Weston weekly leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 1878-189?, December 04, 1880, Image 1

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NO. 51,
W. T.' WlLlIAMSON, ' 0. F. M'COLL
wiuxahaox wcoit. rmfc"-
Ijwced Evkey SaturpaT Mor-viso, ;.
, ;atMrrlpUa Rale a ,' . .
On Tw, (colli)
Montiis ,
fhrM Month.
Klngl Vvtm..:.;:7
2 00
1 58
r Advertising Bale.
On Sqaar a Inch) first Insertion "
. K a s li li 1 mil insertwm. ,, j
TwaSquei-M, first losertioa .a,ff.".,"v: ;
Tien additional ineertiun ! J
hm Quarter Column, Ant Insertion 5 SO
kab eaxlllloiuu imeruw .
' Tim advertiser by epecUl evneract, Loral notice
V, kiu per line ttrst insertion, 1 !J nli per line eath
. euue,ueat iueertkoa.. A4tdnf. bill pa.Tabe quar
hrl). All doUmUJ k chxfl 7frM-1er square
rit iiiwrttua, ud 7i onU per squacc fubw4ucnt
feiMrttan paahls munUuj). i,.
yoTie. Simple ennouneetaento fll birth, mirrik;ci
Mi4 death will be inicrted witliuut chaise, obituary
. Mttce char(d lor avkordioe tq icnicth.
V. KNOX,. . ,
' Port Monnaies,
Fishing Tackle,
FerMery, Toilet Soaps,
Toys and Nuts,
' Attorney at Law,
win r.rl u tha CourU of this State and W eh
'BUu lerritori . Hpocial aUeutioa paiii w Land Ottioe
tuiuea ana mukw".
' Office-Main St.. Werton. . '
Attorney at Law,
rriCB A Coart llonar. Wlla
Whoeaale and Bolail.
Fred. Pajy,
Attorney at Law and Notary Public.
VTU practice n the Court! In Oregon and Waahington
i Territorj-.
Collections Promptly Attended To.
IF1CL. ua Miiln Street. Weaton. Or
Hotary Public and Collector.
' Agent lor Utah, Idaho and Oregon Stage Oo'e, alio, -
Dealer la Candlee, Nuta, Toya, Kotloua, Cignr
Tabaetwa. and nainerou other artletea.
of the
Attorney at Law.
WUl practise In all the court ot the State.
ncrr.HEB, ok.
Physician. Surgeon and Accoucheur.
; HILToAi, OKttOS.
All call promptly ulteudel.
S. F. SHARP, M. D.,
ItyiicUn, Ctictn, ttd AcccttLctr
OFFICE Over Wagner's Furniture
Store,. C&nierville, Or. , . ; ,
-pvR. W. lC JONES,
Ornca at rai ricruaa Gauekt, Wtaroi), Orkoox.
J-Iiteerting Artiflclal Teeth, a S) e ;ittj-"OA.
S. H. Kennedy's Mf'g Co
Th " -"iii of tfn kinl in tb U. S
gj Her.se examine tlie
Dissolved Sulphur Oip,
Price $2.25 a gallon,
fliis is equal to 30 lbs the best
Sublime Sulphur.
Concentrated Extract of
Tobacco Dip,
Price, 2.25 a gallon,
Hits is my FAVORITE Dip be
CUKES SCAR and can as
rue of strength with safety.
Heml ck Poi onous Dip,
l'rice, 5?2.25 a gallon.
Each Gallon of these Dips
Will viake enuuah for J Sheep after
' shearing.
Special Dip for Scab,
Price, $2.60 gallon.
Reliable at any season of the year, especially
so in the 'Fell ami Winter.
Put up in one and five gallon cans with full
directions for use.
Pamphlets sent Free to any Address.
Sold by all principal dealers in the U. S.
Asenta for Uie PnrMrCouht.
Samuel Neat, one of Boston's wealthy
young men, Las been mulcted $3,000 in
a breach of promise suit and subjected
besides to the reading in the court of bis
love letters, which were addressed like
this: "My own and only precious little
sweetheart,'' "My own dearly beloved
loved one," "My own beloved one," and
"Sweet, precious darling." Mr. Long
fellow was so affected by the fate ot this
gentleman that he at once composed the
following beautiful and intensely practi
cal verses, which should be pasted in the
hat of every young man in the country :
In the twilight aolemn gloaming
Stood a maiden youn; and lair,
Watching anxioiuly (or tome one
Who was certainl? not there.
