Weston weekly leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 1878-189?, September 04, 1885, Image 1

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. P. IVCIH.I. IuIIiier. j
Ha lrrl ;t lou Uate I
fii TV.r, fin advance) "2 CI
Mx Mmtks ... , 1
Throe Months w 7."
N nla UopiM 14 Cis
WiigToy i.im;k dirkCtoby.
V.K-TnX LOUOK. VO. ft'., I. . 1).
A: -t,j V. Meets every Tlmrs lay even
Brothers in good ttandim;
resr-cetMtiy invited to uit.
K. R. MITCHELL, .V. O. O. P. M COLL.Sen.
u-rjTfiv thiii- vo it'.. A. F. & A.
Meets on the ernd arm i-mrm o....."-
day of each month.
L. S. Wi'iOD. W. M.
k-;tis i.finn. no.
a. . r.
.? taL" w M,i,vnr T'-..y '
-1 .-yvi .' hi!l. VUitioy; Wotnw
xv evening
' V. M. I'AVLY, Ilo
: t .firtcn 1.
II. li. :.KL-:fN, .M. W.
T3Bi.rE mountain' lowie. n-.
1 r. i.i i o (i T fi.pt.H r,vi-rv
f Satu.d.-'V .jvcirn'.' a; M.-lHui
i-'iT IIVI. J- I- UEAil, W. C. T.
M. WHITE, Sectary.
Onturvilit- toil
;c JJIrrrl'iry. .
. HOLi'iI l.oncK N'. a. r . .t a. .ii.
7Kr Mti t i on tho tint ami third Satin
lldl.i'II I.OIlCK
V, , iU'. i.l each month at 7 (nVlwlc 1'. I
-.V " T. .1. KIUK, V, . M.
,t w. T. C'i iK, Nwranry
1l!(i-l l..x:
' . . milton (.!: :-: m. ci, i. . o. f
: V-'' ". M-ft-tviir' S;iVlr.'li . cv(:!tin' a'o
' : ' o.lu I'ellrn'V l!u:l, MHt .u, Or.
C. K. tl'l.r.KY. h i:. 1. W. hK'.tUY, N. C.
I'. 1IL'T(.1IEU,
cnlcrvHlc, Oresou.
Will practice in r.II the courU of Orooti
',.iTII, Wri-son.
l,o "til blanks of nil kimls lor sale.
Ollieo at 1'ont.iiiire,
'AI.KI'.li ic nUCKV,
&nsas iraraiiSQWss at w
Iti'iil t!.at- an. I Pahlir! La'
md M-iter l upeeialty.
tendod to. liiinVu ov. r
'tiolli If:ililtlV
tlfi Mk! N.tMiMiiJ li oil., :.nrt St.
Attorney at Law,
Will pra-'ti 'i' in tho (Vinrts cf thuSUto mid
Wii-diitih-'on Territory. Speei-il attention paid t
Land Oii:-e liuil,f!s anil Collections.
Omi-C-HaiH Si. Wfstiin. r j
Mf J lu l- M-tArthiir will be us-tof-piti 1 ,
itli nit in all mv ca.v-!i in the Circuit or Sut-c:uL'
I'hysician and Surscon,
AI)MS, - - - OP.KGO.V.
Oi ViOL Iii lti:ese it C'o.'s Drug
JJi,.ll culls promptly n,ttnn(Inil to.
and Surgeon.
ilnti;t t'h s umi di sc.u;'S uf woniun as
Wi ktox,
i:AitKi:it, M. D.
'i:r:icviLi.!:. ;:::i.tv.
Olli.'e at Cnnk L Ir-ine's Dm.; Store.
Ailniut, . - OrcsiMi.
ntlli at hi i re i.;...ri.-i' .n M-:n and r .lvin St.'
(' ill-pr.'in, l. r -.;t Mkl t' d iv o; n; :!it
1 V'.t .
W. KINii, M. 1).,
Physician and Surgoon,
t 111: co over Steinaker's -tore,
WF.sroN - - - ti:Kt;oN.
Calls prnnip'ly answered day or nilit. i
.1. M. DONALD.
