Weston weekly leader. (Weston, Umatilla County, Or.) 1878-189?, July 03, 1880, Image 2

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SATURDAY, JJ,17(I.Y 3 ,1880.
sQS?.-23C O 3231 JES -S? X
. :... ...i . -
,T. G. OWEX, of Coo' County,' ; ;
J AS. FULTON, of Waaco County.
9. K. WEATHERFOKD, of Linn County,
: jU PON the oharacter, public spirit, en
"rj afldWterpriBO of the businessmen
. of a place, do its progress and prosperity
great measure depend, "vhen we
find the business men of a place enter
ing heartily into every movement that is
calculated to promote the general wel
fare, we m well feel sanguine of its
, ultimate advancement, no matter under
xbat disadvantges it may be laboring.
Nothing so kills a town as to have it
- cursed with men devoid of local pride
and patriotism, who stand growling by
while their neighbors are manfully put
ting their shoulders to the wheel of
;. progress and doing battle for their com
mon cause. Jf any town is so unfortun
ate as te possess a specimen of the busi
ness man who whiningly throws cold
. water on every laudable enterprise, it
' would pay that town to buy him out at
twiee his value, and have a man of spir
it in his stead; though what such a man
v really deserves is te be frozen otifand
tarred out by slighting him altogether.
, A prudent policy demands that those
who are a drawback to the cominon
wealth should be made to feel the sting
of public displeasure. It is better that
. .they should be sacrificed on the shrine
f their own perversity than that the
whole community should suffer. I
Tnf Ponrllntnn K. ft. in t.reiner In' Hn
ns a deadly injury by commending
nraev in national politics. While tiiat
ahaet was content to abuse us, we felt
'fwfa. We, however, sincerely deprecate
any attempt On its part to approve our
actions. As our readers already know,
. we have always been truly Democratic.
The nomination of Hancock affords jus
. unqualified pleasure, and his canvass
will secure our hearty support. He is a
Democrat after our own heart. If the
-' -.XL 0. ses fit to support him we shall
not object, providing it will do so in a
decent manner, and in such a way as not
.;: to bring discredit on the cause it endeav
ors to sustain. But we protest even
against tjie 'appearance of a fellow feeling
existing batweon us and such a sheet as
. the 0, ' Unlike it, we have a charac
ter and -.reputation to maintain, which
would suCer in the estimation of the re-
" spec table of both parties if we allowed
such a notice as it gave us last week to
pass by unheeded. That sheet is wel
om to abuse us to the extent of its abilft
ty, but we shrink with disgust from any
' " attempt on its part to praise us. The
'approval of good men affords us pleasure
xA encouragement, .but we repel with
ontempt the eulogies of the E. 0.
Dbycrsek, Junb 24th, 1880.
Editors Weston Leader: The divis-
ion ticket was beaten by the combined
SprU of the Democratic and Republican
WW, SO says the oracle OS tie inoepena-
Vat'" I suppose iKai those same eomhined
'forces did what dirty work was done in
"cohoota," kept Blalock precinct from
voting and arranged returns to suit, and
ill is well in their righteous, breasts.
They did not aim to let us have a single
member in tius end of the county. It is
It well known fact that if fair sailing had
wn had that Dr, Williamson, Mr.
jSastland and Mr, Palmer would have
Bem elected. They see too plain this
ikefarioua fraud and know that all the
tools in the county cent help seeing it,
and they (urn round to us and say, now
wiy give you a division of the county.
Oh! what impudence! ! We need not
their dictation neither will we ask any
favor -at their hands; we can obtain our
freedom without their aid in any way
we can strike out own lines and petition
tM 'Legislature, and free ourselves from
the vast territory", and if they are "not
Mtianed they can . repeat their dirty
- Work. I hart no patience with' the in
olent impudence ei the E. (k and Inde-
ptnaent. ; Yours lruiy,
The Democratic party of the United States
in convention assembled, declare:
. First We pledge ourselves anew to tie
constitutional doctrines and tradition of . the
Democratic party as illustrated by the teach
ing ml examples of ' a long line of Democrat
ic statesmen and patriots, and embodied
in the last national cenvention of the party. '
Second Opposition to .centralization and
that dangerous spirit of encroachment which
(ends to consolidate the "powers of all the de
partments in one, and thus to create, -whatever
he the forms of government, a real dep
otism; no sumptuary laws; separation of
church and State for the good of each; com
mon schools to be fostered and protected.
