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    Weston Weekly Leader
"FRIDAY, 17y 1885.
Abodt '- 600.000 Pr month is
, J)id ont to goTemment- flScials in
: AVapliingtdn, . excluBite of the ex-
'' 2ftnea' of ihm District of Columbia.
. Th fian Francisco - mint f urri-
; Lire 150. persorV with tha means
of obtaining a livelihood, an J 1500
atilicaliona have been sent in for
met piae.
' ' TaOrejonian fc;irred op a hor
- t nest when it pitched into the
Hen The News ia getting the
bft of the fight and ia showing up
toe Oregonian in its true light.
. Babbocb of Walla Walla has
'Collector. All is not smooth sail
ing jth office-sceker, and Whita-
Kfr evident wants oniy tne "true
This ia oertaioly a very diacour
agin; time for Republicans, still it
is a -matter of astonishment to
learn that the chairman of the Re
publican State Committee of Louis
iana has committed suicide. '
. Malcolm Hay, First Assistant
Postmaster General, has resigned
n. account of sickness, and tx-Con-
gressman Stevenson, of Illinois has
, been appointed in bis stead. The
new appointment is spoken of as
an excellent one.
- 'The wheat crop of Kansas will
be a ; complete failure this year.
MoPberson, the banner wheat coun
ty of the State, which has produced
three million bushels a year for two
years past, will not have one-fifth
thttt amount this season.
Tub Indian scare in Western
Kansas and the Indian Territory is
abatiar. .With the arrival of troops
at Fort "Reno, and the knowledge
that more are on the route, the re
fractory Cheyennea are beginning
& quail, while fear of punishment
ler past tmsaetxts become more
promiaent than the disposition
lately manifested to go on the war
' path; ' The prompt measures taken
dj vua war department .nave no
doubt obviated all danger of an In
dian war.
Soxb very small-minded newspa
per! are snarling and some still
. 'i .
Mnauer-Bunued ones are copying
their snarls because after Presi
dent Cleveland had sold the govern
, meat carriage aU"'' yKito House
and turned the money into thopub
lie treasury, he saw fit. to purchase
new ones, paying for them out of
his own pocket. One conspicuous
i9ereace between Democratic and
Ilepublican officials at Washington
is that the former always pay their
, own bills, while the latter frequent
ly depend upon a confiding public.
. Tab superfluous government em
ployee are going out as well as the
rascals. On the last day of the
' last quarter 119 of the employes of
the bureau of engraving and print-
ing were notified that their services
' would be no longer required. They
,ere not turned out to make room
for Democrats, but simply because
the special., examiners detailed by
Secretary Manning to investigate
that matter had reported that their
services could be dispensed with
without detriment to the service.
It was the Republican policy al
ways to make sinecures of public
position, and multiply them un-
; necessarily for tha sake of reward
ing party workers. All this is
changed now, and the government
is being administered on business
On being informed lately that a
man he had just appointed wat a
good Democrat and faithful worker
for the party, President Cleveland
said to the Congressman who vol
unteered that information:'- "All
right, I have reason to hope that
he will be a capable and honest
man in the place, but if you are
his friend you'd better warn him
that it I catch him misusing that
place in any way for party pur
poses, I'll remove him as quick as
lightning just as quickly as I'd
remove a Republican for doing the
same. will not have it. Tell
hint to remember that." This re
mark throws good deal et liht
oa the President's character and
aliowa the sturdy honesty with
which he has set about reforming
the abuses of generation. He is
not a changeling or a byhocrite.
He regards public office as a public
trust, and not as a party perquisite,
and he will impress that view by!
the force of his character and con
duot upon government officiala in
very rank. - H, means what he
ays. He keeps his word; and his
Cirefol, prudent, conservative ad
ministration of , tha great trust re
posed upon him, in the interest of
the whole pop!e,-wilt- insure the
predoraiiyanM; of the party which
hs represents for the next qcarter
of a centiry. ; " .
There are in th's state 80,018
persons eligible to draw public
school money, an increase of 6,151
over last year 41.000 i are male
39,918 are females. ; The average
daily attenda.nce in the schools dur
ing the year wasaljOOo. The aver
age number of months taught ia
fonr and three-fourths. There are
1,338 school districts, in which are
employed 1,701 teachers. 4,400
pupils are in private schools. The
value of the public school grounds,
apparatus, etc.,- is $1,150,433.14.