Physicati and Surgsan.
land City, Oro ni.
jy ntended to.
II. I'i'OK.
the Dm,- Store, Is-
fi-.Vttfiills j.'.-ompt-!
Vijr;;)ii A' t'arria.e Jlakcrs,
Ada ins. Oregon.
AM kinds of rantenterini: an 1 W.tol W.
u order at reamahie races.
rti d"
r ki:l
Washing ami Ironing
.IrtaiiK Oregon.
ir-.t L;
i:l 1 i:i j
W .
: .;,
d -ii" en tin- !-. -r:.'-
.'t'.U'liiu' iaj-lidi ills.
-111 HIS WIlKr.LFi:,
1u:it l .;t i. ii,i:r outtir
vttiu ot t.'.e art.
easy rV.i'.r rn 1 a,
in the i.iut ar.M h.x
l :i.i
11 i:a-i Main M.
Tim Wnfj W.iu i n. sii s r. u-.,. of WV'.a
Wativ W. T.. oit'i rs STijH-r.or advanta'oi to thj
ouiu and initl.ni'-a.si i it u!i ?.'cs w:iO dt-sin'
o obtain a i'U-int'-s educit:in in the l'-ru-st
tiir ;i-jnistt-jit v i:h rlioroairh wurk. and at tut
L-at ip.Mi:. Privnw and das instru-.-tii-n d i
n.id evening st j.k'iita admitted a;n tiire. fir
! on application. S. TUAt'HKR.
3'" Hia Prim ipal.
"3Wiret :,1...s:ro1' ?mw.ml?'T"?!:"t
B-irmit. I.rillil,GrindinK Polbinni
Sr'-r Screw Cnttine: Price 3 to SioT
iSZZtiSl Peud 0 certs for 1O0 paces.
i-l-iU'.Aja Dl'.OWS
H, Lowed, Uui
-v v. ii.D HDii.sK !.'!)(:::
Hircraij. , I
S A t OVFPT. Vnwa 1rf ftcr. 1T.A C,W M I 1-.. . . -
Zk.J Y, A old : ! A. SEW i :nt-! Vnrorcation P1-"
rJXajV vExrii- just patented for them. '-aretici tue wcri 1. We
aS ,o.i uw- ; u" 'J i iCCWiriTaf! '
Absolutely Ptaar
This powder r.cvcr vnries. A marvel of purity,
frtrenth and wholesomeness. Jlo-o et-ononiieal
than tho ordinary kinds, and tannot ba so'd in com
petition vita tho nmititu le of low test, short
weight, Mum or phosphate powders. Sold oxly i.1
cans. iloiAL BAiu.su I'owiiit to., 106 Wall-si,
V. ;,. ,
Watchmaker and Jsv
Court St.
in i.::n;rL s JLru;j
Jvvt lry nvv'o to
wumntL'd. Av:;t
n.'s, I'a'riiU: .Jiv.cl-
nlt r uiiil nMiii-j'l. All v -r;
o r thf s.ilu of Aiiir-rii-iii Wat.
r' (!oi'i',i'iny and Kl
1 T i in
i-r;i'-'k t.ii'.' h.-st id tho wurld; al :iLe:it t-r
Vv't iirrand Ciiiel.erinu' v::i-,y.y, tf:e l.st-y 'Ji.l
rliij.; or.MTis, U. Conn'a ai;d !J. Mahiiion's
s ietniaK-nts.
lae mint xyron'..i!sr Weekly n'.-v.s-
pancr cpvotpi to Nniencr meuliaim. en-
Rinerinff, li.-:c;iveries. iTiv.nt ior-s ai?d nj.tt.Ti: ;
ever nnbiMio'l. i;Vor nunber i'lrira'Hl vith
ti'iemlid rarrraviii-.s. 'T'iii piib'i-'ini,!!. fnrni-')u i
a iiiost.valu'b!o cr.'. vcVir"''iia ol in ''"riiiiitk.t! .'l;K'h
no ("Tsoii Rfip'iiil : vit'noat. 'i'iio t,' puifirity ci
the SritNTii-'ro Aifntw.!l j sr. -'a t'mt its Cir
culation n"nr!y equals that rF n't e.tiu-r prpers cf
its classconihirrd. Price. Pr.-'ir. j.'...T.. iiirc iint
tol'lntx. bcld 1)7 all nmvfrteaitT--.. "HINN CO.,
I'ublithers, Ko. SSI Broadway, h. Y.
