Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, December 11, 1913, Image 7

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Success of Deception More Often Than
Not Rests entirely on Its Readi­
Advtoe quick what you have for Holiday Trade. Will sell your Poultry and
ness and Simplicity.
give y»>ii prompt and reliable service for five per cent of groew ealus. Ship your
where it will lie
pnprrly handled.
Cold itoragf
in buikling.
Gnm( tale*-
I’EAKSON-PAGE CO., Portland, Ora.
Case of “Nerves?”
Engiish Farmer Profits by Keep
ing Detailed Records.
Tbe success of a good trick more
often than not rests entirely on its
er——--------------------- -- -------------------
----------- r readlneas and simplicity of perform­
ance. For the following al) that la Ram Is Kept Separate Until Ewes Are
Ga’hered for fnspeetlon, Thereby
necessary Is a box of ordinary wooden
Mam» Mat.. far Oaa ar Two >'»raem la a Koom
Avoiding All Over-Exertion In
Wukiael«« Slrmrt. ( oriwr af TvUNh.
Arrange fifteen matches In tbe four
(HAS II. ROW1.KV. M.n.e.r
Running Around.
ti ss. Il W n oe l*w Ile, Wlth lUih Pri.Umr».
figures given below. Then ask a
friend (preferably a bachelor) to take
(By K. H. JAYNES.)
away three and leave an explicit ex­
Nothing is more discouraging than
planation of what
"matches** are • lot of lambs of various ages, uneven
Sigiai Kutn ha «v«A or m»n/A
Uu. lo ami frum trala. end busi», or lek» a li»
In size, running with a flock of ewes
Wa.hin«ion HI. airi iraiufrr. ni off al Tw.trth Htrnt. KuniMan pian. 1-0 uuul
Firrprouf Hulldlns. nw.l.rn and »Iran la .wrx raaport. Bui a»>4 euld ratinino wetoi
that would, had they been given tbe
I»iri.l,„),w I, .wly
Hmel» or ilo.ibl» libimi......
uff Mm-, Old
to Attain
opportunity, have lambed at the aame
The chances of attaining old age
period For tbe past month or two
are much greater if we live much of
the ram should have been in a lot by
our Ilf« in fresh country air. Statto V.
✓ I himself snd eating all tbe nice juicy
tlca go to show, according to Dr. Dez
gras« be desired.
Writs t<<*ay f«»r lag« atul t»tr nri MSh pries Hat.
W» iugi«iii<r fair tr« a«t)>«i>i. hlifhsst | H ch , and
Tbe vslue of such a grass plot can
of the town-dweller is un
l-x I rtt-th Mail.** Giva ua a trial with «ration
made of. Those to be removed are hardly be over-estimated. It gives
hr * i lui f>t i icduoe
t. It. * H ihalf A (
kb (i*i >!• U4i
|41 I4J
the ram a tender bit of picking, cau»
ported to make the conclusion Inevit­ lettered a, b and c.
Place twenty-four matches Into a ing him to take sufficient exercise to
able that the sine qua non of longe­
vity Is a certain amount of time spent cube ot nine small squares, Remove i keep him tn tbe best of trim.
in the country.
Supplement tbis with an abundance
eight of tbe matches and leave only
Lfgs, Poultry, Hogs, Veal
The city child Is subject to a num­ two squares. Experience will show of fresh water, a little salt and a trifle
Nat pri*r*a t. <». b. f'ortland. ho
«ioreti, daily butter,
|)y» h«*na ber of disturbing
conditions other tha» 'he solution of this trick Is far of oats, and we have a combination
and apiintfa, l'.*<*'li< , du« L n .
tfv'aaa. I<4d Uc
than mere absence of creature com­ more difficult than the uninformed guaranteed to give results in tbe line
dr«M»i«ad, | h < u ;'Z c ; fancy i««rk,
H$4tK‘c: fancy wai, lH^|4c;dry «-aacara barb. r. forts, which undermine the constitu­
All that Is of a big, strong, vigorous sire.
Ah ip ua fura, w«a»la, m««ha>r. wax and htdew. Writ« tion by throwing too heavy a burden would at first imagine.
