Weston weekly leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 1878-189?, October 23, 1880, Image 1

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NO. 46.
VOL. 2,
. -. .- - ."- - .;.'."
wiuiambos ircoii mwisner.
Issued Evert Saturday Morxiso,
bTPI Bale I
On. Year, (coin) ! ll 00
Six Month. 1 bO
fhiw. Montli.. i.
Slogl Coi4
AdrertUInK Kate.
One Square (1 !neh) rt Insertion
Ihch additional Insertion. .
To Square. Srst Insertion
i .i.iiiimI 1 ii in lit Inn . .... ......-.
T" u inurtlcm. 3 "
inn w"" ' i
Cm Quarter Column, ftrsi insertion..
Tim. 4vrtir. by special n'r't- n"fJ
6 MirU Mr Ho. ftrst Insertion, 12J cents per line each
.ZJ! insertion. Adv.rti.in bill payabe quar
... i i ni h. rhanrcd ?5 cent per square
rssinSrtlon, and 37 J cnt per iquare mil subsequent
tauwruoa (payaoi. moouiiyA
None. Simple announeemenU of birth, marriage
n detths will b Inserted without charge. Obituary
butloM snargwi (or aowirdioc to length.
Attorney at Law
in th. Court, of thl Stat and W ah
Territory. Special sttentlon paid to Land Office
' win
nnan Territory.
kuaio and Collection.
Port Monnaies
, Fishing Tackle,
Perfumery, Toilet Soaps,
An attempt is being made to detract
from the good Col. Larrabee is doing in
this campaign by impugning his military
record. Col. Larrabee left his seat in
Congress March th, 1861. FortSump
ter fell AprU 13th 1861. On April 14th
the CoL enlisted as 8x private in the
Horicon Guard, an independent Militia
Colnpany, which was tendered to the
Governor of Wisconsin for the first regi-
Physically suited to enter the Invalid
Corps. '
By command of Maior Gen. Rosecrans.
Henbt M. Cist,
Ass't Adj't General.
Ceneral Lytle" Official Order.
Headquarter, U. S. Forces, Bridgeport, Ala.,
Avg. 30, 186a -;. ,
Colonel : I have the honor to for
ward the acceptance of Tour lesignation
by the headquarters of the army of Jhe
The general commanding directs me to
express his profound regret that you are
ment to be made up by him. In this rabout to bid farewell to his command
era -he an( the 'Service. He desir?s.iBe thus
Ofllec-Maln St.. Wealon. O.
Attorney at Law,
OFFlCe-At Cort Uor. Walla WU
Attorney at Law and Notary Public.
th. Courts in Oregon and Washington
WU practice n
Collections Promptly Attended To.
OrriCK. Mala MrtrU Wiwton. Or
Notarv Public and Collector.
Agent lor Utah, IiUbo and Oregon Btnee Co', also.
Deal In Cnntllr. SntB, Toy. N'ollona, Hear
T.kmom. and BHUirroa. other article.
Attorney at Law.
Will pntettae In all the court, of the Stat..
l W. WESTON, M. D.
Physician, Surgeon and Accoucheur.
All call promptly atteaded.
Toys and Nuts,
Whoenale and Eetail.
Fred. tVI. Pauly,
S. H. Kennedy's Mf g Co
The T--ves of th9 kind xn tfl U. 5
Please examine the of the
diferent dips and pric viz:
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Sublime Sulphur.
Concentrated Extract of
Tobacco Dip,
Price, $2.25 a gallon,
This is my FAVORITE Dip be
i t CURES SCAB and can as
y uegrce of strength with safety. "
Hemlock Poisonous Dip, .
Price, 2.25 a gallon.
Each Gallon of these Dips
Will make enough for 225 Sheep after
Special Dip for Scab,
Price, 82.50 a gallon.
Reliable at any season of the year, especially
so in the Fall and Winter.
Pat up in one and five gallon cans with full
directions for use.
Pamphlets sent Free to any Address.
Sold by all principal dealers in the U. S.
Asrrnta for tn FaelflcCoast.
aad dealer In
Orrica at th Fictdu Oallxst, W'mtos, Oatoox.
f Inserting Artificial Teeth, a Sr?ialty "El.
Homcepathic Physicians and Surgeons
OITICE Paine Bros' Brick.
ASrSpeolal Attration given to diMaus of the Eye, Ear
and Throat.
Leading Evening Newspaper West of tb
ltoeky Moantalns.
Dilly Bulletin, one year 13 OO
Weekly and Friday Bulletin (making tojcthej
a complete Seini-Weekly 3 00
Weekly alone, one year 3 50
Parts of a year in proportion.
