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!y Lsadsr.
The folhjwlsig an the authorized amenta of the
Leash ia that respective localities:
peadletoa O W Walker.
Hrppuer 0 U Hallock,
Mlltoa A B Evans.
Centerville S H Stuart,
Walla Walla G T Thompson,
ftlla P. O Frank Oviatt
Island Cit J. L. Carter.
Walla Waila A. Meachen
Oovrt cheese, tii-e be.st. at I'auiyV -
Loo'i at Btticakti A; Co. "a new al.
The Apollo Social Club has re-
School Books at Pauly's.
Mr. Sattler was in town SaJurday
in tha itereta of the CcHltn-ilUan. j
A new and ele-pint lot of writing
paper at Pauly't.
Mis EJith Wood is occupying
Min Mary Miller's positien in the pub
lic icheol Wurinj the itinera of the latter.
Largest and best assortment of
"boot and shoes at .Saling &. Co'a.
Dr. Eagan was up from Pendleton
dast Monday on a professional visit.
Go to Saling & Co. for yonr cold
.pressed castor and mineral oils.
Mr. Chas. Williams of Pendleton
was ia the city this week.
A nice line of candies and nuts at
J. J. Banta & Co., Centerville.
Mr. Chas. McMorrin is (jutting a
brick foundation under his dwelling.
School Stationery of all dis
eriptions at Pauly'a.
Mr and Mrs. Proebstel, Mrs. Wil
liamson and Miss Powell went from
here to Pendleton on Tuesday to wit
ness the rdiiiatiun of lie v. E. C. Jehn-sn.
Fatmers who had some summerfal-
low mre busy sowing. Sow in the dust
and wait for the rain eeems to be the
most profitable plan.
Bird seed of the freshest and clean
est kind, at 15c, at Puuly's.
Mr. Ed. Thomas, abeut a mile
south of town, has some Mammoth
Cuban Corn, Some of the stalks arc
fourteen feet high and the corn in the
patch will average 12 feet in height
Young men when you want a nob
by suit of clothes go to Saling & Co.
- Mr, T, A. Crump, who used to
carry the mail between here and Partly,
lett this week for the Malheur country
to engage in the same kind of business
Mr. I. V, Lynjh lett tor Texas a few
days ago. Two Democrats lost to this
N. Duscnbcry & Co. give 10c on
the dellar discount on all cash purchases
of dry goods, hats, clothing, boots and
G. W. Proebstel has fer the time
being given up his farming. Last week
lis sold all his landed possesions nnd
improvements, excepting his timber
culture claim, in the Yakima country.
Mr. J. W. Warner bought his farm.
Don't forget to call and see N.
Dusenbery & Co.'s immense fall stock.
all are welcome. All goods are mark
ed in plain figures.
The best compliment that has beeu
paid to Weston for some time was by a
man who wits trying to say. something
the reverse of complimentary. He de
clared that on Sunday our "town is as
dull, and quiet as if half the people
were dead nothing going on." Just
o. Weston is a moral, lnw-abiding
A Bottle of Samaritan Nervine ena
bles one to defy asthma, nervousness,
and general debility. $l.D0, at J. J.
Banta's, Centerville.
Mr. Dodge of Wallula informs us
that the price of wheat at that place is
only 52 cents. For a time 60 cents had
'been paid, but there being only one
buyer who was shipping over the North
ern Pacific a monopoly was established
with the usual result. Mr, Uumuey
and other farmers will now be obliged
to ship over the U. II. & X. Many
will be sadly disappointed as they ex
pected to make a fe.v cents on the
feushel by sending their wheat East.
"Every Epileptic sufferer ought to
try Samaritan Nervine at once," says
Kev. J. T. Etter, of New Glnrtis, Wis ,
"it's a never failing remrdy."
Aycr's Ague Cure is the only icm
dy known which is certain to cure Fe
wer and Ague permanently, by expell
ing the malarial poison which pmduces
,the disease. It docs this surely, and
deaves no ill effects upon the system.
Jotjiing is so thoroughly depressing
and discouraging as the periodical re
It is said that a second saloon will
seen be started here. .
Notions, etc., at your own price, at
"Cnn'more's" Prophecy left no space
for Hash this week.
Rev: E. C. Johnson was ordained
at Pendleton last Tuesday.
-J-The price of sugar continues to
have an upward tendency. , I
Note the professional card of Mr. J.
T. Armstrong iu this issue.
- N. Diamond spent several days in
Walla Walla during the week.
