Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, July 11, 1912, Image 5

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road and have added to Its appearance,
wide porches nearly
around the
whole building. Workman have »pent
many days in jminting and otherwi»«
improving it. What it« future u»e will
be 1» at pnwnt unknown to it* neigh-
l*>r». It ha» changed the look» of the
whol« hsolity.
A laxly from Lnnto ha» been «ngaged
to teach the »cbool for the corning year.
Every «mi- white* her »iieceas hi our en-
u-rpriaing littl«« »chool. A number of
bright youngster* make up it* roll call
Mr*. Artispriger is recovering from
a weary illnes* of never al weeks dura !
Mi»» Lottie B«nf>«i<l Inta b»d tier ■
bungalow pointed, »mi it is now a neat |
looking little structure.
Mr. Robert Benfield came borne last
Week for » short viait with hi» mother, I
after being abneut for Hve year». He
returned last Friday to British Columbia, i
Mr. an<i Mr». Ezy and family attended
tiie barn dance at Arnold liuegg'» last
The wild blackberries ere re|H>rt«d to
Saturday evening.
l>« quit« plentiful on Ml. Hcott and
A good many of the rancher» from the '
other hill* surrounding this place. ' Lyman Davie«, of Sandy, viaited hi»
were in Greabaru to Celebrate
Neveral of th« boy» have lieen earning parent» her» laat we«k
the Fourth.
Rev. C L. Hamilton and wife and
■pending money pick ng th« berrlee »nd
Mr», tie«». Hurburt, of Portland, ha* l
■«lling lh«tn »• from eighty cent» to » two daughter», Mi»» Franc»* and Mr*.
out to R<xi»ter Rwk for the I
Nellie Snyder, ami Mr ami Mr». W
dollar ami • lin't per gallon.
summer month» with her children.
(’. J. Jon«» ha* been suffering from
D. Hamilton and family and other rela­
Mr. and Mr*. Oueik are receiving
an attack of rheumatism,
The oat crop will not la- up to it- congratulation* from their friemla over
tive* laat week. Mr» liinde» i» a »later
J. Ambler came down from bi» ranch
of Mr*. Fannie Hamilton. They are usual standard offexceh-m-e this spring, th« arrival of a tine baby girl.
near lone l»»t week. He i» visiting hl*
touring the coast and will »pend next many fields »bowing the r«-*slt of rp*t
■later, Mr». Kindle.
Th« church »<x-i«l at our grange hall i
and unniintakable sign» of nphie.
winter in California
w«< quit« an affair last Friday evening, |
Mr». Cm»« wm over from Vancouver
Mr* Kelly, Fred Wortell and <isorge . Roy Binkley return«*! from Grand a large gathering wa* present and a
Monday culling on Mr». D. C. Maybee.
latalie, of Portland, visited Mr. and Rond«- Friday. He rcjmrt» crops g<**l short program wi b a reading by Rev ■
Very intereating Bilile rending» are M r» G. Lusted Sunday.
ami pro*|* <-t* fair. He was one of the Robertson of Fairview was enjoyed by
being conducted every Monday evening
participant* in the Fourth of July do­ all. The total income derived from the
at the M. E. Clinrch by Mr. John on.
ing» at tli«< rew-rvation, hi* team l*-ing selling of the ice cream was f'JO, which
Heveral men from thin pine« are in
appointeii to haul the It .yal float l*-ar- g<Mi« to the church fund.
Two new »ton1 building* are l»-ing | ing the Queen, Mis* Norwest, an Indian
huaine»» nt Mea Mid» thi» »iimmer. Geo.
Mr. Butler, of Fairview, was visiting
ami Frank Katnm«» and Mr. Lehman Imill m>ar the depot, tine ea|te<-ially i- ' maiden, also the G<*ldes* of Liberty,
arc among tlie numiair. They report to he quite i< large building, the dimcti- , I Hcle Sam ami lifly-four »mail children bis daughter here last wtjek, Mrs. F. I
x loo ft.
that thing» are lively not-with-ntamliug ■ion» being about
who made up the Royal party. With Kniviem.
tiie rain.
Mr» Hutchins made atrip u> Portland , the Buckley mare* gaily catMinized with
Roy Anderson ha» gone to Bend, Ore.
guy ribbon* ami flag* ami attended on for a couple of week» with relatives
.Mi»» Ethel llooplu and J. Wright Monday.
were married June '.Ml at the home of lb« . Little Mi*» Eva Carjamter I" «|«n<ling 1 each side by an attendant at large (not
Mr». Taylor ww* in the city on Tues­
a d<-l«»gat«, pray take notice,) the day
bride near Wilnon »lation. Mr. Wright the wi-»k in Portland with an aunt.
