Weston weekly leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 1878-189?, February 27, 1885, Image 1

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a. r. JE'catt, pwiiier.
lasow Every Saturday Mobsisg,
Subscription Oatesi
On Tear, On advance) J 22
til Months 1 f.
r,hr V.-.V.'.'.V.'.'.'.'.'.iii cu
B,IW Wr""-'
NO. 1 1
8. WOOD,
., M.w. of all kinds tor sale.
Office at Postt.lnce.
. . .i p..mia lAnd Matter a specialty.
"J'.r- . i attend-d to. OHUe over
7; .... j-U-.nh f!rr,irt St. 14
Attorney at Law,
in th. IVrnrtu of thin State and
Wa.lilnvt.in T.rritory. ScW ati.tion paid to
Land Olflcs busiiies and Collections.
nMre-riiiltt St.. Wentim. Or.
,...1.,. I. i.. jfuArth'.ir will be associated
lth m in nil my caws in the Circuit or Supreme
j j. Mcdonald,
Physican and Surgeon
land City, Oregon.
y a tended to.
p m
Absolutely Pure.'
the Drug Store, Is
rJWll call ironit-
Jjl It. ItAlUCKU, M. D.
Office at Cook k Ir ina's Drng Stoic.
This rmwdcr never varies. A marvel of Duritv.
strength and wholcsomeriess. More economical
than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold in com
petition with the multitude o( low tesl, short
weight, alum or phosphite powders. Sold on lt in
cans. fioTAb fiAsma I'owiiia Co., 106 WaU-rt.,
n s.
Physician and Surgeon.
Obstetrics and diseases of women a apwUlty.
Orriva Ovaa Siklsakkk'h.
Wnrrw, flayer.
Physician an.I
C3k. All calls promptly attended to.
- . oreuon.
In It'iosB & Co. 'a Dm
$m $p cl.t2?jiTD e
BUrn disappointment! you're my friend,
Although you're hard to bear!
I asked for joy, and in its stead
You've brought me near despair.
I sought for pearls of priceless worth.
And, from your cruel store.
You've given me granite from the rock
And pebblus from the shore.
But, heavy as your touch has been,
I've learned to bear its weight.
And, drawing good from something UI,
I've struggled with my fate.
And when the aony had paired
Beheld, with glad surprise,
That pain, and sorrow, and distress,
Were angels in disguise.
I've learned that granite from the rock,
And lobbies from ths tide,
Slav be tn ployed for useful ends,
, WKrtttBarls have been Rented.
S j, disappointments! do your worst!
And, scorning to complain,
I'll stand unconquered and confess
You've not been sent in vain,
Physician and Surgeon,
OQiceovor Steiuakor's store,
Calls promptly nusworud d.iy or nijjht.
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
readleton Oregon.
Court St., in Demart'i Druj Store.
Watch repilrinir a iiwclnlty. Jewelry mai'.o to
ordrand reiuired. Alt work warmntod. Agent
for the le of American Watches. Paoillc Jewel
r. n.imntnv and Kinu'a celebrated combination
eusctaclwi the l.t in the world; also actit lor
lh Weber and Clilckoririit niano. the IvUuy and
Sterlinir orifaiw, U. O. Conn's and C. Maliiilon'v
braM InatrumentH.
BBXTS WAKTBO-We want lady or gtn
prwnntatlv In every county to Introduce on
aagaaliM, books and other articles, to whom Hbsri
arms are offered. Address Th American Agrnt,
A Five Dollar
llL.lH.lU. Tku-tMrMl bT UM Lm l llllaots.
?eslroas of Introdnelnf Tnn AstmoAit AoTAt
SAUXTor irraTcae moreexien.iT.iy ini)iu'
mA u mmII lniLClA Itnmtwtra .t s FmoI 111 eaChi
rsallilns for Asaociatlon a Surplus I and ol f 100,000.
rhi..tim .iinw.wtth .errued iDterest.awlthdrawsl
f 129,000 per annum for S years, which covers cost.