Third Home rule, honest money, the
strict maintenance of public faith, consisting
ot gold, silver and paper convertible to coin
on demand; the strict maintenance of the
public faith, State and national,' and a tariff
for revenue only.
Fourth the subordination of the military
to the civil power, and a general and thor
ough reform of the civil service. " 'x'
. Fifths-Right to a free ballot as the right
preservative of all rights, and must and shall
he maintained in every part of the United
Sixth The existing administrates is repre
sentative of conspiracy only, and its claims
of right to surround the ballot boxes with
troops and deputy marshals, to intimidate
and obstruct the elections, and by unprece
dented use of the vote to maintain its cor
rupt and despotic power, insults the people,
and imperils their institutions.
Seventh The great fraud of 1876, by
which, upon a false count of the electoral
vote of two States, the candidate defeated at
the polls, was declared to be President, and
for the first time in American history, the
will of the people was set aside under the
threat of military violence, struck a deadly
blow at oui system of representative govern
ment. The Democratic party, to preserve
the country from the horrors of a civil war,
submitted for the time, in the firm and pat
riotic faith that the people would punish this
crime in ' 1880. This issue precedes and
dwarfs every other. It imposes more sacred
duty upon the people of the Union than was
ever addressed to the conscience of a nation
f freedmen.
Eighth We execrate the course of this ad
ministration in making places for political
criminals, and demand a reform by statute
which shall make it forever impossible for a
defeated candidate to bribe his way to the
seat of a usurper by villainies upon the peo
ple. . -
Ninth The resolution of Samuel J. Tilden
not again to be a candidate for election, the
exalted place to which he was elected by a
majority of hfs countrymen, and from which
he was excluded by the leaders of the Re
publican party, is received by the Democrats
of the United States with sensibilitv. and
theydeolare their confidence in his wisdom
and patriotism and integrity, unsullied by
the assault of the common enemy, and they i
further declare to him that he is followed
into the retirement he has chosen for himself
by the sympathy and respect of his fellow-citizens,
who regard him as one who, by ele
vating the standard of public morality and
adorning and purifying the public service,
merits the lasting gratitude of his conntry
and his party. '
I Tenth Free ships and a living chance for
Ameriean commerce on the sea and on the
land, no discrimination in favor of transpor
tation lines, corporations or monopolies.
' Eleventh Amendment of the Burlingame
Treaty; no more Chinese immigration except
for travel, education and foreign commerce,
and therein carefully guarded.
; Twelfth Public money and public credit
for public purposes solely, and public lands
for actual settlers, x'
Thirteenth The Democratic party is the
friend of labor and the laboring man, and
pledges itself to protect him alike against
the cormorants and the commune.
Fourteenth We congratulate the country
upon the honesty and drift of the Democrat
ic Congress which has reduced the public ex
penditures to $40,000,000 a year; upon the
continuation of prosperity at home and the
national honor arboad, and above all, upon
the promise of such a change in the adminis
tration of this government as shall insure its
genuine lasting reform in every department of
the public service.
The importations of wool at Hew York
have been very lieavy this year, Ameri
can buyers actually controlling the Eng
lish wool market, lotal imports since
January 1 to. Hay 21, reached 68,264
bales against 17,708 bales for the same
time in 1879. The receipts of domestic
wool at New York since Jan. 1 ta May
21, were 15,006 bales, against 23,671
tor the same time last year. At Boston
the total receipts of domestic wool since
Jan. 1, 1880, have been 85,767 bal
and of foreign 72,446 bales, against 60,
986 bales domestic and 12,381 bales
foreign for the same time last year.
Extract from Hancock's order pub
lished at New Orleans, La., Nov. 29,
1867: "The right of trial by Jury, the
Habeas Corpus, the Liberty of the Press
the Freedom of Speech, the Nctural Rights
of Persons, and tjie Bights , of Property
must be preserved."
Census returns gives Forest Grove and
Cornelius precincts a population of 1622
number of farms. 151; manufacturing es
tablishments, 8: paupers. 4: deaf mutes.
4; people in Forest Grove, 544; in Cor-
neiiui, ill.
niEr srTEs.
The Chinese are giving French firms
large orders for rifles. - "
Several persons, in Lake county have
been doing a good business by picking
the wool from defunct sheep. -
. The grain prospects in Linn county is
splendid, and if nothing happens, the
crop will cancel many a mortgage this
fall. .
