Weston weekly leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 1878-189?, August 28, 1885, Image 1

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Advertising Bates. ,,
One Sc-reOinchWrstinsertioii....... ..- ' I
Each additional insertion ssX
Two Sqmrca.flrst insertion...... lauV
Ench additional insertion. 7
Three Squares, first insertion. ... I OB.
C. P. 5IC3LL, Publisher.
Is3ued Every Satueday Morsisg,
SahHcripllon Kates t
ne Year, fin advance) 5M
(Six Month 1 5
fhres Months 75
Inifle Copies lJi Cta
Lacn additional useruoa. ... ) rl
One Qmrtor Column, tnt i&Aerlxo , a
taco aaoiuonai insertion.- ., a
lime UTcnisera DV aDMiai aamisona.
notice 6 oenu pet lino.
Advertising bills payable ?aieis.
AU legal bo will tx chat-ed TS sea
square fits insertioa, and aTJ par
cava sBBwuesi inseruen
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WO- 37
marriaifjs and deaths will be In man
chars. Obituary --snid -c ssmiltnj'
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wr.hTox Loiter, dism tout.
Tl c f . -ar t -iTij-i r" I'j f 4 ft
V. Meet every Tlmnriay trven-
res'iectfullv invity. to viit. .
F. It MITCHELL, 5. O. G. P. M'CmX.Sw.
WESTON LODUK, ?.'. s. A.
Meets 0:1 the second sua iwu
day ofoK-hmonth g w00)) v; ,j
WI'.STON LODGE. NO. 71, A. O. C.
w s-'fien.r;- T s wUy eveninir
4-"-' at'.sin'.,'l.:i. VisitUis brothers
Vr.-.'J,j.j r M. PACf.V, I'.ee.
'Mitf-v II. U. XEL-."S, M. W.
C 3ft I an, I. ). C. T. M
ffXatr jutiinliiy eve. .in? i
le s' H ill.
Jf. WHITE, Secretary.
ny eve. .in? at -t uan
J. E. UHaM, ''. C T.
CViiler.tile Lntfsc !ii--i;.;ry.
I)0.H LOHOH No. so, A. I'. . '.!.
Meets on the hi t Kud imrrt ti.t-.n--days
if eicn tucnthul . ' -lo . i.
t . .i. iv 1 1.;., u. -i.
W. T. COOK, Keeretary-
WILD II nisi: LOfM-.E
aPBiY vs ' " ''
C jH'flt'i' every l"rida ev.Miiii.
r-wt;:". ft-B T. .i. kii;;:, n. g.
J. P. JliLL.-.J:, fee.
Milloa Liidr.e teir.-i-.l:. y.
ij..jJ M'-et everv Satunia ' cvenini; ut
. ij. ,- o.m tviiows iuii, , r.
c. E. liriHKY, sec. i. w. !ii.:atv, :;. ;.
Absclute.y Pye.;
Thig powder never varies. A tnirvcl of purity,
strength and wholesomeness. More ec-onomiiaj
than theordinar,' kiiidi, and cannct be sold ia com
petition v ith the tnuituudo of Jov test, sfiorb
weight, alum or phosphate powders. oli onlt is
CANS. IlOYAIi fiAKUia POWfiEtt Ctt, I0G WaU-sta
ii. y. '
Main HI.
t'cntcrvillc, Orcs.
Will pnutifo in all the courts ol Orcjon nml
WasiiiiiKtun Territory.
WESTOS. Orrsn.
Lecf:i1 Uanks of all kinds tor rale.
Ollica at l'twtollice. l'J-2i'
PhvolcJan and
OL.it.'tT"i'.:j an'i liiscc-.s of women a tpclalty.
WrST'ix, f).-;;:'io;:.
OiHee at Cuolc ,fc Ir-ins's Drr.- Store.
Crowing old! Tlie pulses' measure
Keeps its even tenor still;
Eye and hand nor fail nor falter,
And the brain beys the will;
Only by the whitening tresses,
.Vi-1 t'io dcepeniK v.'i inkles tnld,
Yo"ith hs3 pa;i.;ei avray like '.-p.-or;
rri-'.s U 'A ".us, an:i I gro.v old.