M thepuuueauoD 01 our iu.k.siu
s larplus to be osed In tho pnblicatlon of a IJbrary
f Books on BcMNom At. Kdcoatioh, Fom kt and
h.. M....nn win b. rnrn tuned tomero-
Ders at H retail price the receipts belog reinvested
Ik il...tlra iwm an nnllfnllfd field for ODerSUOn.
Name will bsenrollrd on treSfBscsnTion Books
otber woiks,givs an nnllmlted field for operation.
i.ajmvnll.fl nil 1 1 . Nf H.IPTTOH BOOK!
aad Crrtlflrnles of Membership (sniunni saia
nsmbertoa pnld ptMbBcrlpilontoTnaAna.
in.. AammfM. 11. 1.. tTii I lTKHAlUSX for A TrSrS
sad all other prlvlleites of the Association.) will M
gorwsrara iifffyipounrgwiwrnp'nMi rccm
I A pauvp Bubtartptlmto Am. Aoenxjorvytuv
.cvrM;a library qfBcokt at i pubtUM prtai
rnwal oo puenruiionf not mswto v w
1 disnwnf on article adrtrtlted .ft Am, Ae"
literal dOrrant on Ketetpapert t Jfagatina.
A Cnrrnwmdtnce Jivrrfm avdrinerrrmirffet.
Miss Pandora I'iper, teacher of mu
sic, who bad hard work to keep soul
and body together, but was not unhappy,
becaue, as she BaiJ, she was uever left
without a new bonDct for Easter Sun
day, and one black silk, somehow, al
ways managed to last until she could get
a new one, received a very singular
note which had been handed in at the
door, the landlady's "girl" said, by an
"elderly gentleman."
The epistle was enveloped ia the
cobtiiestand roo.t richly decorated en
velope that could bo purcured for love
or money anywhere. The paper, nearly
as thick as cardboird, was to match.
A coat ijf arms was in the coiner, and
the worctilow were as follows:
.Miss Piper: A IVisun fif neghicted
edercas'.iun is wishful to be undertuck.
Will kail at 3. ii aster Suoek.
"My. gracions!" ejaculated Miss Pan
dora; "he mutt have beau neglected,
that's certain. I never saw anything
like that before in all my life! Fatally
forgotten, I should say! Well, I won
der what he can be like. He must be
rich I suppose. Poor people cau't af
ford such stationery as this. And a coat
of arms, too! Shoddy, I suppose; but so
that he's respectful, why should I care
for that? He will probably pay wall,
and I've lost Auna Eliza Griggs, by
marriage, j ust as she was beginning to
take variations."
"Nora, I shall be in if a new pupil '
a gentleman calls at three o'clock."
Nora, who liked Miss Piper, who
often gave her little presents, and who
kept on an upper shelf of her closet
seme balsam which she was always
ready to apply to the poor girl's awk
ward fingers, which rere always being
cut, or burnt, pinched, fcave an amiable
grin, and offered to polish up the grate
when she had a minute, "Seeing that a
stranger was coining.
The morning wore away. Two little
girls had gone through their exercises,
and a heavy lady, who took lessons in
vocal music, had nearly burst a blood
vessel in endeavoring to gain a certain
high note, which was the object of her
Miss Piper had been around the cor-
paredatshortnoticoandonreiisonablerms. j t lesson there, and over the
rnrr.rnAt.inn auto obtaining patents cpeer- , o
bhc came home in a hurry, arranged
her hair, saw that her little parlor was
neat, and awaited her guest with fever
ish auxiety.