Canada thistles' are over-running the
alleys and vacant lots of Oregon city
and are in a fair way to become a veri
table pest
The census shows Port "Townsend to
have 917 inhabitants and Jefferson coun
ty has 1,712; increase in one year 230.
The Boise Statesman says: The whis
tle of tho "Bob White" may be heard
morning and evening, in the immediate
vicinity of this city.
Over 10,000,000 feet of lumber in logs
have been started down the Yakima by
loggers this season, intended chiefly for
the Northern Pacific Railroad Company.
Idaho now has nine newspapers, and
two more are being established; one at
Black foot and one at Paris; while the
third will soon be on the way for Wood
The Greek army is being increased
from 1 2,000 to 40,000. Furloughed offi
cers are called in. Men-of-war are being
armed and torpedoes sunk at various
places. All in anticipation of war with
.1 I-
The latest thing in glass manufacture
is millstones. They have been introduced
into Germany, and are said to grind per
fectly cold, run easily and do not heat
the flour. 1
The New York Sun says, , "Let the
fact be recognized tha James G. Blaine
and the men who stood by him .through
thirty-five ballots have rendered 'the
country a service the importance of which
it is hard to estimate, by defeating the
nomination of Grant."
On last Tuesday at Forest Grove Miss
Lou White playfully run a redhot iron
into James Buxton's eye and put it out.
Mr. Buxton is a blacksmith and it hap
pened at his shop. Questionable sport,
to say the least
The Portland, Me., city election was
held yesterday, resulting in the election
of a Hepublican Police Commissioner.
also three Republican members of the
Common Council and one Democratic
member. The contest was quite sharp.
Mexican advices of the 12th state
that work is proceeding rapidly on the
Central Railroad. The agents of the
Palmer and Sullivan Company are mak
ing a survey of the route through Colima
to the Pacific, with the understanding
that they will receive concession
The Montana Herald says that the
Musselshell round-up was organized on
the 21st of May, and is composed of about
75 men and upwards of 200 horses.
Among the many excellent riders in this
round-up may be mentioned John Collins,
who mounted an enraged steer in the
corral, and, drawing his six-shooter and
swinging his lariat, galloped around the
The Salt Lake Tribune tells the story
of a prospector who discovered a valu
able mine, and staying with it all win
ter, living in a hole in the earth, patch
ing his clothes with funny sacks, and
living on the plainest fare, Being asked
how he could remain in the mountains
in such a condition through a rough
winter like last winter, he replied, "be
cause I am superior to distress." .
A company of German and American
capitalists are negotiating with tho North
Pacific Railroad Company for the pur
chase of something over 100,000 acres of
land, mostly lying east of the Palouse
river," Washington Territory, As soon
as they secure title to the lands they will
sink artesian wells in the centre of each
section that is not by nature provided
with a sufficient quantity of pur water.
Galena, J une 27 -it is not true as
reported that General Grant has declared
his intention of supporting Hancock.
The report doubtless grew out of many
favorable comments he has made on the
action of the Cincinnati convention. He
does not hesitate to say that, in his opin
ion, the democrats have in General Han-,
cock nominated their best and strongest
man for the office of president, and that
neither his public nor private character
can be successfully assailed. This is the
substance of the ex-president's public
statement on that subject .
We acknowledge to receipt of a compli
mentary ticket to attend a picnic to be given by
.Vigilant II. & L. Co., of Walla Walla, to be
held at rrenchtown, on Sunday, July 4. A
good time will no doubt be experienced by all
who attend.
Serve am Injuetloa aa'Plaease
y iavitmag a feoMe MMon.
renovating a
thin andinnutri-
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will act gently on the bowels, remove wind, cure
heartburn, sour stomach and dizziness and proinote
ueaiuty secreuon oi cue..
the most effectual remedy for headache, arlddinese.
nervous depression, palpitation or tne heart, lasm
tude and general debilty.
' will relieve the worst cases of rheumatism and gout
prevent, gravel and stone in the bladder, and cure
au uiaeasea oi tne Kidneys.
gives speedy and durable relief in bilious and liver
complaints, weak digestion, shivering, spasms, low
spirits ana lmiaDiutv.
1 is invaluable as a remedy for the piles. It has been
tryed for manyyearsand has given great satisfaction.
u yon are amictea try it.
purifies and cleanses the blood, and removes all
scrofulous affections. It is health-giving, refreshing
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lor suaaen ana severe colus,cougns levers and ague,
asinma ana pntnisis.