Nice clean mixed bird seed, only
15c per pound at J. J. Banta & Co.'s,
The weather during the past week
has been as near perfect as it is possible
for weather to be.
Mr. Chas. Maybee, an old-time sub
scriber to the Lkadeu gave us a pleas
aut cull tliis week.
Mrs. Geo. Hartnian, who has been
quite ill far some days, is, w-e are pleas
ed to note, improving.
Kemcniber the cheapest place to
buy your tobacco and cigars is J. J
Banta & Co.'s, Centerville.
Tl. H. Simpson, the Helix mer
chant, has just returned from Portland,
at which place bo bought his fall goods.
A young man, recently arrived from
Scotland, was thrown from his horse a
few days ago. His arm is said to be
An eclipse of the mooa occurred
yesterday morning, but at such an ear
ly hour that very few ia Weston wit
nessed it.
Miss Mary Miller, one of the pub
lic school teachers is seriously ill. Her
father who lives in the Willamette val
ley has been telegraphed for.
Mr. Millard White and wife swoop
ed down upon the Leader office this
week and overwhelmed the whole force
with good things. Come again.
L. C. Grovcr, living about ten
miles northeast of Pendleton, was exam
ined last Monday, and, being adjudged
insane, was committed to the asylum.
Wm. Lowndes, the Painter, now
has tor sale paints of all colors, ready
cvixed, in any quantity. Farmers
make a note ot this. Get good paint at
reasonable rates.
The gambling ordinance recently
passed by the Pendleton eouucil went
into effect on Monday, and on Wednes
day five or six of the "fraternity" pass
ed through here in search of a more
friendly field of operations.
Wheat has evidently gone' back to
its old figures. All r mi ml us last week
the price reached 50 cents, but the news
did not reach the buyers in Weston,
that is, if anybody iu Weston is making
a business of buying wheat.
The New Zealand Loan and Mer
cantile Agqupy, at San Francisco, has
received from New Zealand some fa
mous Seed Oats, samples of which may
be seen at the LEADER office. Parties
wishing to purchase oats for seed from
this Agency should do so before the
middle of October. For prices apply at
LEAI)i;it otiice. Orders respectfully solicited.
On the northeast corner of Frank
lin and Bruce streets, Mr. Doble is put
ting up a building which is to be used
as a .shingle mill and furniture factory.
The steam engine aud machinery for
cutting shingles are now being put in
place. The turning lathes and other
machinery used iu makiug furniture
will be added in the course of a week or
The U. B. Church was dedicated
last Sunday. Bishop Wright of Indi
ana preached the dedication sermon to
a crowded house. After the sermon it
his er..j- '.sv(.r.-.s-i xn;-i -- hi:-' ,..
wtieat to tire acre aner beiti irut
bitteu aud apparently killed.
Mr. S. F. Wallace, one of the
sterlinn young business men of La
Grande, was m Weston last Monday
and wade the Leader office a pleasant
Mrs. Powers, at "The Delmonico,"
is offering extra inducements to the
travelling public. Head the ad. iu an
other column.
Education In California.
Mrs. W. E. Chamberlain, wife of
Professor W. E. Chamberlain, princi
pal of the celebrated Pacific Business
College, San Francisco, Cal., writes
that from personal experience she can
heartily recommend Red Star Cough
Cure to any one troubled with cough,
cold or sore-throat. It gave her relief
at once. ,
tETi:iVlLLfc CHAT.
Centerville, Sept. 22.
Tc the Editor of the Leader:
Mrs. Geo. Derrick, who has been sick
for so long, is not expected to recover.
Mrs. W. P. Willoughbv, who has
been confined to her bed for some time,
is improving. j "
W T. Cook, I understand, will make
'Frisco a visit seme time this fall, for
what purpose I cannot find oiit.
Among those that received orders to
quit the reservation were Pete Colean,
James Ladouceau and T. Rain villa.
Pendleton has more pretty aud viva
cious girls than any city in Eastern Oregon.-
-E. 0. How about the young
men? "Slabsides," for example.
Kay Edwards, who clerked for J. M.
Morris for the last three years, and who
has been stopping in C. A. Barrett's
store, has accepted a position with liol
lis & Cleve.
Neal McEachcrn's new blacksmith
shop is about completed. From his fre
quent visits to the city of Adams, one
should think that a new dwelling weuli
be needed soon. j
E. L. Burnett and wife arrived in
Centerville this week and will move in
to James Cecil's house. Mr. Cecil will
remove to Washington Territory, where
he has his Cattle.
A horse race came off on the evening
of the 22d, near town, between B. F.