Average salary of male teachers is
$48.22 per month; of female teach
ers is $36.96. There are forty-five
graded school? employing 245
teachers; there are fourteen acade
mies emrloyius fifty-five teachers;
and eight colleges and universities
employing sixty-seven teachers.
An exchange says that the recent
death of ex-Senator James W
NesmUh of Oregon, leaves Willard
Saulsbury of Delaware, Lyman
Trumbull of Illinois, James Harlan
of Iowa, Samuel O. Pomeroy of
Kansas, Morton. S. Wilkinson" and
Henry M. Rioe of Minnesota, Dan
iel Clark of New Hampshire, Ed
gar Cowan of Pennsylvania, John
Sherman of Ohio, and James R.
Doohttle of Wisconsin, the only
surviving members of the United
States senate at the commencement
of the late civil war,' and who took
their seats at the memorable first
session of the Thirty-seventh con
gress July, 1861.
Attorney General Garland
has rendered a decision on the three
points relative to the acceptance of
the Dolphin by the government,
The Attorney General holds that
the vessel cannot be accepted; that
no contract exists between John
Reach and the government, and
that the large Bum of money paid
him for the vessel may be recovered,
IT is charged that the custom
house officials at San Francisco
have been issuing bogus tickets-of-
leave to Chinese coming to this
country that is to say furnisbin
falso certificates of former residence
in the United States to Chinese
coming hero for the first time, and
who could not land under a faith
ful enforcement of the law.
The lowering of the rates of
postage is quite a benefit to the
public, but it is working a hardship
on the postmasters, as their salaries
have been reduced in consequence.
., The greenback folly is still pre
valent in Iowa. Five delegates to
a Btate greenback convention met
at Des Moines last week and nomi
nated a full state ticket.
A Decision that -will Kcstore SliUloiiH
of Acred to tbe rnbUc Domain.
Washington, July 13. Land
Commissioner Sparks has rendered
a decision athrinin; the right of en
try under the public land law, and
decisions or the supreme court
the United States,. of lands hereto
fore withdrawn by the voluntary
action of the general land office for
railroad indemnity purposes where
no requirement of law existed for
makiug such withdrawals. The
effect of this decision, it sustained
by the secretary of the interior,
will be to restore to entry under
the homestead and other laws many
million acres of public land which
have been kept out of the market
for many years beeause claimed by
railroad corporations. In the
course of the decision, which is quite
lengthy, the commissioner cities
from leading decisions of the su
prome court and concludes as fol
lows: Following these decisions, by the
authority of which I am governed,
I must hold that a withdrawal of
land by the commissioner of the
general land office, when withdraw
als from settlement, entry or other
appropriation are not required by
jaw, is effective only as information
in denning the limits within which
indemnity selections may be made
in a proper time and ..manner, but
is not operative as a prohibit of
settlement and entries within such
limits, under the public land act
laws prior to the time when a law
ful. selection by the railroad com
pany has actually been made.
This decision was brought out by
an inquiry from the receiye- at the
land office at Walla Wal'a, Wash
ington territory, as to whether or
not the Northern Pacific railroad
company is entitled to the land reg
ularity settled upon by one Miller,
but which was, by a change in the
line of the above mentioned road,
brought within its indemnity limits.
A valuable deposit of the mineral
called manganese has been discover
ed in Washington county. Man
ganese is one of the precious metals.
Books quote it at $108.72 per
pound avoirdupois.- It has never
bafore been found in America, as
far as we can learn, and has only
been found in some parts of Europe
and the finest mineral comes from
Russia. It is used to make steel
rails, and in the manufacture f
steel generally; it will harden iron;
it is on the point of gold pens; it is
used extensively in medicine, and
in many other ways.
The hop market remair.s depress
ed, and no improvement in demands
troui the brewers. Prime quality
can be bad at n cents.
Benton county has $50,140.26 in
the Treasury.
Douglas county will have 150,000
pouads more wool this season than
ever before.
The fish wheel en the Upper Col-
urnbia catch from 8even to ten tons
of salmon daily.
M. S. Farraww a pioneer of 1848.
died at his'faome near Shedd, Linn
county, June 22, aKed 70 years.
