabellaT"
"An embroidered handkerchief with
little weeny Initials."
Two handkerchiefs. Mollis con
fessed. "There dldnt seem to be
anything else eicept slumber slip
pers, and Aunt Maria always knit
And Laurie and I gave ber hand'
kerchlefa. We always give ber band
kerchiefs because she's old, and
they're the easiest thing to think oft
Girls she Isn't old she's as young as
any of ua down In ber heart, and aba
lore pretty thlnga Just aa much aa
ever. Tbla year lat a give ber tne
biggest surprise of ber life a Christ
mas that will make bur really happy.'
Out how what " Corlnne stam
'What do w like best each of
"Jewels!" "Books!" "Hand ambroid
ery!" "Candy!" "Silk stockings!" The
answers came In a laughing shower.
Well, then, why notT Orandma'd
love a bit of Jewelry from ue chosen
lust for her. And books not
Tboughta of Cheer,' aa If ah were
melancholy, but lov atorlea that end
ell. And why not embroider ber
something T And If not silk stockings,
then a pair of allppera with Uoy vel
vet bows. As for candy, she'd love to
bav It to pas round, even It aha
couldnt oat mucb herself."
"And let Dob and Archie aend ber
their absurd Jokes aa they do to the
reat of usT It doesnt seem respect
"But grandma doesn't want to be
leemedretpectful-to," Stella declared.
She'd Just lov to be counted In with
the rest of as, little vsnltles and Jokes
and all. 0 girls, try It once and
And tbat waa tha way tha Christ
mas conspiracy siartea. uranu
mother's eyea on Christmas morning
were proof of Its success. Youths
"Soma generous person," said little
Socrates Bulglnbrow, of Boston, "has
been kind enougb to aend ma a copy
of Mother Goose's lyrics for Christ-
. Do you know, the theory that
a representative of tba bovine genua
at one time leaped over the chief
luminary of the night leada to aome;
Interesting calulatlona as to tha mus-;
aular development of the cows of that
time, i I have ascertained that they
must have been endowed with1
strength proportionate to that of tba
flea of the present day."
By Wilbur D. Neablt
I lov to go and (hop for thing
16 and a Christmas gifts to friends.
for than my fancy alrd en wines,
I fal ths Joy that nevar enda,
0, what a raptura Hi to stand
Ana do stepped upon, oumpea into,
Joggled. Jostled, pushed, equeesed.
thoved. frowned at scowled upon,
trampled, brulaed,' slammed, rushed.
hurried. Jolted, and finally get up to
tba counter and dlrcover that Torn are)
It tba wrong one!
Christmas Glvina Should Bt
Prompted by the Heart.
ellglon In the Orthodox 6ens Not
Neessssry to Appreelst Finer
Cualltles of Orst Christian
NPR mitral tha rhriatmastlds
Ol and Ita beautiful meaning Is
I a. I. . t- - . I A l.aln lb
shepherds, watching their
flocks br ntsht are sore
afraid at the glory which tblnes about
tbem. Clothed In blinding light the
angel apoaks; the huavenly boat tbat
crowda auddenly about bim amg oi
slor In the highest and peace and
good will. Tbe wise men who have
teen bla atar In tha East kneel and
spread tbelr gifts of gold and myrrh
and frankincense without question.
The miracle of 2,000 years ago is
still new and glad and lovely, tor,
to! la all Christendom bells peal and
sweet choirs sing the message given
by tbo blinding angel and tbe crowd
log host:
F0r behold I bring you tidings of
treat Joy which ahall be to all people.
Glory to Ood In the highest and on
earth peace, good will toward men.
Thla la tbe message of the Chrltt-
mastide, yet the bigger naif or inns-
lendom makes tbe period ue pagan
festival it once was at tbe time ol
the winter solstice. We give guts,
tor sake of tbe gods of custom snd
marriment forgetting entirely thst
they are for sak of the great spiritual
Joy "which shsll be to all people.
Tbe gold and myrrh and frankincense
of tbe heart are withheld we glvt
gifts because we've got to. and keer
our hearts as mucb closed to tht
Christmas child as was the Inn. (
bsva our own selfish ends to gain, tht
rich patron to cater to. the friend to
appease. Wa beap little children with
daxtllng toys, and light tne starry
lamos of their fir trees because It is
the fashion, and we do our small
Christmas charities because It wouic
teem mean not to do them.
