Weston weekly leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 1878-189?, May 22, 1885, Image 4

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Begone, doll times.
Disease dines oh dirt.
Th wheat ia here:
the prictrt
what will be
Union county has an Immigra
tion Board.
Railroad competition tH often
leads to combinations.
What mora beautiful than tha
wheat fields of Umatilla countj?
If the Columbia river was navi
gable we could laugh at railroad
Judge Olmsted is bting highly
complimented for Lis judicious ex
pediting of court kasiaeis.
Judging from the attention he ia
at present receiving the Mugwump
must be an important pmonage in
JLmerican politics.
The dismissal of Niainio, chief
-clerk and statistician of the Tieasu
ry department, must mean that fig
ures have been mads to lie.
It is said that the United States
Treasury is in an unsatisfactory
condition. Well, we hear of seve
ral other treasuries that are similar
ly likewise, so to speak.
TLe "basses" of one faction ef
the Republican party in Oregon are
anxious to have an extra session of
the Legislature. Even if Gov,
Moody could be whipped into line
it is doubtful if much goed to the
party would ascrue as Ions as the
"famous eighteen" remained "ob
Effect of War Rninora.
If the rumors of wars in Europe
hkvs no other effect they will greatly
stimulate emigration. Already peo
ple are leaving Great Britain, Ire
land and Russia by thousands,
while Norway and Sweden, not
directly menaced, are contributing
hundreds of families towards in
creasing the population of America.
The people of these countries intui
tively recognize the difficulty their
governments will experience to
maintain neutrality, and that they
will be under the necessity ef pre
paring for war almost to the extent
they would if actually engaged in
hostilities. TUo people of Europe
da not desire war. It means for
them suffering in every concei
vable form. Families will Le de
prived of their protectors aud brok
en up by conscription. The farms
will be robbed of their young men
and the manufacturing establish
uieuts of their skilled labor. All
this in order that Autocrats. Em
perors and Kings may gratify their
mbition for military notoriety or
territorial aggrandizement.
Fortunately this country has am
ple room for all who seek to escape
the despotisms of the old world
Here they may obtain homes and
live in peace, enjoying the fruit af
their labor. J be great Northwest.
in particular, will welcome them
with gladness, and aid them in
their efforts to establish permanent
abiding pistes which will never be
disturbed by the presence of the
'Uiting officer. There are mill
ions of acres of rich virgin land
awaiting their occupancy. There
are hundreds of villages, towns and
cities ready to greet their skilled
uoustry with patronage and encour
agement. America has room tor
all, and welcomes all.
Bill Jfje Ioflolgm In Kemlnbrenccs of
Childlsood's Happy Hour.
Dear reader, do von remember
the bov in tout school who did the
heavy falling through the ice, and ; IS TXO natterer. VV OUia you
was always about to break his neck, ! make it tell a sweeter tale ?
but managed to live through it all? j Magnolia Balm is the chanil-
lifi vnu nail to mind tho vouth who 5 ...
The latest "Democratic outrage"
Isfeuadia the announcement that
the clerks in the Pension oflice did
more work during April than in
aay previous month in its history
the increase amounting to an,addi
tiou of nearly one half, with the
same force as before. Thert has
hov been any doubt among well
iniormsd people that the average
amount of work turned off every
day by a government clerk fall far
bslow not only what he should ac
complish, but also what the em
plojse of any private establishmcn
would have to render under penalty
of dismissal for inefficiency. An
this change in the Pension oflice
demonstrates the fact.
The reckless and unreliable sheet
that arrogates to itislf the honor of
using the organ of the Oregon De
mocracy, says that more has been
done during the two months o
Cleveland's administration to sup
press Mermonisui than during th
whole time of Republican rule,
Perhaps that is correct in one sense,
bat it is only fair to state that th
convictions recently secured were
made under the Edmunds law, and
through the instrumentality of Re
publican ollioials. The present ad
ministration is doing and will doubt
less continue to do all in its power
tc suppress the Mormon iniquity,
but that is ne reason why it should
be credited with more than its due.
