Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, March 28, 1912, Image 1

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? ■
Vol. 10.
No. 13
Why has The Daily News and the "higher-ups” of the Labor Lents Volunteer Fire De­ Residence at Corner of Fos­
Circle indorsed Seneca Fouta for District Attorney?
partment Making Exten­ ter Road and Grays Cross­
Why has Fouta consented to make the race at all in face of
sive Arrangements for ing Destroyed by Flames
bitter opposition, and againat men of the caliber of Walter H. j
Big Social Event.
Tuesday Night.
Why? That’s the question. Ia he the only "available” man: Saturday evening, March dOth. is the In keeping with numerous fires that
About tour hundred people turned out
Thuraday evening to witneas tlie produc­
or the only man for the place, according to the News and the date set for the benefit ball to be given have placed Lenta residents in a constant
tion of tire ’Confederate Bpy" by local
by the Iamta Volunteer Fire Liepartment state of fear and apprehension, tbe fire
"higher-ups” of the laboring people?
talent and Io aay that they were pleared
Has he a record to point to? Yes, but such a record—it is for *nd tlie Isry* are making every arrang- alarm again clanged it’s unwelcome
ment that will tend to make the event warning Tuesday evening at 10:30, the
ia but to eiprem It mildly
I shame.
The company consists of eotne twenty
the grandest of tbe season. and al) those alarm having been sent in from the cor­
la he against the "gang?” Yea and no. He is againat the i who attend are assured of a pleasant ner of Foster Road and Grays Crossing,
l*ople and each and every one rendered
so-called gang that constitutes every candidate and person who ’ evening.
their i«ru> admirably.
where a small residence occupied by the
happens to be opposed to his OWN GANG-the News and the ,.T.** ‘win
j* ,he .«7** Helliwell family was in flames.
The theatre management put on their
' K
Hall an<i the mumc will be provided by
usual run of motion pictures after which
higher-ups of the laboring class. The latter he is for first, last and snashail't! orchestra, which insure* the Tlie local fire department responded
the five act play wae put on. The stag»-
always. It begins to look like the working class are being sold out ««««’* °< that P«rt of the arrangement«. promptly and, with tlie assistance of an
scenery was in the nature of a »urpri»*
> . j
j , l x i.
I The rnemliere of the department will al­ auto, the boys had the hose cart at tlie
and m the worst way too. But there is hope friends, and that nope u.n<1 M a lxxl.. and aaj,UIne chargt! of the scene
to the people «ho attended a* no one
within a very tew minutes after the
lies in the fact that men, some of those self same union higher-ups, ! floor and lead every courtesy ami as­ alarm was sounded, Imt the only hydrant
ever dreamed of mx-ing such excellent j
A big political rally 1» t.tiled for to-
sistance in making the event highly in the neighborhood was out of commis­
scenery a» wa» aeen there and the »tag»- nighi al the Gr.»i <ge Hall, ’n ih«- inter see their mistake and are apt to take some steps toward repudiat­ ; pleasant.
sion. Try as they would a stream could
ing Fouts and the “gang.”
Setting itrelf wax <•«»!. Till» part of the |
The proneede from the -lance will not lie obtained and the boys were
eat of W. A. L*ff*rtjr, <-indid»te tor re­
One of them has openly admitted that this is the “worst move be placed in the treasury of tbe compelled to stand idly by and see the
affair was the work of Wm. Ander»»n 1 election from thi» district.
the unions have made,” and that “something ought to be done.” I ileparlinent and
later structure burn to the ground.
and was declared tlie equal ot any se«-n
The chief »peaker «ill lie Arthur I
in tlie Portland ttn-aire*.
Why not secede from the indorsement of the higher-ups and vote : on for fire fighting apparatus, The Soon after the alarm had been sound­
i cause is one worthy of the support of ed, Portland was notified and the de-
Tlie wen* ol the play 1» laid at the ■ Moulton candidate lor «tat* repo-cuts- your own convictions?
time th»- great conflict was taking plac* j live. He is said to lie on«- of the fore­
one and there is promise of a putment at Sunnyside,, consisting of a
Why not investigate the record of Walter H. Evans, candidate ■ every
between the north and the south. Per- ! moat »peak er» of tlie »tale
hose wagon and a chemical engine, was
Tlie members of the department are harried to the scene. It was a long up
haf* our reader» will appreciate the itiudc and otu« r »peaker», laciie« e«p<- against Fouts and Cameron?
