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    Weston Weekly Leader.
FKIDAY, MAKCH 13, 1885.
Tkiukh of i Buhject of
Jntarert to many Republican office
boldwi at thin juncture.
Got. Moodt oolit to hart 00
difficulty is appointing a Seoator.
H i in good practice in the ap
pointing business. Perhapa he
merely amointa ao many notaries
j . .
poblio "to keep hia hand in."
It ia pleasing to note tliat the
Sunrtnia Court of the State haa
aaaUinad the lover court in th
Portland license cases. The saloon
men who have bean trying to evade
the law and defraud the city have
been beaten.
It in claimed for Cleveland that
he ia a tirst-clms listener. Ilia c
pacity in that direction will proba
bly be taxed to the utmost before
the average offisa seeker under
stands what ia meant by ciil ser
vice reform.
The Illinois Legislature has not
yet elected a Senator. The Oregon
Legislature was limited to forty
daya, but in Illinois thesessionx are
not limited. So tho ewe is not
hopele. Tba Illinois legislator
may yet elect. Give them plenty
of time. Forty days is not onough.
Suxset Uox's now book, "Three
Decades of Federal Legislation," is
almost ready for publication. Sun
Wi intimate knowledge of nation-
l affairs, combined with hia innx
bauatible fund of humor, oulit to
make hia book in the highest de
grea edifying arid entertaining.
California fanners are g-owing
somewhat restive under the contin
uance of dry weather. The crops
an that State depend largely upon
it he spring rains. So far the seanon
has been dry and rain ia needtid
iJLadly to insure good yields. All
the cereals will anffar if the needed
moisture is net speedily forthcom
ing. President Cleveland declined
the oflers of the railroads to trans
port him fr.e to Washington and
paid for his tr"in. This was very
commendable. The salary which
the people pay their president is suf
ficient to make him independent.
They prefer that he ahall be indebt-1
1 4koi r&t.har thn to the rail
roads. England and Uusnia are trying
to eutdo each other in the matter of
pilita messages and assurances of
geed will. At the same time each
of them seems to be preparing for a
fight Afghanistan, which seems
to be the key to India, is the bone
of contention. Both want it.
Neither of them haa any lagal or
moral right to it. If England ia to
ratal India, Russia must not pos
sess Afghanistan. If Ruwia ii to
eura India, England must not gain
Afghanistan. Thus it stands.
Brazen Ben Butler is in trouble.
In his accounts as treasurer of the
National Soldiers' Home there ia ap
parently a magriticent deficit. It
amounts to several hundred thous
and dollars. Instead of attempting
to explain the matter, he merely re
uU the imputed chargo with his
ms lal insolence. Ben cannot bear
to be bothered about such big de
ficits. There ws a pretty large sized
-dcticit iu his vote forPresident whih
.t..i t ... .
is aoout tne amy one tnat worries
, him. Public office and public plun
der seem to be synonymous terms
with Butler. "Let no guilty man
Tub Chicago later-Ocean, an in
tenaely Republican paper, says:
"There ia not one werd in Presi
dent Cleveland's inaugural that any
Republican, however ardent ia
party feeling, can positively con
demn." The Inter-Ocean is proba
bly mistaken, and all it has to do
to be convinced of its error is to
read its Republican exchanges.
The Inter-Ocean is a good, fair pa
psr but haa too exalted on opinion
of same Republicans. There is no
Democratic saying or action but
what ca and will be condemned
by a certain cUss of partisan Ite
' publican They are bitterly con-
.Icsjnini Cle.Und', inaugural
It has bean trnU,fuij said that
cre is no great political signifi
cance ia Cleveland's inaugural
'x.Ai-wb,U written document, de-
sw generalities which should
teewvo the assent of all good citi
, n. No particular line of polit-
. Vcj u there marked out.
. There
-y woaion ior such a
y procedure. It i. i,, ,nd
. nianiy autam.nt of niltiona, u
, j- -K would naturally be
on who ,ntelld, te
' K President n .l . .
iU wnoie peo-
... . P' na BOt -n7 PrtiCulr party
Uhintlu tiou Ainu (..
- n,r one inifiit
h the pulwy of.thw aid miniat ration it
, win proMDiy t done, and done
- such way as to leave n doubt aa
; liat taat policy shall be.
