Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, May 22, 1913, Image 4

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Entered as Second Class Mail Matter at Lente. Oregon, Annual 35, 1911
Published Every Thursday at lent*. Ore., by the M t . S cott P vbushinq C o .
H. A. DARN ALL, E ditor ah » M anaum .
Office Phone: Home Uli.
Residence: Tabor 2S13
Deco ration
ceremonies al Molt-
noniah cemetery, May :10th, under the
auspices of the G, A R , by the Span-
ini, War Veterans, Sous of Veteran»,
Circle, and «ebool children from Lents,
Woodmere, Arleta and civic order*.
The several I hh II ss will asneiiible at
their respective rendezvous at 9 a. m.
The parade will form at th« Lenta
school and will move at 9:30 a. in
«harp, in the following order: lxmts
school, Sons of Veterans. Spauish War
Veteran«, G. A. R., Circle, civic orders
and vehicles.
The Woodmere school will start at
9.35 sharp and inarch via the Oregon
City road to Foster road to await the
IMtrade from Lents. The Arleta school
I will start at 9:16 sharp, and march to
I the cemetery direct.
At the cemetery the program will be:
I Song by school«, Prayer by Post Chap­
Public markets, municipal pav­ lain Anderson, Lincoln's Gettysburg
ing plant, public playgrounds, bet­ Address, read by Mira Nellie Horner,
ter regulation and ultimate mun- General Logan’s "Order No. 6,” reed
ici-pal ownership of public utili­ by Prof. A. F. Hershner, Song, Star
ties, better regulation of liquor Spangled Banner, Decoration Day ad­
dress by Rev. Dr. Nelson, Decoration of
tartTic, public docks and riparian Graves by school children, Bong,
rights, war on white slavery, com­ Marching Through Georgia, Salute,
mon user clause in all famchisea. T pe.
Marshall of the day L. Rossall.
Paid Advertisement.
It is interesting now days how NEW PRESIDENT ELECT EN­
much sympathy is wasted on
matters where the conditions do
not warrant it We were inter­ The W. F. M. Society of the M. E.
ested the other day in a report Church, were entertained at the home
where the condition of the coun­ of their new president, Mrs. A. F Hol­
lingsworth. last week. Mrs. Hollings­
ty jail was described as being worth
had plan nisi a surprise for the
deplorable in several features. Ladies’ of which there was about 40.
The opinion seems to be now- After the usual order of business several
days as held by a considerable musical selections were given and read­
number of people that the coun­ ings. Mias Kennworthy. a returned
from India, gave a very in-
ty, and state retention homes I missionary
tereeting talk on the Bible women of
should be furnished with brussels India and pass'd around about 50 views
carpets, at least; rocking chairs, of India's everyday life. Miss Kenn­
sofas, feather beds, silver ser­ worthy is a power tor good in our
vice, electric fans, icewater, church here, and hopes she may be
health tojo back again to her
turkish baths, valet, servants at given
work as a missionary. Mrs. Hollings­
the dinner table, with pie and worth assisted by the Misnee Hollings­
angel food at every meal. There worth, served a dainty luncheon and all
is not a jail in the state but departed thanking the host«* for a
what is a thousand percent in pleasant afternoon.
advance of that of a century
In the County Court of the State of
ago, and that is not now on an RECEPTION GIVEN TO
Oregon, for Multnomah County.
average more comfortable than
In the matter of the estate of John
the accommodation usually oc­
Geo (Hickey) Wrisley. tenu
Allen Young, deceased
cupied by the “guests” that are A reception was given at the Evangel­
Notice is hereby given that the under­
ZMUAO signed, W. B. Burton as administrator1
H*iel Tboinu
accustomed to patronize these ical Church Wednesday evening in honor Fred
Helman. Lente
Rev Conklin and family who have re­
of the estate of John Allen Young, I
public holsteries. The ventila­ of
turned to this charge for the third year.
deceased, has been filed in the above j
the lighting, and the The church was tastefully decorated in
entitled court and matter, his final ac- j
healthfulness of any jail in this flowers of the season. A program con­ Be sure you have a hopper contain- i count as such administrator, and said |
county will equal, if not surpass sisting of music, readings, and greetings ’ mg grit. charcoal, and oyster shells | court has fixed Saturday, the 91st day
the home surroundings as to the of welcome from the different organiza­ hanging on the wall of the chicken of May 1913, at the hour of 9 o’clock, in
tions of the church was rendered in the
house Grit helps the chicken digest the forenoon of said day, and the court- I
healthfulness of half the homes. auditorium.
C. L. Me
The guests then retired to the base­
ment of the church where refreshments
were served, and a general good time
was enjoyed.