L'.:.r:.t .r hujlies at. my ire?:?ncc,
Cay y-r-xvj: vo! :'-y winder iuwer,
If I fi..ro tjiicrhy it,
A'l t:;.;- ttr;:-.m i Yin nn? ?opr,
T 'i I lov:, mirth .i :ii;M:en,
T :i 'J,::. 1 ;..-:;e ;. o.r.h's - M gold,
V.'! K h -.ve 1 1 1 do with either!
TiLe iti toiling I row old.
Xot :o dreifl the gloomy river
il; :t I i!:rar:k from sj of yore;
All toy tir-t of iove and friendsliip
Gr-ihcr on ihe further shore.
V;-re it not the oest to j-ir. them
lire I iee! the blood run cold?
Ecc I heir it said too harshlr,
'Stand ba"k from us yuu are old!"
Cby is only one year old,
l'air and sweet as a daffodilly;
H:;ir as bright as the crinkled gold
liid in the heart of a water-lily.
Eaby is only, two years old,
Toi-.guo like a pi; irir Bob o'Liiieoln.
Thrills cioro soi;i;-i than can e'er be told
Or cvei-a birdie wouid dire to think on.
Baby is only who's been stealins
Oul, of my arms and olT my knee
Sly IvJni The yy.sy years came kneelir.,
And stole my baby away from me.
ALKl'.ll t DUCKY,
ri:iLt:ro. oii::ix.
Rrnl Estate anil Public Land Matt.jr a spechlt;-.
CollectioiH nromi'tlv aiten-leil to. tnnee over
the I'irst National lianli, Court St.
K. S. C. CXtAl' T,
v fd! ?:v:i p.ri' Calvin
td t.i fl.iy ur iiiiic
Attorney at Law,
d i:o. Vv
Will nraetlec in the Court of thW Siato nnd
WaHliio.'tou Tiirritory. S)-''nl attention juiu io
Land Oliiee business and ConeiUons.
Olllt'e-Wiilii Hi.. Wfton, r.
tVJwltv L. L. Jl.-.Vrtlmr will be associated
itli me in all my eases ill the Circuit or Supreme
rhjslciiiii asul Sursca-i,
Office In IViesc & C'o.'s Dtu
SEAll calk iironiptly attended to.
O.liuo over Steinauer's store,
WHSTON - - - OilEU
Call.) ;i:m;ii;i! :y aiiS'.'.'oiva dtty or n
J. '
j Piiyslscdn an! Surgoon.
OT'!j!CK Over t!w I)ru .Store, Is
l:in.l Cily, Ore-,Miu i-'A!l calin protiiit-
1' ilr:ni;)d t'.
A tiCllfi offlvorySiiijBg.
"Ijovo me, love my do." Doul)tles3
a dog may very properly become the
worthy object of human attachment.
II 13 beauty, utility or fidelity may en
dear him to his owner who may perhaps
I entitle him to privileges which society
has not universally conceded to the ca
nine 'jjfcpceies. It i.-s perhaps not true
(Hot there is c sott spot in the head of
the !'.iu n or woman who dotes on a dog;
but it is frequently observable that such
j p'in-ons show a lamentable lack of what
j is usually considered good sens'e, on
! that one subject, by expecting every one
c!.-e io show tiio same liking to the fa
voretl r.nimal, which they themselves so
lavishly and often disgustingly be
stow upon it. While there may bo
nothing particularly wrong about being
fond of a dog, there is something ridic
ulous ani offensive in thrusting that
fondness upon other people. AiFectioit
should never be demonstrative in public.
The man who believes in "Kick my
dog, kick me," often deserves to be
USTaiLkesha Glenn
Tiunrnnti'cd Medicinally Superior coalaialn !
jmre mitiiral mineral balls. It is pure. Is thu
nlyiliur,rtlc water known in thewiTld which-'
ti-lsilinvtly upiui tin-secretion of the Liv.T, ;
K dney.l'rinarj-ami Generative Organs, and ia
Nature's .SoverciKu lU'tnedy for that Luaierout
slassof diseases that ulllict the huaiau lamily. '
ir TUouands of testimonials mailed free.