Be it enacted by the Legislative
aaseukbly of the BUte ef Oregon:
Section 1. That it stall le un
lawful for a person, or persons, en
gaged alone or associated with oth
ers in the transportation oi property
by railroad n the 8tat of Oregen,
to cnarge or to receive I root any
person or persons any greater or
ess rate or amount freight compen
aatio or reward than is by bin or
tbeiu charged to or received froai
any other person or pernios for
ke and contemporaneous service,
in carrying, receiving, delivering,
storing, or handling the same. All
charsaa for such service shall be
reasonable. Provided, That .the
rate shall not exceed the rates
charged on the first day of Janu
ary, 1885; and any person or per
sons, having purchased a ticket for.
passage ou any railroad or railroads
111 this state, or paid the required
fare, shad receive the same treat-
meat, and be afforded equal facili
ties and accommodations as are
furnished all other persons holding
a ticket of the same class, without
But nothing in this act shall be
construed to deny to railroads the
right to provide separate accommo
dations for passengers, as they may
denm best for public comfort and
safety; Provided, That no discrim
ination is made on account of race,
or color, and the furnishing of sep
arate accommodations with equal
facilities and equal comforts, at the
name, charges, hall not be consid
ered a discrimination, nor shall
any railroad company or its officers
charge or receive from any person,
who is to be conveyed over any
railroad or railroads in this state,
any sum exceeding four cents per
mile for the distance to be traveled
by such person, and all persons en
gaged as aforesaid, shall furnish
without discrimination, the same
facilities for carriage, receiving,
delivering, storage and handling all
property of like character carried
by him or them, and shall perform
witli' equal expedition lie same
kind of services connected with con
temporaneous transportation there
of, as aforesaid. No break, stop
page or interruption, nor any con
tract, agreement or understanding
shall be made to prevent the car
riage of any property, from being
treated as one continuous carriage,
in the meaning of this act from the
place of shipment to the place of
destination, unless such stoppage,
interruption, contract, agreement
or understanding was made in
good faith for some practical and
necssary purpose, without any in
tent to avoid or interrupt such con
tinuous carriage, or to evade any of
the provisions of this act unless
prevented by unavoidable accident.
Sec. 2. That it shall be unlawtul
for any person or persons engaged
in tne transportation ui property,
as aforesaid, directly or indirectly,
to allow any rebate, drawback, or
other advantage, in any form, upon
shipments made or services render
ed as aforesaid, by him or them,
Provided, That the provisions of
this act thall not apply to goods in
tended in good faith to be shipped
to points beyond the limits of this
state. Provided, That this discrim
ination shall be considered only as
between persons when relating to
similar grades of freight.
Sec. 3. That it shall be unlawful
for any person or persons engaged
in the carriage, receiving, storage
or handling of property as mention
ed in the first section of this act,
enter into any combinntion, con
tract or agreement, by change of
schedule, carriage in different cars,
or by any other means with intent
to prevent carriage of such property
from being continuous from the
place of shipment to the place of
destination whether carried on one
or several railroads in this state;
and it shall be unlawful for any
person or persons carrying property
as aforesaid, to cuter into any con
tract, agreement, or combination
for pooling freight or to pool freights
of different and competing railroads
or to divide between them the ag
gregtte or Let proceeds of the earn
ugs of such railroads or any por
tion of them.
Sec. 4. That it shall be unlawful
for any person engaged in the trans
portation of property as prescribed
in the first section of this act to
charge or receive any greater com
pensation tor a similar amount or
kind of property for carrying, re
ceiving, storing, iorwarchng, or
handling the same fcr a shortei
.1 . 1 i- . . .
iuau ior a lunger uisiance in tne
same direction. '
Sue. 5. That all persons engaged
n the carrying of property as pro
vided in the first section of this act,
shall adopt and keep posted up
schedules which shall plainly state.
1. The different kinds and classes
of property to be carried.
2. The different places between
which such property shall be car
3. The rates of freight and prices
of carriage between such places and
tor all service connected with re
ctiving, delivering, loading, un-
ing, storing or handling the
same whettier such property be
carried wholly on one railroad or
partly cn several railroads, and
whether such services are performed
or compensation paid or received
by or to one person alone or in con
nection with another or other per
The railroad or lines cf a corpor
ation shall include all roads or
lines in use by such corporation.
wnetner owned or operated by it
under contract, agreement or lease
by auch corporation. The schedules
required m this section of this act
shall be prepared and posted up by
sucn person or persons on the hrst
Monday in July and the first Mon
day in January of each year, and
shall not be changed -luring the six
months to which they apply so as te
cnarge a greater rate of freight
than that in such schedule.
