Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, July 28, 1911, Image 6

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    th«» fort.
In this the Indiana »ill
hav<« their dining room am! store
house for the curios they are to
bring with them. It will be an In
teri'stlttg sight and
worth the
time to tarry for an hour.
t«x>. the old Indian fortune tellers
will hold sway to «how their prowess
Aatori*. Or*. July 24.—"What ar* at telling th«- fates with the cards
we going to have to amuse the peo­
Out on the aid«« of th«« hill th«« In
ple." Astoriana interestisi In the Cen­ dians will pitch their tented city am!
tennial Pageant, which opens August live the Ilf«« old Chief Concomly ami
It) and continues thirty days, are ask­ his followers lived. They will jiuirney
to th«« banks of the Columbia to fish
So far. the plans of the centennial tor their salmon, even as did Chief
committee have been carried out to Com-omly, and their tepees will hav««
a successful issue without a hitch. the same smoke curie going out th««
There Is to be plenty of amusement tops as did those of the Indians of
and some educational features for a century ago.
those who attend the pageant which
All the tribal traditions will be
has been planned to commemorate preserved here as they were a cen­
the first settlement of the Pacific tury ago. They will take the prized
North by the white race.
Moorehouse collection of Indian head­
The big features are to be «scat­ dresses and go through all th«« old
tered atxiut Astoria in such a man­ war dances, the marring«« dances, th««
ner as to take advantage of all ths* funeral dances an«! the peace pact
natural resources
The twelve tulle ceremonies that their forefathers did
long harbor is to be used for aquatic back in 1*11,
Als«> will they parti­
displays, the city streets for the pa­ cipate in th«« historic pageans which
geantry parades and the city park for will be given to paint anew the found­
atom* of the fixed features.
ing of Astoria, the treaty with the
Just a few minutes' walk from the whites, the marriage of old Chief Con
center of the city, a thousand feet comly's daughter to McDougall ami
above the sea level, is City Park such events as went along with the
Here, with a view of the harlwir, the century of decline of th,« Indian as
rivers, ocean and mountains, the big a factor in the government of thin
spectacular features are to be staged. country.
A stadium has been built into the
On th«« butte clos»« to th«« County
hill without any excavation and seata Exhibit building there will be erect«««!
have been built down the side of the a "Trail." in which some twenty
slope to care for about 5.000 persons. shows' will tie maintained for the
There is not a post to obstruct the amusement of man and child
view and the stage, an open air one. shows are being contracted for from'
has a clump of tall cedar tivei for a all parts of the country and when
This is where "The they open up here the Midway and I
Bridge of The Gode" is to be pro­ such features as made big expositions i
duce«! by Miss Mabel Ferris, the Los of our country famous will be in '
Angeles girl who is now living in stalks! for the amusement of the'
Portland. Local talent is being trained thousands who are bound to be at j
to produce the spectacle, which is the centennial celebration.
founded upon the story of Mt. Hood
Just how- many of these features I
being changed from a volcano into will be present«*«! depends upon the
an ice and snow-covered mountain. It available space. General Manager A. |
is an Indian legend, and has a great A. Tremp is in communication with
historical story to tell.
at least three score features and ep««c- ;
The state will maintain a salmon taeles which are available, but he is
hatchery during the whole thirty culling out the best in th«« lam! be­
days of the centennial celebration is fore closing contracts with them Also'
open. The building for this is now he is not «contracting for a show un­
complete with the exception of the til h«« has investigated the show and
installation of the tanks for the eggs th«« integrity of the owner of it.
The tanks have been shipped and as
Plans, are under way now for a
soon ae they are teste«! out and stock show which will bring atxmt
swelled to prevent leakage they will It» head of the best stock In the
be ready to receive a million Royal country to the City Park enclosure,
Chinook salmon eggs.
atzjuvtzl -
and it is the estimate of the centen-!
Master Fish Warden Clanton has nial committee that about $1,000 in
delegated C E. Greenman to take cash prizes will be awarded at the
ARS and rumors of war die t engines of destruction. Germnny thlr
charge of the exhibit and he has been conclusion of this show.
bard. Even at this late levn. the United Stat««s ten. Japan all
in Astoria making preparations to
Members of the six grange* in the
time in the world's history. 1 and Russia and Italy four each
carry' through the work.
Within a county are working with a special
But in the meantime the Panama
when «-Ivillzatlon might be
week he will have completed the committee to draft the details of this I
supposed to have repress«-d Canal will have been o;«en««d, and the
installation of the tanks and arranged big feature am! it is thought that
for the water supply.