Wo have forgotten the Joyout and
sublime meaning of Christmas. On
does not need to be religious In th
orthodox sense to appreciate the flnei
quality of this great festival, for wbal
Is known as Christian feeling bai
coma to be a moral obligation at thli
time a point of etiquette, in truth
for the heart and mind.
In point of mere etiquette what
the social world thinks on tbe sud
Ject of Chrlstmss gift giving It
thought bad taste for a person of mod
est means to give presents of valui
to others of wealth and influence, foi
thla aavora too mucb llko currying U
continued favor If the giver Is alread)
under obligations. But some know!
edge of the bolpful friend's exUtenct
is necessary, and this may take the
form of a pretty Christmas card wltt
an appropriate greeting; or a knot ol
flower or winter berriea may be aem
with a nolo expressing warm Christ
mas wishes.
Tbat the senrant who has given hei
bodily strength snd heart's best Inter
eat to the home must not be forgot
ten, goea without saying; but It 1
certainly bad form to make the pool
servitor's gift an inexpensive trim
when something better can be afford
Then what a woeful want of tasti
It shows for us to defer buying
friend's or sister's present until w
bav found out what ahe means tc
give us, and so make the exchange s
quid pro qua The gift that goea tc
friend or relative is above all one fot
love, and It Is undoubtedly better
taste for the recipient of the simpler
girt In tha exchange to appear at
pleased aa if she had received some
thing ten times its value.
But then, what matters the nature
of the gift after all? The spirit it
tha thing and doea not this Billy plo
ture or cushion, so unbecoming to tht
parlor, mean that the friend or elstei
haa thought of uaT
Aa for tbe little children, so much
are their feelings painfully atralned
at thla time that I would like to write
a book on the aubject. I beg every
mother not to threaten the poor little
heart that misbehaves sometimes with
tbo eternal word that "Santa Claus
wotlt come if you do that any more."
Tbe dear kiddle who forgets to be
good knows better after a year or two
of this harrowing threat which makes
you out a story teller. Meanwhile,
there is tbe little heart Btaylng awake
at night with Its dreadful anxieties;
there are the audden storms of bitter
tears, with all the glory of Chrlstmat
aunk In tha bottomless pit of absolute
aurenesa that Santy dear, abused,
good old fat gentleman wont come.
We remember the poor and drop a
few pennlea gladly for the blind chil
dren. But why do we do it why? It is
because a wide, sweet star has stopped
over a atable In the far East, because
the church choirs are singing ol
peace on earth and good will toward
So let ua never lose sight of that
fact with our gifts, whether our hands
tender or receive them; for the heart
closed to tha deeper algnlflcance ot
Christmas may truly be likened to
tha Inn that held no room. Let us
aend with each gift some of tht
heart 'a true gold and frankincense
bind it with tha eord of soma memory
of Bethlehem, Let ua receive each
and every one of our gifta aa tldlngt
of treat Joy.
Cam Would Consider Use
Force Unfriendly Act
Bryan't Declaration That Retali
ation Would Not Bt Invasion
h flatly Contradict.
Vera Crus "If the United State
emtiloy force to atop tbo firing by
Mexicans across tbo International
boundary Kn at Naeo. li will be coo.
sfdered an unfriendly act, notwith
standing tbo Mendly motive cloaking
tha act."
In thla manner General Carransa
mad anawer. In a statement to tbo
Associated Fro, to the formal notie
erred by tbe United Bute on both
PntvUlnnal Praaidant Gutierrez and
General Carranxa that unless such fir
ing ceased fore would be employed to
protect American territory.
Carrania'a rcnlv to the American
note will be In general a repudiation
of responsibility for any shots that
hava eroaaad tha line, and clearly sets
forth that bo and bla government will
regard Intervention at ruaco as a oaf
tlla and nnfriendlv act.
At no time since tba receipt ox sec
retary Bryan's note, lu which atten
tion was called to the repeatoa woono-
mar and tilling ox resiaenis oi ue town
tha Knrthom alHa of tba Una. baa
General Carransa aDDeared perturbed.
out n naa naa long comeroncas) wiia
i knu rlruui in him. and. in f raminar bis
. . . . . iu
reply, it is said, be baa been careful
not to let himself remain in any an
mHiIii llo-ht.
"General Hill,' who is commanding
the constitutionalist forces at Naeo, is
on the defensive," continued General
Carranxa, "and since his back was to
the line it is difficult to sea bow be
could be responsible for the firing in
question. Tbe fact is tbat Maytoreea's
n,n hava haain tha attaf klnar DartV and
therefore it appears reasonably clear
that they, and only uey, eouia nave
been to blame.