Sec. 6. That each and 'all provis
ions of this act shall apply to all
property; and the receiving, deliv
ering, loading, unloading, handling,
storing and carriage of the same en
one actual or substantial carriage,
or as a part of such continuous car
riage, as provided ior in tne tne
irst section cf this act, and compensation-,
.therefor, whether such
property be carried wholly on one
railroad er partly eu several roads
or whether by one line or partly by
several lines and whether such ser
vices are performed or compensa
tion paid or received by or to om
person alone in connection with an
other or other persons.
sec. 7. lhat each and every act,
matter or thing in this act declared
to be unlawful ia hereby prohibited
and in case any person or persons
as defined in this act, as engaged
as aforesaid, shall do, suffer or per
mit to be done any act, matter or
thing in this act prohibited or for-
biddan, or shall omit to do any act,
matter or thing in this act required
to be done, or suall be guilty of any
violation of the provisions of this
uct, such person or persons shall
forfeit and pay to the person or
persons who uiy t-in damage
thereby, a sum equal to three times
the amount of damage so sustained,
to be recovered by the person or
persons so damaged, by suit in any
proper court of competent jurisdic
tion; where the person or persons
causing such damage can be found
or may have an agtrit, office or
place of business; and if the court
before which any such action is
tried, shall be of the opinion that
the violation of law was wilful, it
shall make allowance by the way of
additional costs to the party injur
ed, a sufficient sum to cover all his
counsel and attorney's fees.
bee. o. lhat any director or
officer of any corporation or com
pany acting or engaged as afore
said, or any receiver er trustee,
lessee or person acting or engaged
as aforesaid, or any agent of any
such corporation or company, re-
ceiver, trustee or person aforesaid,
or of one of them alone, or with
any other corporation, company,
person or party, who shall wilfully
do or cause or willfully suffer or
permit to be done, any act, matter
or thing in this act prohibited or
forbidden, or who shall aid or abet
therein, or shall willfully omit or
fail to do any act, matter or thin
Southern Oregon farmers are be
ginning to cultivate rice.
Portland expects to spend $150,-
000 for educational purposes during
IS80. -
The United States Electric Liht
Company has a contract to light the
city of Portland for a year for 16,-
Gideon A. Scbofisld; a carpenter
aged 60 years, was run over and
killed by a locomotive in East Port
land Wednesday afternoon.
From the Willamette valley
come complaints about counterfeit
silver coi-u. The four-bit pieces are
said to be the most largely imitated,
"While in the Legislature the
Hon. Veatch, of 1 ane, was taken
with the measles. His wife went
to baleni to nurse bim.- lie recov
ered, but she contracted the disease
and died last Saturday.
About fifty employes of the O.
R. & N. Co. at The Dalles were dis
charged last Monday evening. It
is not known whether this is per
manent, or whether- they were sim
ply laid off for a few days.
One firm in Portland last year
sold 1,300,000 pounds of wool to
State manufacturers and 1,300,000
pounds for the Eastern market.
It is expected the clip this season
will reach 8,000,000 pounds.
Prof. N. P. Blaine, a brother of
the celebrated Jim of Maine, has
been employed to teach in one of
the public schools of Salem. The
queer part of the business was that
a Prof. Cleveland resigned the posi
tion to which Blame was elected.
bnq HGfi suS? asst Su aa m
Freefrvm Opiates, Emetics and 1'oisona.
For Cough Sore. Throat Boaraesf Colda,
Innaenztt, firenchins, Arthzae, Droop, aoolv
inft CoHgh, Qoinsjr Pains ia Cheat, uid other
affections of tbe Throat uwl linne
Price SO cents a bottle. Sold by Drogglflts and
Dealers. Pcrllea u?iahie to induce thtir dtalrr to
promptly art it for them teiil receive two botUet
JZzpres charge paid, by atndirtg one ticilzr io
tiule Uwuers and Mbncnrtnrvrs,
HxltteMre, h&rylud. U.S. A.
Travelers will find that this hotel sets
as good a table as is to be found in the
whole "Upper Country." Bedrooms
are large, clean and airy. Every atten
tion paid to the comfort and convenience
ot guests.
