Weston weekly leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 1878-189?, July 24, 1880, Image 2

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Tmiiiiif area, mam :
" : - j The chirf of tbe boreaa of Utisb
The erj j p4pcipli of Americas liber' reports the total valce of the export of
ty are kuU'&e wirful inheritance of this domestic breadatdSa from 4lw United
Pfh Vt&it : Th States daring Jane s $28,09,859, and
tiTClZSS-S- 1879, 17,210,710; duriai the
the nattfrsl rjghjts of nerapns . and the twelve months ending June, $277,226,.
rights of property most be preserved. ; 762; and daring tho same period in 1879,
.. , jms. vv eston iiadbb: xne aoove zui, o,y.
Gen. Hanobck when hes comnu ' Jr "" U
the Rfth Mditarr Division,, consisting "J r?T7?' : "
of Louis!n4 and Texas, and which has .1 "rl"" , , , V
A. '-J-rJ'-r- o ratsixnrr -
GS5T. irnrnsLD s. hancocu,
j, ; v.; ,f ,.OF : FEVKSITLVAiri. 4
' " flCjr-fBBUDSST, 1 ' 7 1
T. O. OWEN ot Com County, t
JAB. PULTUN, of Waaeo Countv. '1
1. K. WEATHERFOHD, rf Liun Countv,
been going the rounds'ef the deinomtie
press' since the nomination at Pincinnati,
I would like to Vsjeft ioecribed on every
Democratic banner wssd during this
campaign, and then .emblazoned upon the
dome of the na&pna oapitol in letters - of
gold oyer tho name of anpock. ' The
pronunciannnto contained, in that little
paragraph may be accepted to day as not
ging $5 each from three hundred thou
sand ex-Confederate soldiers, and an equal
amount from the democratic soldiers who
fought on the Union side. In this way
it is expected that about three million
dollars can be raised for campaign pur-1
w c-.v--
( )
a Umim
Serve am laJaacUra
For ml f DrusKisti and Dedea Ktntnlljr, .
In order to raise the balance of the
three million dollars there must ha ve been
only applicable to the then crushed and 48 many democratic soldiers in the Nortl
trampled people of the South, but in view I ern as the Southern army. The - Press
of the eentralizing tendencies of the honr j Dispatch must be nngarded in its admis-1 duuti pbyiue, and enrichimr thinmdinnntri-
- - .. I . .v: i. ii ' "j tion drcuUtion with HostetUr'B 8tomch BltUn,tlM
I l IVA M DUD UUUCIIOIU BflflUUllfUUUM 111 1111- 1 OHHin. WUS MH M UWW II.IIIW, WVl , nnw. mnm mtm niirtilw UkpHAMMl. Uld U1A
past totogtof evening it asema, some Uarrlntable no'wer bv a nirfe Whed. ted.
At ii .1 ; '.. i .. . i
!f.J1? w ew anotner les. of the condition and unused to the
ttaaOjfg tUinpfdiyl4iiigM restrklnts of just laws H is vitaUy applie
aonniy. It would appear rom Ueir aUe to the whole inla bf tb whole
' L! .1. 1! . . 4 . I ...... 4
raumi uiu uib una uiAnnui hv hM. a . ..
it - ffc- .- -. . -r7 -j r? i American repuDtic r is an opitome ot
vmnHioa, cauea Dy tnemj Has 0f fte' constitution, or rather a con-
no ww au Kiven srood aatisfatian I J j :i l-h - n. ...
j uoiJKM ucipnuuiua w ue spine ana
Wow, f every precinct would pursue such intent of the very authors of the consti-
. ana go nacK on tbe line adopted fution. If I had read that order in the
oy tne majority, what would be the re- nublic orinta before. I had forgotten it.