'r'tS?? ?!1,r-1nCh:e i accidtintally ciaket; a hut remark occa.
El W nvon Years' i
"I I U
tho Patent Ofnce, itul hovo prepared
lunrothan One Hundred Tlious
end npplintions tor ntt:nts m ilio
Umtd atatos foroiyn countries.
AssiKnuicntfi. and all othfr papers for
I '.montl I'ri.fltr-aiP.rk.. (iliiriElll.-.
ePTinng to invenTors tht-ir rijfus in rio
United Statoa, C'anada, Knslax:;!, ii-ancc,
(Germany a:id othi-r foreign counirieri, pre
pared utsimrt novice nnd on rca::n:ii!:l-.Tcrm?.
Information ns to eiitiiiniag pHinits cheer
fully civrn without charge. H kiU-'books
lniorrnalioii sent ireo.
merienn free. Tho ndrantneo of tnh notice is
W0!l understood by all persons who wili to ampose
. Address MtTXN A CO., Officii ScHHCM
AsoaCAN, uiii liroadway, liew York.
"Lei vx go into th-.
mil.:: nf lite Lord,"
122: 1.
Iivine serviette :
I "niirrh of Wesson
and Third Sub,!:
t the First Paptist
i.tr.-L,'!)!!, i'ii t::e First
'.3 in e.ii mor.th,
morula" ami cventi'!
'! p. 10. every Suu h.
.:v. rv Tin'.'.-sdr.y at 'i
diidlv invited t i a: i.
W. 11.
;. Sunday school at
y. p.-ay,T Meeting
p. m. All are i-or-ud
t hi's-1 sevvit'os.
PlIt'UTT, I'ilKtor.
1 in
This new :
:1 has
lor t
st 'uecn
ia o: i:
TI13 Reams are ail Fiea-iy Furnished
d '.v'.th the j
lllJ.'.fluS Ul ti.i ;
l.j sp.-7t. .i t vn..
O - . I .-v
FQOm j
Foil C""m i:;;c( al ti:av::ll:.;
3Iai : St.
V 11 'LtiJi!,'..
! Keen aUvars i
S'.'.f. t a--'irt-i
of CIT -
1 tKltV h..- l.i;:.i is, u:i l a
i .
Xaits. It 1'-.
t.n ir o'i'
t. .at f ..
rv-pc.".'..:;.y s 'i.-i.i a...l
I rt:: 4 't-,:-:f
tne .urn
. 1 oosiness
f)-2 A ipi A f?Q
42s H 8 w i kLZiri1ihvf
car. be acco-.r.ir.r.d.i-tc il'y raf.i:: st tt,e office of the
Adams Peal Estate Association,
2 AiViMs, o:ii:go.
Tee TSrYftRS Gnrs U teied ?farob
f-n-i S i :.. c a. h yrar: -2 ! p.-rcs, c;xlli
iafhc.s, xr.ih over o,i00 illustrations
a v. ho;;- picture cailerr. Circs wholesale
! F'lecs tinct to ciasstsiert oa all poods for
! perrons! cr r?7x familr Use.
lel-S Sl' WtO
fives exnet
ery thing you
eat, ver.r, cr
;th. These
cost oi ev
r.E" drink
have ion
aned from
will mail
rees t:pcn reec'rit
of ti.e rjstacc d c.t T I, v.
pen receipt
? ' I , V V'1?!
i mP'- . F.e?peottuIiv,
! P lMTfV! WPPV AI t-
m ta F. ii. Avsan, tkicsSt Ui. 71
Talie a roirin's Ic-,
(Mind) the drumstick merely;
Pur, it iu a tub
Fil'eJ with water nearly;
Sot it out of doors,
I:i a place that's shady;
Let ;t stand a weulc,
(Three days for a lady);
Di;. a spoonful ia
To a iive-K'.ii kUie;
It sliMiiid hi of tin,
Ur perhaps hell-metal;
Fill the kettle tip,
Put it in a boiling;
Skim the liu!!'.'' wcii
To prevc.it its oiliu.