Bylheuxo of Hastetter's Stomach Bitters the
haciird a:: u.tranco of tho eounteiniuee and sal
iowncjw if rtv; et-tlc aro siij-i 1 mtcl hy & hea'th
ior 1 k, an.i us tho I km! i atwlnii'atud, the h dy
actpiirca sillistancu. Aji.'Ctite is resf.ire.-l, and
the fiLTYoin sst;:iu rcfrc.iwd with much needed
s unibvr, tlmii.i'-h tho ivio of this me-licine,
whii-li is also V'ncftei:il to versons of a rheumatic
ten'luiiry, and in inc;tiuiaile preventive u fev el
and r.ue.
for .ilu bvDrui'iiatsand Diilorj, generally.
tyt The most popular Weekly news
J. parw devoted to science, mechamcs, en-
tiiavBrinfr, aiecovenes. inveniions qu pawns
nabhshed. Rvaru nnm'hof illnntrated with
did enfrravinffM. Thii nnhlication. furnishes
a mmtvaiaaoieencvciopcdia ot information wmcn
no person should be without. I'he popularity of
the Scientific) American is such that its cir
culation nearly equal" that of all other papers of
Its class combined. Price. $3.20 a year. Discount
to Pin ha. Hntrl Ltl ...r- M IIS M A CO..
Publishers, Ko.1 Broadway, jS. Y.
IVPMBJ-1 Mnnu A Co. nave
peearao" instead of the "pyanner.
At the doer, however, lie give her a
dreadful sheet.
"I wish, mum," he reanarked, "to
begin with tunes."
Miss I'iper was a conscientious little
teacher, but she felt that there were
people in this world who must have
their own way; and Mr. Sliger'e Urat
lesson consisted of the "White Cock
ade." He had a very good ear, and was
anxious te learn. From the "White
Cockade" he went en to, "Life Let XT
Cherish, " and poor, guilty Miss Piper,
who felt that the notes had very lit tie
to do with his performance, heat time
and counted.
- Meanwhile - she found, thai; leaving
education out of the question, the man
was very sensible that he was kindly
and amiable. Once, corrected on the
pronunciation of a word, he never be
came a backslider on that werd. How
evevt was he who arranged everything
not his teacher.
As ether lessons were added, the
neglected person set the hours for them;
finally he had six hours a day. All the
pupils were dismissed but one. The
spelling lesson, the lessou in geography,
the lesson in history, followed each
other. All the week days were his.
Poor Miss Piper had no power to say
him cay He paid well, he treated her
with actual reverence; but the last pu
pil went when he elected to copy some
very flat "flower pieces" which Miss
Piper had executed in early youth, .and
ojillthisa lesson io jointing. He bad
all her week days at last, lie certainly
had improved in -Vonunciation, but
Miss Piper felt V :wr -pr j0 oe a bumbu
Whet they realT. did was to spend
tho day together exactly as ha 'ciuse.
Playiugwith educational books, thump
nig tne piaso, diinbiug Unst-ji board
with impossible flowers, scrambling
through the lesson in French of which
Miss Piper had a quarter from a Swiss
For a long time she was alone on
Sunday, and usually went to the Meth
odist church, to whioh she belonged;
but Mr. Sliger soon altered that. He
began by asking her whether they had
"these vespers" of he's at the Cathe
dral on Sunday moruiiig. And when
she instructed him that "vespers" were
in the latter part of the day, he said
he wonld call for her.
Accordingly she went to vespers at
the Cathedral in the afternoon, and af
ter that, regularly three times a day to
different churches.
Meanwhile Miss Piper and Mr. Sliger 1
peered threugh the teleacepe and saw
the rings of Saturn, which Mr. Sliger
supposed to be phenomenal and tempo
rary, aud which were explained by
Miss Pacdora to be fixtures, and then
adjourned to an ice cream saloon of
much elegance.
"This iudeed Is desperate disaipatien,
Miss Pandora said te herself, as she sat
betore the cut-glass goblet on the dam
ask cloth, aud saw the water splash
from the little fountain in the centre in
to the aquarium," aud over the glossy
plants, all. reflected in the loug mirrors.
However, what did it matter? She was
already "talked about." turned out of
her lodgings aa- srsfwoa who had gone
wrong. .She" fcep - ttiis -oieiry
moment to remember when she had pat
an end to all this, by saykig to the neg
lected pupil that nbe could no longer
impart instructions to him.