Each sntacricer will be nresented with several
rieties of Kare and Valuable TREE. VEGETABLE and
FLOWER SEEDS, equal in value to the subscription
price oi tne paper.
AdT bena lor sample copy, giving iuii parucuuuv.
Remittances bv Draft. Poitofnce Order. Wells. Fareo
as vo. n Kxpress, ana Kegiscereu Lector, at our run.
Hun Francisco. Cal.
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rente .
and all work war
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promptly attended.
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we make preliminary examinations ana xurnisn opinions
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ested tn new inventions and Patents are invited to send
for a copy of our "Guide for obtaining Patents," which
is sent free to any address, and contains complete in
structions how to obtain Patents and other valuable
matter. During the past five years we have obtained
nearly three thousand Patents for American and Foreign
inventors, ana can give satl&tactory reiorences in almost
every county In the Union.
Addre: Loo I Bagger A Cn.,Solidtors of Patents
and Attorneys at Law, LcDroit Building, Washington,
u. v.
in Dalles District. Parties desiring land located
would do well to correspond with him. FettysviU P.O.
The Webfoot Restaurant,
OjtposiU tkt rum Court IToum.)
3KCSXS ------ SBO
Beat Urals far tne Rfancjr tn Walla Walla.
regiment 5th Wisconsin Volunteers, -he
served with credit until he was requested
by the governor of Wisconsin to raise a
regiment in the democratic counties of
Ozankee, Sheboyan, Washington and
Dodge. Ou the occasion of his leaving,
the following resolutions were unani
mously adopted :
Whereas, the Executive of our State
has testified his appreciation of the abili
ties and distinguished services of Major
Charles H. Larrabee. by conferring upon
him the highest military trust within his
gift, in commissioning him Colonel of
one of the Wisconsin regiments, recently
accepted by the President ; we, the of
ficers of the "Fifth," desiring to to avail
ourselves of this opportunity to testify
our respect, our esteem and our affection
for our late Major, do adopt the follow
ing resolutions :
Resolved, That while we deeply de
plore the loss, to our regiment, of an ex
perienced and able officer, and to our
selves of a wise counseller, social com
panion, and true and tried friend, we at
the same time congratulate the nation,
the State, and the regiment, which he is
to command, upon the selection ot one
so eminently fit to train . to arms and
lead to battle the sons of the Joadger
Resolved, That although in future
marches, when the hills and the valleys
shall resound with the tread of armies
and the clash of arms, we shall miss the
encouraging words of our beloved Major,
yet the cheering recollections of the past,
when we first entered upon the theatre
of war and fought our first battle, in
spired by his presence and his example,'
shall nerve our hearts to a firmer deter
mination for our country to conquer, or
for our country to die.
Resolved, That while we bid him a
gretf ul adieu and a God-speed in his
new fied of usefulness and labor, we
hopefully look forward with pleasing an
ticipations to the time when the troubles,
which now convulse our country are over,
and we shall be permitted to enjoy many
happy reunions at home.
The following is his resignation and
the reply to the same :
Headauarters 5th Wisconsin Vols., Smiths
Vtvtsion, Army of the Potomac, July 24,
1862. .
Colonel : I hereby tender my resigna
tion of the office of Major of your xiegi:
The immediate reason for this is, that
I have been selected by the Governor of
the State of Wisconsin to raise one of
the regiments assigned to that State un
der the late call of the President, and
have signified my acceptance of the trust.
I have the honor to be your most obe
dient servant, Chas. II. Larrabee.
To Col. Armasa Cobb,
Commanding 1st Brigade, Smith's Di
vision, Army of the Potomac.
Headquarters Sixth Corps. Camp near Har
rison's Landing, Va. July 25, 1862.
The following named officer having
tendered his resignation, is hereby hon
orably discharged from the -military ser
vice of the United States :
Major Chas. II. Larrabee, 5th Wiscon
sin Volunteers. By command of Major
General Franklin.
Signed. - E. Sparrow Pdrdt,
Assistant Adjutant General.
After his return to Wisconsin he was
so successful that he brought into the
field enough men for four regiments.
He received a Stand of Colors awarded
by the State to the Colonel who should
first raise his regiment. . This was the
24th Wisconsin Volunteers. The official
report speaking of this regiment at the
battle of Chaplin Hills, Oct 5th, 1862,
says: "Col. C. H. Larrabee cannot be
too much praised for his coolness and
good soldierly behavior during the whole
engagement. And yet there are those
who assert that he resigned during the
first year of the war. But wasted by
disease contracted in the Swam pa of the
Chickahominy, he was at last compelled
to retire from command. The following
letters explain themselves:
Headquarters, Department of the Cumberland
Stevenson, ALi., Aug. 27 th, 1863.