The members are glad to have Mr,
Conklin with them again, and a profit­
able year is anticipated.
its food, charcoal keeps its bowels in room of said court as the time and
good order by absorbing gases, and place for the hearing of said account to-
get her with any objections that may lie
oyster shell makes egg shell.
Fresh water is best for chickens, de­ offered thereto, and for the settlement
spite the fact that they will drink of said -state.
Date of first publication May 1, 1913.
dirty water even though you have
W. B. Burton, Administrator,
provided the fresh If possible, keep
them away from the dirty water; it John Van Zante, Atty.
will prevent the spread of disease.
Constipation Cured
Another thing chickens like to do is
Dr. King'« New Life Pills will relieve
to lay eggs in odd places on the range, I constipation promptly and get vour
in a barrel or a box. Take a look
bowels in healthy condition again. John
around once in a while
1 Supsic, of Sanbury, Pa., says “They are
Be careful in feeding too much corn
the beat pills I ever used, and I advise
Give variety. Add some buckwheat,
everyone to use them for constipation,
oats, barley and the like
I ind gestion and liver complaint.” Will
Just why some people get to
the front will remain a world’s
wonder. At the recent city pri­
mary the man who secured the
highest record for councilman
has been a member of that body
for some time, and yet if he has
any considerable merit that,
should cause him such popularity Attention is called to the lecture at I
the Baptist charch in Lenta this Thurs­
there seems to be very few day
Mrs. Wallace, who
people who are able to define it comes from Kansas City, to ad­
One of the city weeklies calls dress us is an interesting speaker.
him all sorts of defamatory The admission is free.
I help you. Price 25c. Recommended
Hogs don’t need, or want, a wallow
all druggists.
things this week, enough to send The annual essay contest will be held They
do need, and want, a bath A |
at the Friends church, next Tuesday
them to perdition if they are in afternoon
May 27th.
The meeting
wrong, and yet we do not antici­ opens at two o’clock and the business pay big dividends, especially as the j
pate any serious trouble for the matters for the day will Ire quickly dis­ bath water can be mixed with a little
publication. This particular pol­ posed of, so that ample time may he dip to destroy parasites and germs
itician has been in the habit of given the contestants. The topic for
discussion is “Industrialism vs Purity.”
How’s This?
appealing to the sympathies of Mrs. O. E. Lent will be the hostess.
One Hundred Dollar« H» I
his constituency by sending them Everyone is interested in the subject, ward for any
case of Catarrh that I
a postal card appeal on one side particularly at this time, and as the cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh ;
of which was a picture of his in­ church is on Main street so near the Cure.
First-Class Livery and Feed
J. CHENET ¿C>.. T “cJo. O.
fant son. He is now a leading car line, it is hoped every person who We, F.
un 'r rsifrnc !.
Ln-wn r J. |
Stables at Borine) and Sandy
can possibly do so, will attend this Cheney the
for t
Li.t 1"» y - ;
and believe
candidate for a commissioner­ meeting and bring a neighbor.
him perf»- ly 1 - r
I i all business '
7 ranaportation of all kinds
a- I f : i” !’/ al l' ta carry ,
ship. His only qualification for At a recent meeting of social workers, transactions
out any oblljatii .
Ly Lis firm
of Baggage to Bandy and
interior points
the job is his unlimited nerve. held in New York, many subjects for
Toledo, O.
It is to be hoped that the name the betterment of mankind were dis­ nail’s Catarrh Cure taken internally,
For further information phone or write
of councilman Clyde will be pass­ cussed. John 8. Elliott of the Hudson acting dir* ■ tly up n the blood and rnu- |
E. F. DONAHUE, Prop.
Guild, says “The Survey, held that it cous surfao 4 of the system. Testimonials j
ed up by enough voters at the should more and more be the final ef­ sent free i ri ■ 75 cents per bottl-. Sold
by al! Druggists.
approaching election to ensure fort of the settlement to bring the Take Hall's Family Pills for coaetipation. '
his attention to other matters. mothers and fathers into the streets,
into the schools and into the dance
Don’t forget it
A bank account means more than the dol-
lare you put into it, when you make up your
mind to start.
the conditions under which they live,
and contribute of their own experience ;
and power in reorganizing communal
life ” Would it not be helpful in try­
Mr. Editor:
ing to better condtione in our own
la your paper of the 8’.h tost: yon Mt. Scott district, for parents to do
made erroneous statements regs rding our this thing—to gain first hand knowledge
family which we wish you in justice to of actual conditions that exist, good as
correct. Residents of former places can well as bad.
and will certify that we are not “very |
unpleasant people’’—on the contrary
we have always tried to be kind and
neighborly with those who could or ’ At 11 o’chck next Sabbath morning,
would appreciate it. That our child at the Evangelical Chcrch, the Pastor
has been the unfortunate victim of a , will preach on “The Realty of Jesus 1
vile old man is not our fault and Christ.” And at 8 P. M. the theme will
should call for the sympathy of right be, A Wise Boy.”
