Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, June 30, 1911, Image 8

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CHI KK>\lllt
I ah view
mt' planning to *p»'n«l
it.«> Uh of Joly logrtlu*r in a g««Ml okl
»n«‘»t pienie with a hawk»’! »timo i
w I ui ' i ' h 'I will
tlivir Imifh and
- hi
th» r nn«l «ith gAiiivw and im« »»
l**i all and a ihaal program, a m«»*t » n
jovuhl»« time* ih «•xpretr«! anti an invita
in n I»« ttivn«lt*«l to all who » ar«* to join
aiththaiu in rrlabrating.
Little Ih’tiiic«* yoiingeat » hihl, »»( Mr
.*oi*l Mix \V
<h»*«l at th»’ laioilx
it”‘i»l«’Do»’ her»* laM Friday. a(t»’i nearly
a inonth*i« illneaa with infantile paralv
She w nh not iplit»* t wo veiire ol age
I uneral aervieea w«’te conducted Io
lev I'homaa Robinaon in th«' l*r«xL\
t« ’ an church at II o'clock Sunday. In
t« ! nciit waa ma«le ill lone b ir rein«’
»> in Batey, a former clai««inate of
t’« lrn Stoue’a at the < >. \
, haw lavn
H|H«nding a few «lava with (’«’«In«' here
Mr Batey ha*« been «•nipi«»yvd in More,
'V C Speticea atari« »! <»n M«»n»lav for
Scotland, amt his old hoin«‘ to viait for
*>»ine time.
w II Mashburn bn- decided to re­
main in Fairview a few wi ,*k* longer
and baa tn«»ve»l Ina fnmilv from the
Dial ranch into th«’ Stone lion««*
on I larriaon at reel.
Kmnenlterg ia *p«’li<lìllg HOUK*
tunc at St 'lartm a Springa with hi*
"»later. Mra Hill, of «•a'*t Oaklaml, t’ahf.
Both Imp«» to improve their health by
the uae »»f the aater of the Springa
J. W. B«*ii<-k«’ ia ala » *o|<mrning a few
• lava al St Martin a, having leit ln*t
Jamea Flliaon of 'p«»kane, Washing
ton, waa h«r«’ on Sunday with III*
brother, 'V. Elliaon
Mra. J (’ Win«Ue ia a|»vnding a f« «
daja uith Mr** \ I', \xtell nt Suaaid»*
J Lucher a d family a|»ent l'ue‘«lav
at Hillatlale picnicing Mftth a party of
Cortland fri« nda
I’ W M»*Ka\ bn* begun the »*rr«'tmn
of a r - tence on hla pt«»|«ert» in the
Arguì Eyed and Hydra Haadad.
I'll«’ fhiii’ral *’r\n«’* «»I J«»hn C ll<«lin
\u*rv livid in th«’ I \tiiiRi li« » hui» h h« n-
• •li \\ « «In« m I h \ h It« rit*»«* ii
WIIH llliul«' III D«»II|{I mm * «X’lll«*t»*l\
H»»I iii I ih «I I m vii ill f«»t Hvwrnl w«’«*kH hiii I
la -t W » *hu *«ln\ In* n a tal*« tl («• G imn I
Samaritan h«»»piial ami umL ru«*ut an
«•|M’rali»«ti ami li\«**l until 'umlay
uhm »4 y, ai - »I ag«* ami wa* I hu ' ii ni D«'ii
niHik. Il«- ua* intirriv«l ni thv «d«l «-« iiiii
< »» iiiiii ^ to tin* ««»iinirx ihvllolm*
ma«l«* llivir h«»im* in X* l»ra»ka (ur ’<>
yvar* ami rana’ troni tlwn* t<> Trmiltlalv
\\lu t«*th«*v ha\» r»**hh*«l lor th«* |»a**l S
Mix llnlm, tn«» *«»ii» dinl «»li«’
«laughter -ur\i\«
H’livy ,iiy ( In m. \ 1«
tor mid I '«bill I lohu.
Mr* M D I lai Ivy lia*
I*ot'tlah<l « livrv Mb«* »pvht
al «lay*
Mr* G rvy »•(('« »11agv G r»»\ v Inn«* I hvii
\ initing M l> I \Unr«|.
Tim term "Argua eyed" means
watchful teeoiding to «Ite Grechili fit­
tile. Argua had l<»> eyes, mid Juin» «at
litui to wntcli nil of whom »In» wot»
Jeu fini*
WI icii Arcua wan »lallt alia
iraimplmitail hla eye* Into the tall of
Hie ih ’ iii ' im k
‘Hydra headed” I» «
tarin derived from ilio futile of llar
ente* nod the li.vdnt The hydra limi
nine heiula, ami Hercule* win, »ent to
kill It \* "i«ni il» I»* »trin k olT mia of
It» bead* two allot up III II» place.
