Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, August 22, 1912, Image 1

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II. Ho-tad. emd11«-r of the Multnomah
Mat«- Hank, who depart«*«! several day-
ago for Sun Francisco on the steamer
Bear. write* that he n-ached hi- declina­
tion after a moat delightful journey. He
-I m I c * that lie i* enjoying the night* of
Golden Gate city and that In* neck ha*
la-eu aolliewhat icnghteiieil a* a re-iilt of
constant rubta-ring at the many Right*.
In a postscript lie nay*: “With all her
magnificent building*, numerous resorts
and plain-* of recreation, I prefer < tregon
and Portland to any part of California
that I have visited.’’
Mr. Itm-tad m-nds hi- la-at regard— to
all Lent* friends andcloses by raying that
lie will return home during the next few
Fay Rayburn returned Tuesday from a
two week's trip to San Francisco and
Oakland, making the trip by aU-amer.
He rtate* that he had an enjoyable trip,
but to of the impression that Portland li­
the I letter place in which to nwide ami
-ay* that the Beaver state ia goodeuough
for him.
A linai delightful aa well a« instructive
piano recital was given Aug. 10 at the
boineof Mr». C. A. Daniels, Kenneth
eve. Th,- program wa- given by some
ol the pupils of J r» I'arilel», assinte-l
by a few out aide mein l-er« aud was as
Malad Kimber
Piano Holo
*P»ul Daniela
Vocal Solo
..Violet Johrison
Plano Technic
.......... Milton Katzky
Violin Solo ....
Geraldine Max.Meyer
Piano Solo
.......... Nora Dorsev
Plano Holo ......
Marguiretta Taft und
Piano l>uet
Mr*. Daniels.
..... Mahle Emmerson
Piano Holo
Mrs. I.. W. Handlterg
Paul Daniel»
Piano Techiiu
Mrs. lianiel» and Mrs.
Piano I >uet
Mr». f-andberg's reading entitled
‘Mothers and Music” by Fannie E.
Hughey, »»■ eapeciallv well received »»
it contained many valuable points
which all mothers should know.
All the pupil* did their work remark-
sidy well and each number was heartily
Th- house was beautifully decorated
for the occasion, rose» prevailing.
Light refreshments of ice cream and
cake were served.
Other* present were Franc-» Tift,
Ruby Woodworth, Gertrude Katzkv,
Alta Wood», lzella Hawkins, Genevieve
Johnson, Mesdames. Johnson, Hawkins,
Nigsrd, Hcbuybark anil Abderaon.
Owing to the bad weathers great
many of the pupils and parents were
unable to attend, consequently the pro­
gram wu shorter than planned.
li.F. Rusch, who conducts a large
tailoring establishment at 33ft Htark St ,
Portland, has opened a branch house in
la-lits, ba* fitted up room» in the build­
ing next diair to the Lents Hardware
The u-nte firm will conduct a general
tailoring, cleaning and pressing, and re­
pairing business. They will carry con­
stantly a full line ot the latest samples
in la-lies' ami men's clothing and have a
large line of patterns in stock.
The addition of the new firm gives
lent* two first class tailoring establish­
ments, la-side* a numla-r of general clean­
ing ami pressing stands
There is a certain class ol city swell», They are a disgra-e t<> the brave and
st y led men and women, who delight — hardy pioneer man ami uonian who
they may not know Is-tter—in referring faced death a thousand times in the
weary march across the plains to Oregon
to lente as “the w < mh I s .”
tin numerous occasions a Herald rep- j arid Portland.
Men ami women who have no more
resentative has las-n in various places of
busiiiess in lent* where 5-cent or free J horse sens«- than to make such remark»
telephones have been installed for the| are more to I»- pitied than censured,
benefit of customers, tourists and other however, ami those of a different nature
claaaes, ami heard some of the swells should not liehai prom- to criticise I hem.
call tip some party in the city. Their Lents is a suburb, or rather an unincor­
conversation usually runs something like porated city of 10,00ii ja-ople; has rail­
way connection, with cars running every
1ft minutes to th«- city and other points,
City Swell—“Hello Central'"
ami ia made up of a class of people »ho
Central—“NumIter, pleaae?”
are not living in the wotsls, but who, for
City Hwell—“Marshall------- "
most part, have had the pluck to con­
Central—“Here’s your party.”
quer the forests, or hav<- it «till. Ix-nts
City Shell—“Hello, i* this you?”
is a town with some thirty mid business
Othe|jEnd—" Ye*, where are you?”
City Swell—"Oh, out in the woods!” houses; a town with a public school cost­
Other End—“Out in the wood*, ing 1100,000.90 and employing more than
20 teachers, lent» is a town with vari
ous churches, tine church edifices and
City Swell—Why, out at Lento!”