He was ordering every indigestible
luxury on the bill of fare, the diamond
en his little tin gei flashed like a small
sun, obsequieas waiters bobbing about
behind him. He looked liudly at her
and asked her if she liked this or that.
He was simple as an old baby; as kind as
an old lady; and be was a pleasaut-look
ingman. !
"All over! All over!" she said to her
self. "I might have known what a
wicked world this is, aud how ill it
thinks of innocent things. Why might
I not go on teaching him forever with
eut harm!"
People were coming in from concerts,
from the theatres; tables were filling,
bat theirs, between two columns, bey
ond the fountain,, was very quiet.
The waiters werajine to execute Mr.
Sliger's beheots. ' Suddenly he turned
t j her and "2k a iettar from his pock-
s.t. .
"Miss Piper," he said, "reed (hat."
Miss Pandora opened the missive and
perused it.
It was from a firm of lawyers, speak
ing in plain terms of Mr. St. Leger as a
gentleman and a man of honor and for
tune. "I got 'em to give it to me," he laid,
"to show to you." i
"I did not need it, indeed," said Miss
Pandora, sadly. "And this is the way
your name is really spelt? St. Leger;
it's a beautiful name."
' "It sounds a little curious to me," he
said. "Mother wrote it Sliger. I nev
er knew. But you see I'm all right.
They never toek me without a- charac
ter when I went for a place in the poor
times, and I ceuldn't expect you to take
Cm Swoare (1 fcrch)flnt Inaeetioo.. . .
Each additional BMertron .....
1 va Square i, first insertion .
naca addia mai mseruoB,
Ctwtm Hiiisaim are inewruom........
Zaab. trn 1 liasllillll
On Quarter OoHmn, first l
eaten aooiuonai laseraoa..
... 9"
... t CO
. W :
... a w .
... i on
... w
... s o
lima advsrsasers by speeds, eenwtes.
notice t& cents per line,. - m'
Aavsnuaaff row pnjaos jsamv.
AH legal notices will be charyad 71 cants par
squar grat insertion, and 7i cents per scjuaie
sua suboeroent Insertion .....
ROTKX. fiunpta aaomnjaeaMate of berth.
marriagM and deaths will be inserted wrUxm)
eharre. Obituary notions obarxed for as Harding
toleraxth. . . ,
Seswral A, propria (tswa.
Tb general appropriation bill
cam before the House at Tuesday
nittlii aesaior. froaa the Ways end
glean. Uotnmittte. . Its pronsions
are astollows: . Workshop and pen
itentiary, $10,000; additions and
repair to the asylum, $30,350:1
agricultural college, $5,000; night
walcam&n at the State capitoI,
1.8o0; expenses of the Superin
tendent of ifublic Instruction, 1,
850: purchasing of Governor' por
traits, $1,750; books far the State
library, $2,500: payment ef the
State officers, 20,800; land for the
asylum, $10,030; blind school, $11,-1
000; route school, $12,000; inciden
tal expenses of the State depart
ments, $18,000; conveying convicts"!
to the penitentiary, $13,000; con
veying insane to the asylum, $14,
000; printing and binding, $18,-
000; salaries of judicial officers, $65,-1
000; care ard treatment of the in
sane, 134,800; Bupport of the pen
itentiary, $603,000; orphan's home I
at balem, SJ.000; expenses of the
legislative assembly, $35,000; or
phan's home at Portland, $3,000;
arrest of fugitives, $3,000; man
agement of State lands, $13,000;
pilot commissioners, $2,400; health
officers, $1,200; support ef State
paupers, $1,000; janitor and assist
ants, $2,800; return of purchase
The following are deficiencies for I
which no provisions have been j
made: Contingent expenses libra-
ry and advertising $ 800; incidental I
expenses, $636; pilot commissioners
and clerk, $1, 000; rewards for mail
robbera, $800; expenses of blind
.school, $1,559; expenses ef asylum,
i"41,000; conveyance of insane, $4,
420; conveyance of convicts, $4,-
S00; pay to executive and adminis
trative officers, $3,300; pay to ju
dicial officers, 11,000; pay of Cali
fornia wireworks, 7,0G0; heating
apparatus for aRylum, $2,995; ex
penses ef penitentiary,' $20,135;!
cells at penitentiary, $16,844; wa
ter supply at asylum, $3,150; ex
penses of mute school, $2,879; pay
of Captain Mullan, State agent at
Washington, D. C, $2,500; repairs
and additions to capital building,
$3,045; pay of agents selecting
swamp lands, $11,6594 miscellan
eous claims, $2,857; back pay Gov. I
(Jhadwiok, $1,174. j .