'As a matter of fact. I do not know
that the rights of the American eiti
tena bsve been violated. It seems to
ma that, it would ha well far the State
department to Investigate this ques
tion in order to nctne rosponaioiiiiy.
a ..a a . i n
"I rememDer similar instances at ci
Paso, where th Maderieta force were
attacking; there. In that ease those
shot were for the most part tbe Impru
dent and curious individuals who flock
ed to witness tbe fighting; as if it bsd
been a spectacular show staged for
tbelr benefit.
"As to tbe use of force, of which
Mr. Bryan talks, thst is something the
gravity of which I fear be does not
full aonreclate. He savs it would
not mean an invasion of our territory
nor a violation of our national sover
eignty. It, would. And, moreover, it
would more certainly be an act against
the constitutionalists who hold the
town and in favor of tbe Villaistaa,
who would be left free to continue
tneir operation, ii, wuuiu oimyij
tying General Hill's hands and leaving
their operations. It would be simply
Mavtorena free.
"I sincerely hope that good friend
ship of the American people towards
tho Mexican people will prevent the
consummation of Secretary Bryan's
Battleship Oregon to Be
Bead of Canal Parade
Waahlncrtnn. D. C. Not Onlv will
tbe battleship Oregon lead the navies
of the world through the Panama Ca
nal on the date of formal dedication
next February, but she will cany on
her bridge tbe President of tha United
Thus tha ooeninir of tha Panama Ca
nal becomes a eala day for tha old
warship, which gained such distinction
i inch distinction
AHdoibt onthi.
c . t .k.
In the Siwniah war.
score is cleared up by Secretary of the
Navv Daniels in bis annual report, in
the Panama Canal, Secretary Daniels
says :
"The great maritime power of the
world have been invited, and a number
of them have accepted the invitation,
to participate in the exercises incident
tn tha nnanino- nf tha Panama canal.
The international fleet and the ships of
our own navy escorting if win assem
ble at Hampton Roads In February,
1915. where they will be reviewed by
the President of the United States.
After the review they will sail for
Cristobal thence thev will proceed to
Balboa, on the Pacific tide.
Fortune Tellers Barred.
Lubeck Fortune-tellers now are
forbidden to practice in any part of
tbe German empire. Soon after the
war broke out they began to do an
enormous business with relatives of
soldiers in the field, who wanted to
know how thinga were going with
them. . Visits to the fortune-tellers
often had tragic consequences, aa many
of the callers were in a high state of
nervous tension. The uncertainty of
relatives regarding their men folk at
the front has been aggravated Dy tne
muddle of field postal organization.
Child Drowned in Milk.
Modesto. Cal The infant son of
Gregario Yrigogea, a Swiss dairyman,
fell into a tank of skimmed milk Mon
day on the father's ranch and waa
drowned. The child, unable to walk,
crawled to the tank. Tho top waa
only a few inchea from th ground.
Tha milk waa about 18 Inchea deep.
Efficient. But Not Large
Armu Advlted bu Wood
New York Organisation of a de
pendable volunteer army through col
lag camp, Federal control of tho
militia, increase In tho Regular army
and provision for adequate armament
are easetnlals for meeting tho sudden
stuck of any hostile power on tbe
United States, tho members of th
Merchants' association of New York
war told Wednesday by Major General
Laonard Wood and Henry Biimson,
.j-Tatarv of War.
It is not a largo army, bat a fully
efficient army that Is needed, uenerai
ujwwl aaiH. and In fllllna- thla need th
college campa must play an Important
part in training volunteer omcars, ior
it ia on tbo volunteer army that tbo
wmhIm mnat nltlmalalv nafMRid.
Tha Dlan of tho general staff to
bring the army force up to 00,000 I
only a top-gap, ba continued, while
tho full cltixen army U Ming organ-
Vm mlo-ht aa well, under modern
war conditions, try to organise a big
reserve without previous preparation
as to try to organise a uiesaving serv
lea an a shipwrecked vessel that la
ntns- to nfaMa." aald General Wood.