It will take plenty of good cattle will be on ex the primitive lust tor blood and plun efficiency of the American navy al
Up to now the larg««r
altout 24.000 gallons of water a day hibition to back up the county re­ der. the alarmist has only to lift bis most doubled
to keep the work going right, and source exhibit. Certainly if this fea­ voice in congr««ss to banish tranquility portion of the fleet has been kept In
a special three-inch water main has ture is not a big one no one but the from our bosoms.
Atlatitlc waters, but with the «anal
been laid for the city water works farmers are to be blamed, and they ,
Millions are given to promote the open it would be ;«os«lble to effect a
to care for this water supply.
At insist that they have plenty of pure cause of universal peace. Yet th«« na change of position in case of need
least the piping will havq been com­ bred cattle to make this stock «how
pleted by the time it is necessary to a big success and an interesting fea­ lions of Europe compete with each without serious delay
other for the privilege of bearing th«-
A writer signing himself "N'avarch"
get the use of water.
This fish display is an intensely
Ellery's band, which played at the heaviest burden in the way of modern emphasizes. In an article on "The Dis­
interesting one to everyone from all Coronation ceremonies in England, armaments. England trembles at the position of Our Fighting Fleet." In the
over the country.
Hardly a home and which is now on the way here thought of Germany; Germany, with Columbian Magazine, the Importance
does not pay tribute to the thrift of after touring Great Britain, coming her
expanding commerce of the new naval stations In the Pa­
the Columbia River salmon fishermen directly here from Edinburgh. Scot­ leaps to the Dreadnought type of I cific. He si«eaks particularly of Pearl
and canners. and while every house­ land. will play afternoon am! evening naval construction and increases her j Harbor at Hawaii, where a naval base
wife is familiar with salmon and the at the Stadium, ami this feature alone
expenditures to overcome England's Is now being established. an«l of the
various ways to u«»e it. few have is one which is worth a dollar to
Austria lays down dry dock Dewey at Olongapo, sixty
ever seen a real salmon and not one hear. This is the big band of the two-power lead
in a million from the East has ever L'nlted States, and Mr. Ellery is de­ four first-class battle ships Russia is miles from Manila
"The protection of our Atlantic
seen a salmon egg. They will know termined to make unusual prepara­ said to be contemplating the expendl
the whole process from beginning to tions to satisfy the visitors to the ture of $300.000,000 on her navy. Th«« coast.” he says, "lies In a fleet based
end and it is bound to tie a big centennial.
He has in mind a big United States Is warned that In no on Guantanamo, and th«« protection of
advertisement for Columbia River sal­ concert tour and well advertising the long time Germany will oust her from the Pacific coast lies In a fle«-t bas«-d
mon when the visitors go back home merits of his band with the best kind the second place upon the seas
Not on Pearl Harbor. Both Guantanamo
and tell what they saw and explain of music to thousands who will be the least Important buslne«s of peace
and Pearl Harbor are Ideally situated
»hat a salmon is really like.
here from all part»« of the country,
Another strong feature is the ex­ he will be able to easily lxx>k his would seem to be the preparation for i In their respective sph«-rcs The form­
er Is centrally located with reference
hibit of the resources of Clatsop tour if his music is artistic.
If he, war.
One is reminded of the ancient Chi­ to the Panama (janal anil our Atlantic'
The building for this dis­ does not "produce the goods." it will ’
play is now completed and ready to put him out of business. Hence his nese sage who was sent to Europe by coast, and a fleet based there would
be fitted up by the exhibitors. In this desire to render a sterling engage­ bls emperor to Investigate the merits command all the avenues toward the
etructure the importance of the coun­ ment here.
of the Christian religion. It was a canal
Hawaii stands In the Pacific
ty from an agricultural point of view
Distinguished visitors such as Gov­ troublous time.
The great nations as our outpost, and no power could
will be brought to the attention of ernor West, Governor Hiram Johnson were locked in a death struggle; bat
approach our
the visitors. They will see the mar­ of California, and the officers of the
tie fields ran with blood;
violent coast without taking It and meeting
velous fruit and vegetables which are visiting naval vessels will be enter­
were sup­ victoriously the strong fleet which we
raised here, as well as the flowers tained at the Stadium ami th«- public schisms sprang up and
which haw been "canned" by Ben addresses of such m«-n as Jarm-s J. pressed with slaughter; the continent would maintain there "
Worsley. The timber and dairy in­ Hill. Louis W. Hill will be made was no better than a huge shambles
.Ml, or After the sage had looked bls fill he
dustries will be treated thoroughly from thi«s vantage point.
North Carolina Bear Hunts.
nearly all public speaking will be returned to his emperor.
too in the county exhibit.