suit) Simply throwing? obstructions
lTjlSStlS Divisi0n of t y fters who have either never wad it or
W" f?T e? nBton have forgotten it But it is so full of the
Wi9w W Division, takinsr the initia. .v.i;m tv, j v
t , . I mt4H' w AmwiuMj iH ohvwo
Mf in wt matter, may will do well to -o. oi:;i j .-:-n
weigh this last action well.'. The 'line Nation
dopted by these seceders is about thi g0verftinnV-the civU and militarylwid
t guuung at tne Columbia jKiver on go clearly indicates the rights of the citi-
una bet R 29 and 30, thence sens and the dntien of tb nWir. A.t
uth to T. line bet T. 4 and 5 ! K, it must awaken mtbu.im in ever
"thoe East to the center of R 1 54, bosoin that has any of the instincts of FAIN CY GOODS
twoca ooutn to tne Umatilla Kiver, the patroit left in it Not only is the
thence up said river to Meachem Creek name of our candedata irrenroachable in
nhenceup Meachem Creek tocounty Hne. his record, but besides being a great mHi- PAINTS. SWEET & LUBRICATING OILS
"Ufc n ime approacbes tary hero, he is already covered with
within three miles of CenterviUe, and glory as a statesman and patriot Such
Hau whj aoqat u townsnips I "W ben a man ought to sweep the whole country
V ft$ct tfcat nfflP VVatr mtins about as unanimously as he swept the conven-
w W a A. a .1
m townsmps ana snt tnree tbe great- tion at Cincinnati , v T
at n amber of counties suggested by anj
MMea b by !. . hmat ha
this aar aw4a appUaactoo aa uua ance ta paMiaai
JViJZjyjL, Sd. 1878. "Aasea Mr taVaS
Timbar Umda iBthEtaOof CaUfonda,Oncm KmuU
and in WMbimttoi Twritsry," th, N E 1-4, Kw l-i
Otven under my hand at tin U.S. UndoOca atLa-
Oiuda.Oraroa. uu. mV. PWIOHT.
. tsagutar.
- ' NOTICE. - , , ..
Loto Oma at LaGilikM, Ogm., Jn I, M80.
1. 1 . tk lollovliir-naoMd aat
tlar bu AM notlo o( hUmtentloa to maka Anal prof
inaupport of hta cialm. and aaeiira flnal f7
atthaaxplrattoa ot thirty dart frgm thadata of tbia
Creta W. Bretu
WltaeaMa proof wUl be taken baTora D. "P. Dwlftrt, a
Notary PnbUc at Fandletoa, UauUUa County, Oracoa,
en July 10, 10, 1880, tor tbe Sw J an SO, T t N, R .
awliiainettaefbltoiriiqraahtevitaeaaea,ic: W Baker.
John Phi Urn. John Buata and Aadreir UcCioea, ail ot
CenterrOle, Umatilla County, Oregon.
ft-27-51 B.lW. DwisBT, Keguier.
Shelf-Hardware Conaiaatly m
tande" fbr sale cheap. :
- i
W.T.Caak. .- 4. at trvtae, V,
Centerrille, Oregon,
Once Used Always Used
t-REsirs RAirmmo tea
thabeat unil medicine, and will be found oa
trial' to be the most eaay, natural and oomfortable
aperient ooainaDie. ,
r viU act gently on the boweta, nmoVe wind, core "
heartburn, eour etomach and dOxiDem and promote
a neutoy aecreuon oi one.
r ia the moet effectual remedv for headache, ciddineas.
nervous depression, palpitation of the heart, laasi-
niae ana general qemny.
tain Oma at LaOu8b, Os., June t, 1SS0.
vwin tm kmhv trims that the followUw-aWSMd
ettler hat filed notice of bis Intention to maka final
proof In support oi ma eiaim, ann secura " wj
thereof at the expiration of thirty days tram the date of
tills notice, rtz: : t . . .
. ' - IVam. sTaker, . .. - -
Witnesses Proof will be taken before p. 43 Dwttt,
Votary Public at Pendleton, Uieatoll Jouiiw, re(ron.
en July 10, 1380, for the 8w see, to, Tt 1LEJIS,
an&Mmse therfollowlne; aa his witnesstf, viz: G. W.