As a test, we will setnl you a sample) ca.c o
ifn (uait bottlcs.nslMitded for family ;id club
uo.oii receipt of ? l.."0 ami this advertisement,
r a bull' barrel for ill. Address
T. II. RilYANT, ISox B,WArKC?nA,T7ra,
Private Line Tflrriicacs
pnr w bt'twui d vmcn and ncld'-nc-a
orf :ciory, fc"il iutrfir!it. N.iivmtnj
Tak'.' tl-ce ot lc;i 'ivu fhnne on r.il
Hm-sundpr two miles In length. V
tnr utftmtrtt. I'at . Nov.iat.'sit. SIjUO
lu uf. Cii'rubimfr. Arfitt!. ranted
Ituvbrrr TrleIu-iif
Deabrjtn l le;ift.. ne aud f-rrttiid
Hupplii h of ft try (icripron.
Lu5aHo bt, . CuiCAOq,
n. c:;iji;
:. M::d;
k. ncoi'L;:
The Weston Normal School has sub
sided. It is not difiieult to discover the
cause of the collap e. To dwell upon it
would he productive of no advantage.
The fact is to be deulorud. IJut tiie
I matter ought not to be allowed to rest
j here. The success of the scheme dur
j ing its practical existence gave encour-
' : 'i'llioot. fif hf'ttor tlllTH'ti r f-nlnf Tn.
j '.. . ,. , ..." , . contain you, my darlin
s-a!o liiuciue, oopcsitiou and envy, it f
r..aile a good bf-iuaitijj. It was gaining I
; gradually in public estimation. There I
I is treat need of such an institution of 1
the ma::rfreuicut could ,
, . c(t
i insl ruction.
i profit by past experience and mistakes.
: A.l it now needs ; a practical Principal
; of energy and experience! . The linau-
The rising moon -threw slanting shad
ows across the verdant fields, and re
posed with magic effect on the ruffled
bosom of the beautiful river spanned by
a heavy, artistic bridge of considerable
On the bridge Olive Vance paused
and gazed acros3 the scene ot light and
shadows the artist soul shining through
her soft dark eyes.
"How beautiful it is!" she murmured
passionately, "Beautiful old Fair
lauds '
" 'Earth holds none other like to thee!
Or, if itloth, in vain for me,'
and yet I must leave you go out into
the world alone and lonely to seek my
daily bread. Dear old river! it is so
hard to say farewell; but out in the
world I shall always carry the memory
of you as I last saw vou soft murmur,
.light and shade, with the moon just
tipping it all with splendor."
She leaned her dark head over the
bridge and gazed dreamily into the
shimmering waters below.
" Among the long black rafters
The waving shadows play;
And the current w hieh eanie from the ocean
Seemed to lift them and bear them away!
" Forever and forever
So long as the river flows
So long as the heart bath passions
So long as life hath woes!"
She sang softly in her rare contralto
voice, just now quivering with the pa
thetic yearning of unshed tears.
Philip Sunderland, standing unseen
in the deep shadow of the bridge, watch
ed the slender, white-robed figure, a
yearning regret in his great heart; but
he would not intrude on her solitude.
A ruau's ringing step fell on the
gloaming silence, and a worshipful look
shone in Olive's eyes when she was
joined by a man, handsome and grace
ful as a Greek god, before whom any
woman might well fall down ia wor
He took the little dark hands in his
and raised them to his perfect, lips in
silence; and Philip Sunderland, all un
consciously imprisoned in the shadows,
cwuld have stricken him dead at his
feet for that caress.
Then he heard the soft, low voice of
the girl the sweetest music his noble
soul had ever heard.
"You know. Lynue?" she asked ear
nestly. 'You have heard that to-day I
am a beggar, without even a home? Un
cle Godfrey's last will caun at be dis
covered, and I am not even mentioned
in thp othcr which they read a fow,
hours ago. I shall have to work for
my daily bread."
lor a moment the man turned his
handsome face away.
"It is hard, Olive," he said, in the
soft voice which was in itself a caress,
"but the hardest of all is that I must
lose you, my beautiful, peerless love!
Oh, Olive, I love you so well 1 dare
not think of a future which does not
She never siiolic; but, frozen and
white, she stood before him, all her rich
dark beauty drawn in agony and doubt.