Swaggart's two-year-old colt and a horse
belonging to John Tharp. Ben's colt
came out ahead and took first money.
The I. O. G. T. lodge of this place is
in a flourishing condition. Charles
Cleve and a number of the young men
of Centerville have joined the order and
are determined to make the Lodge a
Last night an old man by the name
of Hudson pitched his tent near Wild
Horse creek, and while looking for some
grain for his team some sneak thief
stole his blankets and his only coat,
leaving the old man coatless aud bed-
C. Cleve will start the first of next
week for 'Frisco, vlierc he goes to lay
iu a large stock of dry goods and cloth
ing. The boys are making quiet prep
arations to give hi in a big blow-out, as
be says that he has grown weary ot
The CenterviUian, which has "taken
some trouble to look the matter up,"
has arrived at the remarkable conclu
sion that "the Indian reservations are
set aside for the Indians." K . 0. Her
man did not mean the Umatilla Indian
Reservation, for that was set aside for
the sole benefit ot Pendleton and
A. Z.
Mistaken Consumptives.
In the treatment of lung and bron
chial diseases the liver is often impli
cated to such an extent that a hepatic
remedy becomes necessary in effecting a
cure of the lungs. In the treatment of
such cases I prescribe Simmons Liyer
Regulator with entire satisfaction.
I. L. Stepiiexsox, M. D
Owen3boro, Kv.
PEXWXTOX, ?ept. 22.
George Darveau returned from Can
ada Friday night.
Lot Livermore and Mrs. E. Switzler
were married on Monday, Sept. 21st.
The Tribune office his been moved
into the Second story of Mairston's brick
building. i
Grand Master Tweedale was in town
and visited Eureka Lodge I. O. O. F.,
on Tuesday.
Died At the residence of his par
ents on the morning f the 19th, Benja
min Selling, aged 23 years.
Quite a number of gamblers and lewd
women have left town, but there are
still a number of them that should be
forced to leave Pendleton at once.
Dr. llorder was arrested at Hunting
ton and brought back by Sheriff Mar
tin Sunday night charged with the lar
ceny of a pair of blankets. He was
brought up Tuesday and the examina
tion postponed till Wednesday morn
ing. Brady Huffman was brought dowa
from Pilot Rock Saturday and lodged
in jail charged with the larceny of a
horse. Buster Scott aud Joe Hudson
have also been arrested tor horse steal
ing and several attorneys have pone, to
Pilot Rock to attend the trial to-day,
P. G. Strickland was tried Saturday
on three charges, kidnapping a child,
assault with a dangerous weapon and
a3snut with intent to kill, lie was
bound over on each ot them and in de
fault of $300 bonds, was committed to
the classic shades of the county cooler.
Died. At the residence of C. L. Bal
lard in Pendleton, Friday, Sept. 18
Wm. Fmdlev, aged 53 years. This
riom the W cstc i c-jrrespa:id?rico to
the Portlaud Standard we clip the fol
lowing: There is an average attendance at the
Weston public school of 150 pupils.
Weston has the well-earned reputa
tion of being the neatest and most or
derly town in Eastern Oregon.
Hugh McArthur, Esq., who has done
more than any other one man to build
up Weston, will spend the coming win
ter with his family in California.
If "man could "live by bread alone,"
the people of this country would not
suffer, as the amount of wheat raised
has been immense. We need more di
versity in farming.
The Blue Monntain baseball elub of
this place, champions of the Inland Em
pire, have evidently laid up for the sea
son, without plating the Portland Stars,
as was once expected. Members of the
club have been too busy to play or prac
The high license here has made a
monopoly in the saloon business. The
city council recently passed an ordinance
compelhngall hotels and boarding houses
to pay a license of $30 per quarter.
This may make a monopety iu the hf
business. The council is large'
publican, Mayor White and C
man Hartmau being the only d'
And what "they say" is trul hut in a way
Not set down in the books. Ic serves to show
Hftw very many on to fortiav go
While he standi waiting;. Wt to him is lite
H he but wait and look up the strife?
He has no share in aU the jcfr.ee won.
Bin idle hands take part in!othinf done;
ilia meed ot glory is to stasl and wait
And see ten thousand others growing great.
So let him serve. He is not at to rule.
A slave to self, his master is tooL
Health Is wealth. Wealth means Independ
ence. The Keynote is Dr. Bosanko's Con"h and
Lung Syrup, the best Cough Syrup in tho world.