Talu; of rii'e one keraul;
U.-e, to lilit the live,
Any but our journal.
Lef the liquor boil
Ilaif an hotif uo longer;
(If its for a :nun,
Vou can uiake it stronger).
Should you now desire
That t "ia soup be ilavory,
Stir it onae around
With i. stick of savory.
It of thyme you choose,
Just to put a .snatch in,
'Tv.ili hs ilavoied line
If you dip your watch in.
Wheft the broth is done,
Set it out ai.il jell it;
Then, three times a day,
Let the patient sinell it.
If he chance to die,
Say 'twas nature did it;
But if he set .veil,
Hive t he broth the credit.
A tSSiie of Everything.
After wading through the thiti roiii
ahove, a feed of "regular" Hash ought
to bo relished.
A few weeks a;;n tile Portland Ore
Ionian described the Pendleton Kaat
Oreoniau as "linn and fair-minded."
Now the Portland pnper speaks con
tciiiptuouiiiy of it.s contemporary as hav
ing "small wisdom and less propriety."
This latter statement simply shows that
even the biiroUfd Portland Oreonian
Again "old man Pamborn" has been
Jiued e7000 by Jud'e Deady. "Old
man Pamborn" is regarded by many
who know hint as an inoffensive old
man; but in spite cf this he may be des
perately wicked. He is evidently so
regarded by the federal officials in Pen
dleton and on the reservation. He is
guilty of one heinous offense: lis is poor.
If he was rich, and cultivated a fcij
farm, his living on tho reservation
would not perhaps be so much of a tres
pass, and his evil influence upon tile
Indians would not probably be so no
ticeable. But it really does seem singu
lar that "old man Pamborn" is the on
ly man who lias bceu living illegally
upon the reservation, and the only one
who has had a bad influence upon the
Indians for lo! these many years, or, at
least, thought worthy of prosecution.
The idea of liberty is being cous'antly
garbled, atsd by some -people is always
exalted to the seventh lieiven of absur
dity. One of the peculiar phase? it
sometimes takes is that of allow-in;; a
boy to follow his bent, to pursue those
studies that are !tteeble to hira, or
for which he supposes that he has a nat
ural aptitude. There is Si plausibility
about such palaver. Allowing boys, or
girls either, to follow the bent of thour
inclination in study is to put a premium
011 badly balanced minds and to encour
age the growth of cranks. If a boy
"hat: s figures." it simply shows that
he possesses an hereditary or acquired
weakness or defect in thai direction.
To humor that bent is to ensure a great
er distortion of his mental equipoise.
O.ic aim of education should be to se
cure evenly balanced minds, not to en-
cour:le a" manner of mental deformity.
Weak points should be strengthened,
ami precoci his points lieu in cuecK.
Fond pareuls and foolish teachers need
not fei.r that sny binldi:i; genius is thus
joing to be destroyed. There is not the
l.'ast danger. Ileal genius cannot be so
easily suppressed. .I!.v cultivating the
weak points of a boy's mind he hiay be
tnablad to use to good advantage tliose
: faculties with which he is richly gifted,
I when otherwise they would. mn riot,
i without cheek or balauc
' the Lane of his existence.
Is it probable that men, numbers of
tiif.n. would attempt to deceive their
fellow- aud trifle with their health,
i yes, even with their lives, simply to
! make money? It docs not seem reason-
able. A ,;ain, is it possible that mil -
lions of people can be yearly deceived
by those who nu.-itively assert theii
j ability 1
I heir to?
cure all the ills that f.es'a is
It does not se n reasonable.