I must go," be continued, frighten
by the look on her face, "back into
ing a scene where the rising moon
Reeked the tree tops, and the slanting
shadows fell across the river under the
long rafters of the bridge.
The gift of Philip Sunderland, the
handsome young artist who had won
such sndden, glorious fame, and whose
sympathetic friendship and prolonged
usance had -won the only heart he had
ever sought.
Lyuna Hamilton was still unmarried.
Hearing of his flirtation in the pretty
rustic town of Fairlands, she had refus
ed to many him the gentle, womanly
Dcra Vernleigh.
In the gratid society of which she was
tlu attraction Olive met him often
l!5;isoiner thau ever; and the old ftirta
t aj;j cjf tLree years' silence was resr.nled;
bdv-uo flirtation on his part this, time,
who loved the glorious woman with a
passionate, reckless devotion.
One evening at a grand ball they stood
on the white marble balcony and watch
ed the moon silver the tree tops and
river. j
"It reminds me oflhat last night at
Fairlauis," he said softly, "beautiful
Fairlauds, where the happiest hours of
my life were spent. Oh, my beautiful j
"It reminds me also of Fairlands,"
she replied, in her witching voice;
"where the happiest hours of my life
will be spent next month, when I am to
marry Philip Sunderland. I extend
you a personal invitation, Mr. Hamil
ton, as an old friend!"
Across the odorous brilliancy of rare
exotics he caught the sound of her low,
mocking voice, and the yellow gleam ol
triumph in her dark eyes.
And in the white agony of his face
Olive Blanche had her revenge.
My Boy, da J on Smoke'.
The United States Navy annually
takes into its service a lare number
of apprentice boys, who are sent all
over the world and taught to be
thorough sailors. It lias been the
policy of the government sir.ee the
war to educate the "blue jackut,"
upon the principle that the more
intelligent a man is, the better
sailor he is likely to become. There
is no lack of candidates for these
positions. Hundreds of boys apply,
but many are rejected because they
cannot pass the physical examina
tion. Major Houston, one of the
From the Pendleton Tribune.
Born, in this city, .August 15. lS8ii,
to the wife of John X. Y'oung, a 10 lb
Kerb. Stevens, D. M. French, L.
Barnes and Fd. Jennings went out
chicken shooting one day this week' and
brought home ninety.six.
Six car-loads of cattle were shipped
from this point to Chicago on Sunday
last, and a shipment of eight car-loads
was made to the same place yesterday.
W. G. Cooper, who for several years
has been in charge of the poor farm,
will ieave for California the first of next
month., He intends residing there in
the future.
There is no lack of grain buyers here
there being no less than five different
parties engaged in the business no
lack of grain, and the only thing that
is lacking is a good price.
Last Tuesday was the day set for an
extrti session of the County Court but
the County Judge was the only member
who put iu apptgiraure, the Commis
sioners having probably forgotten all
about it.
The crops .in the vicinity of Echo are
tnrning out fairly, the average coming
up to expectations. At the Rector
farm the yield was about 18 bushels to
the acre, and the Ellner farm it is
thought will exceed that.
Oliver & Kees' threshing machine
was struck by lightning last Tuesday
night and taking fire burned. The ma
chine was set on Elgin's ranch, about
five miles northeast of here, the men
having just quit work on account of
the high wind and had gone about half
way to the house when the lightning
struck it. The horse-power was all
that was saved. Grant Elgin, on whose
place the thresher was when struck,
had COO bushels oi wheat bnrnod. The
lightning struck the derrick pole and
running down that, set fire to the grain
stack which in turn fired the thresher,
An insane man, by the name of
Southern, was brought down from Mil
ton Wednesday, by Deputy Sheriff Mc
Ginnis and locked up m jail over night
and yesterday given an examination.
It appears that Southern is a stranger,
Have removed their large stoqK of good
to their
al outcome mi';hl
he great at first.
the woild, to take my place in its ;Yan
I ifcy Fair;' and oh, my darling, I cannot.
bring you with me! I could not tell
An earned
an i-X'.":elie!
liuiid UP
that will
however, I .