Cures Coughs, Colds, Pains in the Chest.Brom.-hi-
Us and Primary Consumption. One dose gives
relief in every case. Take no other. Price 50
cents and (LOO. fatnples free. Sold by W. H-McCoy.
Are recciv&s their-
When Mr. Headricks goes to any
kind of a show nowadays the band al
ways strikes up "Hail" to the Chief."
Then they tackle such stirring melodies
as "Snakes in Kis Books," "Th Whis
kers en the Moon," and "Wake np.
William Riley," And yet they say
that Vice-Presidents neyer have any
Five hundred telephone instruments
in Buffalo. N. Y.. are supplied with
eiectricity made by the water-power of
ia?ara tails. . ... -
Fmdley, aged 53 years,
gentleman had children living in Call
fornia who were on their way to Pen
dletoii when his death occurred; finding
that they were too late to see their
father aliye and being delayed at Port
land, they telegraphed to delay the
funeral as long as possible that they
might be in attendance. The telegram
was not delivered and Mr. Findley was
turied Sunday, his children arriving on
tne Monday morning train. Ibis
another shining example of the prompt
ness aud efficiency with which the ser
vice ef the Western Unien Telegraph
Company is cariied on in Oregon.
The case of A. Wing, charged with
assault and battery, came up before
Justice Bishop Monday morning. The
evidence went to show that on Friday
evening as Mose Thompson was leaning
up against McCullnck's barber shop,
drunk, Wing came along and began
teasing end insulting him by telling
him that he had been rolled. Mose re
plied by saying that anyone who said
he had been rolled lied, and whea
Wing persisted in his statements, Mose
followed suit in stronger terms. Fin
ally Wisg asked Mose if he wanted to
be slapped and Mose with drunken
gravity saia yes, whereupon vv ing
struck him and with all his mighty
strength was attempting to throw him
down when they were separated. At
the first trial the jury disagreed, an
other jury was summoned and found
Wing guilty. He wa3 fined 10 and
costs, amounting in all to. 63.
Notice to Teachers.
Notice is hereby given that a pnbljc
examination of applicants f jr teacher's
certificates, will be held in the school
building at Centerville during Friday
Sept. 25th and 26th,
John Edington,
School Supt.
and Saturday,
was announced that an indebtedness of
! - 1 1 L 1 1 . v
:j i j tin bite nuuiii nave iu uc
cancelled before the ceremonies could be
proceeded with, and, notwithstanding
the stringency of the times, the money
was immediately raised by subscription.
At the residence of the bride in
Weston, Mr. A. Gross was married to Mrs
Margaret rattison, on Wednesday,
Sept 2.1, 1SS5, at 10 o'clock a. in., by
Rev. R. ( Ogiesby. There were pres
ent: M. F. White and wife, Weston;
P. Landing and wife, Centerville; Mrs.
L. J. Weston; Mrs. N. E. Strickfadden;
.Mrs. N. Stroble and friends of the fam-
i ily. After a very sociable time of about
I one hour the uewly wedded pair depart-
I ed for Walla Walla. May pence and !
Tlse Xrw York Itcpuldicans.
SARATOGA, September 23. The at
tendance at the New York State Re
publican Convention has been larger
than at any preceding State Conven
tion for years, and much interest was
manifested in the probable otilccme.
Ira Davenport was nominated, after
several ballots, for Governor, and Gene
ral Joseph B. Carr, hi3 opponent, re
received the nomination for Lieutenant
Governor. General Carr is the present
Secretary of State and one of the only
two Republicans in the present State
When liaby was sick, we gave her CASTORIA,
When she was a child, we gave her CASTORIA,
When she became Miss, she clung to CASTORIA,
When she had childrcn,shegave them CASTORIA.
olie. Particular.
The customers and patrons of the un
dersigned, who know themselves in
debted to him, are herewith asked for
an early settlement of their accounts,
as money is needed. All bills are ready;
please ask for them. F. M. Pauly.
Teacher: "Define 'snoring.
boy: ".Letting ett sleep.
It is hard to tell at what age man
loses his faith in circus bills.
Don't forget that Reese & Redman
are located at Adams, aud do a "boss"
What is the difference between a pa
per dollar and a dollar of silver. Never
When the Germans hoifted their flag
at Yap, they did net suppose the Span
iards would yawp.
An organist, who advertised for vo
calists for a church choir, headed his
advertisement; "Good chants for the
right parties."
Steinaker & Co.keep tne Buckingham
& Hecht's boots and shoes.
The day of the green apple's over,
The banana peel's joke is most done,
The ice man and ice ercam discover
They're left and the oyster's begun.