1 cures chronic, nervous and sick headache, nervous
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on tne iace ana ireckies.
is a gentle laxitiveand tonic; improves the appetite
cures ayspepsia, ana counteracts tue cnect 01 mala
rious poison.
cures constipation, diarrhoea and dysentery; is cer
tain in results, and corrects all disturbances of the
stomach and bowels.
is a Dleosant remedy for boils, carbuncles, blotches.
ulcerated and running sores, scabs,salt rheum, and
glandular swellings. , . . v ,
is used successfully for foetid breath, scald head,
ringworm, itch, prickly-heat, cancerous ulcers and
skin diseases gcnerally-
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oiooa purmer.
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at least once a month.
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Everybody should use it
at the change of Beason,
for sale by every Druggist, Grocer and CountryMer
cbant on the Pacific Coast. 1-31-tf
Notice is hereby given that w. H. Parrent has
this day made application at this office to purchase
under the act of June 3d, 1878, "An act for the sale of
Timber Lands in the States of California, Oregon Nevada
and in Washington Territory." the N E 1-4, Nw 1-4
and S w 1-4, Ne 1-4, sec. 17, T 3, N R 37 E.
Given under my hand at the U. S. Land office at La
Grande, Oregon, this 13th dav of May, 1830.
Register. ;
Notice is hereby given that J. C. Medudck has this
day made application at this Office to enter under the
aci of congress approved June 8d, 1878, entitled, "an
Act for the sale of timber lands in the States of Cali
fornia, Oregon, Nevada and Washington Territory," the
Si Swl-4 sec. 25, T 4 N. R S7 East.
Given under my handthis 9th day of June, 1830, at
tne u. b. uina umce at uturanue, Oregon.
27-31 Hekbt Dwioiit, Register.
Land Office at LaOrahde, Ogn., June 2, 18SO.
Notice is hereby given that the following-named set
tler has filed notice ot his. intention ho make final prof
in Bupport of his claim, fend secure final entry thereof
at the expiration ofthirty days iron, the date of this
notice, viz: .
tirren W. Brock.
Witnesses proof Kill be taken before D. P. Dwisrht.
Notary Public at Pendleton, Umatilla County, Oregon ,
on Jury lu, iu, lstw, lor tne sw j sec su, x on, k me,
and names the following as his witnesses, viz: W Baker.
John Phillips, John Bush and Andrew McCroen, all of
uemerviue, L'matiiia county, Oregon.
6-27-31 H. W. D wiqht, Register.
I and Office at LaOrakbe, Oa., June 4, 1880.
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and secure final entry
thereof at the expiration of thirty days from the date of
mis notice, viz:
Wm. Baker,
Witnesses Proof will be taken before D. P. Dwight, a
notary ruDiic at renoteton, u mat nut couatv, uregon.
on July 10, 1880, for the Sw 1 sec, 20, Tilt. R 34 E.
and names the following as bis witnesses, viz: G. W.
ttrocK, w. c ueea, Anarew Houroen aad John Phil
uw uexst Uwiojit, Renster,
(M7-31 ,
living in Milton precinct. Umatilla Co intv. Oregon.
an Est ray described as follows, to-wit: One two-year,
old Stallion; a bright sorrel; star in the forehead
same white on the nose; left hind foot white, and
branded with the letter T on left shoulder. Medium
size, and vicious among other animals. Appraised at
v. . JlAttrUS.
Laud Oftios a Li Qbisdc, Or., May 19, 1830.
Notice is hereby given that th foEowing- numd let-
tier has filed notice of hi intention to make final proof
in support of his claim, and secure finnl eiitry thereof
at the expiration of thirty days from the date of thu
notice, viz:
Preemption No. 1,523. Proof will be made before O. e
DwiKht. a Notary Public, at Pendleton, Umatilla coun
ty, Oregon, on June 26, 1880, for the t e 1, a. ,
ec. 1T4, N B 84 E. and names the following aa hie
. . . . iv.il I I . 1 .1 If ft
wnneesea, vac i. ja. niun, u iwnwuu, . v
Davis and J. w. Davis of Centerville, Umatilla county.
Oregon. Biutax 1iht, .
Land office at LaOiande, Or., Hay 24, 1880.
Notice Is herebv eiven that the following named set
tler has filed notice of his intention th make final proof
in support of his claim, and secure final entry thereof
at the expiratiou of thirty days from the date ef this
saae a. vt icttcnium.