Now it is wed known that
there is not
J a disease
' which the
nculent to humanity lor
patent medicine man does
posstss an infallible remedy, and
':! many pc-r.ple ars simple euon 'h to
i he sick, and some are silly enough to
die, though fC::v informed that thpv
can obtain the lieaUh-restoriag specific
for a dollar per bottle. There must be
something stranly obstinate about the
person who per-i.-ts in "shuSling off
this mortal coil" wilea jie co,,i,i keep
wound up and in raur.iufr order at so
small a cost. An.' how sd those phii-
mthropic patent Mediate men must
i 'eel to fiad people who never deigned to
i Wtt t thi-ir , i..-
, - "Mjutea.. nvin'.' uai.
i iv, in isnorauc oi Us virtu in snite of
: . . '
mlulODS Pent m raakioi it known
; to sudermg Humanity. ThcAir disap-
i nointment must be iaran.JL lni-
!w lu luuugua "-our th? lhnf - - lli
'. !. ..tl. ,n.1 hn d-A - A . .
relitf for
yieir various ailments.
orld is lull of uivstenes.
Vi P$5t SC-JJ K3
H N tS Sj" p3 1
p i m W w Wh 1 n 1
A little boat bearing two lover3 comes 1
in under the starlit sky' to the rickety j listen quietly to the explanation wmch
wooden pier on the western shore of the j she i? triviiig smilhigiy and easily in
small island which looks so lonely there law, well-bred tones,
in that mighty expanse of ocean. j "I was very uatural, Mr. Derby,
Lovers? Weil, at least they have that you should take me for fhe daugh
that appearance. j 'or - ue tlvo old people on Granite Is-
The uirl, with drooping h":td and con-1 land; but they aie my foster parents
soiou? face is trailing one slim, dark ; only, and I visit them every year,
hand ia the water; and she is pretty, so j They were obi family servants and 1
pretty that her companion may be par- j am much attached to them. They
doued for gazing at her with such pas-j choose to call me Letty, as that was
sionate admiration in his eyes. my dead mother's name."
Put she is poor that is evident, for ! Wte hesitates here a second with deep
does she not belong to the two old peo- j caing color as she reads the umnistaka
r,i.; who live here vear alter vear on i bie expression in his handsome blue
this desolate island, winning a scanty
living from the barren soil and the
treacherous sea?
They are "mother" and "daddy" to
her, ar.d she is their "gal Letty."
He marvels sometimes at her dainty
ways, but then these foolish old people
have spoiled her, being no doubt proud
of her handsome face.
She never does any drrtdgery, yet
she is skillful with her needle, and can
cook u'.any delicious things to gratify
one's palate.
Edgar Derby, who has done some
fishing this Euinnier, but more love
making, is astonished to lind how hard
is the thought of parting with her; for
leaving her here on the shore, he mast
return at once to the city in order to
catch the early morning train for the
lie is too seiiish, and indolent, and
pleasure-loving to entertain for a mo
ment the idea of making her his wife,
although he never doubts that she is in
love with him.
He brings the boat up to the pier, fas
tens it, and helps her out in silence.
Then as she stands half turned from
him, he takes her hand and lifting it
to his lips says a little hoarsely:
"Good-bye, Letty."
"Good-bie," the answered low and
Not contented with this, he goes on
to make a pretty speech about "adverse
fate," and "deatbless love and sorrow,"
their "happy and never-to-be-forgotten
summer together," etc., which Letty
receives in silence with her face in her
"If it were not for Miss Anderson "
he begins desperately."
"Who is Miss Anderson?" queried
Letty in amazement.
lie flushes.
"Well, I never havs rnct linr, V . t ex
pect to next winter. Our parents be
trothed us to each other when we were j
children. She is normouslv wenitav,
Letty, and I am poor as poor as you
are, my girl; this tells the whole story.
I mus.t marry Miss Anderson though I
lose you and break my own heart. For
get me if you can aud be happy. Good
bye!" And ho returns to his boat, which
soon goes dancing over the waves to
ward the mainland, while Letty, evi
dently convulsed with sorrow, is left
abjue by the little wooden pier.
Not long alone, though, for soon an
other little boat comes gayly in, and
Letty goes joyously to meet a stalwart
sun-browned joungman in the uniform
of an officer of the U. S. Navy.