"To bring our forces op to 600,000 wo
shall nave to have iz,ow aoaitionai
nAn. For thla DUrDOSO WO BTOSt
have college campa, such aa existed
.r rtttmburo- ami Monterey
'Thla ar wa nrobablv ahall hava
OOftA twraa In fnnr of thaaa amna. Th
boys made a better record last year
and this shows what you ean ao witn
lnllimnt men in a abort time than
was made by the best company of tbo
Fifth Regular Infantry for tho same
range. Over 60 per cent developed
i .,Lnii At tha end of th
five weeks' training period a board of
our own officers examined taeee young
sters and recommended 129 of tbem as
flt for volunteer officers in tho lower
"Now this is tno aina oi ayawun
Mh I think ran ha anolled in this
country. I hope tbat eventually it will
grow into a general movement, em
bodying, say, a six months enlistment
hkan into nariorla of two months
each, to be taken during the economic
and educational vacation, so as to in
terfere as little as possible with tbe
work of the young men who are in
business and tbe educational work of
the boys who are in college.
I think if we ean do that there will
be developed a large number of trained
youngsters as otneers ol volunteers ana
a still larger number as trained men to
form tha nnrelua of volunteer compan
ies In ease we are ao unfortunate as to
become involved in war. Some auch
method aa tbat must bo adopted. De-
cause when war cornea it will come
suddenly and unless we are the aggres
sor which is highly improbable, it
will come from one who is holly pre
pared and who knows when he ia com
ing and where be ia coming.
Warships Will Be Sent r
Jo Panama Canal Zone
Waahinirtnn. D. C President Wil
son and hia cabinet decided Wednesday
to aend American warships to tne ca
nal cone tn maid arainst violation of
neutrality there by belligerent ships.
Just bow many snips, ana wnetner
destroyers or cruisers or battleships
.k.n k. r!Urf.hvt will be determined
w , . .
after a fuU report has been received
from Colonel Goethals, military gover
nor cf tho canal cone, and Captain
Rodman, naval officer at the canal.
Rnth Kenratarv Garrison and Secre
tary Daniels made it clear that the de-
lav in acting on the request ol ixuonei
Goethals for two destroyers waa due
to a lack of information.
Mr. Garrison explained that the
colonel haa sent two messages, one
asking for the destroyers, without
specifying the purpose of thier use.
In reply to a message of inquiry on
the latter point Colonel Goethals ex
plained that the wireless regulations
were being violated in canal waters,
and referred to the misuse of the canal
tone as a base of supplies.
The War department again asked I or
Pifle instances or wnat naa oc-
currM but no further information ha.
been received.
On a full explanation
of conditions
action will be taken and under what
departmental Jurisdiction.
War Threatens Gould Kin.
Brealau The Breslaur Zeitung de
mands the confiscation of the principal-
ity of Sagan, which stands in the name vided the expense budget for tho eea
of Prince Howard, of Sagan, son of son and it is said the levy will bo a
Duke Helie and the Duchess of Tally
rand. The Duchess was Anna Gould
of New York. The confiscation is de
manded as a reprisal against the al
leged confiscation of German property
in FYanr. The principality of Saltan
embraces the castle of Sagan and 60,-
000 acres. Duke Helie renounced nis
title of Prince of Sagan in favor of his
son at the time of his father's death.
British Lose Sea Chance.
Berlin Among the items given ont
by the Official Press Bureau were the
following: "Tho English naval peri
odical Nautilus reports that the form
er first sea lord. Prince Louis of Bat-
tenberg, planned to cut on tne mer
man fleet In Norwegian waters the
nio-ht of Ausrost 1 to 2. but that the
wavering of the British cabinet frus
trated his plan."
Kaiser's Doctors Anxious.
Paris A Madrid dispatch published
in tha Journal aava- "Reliable news
tamlrai hara mm that Emneror Wil
liam' condition, although recorded by
the bulletins as improving, is giving
great anxiety. His doctors speak of a
serious sore throat, following diph
theria, which the emperor contracted
during a visit to tba Eastern front."
All-ilAM W UHw
Industrial Accident Board
Salm Numerous unique replies
bav been received by tho State In
dustrial Accident commission from
beneflclariea of tho compensation act
to tbe question asked by tha board :
"How In your opinion coo Id such acci
dents b avoided?"
E. A. Dahl, employed by tba Pacific
Brick company, lost 14 days from
work because of an injury to an oy
caused by a fellow workman striking
bim with a mod ball. "Such accidents
may be avoided," bo writes, "by
workmen attending to business and
not playing when they . should bo at
"Don't follow a dump-cart over tho
dump," ia tbe suggestion of John
Kelly, employed by the i. W. Sweeney
Contraction company, who with his
cart tumbled down hiU and was inca
pacitated for work for several days.