Brockja E. Beeo. An axe w ma,iueu sn onn rau-tpsk-T
' 'J, - " 1 taM OwiaaTEister. .
Luto Oma at LAOaaa-SB, Oyn., Job S, 1880 .
Kotice is hereby ctrao thaHthe followine-named set
tler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof
m sopport of his daiin, and secure final eatry thereof
at the exniration of thirty daya from the date ot tbia
notice; TUW ; :
meaaci wtca,
22, T 6 N, K 38 IS, original entry
t Trry ea HatuiUt lUet Ifw
proT4 Patteraa. All Tlawan aaaae of
- tja f vy sairrtal, aaet-masaa at
t-tias sMat.wartsaca cMpoyeel. .
Riveto, Iron
i Seel, ITvailo
iiobsE SIIOEO,
.......... Jr. X
will relieve the worst esses of rheumatism and firout
prevent gTavel and stone in the bladder, and cure
au nisnssce oi tne kiuneys.
elves soeedv and durable relief in bukras and liver
complaints, weak digestion, sniveling, spasms, low
sptrus ana imtouity.
noime a datcmt MtTniriKicQ I fbes fsbamburg tea
wiivuw i nis.it niKViuiiihw, if i, mvsliiable as a remedjfor the piles. It has been
tryed for manvyearsand has given great satuuacoon.
t - m , . i.
Homestead No. 650, for the Sei Nwi. WeJ 8w of See.
99 T a N. R Sfl K. arielnal entrv: the 81 Swi of See.
22. T 6 N. E Sfl E, additional entry. Said proof will be
Contains a full stock ot Pure.
4ie to be formed out of our present terri-
tery, it is obvious that unless the people
of the said 17 townships to be eut ot
m such a email county, it would be a
frees injustice to thus apportion them
We have territory enough for seven new
vevntie the size of that set off by : the
. Pendleton Secession Precinct meetinc
4to'niiderlyine this move a verv evi-
0rapJ,'te,'c)bTruct UMm, 'M
Ckktxrville, Or, July 22, 1880.
Clocks, Watches and Jewelry,
Todd's Cold Pens.
Fine Cigars, and Tobaccos,
Choice Wines and Liquors,
Judge Stephen I IjOgan, oace law
partner of Lincoln, is dea4
A severe storm tore .down some un
finished buildings in Chester, Pa,
I. F. Carr, at Nevada, was struck and
killed by a mining windlass.
For Medicinal purposes only. -
Prreeriptleas aael Kccelpea CoBtpoaa4e4
Wk fre aaJ DlMih.
Durifies and cleanses the blood, and removes all
scrofulous affections. It is health -giving, refreshing
invigorating, r
has an established reoutatlon ss an efficacious remedy
lor sudden ana severe caias,cougns levers ana sgue,
asuma ana pnuusu,
cures chronic nervous and sick headache, nervous
depression, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, pimples
on tne nue ana freckles.
rrnESE'8 Hamburg tea
isa gentle laxitiveand tonic; improves the appetite
cures dyspepsia, and counteracts the eueet of mala
rious poison.
cures eonstination. diarrl
tain in results, and corrects all disturbances of the
made before the County Judge at Pendleton, Umatilla
county, Oregon, July is, issu, ana names tne loiiewuu;
as bis witnesses, via: D. 8. Whitney, George T. Berry,
W. Jared ana Ueo. ae ttaven. oi umauua county un
ion. Hsukt W. Dwiem. Register.
Leso Orncs at L aOraicdc, Or June 14, 1880.
Kotlee Is herahv riven that the tollowine-nained set
tler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof
in support of bis claim, and secure final entry thereof at
tne expiration 01 unrty nays irom tne oat. w uu ma
vu: ' -n
Blchnrd Beyaoitu.