Queer girl, this Letty! Thercis no
heart-break iu the laughing eyes up
raised to the new-comer's manly face.
and she actually returns the kiss with
which he greets her.
'What's the fun, sweetheart?" he
q ueries, studying the expression of her
" Why, there's no fun, Charlie," she
returns demurely. "Edgar Derby has
just l.It mc forever beeausc we are bolh
so poor, and because he was betrothed
in childhood to Miss Anderson, whom
he exptcts to meet next winter. His
heart is broken you know, as well as
mine, but I am to forget him and be
happy if I cin."
The young man, looking straight into
the girl's great dancing eyes, bursts into
a long, ringing, mellow laugh, and
mutters something about "a conceited
donkey;" then ,'iutting his arm about'.
her waist in the most natural way pos
sible, he leads her aw ay along the shin
ing beach to talk ot their happy future;
while the waves sing in their ears, and
the big white moon rolls up to look at
them, making a broad, bright track
across the oceau.
Edgar Derby walks up the long, bril-
; liant room on his friend's: arm with a
j sort of moody expectancy ia his eyes.
j In full evening dress he is a very
j handsome man, aud more than one pair
1 of girlish eyes follow him wistuliv.
There is quite a little crow d about
the tall, graceful figure iu dead wi
graceful figure iu dead white
; silK and costly lace and pearls, s- auiung
so easily mere ni use extreme enu oi me
j apartment; but they make way for Mr.
Carlyon, who goes through with the
necessary formula:
i "Miss Anderson, allow me to make
' yon acquainted with Mr. Drby.M
!he turns toward him, a smile enrv -
' iug t'ae sweet, determined mouth and
; gleaming in the dark eye3.
The others driftway, leaving them
j alone, and Edgar Derby's face is pallid
: in his amazement.
"Letty!" he stammers.
She laughs low aud melodiously.
"Well, Mr. Derbv, I was christened
Tarinn t.p;ti:i AnJt-rson' IT
I Boston. I am 'Marian to my friends.
, , . - -
"Be merciful and explain," he mnr
murs hurriedly, his gaze takmgiu every
t:.l f hsr rrrare and beautv. and the
- 1 tie has thought ot Jier as a piei,y
. , ,
Pretty? V,"hy, she is the most royally
beautiful woman be has ever seen.
lie can scarcely command himself to
"My love,"- he whispers under his
She lifts her head daintily and coldly.
"I hope you will pardon my share
of our little flirtation," she says. "I
was rather dull there, and knowing
yon to be a man of the world, felt sure
there would be no hearts broken."
She turns with a sudden radiant
smile as a tall, sun-browned man, look
ing handsome, but not quite at home iu
his black broadcloth, approaches them.
"Mr. Derby," she says sweetly, "let
me make you acquainted with my future
husband, Lieutenant Staples."
Fdgar Derby bows and makes his
way from tho crowded rooms as speed
ily ;is possible.
As well as he is capable of loving any
woman he loves Marian Anderson and
she is forever lost to him.
MlLTOX, Aug. 2(3, 1S85.
We have read and been told that in
the city of Xew Yrk everybody moves
on the first day of Hay. Well, this is
not i'cw York city nor is it the first
day of May, but quite a number of
families within our range of observa
tion arc changing localities about thi-s
time. Mr. P. Itudio has moved his
1 tauiily to Wal'a Walla this week, C.
Williamson and family started for their
future hooid in the Wallowa valley
yesterday. Archie Spence and family
have come down from Medical Lake
(far famed) for their health. They
have rented a house in Milton for six
months. We welcome them to our
midst again.
The Good Templars Lodge in Milton
keeps up the good interest through
winier and summer. It does not setm
to lag on acconnt of the hot weather.
Fhe membership has increased some of
pu They m(.;t Sul,day aftcrno0DS at
3 o'clock, p. m.
Kev. Koontz is the M. E. Church
pastor this year. He holds services
every Sunday jveiiing aud every alter
nate Sunday morning.
Mr. Seth Williamson is here on a
visit to his aephew J. B., from San
Francisco, Cai.
One of our young lady friends ex
pects to leave us soon, but we wont say
anything about it until next week.