Special Field Orders, No. 235.
X. The resignations of the following
named officers are accepted, to take effect
from this date :
Col. Chas. H. Larrabee.
24th Wis. Vols.:
officially to bear tesuniony to your gal
lant and honorable record as an. othcer
and a gentleman. He directs me to say
that since he assumed command' of this
brigade he has found you uniformly
active, zealous and untiring in the dis
charge of your official duties.
While for military considerations he
regrets your resignation, it is a matter of
congratulation that the people and the
country are to have the benefit of your
wide experience and distinguished ability,
Carry with you, Colonel, to your home
the high regard and best wishes of your
comrades in arms.
By command of Brig. Gen. W. H.
Lytic. Jas. Adair Grover,
. Capt. and A. A. G.
To Col. 0. H7 Lafhabee,
24th Wis. Infantry.
Gen. Sheridan's Letter.
Headquarters 3d Division, SOth Army Corps,
Seven-son, Ala., August SI, 1S63.
Colonel: On your retiring from the
service, I desire to express to you in some
manner my regard for your past services
in connection with my Division.
Having had every opportunity to ob
serve, it gives me great satisfaction to
the ability you have always displayed as
a commander. Your conduct xnd bear
ing has always been that of an intelligent,
brave and obedient officer, and I feel as
sured that whatever position you may
hereaftei be called to occupy, you will
win for yourself the same credit to which,
I am happy to say, you are justly entitled,
tor the valuable services you nave, in
your patriotism, rendered the govern
ment while commanding a regiment in
this Division.
I am, ColoneL your Obedient servant,
Maj. Gen. Com'g.
To Col. C. H. Larrabee,
24th Wis. Vols.
If any further rebuke is needed to
those who have been 4soean enough to
lend a hand in stabbing one o the coun
try's nobie supporters and soldiers" it is
found in the following letter from Gen.
Bosecrans: ; -
Gen. Bosecrans Letter.
San Francisco, Cal. Sept. 16, 1S67.
My Dear Colonel :
I am annoyed to hear that calumy has
had the audacity to whisper tbat you left
the Army of the Cumberland in some
kind of disgrace:
jSo officer of his grade stood higher in
my estimation, tor ability, courage, or
patriotism than you did, when I became
satisfied that the condition of your
health, and other personal circumstances
made known to me, imposed on me the
duty of accepting your resignation.
You are at liberty to use this letter as
you please.
Sincerely trusting that no Union man
has been mean enough to lend a hand in
stabbing one of th country's noble sup
porters and soldiers. I am .your friend,
W. S. Rosecrans,
Bret Maj. Gen. U. S. A.
To Col. Chas. H. Larrabee.
Following is the civil docket of cases to be
tried at the coming Circuit Court to' convene
at Pendleton, Umatilla county, Oregon, on
the 25th of October, 1880.
Stone & Reynolds plff, vs A B Meachen,
deft. Suit in equity.
Hawlev, Dodd & Co. plff, vs Calloway Sc
Giles, deft. Account.
John Lakes plff, vs A J Sturjevant, deft.
Dedication of rirf't of way. ' ?
J B Lindsey plff, vs W J Tanksley deft
Account. .
W B Amon plff, vs F M Gibsons, deft.
Jacob Beahn plff, vs J Ronork et al, deft
D B Uering plff, vs Sarah C Hermg, deft
Divorce. '
Hawley, Dodd & Co, plff, vs Curtis & John
son, dolt, rroniissory note.
Nelson Jones plff, va J JSevil, deit
plevin. -
John R Wilson plff, vs J Nevil, deft
plevin. '
J W Martett plff, vs J Nevil, deft
Thomas Cuaid plff, vs J Nevil, deft
MVStinele plff, vs J Nevil, deft
A J Shobe plff, vs J Nevil, deft Replevin.
Jas Stroight plff, vs J Nevil, deft. Replevin.
Denney & Hewison plff, vs J Nevil, deft.
.Replevin. '
H A Kathon plff, vs A S Wells, deft
covei-v of real nroDcrtV.
Wm Looney plli, vs S J Lowe, deft,
for $5,000 damages.
John Looney piif, vs S J Lowe, deft
300 damages.
Clias A Smith plff, vs S J Lowe, deft.
150 dumao-fg.