Homesstesd acollcation No. 1099. Proof wUl be made
tutfor. tha Countv Judve of Umatilla county. Oregon.
Original entry 692: additional entry Nwx Se ot Sec, t,
T 3 N, R 88 E, and names the following as his witness
es, vlj: Wm Royce, Alfred Watts, El inn Brock ana J a
King, all oi.umauuacounty, vregon.
Wrstenhoanss All Btytea. .
Burgon fc Ball's and "Kaagar ."
Shot-Gun & Rifle Ammunition,
A Full lilts of
Pistols and BeYolvers!!
cures constipation, diarrbaaa and dysentery; taeer-
stomach and bowels.
is a nleaaant remedv for bolls, carbuncles, blotches.
Ulcerated and running sores, acaas.aalt rheum, and
gtanauiar aweiunga.
is used successfully for festid breath, scald head.
ringworm, itch, prickly-beat, cancerous ulcers and
1 generally-
aiss'a auficna tea
Has no equal tntheentlrerangeof thePharmacopotla
At Colusa a steam threshing eneine
Qtja partjes know well that such a line exploded and killed the fireman.
cannot meet tne approval of the people The oostmaster at Richmond. Vs.. is
- the ll .townships. We confess, that short $4,3.00. OTerdrawn his account
1 if 4V Una containing sufficient territorv
H WSWtiofle this end, without
tpprewoigg yenfliatPtt ., so , closely, we
o'1&epleased,'u that
lown wd'uld be better located to retain
ibe future county seat But tne effect
e'aa town is of less concern to the
bounty generally than is tbe securing of
toroper area to constitute at once a com ¬
pact and self-sustaiuing county. If the
natter ir conducted honestlyand judic
ensly, any arrangement effected Idj the
laajority will be satisfactory. We would
teke4'lo see the people of Heppnet and
Vitiaity 'more to the front and have the
benefit at their opinions and wishes in
ibiaawtter. There are now ebnsidera
lj Vm 10M Vgnatnres R !fto w
tM li the Pendleton Division Con.
- As the rarious avenues of civilization
are" opened by time and progress, there
are always accompanying evils !exhibit-
.ing faetaselYes.. Of the latter, j one of
ibe greatest is the prevalence of pernicouB
literature. The enormity of this evil
earn, scarcely be comprehended - The
reading of boyhood is sowing seed for
the growth and development of his turf ue
character. - Bad books are simply bad
empenioaa, their power none the less
because it appeals through only
1. WWtW. Tta -freedom of
. P ffl d.easrjradly xtolld, like
wy oF tntriaaie good, is capable . of
tOsWUtebn. The Ticiout mind can use
it aa the weapon for gratifying! malice,
for circulating impure knowledge, for
the desecration of things sacrei Top
Mck care cannot be taken tp iexclude
' such dangerous, insidious evils from tba
faaairy circle. We are in receipt of the
wa caj aordia reconoid kigV'
e aseral and reiigwiis aspect to the com
: awaaity. In it will be foun iftong
vulgar nor degrading, but only that
which is purely elerating.
The Ute Commission is getting ready
for a grand council with the Indiana
Reports from the South are favorable
to health; there is no fever at Memphis.
The Emperors of Austria and Ger
many are to have a meeting and talk
things over,
Benson Beekly, a stage driver, shot
and killed Dr. Summers at Walnut
Grove, California " '
Value of export of breadstuff of the
United States, for the year past figure
up $277,326,272.
; . Gladstone has lowered rents and re
mitted dues to his tenants, on account of
loss of crops and low prices.
IheloMofoilvprk and pfl by the
storm, and fire a Custer Ctiy, last
Friday and Saturday, was about $130,
000. -
Efforts are mating to show Aat JJanT
cock wan ted. to resist, the removal of
McClellan,, and depose JRColn and Stan
ton., -
j On Saturday evening Dr. Tanner waa
living on water and rather improving in
his want of diet It was his 20th fast
The Republicans claim that they are
going to carry Connecticut next fall, and
the next Legislature will elect a Repub
lican Senator.