C. C. Whlta an amnlova of the
Gambrinus Brewery, suffered Injury to
four digits on bis right nana, causing
permanent stiffness, by allownig hi
band to ba caught between two beer.
kegs which ho waa rolling. He
thought auch injur! ea could bo avoided
Hopgrowers Would Form i
Co-operative Association
HeMintiTille At a mtrtinf of bop-
and business mon of McMinn-
vllle and vicinity Thursday afternoon
in tho Commercial club assembly haJL
tho Oregon Hopgrowers' association's
representatives thoroughly aroused tbo
interest of Yamhill boptTrowers in tho
co-operative leature oi tnis organiza
tion. -
About 100 hopgrowers and business
men attended. W. T. Vinton, state
senator, presided, and Walter Kirk-
wood assisted.
After a morning session, at which
the purposes of the association were
stated briefly, tho afternoon session
waa given over primarily to H. L.
Mah an, temporary president, who
spoke from a business standpoint on
th necessity of co-operation. Mr.
Mah an opened hia address by saying
that tho present plight of hopgrowers
waa tbo excuse for this organization.
Fruit and Vegetable Dis
- eases to Be Discussed
Oregon Agricultural College, Cor-
vallis Result of recent spraying ex
periments in apple and pear scab con
trol, will be discussed by Professor
H. S. Jackson, plant pathologist of -the
Oregon station, at the O. A. C annual
abort course, January 1 to SO, 1915.
Laboratory and field experiment bar
been carried on extensively during tho
past year and it ia the purpose of tho
department to give to the short coarse
students the benefits of the additional
information aecnredL ' Other subiecta
to be treated by Professor Jackson are
fire blight of apple and pear, appla
tree anthraetnose, apple mildew, peacn
leaf curl, and California peach blight,
brown rot of prunes and other atone
fruits, fi-ooseberrv mildew, and other
gooseberry and currant troubles, mil
dews of grain crops, dealing with both
cause and control, important diseases
of clover and alfalfa, and tho rust of
pear and quinces a new Western dis
ease. Professor Jackson will aiao ex
plain the methods of potato seed pro
duction with reference to diseases and
disease control.
The growers of small fruits and bush
fruits will bo especially interested in
Pmfaaaor Barns' treatment, and logan
berry anthracnose and other cane fruit
diaeasea and some of tho common and
destructive disease of cherries, and
mushroom rot as a disease in fruit
trees, will also be handled by Profes
sor Bans.
Voiratahle diaeasea. such aa DOiatO
rot d wilt, including rhisoctonia, po-
uto tato ufoa, and common potato
.k ,i nnwder scab will be dis-
scab and powdery scab will be dis
cussed bv Professor Bailey. Other
voretahla dieases. as of onions, celery.
cabbage and tomatoes, will be treated
from the standpoint of cause ana con
trol. Curry Levy to Go Higher.
Msrshfield Curry county has pro-
little heavier than for 1914. One item
which adds to the 1915 expenditures is
the provision for reconstructing the
Elk River county bridge, four miles
from Port Orford. at an expense of
(6000. The County court at its recent
meeting agreed it would be necessary
also to allow a considerable increase in
the bills for clerk hire, as the county is
growing and the official business la in
creased greatly in soma lines.
Gov. West Will Practice Law.
Salem Oswald West, governor of
Oregon, has announced that after his
term of office expires early in January
he will engage in tbo practice of law
in Portland. Ha and Claude C. Mc
Colloch, ox-state senator from Baker
eountv. and Governor West's lieuten
ant on the floor of the senate at the
191S session of tho legislature, have
formed a partnership to bo known as
West A McCoUoch. -
Lady Gets Good Job. ;
Salem Governor Weat has appoint
ed his private secretary, Miss Fern
Hohha. a member of tho State Indus
trial Accident commission, to succeed
C D- Babcock, whose term win ex
pire January 1. Tbo term la four
wear and tho salary 13600 a year. I
ivvvi vr
by persons keeping their bands away .
from beer kegs. "
C P. Mason, employed by th Coos '
Bay Time Publishing company, sat on
an oil can, puncturing the sciatic
nerve. "Be careful where you alt,"
was bit anawer to tha question. ,
"Wear wooden aboea Ilk th Bl-
glana," wa th reply of an employe
of tho Nieolal Neppach company, who
crushed bis feet by droppnig hesvy ,
timber on tbem, and waa unable to '
work for several days.
J. A Allen, an employe of tba Union ;
Meat company, while attempting to kill '
a botr. waa kicked la tho stomach by
tba animal. "Kill 'em first," writes i
Allen to th commission. .