A practice that is common with
fur fur pricR* llat or other i-rirua. Aaaata lin.fOU
on the sense organs, through which necessary is to leave the four sides of
RUBY & CO.. 107 had It. rVUTUOiD. 01 exhaustion of the central nervous sys­ the cube and the small middle square. Engltoh breeders and which our
Replace the matches Into the orig­ farmers must eventually follow to tbe
tem follows; among these conditions
nre noises, a perpetual round of bur­ inal cubes of nine squares, throwing bard coupling of ram and ewes.
ry, and unending sequences of inci­
Tb>> American farmer turns his ram
Bcuebt. m -1<I »nd »»rhaaiml. •null'*. I,»lvrv. dents
exhausting the attention, to
with the ewes and trusts to luck to
>wnulla, air. Hewl h r Htark I.Ini »nd I'rlr«-.,
which nre superadded the physical
bring him a good crop. He does not
MK J 1 MARTIN CU.. KI 1*1 HI Portland, Or.
discomforts of vitiated air and efflu-
know whether tbe ram to safely set­
viu from human beings and waste or­
tling the ewes or not.
ganic products, besides offensive
Too often the ram abuses himself,
gases and Infection laden dust. To
to tbe detriment of tbe latter part of
attain old age we have to relieve our-
tbe crop. Then, too, the exertion from
We haw en »rtu-l» und In .wry ham. .nd
selves from worry, strains and anxle-
want on« (wty tn osch town to reprwacti< un.
running around, as a ram in a brnch
lies, withdraw periodically from the
Will hslp you Irulkl up an >ndop«md»n< bua‘*
whirl of effortful existence, modify
of ewes usually does, undermines his
nee. uf xour own. Ft TTY A (0. h ¿77. hrM. fr
our diet, omit the use of stimulants
and narcotics, and spend reasonably
Compare this with your English
UM AN AIR -FRICTION CAHBt'HKTOk with long periods of time under pleasant seven other matches on the table,
farmer . Tbe ram to kept to himself
mbw 1914 )mi'ruv«m*rt'a.
lhrr*MM*« posa? «rxl
Now challenge anyone present to take all the time except when he is led
•etmofnv <>f m«»u>r un» h«lf.
Alwolutwly lmp«• conditions in practical retirement.
bto lo rhok» <tr ku«d lik» oihwr rtgrburrtor«. L' imm
Above all, amusement should be each of the seven matches separately
cl ht H lata. tftMMihtMB. ur
k»fuBRt»« with flriast r*.
simplified and accepted rather than add, commencing with any square out to the ewes. He gets bis allowance
WulU. Mlart« r<ay 1rs rok’ewl wa«thwr. Ww ht ail
of grain and his bite of grass, no mat­
Only vegetable and (the middle one
■M<vr». ruarati(a*dntf drhnita résulta or rsfurxl sought
excepted), count ter bow hard pressed tbe farmer to
Kbonoy. Kaclualve roun’y rltfhU. Spécial pries semi animal foods should be eaten.—»
four successive squares, Including for feed, for be knows too well that a
Ara< snlor. Liberal •’»chang« <>n othur < arburt’t-
•va. TW Air-Frlrtlan ( arteuiwtor Go.. Itayloa. O. American V'dlcal Association.
that of the start, dropping the handful ot grain given to the ram is
match Into an empty fourth. A as good as one given to each of the
Moth«n will find Mn. winsK-w« ra.itblaz
Syrup it>- U st rairirdv to um tui their cbUtUea square already containing a match ewes.
luring lbs teething period.
must be counted in the course of
When evening comes, the farmer
lead» his ram out to where the ewes
A story of th« late poet laureate,
Alfred Austin: lie had been talking
are gathered for the Inspection of the
a good deal about himaelf after din­
ram. The lead 1s loosened from his
ner, as was his wont, to the annoyance
baiter and be quietly proceeds to in-
of tbe other guests, and at last he
said: “ljidy ------ , to it time for the
poet laureate to go to bed?"
everyone In the room said “Yes.
addresed to women
Hot flashes, dizziness, fainting spells, backache,
b . headache,
>f irrofularity
bearing-down pains, n.rvousnsss ell are symptoms of
and f.mala distúrbenlas and u. not beyond relief.
Hotel Washington
Favorite Prescription
to that of a famous physician unusually sxporto.ieod
fa the treating of women’s peculiar ailments. For
forty year« it has been recommended to suffering
womankind. Thousands of women can bear witness
to its beneficial qualities. Perhaps its aid ia all that
Is required to rectoro to yoo perfect hralt h end strength.
Now is tho Ums to act, write Dr. K. V. Pierce’s. Kuffelo.
Veal, Pork, Poultry, Hides
Can he handled v«ry MRily. TM mirk a-
R€«ble. do DiBffrr how •«¿MWid.”
«Num. by «Min« LfOHlTff LIQUID Didi
the tonrue or In feed. Art* on the okx
forme of diMetnprr. Be»» re oedy e« rr
One bottle «uAran?eed to cure one riMe.