It was then that the landlady thought me without a skvacter. either. I 1
the Patent Office, and have prepared
more than One Hundred Thpua-
nnnlir.utiuns for patents in tha
nited Strtos and foreign countries.
f TH,la.M.Tk. f ;oTarrlsnui.
Assignments, and all other papers for
securing to inventors vneir rwu
United States, Canada, England, France.
Germanv and Otner loreiKn wuumw
fully given without charge. Hand-books , l(J sce anotner pupil's practiciuj;.
through Mnnn 4 ro. are .noticed in the Scientin, ;
of 'X '"."J.'Vtkw co.. office scnarnrie-
AjtiiuCAS, 2C1 Broadway, Kew Vorlt. . (
CAL!E0n.!iA STATE m,
Ami Wilier rnli!i ;i(i.ins.
WHY tlds csn be doi.e prt-tltably Is very plain. Af-,
ter 100.000 names sre enrolled, located In every state
and territory ,tbna tvlng onr megeilne a tnoroagn
limImh.. M.il.nt lnrraaa of BnbsctiDUons
will be received at II a yenri and from the sale
of boolts to non-mstnbers. togtther with tbecorres
ponrtlDg Iticresae In the valoe of the advertising col-
m. . n,n.t .Htl.raetnrv Ineoma.
II nndreds of Dollnrs Haved In dlicounis by tbe
simple Investment oroulv tt-and even for that yott,
rKrlveamagaslneworiA Vie dollar tin timet over. ;
OSS orrrriTIOHS tool Book. at kalfprlm t. b.ra
riabarrtbeeNow as subscription price will again'
De piaceu at si a 5 ear wnen iw,iaw uma . k
For further p:irl.icu!ars wvite to
R. A. Tenney,
CHI R 51 Sflfll r.
"Let us go into the house nf the Lord,
PSALMS 12-': 1.
Divine service ft the First P.apfist
Church of Wt'ston, Ureuou, on the r'irst
and Third Sumtays in each month,
morning and c-veniiij.'. Sunday school at
3 D. in. evtirv Sunday. Prayer Meeting
every Thun-diiy at 7 p. m. All arc cor
lull'y invited to attend those services.
W. 11. PKfbTT, Pastor.
At last he came,
Nora showed wine one up stairs, and
there entered at the door an elderly gen
tieman, of benign appearance, dressed
iu tlie latest laslnen, but not witnout
regard to his age, who, bowing low, re
"I hone I am not late mum. I know
your time must be very valuable,
"I am sure I only wish everybody
was as punctual," said Miss Piper. "It
is exactly three o'clock."
"You're very kiud, mum," said the
centleinan, seating himself, as Miss
Piper molioped him to a chair. "I'm
an oldish pupil Isupposo you think; but
I'll explain. I think I've explained in
my note, but I'll explain again. I've
been neglected, not from any nnkind-
Bcs.s for my poor mother did the best
she cocld for me bat we were very
poor. I don't wish to mention the hum
ble position I've always occupied until
a year ago, when eomeoeay irora r.ng
lund came and hunted me out. Mother
was do:id, poor dear! But this was how
it was: Father was very rich and np
iu the world; mother was a housemaid.
He man ied her, and his mother was
furious, and mother couldn't stand it.