Yv'e might mnke the attempt to write
a few harvest notes but we are informed
that the editor was in town this week
with his pencil over his "ear," casting
an euquiring eye "round" and we have
an idea that he will have saved us the
trouble of further comment on this sub
ject. "Putsticators" to the mountains have
all returned. It was so told for a few
nights up to Woodward's, week before
last, that ice formed.
C3is -Ssislaelie.
There i3 a great deal of character in
the mustache.
As the form of the upper lip and in
the regions about it has largely to deal
with the feelings, pride, self-reliance,
manliness, vanity, and other qualities
that give self-control, the mustache is
more particularly connected witn the
expressions of those qualities or the re
verse. When the mustache is ragged and,
as it were, Hying hither aud thither,
there is a lack of proper self-control.
When it is straight and orderly, the
reverse is the case, other things, of
of course, taken into account.
If there is a tendency to curl at the
outer ends oi the mustache, there is a
tendency to ambition, vanity or display.
When the curl turns upward there is
geniality, combined with a love of ap
probation; when the inclination is down
ward, there is a more sedate turn of
mind not unaccompanied with gloom.
The reverse quality is well indicated
by the emmou portraits of Shakcs-
peare. who was as much noted for
; cheerfulness and geniality in life as
i thoae qualities are manifested in his
is worthy of remark that
.,: . ,
gooa-uatareu men win, in piaymg witli
; the mustache, invariably give it an up-
; ward inclination, wh jreas cross-grained
j or moror-e men will puil it obliquely
'. downwivrd.
j -
1 r.rinralion.
Education is often valued not for it-
! self, but merely as a steppiag-stone to
j wealth. We give it to the young, and
j they take it not so much that they may
become through it better, nobler, bap-
pier and more useful rnea and women,
j that they may giin the power of ris-
ing from a lower to a higher station,
Irnm nr.vprtv if. mpihnpn'fv- nr frr.m tto
j;.,!t t with Tl.n. .J.,;
: that fits them fkly ta adorn a humble
-position happily and contentedly, in
I stead Gf cultivating ambitions lonfrinrs.
May ana uas tne imua wan resources
for its own activity and power for its
I .-;..;t
ifoveiOT-iK.eni.. witlmr.i anv AWe
r't-fere.ace to ami3 ..35 a fortune, is too
often neglected for narrower and shal
lower instruction. Is not the n.ind
more than the purse? Shall we sell the
one to till the other, or shall Ave not
rather spend freely ot our gold to build
up the intellect, to cultivate the taste,
to fortify the principles?
The rotsiin in Tobacco.
It smoking is really a reprehcnr.il!?
habit, the physicians who had opposed
it are largely to blame for its continu
ance, for their theories have been so
promptly disproved by experience that
men are quite right in assuming that
expert opinions on poisons are- not de
serviii" of much respect. For instance,
it has apparently been demonstrated by
laboratory experiments that there is
nicotine enough in a singla mild ciirnr
to kill a man. More thin 1,000,000 ci
gars are consumed in.Xew York every
day, bt;t who ever heard of a man dying
from the effects of a single cigar? There
is poison enough in a pound of the rout
from which ruanioca is prepared to kill
a dozen men, yet two or three ounces of
mauioca are catsn daily by each of thou
sands of children with no bad effect. It
is known, regarding this edible, that at
a certain stage of preparation heat en
tirely destroys its poisonous properties;
evidently a similar result, though not so
radical, occurs when tobacco hums, oth
erwise each smoker would die after
consuming a cigar. That some nicotine
an undoubted poison is inhaled with
tobacco suioke is quite evident, for the
physical experiences of beginners are
exactly those of persons who haye tak
en an under-dose of poison; nevertheless
the system speelily accommodates it
self to the intruder, and among veteran
and steady smokers may be found thou
sands ot the strongest and most endur
ing physiques in America, and thous
ands, too, of delicate organizations
which would at once succoiub to a poi
son as active and virulent as tobacco is
said to be.
Tho tV::lio::s Ucaitit.