Jon«-s county farmers are making a
Manufacturers of national reputa­ from the Staudium and everyone in i "China is too peaceful a nation." he
tion have engaged practically all the the grounds may hear well because! said, "to be adapted to the Christian regular «Jimpaign against the b«-ars,
which are giving hog raisers no emi
space in the building which hS<- been of the natural site of the Stadium.
of trouble. A year ago some of the
1 he tallest flag pole in the world
erected for this purpose and by the
time the centennial opens—August 10 will be erected on top of the hill I
farmers bought a couple of bear dogs, .
—this big structure will be crowded within 4,'fry Park, and it is certain! It is possible to believe that this from which they have raised a pack.
with exhibits of th«1 best nationally to attract a gr»-at deal of comment. shrewd Oriental had not mad«« a pro­ Almost dally hunts have~been con '
advertised wares in the country. The This pole is 219*4 feet high an- is found study of Christian ethics; but ducted, and the nine hounds have'
whole nation has been scoured to one sinuk- "stick" of tlrnb r contain­ at least he had seen that during some
It centuries of acceptance it had not never failed to get a bear.
make this a representative exhibit ing millions of feet of timber.
Recently there was a hunt on Mill I
and success ha3 come from the ef­ is more than three feet thick at the availed to put an end to the horrors of
creek, In which twoscore men partici­
forts of the committee in charge, base and 15 inches through at the
war. Perhaps the essence of the thing pated. and these were delighted to see
aided by the Astoria merchants.
Just now this timber is down
Within the Astor Stockade there at the Hammond Lumber Company's Is better understood today, and yet the skilful way in which the dogs
will be the great $50,00») Indian relic place, but it will be towed up the. be would be an optimistic prophet handled the bear, the latter, true to
display loaned by Maj. Lee Moore- river and dragged up the hill to the] who should declare that the era of his fighting style, sitting upon his
house of Pendleton, Wash. This is park with a hug donkey engine, where j unbroken peace had dawned.
haunches ami fighting. Henry Oliver
a priceless collection which ran never it will be’ erected in the center of
The country was recently warne«! finished the bear with a bullet. The
With a hug.- pennant to that its standing army is inadequate
be duplicated again. The Major, who the park.
leading bear hunters are V. A. and W.
was an Indian agent at the Umatilla flat from this ]«ole, the centennial to repel foreign Invasion
This was II. Bender, who nre the owners of the
Reservation for years, secured these grounds will lie visible for miles.
met by the declaration that the sea Is pack In that section there are many
These are the big features which I
relics from the Indians who never
will be at the City Park alone. Scat­ still the nation's impregnable bulwark, small swamps, with a thick growth of
realized their value.
Dead and departed chiefs who tered at vantage points downtown ' and that while the navy floats no hos bay and other trees, in which bears
showed great head dresses with pride will be various shows and carnival tile nation could land a force. What, and deer take refuge. It Is a capital
did not make any attempt to pre­ features such as are usually in evi­ then, is the condition of the Arnerl hunting ground for northern sports­
serve their equipment after their dence at high classed pageants. There can navy and what are Its facilities in men in the winter.—Raleigh corre­
death. As a consequence th«- braves will be Ferris Wheels, Joy Rides, the way of naval base and coal sup­
spondence Forest and Stream.
who followed them sold the only me­ numerous riding devices, ami mirth­ ply in the event of war?
mentoes of the dying race worth provoking amun«-m«-uts such as have
Notwithstanding the greatly increas­
while for small sums. Major Moore- made Coney Island Dreamland, Luna
The Laird's Pictures.
ed cost of naval construction, which
house. knowing the value of the head Park ami similar amusement resorts
Some years ago a Scotch laird found
was introduced with the Dreadnought
drosses and implements of war and nationally famous.
on succeeding to his estates that the
There will be six historical parades, type, the government has during some
peaceful Indian life, picked out the
best of them and today this collec­ the pyrotechnical display by the Hitt years followed the practice of laying house contained two portraits of a dis­
tion is without an equal in the world. Fireworks Company of Seattle, ma­ down two battle ships annually. The tinguished member of the family who
The whole collection ie *o be placed rine pageants, regatta, automobile appropriations for the five years end had flourished during the reign of
in the "Living Quarters" within the races at Gearhardt Beach, swimming ing June 30, 1911, reach $593.727.861, George III. one by Reynolds and the
Astor Stockade
It will completely races at the Gearhardt hotel tank, as against $131,971,877 for the preced­ other by Raeburn. He knew no more
fill this big building and is bound to ocean and fresh water excursions and
ing five-year period. This program of pictures than a Newfoundland dog,
be a great source of interest to the fully a score of features which are
has placed the American navy In the and he decided that two portraits of
thousands who are to visit the cen­ contracted for and und«-r way now.
the same Individual need not be kept.