Other End—"Any boars out there?” various other institutions of learning
City Swell—"Oh, no, but it seems so and culture that tend to make it some­
bloomin’ dismal after coming from the thing other than a forest. No city chaps
city, anil the people aeems ao queer. and swell heads have Is-en acal|*sl in
Why, 1 wouldn’t live out here for any­ lente for several years and th«- last In­
dian seen in them- parts was driven into
Other End—“O, please get out of Fort Vancouver and crucified »ome 40
years ago.
there as soon aa possible!"
Never fear, little city gny. You need
City Swell—“Sure, Mike, I will.”
"Out in the wisids!” Now wouldn’t have no hesitancy in coming to Ia-nta.
that jar the fortification* at Fort The |>eople out hen- are so peaceful that
Stevens? Wonder what some of the city you couldn't stir up a fight in a forthight
bnil chap* would say if they were ever ami th«- services of only one man is re­
east into the midst of a timliered area, quin«! to keep the civilised babarians in
where common sense anil pluck offered a state of peace and contentment.
the only medium of outlet. Some of Tliere is a n«-ed of more real «silication
those jake* think that when they get out in the city, or else the new branch in­
of sight of a 12-*tory building ami a sane Asylum at Pendleton is badly need­
paved street that they are in the woods. ed.
Portland Business Men En- Local Supporters of Democ­
Route To Lakeview Find racy and Woodrow Wilson
Vast, undeveloped Empire Will Form Active Club—
—Other Oregon Items.
To Organize Soon.
Last Sunday’s Excursion to Mrs. C. A. Daniels and Pu­
pils Entertain at Excellent
Bull Kun Postp-uu-d Till
Musical—Refres h m e n t s
Next Sunday, Aug. 25—
Served Guests.
Special Leaves at 9 A. M.
Owing to the continual* rain last
week and the threatening weather con­
dition* Saturday morning, the ladies of
the Women of Woodcraft In charge of
the Bull Hun excuraion and picnic de­
cided to poatpone the aarne until Sun­
day, August 2fi
There ia every indication of plcaaaiit
weather for the next Sntxiay and then-
la but little doubt but what the special
tram to Bull Kun Bark will carry aever-
al hundred |>vop1e
The Lents Concert bund will ac­
company the excuraion aa formerly an­
nounced and will furniah excellent mu-
■ic for the occasion.
Tin- excursion will I»' run <<v«-r the
Mt. Hood line and will k-uvc Mt. Hood
-taiion at U h . m. sharp. \li parties <!«•
Hiring to go should take a Motilavilla ear
to Mt. Hood -tation when the »| h -< ial
will la- lu »siting.
The altair ia ta-ing well advcrtia>al and
the mcmlier- of the order ill charge are
In-tiding every vllort to secure a good at­
Ticket- an- now on -al.- at
various plaiw in la-nta.
Hound trip
ticket- arc >0 cents for adult* and
cent- for i hildren.
Vol. 10.
— Bradley m Chicago New*.
Earl Thompson ami Miss I-ottie Baris,
How about the lienta Commercial
Club? From all appearances the busi- two |M>pular am! highly re*j»-«-t»-1 young
men of Lenta are satisfied with condi­ [w-ople of G n—ham. w«-n-united in mar-
tions as they are. It appears that r ag«- at the home of the bride'» parents,
business conditions, municipal and gov­ Gre*l am. Wednesday evening at 7:30
ernmental affairs are goal enough as p. m. The ceremony was performed by
they are. From the attitude of the Rev. J. W. Freacoin, of Kalama. Wash.,
Lents business man it must be that he a cousin of tile groom.
is contented and happy in the present
The coOph* was married in front of
state an«l desire* nothing in the way of the parlor tire place, th«- room being
increas«i business, better government leantifully dci-orau-d with golden rod,
and iietter town improvements, it i a> h-rns ami rows. The bride wa.- neatly
an old saying that nothing stands still attired in whit«- and carri««! a lieatitiful
and that it is a law of nature that any­ Itoquel of white carnations. The groom
thing must either go forwards or back­ wa* dn-aaed in the usual black. There
wards. hence it is plain that unless were no attendants and the couple
there is a greater ard a unit«! effort marched unattended to the strains of a
put forth by Lents citizens we are liable we lding march played by Miss Florence
to be subject««! to the backward way of Fieldhouse, who also caught the bride's
Let’s get out of the old rut and quit
The ceremony was witness««! by 100
singing the same old song. Let’s get guests and all partook of a three-course
busy and organize a real, live commer­ lunch, after which the bride and grixini
cial club and start something in Lents. left for Portland in an auto. Later they
Once it ia started right nobody can stop will spend a few days at th«- Welches re­
sort. after which they will locate in ei­
ther Eugene or Tillamook, where Mr.