1» an East »ide liunine»« man.
Mia* I.iila Bramhall ha* just returned
Mr. F. Benfield wa» in the metropolis
L. M. Lawson, » »on rd W. II. Luwson from a ten day* visit with friemla at prominently popular part in th«- Natal
on busim-fl* last week.
of thl» place, »in married on the even­ Corbett.
Mr. F. Iliiiu anil Mr. G. I’uren, of;
ing of June 2tl to Mi»» Mary Catlin.
I. C. Campion ami family, of Irving­
Mr* II. D. Thom peon and son« and
The wedding took place at the First Mr». It J Northlip, ail of Hoquiam. ton, were caller* at Buckley Grove on Hurburt, attended the party given at
E W««*lwar<i* laat Saturday night by
United Presbyterian church <d I’ortlaml Wa»li , returned home Sunday after a TueiKlay.
their oldest daughter, Bernice, in honor
In t he presence ol many friend* ami visit witli relativ«-» lu-n-.
I.. Caim tli, <>f Portland, is Imilding a ol her sixteenth birthday.
A valuable cow belonging to Mr lieautiful hoim- acro-a from tin- Mct'art-
Mi»» Mildred Tavlor ia studying
Mr», Walter Hall, accompanied by Hayworth, wiv kill<*l by the train Tu»-»- neys on Everglade Avenue.
music with Mr*. L*eEvans.
Iler daughter«, Eveline and Aden!« and day morning.
Mr. David Benfield and W. Hick» were
her neice, My ire Simmon», are vlniting
A. J. Ruay I* hal ing some improv- I
in Portland last Ft) lay.
at the home of Mr». Hail'» »inter, Mrs. incut* made on hi» lioui»«.
Taft'» bat i* in the ring.
W II. Ia»oin.
They arrived from
Mr*. Waldrip »pent a coup!«- of duy*
Iowa la«t week iti time to attend that
Plenty <>f rain for thia time of the
in Portland tlic first of the week.
l<awron-t'atlin wedding
Editor of tin- «ireaham < mt look wa* a
improving lii* residence
Not enough sunshine for the hay
Mijourner in our midst» Sunday.
a large veranda.
Graduating ex« rcim-» will lie held iu
The Fourth wa* generally < i>«ervi-d by
Tiie location for the •lam is finally
Mr». Corbett, and two lady friend», I the M E. i hurdi Eight jia-M-d the determin««!. It «ill tie over a mile iii—t of our ja«iple but a* there wa- no
«pent the week end al tier summer examination with credit.
alaive <-amji five. This will lu-o-seitate eeleliration here they fouml their enjoy­
home here.
Prof II F. Pflng-m-e, of Oregon City, th«» removal of many building* and the ment else wh«*re. Many went to Gresham,
Mr* B J. Kincaid bn* been very, and C F. M--lnto-h.tif Nashville. Ti-nn.. cement that is of any value ami th«» lav­ others wer»- attract—i to the Oak*, an I
•lek the past week but 1» »lightly Im-1 are »pemiing their vacation witii Prof. 1 ing out of u road along the south side of ■till others to--k advantage of nutnerou*
proved at this writing. Dr. Bell. of <|ut«'kall.
the -amty River. Probaldy two-tliird* excursions on tl*- inter-urlaui line*.
Gr-aliam, ha» Lien in attendance.
Waller Lynn wa« the victim of whaf
Mo.«t of our families <j«-nt the Fourth ! th«- i-eim-nt is nearly worthless a* it
The church «oriel at the Grange Hall in Various blackberry patch«» in th« has lain in the cement house for nearly appear* to I*» a piece of malicious mis­
a y ar Tiie lain ls-iiig further up the chief. Tie- morning of tiie Fourth he
Saturday evening was a great aucceas vicinity.
river will not have to be built so high by put hi* automobile in a yard near the
socially ami financially.
Il'iekcllierrh-* are npu on the Sandy., nearly.'10 f<*-t it i* estimated. A larg»- station and then boarded t
Mr. W. II. Reed ha* been in Portland I
the past week taking Mineral bath* and ! The Northupa have b*«-n entertaining force- of men will* Is- put on a* soon as Gresham. In th«- evening when
treatment* ami think* he ha* lieen | relative* from Wndiington during the | the new road is mad«- and a new lot of mother and sister attempt«*! to start
pa*t ten day*.
cement brought over from Rufl Run by Imint* they found that part of the
greatly baneBkal.
machinery had lieen taken apart ami
Immense auto trucks.