The' Mirror
A meeting of "Democratic Sena
tors, Representatives and prouii
Meat citizens from Michigan, Wis
consin, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri,
Kentucky, Virginia, and members
E the Kational Democratic Com
mittee," wssheld at Washington re
ceatly, and after an interchange of
iewa, it was agreed that if the Ad
ministration continued to keen Re
publicans in office, the President
would be gently informed that he
most look to Republicans in Con
gress for support. The decision ar
rived at by this Bourbon confer
ence is probably correctly reported,
.and what a disgraceful disclosure it
makes. It unblushingly and un
mistakably declares that those men
regard the Democratic party as an
organization whose main motive is
the aequisitien of office. Good gov
ernment is nothing, the honest and
economical administration ef pub
lic affairs less than nothing;
spoils of office everything to those
men who have to little sense of pro
priety as to parade in public their
shameless greed. It is extremely
unfortunate that any number of
men could be found se stupidly par
tisan and so grossly unpatriotic as
. to aay in substance to the President
of their party, give us the offices or
we will oppose your policy, no mat
ter how good it may be. No more
lgratling spectacle could be pre
tented to an intelligent and patri
otic people. Such men are not on
ly a disgrace to the Democratic par
ty, but an offense to all good citi
cent. It is encouraging, however.
to remember that there is nothing
in Cleveland's career that would for
a moment warrant the suspicion
that he will be swerved fiom hi
line of strict duty by such coward!
and shameless throats, is or ia it
to be aupposea that these pitiabl
partisans voice the sentiments of
the rank and file of the Democratic
There was no Kliclicn Line
Sh was crazy about palmistry. She
had bought halt a dozen books aud
studied the Hues and the mounts aud
tho islands and the crosses aud the
stars, and she had read her UsHry'i
fortune time and again. So he under
took to read her hand one night, with
her help.
"This is my heart line, dear," shi
said, as she traced with her linger acros
the palm.
"Yes; your heart lino."
"You see how well defined and stron
it it?"
Yes, beloved, bnt it is not quite
straight, and this book says that these
little Jinan running out of it are evi
dunce of previous affections."
'Uh, but this great big break
"Then there's my headline."
"Yes, darling. If your heart war
as level as your head I mean iu pal-1
mintry I would not be so jealous."
"lint you mustn't read like that.
What are yoa looking for?"
He was anxiously seaunin the book
and the hund.
"Dearest, I love yoa. You have a
magnificent life line and a splendid
heart line and a level head line, but "
"Iam peor, and if you could only
show me the kitchen line the future
would be one unbroken dream of hap
piness." The wells of Plymouth, Pa., are
said to be the real cause of tho epi- j
demic there. Ibis fact recalls a cir
cumstance connected with the cho
lera epidemic in London in I8G6
that is worth remembering. In the
city of London, not far from Guild
Hall, was a well that was famous
for the purity, brilliancy and pleas
ant flavor of its water. Rich bank
ers and merchants sont their mes
sengers considerable distances to
pump drinking water from this par
ticular well. When the cholera
was rsging at its worst it was not
iced that people in the habit of us
ing this water suffered more than
their neighbors, and an analysis was
promptly ordered and made. It
was then shown that the water ac
tually owed its peculiar brilliancy
to the presence of deleterious organic
matter, and tho well was closed.
Frcfin that time cholera was no long'
er observed among the people who
ad formerly appeared most liable
to it.
The world is full of kindness that
was never spoken, and that is not
much better than no kindness at all.
The fuel in the stove makes the
room warm, but there are treat
piles of fallen trees lying on rocks
and tops of hills where nobody can
get them; these do not make any
body warm, lou might freeze to
death for want of wood, in plain
lght of these fallen trees, if you
had no means of getting the wood
home and making a fire of it.
Just so in a family, love is what
makes the parents and children the
brother and sister happy. But if
they think never to say a word
about it; if they keep a profound se
cret as if it were a crime, they will
not be much happier than if there
was not any love among them; the
bouse will seem cool even in summer,
and if you live there, you will envy
dug if anybody calls him a poor
never allowed anybody else to fall
out of a tree and break his collar
bone when he could attend to it
Every school has to secure the
services of such a boy before it can
succeed, and so our school had one.
When I entered the school I saw at
a glance that the board had neglect
ed to provide itself with a boy
whose duty it was to nearly kill
himself every few days in order to
keep up the interest, so I applied
for the position. I secured it with
out any trouble whatever. The
board understood at once from my
bearing that I would succeed. And
I did not betray the trust they had
reposed in me,
Before the first term was over I
had tried to climb two trees at once
and been carried home on a stretch
er: been nulled out of the river
with my lungs full of water and ar
titicial respiration resorted to; been
jerked around over the north half
of the county by a fractious horse
whose halter I had tied to my leg,
and which leg is bow three inches
longer than the other, together with
various other little eccentricities
which I cannot at this moment call
to mind. My parents at last got se
that along about two e clock p. m
they would look anxiously out of
the window and say: "Isn't it about
timo for the boys to get here with
William's remains They generally
get here before two o'clock."
One day five or six of us were
playing "I spy" around the barn.
Everybody knows how to play "I
spy. Una shuts his eyes and
counts one hundred, for instance,
while the others hide. Then he
must say "1 spy" so-and-so and
touch the "goal" before they do. If
anybody beats hi in to the goal the
victim has to "blind" over again.
Well, I knew the ground pretty
well, and could drop twenty feet out
of the barn window and strike on a
pile of straw so as to land near the
goal, touch it, and let the crowd in
free without getting found out. 1
did this several times and got the
blinder, James Bang, pretty mad.
After a boy has counted five or six
hundred, and worked hard to gath
er in the crowd, only to get jeered
and laughed at by the boys, he loses
his temper, it was so with James
Cicero Bang. I knew he almost
hated me, and yet I went on. Fi
nally, in the fifth ballot, I saw a
good chance to slide down and let
the crowd in again as 1 had done on
former occasions. I slipped out of
the window and down the side cf
the barn about two feet, when I
was detained unavoidably. There
was a "batten" on the barn that
was loose at the upper end. I think
I was wearing my father's vest on
that day, as he was away from home
and I frequently wore his clothes
when he was absent. Anyhow the
vest was too largo, and when I sad
down that loose board ran up be
tween the test and my person in
such a way as to suspend me about
eighteen feet from the ground m
prominent but very uncomfortable
I remember it yet quite distinct
James C. Bang came around where
he could see me. lie said: "i spy
Bill Nye and touch the goal before
him. ho one came to remove the
barn. No one seemed to sympa
thize with me in my great sorrow
and isolation. Every little while
James C. Bang would come around
the corner and say: "Oh, I see ye.
You needn't think you're out of
sight up there. You better come
down and blind. I can see ye up
there'"' I tried to unbutton my
vest and get down there and lick
Jame, but it was of no use.
It was a very trying time. I can
remember how I tried to kick my
self looae, but failed. Sometimes I
would kick the barn and sometimes
I would kick a Urge hole in the ho
rizon. Finally I was rescued by a
neighbor who said ho didn't want
to see a good barn kicked into
chaos just to save a long-legged boy
that wasn t worth over six bits.
It affords me great pleasure to
add that while I am looked up to
and madly loved by every one that
does not know mo, James G. Ban,
is the brevet president ef a fractured
bank, taking a lonaly bridal tur by
himself in Europe and waitins for
the depositors to die of old age.
The mills of the pods grind slew
ly, but they most generally get
there with both lent.
er that almost cheats the
Hew Styles. New Prices,
Coach on Coagns.
Ask for "KoukIi on Coughs" for
Coughs, Colds, Sore Throat, Hoarseness.
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KongSi on Kats.
Clears out rats, mice, roaches, flies,
ants, bed-bug?, skunks, chipmunks, go
phers, toe, jJruggists.
Heart Fains.
Palpitation, Dropsical Swellings, Diz
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Konsn on lurai.
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and all kind of
THE I. lit."
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Clothing, Hats, Caps, Dress and Fancy Gooa
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Household Furniture, iu
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Kustic aud
Froome &. Son
Would respectfully announce to the traveling public and the people of TVeeton and vicinity that this
new Entk Hotel is now open for the reception of Gueto.
The table will be furnished at all timei with the best that money eon buy and rerved in tl most
, acceptable manner.
We take pride in keeping a hotel that will be
First-Class in Every Particular,
the comfort of our guests being our first consideration, knowing that upon this auccoae depends,
Come once, and if you do not come auin we will consider the fau't oars.
Corner Slain anl Franklin
Weston. Oregon
f Port. and, Oregon.
Incorporated March 15, 1SS3.)
Rough on Pain Poronscd Plaster.
Strengthening, improved, the best for
backache, pains in the chest or side,
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A l 5C? Hair Vigor cures baldness,
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fllr. It attains these result? by the stiin
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t rejuvenates the Trr TT and cleanses it.
t restores to the -"--liJLxXv tnat either by
eason of age or diseases of the scalp, lias
-ccome dry, barah and brittle, a pliancy and
lossy silken softness of extreme beauty.
"hero is no dye in Ayer'9 Dair-WTTi i "C
nd the good it does is by the XV vXV
imparts to the follicles, and the clean-
iness and healihfulncss ol tiie conaiuoD
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be falling of tho tt TT nd " fading
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.f dandruff so perfectly, and so effectually
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addition to the curative and restorative
irtnes peculiar to Ayer's Hair "TTT Al
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Avers Hair Vigor
Contains no deleterious Ingredients. Its use
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lair growing thin or gray, and surely cures ail
laldacas that is not organic.
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
' (Sold by all Druggists.
Smutty TTheat.
Instead of using vitriol for treating
smutty wheat, German authorities re-
commeej salicylic acid, in the propor
tion of one part acid to SCO ef warm
water. The acid U first dissolved in
50 parts of water, and the ether 450
parts are Iheu added. The wheat is
soaked iu this solution from two to five
hours, or ntitil air bubbles cease to rise.
The log treatment ia required in artier
that the solution may thoroughly pen
etrate -the crease of the berry, which is
the seat of the smut enrols. The cost
of this treatment is slight, aa the solu
tion can be used more than once, and
it does not injare the germinatiag power
f tha wheat, as vitriel is said to do.
McPhersea Fiack, of Galveston,
is the father of a remarkably bright
little boy named Freddy, who is the
only cbild in the family. Last
Monday morning, just as Mr.
Flack was about to start down
town to Lis business, Freddy called
"Pa, I wan't you to come here and
play with me.
"I've not rot lime, my son," re
spondcdMr. iiack.
"Yes, pa that's what you tell trie
all the tiuie. I feel the necessity of
having a little brother playmate
more and more every day, but yeu
don't seem to take rr.y feelings into
consideration any more. 1 think
I'll speak to ma about it"
- - President
Asst. Secretary
Manager Sfasuf 'g Dept., Chicago
M. J. DURAXl).
from a common Blotels. or Eruption,
to the -worst Scrofnlo. Salt-rtaeiiiiu
jreTcr-noren," msij or Konth Skiu.
In short, ell diseases caused by baa blood aro
conquered by this powerful, purifying, anil
inritroratirjir medicine. Ore at Eatius; Vl
cera rapidly heal under its benign influence.
Especially has it manifested itn potency in
curing fetter, Bono Ruh, Boil. Car
btmcle-s, Sore Eye", Scrofulous Korea
White Swellings, Goitre, or TbickE
Ni-i k. and Eniarced Clauds.
mnta in Mm for a laree treatise, with wi
orod pJatos, on. Skin Diseases, or tho earns
nmnnnt ioratreuriseon ccrciui!
and cured by this Godven remedy, if taken,
before tho lust stages of tho disease are reached.
Corner Maiu and Water Sts.,
I from its wonceriui power over this terribly
iaiai Qisease, wiien nrst oiierin this bow cel
ebrated remedy to the public Ir. Pi rues .
thought seriously of calling: it hia "Con.
an mptlou Cure," but abandoned that naino
as too iimiid for a medicine which, from its
v-oaderf ul combination of tonic, or strerugrhen-i'lg-,
alterutive, or blood-cleansing, anti-bilious,
Iiectoral, and nutritive properties, is unequa(el,
not only as a remedy for consumption at tho
lungs, but for all .
Established 1S61.
or TBS
Liverj Blood, and Lungs,
Tf vou feel dulL drowsr. dthnittirJ. ham
eaUoT7 color of skin, or ycUowish-brown spots
cu face or body, frequent headache or dizzi
ness, tan wBio m mounu internal neat or chill?,
altercating' with hot flushes, low spirits and
gloomy boreboJings, irrttrulnr appetite, ttivl
presti03,Jspepisv,and1orpid Liver,
or "ltiliou9UCf-B." In manv cusps oulv
part of these eyaptoms are experienced. As
a remedy for all such ensos, lr. l'ierce's
And all kinds of
iTXodicd iiscovery has no
l orTrcpltE-tiiurm. Srtittliaar of BIoo
Sltortnc!) of Ureal h, lirouchitis.
, Severe Coeehs, Consuutptlcn, and
kin-h-cd affections, "It is a sovereis-u remedy. '
senu ton cents m stamps ror nr. .fierce s
!xokou Consumption. Sold by Zraggits.
PRICE $1.00, roa6sToot
World's Disbar Medical tssccialion,
Proprietors, ecu Main St., EcrrAiO, N.Y.
1 . V
Fire-Proof Building, Main Street,
r a a Wfc 1TTT7-CT
00&sje PILLS.
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vast amount of general information and spe
cial arucieson sudjccisoi mterestio all. Ably
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Only $2 a year. L. Samuel, Pnbliakar. H0..122
EDJoiitoiit. PortUTMVOr-t
is offered by the proprietors
cf Dr. faiurc's Catarrh ltemedy
for a case of catarrh which they
cannot cure.
If you have a discharge fmra
the ncse, oCVpeivo or otber
wtee, partial loss of ertw ll. taste,
r.r hearintr, we&k eves, dull oain
or prewnre ia bead, you have Catarrh. Thou-.
sand3 of c303 terminate in consumption.
Dr. Sagfs Catavikh RT.KEDY cures the worfc.
caevsof Catarrb. "Cold in Use IIeal,
ad Catiiri Ual SaeacLaclLO. Ui &nts
Take Notice.
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Caveats, Ue-issnes and Trade-Marks se
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1 atent Uiiice and betore the Courts
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Information, advice and special referen
ces sent on application.
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Washing and Ironing.
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the Coast
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There ia aaid to be a lady in
Jacksonville, Fla., wbo has hea a
wife, a mother, a idow and a wife
gain all in one year. The season
in Florid i ia usually a aLort ou,
And now cones the doctors aad say
that eating oat meal is a prolific caofe
of dyspepsia, and thty cite one Dr. Ear-
thelow as eayiug that this was what
caused or aggravated this disease in
Carlisle. Vf'e had supposed that if any
thing was considered settled, it was
that oat meal was healthy. If we are
compelled to abaudon so strong a test
of our faith, pray what can a man be
lieve, or what can he eat or drink with
out aay inissit ing?
Northern Pacific Railroad.
TO Mnnx Mty, 'anril KlnnN, St. Jo
st'liii, Alrhiso ALenx-nnortil, Kansas
lily, KnrliustoB, lslncy,
Ami all point t!rnnhoBt the East anI
Soatiioast via tit. 1'anl and Sllnncauoli.
Thronjh Emigrant SIccDins
ars from Portland.
And kaolrd n rrsainr express trains
'rr nr i nure lensiu nrilie .oriil
eru rarlSe Kiillroau.
Ijeare Wallula Junction at 4:40 a. m.
Leave Portianil at 1:) p.m. daily; arrive at Mln
ntapolis or St. Paul 12:25 p. m. .'fourth dav.
Connection made at St. raui and Minneapolis
w jmujis r.oai,, ayutn ana ooutnea&L.
Tram leaves Portland daily 9:23 a. m. Arrive
at New Tacoma 6)5 it. aj.. eonnrr-titu wirii i.
R. li S. Co s ioata for all points on Paget bound
A. V. CIIAI;LTjX, Gen l Wesfn Pass. Atnt,
- naoiungwwi os., roruana, or.
Clocks and watches cleaned and re
paired in a skif ul manner at reasonable
rates. 11
fAU Sorts of
harts and many sorts of ails of
man and beast need a cooling
lotion. Mustang liniment. ..f.
Odor of Forest. Sparkle of Stream
Do yoa own a (nm, or a "fUh-po!e," or "bird-
do or rule? Ever go angling, or shootinsr. or
tramping, or cami iBg. or canoe;n, or yachtirii.'!
Have you a taste f.jr studying the habits of wild
birds or animals? lx you know tiiat for ten
years we have been pub-iahiDir a bright weekly
paper dernted to these subjects? it will repay
you to took at a copy of the Forest and Strrara.
There is no other paper in the world fast like it.
Address Forent and Stream Fobtbhin Co., 33
rvK jwv, acv lora.
Specimen Copy W Coat.
W&stQn9 Umatilla -Co, QrogGM
.0 A
The 0n!y Norma! Schco! in Eastern Oregon or Washington.
BclicTiKg that the best primary training is essential to
iuk uigiiest tevcioi)ie:!i, iniuis ol all acs arc
iidnutled asid given the most Citreful
gives a thorough, practical education to those who do
not care to learn what they will not use. It is especial
ly adapted to the wants of those who desire to enter bus
iness or the profession of Teaching.
it embraces
A Classical Course of Three Years,
A Scientific Course of Three Years
A Teachers' Course of Two Years,
A Business Course, and
An Elementary Course,
la which the
are taught by the best approved and most iaterestiag
Ariihmeiic by the Grafcc Method.
Reading by the "Sentence 52 ethod."
Geography by relief maps and globes and map modelling.
Grammar by the celebrated Reed aud Kellogg Diar
Eistory by the Sraee System.
Special Attention Given ia Cutting
and Fining.
ilffflfilS HotG
5SS, IKtUUil.
Trarclers will find that this hotel sets
as cood a table as is to be tonnd in the
whole "Upper Country," Bedrooms
are large, clean and airy. Every atten
tion paid to the comfort and convenience
of guests.
Patronage Respectiuljy Solicited.
None But Professional, Skilled and
will be employed in any department.
Spring Term Begird February 16th, 1 885.
Norma Institute, 4 weeks, begins June 1,1885.
Tuition, per term
Xormal Institute fee
Stndcnts found competent will be aided by the In
structors in securing positions.
For farther information and special terms, address
Eastern Oregon Jformal Sclool,
Weston, Oregon.