At tbe late city election in Walla
Walla 604 votes were cast, the. heaviest
vote over polled at a municipal, election
in that city, and. an. ncjease of 218 in a
year. '
Spokan Falls postoUce is to be ft money
ordr office from and ar Aujjust 1st.
The delinquent tax of Jackson county
for 179, was $1503 78. The county
pai for roads and bridges during the
fiseal year ending June 30th, $5450.
the party constrneting the telegraph
Une from Colfax to Cceurd Alene con
si of three commissioned oeers, fifty
en&tod man, six citizens employes, and
four six-mule and two four-mule teams.
. . . .. wanveaww w w I as an anti-sorbutic. alternative, carminitive and
blood puriner.
Frese's nAMBcaa tea " c
gives a tone of health and elasticity to the whole
system and will prevent almost any disease it used
at least once a month,
trust's rahbVso Tea
to atrium' 'a iiiedicine; harmless yet efficacious.
to"uui.we In the family, at the mines, on the road,
Law Orncs at LaOkandc, Or., June 12, 1830.
KoMra, Is herebv s4ven that the followinsruuned set
tler has filed notice ot bis intention to make final proof
In support of his claim and secure final entry thereof at
the expiration of thirty daya from the date of this notice.
via: .- ...
Calvla Ferawaea.
Homestead application No. 7X4. Proof will betnade be
fore the County Judge ef Umatilla county. Ore on, at
Pendleton, on August T, 1S80, for the 8 8eJ Sw see.
23, T N, RS8 E, and nunes the following' as hie wit
nesses, vis: James Royce. Benjamin Rinehart. A. J.
Crofuw ana Ales. ;Drassaeia, au ot -
county, Oregon.
Weston" Umatilla
Hxxet w PVIO-.T, RecUter
are respectfully informed that the Under- I
gned have opened and now Oder tor sale a Complete
Tie Latest Styles of Eats and Bon
nets always on nana in Great va
and every kind of, IWSr
T8XSQ to suit the most
PastiSioUs. AGENTS
- for WARREN'S
Next door to Hardware Store.) '
at Sea, and everywhere.
Feese's havbtro tea
is the best medicine for chidren. Asa Bmincr remedv
nothing comes near to it. Everybody should use it
at the change ot season,
Is for sale by every Drufjgtst, Grocer and Country Sler-
on the Pacific Ooast. l-Sl-tf
A new presbyterian church building is
baiag constructed at Goldendale.
Send in your subecriptionB for the
established 1861.
. , . MAKCrACTDUa 0 -f. .s
And all kinds of
Fire-Proof Building, Main Street,
Ml. 11. Jl. ALDEN,
tT Directly Opposite the Po'itoffiee'i
walla walu, yktifk
Be ture to tend your order k Tor SEA D-
of their own Manufacture.. They are
uneqnaUed in quality of material and
Workmanship. .
. ... i ,;
hs nn mr cams, face ckat
H dissolved by mutual consent consent o
M ' .A IMA
ran alone will sign the name ot the firm la
Ion? ' A. CARI8,
Centerrille. Or.
1880. r
TB08. f. PAGE
and Walla Walla, lay. T., June t&,
f.. Fv SHARP. M, D.,
Fbyaidan, Snrgeon, and Accoucheur.
OFFICE Over Wagner's. ' Furniture
Store, CentervifU, Or. -
OFFICE At Drug Store, CeTUernUe,
Oregon. ' " : 7-17-80-tf
Lain Omca at LaOkavse, Ogn June 10. 1880.
Katt Is herebv civen that the followinf-hamed sot-
tier has filed notice of his Intention to make final proof
in support ot hit claim and secure final entry thereof at
the expiration ef thirty days from tbe date of this notice,
UK . -. .........
Benjamin KlncBart.