She ran away; she came here, and lived
au honest, hard-working life. It was
onlv wheu she died that she told me
my name was not Noggings, but Sliger,
and that bhe had written te my father,
or get some lawyer to write, and he was
dead, too, and I came into the property
aud left the humble position I won't al
lude to, and well, I'm rich, but I don't
know anything, and befere I go to
Encland I want to be educated. You
"It's a very laudable ambition, I'm
sure," said Miss Piper. "I usually
teach music, but- of course I can under
take the F.nglish branches."
"Yes, mum," replied the gentleman,
, . i : 1 . . 1 1 1 .-. ,an,n with mnatu
BUSli.y. vnuh v S " ' "
rm. - t -. t ?r, VhtvIi ! the rvanner. I have never known
etc. If U.exeforr,,; d Sept each year; 224 nages ejxiA, . any one in mgr. me wno couta no,
rrl 'V' iKiiH,iiiiaraowuiii. I upon the pvanner. iegin win taai
a.rVSHealta awholepictnregallery. Gives wholesale j ' . 0 on t0 which I am con-
. jusi-wnat its naraa Implies ;
turely Vegrtatls'dompounrI,' thai
fits directly Trpoa thelSaver fearing
ooitaxii orgaa,wid J&Sazai
BCrOUS ailments cruise.' f rrrm tf.
deTsmgerl or rmarIim.V.,r.,T,.J
a . F A w r ,
ice. 'QianEnmi
Obtained, and all Patent Ihisinexs at
home or abroad attended to for motier
ate tee. i. Oiir cliice is opposite the I",
fci. Patent Otiice. and we can obtain pat
ents in less time th.:n tiiose reii"te from
Washington. Semi Mo;-l t.r jfintfing
We advise as to patentability tree of
rVinrfP! and we churac ho fee -unlet
mil' tit i uHoi'-al.
We refer, here, to tho Postmaster,
the Snpt. cf .Money Kr-ier Piv., and to
ofliciuls of the i;. S. Patent f.ltfice. For
eircular. advice, terms, and reicrenccs
to actual clients in your own fctate or
county, write to .
. A. SSOff & i O-.
Opp. Put. Odice, Washington, IX
aaru uuuv uc acyi, ia eraeL ( . - 6 , , .
.- . i. -m - .
InviTor&te the Liver, Regulates the Bow-, tg hf wt?
els. Strengthens the System, Purifies the 1?
Blood . AssisU DigesUon, Prevents Fevers.1 !tmeya
Is a Household Teed. An Invaluable) 01
Family Medicine for common complainUJ "f? . T6 ,,av?in?l0
r- .i-trrri-R-ri'a tiuvu TinrTonwATni It C0talI information gleaned from gay
V j S!? mrkeu of tho world. We will mail j a J
7KZZ J , V 7-, a i .py t reo to any address upon receipt
tandtcf TftimomaU prove ill Merit. A of the postage 8 cents. lit na hear
and go on to t-pelling,
scious I
order, and i Is was not the usual course, but there
cost of ev- was a seriousness and dignified manner
wTJrt about thU "neglected" person, that
have fun , ... . . ,. D:
invnlrwhln I made it unpossioie ier mih a
so. She nieatiened her terms, and
set the heura fer the lessons, aaa so
of the
sceipt L .1 o,.
nost- t ... v . skiinuiiy empaanucu t,u
FOB SAL VT ALT. DEAIRS IS MEDICTS1S.' from you. . KespectfuUv i 1 instrument, that Mr. Sliger, Ufore hu
wiTb. t.?u ariJ.0"" MONTGOMERY WADn Jt n .Lrt... had beun to call it the
STAAS Sfea JtKtt TOBK omv a U2j) Uabaali Avxnsaa CkJcs UL J
purs Boo on tne
BAaveaD at
it her duty io call.
She appeared in Miss Pandora Piper's
apartment at the awful hour of ten
o'clock at night, majestic in her crimp
ing pins, and with- very serious coun
tenance, but she was welcomed in with
a smile bv the little music teacher.
Good evening Miss Grimm," said
she, "haven't had a call from you for a
long while."
"No, Miss Piper you haven't," said
Mrs. Grimm, with much emphasis.