Thom|>son will engage in the electrical
The couple enjoys a large circle of
riends and were the recipients of many
beautiful presents.
Portland, Aug. 20—Touring Interior
Ixs:al Democrat* are not to be out­
Oregon this week is a big party of rep­ done by their brethren throughout tbe
resentative Portland husines« men, who state in boosting Woodrow Wilson's
are making an automobile excuraion to candidacy for president and are arrang­
Lakeview under the auspices of tbe ing for tbe organization of a Wilson
Portland Commercial Club.
Every­ club.
Prominent Democrat* have had the
where along the line they are being ac­
proposition in view for several days and
corded every possible courtesy and Cen­ the club will soon become a reality as a
tral Oregon’s well known hospitality is meeting of all Wilson supporters will tie
lieing extended.
call«! within a few days and tbe work
To the visitors the trip ia a veritable of forming a permanent organization
vovage of dtooovcry. Many have never will lie launched.
As yet a suitable bu filing or room
s««n this great stretch of undeveloped
has not been secured ami that will be
e> untrv before and to them the sight of one of the first considerations. If there
the farm« lieing carvel out'of this new is a Wilson supporter in Lents wbo has
territory, many of them Ijearing their a place suitable for club headquarters
first crops this year, is a revelation. and will make the fact known it will be
Certain it is that Portlahder* will have greatly appreciate-! by the local disciples
i of democracy. As soon as a room is se­
a tsrtter understanding of that great cured it will be equipped and plenty of
country after this excursion.
reading material and campaign litera­
Women physicians of the state will ture will he provid«!. Tbe club will
do the scoring at the Eugenic» Exposi­ also see to it that lenta is visit«! by a
tion at the Salem State Fair. This is number of prominent speakers during
really a »cientific baby show and phy­ the campaign. They wil! also use every
sical perfection will determine the win­ possible influence in convincing voters
Each judge will »core certain that Wilson and his principles are the
qualities an<l the figures will be averaged, best for the nation.
Lents Democrats are highly optimis­
so that an absolutely impartial test wil 1
be made. Entries from many parts of tic as to the outcome of the presidential
election and feel confident that Wilson
the state are now being made.
Lewiston bas been the first to suggest will be tbe successful candidate.
a big celebration in 1915 in honor of the
opening of tbe Panama Canal and tbe
completion of the Celilo Canal. All
»«-ctions whose interests are affect«l by
the opening of the Columbia and Snake
riverswill be invited to join in what
will be known as tbe Lewiston-Celilo-
Panama Celebration. Tentative plane
The I^nts Millinery is tbe name of a
provide for a big river excursion from new firm established in Lents this week.
Portland. The Lewiston Commercial Tbe owners of the new firm are Mies
Club h s the affair in charge.
Ellie I. Ross and Mies J. Grace Hitch-
Kennewick will bold its second annual iugs, both of Portland. The room, for­
grape carnival September 19-21. All merly occupied by Miss Dorris C. Mey­
the grape districts along the Columbia er have been leased by tbe new firm and
River are expect««! to enter competitive have been remodel«! ami greatly im­
exhibits. Freewater will have its an­ proved. Alt ough tbe entire stock has
nual Peach Day on August 22, when not been received they expect to have
this lucious fruit will be at its best. All the same in place within tbe next few
visitors are promis«l all the fruit they days. Both ladies are expert milliners
can eat.
and trimmers, having spentconsiderable
Flax culture in Oregon is making time in the leading wholesale houses.
progress. Seed has ls-en distributed by
The grand opening of tbe new parlors
the Portland Lin»c«i Oil Company and will take place September 5, 6. and 7th,
many favorable replies have been re­ at which time tbe entire stock of tbe
ceived from farmers who have been latest creations in millinery will be
successful in growing excellent flax. shown, however, tbe firm is open for
The plant thrives in this state, produc­ business at th* present time. The loca­
ing fine, long fibre and much seed.
tion is corner of Main St. aud Carline.
From far Canada comes a call for
Pendleton’s cowboy band to appear at a
Wild West Show at Calgary, Alberta,
in early September. The fame of this
organization has sprea«! and the Pen­
dleton musicians will go to Calgary,
taking along two cars of horses and
W. J. Brown, residing near Lente
The Oregon State Immigration Com­
mission is at work on a state booklet Junction. dropp«i dead Monday fore­
that will be a valuable work for at­ noon from heart trouble. Deerase-I had
tracting settlers. A thorough ami accur­ been working in the garden during tbe
ate compilation is being made of state early hours of the dav and death came
statistics, so that the most definite in­ unexpectedly and almost instapeously.
formation will be available for the in­ Dr. McSloy was called but life was ex­
tending immigrant. It is expect«! an tinct when he reached the scene.