Homestead oroof will be made before the County Judge
at Pendleton, Oregon, oh the 7th day of August, 1880,
for the Ei Net ec. 30, and additional Vf of Kei see. SO
T 4 N, R 36 K, and names the following- as Ids witnesses,
via Calvin Ferguson. Jamas Koyte, charlee teniuson
and Clark Brlggs, all ot Weston, Umatilla county, Ore
gon. Hasai W. Dwioht, Reglirtcr.
iluvging baskets,
Trout Baskets, Etc. '
RodgerO' CutlerY
Comprising neary-plated Knirea, Torkt
;;. and Spoona.
- Sold at Lowest ra-'es for a good article. '
'The Olrarch and Home."
A Religious Journal Devoted to
Issued Monthly at Wkston.
Every Family Ought to Take it.
OTTerms, 81.00 Per Year.a
BET. E. W. U0BKIS05 Editor.
Lavs Omca at LaGsaude, Ok., JunaSth, 1830.
Kotice la hereby given that the following-named settler
has filed notice of bis intention to make final proof in
uDDort of his claim, and secure final entry thereof at
the expiration ef thirty days from tbe date of this notice.
'Jasra a,. Van WlsVkttv
Witnesses testimony wiU be token before D. P. Dvtgbt,
a Notary Pulic at Pendleton. UmatUia countv. Oregon.
on July 17, 1880, for the Nel sec 8, T 4 N, RISE, and
names sne following as ms wv
Dnlgbt & Bailey,
Central Is! AccssKW Kslarte rablkr ai
Seal EataU Brokers. I
Pendleton Of wson ,
Btw TnviiHtf Pi.ath nr sM mi gesed land. hi itsutula
County and a record ot all Laed Ctalaas freca the fins
location to the present time, and tstisslsd seaai-wssklf
trom tne lAna tmtce m uKiraaoa. .
Will secure elaims for parties under aay ot the tans
Laws of the U. 8., conduct contested cases baton Iks
low uuta umce, aaa on appeal to toe tiepanaasai si
Win furnish Soldcers Additional BeaMStaad fletsi
and all kinds ot Land Scrip on short notice and at lews
market rate. -,; i. ; -
Will imyand ssli laods, eity property, c., oa i
er, Henry 8 tamper, Wm. Burden
of Ce tervuie, un
itnesees. via: John Stamp
den and D. E. Boober. all
manua county . urearon.
HENRY W. pWlOHTj Register.
Lam Orncs at LAGiAltpi, Os Juno It, ISM.
hereby given that tbe foHoirlnir-named
fUed notice of him intention to mute final
Lakd O Fries at LaGrandb, Ok., July 3th 1830.
Notice is hereby irlven that the foUowimr-named settler
ftss niea notice of bis intention toanake nnai prooi in
rt of tus claim and secure final entry thereof as use
explramm of thirty days from tne data of une notice
FosiBta(a Black.
Preemption No. 2491. Proof will be .made at U. 8.
Land Office at LaGrasde. Oreeon. on the 20th day ot
August, 1880, for the NwJ, Sec 8,T 4 N, R 87 K, and
names the following aa Ms witnesses; -via:' Jaa, Piersonf
wm. retre, u. n. v. rrencn no jonn niara, au or
umauua county, uregon.
Notice la
settler has filed
nraof In suDoor
thereof at the expiration o thirty Ujs from the date of
ms nonce, via: .
. B.K. a. Maiea.
Hs. No. 4875. Proof will be made before D. P. Dwurht,
a Notary Public at Pendleton, Umatula coun
on July Z4, law, lor ue bw see. su, i tt
tne loiiowing aa his witnsssss, tuc
atilla county, Oregon,
SO, T4N, RS4 E, and
es.'Vi: Wm. sfellis.
Henry IfcCmber, John A. Oruss and W. H. Reeder, ad
of fentenmie, umauua county, uregon.