Long she peered into the darkness.
Whl'.e her mind was fraught with (ears.
And her heavy hanging eyelids
Showed the marks of recent tears.
Oh, the woe that wonun suffer ;
Oh, the heart-aches and the pangs;
Only partially atoned for
Br her bangles and her bangs.
Faithless man, come to the maiden
Who is waiting there tor you.
Clasp her gently to your bosom
Te l her s.ie is life to you.
Let her rest upon your kneecap,
Sitting in the old arm chair,
While the end of your coat collar.
Tangle 5ently in her hair.
,; "I don't see the use of making such a
fuss over a thing you don't really need,"
sobbed Mrs. Spoopendyke through her
indignant tears. .
"Oh, you don't !" raved Mr. Spoopen
dyke. "You don't see any use putting
things where they belong, either, do- you!
How d'ye s'pose I'm going to know when
it's my turn to show what Christianity
has done for me unless you can tind that
dod-gasted book for me between now and
the resurrection J" and Mr. Spoopen
dyke spun round on his heel like a ' top,
knocked Over a Parian jar.
"Wait a minute, my dear," said Mrs.
fpoopendyke, Lokiag at hiui earnestly.
Then she went behind him and fUhed out
the prayer-book.
"Got it, didn't you," he growled.
"Had it all the time, I s'pose. Where
was it, anyway?"
"In your coat-tail pocket, dear," and
Mrs. Spoopendyke jabbed the powder
purl' in her eyes, and stalked down stairs,
leaving her lipge to follow. Brooklyn
Flay it fine, mi-guided creature;
Tell the maiden on your knee
That to you a guardian angel
Will her love forever be.
Then be sure to get your letters,
(On this point depends your fate).
For in case you shake the maiden
She may choose to litigate.
Never let a heartless jury
Sec those notelets where you say
That the girl's your tootsey pootsey;
For it gives you dtad away.
When you have those precious missives
Burn thtm, ere the sun ha set.
Then steer clear of guileless maidens.
And you may be l.appy yet. ,
Homoepathic Physicians and Surgeons
' 0PFICE -Paine Bros' Brick.
AeTSpeeial Attention given to disease of the Eye, Ear
add Throat. -
Leading Evening Newspaper West of th
Rocky Mountain.
P'lly Bulletin, one year 812 0
Weekly and Friday Bulletin (making toethei
a complete aemi-weeiviy.. aw
Weekly alone, one year. : S 50
Parts of a year in proportion.
F.Tuh mihserieer will be presented with several ve
rietiee of Rare and Valuable TREE. VEGETABLE and
FLOWER SEbDS. equal in value to the subscription
price of the paper.
ar riena ior Mmpie uopy, giving iuu paracuuu.
Remittance by Draft, rotofflce Order, Wells, Fargo
ft Co.'s Express, and Registered Letter, at our risk.
8nn Franrlseo. fnl.
jarTeeth txt aoted without pain
rentei . , ,
and all work war
Q tt. MACK, .,
Of Walla Walla, will make Irequeat professional visits
at Weetm and Pendleton.
i Physician .and Surgeon,
, , , , WESTON OREOO :
sMBee. mxt doer to C'Hy 9rmt Ktore.
lroniulF attended.
obtained for mechanical devices, medical or other com
pounds. o:"amental dt-signs, tradt'-mnrks and labels.
Cavtats, Assignmt nts, Interferences, Infringements, and
all matters relating to Patents, promptly attended to.
We make preliminary examinations and furnish opinions
as to patentability, free of charge, and all who are inter
ested in new inventions and Patents are invited to send
for a copy of our "Guide for obtaining Patents," which
! vnt a., ta anv mlilrps. and coniains complete in.
structions how to obtain Patents and other valuable
matter. During the past five yiars we have obtained
m-arlvthiie thuusand' Patents for American and Foreign
inventors, and can give satisfactory references in almost
everv i-uuntr in the Union.