Mr». Sarah Milk» of I’ortlaml ia a vis- ,
annual anniv<-reary at D. D. Jacks on ! A. B. Br-s-k-- made a busines« trip t<> several holes punched in the case beside
itor at tlic Frank Reed home.
some other damage. Walter says it
Sunday June Both. 70 gueataaMHembled
Ployed Iteed caught the largest Chi­ and a most enjoyable lime we» report««!. Portland this w«s»k and took in the1 would not be healthy for the guilty party
nook »almon if the aeaaon Friday night,
if he should find him.
Mr. W md 1« station agent at the Mt.' with tla- Elk* Carnival this week.
the weight lieing »iaty-aeven pounds.
Mrs C II. Hi«-lier was down from
Rood <l«-|««t. Mr. Newsome, the former I Rev. Mr. Rungar went to On-gon City
We are glad to note the interest taken
«I m - first of the week.
Salem Saturday on business an<l calling
agent is a full fledged brakenian.
in tiie Mundy School, there being tw«n-
The strawberry festival at the home of on old friends. They are delighted with
tv-»even present last Sunday.
tin-writer one night last w«-«-k for the their new home just south of Salem.
M.illcry ha* charge of the Bible cl»**
la-iietlt of the «-hun-li was well attended
Mrs. Hilda Herman is spending
and handle* it in a very creditable way.
Mr. J. H. Johnstone who just finish«*! I and netted quite a nice little »urn for1 summer at Seaside.
Geo. Chamlwrlain hv* the young peo­ a new brick house intend* to build two church work.
C. W. and E. N. Walker starteil for
ple» claaa, while Mr». I.etainger Im* mor»1.
The rainy season is still on.
Montana last week.
charge of tiie little folk».
George Shaw , grandson of Mr*. R. H.
Farmers are waiting for the cloud» to
B. T. Davis is entertaining his son and
Ethel Smith clone«! a ten month* Corbin, wa» very »ick Ja»t week but ia roll by.
who arrived Monday
term ol acliool at Cleone Wednesday. rejiorted improving thia week.
Mr. 8. E. Webber anil Mias Gertrude from California.
A class of two successfully passe«I the
Mr. Bohm-utter, who Ixmglit an acre 1 Clark were married in Oregon City laat
W. D. Tilden and wife entertained
eighth grade examination.
of laud from Mr. Corteux, la going to week. Mr. Webber is an industrious, alsmt 25 young friends from Portland
build three bungalow* on it.
last Thursday. They enjoyed a picnic
Moat of th«1 people spent the Fourth cellent young lady. They have the best dinner <m the lawn and spent th«- after­
at Gresham.
(la»t week)
noon with games, music and conversa­
Damascus picked up a eecond team
Mr. Davi* ia improving hi» residence
of ball player» Sunday and defeated tiie by building a new porch on the north
The coming of Rev. Dr. Boyd and
first team by a »core of 11 to 2 in live and east aide.
family, of Portland, is the beginning of
inning*. The flrat team surrender«*!
a new era in Cherryville as thia promin­
The I.ndie*' Aid, of Bennett Chapel, I ent and popular minister in estabh-hi- g
their suits a* a r«»ult of the game.
Mr M. A. Maun, of Portland, has
intend to give an ice cream social at the J
Tiie Damascus Independent Telephone church sometime in the near future. The I a summer home here for bis family will erected a cabin on his property near i
Co. have hired another Central girl to time luia not yet been ««-ttled on ac­ be an inducement for others and it will laturel Lodge.
not lie long before several tine homes
help Mi*» Huddle and they will keep count of the rainy weather.
Mr Janin and Mr. Rremner are plac­
will I*» established here.
the office open from 8:00 a. m. till W:0U
ing the wire on the telephone poles for
A family reunion will I«- held thia
Dr. BiMikina' tine home and sanitorium the government.
p. m.
week at the lioincof Mr. Davis. A very
The farmer* on Bunker Hill are dona­ happy time ia expected to Is- ajient. On«- will soon be ready for occupancy.