J . w
r C
f p!fn:l;.l t iv.vv,
K la..--.. -?Ar.:'.:cr.c-:-
m r-T-MO V.uUt I:.- i
- h: ii::;t:i -o A::; -.
r-.il.i'ion r.'.v'y c '
its i-i-r-scomh'Ti. "r
tofl'itis. Sc'.ll v rll :
r-ji.bh.'rs, io. a i;
.-SVlVn, n
-t CO.,
ITors f uperior Inducements with Its fine cllm- i f "xt- '""J n-l'C- ' ::-';i '!
. educator has here.
;t opportunity not only to i
a reputation but a business ;
eventually pav well. ith
! too present"- prospects of goou times
' there ou'ut not to ba much diUk-ulty in
EC-earing such a. person. It is not too
. late yet to take advantage of the good
j that has atrcady been accomplished.
1 The B-iard of Trustees should not make
a dangerous delay in this important
j you before until this last hour of part-
He. foil, miignillceiit timbers, fertile prairies.
ind pure waters; with several Railroads re
i ntly completed. Farmers, fruit growers,
dock ilealirs and lumbermen should investfc
jate this splendid eouutry.
Send three postage stamps for late railroad
tud township limn of state with iilhill Inf.-n tl.renu-h M-
imtl.m f ilia i .1 American tvee.
at are 1 can obtain.
r.hort for t
142 Dearborn St .Chica.co.in.
II n::
of Or :r r.
I iiitfd bva-.es, l .v.iuu
Cc:t.;.-.-iv rna ftlui i
p. r.vUt -.-.nori.:'.; rr.
ifcrmr-aon ."sioia-T
f.iit:. r-ivru wiinout .-'.-.
for"i.a.rn s.lit lr."
I n. .".ro n.i
The f d-.T.n' i:,- -
i too
.. i : .
:e on Ir:
to his jiulgui
;ig the truth
sr r.i
n to "r.rove all
iievrs, lie is forced
;'i win;;! coui!ae.:ds
at, without demoii
theieof. Ybifc this
.1 by all pcroiiii v. bo -.v.L.-h :j uiiHi. j
: for a blind
as ridiculou
But untortu-
v community
. ;cy:f
;i iiro-dva
CO.. C:"V
7, 1-iew Yoili
fj hW'me s-'-vi.-e r.t 1h First l.i:tist 1 their 'knowlcdg
f YW A i r:T'P :-''-'-v " ' ,riv:'. iy: 1 i vo sCe them v-.
l i ::i: - .r.,-: ..,;.H::.' ::;uii the of i
i -. a..,. j, jua if. i.cr.
Crrson. j
tir.s r; truo it is no excu-i
hjiioi in i'.'cas viiicii are
as they are erroneous,
na'.ely there are in eve
"wise old grannie-
wi:ii a
ly r . ...
ij haticaily on questions of law
e, theology , meteorology, or an;
ide'.iee, no iiia!'a-r how abtrus
removed hcvnid tlie reach e
of both se.'.cs, who.
.siiive assurance that could on
f rom utter ignorance, pronounce
nig; but 1 am, in benor, bound to Dora
Vernleigh; but it i3 you I love, my
Leautiful, queenly darling; but
'I had not loved thee, dear, so well
Loved I not honor more?'"
At last siie found her voice, and scorn
unuUcrable flashed in a yellow flatno
from her great dark eyes as she con
fronted him .
"Coward!" she whispered in cold,
cutting calm. "You talk of honor! It
were a vilo thing, Lynue Hamilton, did
j it descend to your level. That I
j have worshipped v clay idol, may God
; forgive ine 1 never can myself. Go!"
i "Forgive me, Olive," he cried, drop
! ping on his knees before her, and loving
! her as he had never thought his' cool
' selfish nature capable of doing. "For
give nie, darling. I "
I But she only repeated the one word:
! "Go:"
j And he went, his heart all wretched
l chaos.
the AVashiooton ICavy Yard bar
racks, is.; the authority for the state
ment that one-fifth of the boys ex
amined are rejected on account of
heart disease.
il'V first, .n nest ion to, a boy-, who
desires to enlist is: "Da you smoke?"