Address: Loul Bagger t Co. .Solicitors of Patent
and Attorneys at Law, LeDroit Building, Washington,
D. C.
Physician and Surgeon,
IBec at his reside see n Water M.
OFFICE At Drvf Store, CenterviU
CVejon. 7-17-S0-tf
in rllt 1' let net. Tarties rksirirg land located
would do well to comspenu with him, pettysvUie F.U.
TheWebfoot Restaurant,
Opposite the new Court House.)
Tjffl-TPl AT.H ------ aBG
Beat Heals tr I lie Money In Walla Walla.
"Now, dear," said Mr. Spoopendyke,
cheerfully, "be lively. It's twenty min
utes past ten, and we rousn't be late at
church. Most ready!"
"Yes, dear," beamed Mrs. Spo-.pen-dyke,
"I'm all ready. Got everything?"
"I think so. Hymn-book, umbrella,
and where's that prayer-book. I haven't
got the prayer-book."
"Where did you leave it!" asked
Mrs. Spoopendyke, turning over the vol
umes on the table .hurriedly.
"If I knew where I left it, I'd strut
right' to the spot and get it," retorted
Mr. Spoopendyke. "I left it with you.
Whre did you leave it? Can't you re
member what you do with things?"
'I haven't seen it since last Sunday,"
returned Mrs. Spoopendyke, faintly. "I
know," she continued; "perhaps it is at
church." '
"Perhaps it is," mimicked Mr. Spoop
endyke; "perhaps it got up early, took a
bath, and went ahead of us. Did you
ever see a prayer-book prowl off to church
all alone? .Ever see a prayer-book h'ist
up its skirts, and strike out for the sanc
tuary without any escort? S'pose a
prayer-book knows the difference between
a church and a ham sandwich? Where
did you put it."
"I mean you my have left it in the
pew-rack. You know you did once,
suggested Mrs. Spoopendyke.
"I didn't anvthing of the sort. I
brought it home and gave it to you.
Where, did you keep it? What did you
do with it? S'pose I'm going to swpsh
around throuh the service without know
ing whether they are, doing the Apostles'
Creed or an Act of Congress? Spring
around and find in, can't you? What are
you looking for? Don't you know the
difference between a prayer-book and
the 'Wandering Jew ? find it, xant you?"
"Never mind it, dear," fluttered Mrs.
Spoopendyke. "I know all tbe responses
and I'll help you along."
"Oh, yes, you know 'em all. All you
know about religion wouldn't wad a gun.
All you want is a bell and a board fence
to be a theological seminary. Think you
can find that prayer-book between now
and the equinoctial?" howled Mr. -Spoopendyke.
"Got any idea whether you
sold the measly thing for china vases, or
stirred it into the sweet-cake 1 Have I
len chewing divine grace all morning?
Where's that prayer-book? Going to
get that prayer-book before the Revela
tions come to pass ?" and Mr. Spoopen
dyke plunged around the room, tumbling
J books about and breathing heavily.
The much mooted question involved in
the granting of benefits intended by the
act of June 15, 1880, which refers especi
ally to the right of all persons who had
taken a homestead prior to June 15,
1880, has at last been decided by the De
partment in that the homesteader can,
if he so desires make proof ' by the pay
ment of 1 25 per acre in cash or by
Special Deposit Certificates at his option,
at the same rates less the amount of fees
which hud been paid at date of entry.
It is also further decided that all home
steads taken prior to the date of the
above act, whether settled upon now or
not, abandoned as well as homesteads
actually resided upon, can now be paid
at $1 25 per acre less the fees paid at
date of entry as above stated. This de
cision virtually leaves the homesteader in
position to buy the homestead, even if be
has abandoned it, and no further settle
ment is required. Applying only to the
advantage of those whose claims were
taken prior to June. 15, 1880, the many
whose claims were taken subsequent need
not expect or attempt to take advantage
of it. Great complaint has been occa
sioned by this recent decision, and it is
possible an attempt will be made to have
the act repealed thereby depriving all
those who have neglected in having their
homesteads paid for before of the benefits
intended by the act, and which repeal if
possible can only be taken advantage of
by an immediate proof on all the home
steads possible.