KO dozen, of draggiM» and harne«*deu
. .K.
roanofneturere. Cut ahowa bow to pocitire throa»«
Booklet Kivre everythin«. I < wr I arenta wanted. Jerff W
horae remedy in erUtencc -twelve year«.
in acre« bench land, all fine m 41 and lay« well
40 acre« in rullivatiun. balance pasture with
aumr »rcond-ffrvwt h timber, lot* ot a»«**I. frea
•oUknr, Hvln< water, abundance ot fruit,
toaludinf abznit ? acre« barrUa. 2
one a Ana larva houaa that c«at ©vat 9MQ0.
with Ana lawn and »hrubbary. large bam. etc..
I mllaa from m***d town tn Chahalla vallay; hard
vurfarad n»ad all (he wav. thia h a snap at
ynu ran t maha (ha improvamatita for
that; 9KUO caah hantllae thia, Alvord 41 Ct».,
UA Hoard of Trade IOd<„ PortJand. Orvwon
•and I LIO and this ad. and wa will dallvar to your
hotiis. i-wiipldtd
And Eveready Battery
We alao haodU H»stlng Appllanraa. Xmaa Tree
Feetoana. Klar trie Taya. Lvarythlne Klaetrkal.
a starting point Each match muai
alike commence, and And Its des­
tination In an empty square, The
middle square must not be count­
ed at all, neither for the start nor
flnlsh. nor In the course of a move.
It will be found that there la little dif­
ficulty In securing squares for five,
or even six. matches; but the placing
of the entire seven is by no means a
simple matter.
The solution Is as follows:
square from which the first move Is
made must receive the next match,
If tbe start commenced at 1, for in-
stance, and the match consequently
found Its destination in 4, It must be
arranged that the next falls in 1. Tbe
counting of the second would there­
pulgat, a
Burmese measure, __ ia fore have to begin at six. Similarly
the only foreign measure exactly cor tbe third match is made to drop Into 6
responding to our Inch.
by starting at 3, and so on until al)
seven have been placed.
Time It! In five minutes all atom
ach distress will go. No indigestion,
heartburn, sourneaa or belching of
gas, acid, or eructations of undigested
food, no dizziness. bloating, fou!
breath or headache.
Pape's Diapepstn Is noted for its
npeed In regulating upset stomachs.
It Is the surest, quickest stomach rem­
edy In the whole world and besides It
is harmless. Put an end to stomach
trouble forever by getting a large
flfty-cent case of Pape’s Dlapepsln
from any drug store. You realixe In
five minutes how needless It is to suf­
fer from indigestion, dyspepsia or any
stomach disorder. It’s the quickest,
surest and most harmless stomach
doctor in the world.
There are SOO.OOO automobile« In the
As we grow older we get sense, but
United State«, excluilve of commer­ not to excess.—Pittsburg Post.
cial truck«.
Alfred Davis, of OH City, Pa., has a
sunflower In his yard that ta nine feet
eight Inches high nnd bears 36 fully
developed flowers, with as many more
l4wm Watchmakln« and Engrevta« la a
few months Poaltloaacuarantoad. Writ«
m. at. MU
Lord Curzon began a friendly sulf
in Washington against Joseph Leiter
to change the trustees for the 11,700,-
000 marriage settlement made upon
his deceased wife, Mary Victoria Leit­
er. 8eymour Morris of Chicago and
the Earl of Suffolk are to be substitut­
ed for Robert T. Lincoln, former sec­
retary of war, and Viscount Middle­
ton. Joseph Leiter, executor of the
Leiter estate, has agreed to the
Wonderful Blood Remedy
That Works in the Tissues
Tin Very Lata! Theary Abaui Haw and Why the
8. S. 8. Means Pure Blood Which Insures Long Life and Health.
Tbs great experts in Chemistry and
Physiology now declare what has all
along been contended by ths Bwlft Lab­
oratory that the germs of blood disorders
find lodgment in ths Interstices of tbe tic.
And herein to where 8. 8. 8. goes to
work rapidly, effectively and with won­
derfully noticeable reeulta
This famous blood purifier contain«
medicinal components just as vital and
essential to healthy blood as ths nutritive
elements of wheat, roast beef, and fete
and ths sugars that make up our dally
As a matter or fact there to one Ingre­
dient In B. H. H. which serves the aotlve
purpose of stimulating each cellular part
of tho body to ths healthy and judlalous
selection of its own essential nutriment.
That to why it regenerates ths blood sup.
plyi why it hae such a tremendous in­
fluence In overcoming ecsama, rash, plm*
•tee, and all akin afflictions,
By Burying Nuts of Chestnut, Hickory
and Walnut 8qulrrele Perform
Moet Important Duty.