6-28-33 .-) . HsmT W. Uwibwt, Register.
SRY W. DWIGHT. BegUster.
Notice is herebv eiveathetChas. A. Barrett has this
day made application to purchase under tbe act ot Con
gress, approved June 3d, 1878. entitled an "Act for urn
sale of Tlinber Liwds in the States of California, Oregon,
Nevada, and in Washington Territory," tbe aw of see
lOS. Final proof ana purchase are to
lays from, tee data at
Hbckt Dwisbt,
Register. '
lOmTSNof R86E. Final proof and
De made at tqe expltMlen o sixty aa;
tuts notice.
Notice la hereby given that John F. Adams his this
day made application at this Office to purchase under the
act of Congress approved June 3d, 1878, entitled, "aa
Aea tor ana aaie ox umoer laaoa in son nuues ox uaii.
fomia, Oregon, Nevada and Washington Territory,' the
Set of 'Sac 10 T 3 N, R 86E. Final proof and purchase
are to be made at the expiration of sixty days from this
notice. Horn DwienT, Register.
LaGrande, Or. July , 18S0. 7-17-80-fnr
ex trom tbe date of this
LaodOftJoe at LaGrande, Or., June 1, 1880.
Notice Is hereby riven that the fouowing named set
tler has filed notice of his intention to.make final proof
to support of his eletm, ana secure gtnal entry thereon
at the expiration of thirty
notice, via:
Alexmader Walker,
Witnesses testimony will be taken before D P. Dwisbt.
a Notary Psoas at Pendleton, Umatilla county, Orejfon,
A nr. il. 1S80. fortbaoalSeeS8.T6N.Rso E. and
names the followiag as his witnesses, vis, John Mo-
Permits, James uentct, Alex MUoe and wm sTsraa, au
ef weston, vmetuia county, uregon.
La.vo Opicr. at LaOkahdi, Ogn.J Jane It, 1880.
Notice Is hereby riven that the following namtd set
tler has filed notice ot his intention to 'make final proof
in support of his data, and secure final entry thereon
at the expiration of thirty days from the date or this
notice, vu:
wfiuuusk atoyoe.
annlicauon KO. loss. Additional nome-
stend proof will be made before the County Judge at
Homestead application No.
Pendleton, Oregon, July 24. 1880, for the additional en-.
trv. Nl Nw I of Sec. i. Tl N.BUE: orbrinal
stead No. 574, and names tbe following as bis witnesses,
;: Richard Reynolds, Alfred Watts, Euba Brock at
J. R. Kinr all ot Umatilla County, Oregon.
ucriBi w. uwiuni asngieT.
I Hvinr is IQltoo nrneinct. Umatilla Co mtv. Oroxwn.
Sn Estray described as follows, to-wit:! One two-year,
old StalUon: a brurht sorrel: star In tbe fort head
same wnne on uie nosei sen mno h wiiye, aw
branded with tbe latter T on left sneajder, stennas
sh, and viciooa among other amjpataAgprauedi
Smreyar and CIyII Engtoeer,
Pentileton, Oregon.
Towa Plate niade and Lands Located.
mcs-At tne Cort Borneo.
The PtaMf and Records abere raferresl so an the salr
ones of the kind in Umatilla County, and astuees sat
s I Inn a ii I s I ilp in aflisnili lii liswlng. Ill si
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larwe avesp(BiaJ tMllAtcavfox lsrlaaa,si
Hamess and Saddle Shop,
Haiti Street,
Cocord Team Harness
Coiicnord riack Harness, .
' i Udies, and lien's Saddle
Satisfaction , GnrmtSeed.
(Opptsito Post Offics.) .
MaInSt,WatiaYVaIU, W.T.
Board, per dwT. tlo. i Board and luring, per we
LjLk iSeh WCaliforaiaM. R
ram m. sohers,
..1.7-" . - MMtnra MBS. pee .
aeTaddris rPt of 34.00 yy Wbrlpt.
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