It is proposed to place a monu-1
ment over the grave of Colonel
Wesmith by the citizens of Polk
The close season for deer ended
July 1st and venison is making its I
appearance in southern OregonXbeaters.
. ; i
Cougars are proving troublesome I
in the Applegate country. Several
horses have been killed lately by
mese pssis.
Harvey Shepard has discovered a I
promising quartz ledge a short dis-
tance south of Ashland. Considera-
worx nas already been done on it.
Yamhill county has organized an
agricultural society, and arrange-1
meats are being made for a county 1
rairr to -do neid Sseptember lo io 1
' " I
Ike Klopp at his placer claim in
Granite last week. His mine is pay-
ing an average of $7 per day to the
A man named Crabb was fatally
uyureua. Aioanyjuiy 4 Dy rwing
. 1 IV r V a a - 1
-aiu Waga tongue wnuo on
w.uwvHwa. , Vl.-M MV AAA AAA VI UtVl
injuries on ounaay.
mi ej a a a a
mere is a violin m Albany which
was maae in ion. xi is oi Italian
i ?-..srtw "w . it -w-. i i
construction, finely engraved, and is
T1.W WAPrh Cla JOrS I It r n -I a.x-J rlAllnna
" , . w
Aarian oemeiy is us owner.
The Klamath and Yaikax Indians
are nos as muca on me increase as
they were some years ago, there be-
ins sixiy-mree aeams among tnem
last year, againsi miroy-one Dirtns.
? . .1 . . . . ..
Mr. Joseph Sbambaugh, while
I Ji mi -a I
mailing a car on xnursaay witn
lumber At Oro Dell, fell from the
, . uirasuig iwu
cutting his head in two
p.ace8, ana waspreny oaaiy nruisea
l ., i ii . . ,
. ' ,
Walla Walla Cmon: Wheat cut-
" . .
ting commenced on the Blalock
rancn lass luesaay, ana v eanesday
",tm "euuera were in opeaanon.
two bi tbresliir will K Bf. wnrlr
An estimate of Wednesday's work
gives an averaxe of forty bushels
per acre.
The Pine valley mines in Baker
county are showinsr no verv richlv.
and a six-horse fast mail coach haa
been nut on th rant. RnmA nf t.hB
placers are said to be yielding from
ou cents to $4 and upward to the
nan. There are now 3000 men in
the mines, with more going in -every
A 12-y arold sol of Isaac Wat-
kins, who resides about five miles
from Drain, on Elk creek, shot him
self in the left arm last Thursday.
It seems he was putting the gun
across a log and the lock caught in
some way and set it clr, tearing the
arm so badly that it was necessary
to amputate it above the elbow.
Oregon City Enterprise: We are
informed that Elmer's mill in High
land precinct was burned Thursday
night. We understand that the
proprietor set fire to the old dam in
order to burn, it out so as to put in
a new one, and, thinking it was all
right, left it and went to bed. In
the morning the mill was gone,
Ashland Tidings: Operations at
the liig Yank ledge in Josephine
countyare not progressing as rapidly
as was expected, fcome people think
the big San Francisco capitalists are
pottering along with the work in
order to be able to buy up the claims
ot various parties on the ledge be
fore the price is sent up by a dem
onstration of the payiug qualities of
tne immense body of rock of which
the ledge is composed.
Independence West Side: Reports
from the hop-raising districts of the
county are to the effect that rust
has appeared on the vines and is
doing great damage to the crop.
The hop rust is very similar to that
which appears en the wheat, and is
very destructive. Tom Ford of
Dallas says that the rusl commenced
to work on his hops nearly two
months ago and that the hops first
lose their color and then wither and
The dwelling ef Mrs. Nessley,
situated on the Grande Itonde river,
about one mile north of La Grande,
was totally destroyed by fire last
Wednesday morning. It seems
that the family arose about i o'clock
in lh9 morning, built a fire in the
kitchen stove, and then proceeded
with the chores on the outside, when
the house was discovered in flames.
The fire is supposed to have origin
ated from a defective flue. Noth
ing but a little furniture was saved
Loss about 3500. insurance
Visitors from the Sound and from
the interior of the State say this is
the liveliest place they've struck;
that there is more business, more
money in circulation and everything
appears so much more prosperous.