"Keep away from tho bos! nest end
of a mule." ia tho sunrestion of L. L
Griffith, employed on tbo Tumalo Irri-
gation project, who was seriously in-
jurod because be did not heed his own 7
injunction. f
A man injured whil working in a
sawmill blamed a co-worker, who waa
of foreiam birth. Ho said auch acei- ,
dents could bo avoided by "keeping .
th foreigner out of tba country."
Then, step by step, ha clearly laid
before hia bearer th necessity for a
farmers' association that would talcs
care of and control 70 per cent of the f
bops of this state, to act in conjune- ",
tion with like organixatlona in Call- f
fomia and Washington. A number of ;
horwTowera interroe-ated the sneaker, t
and all of tha advantage of tho asso- V
elation were brought out Local bust- -noes
men and bankers endorsed tha :
movemont. Including W. C. Hsgerty, ,
W. B. Smith, D. M. Nayberger and :
Ralph Wortman.
Many subscription were obtained
for stock in tho organization, which .!
will bo Incorporated as soon aa the
required amount ia taken, i
"Tho meeting her was enthusiastic ;
and eneonrafi-insr " said E. V. D. Paul. '
of Polk county, who baa been assisting
tho committee in ita work ol enlisting ,.
tho moral as well aa financial support ;
of hopgrowers" throughout the valley, i
Jackson County Spends
$500,000 On toads
A ahland Jackson eountv bastpent ..
nearly $500,000 on roads in 1914. Tho
Siskiyou unit of tha Pacific highway '
baa coat to date 1160,000, or 112,000 a
mile. From Ashland's western out- -skirta
to tho Poor farm, about five
miles, tho expense has been nearly
112.000 a mile, or a total of 152,000. -.
Thia stretch haa an asphalt wearing
surface five inchea thick, and waa eon
tract work. From the Poor farm to
Medford, less than seven miles, tho
nat waa 71 OOO. divided between
county and state, averaging fll.000 a , '
mile. v v.?
Tbe Central Point unit was the most
expensive, costing 116,000 a mile. .
Thia hnnravar includes th COSt of i
machinery and material, tha entire ex-, :
oenso over thia particular area amount
ing to nearly $55,000. About $25,000
was applied on new construction and
grading, while the maintenance of the .
roada throughout the county in general . '
coat nearly $90,000. Tho foregoing
figures are semi-official as given out t
by tho county court. More than half
of the paved surface completed on tho
Pacific highway to date has a concrete ,
base. . . . ,., ,t
SUetz Road Unit Near. "
Dallas It is practically certain bow ,
that tho much-talked-of permanent
road between Falls City and the Silett
will be started within the year, itoaa
District No. 91. of this county, in
which most of the Sileti road is lc- j
eated, haa voted a special tax of 5
mills for this purpose. The county
court haa signified its intention to give
". "? I ".Tthi. riai
J ho district, ft ddrtion tosspecud
levy. U ot the money raised on the
levy, all of tho money raised on the
general road levy in that district; to
srether with other money from tbe gen
eral road fund. When improved the .
distance between Portland and New-
port will bo cut down about 13 miles .
and a highway given to tourists that ,
will equal anything in tho West from
the standpoint of scienic beauty. The .
Lincoln county court haa commenced
work on the Lincoln county end of the '
Judgment Levy Denied.
Salem Circuit Judge Galloway de
cided that Mrs. Grace D. Barnes held :
title to valuable property In this eity,
and that A. B. Spencer, of Los An
geles, who obtained judgment for $70,-
000 against her husband, L. S. Barnes, . ,
could not levy on It Judge Galloway
characterised tho decree of the Cali
fornia court awarding Spencer a judg-. ,
ment against Barnes as a "lightning .
flash of snap judgment" The suit re
lated to profits in a mining deal, plain- ,
tin alleging that Barnes kept money
that should hava been divided. '
' Buena Vista Bops Sold.
Rnana ViataOwiiUr tO the loSS Istt
year by growers holding the crop, hop-
growers In this vicinity nsv soiu tu
greater part of tho 1914 crop. The
bops were held for several weeks In
hopes of higher prices, but as th ,
prices rose slowly, the growers decided
t aall Tha eroo was much smaller -
than usual this year In the Luckf smut .
valley and In many ower section- pi
Polk county, but tha hops were solid
and of an exceptionally good quality.
A greater acreage ia planned for next
year. y: