Weston weekly leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 1878-189?, March 20, 1885, Image 1

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C T. H'COLL, lubllhT.
Iisoxd Every Saturday Mousing,
ftafeaerlptloa UCes
On Year, On advance) -
Six Monti 7-
furoe M-wtli. i-ilCu
Intl. Copies 1
'' '
. ! -
VOL V.l,
8. WOOD,
VtESTOS, Oreann.
- 1
Wank, of all kimls or
in on
Office at PoatotEce.
. - . .1 p.iWlc Land Matter mwrialty.
Attomoy at Law,
Will profit In the Court ot this fata and
WM'.lin Territory. HmM-ial attention paid to
Laud Offlce business awl Colic:tioii.
Offlee-Miln !.. Wtri. Or.
twiai L. L. M. Artl.i.r will be an. late.l
J .
Physican and Surgeon.
OFFICE Over tins Drug Store, Is
land City, Oregon. tiTAIl calls prompt
ly atended to.
i y i e i fui i
NO. 14
Xttcrliifc Kates.
OneSqaue(ltneb)flTStliwarUoa..........J S.
Eacb additional insertion - ......
1 Co Squarrstlr ituorrtioa t HI .
Frh additi mal insertion 71
li re Sunares. flrt insertion ". S OO
Each additional insertion 1 OH,
One Quarter Column, nrs insertion........ 6 M
tach additional insertion n
Time ad vert iter by (pedal contract. Local
notice is eenta pet line.
AdTSrtiaing bills payable Toarterlv.
AD legal notice will be charged 75 easts per
square first insertion, and S7J cents per squara
each subsequent inaertion -
Konca. Simple annouBoaments of btrttiB
marnafM and death will be inserted without .
charge. Obituary notices charjred for ac "niJins;
to length.
Toll the bell for the hero whose glory
hall blase through the Vista of Time,
Whose name and whose marvelous story
The sons of the desert shall chime.
Where the Nile, her twin sisters embracing'.
Glides onward by gory Khartoum,
There Cordon, the foe ever facing,
In Fancy's dim vision shall loom.
Frnn tlie ramparts, with gaze cold and steady,
He scanned the horizon afar.
To advance, to repel, ever ready.
He seemed like the gcDius of War!
lie looked for his own island legions.
Whose banners the desert winds fann'd,
'Gainst whose ranks the wild sons ofthose regions
In vain dashed with saber in hand.
And he's g jno! for the traitor had sold him
Sold Gordon, the pure and the brave;
But soon, o'er the ruinsthat hold him,
Tiie flag of his country sliall wave!
And there, on a column uplifted,
His statue sliall stand as he stood;
The figure of Gordon, the gifted
The statue (4 Gordon, the Good!
Pardoning and Condoning; Crime.
U. BAKKEll, M.D.
Office at Cook & Ir inc'x Drug Store.
Physician and Surgeon.
Obatctrlcs and die&.n of women a np'UIty.
Orriun Ovia dTsiNAKKa's.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of purity,
strength and wholesomeness. More economical
than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in com
petition with the inultitudo of low test, short
weight, alum or phosphate powders. Sold onlt ui
caks. Koyal Biiiia l'owuu Co., lod Wall-st,
2i Y. . .
local iri.LLi;tsce.
riiysiclaa and
Itnesa ii Co. 'a Druj
. 3, All calls promptly attended to.
p EO. W. KING, M. D.,
Physician and Curgaon,
0!Uce over Stuiuakor'u store,
Calls promptly answered day or night.
- : ?.if r4?8r
1 IfeP
Tlii- I'lOest KuJijoHs
For fever nnd anc, ju;,l remittents, are the de
ti!it:it' d, Inli-'ii n ii neMMiis. To h;hIi persons,
11 i t't!er' M tmaca Bitte s aliordrt u'.leill:lt c
prote-;ti m ty ii!e;':H:n viM staniir.i and thu
re.-irjiit p iw:r oi t oe c lotituiion, undhy click -in.;
irre-ii a. it:e- of the iiver., t :n :eh aiid how
e ?t. Mi-i'j .v. r, ir. cailit titts .tii!t';i' ia! conjplaints
of an nbst.'.njitc type, and stands alone unequaUed
unions our le-.tioi.al remedies.
For sale livDruUuiandiiealers, generally.
D. FLETCilEll.
' Watchmaker and Jeweler,
(Bdlrto. . Oregon.
Court Ht., in Domert's Drug Store.
Watch repairing specialty. Jewelry made to
rdcr and repaired. All work warranted. Agent
or the sale of American Watches, l'aeitic Jewel
r.' Ooiniianv and King's celebrated combination
mctaclea-the best in the worKl; also azent tor
tlx Wrlierand Chlckuring pianos, the l-s'.ev and
Sterling organs, C. U. Conn's and C. Maliiilon'a
liraat instruments.
Weekly news-
uieuuMuicB, Bu
lla moit popular
ffineorinff, discoveries, inventions and patents
ever published. Every number illustrated. with
splendid eofrravinKS. This publication, furnishes
a most valuable encvclopedia of information which
no person should be without. The popularity of
the Soikhtifio AMEKirAH is STich that its cir
culation nearly equals that of all other papers of
Its class combined. Price, S3.20 a year. Discount
toOlnbs. Sold by all newsdealers. MUHNACO.,
ruDlisners, o. 361 Broadway, it. 51 ,
Uettiu", dusty.
Drummers are numerous.
Everybody busy making garden.
Mr. Saling says that coyotes can
Tim Iiussell has returned from his
sojourn at Salem.
Major Conuoyer of Milton was in
the city lust week.
Mr Emesley Ridonour of Adams
was in the city on Monday.
Steinaker & Co. have a complete
stock of general merchandise.
Major Reese and family, of Adams,
were in xMa city last Mnday.
Prof. Shields is teaching in the
King District, n Wild Horse.
The bridge on Bruce street, west of
Water street, has been repaired.
Lenten services at the Episcopal
Church on Wednesday and Friday eve
nings. Governor Moody has appointed Mr.
Jas. II. Kalcy of Pendleton a noUry
One of our younx men, who ought
to know, says that hugging is waisted
time. Of corset is.
Quite a number of people arc mak
ing the first pavment on their railroad
land, aSTcred for sale.
Mr. A. A. Jones, of the firm of
Slater & Jones, Pendleton, was in the
city early in the week.
"Doc" O'Hara 'and "Bones" made
it lively for the coyote ou Saturday.
The latter wou the race by dodging.
-At the 8cuoolmeeting in Adams
Mr. Fred Peebler was elected director
and Mr. I. Hanson clerk. Mr. Chris
man is teacher.
Mr. J. H. Miller has, cone up to
White Bluffs on Snake river to look at
I ter his horses and cattle. Ha will be
GEXTA WASTE 1.We want a ly er ra
apreMBtative la every county to Introduce on
Bag axlne, books and other articles, to whom llben
arms are offered. Address Tht American Ayml
A Fiv Dollar
m m
AT Pad I also had Thirty
Mann ft Co. have absent two or. thiee mouths.
Work on the Episcopal Church at
the Pstent Office, and have prepared j Adams will be commenced pext week
moretnan una nunarsu ny-
and applications tor patents i in tna , . j visrorouslv Droseeutcd to comDletion
f Riot, inn toreian cdhduiw. -
Caveats. Trade-Marks, Copyrights. , .rhe ..-cessarv funds have been sub
Assignments, ana in omw . i
A u.kl lM.utII.A (srlerM br Hi lw. ( tinsels.
feairousof lutrodacinglHS ahibhiah Aobntawd
wed to enroll loo,oo Members at a Kre ot s 1 each,
eBllslnf for Aesociauon a Surplus Kund of 100,000.
fblssum allowawltlmecnedliilereat.awlthdrawal
M $'jn.0OO per annum for 5 yers. which covers cost
af the publication of our msyszlne, besides leaving
a surplus to oa need In t be publication of a Library
fioonLtTSSA7URB.wblch will be furnished to mem
bers at X retail price the receipts being reinvested
la other works, f He an unlimited field for opers tloo.
Karnee will be enrolled on treKcnscaimoR Books
and Ortlflratraar Rf rtnbrrship (entitling said
oieoibertoa puid apHubarripiiontoTHM Aubr
ica Aobbt a Oalait or I.itika hb for 9 yrara
aad all other privileges of the Association.) will he
sorwardrnnn ecelptornensrlntlon rfeoisji.
Oniteu Dtave, ,i,.ium., ..mp., " .
Germany and other fnreicn countxics, pre
psrod otxhort notice nml on reasonable terms.
Information s to obtaining patents chcer
fnlly Riven without charge. Hand-books i ov
? rn.A. PatADts obtained
throunh Munn & fo. aro noticed in the Scientitio
woTondcrstood bVaU Arsons Vo wish to dispose
0fTd'd7.I,WDMW CO., Omce
AirjuuCAM, 301 iiroadway, Iiew York.
I A tiaUt-pSutKTiplUmtoAm.Aatntrornvcart.
I Stcvrtitg a library tf ook$ alftpu MfsAed pricA
..iMmmt man pvcilcanons ni l utvea 01 ui -
I A sKscowil articlu advertised In Am. Attn.
Llbtrai ditcevnu on Kewtpm'r ilagactnet.
A Cnrrtpmfenrt Bvrratt nndfithrrprmlrga.
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receive a niagaslnetrorla t14 dollar ten limes or er.
Hna WTITItllHI a 1001 Boo t tslf pries t. Itsbwi
ftoWrlbeTNow as snlcrtitlon price will again'
ae piaceu at si a year wnen iuu,isaj names are oi
For further pari ietiiai-s write to
R. A. Tonney,
liil SCl MTECK.
I "Let us go into the huuist nf the Lord,"1
l PSALMS 122: 1.
Divine service at the First Baptist
Cliitn li of West-Hi. Hc''oti, on the Firl
nml Third Stitidas's in .-ach month
morningiiil evening. Sunday school at
3 p. in. every Sunday. Prayer Meeting
everv Th'.iitliiy at , p. m. All are cor
tiially invited t' attend these services.
W. 11. Put KIT, Pastor.
.Is Jose yraax its same implies ; a
rarely Vegctibla" Compound,' that
sets directly -npoa tlie XjiVer ; caiing
Ihe many diseases incidcrtQ that im
rrtaritorgari,Mdp?ieat county
ce. Enionsnesafc
a&MfTCMaria-S;r.Tr.-r,.arf flrr.3 The BUYERS GrTDS w lSSTjed Marrt
Obtained, and all rit nt Iliisiiu.is at
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a'' frcs. tntr ctiice i- opposite tbe I".
S. Patent Ollice, and we cun obtain pat
cuts in ics tune th:m tiiose remote troni
WashitiL'ton. Si'inl Mo.r or Drmrinq.
We advise as to iiut.-n t a liiii t v tre id
charge; ai'd we c!i'trje no fee unhs
imtrnt is iilnirtil.
We refer, here, to the TVistnipster,
the Siipt. i.f Money Order Div., and ti
oliieiais nf the I', n. l atent Uitire. rnr
circular, advice, terms, ami references
to actual client in your onti State or
write to
r. A. sxaw aS: to..
Pat. Oiliiv, Washington, D.C.
etc. It 13 .tnexef OIB a Inches, with over H.300 illustrations
" Toligra fsoorl TTeaTrfr a whole picture gallery. Gives wholesala
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la. Strengthens the System, Purifies the ervthinjtyou 13 use, drink.
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MHBoot oa tha - Liver aad Its ureases," ta P'J V.r.!i i i IL""'A. Jf.l
CaBS A puaaa SXV, HW iwcwj WaBaaa Avbbbb, i al.a,..lil.f
Farmers, don't forget that one week
from la-morrow Users will be a grand
stallion show in Weston. This will
give you a good opportunity to judye of
the merits of the various horses.
Last Sunday Kev. W. H. Pruett
immersed in Pine creek Miss Kosa Mi
ler and Messrs. Jaa. Stotis and Thomas
Lieuallcn. The ceremony was witness
ed by a large concourse of people.
The lumber ordered from Portlan
to be UNed in the construction of the
L'nited Brethren Cburch on Washing
ton street is being received. The build
lni will be commenced at once and
pushed forward to speedy completion.
Flying kites is the principal amuse
ment of our Celestials this season. The
kites are of the most fantastic shapes
and brilliant colors. Their flight is daily
admired by a crowd ot gaping people
who take more interest in them than
they did in the annular eclipse of the J
sun last Monday.
Governer Moody lias appointed the
following officers fur Morrow county: A.
Mallory, Judge; Frank Gilliam and J.
L. Fuller, Commissioners; G. . liar
riugton, Sltenii; . f. trar.lgues, Coun
ty Clerk; T. H. Howard, Assessor; Ju
lius Keithley, Surveyor; Dr. A.J.Shobe,
Coroner; Wm. H. Ellis, School Superin
tendent; Wm. J. Leezer, Treasurer.
The second grand coyote hunt came
off last Saturday. The attendance was
better than before. Only oue coyote
was started. The chase was inteiily
interesting for a short time. The horses
and hounds cama out "second best"
again. The were lots of fun and no ac
cidents. The sport is exhiliratiug and
innocent. There were co trail hounds
un hand. There will be next time.
Trout fishing is in order now, and
some of the buys are catching quite a
lot of the speckled beauties. Pendleton
Tribune. March 13lh. That may do
down near Pendleton. I'p iu this couu-1
try trout fishing is not legally in order !
until the first of April, and tbe man or
boy w ho catcaes tua speckled beauties
(original) before that time will have to
sneak along the creek very secretly, for
he will Be interviewed by 'Squire Jones,
if d.!-cuvered.
The people around Pilot Rock and
Echo have been holding iudiguatioii
meetings at those places, expressive of
their disapproval ef Northern Pacific
Company' action relative to the sale of
railroad lands. Prospect Farm was ap
praised at $6 50 per acre, but a strong
remonstrance having been made, a re
duction of one dollar per acre was made
he railroad company. ?ot a few-
are uneasy about the title the company
ay be able to give.
Human law is a written compact by
humanity with itself, for the better reg
ulation of the relations that shall exist
between the individual atoms of society,
and when it fails in strict and impar
tial execution, it becomes a painful
farce and a mockery of that justice
which should be the basis of all the
inter-commerce of life. That these con
ditions exist among us to a very grave
extent is too obvious to call for state
ment. The workings of our present
form of criminal jury system, which
has grown too eld fr the needs of our
modern civilization; tha ignorance of
the ordiuary juror of his duties, and
his general sympathy with the culprit,
which is so subtly made available by
the efforts ot the hired advocate; the
often too freely used license of the pul
lie prosecution in withdrawing well
grounded charges of crime, ia a great
uuniber of cases open to the suggestion
of complicity and arrangements for a
consideration to these may be added
the well-known marketable character of
thedetective system all over the land,
and the readiness of those sutferins
from criminal practices to compromise
and condoue the crime for a money
equivalent, or from an unwillingness to
assume the burden and doubts attend.
ng prosecution.
These, and other causes, go far to
ards the crippling of all justice, the
beggaring and lowering of the value ol
ouesty, and literally offering a pre.
mi'tm for crime. In many of the older
nations, where representative govern
nicut is not so pronounced in theory or
ractice, the judicialQclions of courts
of law are much less open te the bane
ful influences, which with us lead to
immunity for the wealthy and influen
tial criminal, as compared to that of
the poor, and which gives credence
to the theorem that an empty pocket is
the unpardonable crime. In the civil
lzed nations ot Hurope the public pros
ecutors dare not dismiss cases nor will
the sufferer from crime be permitted to
compromise with the criminal or his
agent. Many cases might be cited
where even nobility itself have
had to Buffer the extreme penalty for
their misdeeds against society, equally
with the poor. This would go to show
hat iu those countries law is less a re
specter of persons than with us. Cer
tainly there seems no good reason why
such disparity should obtain to our dis
Our legal fraternity should he equal
in ability and should be held to as high
a moral responsibility as those of any
other laud. Our judicial minds have
certainly reached an eleyated, plane in '
the science of not only State but nation
al and international jurisprudence.
But it would appear that with us law
and its practice have become too much
the seicirce of "glorious uncertainty"
loaded down with technicality, and
handicapped too often with considera
tions political and personal, which
greatly need the purification of a more
wholesome atmosphere, and a general
simplification ot process. As a people
we are luaily noted for our facility of
invention in all things practical and iu
the invention of pleas to nullify law,
we most emphatically lead the world
Iu our legal practice we have all the
phases of insanity, hereditary, teuipor
aiy, circumstantial, emotional and
moral, brought as barriers to the just
punishment of crime, and to the relcas.
ing of its perpetrators unpunished upon
society, livery one is said to be in
sane upon some point, and on the same
grounds all crime ina be summarized
as some phase of insanity, and the world
one great madhouse. Nevertheless, as
self-preservation is acknowledged as the
iirst law of nature, and the second law
by natural sequence, the preservation
of society which is its civilized concen
tration, it would seem most tit and
worthy that the surplus acumcu ot our
great legal intellects should be turned
to account iu the invention and devel
opment of means, whereby all law
should be simplified both iu theory and
praciice, so that the most humble mem
ber of the commonalty couUt conipre
heud its bearings upou himself. This
must necessarily be the primax-y object
of tLe divine law, of which it is our .oo
human boast that human Jaw is an elab
oration. As it really appears on the
record from the case of "Jarndyce vs.
Jarndyce," to the latest complaint be
fore the smallest Justice Court, it is a
labyrinth of bazy mysteries and entan
gled sinuosities, that lead. not to justice,
but to juggling. Law should knit so
ciety by its simplicity and not tend to
disintegrate it by its ponderous and
forbidding uncertainty.
The almost incessant accumulation of
mnthods w hereby costs may be added,
often becoming much greater than the j
original cause, is a phase of affairs that
should be purged from all honest civil
practice. In criminal cases, the par
doning power in the hands of any one
man, anu ne a political aspirant, can
not be considered other than a danger
ous indulgence, very often leading to
most questionable results and to the
utter perversion of mercy.
The Executive of a State may be ever
so sincere and honest in his purpose,
lie may also he fully alive to the high
and far-reaching nature of the power of
clemency entrusted to him, and earnest
ly watchful ef its use. Still, from tbe
very nature of his position and the mul
J tiplicity of bis duties, he is too apt to
be made the vehicle for carrying oat
the selfish and sinister designs of his
personal and political surroundings.
Every member of tbe human family
owes a sacred duty to that family, and ,
that is, that he shall ever act as a con
ssientious conservator of public morals,
and help, by his best ability, the admin
istration of even-handed justice, pure
and undefined. Whosoever fails in this
uty, insomuch fails in his highest re
sponsibility. This condoning of crime,
compounding of felony, and promiscu
ous pardoning may be mercy to the in
dividual, but tbe result is a very grave
and serious injustice to the cettinion
weal. It tendto the breaking-down of
all distinctive barriers between right
and wrong, between good and evil, and
demoralizes the healthful education pf
the youthful minds that are to become
our men and women ot the future.
S. F. Bulletin.
Pendleton, March 11.
Judge Lucy and J. H. Parkes return
ed from below Friday morning.
Rescue II. & L. Company No. 1, have
received two dozen new uniforms.
R. Saling was brought over from
Heppner Tuesday charged with rape on
his daughter. His bonds were fixed at
$2000 in default of which he was com
mitted to jail.
The revival at the M. E. Church still
continues, i tve persons were at the
mourners bench Tuesday night and
"Camp-meeting Jonnny" is af the firm
opinion that he will turn 500 of Pendle
ton's uuregenerated sinners from their
ways before leaving this place.
Two Indians are iu the cooler await
ing an examination by U. o. Com. r.
Page-Tustiu before proceeding below
to answer a charge of stealing horses
from their dusky bretbren.
Twenty. one or tws saloons are not
enough for Pendleton, so a building is
being erected ou Main street, which.
when completed will add one more to
the many places of vice which already
infest our town.
Considerable building is going on iu
Several of our attorneys are talking
of going to aud locating at Heppner.
The Episcopal Church at this place
is being re-painted aud undergoing re
pairs. i Alki.
a great deal of rain has fallen this sea
son and the growing crops are needing I
it badly. j
Mojare is located on the Mnjave des
ert. The town consists of only a depot
and about half a dozen ether buildings.
It was horned down a short time ago
and has just been rebuilt. After eating
breakfast I bad farewell ta Mr. Reeves
and was loath to leave his company.
From this place I passed through a dry
and desolate looking country for absut
forty miles. Then over a mountain and
through a small village forty miles far-,
ther; then through a tunnel a mile long,
when we entered the Los Angeles' coun
try, arriving at Los Angeles at 4:15 p.
ni. Here I found a beautiful city of
twenty thousand inhabitants and sur
nunded by as fine a country as man ev
er looked upon. I spent a day in visit-
ins; some of the orange groves adjoining I
the city. I took especial note of Mr.
J. W. Wolfskill's orange aad lemon I
grove, ene of the oldest in the country,
comprising 110 acres. It is a beautful
sight to behold. The gathering season
has just begun. I was informed by the
manager that they had about thirty
different varieties of oranges, aud the I
grove yielded all the way from 22,000 to I
30,000 boxes a year. They were selling I
from 50 to 75 cents per box. A tree I
thirty years old, from the seed, yielded I
from six to ten bushel. Budded trees
bear earlier aud larger and better fruit-
All kinds ot fruit do well here. 1 was I
was informed that some early varieties I
of apple trees produced three xrops in
oue year. Peach and apricot trees are
now in bloom, and some varieties of ap
ple trees also. Farmers are compelled
to irrigate their erange and lemon
groves, aud many of them irrigate their I
vineyards. The valley is Tery thickly
sett lad, and is divided into ten, twenty I
and forty-acre farms. Many are iu the I
dairy business and the principal hay
raised is alfalfa. No other kind yields I
as well aud they cut it six aud eight I
times during the season.
Times are as hard here as they are in I
Oregon. Money is scarce and nothing I
to do, and everybody complains.
Mure anon. O. MlLLEE.
Wiuter Stock for 1884 85 now complete,
New and Nobby Styles of
Gents' Clothing and
Furnishing Goods
at Bed-Reck Prices.
Hats, Caps, Boots and Shoes, Carpets,
Wall Paper, Crockery, Lamps
in Eastern Oregon.
All or which is offered at astonishingly
Low Prices for Cash.
Our price list before purchasing elsewhere.
Norwalk, Los Angeles Co., Cal.,
February 20, 18S5.
To the Editor of the Lkader:
For the benefit of my many friends iu
Weston who are anxious to hear from
me and would like to know something
of this couutry, I will try in my limited
way to give a few notes of my trip and
a description of the country. ' In com
pany with Mr. A. Reeves I left Weston
January 2Sth, arriving at Portlaud the
next day. Here we met some of our
Weston friends, Messrs. P. A. Worth-
mgton and C. F. Bultinch, who were
purchasing a stock of general merchan
dise for the new firm at Westoa. We
remained here till Friday morning wheu
we took passage on the Queen of the
Pacific for San Francisco. We crossed
the Columbia bar at noon oc February
1st. Lunch was served as we crossed
the bar and many pa rtook of a meagre
repast, but for some cause my appetite
bad tailed quite suddenly. 1 had a
strong desire to get en dock, but the
sea was so rough that all were ordered
in. It wasn't a great while until I was
stretched iu my berth, with no inclina
tion or desire to go anvwhere. I had
resigned myself entirely to the exigen
cies of the occasion and quietly permit
ted nature to take her course. Mr.
Reeves thought it funny to see me in
such a predicament, but he soon sue.
cumbed to the motion of the vessel aud
we both kept eur state-rooms until
reaching the Golden Gate. We landed
at the dock in San Francisco at 5 p. ni.
Tuesday, and it seemed as though we
bad dropped onto a different hemisphere.
It is nice and warm here. Every
thing is' ;rccii end tloaers aie in bloom.
It ail seemed like a new life to me. It
has" been leu yours since I was in Sail
Francisco, and I notice many improve
ments w hich have taken place in that
time. The business men are wide
awake aud never let an opportunity
pass that is to their interest and to the
upbuilding of their city. Not wishing
to weary tha patience of the reader I
will pass on, af:er taking in some of the
mosl nntei' pl:; e-, mii h as Woodward's
Garden, the Ui ited SUIes Mint the
largest i i liij .viiu, and other sights too
numerous to mention. We lett here
Saturday night, taking the emigrant
train, I fur Los Angeles and Mr. Reeves
for Kansas City, bet both traveling ou
the same car as far as Mojave (Mo-har-ve)
Junction. Here Mr. Reeves chang
ed cars, taking the A. & P. R. R. The
accommodations on the Southern Pacific
are very poor, not as good as on other
roads I have traveled over, lhis compa
ny ouly allows you 100 pounds of bag
gage, while other roads allow 150, acd
they crowd all classes, regardless of sex,
into the same car. There are no re
strictions ou smoking aud the China
men take advantage of the privilege and
annoy the rest by smoking opium. On
all other rosds they have a special car
for Chinamen and smokers. Otherwise i
it is pleasant traveling on the emigrant '
train. F'rom Lathrop we passed through
a beautiful country, tbe San Joaquin
valley. It is three hundred miles long
j and sixty wide. The lower end of the
j valley is a perfect mass of wheat fields.
sorae of tbe whest standing eight inches
high. Farther up tbe valley there is
less grain raised, nd more attention is
paid to fruit, principally grapes and or-
ianges.- lbe lartuer np the valley we
I ce tha dryer the country appears. Not
Appropriated without permission from exchanges
There are now nine prisoners ia the
Pendleton jail. 1
There will be plenty of work for har
vest hands in Umatilla county this sea-1
The Pendleton assessment this year is
$525,000; the assessment last year was
$450,000. j
Tbe expense of the Circuit Court for
the year just ended, including the e-.tra
term held last July, amounts to $14,-
Our druggists hays sold a much less
quantity of - squirrel poison this season
than for several years past. This im
plies that tbe squirrel pest is well nigh
exterminated. !
The wheat fields of Umatilla county
present a beautiful sight at this season,
aud for tha time of year the crops never
were so far advauced and certainly nev
er promised so large a yield. In ' some
instances the farmers are afraid that
By. B. All persons knowing themselves in
debted to us by note or account will please take no
tice that we need money, nnd must have a complete
settlement by November 20th, 1884
OctoW 14, 1884. .
worth in
jBeef, Pork, Mutton,
the country produces.
Highest market price paid for fat
cattle. .-
their winter wheat is too thick, but an
average yield of thirty bushels to the Here is where you can gi joar money's
acre for fall sown wheat is confidently
In the report of the Superintendent ot
T . . 1 1 . ,. T.,,, -t. . . 1. .. loci 1
x uuiiu luouuiiiiuu (ui i,uo vcai loot, c i , , . . . .. - .
. . ' and everything in the line of meats that
sic ijicaaeu. iu sec lush i.iig Biaiafcics ui
Umatilla county show the results of a
very efficient superiutendency for the
last two years. Between the report far
the year 1SS3 and that for 1S84, the
number ot districts has increased from
93 to lOljjJfce number of teachers, Co to
ItM; lue value ot apparatus, irom $bl.aU
to $IS9; the average salaries paid teach
ers per month, from $42.38 to $45.12;
the number ef teachers taking an educa
tional journal from seven : to nineteen.
While the schools of the county are not
yet, perhaps, in tbe condition we would
all like to see them, the progress they
have made, we believe, is not equalled
iu any other county in the atate. su
perintendent Kdiogton deserves the
highest praise for the accomplishment of
these results, and for his untiring devo
tion to his work as superintendent.
Syrup of Figs
Nature's own trus Laxative. Pleas
ant to the Palate, acceptable to the
Stomach, harmless in its nature, pain
less in its action. Cures habitual Con
.-tipntiou, Biiliousucss, Indigestion and
kinkred ills. Cleanses the system, pur
ifies the blood, regulates tbe Liver and
acts og the Dowels. Breaks up Colds,
Chills and Fevers, etc. Strengthens
the org ins cn which it acts. Better
than bitter, nauseous Liver medicines,
pills, salts and draughts. Sample bot
tles free, and large bottles for sale by
W. H. McCoy.
The love of dra poker ' passeth
all understanding. If tha player is
a constant winner he is a gambler,
aad should quit. If he is a steady
loser, he is a fool, and should play
no more. If its a sua saw at range
uieut, the players eat up and driuk
up the profits, and should be in bet
ter business.
stau rant!
This Bestaurant is now open for the reception
of yuests. The table is always furnished with
the best the market affords
Board & Lodging
can be secured at reasonable rates. The BED
Commercial Travelers
will find this the best place in the city,
Mrs. R. M. Powers,
Proebstel I.ros. Proprietors.
Anil keep constantly on hand all kinds 1
of mill feed such as
Notice to tlie Public.
All persons knowing themselves in, .
ru jfiici lime or UtXIK RCCOUnt,-
arejjereby requested to come forward
- o ail will,
running accmnts must be settled br
April 1st, 18S4, or the same will be duly
collected by law.
a. We also wish to oiva nniiV. ti,.t
the Weston Steam Flour Mill is for rent
or sale. For further particulars applj
if tills nnflnro.m,..! KT r
aiaaw uuuvirjUCtJ, .
Proebstel Bros.
A party of six recently left for a
short riiiit to Niagara Falls. Ther
stayed at that scene ef beauty about
four hours, and meantime were
driven in a sleigh to the Rapids,
Prospect Park, Goat Island, and
tha ether regulation resorts. Dur
ing that brief period they were com
pelled to pay in tolls $19.50. -
Induaapelis is to have a new
$1,000,000 railway station.
respectfully informs tbe public that he
has now at bis mill on
fa good assortment of
All Kinds of Lmnler.
extxoxc axA-Bos,
Is prepared to do any and all kinds of
work in his line. Prices reasonable. .
Satisfaction Guaranteed.-
Notary Public,
Land business of all kiixto-BIin-, proring up,
attended to with promptness and care.
Collecting Accounts a Specialty.,
3T- Tm aS31iSlla.TS?33u,
. . (Successor to Simpson),
trr AND-
Work dona la tbe Latest and Beat Stria.
Snor Keit jaor to JJnttnbtr