This is what Astoria is to give the second place with a total of 152 ships, ;
tennial pageant.
Especially will the features carrying 136 guns and having a dis­ The Reynolds was retained, while the
Across the courtyard from this In­ public.
dian display is the structure repro­ at the City Park be interesting, amus­ placement of 717,702 tons. Germany Raeburn was presented to a public
ducing the bam used by the Astor ing and instructive to all who vtait comes next, with 209 vessels, carrying gallery. The worthy man was struck
trading party when they had finished Astoria during the centennial.
100 guns and having a tonnage of 686,- with constrnatlon some time afterward
when be found that his gift had been
Remedy for Sprain«.
valued at $25,000 anti probably the
Many Fighting Monsters.
Bruise thoroughly one handful of
Ambition can creep as well as soar.
At the present time Euglaad and picture would now fetch double that
green sage leaves, boll them in a gill The pride of no person in a flourish­ America have four Dreadnoughts each amount
of vinegar for ten minutes; apply to ing condition is more justly to be of about equal tonnage. Germany has
the sprained joint as a poultice be­ dreaded than that of him who Is mean three and Japan one. But Germany,
New York’s Debt Is Heavy.
tween folded muslin
Rest the joint and cringing under a doubtful and un- which formerly built small
New Yorkers are the biggest bor­
as much as possible
prosperous fortune.—Burke: “Letters ships, has turned to Dreadnoughts In rowers in the world; at least they are
on a Regicide Peace "
__________ aa attempt to overcome England's so collectively, for the city owes
Mystery 8olved.
One Peat.
One reason women have so many
great lead, and when the present pro seven times as much as any other city
Who whistles in a street car robs gram of the nations has been carried in the couHWy knd more than one-
buttons to button is because they
don’t have to lose any time at shaving me of most that Is dear to me, my out she will stand second Britain will half as much aa the largest 27 other
and hunting corkscrews.—Galveston peace of mind, and gives me nothing then have seventeen of these monster dues tn the land.
in return.—Philadelphia Enquirer.
As a Tonic
and Regulator
Astoria Makes Preparation tor
Coming Celebration.
You will find
Stom«$< h Bit­
ters absolutely
It is backed
by a 58 years’ ret ord
in cases of Bloating,
flatulent y, Indigestion,
Costiveness, Cramps,
Diarrhoea, Malaria, fe­
ver and Ague.
Man Telephones Wife He la Busy at
Office, but She Couldn't Stand
for Muelo.
"Don't wait for me nt dinner thia
evening, dear," said Mr Fllppaon when
his wife answered Illa telephone call;
"I shall be detained on business"
"Very well, sli«« r«>plt<«l "I'm sorry
you can't b«> with ua, but buslnesa la
business, 1 suppose
Where are you
"Where am I? In my office, of
course | have had a very busy day "
"It la tou bad that you have to work
so hard.
But, tell tue something.
"Yea. dear; what Is It?"
"How can you keep your mind on
business with the orchestra piaylug
Every IJttle Movement ?"
Then he decided Io go homo aud
let business suffer.
The genuine hav our Privai»
Stamp over neck of buttle. Ke
fuse all other».
A Concomitant.
"la a sham bailie always followed
by a festive celebration ?" "I dunt
Why do you aakY’ "Because
where there Is a sham battle, thuro
ought in the fitness of things, to bo
»orno sham pain.“
An Appalling Emeus».
"Thia Is the fifth time you have
been brought before me this term."
snlil th.t Judge, frowning severely upon
the prisoner at the bar
"Yes. your honor," said the prison­ By Lydia
er "You know a man Is Judg«-d by the Vegetable Compound
company he keep« ami I like to be seen
Ottumwa. I owa
"For rears T was
talkin' to your honor for the sake of
almost a constant suff««rer from female
me credit."
-------------------- ------- ttroulde tn all Ito
All -Ight." anl«! the Judge "Officer,
t -------------------dr«a«lful forms:
take thia man over to the Inlaml and
JrySOl nliiioUug p.iitia all
tell them to give him a credit for 30
over my lexly. sick
day»."-—Harper s Weekly.
headache, spinal
" «.«kites?«. «lizzili«-*»,
«-> I
depression, ami
Not Wanted.
everything that was
"Now thia arrangement of springs."