Francis Myers plff, vs Lena G Meyers, deft
Fartition of real property.
F. W Paine et al. nlff. vs Chas Johnston.
Ben J Selling plff, vs Henry Konker, et al,
deft. ReDlevin. i
Knoulton & Spear plff, vs Porter Graham,
deft. Account. 1
John W Innle plff. vs S J Tower, deft
.Confirmation of sheriffs sale. -
Morrison & Osborn vs D W Harris, et al,
deft. Foreclosure of mortgage.
G P McColl plff, vs A E Scott, deft. Mon
ey paid to use of $1,000. i
L 15 lson, JJis t Att y, piu, vs Laatt worse,
deft. On bail bond.
Eva C Nahon plff. vs S A Nahon, deft.
Lucas D Smith plff, vs John W Bowman,
deft, lienlevin.
J Welch plff, vs Elija R A Welch deft 1
R Jones plff, vs E Gilloia deft. $5,400
Mary A Laura plff, vs John A Laura, deft.
Divorce. ,
W O Donnell plff, vs W B McConfaell, deft
Schwabacher Bros plff, vs W B McConneU,
dclt. . Promissory note. j ' !
Florence M Craig plff, vs A P Craig, deft
Divorce. ' ! '
H C Paiee plff. vs John Hailey, deft. Tres-
pass. ! j
tlawiey, uoaa sc ;o. pin, vs c w uvenon,
deft. Promissory note. j I
T B Hall plff, vs W P Lockwood, deft
Damn ires. I !
W V Lockwood nlff. vs W m Martin, delt.
E M Clements plff, vs B F McElroy, deft
Account ! j
Silas French plff, vs A D Howard, deft.
$1,000 damaees. j i
Silas French pltt, vs &mily J r rencn, di
Divorce. v !
John C Wilson plff, vs Alexander Waugh,
et al, deft. Damages. ! i ,
Frank. Pike plif. vs W S ClaypooL deft
R Alexander & Co. pUfs, vs Cox & Nash,
deft. Acconut ' I
L Vanderpool plff, vs M E Vanderpool,
delt. Divorce.
Despaiu & Sullivan plff, vs O R & N Co,
deft. Account. '
N Pierce et al, plff, vs D M Taylor, deft.
Writ of Review. i !
Sarah W White plff, vs Hiram; W White,
dett. JJivorce. j !
J F Maloue Dlff. vs J M Morris, deft
Re-assigument of S W Benjamin. -""Insolv
ent assignment ot property. 1 :
E A Uawley et ul, plff, vs James Johnston,
Chas Goodwin plff, vs F M Morris, deft
M b' Zeigler plff, vs W B Mays and Abbie
S Mays, deit On account of partnership.
National Bank f Walla Walla plff, vs W
B liussel, et al, deft.
W Paine et al, plff, vs James Johnston,
deft, y -
National Bank of Walla Walla plff, vs
James Johustou et al, deft. :
- The new town of Dillon, Utah, located
only 'about a fortnight ago, is booming.
About $16,000 worth of lota were sold
in a week.
Half-breed Tom, while trying to lasso
a fawn near Big Lake, Idaho, dropped
the noose over himself, and his horse
Basket Mountain, Oct 8, 1880.
Editors Leader :
Dear Sir 1 thought perhaps you would
like to hear how we are prospering up here.
as it is near the election and every vote counts ' throwing him, ran away and choked Tom
one. 1 was out to-day and called in to visit
the school taught by Miss Bell Porter, form
erly a resident of Weston. She is a very esti
mable and much respected young lady. She
has as good and well regulated school as ever
it was my lot to visit The scholars have ad
vanced beyond expectation; and the people
one and all are well satisfied with the young
lady as a teacher. ' They can recommend her
The snow is beginning to fall and the wind
is rather rold. We have had a fine rain to
lay the dust More anon. Yours truly,
L. J. A.
Russell, a member of the Ute Com
mission, has arrived in Washington with
the ratification papers signed by 577
Ute Indians. The amount due the Utes
is $75,000. Arrangements havo been
made for the payment of this sum in ac
cordance with the terms of the bill.
The German Government intends to
adopt sharp measures against the Social
Democrats in certain towns of Holstein,
such as Altona, Ottensen and wandsbeck.
The execution of these measures would
be very difficult if a similar course of ac
tion is not adopted by Hamburg.
to death-
Eight hundred and twenty lineal feet
of new eight-foot sidewalk have been
laid on Second sweet, Seattle, W. T.,
during the past year, and two hundred
and forty teet more are in band.