The invariable response is, "Xo sir,"
but the tell-tale discoloration of the
fingers at ence shows the sruh,
Tiia surgeons stty that cigarette
smoking by boys produces heart,
disease, and that in ninety-nine
cases out of a hundred the rejection
of would-be apprentices on account
of this defect comes from excessive
use of the milder form of the weed.
This is a remarkable statement,
coming, as it does, from so liih an
authority and bised upon the re
sults of actual examinations going
on day after day, and month after
month. Jt should be a warning to
parenls that the deadly cigarette
is sure to bring about incalculable
injury to the young. Boys indulg
ing in the cigarette ought to be
treated to liberal doses of "rod of
pickle" until the habit is thoroughly
Marine Crops who is in charge of ; and has been aronnd Milton only for a
few days, during which time he has
succeeded iu scaring a number of womes
at the houses he visited. He finally
drifted to the railroad depot, where his
queer actions were noticed by Mr.
t jttle, the agent,, whojpotified Mr. Me
Ginnis and he was brought here for ex
amination. He was taken below last
night to the asylum.
One hundred and forty-seven head of
cattle were loaded en the cars here yes
terday having been bought for the Chi
cago warket. Nearly the entire lot
came out of the Marshall & Beagle's
band. They were certainly a prize
bunch of cattle and will be no little ad
vertisement for Eastern . Oregon.
Among the lot was a twQ-year old,
bought of A. J. Black that weighed
1400. Mr. Martin, the gentleman who
ships them, said that when he arrived
here a few days ago, he was anything
but favorably impressed with our coun
try, but when he come to see the fine
cattle that were brought in off the
buAch g rass, and the finest quality of
grain in the world, he waf convinced
that onrs was one of the greatest cattle
and grain sections on the globe.
opposite the Marshall House,
The State department inav now
have another Keiley en its hands
in the person of James Wbalen,
who was recently appointed consul
at Fort Erie, opposite Buffalo.
Owing to a scarcity of special agents
in the General Land Office, the cases of
lands illegally fenced in which it has
been possible up to the present time to
examine and survey (showing an illegal
Yv'hnlen, it appears, was an active j appropriation of CoJ.oTO acres), are said
Fenian in the ISG'j episode, and by the Acting Corr.miss,ioner Judge
on that account is very obnoxious j Walker, to be only a drop in the bucket
of illegal fences. The practice against
where they will be pleased to meet all
their old customers and many nsw
Here is where you can get your money's
worth ia
Beef, Pork, Mutton,
and everything in the line of meats that
the country produces.
COME3 AJffD 3TT2-.
Flooring Hill
Highest market price paid for fat
which the President's proclamation has
been issued is believed to prevail gen
erally and principally in that part of
to the Canadian government. A
British diplomatic agent has been
working on th case, and, it is siid,
he has advised YVhakn's rejection
on bis record. In that c.tse the State the country which lies between the
Department may have a delie ate ' ninety-i.inth meridian and the llocky
task ahead of it. V. haien is ;t but- J Mountains. The abandonment of the
falo man, a personal acquaintance; j lands and fences will afford some fine
of President Cleveland, and well ! opportunities for settlersto secure Unds
esteemed in the cominui.ity. j rtady for the plow. They will be apt
T- T- . I to take advantage of them.
The special delivery soi viti' which
Out from the shadows Philip Sunder-j goes into operation on tin; lirst of j This is the way they run politics in
;md coinp
laad, her oit-rejectcd lover, stepped to uctober eliouiu prove a great public : Old Yirginia, according to a Richmond
her side. j convenience. In most ca.-os it will ; "Mrs. Fitzhugh Lee and Mrs.
'I heard it all. Oiivc." he said in his i shorten the delivery ot lct; rsa
nk-voire. "I could not help : who.e cUV. ilienewundi
ade lutir
eiielo-;o!l. !
sdom" iu !
aorar.t conceit would
vai not so pititul. And
re an abiding faith
Is -ussy-oat. its name impiiS:. g
rarely VegetaVi.-Cop0lia(jf tlu
pets directly trcon K .. . ' .. '
curia a
In K i
mernve !i?1mrff tr..X.