Proof will be taken before D. P. D wight, a Notary Pub
lic at Pendleton, Umatilla county, Oregon, on June 26,
1880, for the s e J of sec. 26, T 5 N K 34 E. and names
the following as his witnesses, viz: E. C. Tinsley, Cass
Cannon, Geo. Davis and James Zerba, all of Centerville,
Umatilla county, Oregon. Heskt W. Dwiout,
-k--. -, f - , - : . -- itegutcr.
Land Orsici at LbGbakd, Oregon. May U, 1SS0.
Notice is hereby given that the following: named set
tler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof
in support of his claim, and secure final .entry thereof
at the expiration of thirty days from the date of this
notice, viz:
Bamael K. sje.
Testimonyrwill be taken before S. V. Knox, a Notary
rumic at weston, Umatilla county, Oregon, on July I,
1880, for.the e, sec 14, T 6 N, of R Hi E, and names
the following as his witnesses, viz: John B. Frazier.
James Frazier, Henry Piper and A. M. Elam, all of
Milton, Umatilla county, Oregon. H. w. Dwiobt,
6-Z4-2U " Register.
LAyn Optic i, at La Gkasde, Or., May 17, 1880.
Notice is hereby given that the following named set
tier has filed notice of his intention to make final proof
in support of his claim, ana secure nnai entry tnereoi
at the expiration of thirtv days from the date of this
v liiiam iu Amos,
witnesses testimony will be taken before D. P. Dwigh
a Notary Public at Pendleton, Umatilla county, Oregon,
on June 25, 1880, for the w , NE J, and w i ss i Sec.
8t 4 B 84 E, and names the following as his witnesses,
A. C. Hussell, all of weston, Umatilla county, Oregon.
li. iauies nirKiHH.nea, v. wvi., ucvigv uiwb mm
lENKY W. DwlOHf,
Land Office at LaGrakdk, Ogn., June 8, 18S0.
T.otiee is hereby sriven that the following-named set
tler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof
in snunort of his claim, and secure final entry thereof
at the expiration of thirty days from the date of this
notice, viz:
jnirnari nnncn.
Homestead No. OTiO, for the SeJ NwJ, Ncl SwJ of Sec 1
SiT 5S.R S6 E. original entry: the SI Swl ot See.
2- TSN.RS6 Eladditional entry. Said proof will be
made before the County Judge at Pendleton, Umatilla
connty, Oregon, July la, usso, ana names ne inuowiug
as his witnesses, viz: l. a. nitney, urge a. ccrr.,,
W. Jared and Geo. dc Haven, of Umati'.la county Ore
gon. 11E.NRT w. DwioHT. uegister.
Las Oma at L aObakds, Or., June 14, 1880.
Notice is hereby eiven that the following-named set
tler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof
in support of his claim, antfttecTIre final entry thereof at
wie expirauwn oi winj uaj. iraua uw. wmm, w. -."
JMehard Reynold.
Homesstead application No. irM. Proof will be made
before the Countv Judire of Umatilla county. Oregon.
Original entry 5Sf-2; additional entry HwJ Se of Sec, 2,
T1N.K36E. and names the followiiu; as his witness
es, viz: Vim Koyce, Alfred Watts, Elihu Brock and J K
King, all oisumauiia county, uregon.
6-28-33 H. V . Dwight, Register.
Laso Office at LaGkakde, Or., June 12, 1SS0.
Notice is hereby riven that the following-named set
tler has filed notice of his intention to make final proof
in support of his claim and secure unal entry tnereoi at
the expiration of thirty days from the date of this notioe,
Calvin Fergnson.
Homestead application No. 724. Proof will be made be
fore the County Judge cf Umatilla county, Oregon, at
Pendleton, on August T, isso, lor tne o j set o j sec.
-28, T 4 N, K.86 E, and mmos the following as his wit
nesses, viz: James Royce, Benjamin Rinehart. A. J.
Crofutt and Alex. Br.uis0eld, all of Weston; Umatilla
county, Oregon. Henry W Dviodt, Register
Lass Orncs at LaGkakde, Ogn,, June 10. 1SSO.
Notice is hereby given that the following-named set I
tier has filed notice of his intention to make final proof I
in support of his claim and secure final entry thereof at I
the expiration ef uurty oays rrom tne aaw oi tms notice,
Benjamin Blnehnrt.