CKemLta and B^terlalowi.ta. GOSHEN. IND.. U. S. A.
- '
Girle! Try It! Hair gets soft, fluffy
and beautiful—Get a 25 cent
bettle of Danderine.
If you care for heavy hair that glis­
tens with beauty and is radiant with
life; has an incomparable softness and
to fluffy and lustrous, try Danderine.
Just one application doubles the
beauty of your hair, besides it imme­
diately dissolves every particle of
You can not have nice
heavy, healthy hair if you have
dandruff. This destructive scurf robs
tbe hair oi its lustre, its strength and
its very life, and if not overcome It
produces a feverishness and itching of
the sc.Jp; the hair roots famish, loo»
en and die; then the hair falls out
fast. Surely get a 25-cent bottle of
Knowlton's Danderine from any drug
store and just try it
The Merry Life.
Some young folks have odd ideas
of the life theatrical.
"My, but I'd like to travel on the
road with a company," said a young
man the other day.
"Wbat would you like most about
such a life?" his companion asked.
“I think It would be just great,” tbe
ambitious one exclaimed, “to sit about
the railroad stations playing a banje
and singing songs until the train ar­
wbo to going to suffer if you
neglect the small ills of the
Giving a Man no Chance.
Stomach, Liver and Bowels.
Ths decision of the United States
supreme court in the case of C. H.
They are only warnings of
Summers of Juneau, setting aside the
impending sickness which you
280-year prison sentence Imposed on
the Alaska banker for misappropria­
can "sidetrack” by the use of
tion of funds, comes as a great relief.
It not only was clearly unconstitution­
al. but absolutely against all the dic­
tates of humanity.
It Is always wise to temper justice
with mercy. And especially when an
offender is not beyond hope of re­
demption. A sentence of 280 years is
the extreme of cruelty. To one of Mr.
Summer's age It would mean that
It restores the appetite, aids
'bhen he finally emerged from behind
digestion and keeps you welL
the prison walls’ he would be a very
old man—too old to carve out a new ,
career for himself.
The lower courts should realize that
the days of prison sentences of more
than 100 years or fines of more than
829.000,000 are gone by.—New York
Tests having shown that reconnai
sance work can not be effectively
done at greater heights than 2600 feet, '
the French army has decided that its Delicious "Fruit Laxative" can’t harns^
tender little Stomach, liver
war aeroplanes must be armored
and bowels.
against rifle bullets.
Stomach Bitters
A Prize Winner.
epect the flock. One is found In heat,
she is served and tbe shepherd quietly
removes her while the ram continues
bls inspection.
When all has been served the ram
is removed and a record is made of
the ewes bred, the date and anything
else that may be needful.
There are 160 dramas and 21 melo­
The pure bred owner takes the ear dramas based on the life of Joan of
tag number of bis ewe and her date Arc.
of breeding is put down on his flock
record. The grade
sheep owner
marks his ewes in some conspicuous
For instance, the first week he uses
red paint placed on the hip, the sec­
ond week on the back, the third on the
shoulder, etc. Different colors of paints
are quickly relieved by Sloan’s
being used, if possible to know by the
Liniment. Lay it on—no rub­
mark on her back just when she will
bing. Try it.
there to no question about when a
ewe should lamb. He has the records.
A glance and he has the whole story
before him. A sharp contrast to the
former who has to “tall by guess”
about when a ewe Is to lamb, and who
consequently looses a high per cent,
of his crop.
to it too much trouble to do this?
Is it too much trouble to get your corn
planted or to harvest your oats when
Your lambing season is your har­
vest. It awaits you. but the time of
harvesting (giving birth to lambs) is
uncertain, unless you know by your
records when to expect it.
“ I fell end eprained my »rm a week
Brother farmer, it is these little
•go end wee in terrible pain. I could
things that count.
They mark the
not n»e my bend or arm until I applied
your Liniment, t ahall never be with-
difference between the progressive
farmer and the shiftless or indifferent,
between the business farmer and the
Fin. foe-Stiffly.
work horse kind, between the money
“Sloan'e Liniment hae done more
good than anything I have ever tried
maker and the loser, between success
for stiff joint». I got my hand hurt so
and failure. We are all of us either
badly that I had to atop work right in
the buai eat Ume of the year. I thought
one or the other.
Sprains, Bruises
Stiff Muscles
Contrary to common belief, the gray
squirrels of the United States de not
lay up their winter store of nuts in
mass, but bury each one separate and
apart from the rest, and for this rea­
son they are nature's most Important
chestnut, hickory and walnut tree
planters. Harper’s Weekly remarks.