Easiest way to mark table linen
Leave a baby and some black-currant
jam alone at the table for three minutes.
Porter (in hotel, to parting guest)
Please, sir, remember the porter. Guest
Oh, so I shall; it was even worse than
the beer.
Steinaker & Co. have the largest and
best assortment of wall paper in Weston.
Why is the Puritan like a meat bone,
did vou ask? Oh, that is easy enough.
It takes the edge off the cutter.
A member of the Bible Revision Com
mittee received a touching plea against
the changing of a verse in I'roverbs,
which, sail' the write'-, "was always
a great comfort to my two husbands,
both deceased.
A foreign doctor lias discovered a
form of micrococci in mumps. So,
If you don't want the mumps,
Kce away from the pumps.
For bargins in glassware and
crockery go to Reese&Red man's, Adams.
The masher soon will home return
From mountain and from shore;
And to his friends he will relate
His conquest? by the score.
And he will call on some of them,
If seasoned he in not,
And then, to his surprise, will find
That him they have forgot.
Reese & Redman, Adams, are pay
ing the highest market r.ites for wheat.
"I have noticed," said a bathing
htmse clerk to a reporter of a seaside
paper, that there is one article never re
ported in the list of things missed and
stolen and that's false teeth. Why,
we have two or t hree dozen sets of arti
ficial teeth in this office now."
Steinaker & Co. make a specialty of
gents' clothing and furnishing goods.
For a nobby suit call on thcia.
Dio Lewis has been heard of once
again, after a lapse of five years. He
now announces that he cannot and will
not believe in shoulder-braces. The
effect of this declaration on the country
just at this time cannot be very disastrous.
Whan you are in Weston and want a
first-class meal or a good night's
lodging, don t fail to stop at
"The Delmonico" is now fitted up in
firet-Ciass style; everything is neat
and clean ; the tables are abundantly
loaded with all the good things in
the market; no Chinamen are em
ployed, and accommodation is offer
ed at the following reduced rates:
Board by tho week - $4.50
Board by the day $1.00
Fall and Winter
arid will sell at lower prices tharr ha$e;ever:
before been offered in Weslqn..
We invite everybody to call and examine" auir
UQOas ana prices, mm our vauuu ,u
warranted as represented .or
money refunded.
Dry Goods of all descriptions,
Cloaks, Dolmans and Jerseys,
TBTieMiigh.ani & Hecht's Boots and Shoes,
iood Hews to f
Ship your Wheat with
3T0fflce in TIMES Bu lding.-l
Highest Market Price
who have made arrangements for receiving and forwards
ing the same to their San Francisco House on
Storage, to await a better market.
Liberal Cash. Advances
, Made at a fair rate of interest, and satisfactory returns;
Don't dispose of your wheat before calling;
on us,.
We have made satisfactory arrangements for a low rate-
oi Kioraxe in nau w rauciscy.
Sun No Chances,
But do your shipping with the Old Reliable
iHouse of
Schwabacker Brothers,
or the same received on
consignment at any
station on the rail
road by
A IJreat Discovery
h:iTintn lif. tltpir Int. Ttia f.rTivp
,tarn of the alternate chills, fever, and , .in i i .
. force gratefully acknowledge tne re
peating, peculiar to this disease. . t , , ., ,
, .... . I ceipt of :i generous supply of "cake.
1 lie order of Indian Agent Soinruer- i
-ille to trespassers oo the reservation I One of the most enterprising busi-
,dpt ot aeem t.hae had much rllect. J ne cn ln Weston is F. M. Pauly.
A few have folded their tents and flown. He is not only enterprising but ener-
Xha majority of those wit are common- j ge'io nd accommodating. His patrons,
ly tasked pppn as ipterUpers evidently j and their name is legion, find it a pleas
aid no attcntian to the order and are re to do business with liitn. It
busy with their usual avocations, per-1 """' nien ,nat draw trade to a town
haua not ararflv under their own vine i His tobacco and notion store is the tin
Sugar Mill on llio ttisc.
San Francisco, September '23. An
other slight rise in sugar touk-place to
day. Sir Claus Sprecklcs, in an inter
view, gave it as his opinion that sugar
would yet go up to 15 cents.
That is daily bringing joy to the
homes of thousands by saving many of
their dear ones from an early grave.