About the third day they fell among
the croakers, the men who, if there
was a boom would hold thtir pro
perty so high that you couldn't
touch it with a forty foot pole, and
predict that we are all going to the
demnjlion bow wows. There is
nothing gocd or bad in this world
but thinking makes it so, and it's
just as easy and ever so much bet
ter to look on the Jbright Bide ol
life than to be forever worrying
and prophesyiug always of disas
ters. Astorixn. -
.Strikes are common in the East-
, ern States. ,:
It is stated in the Soudan that El
Jiakdi is dead. . - v i
Destitution exists among small
: farmers in Coffee county, Missouri,
oa account of floods. -
It U said Minister Foster Urn
failed o regulate a second eommer-
ciftl treaty with Spain. j
Subscriptions' to the New Vnrrl
World's Bartboldi pedestal fund
amounted to $90,647 up toThurs
dJ. ' j :
t . .f u c:a
mond. Vs. .resolutions were adopted
favoring the whipping post for wife
IT TV tci. 1.-JI . 1.
. uic u. i'jsu u m 9iv in nis
pockets when he ep tared the Auburn
prison, New York. He had stolen
Alleged cases of smirdli; r-rmlora
at Toledo, among Poles in the city
prison,- turn out to have been oniy
cnoiera mernus. , .. i
Sixty Dersons were taken aerious.
lj ill from eating dried beef, presura
ea to be made from diaeased cattle.
at Momence, JLllinoia.
lrk Twat-t. s lit '
- " icoivu our x ijr uiyuiu,
Pens., and fined $2 each and costs
I for disturbing the peace.
Tl, .ri- v.. J '
proveJ rthe design for the ten ceS.
special delivery stamp authorized
by Congress at its last session.
The weeb,T bank atatement f
New York city shows a reserve.in,
1 trMOA Af W VMX C II If i Ktt.Tri. V. 1 J
bow SG1.901.000 in nf W.l
I . J - ,
TlTfticwfill. tli otloJ
of Prellcr in St Louis last Anril. is
I . aej. . a a a -. . ' .
still held in JNew Zeland on proceed.
ing, attackine the regularity of th
warrant ot extradition.
A very severe thunder storm
Dasged over Philadelnhia. JW.!
MwBlHno-s. wpra Dt.mir v.-
I O- " "I iiiuvmus.
At Gloucester. K J., a child w
killed by a thunderbolt,
.Tma FT.rk f HV.a.vi..m
Mercer county, Pa , has eloped with
nlg siXteen-vear old nieen .Tenn .
of t.l mA r,ino- rtt.
' - "'v
leaves, a wife and two children;
I Tl " 5 . tr 11 ' ej
JLiissemi-oniciaiiy announcea teat
the annointment of Jonas as TTnheA
Statesconsul at Prague was objected
to on account of that gentleman's
known animosity toward Austria.
B. Delany, of New York City.
haa just Patentei a lightning rdd of
C0PPer mre tor tne human body.
The wire runs down the back and
legs, conducting vicious force to the
Mrs- Tams H. MdffuUenof
ir ertland, .Maine, was robbed. e& a
fnn di.am9n.4,T.cH,lAdams'
"" way w.uia
Orchard, on the B:ston & Mine
rai'way- -
I Secretary of war has ordered
4000 men frora tha department-! of
lexaa and the Platte to report to
1' ort Keno, Indian territory, to be
ready in case of trouble with the
Advices from San Francisco state
that Superior Judge Frank M,
Hough is a raving maniac. He
was examined by the insanity com
missioner ana sent to tne Stockton
insane asylum.
Secretary Endicott has gone' to
New York to attend a meeting. of.
the board appointed to examine
means of defense for this country
and to report recommendations for
additional fortifications.
Secretary Whitney took the presi
dent, the secretary of the treasury,
secretary of the interior and the
postmaster general on a pleasure
trip to Woodtnount, npar Harper's
d erry, (Saturday arterneon.
At the Rock Island arsenal the
Government is making the new
steel targets to be used at the com
mg rifle contests. They are made
in the shape of men, and 400 of
them are under construction.
The secretary of the navy has
sent an order to the chief of the
New York navy yard providing for
the appointment of a beard to ex
amine persons applying for the
various foremanships in tbe yard,
Count Esterbazy, a Hungarian
nobleman, banished, in the revolu
tion of 1884, proposes to settle 20,-
UUU Hungarians in the Canadian
Pacific railway belt. He is encour
aged by the dominion government.