An Indian relic has been brought to
Victoria from. Massett. It is in the
shape of a cedar cuiuuin 40 feet long, 4
feet in diameter, curiously carved with
Indian hieroglyphics, and is supposed to
be 200 years oid,
At Toledo, Schurz positively refused
to speak in the same hall with Emory
Starrs of Chicago, as the latter , was
pronounced Grant man. Another hall
was secured and Schurz spoke in German
to a very small audience.
The Deer Lodge, Montana, Neva North
west of Oct. loth say that a large por
tion of the grain in that Territory had
been destroyed by the frost of the last
two weeks in September. In some of
the valleys three-fourths of the crops
nave oeen aestroyea.
j E. L. Applegate, republican candidate
for Presidential Elector addressed the
citizens of Weston, Friday 15th. He
is a fluent speaker, gifted with good
language and a very great self-confidence. .
The chief topic, in his prefatory remarks
was "Applegate" as a pioneer, as an ora
tor, as founder of the .Republican party
in Oregon, as the only republicaa whose
record democrats have not assailed, as a
Greenbacker two years ago, and to-day
as a republican. , He then took up that '
part of- hia.aiitiriiitaatistic speech de
livered in tha Willamette Valley rela
tive to the "CTocodile, - which e probab
ly intended to apply 0 something politi
cal, but unfortunately overlooked the .
application. He then launched boldly -
into the the political issue of the day by
a succinct discription of tho Waldenses.
This, after suavely explaining that the
day was past in Oregon when "Applegate
had to bring proof for his assertions
very different from the time when he
introduced Republicanism to the Pacific
Coast He then said that Democracy -"can
not run a government, if the people
exceed a few hundred in number." As
"Applegate" requires no "proof," this
statement hurls into the shades of obliv
ion that insignificant part jt . American
history from Jefferson to Lincop. Dip
ping into logic he accounted for the exist
ence of democrats on the law of "heredi- . .,
tary transmission of error," being origina
ted by Robespierre and two other French-
He did not mention whether h?y
polygamists. On the contrary
"Republican principles were correct be
cause the party was recent and growing"
laily in number." He was too much.
cramped for time however to state how
that proof would apply to Mohammedans,,
Nihilists,, Know Nothings, Doughfaces.
&c, in their time. He hotly and labori
ately denounced the system of makiagr
personal" campiigns as "lowf and con
temptible." Just like "running Horses, :
and praising up your own, while running
down tho other as spavined, ring-bonea .
&c. He forgot that if a horse ero ;
wounded by a Mobelier bullet or crippled ;
on a De Golyer pavement, that every-
body could see it, even though its owner
were dumb. And if it were not for
"Applegate'a" needing no "proof, this
complete change from the time he so
violently abused S. J. Tilden, would be
strange, even in a man so vary consistent ,,
as'only to have changed from a Whig to -a
Democrat, then to a Republican, then to -a
Greenbacker, and again to a Republi
can. He piled ridicule, contempt and
facial contortions on the Potter commit- ,
tee "because they only tried to find some-.
thing agin' somebody." That was bad,
and what makes it pinch so confounded- :
ly hard is that they did find something
'agin' Garfield. Ha then " unearthed
some more Roman history in good stylo, :
he got up schigh in the garb of beauto- ,
ous imagery, that probably recalling the
fate of Herod the Great, he suddenly -
dropped himself to the human level again
in these words, "I did not make history,
ecause no one man can make it" - As.
may be supposed, this was an immense
relief to the audience. He said that
democrats in olden times were "gentle
men" who proclaimed that "all working-
men were slaves." By some oversight, :
however, they overlooked that in their
old platforms; but then Applegate knows.
He sail Free Trade was a heresy im
ported from England, the speakers being
paid with British GolcY; i Of course
that knocked the bottom out of it 7 The
error has since ben "tmMmittedliy
hereditary descent, every leliever I it
being bora with a cicatrix in the conyo-"
lutions of his brainThat clinchec? it
beyond any argument He then "went
up" in a sublime outburst against Slavery,
saying that he fought it before and .was
ready to do it again. But as the enemy
did not heave in. sight, he. went or-to.
prostrate the Democracy as "the oligarchy
that swung the cat-o-nine tails." He
closed his remarkable effort by promising
to call again and take up what, was left
of Modern History. . - - -
Use Oriental Hair Tonic' for preserv-
Kg the bau. ;
i Oh, yes ! Yon- canrely oa Webfoot '
oil at all times, -night or day, as a sure
cure for croup or spasm. ' Ask for it at
McColl k Miller's
Subscribe for the LEADER.
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