Homestead proof will be made before the County Judge
at Pendleton. Oregon, on the 7th day of August. 1680,
for the Et Nel sec. SO, and additional W of Nel see. SO
T 4 N, R 38. E; and names the following as his witnesses.
viz Calvui Ferguson, dam as Koyce. Charles rerguson
and Clark Briggs, all of Weston, Umatilla county, Ore
gon. ntnt n . uwtwnr, iw ibiai.
Laira Officr At LaQraxds, Oa., June 8th,
Notice is hereby given that the following-named settler
has filed notice of his Intention to mako final proof in
uonort of his claim, and secure Anal entry thereof at
tne expiration ot uurty aaysirom tne (ate oi uus notice,
Jason 8. Van Winkle.
Witnesses testimony will be taken before D. P. Dwight.
a Notary Pulic at Pendleton, Umatilla county, Oregon,
on July 17, 1SS0, for the Ne see. 8, T 4 N, K 35 E, and
hames the following as his witnesses, viz: John Stamp
er, uenr;. stamper, wm. uuraen ana u. zsooner, an
oi i W'.tervillfc, cmatinatiunty, uregon.
t-za .s ttcitvi n. uniuni, negister.
Land OrncK at LaGraude, Ok., June 12, 1SS0.
Notice is hereby given that the following-named
settler has filed notice of his intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and secure final entry
tnereoi at tne expiration ox tuirty days from the Hate of
nis notice, viz:
H. B. A. Hairs.
Ha No. 2375. Proof will be made before D. P. Dwight,
a Notary Public at Pendleton. Umatilla county. Oregon.
on July 24, 1880, for the Sw i sec SO, T 4 N, R 34 E, and
names the following as bis witnesses, viz: Wm. vVlilis,
Henry McUmber, John A. Gross and W. H. Beeder, all
oi i;entervuie, umatuia county, vregon.
6-28-33 HzntT W. UwieuT, Register.
Laxp OrncE at LaGkasde, Ogn., June 14, 1880.
Notice is hereby given that the following named set
tler has Sled notice of hie intention to make final proof
in support of his claim, and secure final entry thereon
at the expiration of thirty days from the date or this
- William Boyee.
Homestead armlicatlon No. loss. Additional home
stead proof will be made before the County Judge at
x-euuicufa, vrregoo, JU1Y Z4, 19SU, lor we woiwiuiib
try, K) Nw J of Sec 2, T S N, B SS E; orig".-! home-
steaa no. t.4, ana names the following as n; witnesses,
viz: Richard Reynolds. Alfred Watts. Elihu Brcck and
. . . . . . .
J. R. King, all of Umatilla County, Oregon.
HER w, nefigar.
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Steel, Nailo
' Westenbolme's All Style.
4Burgen ft Ball's and "Kangaroo."
Shot-Gun & Rifle Ammunition
A Full Use ot
Pistols anil Revolvers! !
Trout Baskets, Etc.
RodgerS' Cutler Y
Comprising heayy-plated Knives, Fork
and Spoons.
Sold at Lowest rates for a good article. ""
(Opposite Post OfBee,)
Main St, Walla Walla, W. T.
R. K ROUNDS, - - Pkopeiitob.
Board, per day, 81.O0. Beard and Lodging, per weak.
Si.OO and $0.00, according to reoav. Meals, tie.
Beds, H-wui SOe.
Free Coach te the tel fer Paaseaera.
Surveyor and Civil Engineer
Pendleton, Oregon.
Town Plata made and Lands Located-.
M ICE At (he Conrt aUMy.
Dwight & Railejv
CcBcral iMna Aaenta, K4arle rnblU
Seal Eatale Brkrs
Pendleton, Oregon,
Have TowsBHir Pun of all surveyed lands in Umatilla.
i County and a record of all Land daias from the irst
location to toe present time, ana corxsetea sesu-weeai
from the Land Office atjtiraade.
Will secure claims for parties under any of. the Land.
Laws of the U. 8., conduct contested eases before the
Local Land Office, and on appeal to the Depattaeat at
n esamgwn.
win rnraUh Rnldlers Additional Homestead Floasa
and all kinds of Land Scrip on abort notice and at lewese,
market rate .
WU1 buyand sell lands, city property, e.,0 reseOBa
bcornmsston. -
The Plattf and Records above referred to are Ike ly
ones of the kind ir Umatilla County, and esttleas eaa.
save time and a Uip te LnGrand. by eecuaf se as.
fTWe have special facilities fer lecatlss new-
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The Lkadsr ; mm
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I JrY I Vl 11 Ot th Mat IN
I newsiest Local papen in the Nortkweat
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