The London sensation continues.
The Pall Mall Gazette is being boy
cotted by tbe clubs and aristocracy,
but it is increasing its circulation
and proposes to raise the drapery
tor the great vice of the English
Miss Mattie Tenske of Reeds
Mills, Pa., eloped last week with
her father's hostler. She let her
self out of a third story window
with a bed cord to join her adored.
Her brothers are in pursuit of the
The ex-roayor of Minneapolis and
a party ef nine other persons were
out in a small steam yacht on Lake
Mianetonka Sunday, when a violent
storm came up, capsizing the yacht
and drowning all on board.
Managers of the leading clearing
houses uf the United States report
that total clearances for the week
ending July 11th were $752,89J,V
U4b, an increase of 7-8 per cent
compared with , the corresponding
week a year ago.
A dispatch from Virginia City,
Nevada, announces that the first
bar of bullion taken from tbe 3000
foot level of the Comstock lode
had been received at the assaver's
office, and was ralued at $2712.
This caused some excitement in
mining circles.
3? A TTg".
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica,
Lumbago, Backache, Headache, Toothache,
Soro Throat. Sirellfiura. Sprains. Bruise.
Bnraa, Soalda, Froat llltca,
Sold by Drogrhu aod Dealers ercrj-vfacrc Filly Cents a
bottle. Dtreetioas la 11 Languages.
MJ.TUIUUUSW Hemraafa. it, U.B.A.
From Pole to Pol
Ateb's Sarsapariixa ban 5cmor.strrtcd i
power of cure (or all dlsca-wa of Uie blood.
The Harpoorter's Story.
jVcw Eedford, June 1, 1SS3.
De. J. C. Ateh & Co. Twenty ywun ag
was a harpooner in tlio North l'ncifn, wht n f.
(JtbcTH of the crew and myst'lf wrc iil v :
scury. Our bodies wcro btoati !, g-;,r.i wn'A
and bleed tug-, teeth Ioohc. puriilo l'loU-iter, ;
tovor ii?, nud our breath Ma-mcd rulti n. T:ikv
by and large vc wore prolty baUly o1f. Ail
iiime-juieo was ftccidentaliy dentroycd, but i
captain lmd a couple dozen bottlcnof Atsi
A 3 ak 9 aia r i Lija and vti us that. Wt- jcu
ctitu o-.i ii quicKer man j. nave ever Keen iu-
orougnt-auoui oy anyoincrireauntnuiirfctur
Smd I've net-u a good deal of it. Beelr. bo m
tion in your Almanac cf your barfaparilla uvn
srobd for scurvy, I tbongbt you oagbt to tuav,' .
im, ana eo eena you ue xacis.
iteBptcituiiy youre, kalph i . s ixgati:.
'The Trooper's Experience,
itfarf n, Basutoland S. Africa,) March7t JS&
,:Dr. J. ,C. Ateb & Co. GeollcmcD : I ha
much nleasurc to teptily to the great Tsluc
your Sarsunarilla. We have been fttatiow
here for over two ycarfl, during vl'ich time w
hsd ti live in tents. Being under rnnvna f
mch a time brought on vhat h cal'u-d in t-
country velat-aorea." 1 1-ad tltu! umi i.
some time. 1 was advised to take your Siir:
pariila, two bottles of which made iiiy or.
afcappear rapidly, and 1 am now quite well.
x our truiy, x . iv. isodf.k,
Trooper, Cape Mounted Uif.cmm.
Myers Sarsaparfk
la the only thoroughly effective blood-purifier
the onlv medicine that eradicates the notaons o
.Scrofula, Mercury, and Contagioiu Diauaac
from the system.
Ur, J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Moss
Sokl by all Drnggifta : Price $1 ;
ix bottle lor S5.
I take this method of informing the public, and
tne iarmers in particular, ttmt I nave
opened a complets assortment of
Agricultural Implements,
and Harrows
Headers, Wagons. Etc.
I intend to make a specialty of the celebrated
the most complete far
Ine implement ever in-
rented. Anything I i
not happen to have in
stock will be ordered j
snort notice.
- Oregon.
Onr meats are always fresh and good
- a u oraers uiiea with promptness.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Weston Livery Stable
and Fresh Horses!