An official at Washington who
lias been engaged in counting the
moiipy in the treasury vaults furn
ishes soma interesting information
about the amount and weight there
of. There are 0,000,000 in silver
iu bags, eaob containing 1,000
weighing 59 pounds and threa
ounces, so 100,000 iu silver would
pu'.l down the balance at almost
three tons, and $-1,000,000 would
be nearly 60,000 puunds, The en
tire amount of coined silver now in
the treasury vaults, it is estimated,
will weigh 543,700 pounds. A
pound of ;old coin weighs $2i0,
and $480,000 of it weighs a ton.
There ara nearly twelve tons of
gold fives, tens and twenties in the
country's strong box at the treasury.
Of the paper money, too, there is
an enormous amount. One hundred
and fifty millions of dollars in five,
two and one dollar bills. About
seven of these bills measure a yard
iu length, so that a greenback belt
that -would reach around the world
fcimost twenty times could be made
of the United States currency now
in the vaults and in circulation.
The money of course is not counted
coin by coin. The goJd and silvor
are weighed very carfuliy on the
finest and most acurately fitted
scales that were ever made. Though
1,000 pounds can be weighed at a
time, a pia placed on the balance
will tip it.
Why TJloy Hear so iVeli.
Commenting on the fact that woman
hear better than men, a saucy bachelor
discourses as follows: Doubtles nature
bus thus richly endowed woman that
.she can converse with her sex. Six
men can meet in a room aud converse
for an hour, during which time every
man will bear what is said by every
other man, for the reason that n two
aien talk at the same time. When.
however, six women meet together aud
every one talks ceaselessly at the top
of her lungs, no one not gifted with ex
ceptional powers of hearing would be
able to understand anything that might
be said. It was probably in order to
provide for just such occasions as this
that woman received better cars than
man. Had she not been thus gifted she
could never have enjnyed the society of
her sex, and would have been condemn
ed to masculine reticence.
They who are uatsrally cool, and of
a quiet turn of mind, upon wliom noth-
ing can make too powerful an impres
sion, who are not wont to be excited
either by great sorrow or by great joy,
have the best chance of liviDg long and
happy alter their manner. Preserve,
therefore, under all circumstances a
composure of mind which no happiness,
I ti nt yf ort 11 fan intk mnnl. .i:n.l.
i T .t - - , ,
! Love nothing too violently; hate noth
ing too passionately; fear nothinr too
A youn" ladv. on beiDZ asked, at a
musical examination. "What is n
interval?" jadicioualy replied: "tis that
space of time allowed for refreshments
between the acts ot an opera or the two
parts of a concert.''
Tlie Art or .-ttlu;; lKroc
It tonipiistd in one very 6imp!e pitce of ailvise,
in-prove digestion. No elaborate system of
dietetics is needed. If yon lac 1c vigor, us sys
tematically tliat pleasant promoter of it, Hostet-
j ter's Stomach liittsm. li you take this him,
I and do not eMEndt any excesses, there is no
, , ,j
-vou P"
. t, dav vidir-af ntlation for years of viror-
- j ous heal-h ith this sound and thorongh renova-
i tor of dilapidate physioue and failing energy.
i and ttrpm f i in-s;epsia m tnoicaasa dv Tt. ana i.ie constita
l ana itrengtn ot teoo t(tnmi jm, iUn which, il it
j were ciiswtj, n musi sura; wi-nomniy
nrni?r:n fever Kt,eamatini, inaetivity f tne
j kittVv and 1 lider ners Ju--n.:-ss, and thrir
vrcu 8iautrDsS, viiivtT vsu it is wed
wun persistency, not aUm-Jonisl atu-r &
a::d irre'.-'ilar trial
MO. 33
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opposite the Jarshafl House,
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Beef, Pork, Mutton,
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Highest market price paid for fat
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inui jut ojteoea uui a omp.cte .Stock of
Spring and Summer Millinery
in Mrs. Ashby's old stanti on Water St.
and alt he latest Kofettics.
tlTy Pt.Tck is all nw .tnd fresh, and th ladu-s of
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ifii L L! ill l flilif
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1 . , -s-V''
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