Patronage Respectfully Solicited
During February foreign exports
across the Columbia bar a2re"ated
16 cargoes, comprising 619,735 bu-
ehels wheat, worth 475,230; 38,
057 barrels of flour, worth $152,-
090; 11,890 cases salmon, worth
59,950; and 558 M lumber, worth
59,873 total, 747,143.
The Legislature designated that
the following shall be legal holidays:
Every Sunday, the nrsc clay of Jan
Do you want a Fruit Tree, Forest Tree or an Or
namental Tree, Rose or Shrub of auy kind?
if so, call and see
Who will furnish you from
at prices to suit the times.
Or if 3 ou wa it any kind of
Garden, Field, Tree, Grass
or Flower Seeds
Fresh and Pure, call and see me at the Post Of
fice in
Centerville, Oregon.
jyj-KS. C. B. HESSE Y,
Milliner Dressmaker
Our Ship has Arrived,
Laden with a Choice Stock of
Special Attention Given to Cutting
and Fitting.
Will be mailed p DC IT
to all applicants rflkfa
mm m Wm
and to customers of last year without
rwriortncrU.. Tt. nntvi n ImiRtrfitionR. Tl
- 1 n-ni . a4aaAtntlraa nrl rif re Mi fin ft fhr Trifmtimr alii
uary, ot February, 6V th ot veSWeTndFlor SEEDS, IfULBsTetc:
u.m.rbKKY &CO.r -
May, 4th of July, 25th of Decern
ber, every day en vf hich an election
is held throughout the State, and
every day appointed by th presi
denty governor as a day of public
thanksgiving, fast or holiday.
Baker county can boast if it's
Of either sex admitted to tho
on any week-day of the year.
The College Journal, containing in
formation ot the conrs of stady, rates
of tuition, board, examination, etc., and
cuts of plain and ornamental penman
ship, free. Address,
Lock Box 104. Portland, Or.
tSTln rrritinrf. -please mention thin paper
in this act renuired to he dene, or I
cause or willfully suffer or permit any credit of having the toughest
any act, matter or thing so directed wu " m coast, viz, jiunnngion.
or required bv this act to be dooe. An old resident of the county re-
not to be done, or shall aid or abet ceiuiy had some business there, and
any such omission or failure or J while in town was induced to bet
shall be -ruiltv of any infraction of " som confidence game; it cost
this act, or aid or abet therein, him $50. A few days after a Chi-
shall be guilty of ft misdemeanor, nese "D0SS w&3 "held up for $860.
and upon conviction thereof be
fined not lea than one thousand
Sec 9. That th9 words a person
ox Yersons," aa used in this act, ex
cept -where otherwise provided,
Successorto Nye &. Frank,
Such occurrences there are common.
Governor Moody is now wrest
ling, officially, with petitions from
the citizens : of the newly created
counties of Gilliam .and Mdrrow,
who are not only willing but are ap-
shall be construed and held to naoan parently anxious te sacrifice them.
person er persons, omcer or omcers, 8eives upon the altar of their coun
corporation or corporations, com- try and faithfully discharge the du-
pany or companies, receiver or re- ties of the o&ces they respectively
ceivers, trustee or trustees, lessee hanker after. The aspirants are as
or lessees, agent er agents, or otner usual anueh more numerous than
person or peisons acting or engaged are the offices to be filled, and a se
in any matters ana minss men- lection becomes nscessarv.
tionea in mis act.
An Elegant Line of
And to make room for our Cargo we will sell
all our remaining FALL AND WINTER
GOODS at Greatly Reduced Prices,
in fact would slaughter them for Cash,
as that is what we need.
Main St., Walla Walla, W. T.
... . -.
Approved February 20, 18S5.
Tuesday was Idaho's day at the
New Orleans Fair.
Pope Leo XIII. celebrated his
75th birthday Tuesday.
-tseniamin lsutterworth commis
sioner of patents, has resigned.
The British army numbers 181,-
000 men, scattered over the world.