LJ. ..I
A.-.tA : V 1
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coulee, Biliousness
f-tlariafSIck-iicadaclie. :
eta "It is therefore a
ToIevc Good He-VT.'
Its livtr must be krot b orr!rr
invigorates tlic Liver. Keculatcs the Bow
?"' s?1Ux'nS,1,TOS t"8 Pvstem. ruril'es the
tsiood Agists Dijtcstion, Prevents Fevers.
1 a Household Xeed. An Invr.luabla
l amily sfedicine for rommon complaints.
n riirroED-s uriia nrrxGCutoi
.-.itpericnM tf Frty years, oud Tmu.'
.ta cf Icstinumicd prom ils ilirit. .
For fnll lofnnnstlon send vonr address fo- jiO
Poole on tha - Liver ad its di'case" ta
K4STOfi9 Si BJS 17., Ji.W JOi tll
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-'-s eu-irj a ccnsKTi ca ail f -ci: ibr
's VS order, sai
.'.-oil V ; J J.r.
then some
iu t'ne v.i.-doui of these "old grannies," !
i sad r.-.?tn:.liV beilete tiieir ab.-!:rtitics; .
j yes, aacl act upon taern. Some o; tnenC .
notions are so very absurd that a nan- I
oclicver is apt to exclaim, "surely no :
one wi:h a particle of intelligence ba
iieves suc'a noaseuse." The c-oaio -.under
oi this iiash 'has no desire- to render
it nr.palatable by any such h:trh cs
sertuin. Tiieje "ol.t grannies," male
a;;d female, are occasionally estimaole
people in some respects, and they are
unfortunately the fathers, mothers, un
cles aud aunts, and I he esteemed acouiin-
. ; tauces of many otiier people, estimabkin
their wav; Their pernicious ieach:xi"s
-?r.f;l -ii3T.-'b , , . , " , . . '.
r. m ; nave been luen.eaied in t.:e plastic
mind of youth during the period of ils
greatest susceptibility. It is difficult to
eradicate the error, grosi and palpable
as it may seem. But surely tiic-y might
refrain tror.1 asserting w:t
deep, ai
it. Forgive me; it
iiie cowaniiy cur,
have often said you
and t et I have a!w
will do so to the end of time. I love
vou better now than ever, if possible, i l"-"'nt uoubtful, but the leading
Wiil vou be my wife?" ' lnotlve on ll'e postal service is not
ei.i.n u, t!n,i- ,i ,rL-),n.; ! profit to the government, but the
' I)on"t rhilip!" she
vas not intentional.
I Oiive, you
could not love me,
vs loved vou, and
treiicnes somewhat, on the held ot
private enterprise, but it is cW.rly
within the legitimate functions of
I the department. The success of
! the f cheine from the revenue stand
would rcspertfiillv inform the public that she
ran jusi openea out a complete stock of
Spring and Summer Millinery
in Mrs. Ashby's old stand on Water SL
;:::iTRi- hats,
EV3A1N ST. -
: public convenience.
it cannot be! I
happy; vou could :
r mr..!
'ii. A..
sa:d. it is no
could not make
not make me sol
A destiny follows me which forbids, f
shall always treasure your
as the dearest, truest thing life holds,
bat I cannot accept your love."
A .a!ral Inference.
The member from Calabash rose
with Lis usual majestic dignity.
i news of Lee's nomination by the Bern- i Feathers,
i ocratic convention reached there. The
guests were at dinner. Mrs. Wise
: arose from the table.passed ovet to Mrs.
Lee, and congratulated her, saying: 'If
j my husband is to be beaten, I had rath
i er he should be beaten by your husband
j than by any man living.' Mrs. Lee re
j turned thanks and Baid, 'Mrs. Vise, I
' only regret that both our husbands can
. not be elected Governor of Yirginia at
the same time.' "
Frocbstel Bros. Proprietary
And keep constantly on hand all kinds
of mill feed such as
Xotice to the InbIIc
AU persons knowing Jhereselvet 1tv
debted cither by note or book acsount
are hfcreby reqncKted to come forward
and make immediate payment, aa all oM
riinning accounts must be settled br
r'.18,--,-8?41 or tbs ""will be daly
collected by law. "
S-i.Ve also wish tn .l .1.-1
the West.m Steam Flonr Mill is for rent
or sale. l or further particuUn. .,,p!,
to the undersigned.