P. Conklin Pastor.
thinking, more fortunate ¡people. Our |
present neigh bore children mistreat our
small children bo h by word and deed.
We thank our iriends and neighbors,
Hoping this information will enlighten
you. and those who were evidently un­ aleo the lodge organization« for their
kindnes« and assistance through the re­
friendly as well as untruthful.
Mr. and Mrs B Killian. cent sickness and Death oi our husband
and father.
Mrs. L. R. Gossett, Mr. J. W. Gos­
For The Weak And Nervous
sett, Miss Elsie Gossett, Mr. O. V.
Tired-out, weak, nervous men and
women would feel ambitious, energetic,
full of life and always have a good appe­
Best Medicine For Colds
tite, if they would do the sensible thing j
for health —take Electric Bitters. Noth- ' When a druggist reecomends a reme­
ing better for the stomach, liver or kid­ dy for colds, throat and lung trouble«, 1
neys. Thousands say they owe their you can feel sure that he knows what I
lives to this wonderful hr me remedy. he is talking about. C. I»wer, Drug- I
Mrs. O Rhinevault, of Vestal Center, gist, of Marton, Ohio, writes of Dr I
N. Y., says: “I regard Electric Bitters King's New Discovery: “I know Dr.
as one of the greatest of gifts. I can King's New Discovery is the b* st throat I
never forget what itdtas done for me.” and lung medicine I sell. It cured my
Get a bottle yourself ami see what a wife of a severe bronchial cold after all ,
difference it will make in your health. other remedies failed.” It will do the i
Only 50c and 91.00. Recommended bv same for yon if yon are suffering with a
cold or any bronchial, throat or lung'
all druggists.
cough. Keep a bottle on hand all the
time for everyone in the family to use i
There is little danger of plowing too
Itis-a haneutuctor Price 50c and |1.00. i
deep in the garden.
Guaranteed by all druggist.
young man.
Banking relations—financial
friends - are needed More launching in any
If you think we can help you
call on us.
The Multnomah State Bank
Will Not Quit Business!
They will continue to handle good meat at moderate prices
in spiie of the increase in cost to themselves.
Ask for their Cured Meats, Bacon Ham, Etc., None Better
A good supply of Country Produce always on hand, and
fresh from the Gardens of this vicinity.
Eggiman Bros. Sanitary Market
Ia>nte, Oregon
Main Street
University Of Oregon
a «#?”™»
Twenty-five Instructors—Fifty Courses
Distinguished Eastern Educators Added to Regular Faculty
University Dormitories
Board and Room at $3.60 per
Reduced Railroad Rates.
For Complete Illustrated Catalog, Address
halls that they may come to understand
A banking connection means a lot to every
Paid on
The Registrar, University of Oregon, Eugene
In Oregon’s Most Reliable Association
Oregon Fire Relief, Oregon Merchants Mutual
Fire, American Life and Accident In­
surance of Portland
John Brown, Gresham, Ore
Architects and Builders.
Excavating, Concrete Construction, Building, Plas­
tering and Finishing.
We do the whole thing-You move in without worry or risk
Remember the Name-BOHNA
• Estimates Submitted on all Plans and Specifications
Phone Tabor 3993
Plans Free With all Contracts
Irish Bros., Lents, Oregon
Ice Cream, Sodas and Soft Drinks at Our Fountain
I uU I Inc of Plumbing Supplies Ibth Tuba,
Plumbing1 ?
Connections and Repairs
Theckla hrigiht Co
-•Popular Prices--
(ioocl Service Guaranteed
Lents Plumbing Co.
She Sells Her Own Property”
Values $800.00
$950, $1000
Phone Home 4423
Foster Road
Geo. W. Baldwin
W ilson Beneflel
Fast Side Funeral Directors
414 East Alder St., on East 6th St.
Auto s,rvl< e
Lady Asaistant
Prompt, Efficient and Courteous Treatment
Moderate Prices
Lents, Ore.
Home Phone, Lenta 2111
Tabor 424»
Office on Fonter Road 2 Blocks east ot Poet Office
B. I . I »uses
F. S. Dunning, Inc.
Terms Cash,
Payments, Exchange
Theckla Bright Co.
Near Post Office j
East 52
Portland, Oregon