The Dominion Grange, in session
at Toronto, has denounced railway
ine iruu .nationalists propose
snubbing the Prince of Wales in his dagger, pistol, knife, or any instru
ment by use of which bodily injury
may be done. It provides that if
anyone disobeys the provisions of
the act, that they be fined not less
than 10 cor more than $200, or
imprisoned in the county jail not
loss than five nor more than 100
days. Justices of the peace have
George Collins, superintendent of
the penitentiary,has begun the man
ufacture of the brick to build a wall
around the prison buildings and
yards. The convicts will make the
brick, while the best brickmasons
will be employed to build the stock
ade, lhis with the large number
of business houses of brick that will
be built in Salem this summer in
sures plenty ot work tor masons
and carpenters, who are happy over
the outlook.
A bill which has passed and been
signed by the goyernor to prevent
carrying concealed weapons, prohib
its anyone outside of an officer of
the law to carry a dirk, slungshot,
tour to Ireland.
Forty one persons were killed by
an explosion in Ulswortu colliery,
Sunderland, Eng., Tuesday.
Ex President Arthur has been
elected an honorary member of the
New York Chamber of Commerce.
The proposed canal treaty be- jurisdiction over such cases.
tween the United States and Nica-
rau;a, unanimously passed the Nic-
arauguan benate, Saturday.
Chan Pai Taff, a Chinese laun-
dryman, has obtained a verdict of
1000 for libel against the Chinese
American, a New York newspaper.
are discontented witn British rale.
threats are openly made acainst
the life of Stephenson, the English
A manifesto has been issued by
the Paris dynamiters, addressed to
the Prince of Wales, pledging him
safety during his visit to Ireland,
because be is a i ree Mason.
Senate bill No. 37, entitled "An
act securing liens for mechanics, la
borers, material mon ixnd others,
and prescribing the manner -of their
enforcement," was passed by the
Legislature. The act provides that
not only the contractors engaged in
the construction of buildings and
The people of Alexandria, Egypt, improvements, hut the owners of
Mew Styles. Hew Prices,
ClotMng, Hats, Caps, Dress and Fancy Goods
the land on which such buildings or
improvements are being erected are
made responsible for tbe payment
of the mechanics' wages, and said
wages shall be a lawful lien upon
suclr lan i.
The following is the full text of
House Bill No. 102, entitled "An
Act to Make Valid Certaii. Con-
Blanc, Italian Minister to Spain, tracts," which is now a law of the
has been appointed arbiter in the State:
dispute between America and Section 1. That all contracts
Spain, in reference to an attack up- niade and entered into m this State
on American ships in Cuban waters. 7 an( between borrower and lend
er, debtor and creditor, or mortga
press, commenting ' j , - u:-u fu'
on Bismarck s speech m the Punch- at8 of intet ? J; ht cent or j
stag, Monday, expresses a belief i i . u it
that it will resnit in serious es- , J. ,u j ut
. , . x, . . , agree to pay the taxes on the debt,
trangement between England and 0 . i-
p 0 0 credit or mortgage existing or en-
Vjcrmany. tered intn hpt- A-epn snph nartioj hit
Major W. H. Wilson, architect and the same are hereby declared
and civil engineer of Dallas, Tex- legal and valid and shall not be
as, has left for the Soudan, in deemed or taken to bo usurious,
response, it is said, to a formal prop- Sec. 2. AH contracts entered into
osition for his services in fortifica- under section one of this act may be
tion engineering under El MahdL I enforced by the parties thereto in
a.-.i tt.,... ; u the courts of this State: provided,
martialed on charges of conduct makil,S tte assessment of
prejudicial to good order and snili- 7"BW-
tary discipline, in having officially Sfme faU a8888? holder
and publicly criticised the Secret.- tkof " ?w pr?Tuuy Uw;
rv r.f W.r f, fll,-; Sec. 3. This act ahall be in force
ommeadatkra to send an expedition frOTO and fter iU IProT1 bT the
to the reiiet of lieutenant Greeley j s IT. , ,
in September, 1383. This ct was approved by the go
r ' rnor Feb. 2a. 188o.
Steinaker do.
Stock I
From The East,
Which will be sold
Dry Goods. Dzess Goodo,
Notions, Hosiery, Clothing,
Gents' Fnrnisliiiig Goods,
Boots, Shoes, Trunks, Valises, Etc,
Xever to be had again in the coming history of Wash
ingtoii Territory.
Come early and secure bargains in every department,
while our stock is complete.
Remember one dollar saved is one made.
The Great I.
L. Store.
Slain St., Xext Door to Postofflce,
Buckingham & Hecht's Boots and Shoes
Cigars, Notions, Cutlery,
French and American Candieo,
Cheaper than