"But you could net expect me to call
after such carrying on." -
"Why, what do you mean, Mrs.
Grimm?" ejaculated Miss Piper.
"Can you ask, Pandora Piper?" an
swered the landlady in her deepest
chest-note. "'The whole neighborhood
is talking about you!"
"About me!" screamed Miss Piper.
"You and that man," answered the
"My pupil, Mr. Sliger," sobbed MisB
Piper fairly in tears.
"Your pupil? Don't tell me!" id
Mrs. Grimm. "Miss Pandora Piper, I
shall be obliged to put up a bill for my
second floor. "You've got to gol"
"Oh, oh, oh!" cried Pandora. "Can
you think any harm of me? Why you
could come in at any moment. Nora
is iu and out every now and then. Such
a respectable elderly gentleman, and
such a correct person as I am!"
"It inn't me, Pandora," said Mrs.
Grimm, quite melted, "it's the neigh
borhood. The church-going (if it is
ciuircn) nuisuea em. lours ot age
this long while, my dear; but I can't
countenance this. I shall put up the
bill. Oh, oh, Pandora! that it should
come to this!"
Poor Miss Pandora!
As her friend and landlady walked
out ot the door with her bai.dkerchief
to her eves, she stood motionless, as
though turned to a pillar of salt.
She saw just how this repair of neg
lected education must appear to her
small circle of discarded pupils, and
felt a Btrong desire to drown herself or
jump out of the window, or turn on
the gas, or take a box of matches ,n her
tea, and she might actually, it seemed
to her afterwards, have died of mortifi
cation, but that the gang of the front
door, pulled violently at this moment
startled her, aud Nora, running up,
wrapped in a waterproof cloak, for she
had been making preparations to go to
bed, announced:
"Mr. Sliger!'
"He can't come np," said Pandora,
"at this hour of the night."
"No, miss; he asks for you to come
down," said Kara.
Pandora went down.
Mr. Sliger was at the doer.
he said;
star or other, I believe. Get a bonnet
and a shawl and come and have 'a peep.
It will be a lesson in astienomy for sue.
Yon can explain it, you know same
terms as other lesson. "
Pandora obeyed without a word.
The door closed after Pandora, leav
ing Mrs. Unium staring at Nora.
"Thai's the capsheaf? said Mrs.
"New," said Mrs. Grimm, I will."
don't know whether you despise me for
my ignorance or not, but if you don't,
why, 1 want yon to take me tor your
pupil for life to marry me, you know,
Pandora. Will you?"
It was a dreadful thing to do in each
a public place, but Pandora Piper felt
that she was going to faint the room
grew dark
She held out her hand for a glass of
water. Most of it was spilt on the front
breadth of her new black silk, but that
which passed her lips relieved her. Then
a sweet soft sense that there was no
more trouble for her in this world, crept
into her heart, and site smiled np at
"It was in my mind the first day I
came," he said. "I had seen yeu often
through the window when you gave les
sons to the little girl at Bell's- I felt
sure you were just the woman for me
and every lesson you gave me proved it
I shall learn everything from yaa
goodness as well as spelling. Uh, say
Mrs. Grimm was sitting up for her,
pale with wrath, when she returned
but Pandora took her by both hands
and said:
"You won't turn me out until after
my weddine day, will yon? You'll let
me be married here? It's to be aex
week. Mr. St. Leger won't wait. You
see we will have to go to England and
live on the estate. And, after all,
poor little music teacher needs no great
"Servants and diamonds, aud a coun
try house aud a city house, and every
thing heart can wish, "Mrs. Grimm says
aow. "It's like a root tuce."
And Pandora, happy with her good,
simple husband, io her new surround
ings, often thinks so herself.