Truly is Dr. King's. New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs. Colds, Asthma,
Bronchitis, Hay Fever. Loss of Voice,
Tickling iu the Throat, Pain in Side
and Cliest, or any disease of the Throat
and Lnns, a positive cure. Guaran
teed. Trial bottles free at V. H. Mc
Cuy s drug store. Large size 1.00. 6
and tig trees but certainly as if they
supposed that an one dared to molest
them or make them afraid.
The Umatilla Titnct, published at
Adams by J. T. Armstroug, has come
to hand. This makes the fifth newspa
per in the county. I'erhap3 there is
luck in odd numbers. The Timr is a
seven-column newspaper and will "ad
vocate the best interests of the people
ot Umatilla county," and will be "espe
ially devoted to the upbuilding and
maintenance of the youn? aid favored
city of Adams," and will U "independ
ent in pontics." Th t:
An Olil-l'asliinned 9i3?a.
The old-fashioned idea that one should
never enter a sick room with an empty
sttmiaeh is a true one. The gastric
juice is nt secreted in an emptv storn-
is : ach; it is only when food ia taken into
the stomach and digestion commences
that the gastrie juice is present. Ail
Do .N'nt lc Drrrtvrd.
J There is a firm in Walla Walla try
i ing, (and partially succeeding) to steal
a portion of mv patronage, bv putting
out a sign "Davis Dentist," instead of
their lirm name. When vou want den
tal work, performed and warranted by
an operator who is responsible, and here
to stau, go to the olhce over Kees s.
Wiuau's store. Du. L. M. Davis.
Bill-heads, letter-heads, note-heads,
etc., printed and put op in tablets at
the Lkadkr office at Portland prices.
i ircrms are killed bv rmnimr in contact
est of the kind in Fasten: Oregon, hand- '; w iih healthy "astric mice therefore a
soinely arranged and always kept in the j f"'- stomach, fortifies one- against ron-
It is a credit to the j .,u?'"-7l .'"ases. c ua-
u'ua j 'j r-jiL-psia i.i;re is especially
adapted to act upon the digestive juices
of the system and keeps them in a pure
and natural condition. In this maimer
neutrt manner. It is a credit to tne
place; and bears the best of testimony
to what may be accomplished by atten
tion to business, fair dealing and liberal
The following from the Forest and
Slrcirm may be of interest to our local
sportsmen: "A young Hun
it ensures proper digestion ami assimi
lation of the food. It never fails to ef
fect a cure in the nwst obstinate case3
of Dyspepsia, Indigestion. Fiatulcnoy
and Sifkheadacho. Sample bottles free
unan at W. H. McCoy's drug store.
friend, speaking of the grouse which . .
! are plentiful on the steppes of hi coun- : Hayward Hand Gsexades. -Tbr
l.try, described them as very closely re- j best known Fire Extinguisher in the
sembling our prairie chickens iu ap- j world. Don't delay ln supplying your-
LttHeji Starts nut .... n.l in hahifa nnrl inAntiAnaH .-1..-. ...:-. .T.M . r, r.. ...
, , j inn.uvn ... ... w u. .u, Huu ...bu..u,.u , .-en lWlil ll.t-UL ctl UIILC. J.iUJlCl.
iorawe auspices. ot , a plan, in use by sportsmen there, to ' aud lives saved evi
. , very nattering local sup-1 obtain some shots after the birds have
rtt m advertising, but it Las a good packed, and are difficult to approach,
patroiaje from Portland aad Pendle-i Some large buckshot have two holes
lou. lue business
men of Adams are ! i4r;l!.l thrnnrli thpm rnsainrr po.'li
tooted for their enterprise and commend-1 other, and made as Urge as convenient.
bl. local prido. Th;jr appreciate the i A charge of these :s fired, not into the
advantages, direct ani indirect, that ac-j pack when it rises, but well over it,
v.uc.rom Keeping tlieir town and thev when the birds instantly drop into the
constantly oetore tao people;
therefore the Timet will receive their
cordial support, not only in good will
but in eoiu. The Lkadf.R wishes it in-
...K , loronE a ion5 course j caused by their natun-1 enemies,
" ",",ura'' ! hawk;
the grass and lie there "like stones,"
till several good shots may be obtained.
The idea ia that the birds tancy the
whistling of he perforated hot to be
y day with them.
Vou cannot afford to be without them.
M. S. McQvAItnil", Agt, Waila Waila.
G. J. Decht, 121 Market St., S. F.,
General Agent.
Prof. Riley is authority for the state
ment that grasshoppers disappear with
the advance of civilization. This ap
pears to constitute the distinctive dif
ference between grasshoppers and mos
quitoes and office-seekers.