Tbe nuts are hidden in the ground,
often at a considerable distance from
one another, and either by Instinct or
a remarkable memory the squirrels
will penetrate through several feet of
snow when In want of food and sel­
dom, If ever, fail to find the hidden
They do not need or use the one-
tenth part of the provender they have
hidden away in the ground, and what
they do not consume germinates tbe
next spring and in this way we get
our uniform nut tree forests, which
would otherwise grow in cluster under
the parent tree where the nuts have
In their burying operations squirrels
often cover a large area of ground,
seeking the moet favorable spot for
Rot of Tomatoes.
hiding their food; this accounts for
This disease often attacks plants
trees springing up tn the most diverse
that are not sprayed. It to first no­
ticeable as small, black or brown spots
on the leaves or stems of the plants,
Production and Consumption.
occurring first on the lower and older
Myrtle, who la studying physical leaves; but with favorable weather it
geopraphy, liken to flaunt her superior
spreads rapidly until the plant is de­
foliated, and the spots on the stems
"Jimmie," she said to her little
have coalesced Into Irregular, blackish
brother, "I bet you don’t know what
patches. If a piece of bark with these
germination produces.”
spots be examined under a high power
"I don't know what it produces,” re­
microscope, innumerable small, cres­
plied Jimmy, "but I know the German
cent-shaped bodies may be seen.
nation consumes lota of sauerkraut
and Wienerwurst”—Youngstown Tola- These are the fruiting spores of ths
fungus. Spray with Bordeaux mixtura
And In regenerating the tissues 8. 8. 8>
has a rapid and positive antidotal effect
upon all those Irritating Influences that
cause rheumatism, sore throat, weak
eyes, loss of weight, thin pale cheeks, and
that weariness ot muscle and nerve that
is generally experienced, by all sufferers
with poisoned blood.
Get a bottle of 8. 8. 8. at any drug
store, and In a few days you will not only
feel bright, and energetic, but you will be
the picture ot new Ufa
8. 8. 8. to prepared only In tho labora­
tory of tho Swift Specific Co., tot Swift
Bldg, Atlanta, Oa. Who maintain a very
No Timo.
efficient Medical Department, where all
who have any blood disorder of a stub­
"Son, do you read blood and thus-
born nature may write freely for advica dor novels?"
8. 8. 8. to sold everywhere by all drug
"No, air. It’a all I kin do to k««p
up wit’ the horrible crimes in the oar­
Bev/are of all attempts to sell you
something "Just as good.” Insist upon rent news.”
B. 8. ■>
Ea h "Pape's Dlspepaln” Digests 3000
Square Puzzle.
graine food, ending all stomach
misery In five minutes.
a move, but It cannot be used as
M m IkaS.
Ki/ls Pain
Look at the tongue, mother!
coated, your little one's stomach, liver
and bowels need cleansing at one*.
When peevish, cross, listless, doerat
sleep, eat or act naturally, or to fever­
ish, stoqiach sour, breath bad; hae
sore throat, diarrhoea, full of cold,
give a teaspoonful of “California
Syrup of Figs," and in a few hours all
the foul, constipated waste, undigest­
ed food and sour bile gently moves
out of its little bowels without grip­
ing, and you have a well, playful child
again. Ask your druggist for a SB-
cent bottle of “California Syrup of
Figs,” which contains full directioaa
for babies, children of all ages and
tor grown-ups.
Pina, a diaphanous fabric, is man»
factured In the districts surrounding
Iloilo, island of Panay, Philippines.
T here are bargains
P roofing
A B guaran­
teed roofing, i
p V,
»L10 par roll
Heavier plies
st equally low
prieea. We
also eell tar
aa»ar. tending
tag gate', teadenlag tall
aag plaat.r board at
at first that I would have to have my
hand taken off. but I got a bottle of
“r h,nd-’’
Thia fine front or
rear 4oor with
Jon fir. Our eata-
lo< ahowa a big aa-
••rtmant of doors
M bargain pries*
iron» Ifji up.
Sash from
1 Ite.»k
of rash rm Raillvork. all
at mill prloae.
Hogs snd Sheep.
If the farmer is looking for quick
returns in live stock and for a large
percentage on the money invested,
there are no animals on the farm
that will beat the sow and the ewe.
BcK Cevgh Ryrop. TutM Good. U m
In time. Bold by DrnggiMt.
We'll Mve you 85%
to 80% on your lum-
ber bill Our lumber
is all first grade end
first quality.
Wo eell
you direct Send your
liat at once and get our
prepaid prices