Milton, Nov. 29th, 1880.
Editors Leader:
Gentemes: There is no time so ad
verse to the formation of an unbiased
opinion on any political topic as during
the exeitement of a lively campaign.
This is true also of those questions which,
though not of a purely political complex
ion, are apt to come up as side issues in
the struggle for' political : preferment
During the canvass preceding the June
election Mr. J. O. Franklin of Lena, a
gentleman of more than ordinary ability
and undoubted integrity, broached the
subject of licensing gambling. This was
in his speech at Heppner. I do not
know how the matter was regarded at
that end ot the county. Uut its an
nouncement here created quite a diver
sion. The idea of licensing gambling
was too heinous to receive an impartial
onsideration. Many good men were
terribly shocked at the proposition. Even
those who occasionally venture a little
were severe in its denunciation. . The
personal and political opponents of Mr,
Franklin did not hesitate to make capital
out of it, though none of them can be
less addicted to the vice or more opposed
to it than he is. But Mr. Franklin lost
votes on the issue. Now how does the
case stand? There is not to-day, in all
probability, a town or hamlet in all our
broad countynor perhaps in the State
wn ch gambling is not carried on in
defiance of the law, and that frequently
in the most open and barefaced manner,
Of the many who stood aghast in holy
horror at the bare idea of imposing a
Friend Morrison : I learn that you
are frequently interrogated by persona
residing east of the Rocky Mwrttung
concerning the climate, soil and jrroducU
of Eastern Oregon. Perhaps. few-
words from your correspondent might
impart some information to hem that
the have not otherwise learned. . .,
The , past season has certainly been
rather an unfavorable one; crops being
much below the average, while prices are
still very low-wheat commanding but
thirty-five cents per busheL
There are two reasons for this; the
surplus grown in many localities, and the
present cost of transportation. A rail
road is now being constructed between
here and Portland, which, when complet
ed, will afford us an outlet to the sea at
a small part of the present cost.
Emigrants coming here may choose
cither a grain-growinrr district or a stock
The prices for stock remain good.
Some of our counties are as large as the
State of Ohio, and vary much in climate
owing to altitude.
As a grain-producing eountry this
certainly has no superior, and but few"
There is yet much good land to be
taken under the homestead, pre-emption
or timber culture acts, as well as ample
opportunities afforded for purchasing, at
low figures, railroad and school lands. . .
Our bunch -grass is the most succulent
wild giass known on the American Con
tinent, and affords abundant pasturage
during all seasons of the year.
We are quite as well supplied with
license on this iniquity not one. has in- churches and schools as many of the older
vokeel the power and majesty ot t'ue law Western States, and. as a consequence,
to restrain its corrupting influence on
public morality. They have -, sat in
silence under the shade of this giant and
growing evil, raising neither hand' nor
voice to impede its progress or stay its
society is equally as good. . ,
The city of Walla . Walla, situated .
about twenty miles northeast of this
place, is rapidly growing into one of the
most important inland cities on the coast
ravages- xsay, more, some oi inose wno ea3t o Portland: besides, our towa of
viewed its license with alarm have given Weston, is making very substantial im-
it countenance and encouragement in the
most unequiyocal manner. The evil is
greater to-day than it was then, and
who has profited by the increase?
Again, how much worse is gambling
that affects only man's monetary and
moral condition than the liquor business
that ffects besides these his physical
well being? And yet very few of those
who opposed the licensing of gambling
provements, and being surrounded, as it
is, by the choicest agricultural country in.
the State, its prospects for the future
are, indeed, flattering.
Persons coming here, determined to '
remain, to get possession of land and to
improve it, may be sure of a good home,
and a competence that will be a good
friend in old age. -
Our country will be permeated with
would willingly see the liquor licenses railroads in a ew years coal is being
l -.1 m, i ...... 1 .
With all his guilt, we pity him still.
During the week ' this unfortunate man
has been tried; first,'- for robbing the TJ.
S. Mail, by feloniously taking letters, be
longing to different parties, out . of the
postoffioe, among which was a check for
$343 03 in favor of W. N., Smith, of
Waitsburg, and Thich it-seems he was
about to convert into coin and appropri
ate to his own use. He was found
guilty as -charged in, thej indictment.