On the new postal card, instead of
the head of the Goddess of Liberty in
the vignette in the corner appears an
engraving of Jefferson's head. History
repeats itself. Under a Democratic
Administration Liberty is bounced
every time.
The LKADKR office does all kiads of
job work in first-class style at Portland
pi ices.
He mourns the happy days of jouth,
Now gone forever henoe.
When he could sit and whittle sticks
Upon a picket fence.
But now, alas! he caDnot thus
His leisure hours employ.
For fate, in shape of wire with barbs.
Hath rendered null that joy.
The best quality ef envelopes
ed aud printed at LEADEll office for $2
per box of o0.
The observant person who does the
rhyme for the Texas Sifting has this
to say: "Some malignant slanderer now
states that "a woman needs no eulogy,
for she speaks for herself."
Georgetown has married off nearly all
of her school ma'ams and will import a
fresh lot from the Last for the next
term of school, only eue of the former
teachers remaining.
His sleep was broken, and he tossed
and tumbled and muttered something
about "two of a kind" and a small pair."
"Poor John," murmured his wife, "he
is tired, and is dreaming of our dear
i A reliable artic le. j There is a growing fear among the
I For enterprise, push, and a des:-e to get such sentimental ladies of St. Louis society
. poods as will give the trade satisfaction, w. H. j that Maxwell may prove to be a gentle
j McCoy leads all competition. He sells Dr. Bo. j man, a scholar and an innocent man
sanko's Cough and Lung Syrup, because it's the ! after all. If such prove to be the case
' test raedMne on the market for Coughs, Colds, j tbey should prosecute him for obtaining
1 Croup and Primary Consumption. Price 50 adoration under false pretenses.
! cents and il.GO. Sr.mp'es free. j A stage line established 100 years
i . a go between Skowhe-ran M ml
Quebec, a distance of 200 miles, is still
Milton, Qregon,
ryAg-ent for Sibson, Quackenbush & Co.,
mm and by virtue of an execution issued out of
the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for Uma
tilla County, and to me directed and delivered
upon a judgment and order rendered and enter
ad in said Court on the 29th day of May, 1885, in
favor of A S. Bowles, plaintiff, and against S.
Doble. defendant, for the auin of Two Hundred
and Fort-sixand 75-100 Dollars, and for the fur
ther sum of 940.09 costs: and whereas by said
judgment it was ordered that the hereinafter I
2?;:ailLlFr,iI f,-lS the best on the Coast, warranted to separate oats
quarter of the southwest quarter of section 6 barley from wheat, taking out everything and leaving
and the northeast quarter of the southeast quarter I " i- 4-1,. nnn ri, v -
of section 6, township 3 north, range 37 E. W. M., I
in tl mat ilia county, Oregon, be sold to satisfy I
saia juag-ment and all costs, l will, on tne
been appointed agent at WESTON fof
tor the sale of the following
Agricultural Implements
Batchclors & Wjiye's
Harrows, Cultivators and Seeders
MITCHELL'S well-known Wagons, Hacks and Buggies
The Western Fanning Mill.
Kcvcntecnlta Day of October, 1X85,
at 2 o'clock p. m. of said day, at the court house
door, in the town of fendloton, Umatilla countv.
Oregon, sell the right, title and interest of the
said S. Dohle in and to the above described prop
erty, at public auction, to the highest bidder fur
cash in hand, the proceeds to be applied in sat
isfaction or said execution anu all costs.
Dated September 10th, 1883.
18 Sheriff of Umatilla County, Oregon.
nothiiig but the clean wheat.
Horaces Celebrated Draper Goods,
Iron fastenings on the end of sticks, preventing tbeh.
The Ilollingsworth Rake, Self-Dumping.
International Hotel Walker's Wrought Tubular and Cast-Iron Fences,
$20 Reward.
Lost, on June 14th, 1883, one match-
ed span of sorrel horses, brand on
left shoulder, and on right shoulder.
I One has a white spot on forehead; the
; other has no white on him. The horse
are 15 hands h:h, weigh about 1000 lbs
! each, are six years old and are work
I horses. Twenty Dollars reward will be
I paid for their delivery at the livery sta
' ble in Weston. Any information lead
! if!;: to their recovery will be liberally
i paid for. J. B. CnAMBEKLAIN,
j Dayton, V. T.
Corner Third and E Streets,
Our facilities are such that wc defy com
petition. 1 his is the largest aud
- most respectably kept hotel
in tho Northwest.
Board and Lodging, $1 per Day.
Meals 25c. Lodging t5 and 50c.