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a telescope at the corner,"
"something going on in some
Recent decisions and orders by the
Interior Department seriously interfere
with the incomes of notaries public, and
add te the bnrdens of the claimant nn
der the land laws. As the laws are now
interpreted the only affidavit or proof
that eaa be taken before a notary public
for nse in the land sffice, are those per
taining to tbe application for a tract un
der the law fer the sle of timber lands
Homestead, preemption, timber culture
and otber proofs taken before a notary
are not good. AU notaries and all oth
ers having business with the land office
shouid take due notice and govern
themselves Accordingly.
Contract Labor East.
There was a debate in the Senate
of the United States last . week on
what may, be called a phase of the
Chinese question. - It sprung np on
tne bill prohibiting tbe Importation
of laborers under eontracts made in
foreign countries. The, courts had
for a Ions; time refused to allow
such contracts, for they were en
tered in places beyond jthe jurisdic
tion of the United States and un
der conditions which produced an
unfair competition in the labor
market here. But in (he height of
the war there was a scarcity of la
bor which it was very difficult te
meet. The wage-workers had gone
in immense masses to the front and
there were not enough left behind
to produce the articles needed, not
only for the army, but the country
at large. A bill was j than passed
to allow contracts for labor te be
marla abroad. ETndar it larra num
bers of men were imported for Beef. Pork, Mutton,
workshops and mines. But the
practice is now continued, notwith
standing that there is no scarcity of
labor; on the contrary, there are
said to be 300.000 wage workers
Laborers, especially from South
eastern Europe, where the pay is
not much higher than it is in China,
are being imported in large num
bers. These people gladly bind
themselves to work fur long terms
at fifty cents per day. aud less. Tbe
effect on Pennsylvania, especially,
'has been disastrous in the extreme.
The laberii.g classes there have been
reduced by this competition, in
some eases, to a far; more pinched
condition than the I corresponding
classes in England, France or Ger
many They are not able to clothe
or feed themselves and their fam
ilies out of what they get. The
bill now before the Senate is in
tended to stop a practice which
should have been brought to an eeured at reasonable rates. Tho BED-
end when the war closed. The re- booms are new, keat and clean,
l r . i .1 ..v.. : . . i i I
purl, Ul uiv uvuaw muauiiHCU UJ fm y f
f.r f uomercial Travelers
goes, it certainly ia evident that
neither the wisdom 'nor the states
manship of the Senate has yet been
brought out on the subject. John
Sherman somewhat unexpectedly
announced that he jwas in favor ef
the bill, though he declaied that he
opposed the Chinese Restriction 1 T ---vlrtsv.
bill. But then, it is Air. Sherman's 1 ill Til E HT .
.vt - ... .... I '
ox mat, is getting gorea tnis time,
and that makes, evidently, a con
siderable difference! with bim.
C. B.
Highest market price paid fer fat
The Man in the Iron Mask is sup
posed to have been a commercial tray
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ot mill teed such as
Notice to the Fnblic
All persons knowing themselves in,
debted either by note or book aeeount.
are hereby requested to- come forward
and make immediate payment, as all old
running accounts must be .settled by
April 1st, 1884, or the same will be duly
collected by law.
fa.We also wLth tn ein nntira that
the Weston Steam Floor Mill is for rent
or sale. For further DarticnLars anolv .
to the undersigned.
rroebatel Bros - - -
will find this the best place la tbe dir.
Mrs. R. M. Powers,
The Pope has written the Catho
lic Bishops ef England to publish
tbe instructions of, the propaganda I
against the education ef Catholics I
in English universities, lbe pope I
intends to proclaim the canonization
of the English martyrs, Sir Thomas I
Moore aud Admiral Eisner.
respectfully informs the public that be
naa now at nts miu on
Fat Sheedy aaid last week that
he bad jest concluded arrangements
with Richard K Fox by which. Fox W1LDH0RSE, KIKE MILES FROM WESTOH
naa a rtfeu vu user f j,iiw suu un
Folic GazelU diamond champion I
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Collecting Accounts a Soeciattv.
r. or. srj a-jrrs
' (Sarrsssoi to Simpson), ; -
- Axr
Woek dona b the Latitat sad Best t trie.
- noi Kcxt SSoor to Poaberp a Qo,",.