Next he was tried for grand larceny,
charged with having robbed Mr. McCam
mbn of about $85 in coin and a revolver.
The evidence in this, as in the previous
case bore hard against the accused, while
his defense was very lame. In the IT. '
S. Mail robbery he stated that he found
the letters, but it was too thin. In the
second trial he tried to make it appear
that he was drunk and knew not what
he was doing, but it sems the Ju Ige and
Jury thought it was about time for him
to learn right from wrong and he was
again found guilty as charged in the in
dictment. He has been also indicted for
forgery, but that case perhaps will be
quashed. It is enough, heaven knows,
for one so young, doomed to enter the
penitentiary for at least ten long and
weary years, leter L.ajyiar, alter an, is
but a foolish youth, whom strong drink
has made reckless and ended his career
as an attorney at law and as a man, in
crime and in shame. Let those who have
eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to
feel, take warning by this man's fate and
turn from.the wine cup while there is
yet time. TT. IF. Watchman.
done away with. They claim that it is a
restraint upon the business, as well as a
rich source of revenue. It seems to me
that those who discriminate between
the two are making a distinction without
difference, and a distinction that works
to the detriment of all but the gambling
trickster. If it is just and proper to
license liquor dealers why is it not
equally just and proper to tax gamblers
in the same way? Gentlemen, I am not
sure that this in accordance with your
found in many localities; the mountain
ous regions afford an abundance of tim
ber, and the country is well watered, ex
eept in a few districts.
We are now receiving our share of
immigration, and let it be our aim to ex
tend a cordial welcome to all, imparting
to them any information that - may be
desired. Weston Church and Home.
The most influential republican paper
ideas, but I hope that you will give it in tnis State was in the habit of stating,
space in the Leader that the subject may Pr to the election, that there would be
fairly be discussed. Yours truly, I no election in the South, simply a count-;
Que Ess.' I lng ln f the democratic candidates.
In view of the republican gains in many
Traveling by stage coach in Nevada is of these states, it would be now in order
enlivened frequently by incidents. - For I for that journal to apolegise or admit
example, Freid and Moody sat in the I that the democracy were somewhat liber
same seat of a crowded coach on the I al in "countine in"- sxv many of their or-
Bodie line. Moody surlily said that ponents.' These unfounded statements
FrPid was taking more than a fair share were made for political effect and many .
of the space, and when Freid replied cood men were decieved therebv: but now
that he couldn't move any further, coolly that their falsity has been proven, .will
shot him. "I never take any nonsense." I those same continue to believe the utter-
he remarked, as Freid fell dead from the ance of such a paper.
seat. The driver trot dowrl and told trm I
murderer to rret ut. A diint W1 According to the Chicago Railway Re.
and a flourish of the weapon were the ' " M Amerlcan V
answer. The driver jumped up on the
wheel, seized Moodv Viv thn Millar rlrair.
' 'Oil A A AAA , -rrr i .
ged him through the window and threw Ll ' " l lana m "wmngtoa
him to the ground so forcibly that his utle M aoquirexi
arm was broken. The naasaturer. kelned by the Purchasers,. they intend to jink
the driver to tie him with a rope, and artesian wella tm every sectioft open
I l.Jt. At ? ' . i A 1
he was stowed away with the trunks be-
are negotiating with the North Pacific
Railroad 'Company for the purchase of.
Venison is only six cents a pound at
Roseburg. Pass the meat, please.
hind in the boot, along with the body of
Freid after which tbe journey was con
tinued. Idaho Democrat.
which there is not
supply of water.
a sufficient natural
It is said that that wealthy and pow
erful corporation, the Standard Oil Com
pany, is buying wheat lands in the north
west on a most gigantic scale, intending
to utilize it in raising wheat, its ultimate
object being to control the breadstuff of
the world.
A reward of $5,000 has been offered
by the American Humaae Assoc iatiom to
any one inventing a cattle car ao con.
structed that the cattle can lie down in
transit, and also be fed and watered in
the cars.
Oh, yes ! You can rely on Webfoot
oil at all times, night or day, as a sure
cure for croup or spasm Ask for it at
McOoU& Miller'