< vs. ;-c/
horrid. 1 tri«-«l many
said the demonstrator, "la such that
-A "'•"Tp«..
dm tors In iliffcrcnt
whatever the Inequalities of the road,
N -À*« ' |>:irtS of the I lilted
\ . . ‘ , - • .i t ••». but Lydia E.
you never f«-el the slightest Jnr In rid
\ \v
ll'iukliam's \ «-g'-t.i-
There la no Jolt to thia car."
\\ ''.'A \1\ ft Ihln ComjMiund has
"Then 1 don't want It," replle«! the
fat man
"I want a car that will Jolt, done more for me than all the doctors.
Jar, Jounce, bounce and Joatlo tne un­ I feel it my duty to tell you these
facts. My heart It full of gratitude to
til my waist line r«-api>ears
I want you for my cure."—Mrs. llamti) r E.
to esenpe that corporal Ion tax the Hu W ami 'I. eiì , fi.’A h. llansom .Street.
preme court has Just decided to be Ottumwa, Iowa.
Harper's Wi-kly.
E. Pinkham
Consider This Advice.
The Annual Question,
"Well, Hawkins,
man," said
Witherbee, "has your wife decided
where she »11 lat«end the summer?"
"Yep," said Hawkins
' She's go­
ing abroad?"
"So? And how about you?"
"Well. 1 don't know yet," sighed
"I haven't decided wheth­
er to stay In town or go Into bank
ruptcy."- Harper's Weekly.
No woman should submit to a surirt.
cal o|H«ration, which may nn m <b-atli,
until she has given Lydia E. 1'itikhaiu‘o
Vegetable Compound a fair trial.
The Peacemaker.
"I hope," said the guest, "that you
anil Mrs Hcrappclgh will treat me ua
one of the family ami behave Just ex
actly as you would If 1 were not
"Not on your life," replied Scrap
"The fact la, my dear fellow,
aa long as you ar«« her«« you «-an depend
on our behaving In a fairly pem-eable
Hr«, Pinkham, nt Lynn. Mn«s.,
Invites nil *ick woiiK-n to vi riio
her f«»r ndvlee. Iler nils Ice is free,
<-<.nli<li«iitlai, un<l o I wujh helpful.
This famous medicine, made only
from roots and herbs, has for thirty
years proved to Is« the most valuable
tonic and invlgorator of the femabi
organism. Worn« n residing in almost
rv< ry city an«l town In tlm I ’nihil
States Iwar willing testimony to the
wonderful virtue of l.ydln E. l’ink-
hatn's Vegetable ('oinjsmnd.
A Tome, Aitetntive an«i Kes<iivrnt
br.t retnr.iy 1 >r Khtneys, l.iv«-, anti ilowrls.
Krstiicwlrs Pissoir«. I-rursioii« »nd Ik«or«ier»
I 11 r niood »nd gl ■ •
Tone, ¿»Ucuglii sud V igoi Iv IU« «uUlc *y,icuu
Need» of th» Church.
"What Is th" greatest evil to be
remedied In the modern church?" Is a
question which s Topeka minister
asked a lot of business mon. One re­
plied: "Make the women take oft
their hats and fix the eeats so that
men can sleep In gn-ater comfort."—
j Kansas City Journal.
It’s Up to You.
You may get n Job on your front, o»
on your backing but wlielher you bohl
It or nut depends un what you have
In yuu.
Policeman—What d«j you think of
Urabben's nomination?
Politician—1 never think. 1 only
Breaking the News.
Him—I don't know how to tell you
how I love you.
Her—Don't worry about that—I'll
take It aa It comes. Whnt you want
to get nervous about Is how to tell
papa about IL
Wanted It Badly.
"Could you give me a raise, sir? You
know I am married.
"But 1 gave you a rats« so that you
could be married."
"Yes, I know; but I find I need a
raise more now than I did then.”
Your Hair
Is it inclined to run away?
Don’t punish it with a cruel
brush and comb! Feed it, nour­
ish it, save it with Ayer’s Hair
Vigor, new improved formula.
Then your hair will remain at
home, on your head, where it
belongs. An elegant dressing.
Keeps the scalp healthy.
Drift not rhangt the color of the hair.
1» wilh «««a belli«
Bbo* lb lo roor
Sak htw about It.
lhau »« aa he aaya
We certainly believe this, or we would
not say so. Ayer’s Hair Vigor, as now
made from our new improved formula.
"TTiat man la a chronic kicker."
"Force of habit.
He used to be­ •» a great preparation for ibe hair and
•calp. Stops falling hair. Cures dan­
long to a champion football team."
druff. Promotes the growth of hair. ••
The Cause.
—MeAeb/lhaZ. O. Araao». Lewell. Mee a—-a