Brown was 60 vears of age and has
edition of 209,000 copies of this book
will tie published for general distribu­ been a conductor on the O. W. R. A N.
for several years, being a member of tbe
tion before the end of the year.
Brotherhood of Railway Conductors,
under whose auspices the funeral was
held Wednesday at The Dalles, the l-odv
being prepar«! aud shipped there by
Und-rtaker P««a»e, of this place. De­
ceas«! leaves a wifeand other relatives.
Th«- American Exprre* tk». has c««tal>-
Owing to lack of -pace this week we
lialie«i an otii«* in Ia-nts. The new office
will be in the Lents Hardware Co. with are compel!«! to omit many items of
M. K. H«lge a.» agent. In addition to interest. It is necessary to fill up with
the handling of regular expreee mcney ads once in awhile, however, as they are
n««l«l to buy machine oil.
orders will be issu«l.
The “Win One Bible Class" of the
Evangelical Sunday School have an-1
nounced their third annual excursion
to Estacada for Monday. Sept 2. This
year it promised to surpass even the
previous excursions both in size of
crowd and in the rousing good time. ' i’lie regular Tuesday evening conceit
If you want to know how much that was render«! this week by the Ix-nts
means, just ask any of those who have t’oucert Band under direction of Prof.
Tbielke and was listened to by a larg«-
gone on the other two.
The special train leaves Lents station number of Lents |s-ople and wa» appre-
9 o’clock Labor Day morning and goes ciated by all.
Owing to th«- fact that many of the
direct to Estacada—a l-eautiful two-
hour ride through some of the finest members of th«- organization are enjoy­
scenery in Oregon. Everyone will be ing their annual outing only about half
provided with seats, and there will be the boys were present Tuesday evening
plenty of chance to get something to | and th«- aehictiona rendered were not up
eat. The afternoon will be fill«! to , to the usual standard. Next Tuesday
the brim with s|>orts for everyone. evening it is hoped to have a full attend­
The park, with its delightftul paths ance and regular concert will be rendered
anti the clear waters of the Clackamas at the usual hour.
Thursday evening. August 29th, the
in the ravine below afford less strenu­
ous means of diversion for those who band will render a conivrt in the Isis
do not care for the sports. In case of Theatre and on that evening the organi­
rain the events will take place in the zation will lie heard at it » ls«st. The
large pavillion, so there will be plenty proce«i8 will Is- use«! in «lefraying the
to do whatever the weather. The re­ regular expense«,
turn trip will be made shortly after I
sundown, enabling the picnicers to get
home at a seasonable hour.
A special excursion rate of 7Bc for
adults, 60c for children will be given.
Get your tickets from any member of
the "Win One Class," and don’t for­
get the day—Monday, Sept. 2nd.
No new developments have couie to;
light in the explosion that kill«! Percy
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ Warren, and U> all appearanc«-s the af­
fair will always lx- enshroud«! in
Two dogs, a list fight betw«>en two ,
< i mystery and never solve«!. The Herald iieighlsira and than a law suit offer* a
do««, not know whether Sherifi Stevens sufficient text for a moral: "Don’t let ■
is still inv«-stig*ting the affair or not.
your dogs jeopardize the friendship be-
twi-en you ami your neighbor.”
On August 12 E. H. Brunke and
Dr. Emma F. A. Drake, a not«! lec-
Names of IOOO Ex-Kanaan's. ’ ’ turer and «iuattor of Denver, Col., will Ernest Duren, two highly reejss-table
Address. H. A. Damali, Lents ¡ [ deliver one of her famous lestnres in the lent* residents, engaged in an alterca­
"Doc” McKinley reports from Du-
< ' I lent* Friend* Church Friday evening, tion as a result of a mix-up lietween their
< • Aug. 2:1.
Mothers ami girls over 12 dogs. The Herald will not entter into
Iowa, to which place he made an
the details of the case, other than to
slionkl not fail to hear her.
overland trip by wagon.
state Brunke knocktsi Duren down with
a blow to the jaw and floor«! him again
with another well direct«! blow. Duren
ha-1 Brunke arrest«l and a jury trial was
damande«! before Justice Tobin’s court.
Tlie particulars of the case were related
before the jury, who brought in a ver­
dict of guilty, but recommended mercy
for the defemlant. Brunke wm fined
five dollars and costs.