»ynopai» of tla-whole affair which follow»: cially invit-d. Here th* 1« k on women'*
He has a record as Asst. .U S. Dist. Atty, for criminal prosecu­ ahxioua to secure a liberal patronage hill run for the Sunnyside station, but
and all lover« of dancing should not the old fire horses made the trip in
A« t L—Pleasure grounds near the •uffrage.
Pd Adv. tion that speaks volumes.
forget the date.
The Confederate Spy Pro­
duced By Local Talent I b
Great Success—Will Be
Duplicated To-night.
home of the Watermans Tlie inter­
view. Maud’» devotion to her Southern
home A mother's tear». Colonel Wil­
lard and hi» oompany. Rockery and hi»
trouble«. Drafted. George en I i«ts. Off
for the war.
Act I! —Camp by moonlight. The
blind planter. A letter from home.
'•The very ring.” Rockery and hislianis.
Tableau "The soldier’» dream." Long
roll. Fall in. Who shtol«- dose harua’’
The »py an«l rebel, Ainaley. Rockery
in a I mu I fix The table» turned. Tbe
■py captured and condemned to die.
Ainaley'« canape. Rockery and bispwty
A< t III. —Home and Maud Bradley.
Rockery on guard. Maud and Georg«'
Th«- spy'» anger. Friends The plan
of eacape. Good-by. Dot deal »oldier
Taken prisoners. "Ill give you just one
minute.” Maud’s heroiam. Surrender.
Glory mil <ler Shtani und Shtripm
A ct IV.—The aecret out. George 1,1
danger. "My God, general, would you
shoot me?" Bank* wounded, A noble
act. “Drop that «word."
A« t V.—Home again. Norah on the
Chinese question.
Mulgarry gets a
black eye. The fatal telegram, News
from the war. "My God, my boy Is
wounded.” On track of the spy. The
deaf old man. "Great Heavens, what am
1?” Discovered. Maud’s alarm. Rock­
ery. A »later’» devotion. Hopeless and
helpless. The reprieve. Happy denoue­
Grand illuminated tableau.
Claude Lent ably portrayed th«- part
of George Waterman and rendered his
part well. Walter Baker had perhaps
the heaviest role, that of Philip Bradley,
th«- spy. He convinced the audience
that he is capable of even greater thing*
dramatically. W. W. McDowell as a
Rebel, was good and Fay Rayburn a*
the Major-General made a dignified
appearance. Wm. Anderson aa usual
was a «teller attraction. The comi-dy
was left to the prqyerbial darkey, ail
Irish patrolman and a Dutchman a*
usual. A* a Southern darkey Win Bo­
land wa* a irrram anil lew McKinley
a« Officer Mulgarry was the hit of the
evening. F. A. Farnuin, a» Rockery<
was gisid but Jacked the brogue of the
Dutchman. hem* mnch of the eomedy
in this part was lost.
Tbe women in th* cast were all excep­
tionally good.
Mrs. Wm. Anderson
as the mother, would be bard to beat,
and Nona Anderaon playing the chief
role acted her part admirably. Ruth
Richards, as Norah was a* good a por­
trayal of the Irish lass aa wae ever wit-
ncssmi. In fact the whole play wa» a»
good as has lieen witnessed here before
if not better anil we hojie that the Sons
of Veterans will put on many more such
attractions. They are assured of a good
patronage for all their trouble and |>ain»,
should they do so. This play will he
given tonight at the same price of ad-
The funeral service for Mr». Dinah
Tulp wa« held Tueeday afternoon of
thia week from the late home of tbe
deceased on Main Street, Kev. M. Nel-
con of the Baptist church officiating.
Tbe departed went to her rest at about
one o'clock on tbe afternoon of Sundav,
after having suffered for eotne month«
from cancer. She wae born in Holland
Aug. 28, 184*. When but five years of
age she wae brought to tbi« country.