Saddle Horses, per day - $1.25
Buggy and Team - 4.00
uorsea boarded by the day or month. Plenty ot
iecu tuiu toe oeas oi aneniion.
Transient Stock cared for promptly and at rea-
sQnaoie raws.
Give Us a Trial
and be convinced that we mean to do business on
uuainess principles.
Done to
order in
' Style.
In addition to the above wc won'd respectfully
inform the fanners of the surrounding
country that we n.fw carry a full
line of
Ja I. Case and Randolph
The Celebrated Empire Mow
ers and the Studebaker Was-
Adams Oregon.
dams Eiotel
Travelers will find that this hotel sets
as good a table as is to be found in the
whole "Upper Country." Bedrooms
are large, clean and airy. Every atten
tion paid to the comfort and convenience
of guests.
Patronage Respectfully Solicited.
Fnllnian Palace Sleeping Cars. '
Hacnifieent Day Coacke and
with berths free of cost,
From Washington and Oregon
Via St. Paul and Minneapolis.
The only Transcontinental Line Running'
(Meals 75 cents.)
Fastest , Time Ever Made from
the Coast
Northern Pacific Railroad.
T Slonx City, Council Msm, 8. Jo-
epn, Atruisou, lA'Hvenworiu, Mannas.
.iiy, Kurungton, tininey,
And all points turonghout the East and
ontueaat via tU rani and JUnneapolIs.
Through Emigrant Sleeping
Jars irom Portland.
And kanlcd an regular express trains
over ine enure ivngtu or tne ft ort u
ern Pacific Kailroad.
Leave Wallula Junction at 4:40 a. m.
Leave Portland at 1:30 p.m.. daily; arrive at Min
neapolis or St. Paul 12:25 d. ni "fourth dav.
Connection made at St. Paul and Minneapolis
a 11 . 17 i- O .an ii .
w tui puuiui EHhsb ouutii sua soutneaBij.
Train leaves Portland daily 9:25 a. m. Arrive
at JNew Tacoma 6:05 p. in., connectintr with O.
B. & N. Co's boats for air points on Putret Sound
A Ta ITT irl H-iTLT ti II Tr . . x . . .
a, as. v4.ixviVLi, ucu i esL-n 1'asg. Agent,
nw. a nuBuiugHin dc, comana, ur.
Established 1861.
a pies,
And all kinds of
Fire-Proof Building, Main Street,
Cooper, Sctack
& Harnett,
and all kind of
We carry a full stock of
Household rurniturc, iu
walnut, ash and pine; also,
a large assortment of Chairs
Mattresses, Spring Beds,
Lounges, etc. A supply on
Hiuu oi Mouse Moulding,
Uoors and Sash, Flooring,
MaUSllC illlU
Corner Main and Water Sta.,
Watchmaker IJeweler
Post Office Bnildiu",
Weston Orenon.
Clocks and Watch fi AenneA anI fa
paired in a Bkif ul manner at reasonable
rates. 11
The only illustrated Kaeazlne dnnted to ia
denlopment of tha Great Weat. - Contain, a
Tast amount of general lnformatioa and ape.
ciai arucieaon auDjecisoi interest, to ail. SWT
Hascrfeir II I a at r
Onlr tl a Tear. L. rlaarael.
. jrwouafter.fio.
Steisiaker & 0o.
Ladies' Wear in Endless Variety!
Canned Goods arid Groceries.
Buckingham & Hecht's ; Soots and ta
for cash.
O . . . 1 I I
The lllan
utvauoc ncuup ins uuuus ax MsaJAiilo Trom
Dress Goods, Laces & Ribbons for his
Boots, Hats and Ready-Made Clothing for his
Tea, Sugar and Coffee and
Tobacco, Shirts, Blankets,
He buys for Cash, and declares he can-do
better at REESE & REDMAN'S"
than he can at any other place
inthe county, for they j
keep the best of
everything in
General iercharidise,
and their prices
Tobaccos. :
Cigars, Notions, Cutlery,
French and American Candies,
OJieaper than Eyer
......AT.. ..." - i -
heeper. Cheapest
Dress Goods,
J - i . .
3 We will not be nndersold
' -V " aa aaa. A ' aa aa
. f-
. , - - -I-'-:
Who Laughs!
i -, . '.
I -
all kinds of Groceries for his
and Everything he wants lor
are very" reasonable.