Free bus to and from the house. No
Chinese Employed. Three blocks
fro ai all railroad depots. Three blocks
from all steamboat landings.
O. Clark, Agent.
AH orders filled with promptness and at Walla Walhi
Call and examine Goods and prices.
Ofiice on Slain St., one door east of Marshall House.
MYERS LAWSOX At Wasco, Sept. 16th, at
the residence of Martin Myers, by Elder Bailpy,
C. C. Myers, formerly of Weston, to Hiss Min
nie Law s-.in, formerly of Coos county, all resi
dents of Wasco.
GROSS PATTISOX At the residence of the
I utiuc, in t.esuu.. on eunesuay, tne zoo rase,
.air. a. wross to Jirs. a. j. raiiison.
Bnrklen's Arnica Salve.
The Best Salvs in the world lor Cuts,
Bruises, Sores. Ulcers. Salt Kheum,
Fever Sores. Tetter, Chapped Hands,
Chilblains, Corns, ami ali Skia Erupt- j
ions, and positively cures Files, or no i "r.z. r r Z
rav required. It is jruarantecd to jjive 1 " w dtlhcnlt to ssy what race existed
oe'rfect satisr ictioa, or rannev refundeu. ! f the beginning of the history of man
Price 25 cents per box. For sale bv Klnd' l'"'l.le that the people
Y H Mc' 'ov " ' wn'1 on "au" a tne B! are "e
' Finnish.
The Philadelphia and Readins shoos
have turned out a ninety-ton eagine to
climb a 200-feet-to-the-mile grade on
tne rtocKies.
A justice of the peace of Bawdon,
Ga., has serred thirty years, and never
had a judgment reversed or seat back
for a new trial.
The prohibition tewn of Central City,
Ken., is said to have a social club that
consumes ten kc"s of beer each week.
Notice for Publication.
Laxd Omcj at La Gradh, Oaisoa
AuRust 22, 1885.
Notice is hereby eiven that the following-
named nettler has filed notice of his intention to
make final proof in support of his claim.ard that
id proof will be made before the County Clerk
of t'roatilia County, Oregon, at Pendleton, Ore
gon, od ucuoer o, IMS, viz:
Eben 8. Waterman.
D. S. Xo. 5412, for the northwest quarter of sec
tion zo, township 5 north, range 3 t. w. .
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon, and cultivation of,
said land, viz:
George W. Raymond, Henrv Derrick, J. S. Zer
ba and E. J.Zerba, !! of Centnille, Oregon.
28 Register.
Look Here!
The Painter,
Weston - Oregon.
Paper Hanger,
HOI SE, sigx,
Graining in All Kinds of Wood.
Wm. Lowndes.
We are now prepare to receive on consighinent,
buy or store
Thus giving vou choice in disposing of your crop.
Grain Sacks for Sale.
Also LUMBER, rough or dressed, for mle at
reasonable rates and in quantities to suit.
Wheat received on ctnsignment r for storage at
Centerville and uutland, and bought
at anr railroad station.
Center.ille ... - Oregon.
School fcappllm. X.Ttltlrs, Cigars, To
bacco, f Xtfectlonery, Etc., of
w. c.
At the P. O. Store
Odor of Forest. Sparkle of Stream.
Do you own a jrun. or a "flsh-uole." or blA.
doe; " or rifle? Ever go ang'ing, or shooting.
tramping, or camping, or :anoeiiig, or yachtlDg?
Have you a taste f r studying the habits of wild
birds or animals? Do you know that for ten
y-ars we have been publishing a bright weekly
paper devoted to these subjects? Is will repay
you to look at a ropy of the Forest ana 8trrara.
There is no other paper in the world Inst it.
Afiorms r -t ni stream Publishing Co.. U
Park Bow, New Tork. ,
aaedmea Cav 10 Cesata.
The Portland Business College, Portland, Ore-;
gon, offers superior private and olass instructioa,
to the young ami middle-aged of both sexes, who.
desire to obtain apractiatf education in the, short
est time consistent with thorough workload a
the least expense. Hay and evening sessions,
throughout the year. Students admjttod any.
time. Catalogue on application.
A. P. Aaasraoxo, Principal.
J OYFCLITews for Boys and Girls n
Toong and Old A SEW IS-
nst jatejstwt Iqg.tnen,
tor Home v I ' --" v
Fret and Scroll Bawmg, TursfnA:
Boring. Prilling, Grinding, Polishing
Screw Cutting. Price 86 to too.
I Bend 6 cents for 100 pases.