For over five year« «he, with the com­
panion who is left to mourn her, has
made her home in Lents. The deceased
wae given in marriage to Mr. Tulp
twenty-five yearn ago.
Besides tbe
hueband there are left behind a eon, a
brother and two eietere of her own im­
mediate family.
The death of Sarah Rutan-Sanders,
mother of Mrs. C. P McGrew, of this
city, died at Yacolt. Wash., March 21st.
ami was buried in the Multnomah cem­
etery Sunday March 24th.
Deceased was born in Green County,
Pa., April let., 1848.
In September
1868 she was married to C. D. Sanders of
Greene Co., Penn. They mover, to Da­
kota in 1882, where they lived thirteen
years, suffering many hardships. They
Moved to Kansas in 1895. living there
until 1907 when they cafiie West loca­
ting in Yamhill county Oregon and final­
ly moving to Yacolt, Wash . where she
diet! of heart failure. The husband and
seven children survive her:—Howard B.
Sanders, Wilbert C. Sanders, W. F.
Sanders, Guy L. Sanders. Mrs. Cora
Jackson. Mrs Daisy Ixing. Mrs. Nelle
twenty minutes, and as the department
came running up Foster road and halted
at the scene of the tire, lent« people
rent the air with cheers of appreciation
in their efforts to render assistance. It
wa« several minutes after the department
arrived before the professional fire
fighters succeeded in opening the hy­
drant, and then only after the valves
were forced open with continuous
battering and hammering.
The fact that the burning structure
was small and that no wind prevailed is
all that prevented a serious conflagration,
as several other residences stood in close
The fire started from an over-turned
lamp in the hands of Mrs. Helliwell,
and the entire structure was a mass of
flames before the members of the family
had time to save any of their effects,
and their's was almost a total loss.
Tite Captain of the Sunnyside Station
says that both end-gate valves of the
hydrant were broken, and it was also
ascertained that county sprinklers had
been using the hydrant a few days pre­
vious and it is the opinion of all that
was tlie cause of it being out of com­
mission. The matter has been r«-|>orted
to the proper authorities.
A lielegation of Lents citixens waited
on the county court Tueeday and asked
the court’s assistance in improving the
Lents Playground, which was recently
acquired from the county court. The
court decided that they would fence the
gravel pit and surface and roll the
ground that is necessary for the con­
struction of a ball ground for the use of
the I hijts of the towu.
Among those in the delegation were:
Rev. W. Boyd Moore, Dr. C. E. More­
land. Mrs. O. E Lent, Mrs Leo Katzky,
Dr. David Nelson. L. E. Body. Father
Beutgen and W. E. Ealchel.
Another clean-up day is proclaimed
for Saturday so prepare yourselves citi­
zens and turn out enmasse to aid the
worthy cause.
The Tribe of Ben Hur extends a
Upper Picture—Gvnsral view of work on B-anch loHne Atyliim at Pendutoti. Building and ground« were in-
•pec rd by Tbe Hr raid editor Uat Sunday.
I.owrr Picture—Scene at the leaving of tbe Corner Stone Tueeday with Governor OewalJ Weet in attendance.
corxiial invitation to the public to an
open entertainment at Grange Hall,
April 1st. entitled a Ghost Carnival. A
short program will be rendered, after
which, six ghosts (Ladies of the Order)
will be auctioned off to the highest cash
bidder. The Carnival will consist of a
number of booths with different at­
tractions, such as Uncle Tom's Cabin,
etc. Refreshments, lee eream and cake,
10 cts.
Doon open at 8:30p. m. No
admission charged. Come and nave the
time yon have been looking for.
Mrs. Rosa M. Silver, of Lente, and Mr.
W. F. Burkholder, of Corbett, were
married at th* I tome of the bride, on 9th
Ave., March 25th, the Rev. W. Boyd
Moore officiating. The wedding was a
quiet one and held in the presence of
a few near relative* and friends.
Mr. Burkholder is a farmer residing
at Corbett where tney will be at home
to their friends in a few weeks.
many friends wish them prosperity and