IrobHteI Krou
'-;i;ofl aV-r.nf. him for n innnifiit In' "V. ..v.i.i i. ..... A .uu i
--..Hlshirt . 7 ' -o". -iiiiuie,:, auoui. wnat. suau j
... j .. , . u , ... , iij-nigiie; asKeu a prosy i orKviiu
then, bending his gaze with pierc- j Sunday-school snpeiintendent. "About
incr redness ucon the small man 1 ,.,;,.... ,.:,i ti,
. , . .u . ... ' . .. .u.vv ui.uu,-:. u muesli.
' ''- i-"'"-" - ! t:oin Glossotn cour.tv is said:
said a
l-c-ohsontaln ""allo
; ..i. ... -wwca pieaaea lrosa
TrZ$.. xr
, - - "-'- " y azures vnoi r-"r
ot tne posc-si ce-t. Lttt
assurance l'teas ivr v.nch taey cannot j
j give a shadow or semblance of a reason.
; Why sho-.ud even "old grannies," on
i subjects which they never have studied
; or investigated, set up their unsupport
i ed, unreasonable, old fogy otiiuiens
more than Iter laurels a:;rl collected
MONTGOfwERY VrD .'c3 i "S-dnst the accttmnlated wUdota of e::-; t-easurfj. the prized a smai! raintir-g. fr fei
?iw: Kot-ATaual ' piricnce, lean-ipg and investigion? .! ec:itc?V a -rw-f?r V'i-', r:.::.;-. Y.-:
ttnavi-ir- r i-ii L-orl r)is rtilirpli
T I -V- . .1 ' 11 .1 "
! -1 snow no j orui no aoatn with laughter.
! no East no Vest!" : i J
j The member with hayser in his I Reset a ail side -
: hiir was on his feei in an instant, Ey ma!ariai hw sha1 csca; the Hmd in-
. and shouted back: ; fection? is the question which the deniien of
"Then 1 11 be darned if you ain't ; fever and ayue districts ask themselves. The
all-fired poor in geog'aphvl" j answer cmss from former sufferers who forvears
" 'have escaped the visitations lof the pericwic
I i. ourie, throcti the pr .tectm; insuence of
Hotf ttr's StonM-h Bitters. When the nes-
80 mean as to I for UH,ni preventive mea.?ures arises, use
Surrounded tv friends, nattered and neap C01S 01 Hie On lov enemv s ' t'.is tntn oJnrevenicn at or.ee. It reaulateii
caressed, she yet found that wealth and ! head, Dominie," said Farmer Far-! tSS'S
f.,.o ro Inwliv what neotjle reraesent : row to his pastor. : nr-motin; heaitrfii art-.on of the bo--c.s and
shetn to be, without iove. ; "And pray, what would you do
More ti;an her wealth and costly jaw-; rber,-'
Oh, i d in sr. tcrow ash5 nw
Three -ears rolled by into the tide of
eternitv, bringing to Olive V ance a re-1
"a'.ly beautifnl woman as much com-'
pensation as wealth and fortune can
Her exquisite voice had won for her
an enviable position in the musical '
world where the gracious prima donna!
t'ne utmost was s0 ea-crly sought for and courted. ;
It VTonlil be Cciiu;
wouian t be
Act tar .v. In a.l nrrrions where mi-
5t"v.-.rior br?a disease, it is abIat'-ly nc
to h provided witii a .irurtii. ir,.J
ana all he latest Novelties.
My Stock in all new and fresh, and the ladies of
Weston and vieinity are respectfully invited to
call and examine it.
Boot and Shoe Maker,
The finet Boots kept constantly on
hand or made to order on tha
shortest notice.
I prepared to do any and all kinda of
work in his line. Price reasonable,
j'fofafftlon Guaranteed.
r e. kibklanll "
Notary Publie,
Land bosinewof all klnds-BIinj, prorinjrn-.
4t attended towh promptness and tare.
Collecting Accounts a Specialty.
(Successor to Simprock r
Wert; ;n jj.;,.jt ,nj frt cfie.