Mia» Vane spent a few days at her
ting work and putting crushed rock on of Mr. Davis' aon«.|who will lie present, Probably no part of the state is better smniner cottage at Laurel Lodge
tin- road. Getting more progreealve.
ha* not been seen by tins member* of nervous prostration and nenralgia than
Mr. McCormic, of Sandy, is hauling
Tiie rai » have damaged most of the the family for over twelve year*.
freight for Dr. Miller of Clackamas
cherriea and a good deal of hay around
Mr Ragen wa* reported very ill Sun­
Mr. Thompson, of Gresham, will lay Lake.
day evening.
out his farm of 180 acres south of town
Dr. Miller ami family have gon«» to'
Tiie dance in Mellien’* hall w»a a
in 5 and 10 acre tracts ami will cater to their home at Clackamas Like to spend
howling success Saturday night. Every­
the school teachers as it will I*» known th«» »umrner.
body had a good time.
as Seminary Hill, and is admirably
Mr. Archibald Howard ha* returned
Mr. Uptogrove and «on, Charley, have adapted as a fruit proposition and com- to Eastern Oregon to finish his work on |
Leslie Dallaa visited hi» paren a last
returned from Camas, Wash., to har- mends a tine view in every direction. his homestead.
The tract above it tielonging to George
Bertha Hoffrtieirter ia Improving »low­ v«,at their hay crop.
Price Jones, of Cottrell, is working
Esdnn, of Ixigan, 1« even better for this for W. E. Welch.
ly at the Ho»pit>l but 1» »till very low.
Mr*. B«n Mathew», of Gresham, visiting relative» at Columbia (Tity at sort of a proposition.
Mrs Chas. Kadderly and son are now
While returning home from the staying in their summer cottage
■pent a few day* with her mother, Mr». present.
Miss Mary Bews is spending a few Fourth of July picnic at Salmon River Welches.
Froge, last week.
in Portland.
la«t week the auto containing a party of
Mr. and Mr*, (tin Donley are home
Mr. Thorsen spent th«» Fourth at
Mr. and Mrs. Keith wen» visiting Mrs. Bodkins’, her son, James ami Welches. He caught a fine basketful of
on a visit but will go back to Divide,
some neighborhood children struck a
Sunday, where he ha* been working in friends In Eagle Creek Sunday.
speekeled lieauties.
Miss Margaret Reward and Mr. Simon­ snag partly concealed and threw Mrs.
a saw mill.
Chas. Gedenike and family, of
B-idkin» out with such violence that she
Mr. and Mr*. J. P. Stradlev and son have arrived from The Dalles-
sustained quite serious injuries and the Gresham, are in their eottageat Welches
P. Magnolia is s|*»nding a week at children were badly shaken up. One for a few weeks.
daughter, Hazel, attended the musical
at Eller'» Recital Hall Monday even­ home to harvest his clover crop.
wheel of the auto was totally demolish­
Mr. Osborn and wile, of the Forest
ing. July 1st. Mi»« Straillcy took part
G. R. W ihm II«» and family were in ed. Mrs. Rodkins recovered from the Service, pa-se-i through this vicinity on
in the program. Tne musical wa* pro­ Dover Sunday.
shock and injuries much better than their way to Government Camp
nouncod a grand snccesa.
Mr. and Mrs. Seward were picking wa* expected.
Claude Chapman just returned from a
cherries at Mr. Giiisons' Monday.
The writer while at a picnic at Salmon trip to Portland.
River visiteii tiie hatchery and was
Quite a little excitement neenrel last j
pleased with tiie orderly ami able man­ week when Mr. Breiniier’s team got
Mi»» Minnie Robertaon of Gresham,
ner in »hich it is «xmdneted.
Mr. frightened at some wire he was raising
viaited her »iater, Mr*. Max I aviea, laat
Miss Carrie Wilson, of Corbet, is a Humphrey surely understands his*b«tsi-
and ran away. They upset tiie buggy
hrttise guest at. Buckley Grow.
ness and his assistant, Mr. Cox, of and damageil it some but he received I
Dr. Thompson, of Gresham, is pre­
The Relon Well Drilling Machine, of Sandy, ia a reliable, steady man, who
paring to plant hi* place her» to pn- la'iits, is at present deepening th«» well can be depended upon any time. Over ! no serious injuries.
on the R Snyder place, at present ten­ 500,(MX) steelhead «almon are now on
Horses and Mares
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Linderman, of anted iiy Japencse. A depth of 125 f«»el hand, and preparations are made for the Light anil Heavy can be had in I.ents.
Call and look them over. Prices will
Arleta, ware the guest of G. Moulton lias been reached with good prospects run of chinook» later on.
suit. Trial and Guarantee.
for a permanent water supply.
and family laat week.
Inquire of Kennedy & Klineman, Real
The old S»»v«»n Mile House has been
Mr. and Mrs. O. Lusted, Mr. and Mr».
Estate or at Grange Store
Try electric Milk Shakes at Lambert
F. J. Ward
R. Millar, Mr. and Mr». Nick Rann, moved lau-k quite a distance from the & Thompson».
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at our fountain.
The only exclusive Ice Cream Parlor in Lents.
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