Show ers of bl, -sing ’
Get reaily U> evlebrate
Auto» l-’tiiiil for Mt II *1 go tiling
Mr J«»hn I'. Friel Sr . of tin* pine«»
wa* main«*«l Iaat "‘«•«Im ««lay in Oregon
City to 'liaa Wila«m, a trained nurae ‘
Mlaa W d on attended
Mr- 1 Zahn ha- Imiight six acre»
Jean I'.iirban
who ha- l»'en sick tor from P«»rtl.'H I
near Ridgefield, Wash., where she ex *>m<* time, was taken to the Good >a (hr late 'Ira Friel in her Iaat MckiH’aa
I'he tu'wlv w« *l«h*«l pair ar«* at Immr on
|H-cts to make her home tn the near marilan hospital Monday.
ttie tarni a.almrt diatance raft «4 Cher­
Mrs Rayburn and t« > children ar»' ryville.
Mr and Mrs. Linderman of Arleta visiting trlative- at B< ll Fountain.
'Ira Parnell Averell starte«l t«» <anta
visited G Moulton and family last Sun­
Mrs Zimmerman retiirnv.1 lo Portland Barbara, California, on Mondnv oi thia k
froi Maricopa. California, where she week t<» vimt her brothei t'Earh a \\ ‘
The Mount tailway and Power ba« lx.*n spending the winter with her
Xurthr«»p. Vpon her return ihr w ill b«*
"Ma yi'ur club I* K'»liig lo givo n I«*’
Co arc expecting to have about thirty- daiu it< r. Mrs Chappms. Mrs Chap
acc«mipani«*<i by her Mater. Mra I ulu 1
llire t»»nlglit
aiild thr tali aiitTragt^tr
six thousand cords of wood cut below mu- will lie rememtx'rvd well a- Mi— Childa of Bnmklyn. X Y.
the Lusted hill on Bear creek. Thev Mamie Zimmerman
Mr- Zimmerman
• Ululi «HI I* ilio tu|»i»,,r‘’
On Tueadav of Iaat week the writer
expect to hire about one hundred Jap­ will remain in this vicinity tor some tinn
Olioinv ludiHtrhM».” ro«|H»iid«Ml cita»
atop|«e«i at the farm Imine «»I Mr. an»i '
anese to do the work.
Mrs. I if. .le— of Ivanhoe left for
Mra. Philip Evana of Hover. The Imine
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Quay I.*»» Angeles on the Beaver Tuesday
*’An»l « liat do )<ni cuiialdvr Imini» In
garden ia not only a«i«»rnvd wi h N«auti
June 21»t, a son.
fill (lower« of all kind«, but contain* 1
Mr* I
Rvx < nt» itauict! \h>”»« * <|UNtrh*M*/"
Mrs. llarrv I n«ted of l ent» has t>e<*n
Mr- Darnall left Wednesday night for some of the tin« at Gold Dollar s(raw
olir buabiindw. " li*» ronmin ut
I onim \hn\ and Julia Mr»«v«lvr «•( I'ort
visiting relatives and friends here for Kai -as Citv. she will
.. .b visit her «»hi Iwriira ever m*vn. Theav ar»» a*» large
land oh '•’innlay
tiomv ilild nilinl the bnhh’N Mini
several days.
home near Topeka. Kan-a-
and luaciou* that great «piantitiea of
Mix I
\ /lliiiiirrinaii Hpvnt pa-t «»( tliv dl*hoM whllu we ti 11 en»l the
Irvin, the little son of Mr. and Mrs
Dr. Bittner made a professional call in them could K* «hapoa«al of right a(
< III» ligi» N»’U a
ln*t wvvk mill Mi- \\ \
Mark» II at
J. Ickler, underwent an operation at la’llts -itunlay.
home. Mr. Evan* aaya f«w farmer*
rlramml H«»in«».
Good Samaritan hospital last Monday
Mis Brady i- -farting a new hoii-e on recognize the value of artichoke« a*
Chance to G«t W
l‘ M \.»«li < \| m -« U'-i to ni..\r In- lam
and had his tonsils taken out. He is Park stnx-t.
feed for swine and poultry
\\ b«*n »»net* ,
“Queer ”
planted they area p«*r|»etui<l crop an«l
ily to limner. <>rvg»»n, on Munday
Till Maxmire« an* "..iking preparation- on»* acre of them will ie«’d a number of
“What lay
Naali mH I m |>riih ipal «•( Rani« i «•»■I hm »I
Mrs. VanAverv of Portland is visit- to build . n north Main.
‘‘That h «» iiw folk* don't know win n
next tvrm
hogs all winter
Mr. Evana was a for­
ing her mother. Mrs. Thompson and
mer »ilba« rib» r of th«» Herald and wants
they ar«* well <»fT ”
her uncle. Theo. Neibauer.
Mr* \V.
t ilt» rlRin (lie
to l*e put upon the hat again.
•‘Y«‘*. <’<»nahl«*ring that tboy have
Charles and William Cook of Port-
l«H«liv* \j»|
r home next
Mr. and Mr*. Joseph HeSha/er of
plenty <»f friend* t‘> point out the fnct "*
land are visiting their aunt and uncle,
\\ i diuxtlax
We an* ha, ing a fine sea- uable rain,
l\«ver m*t only own a tine (arm on th»*
E. D. Hamilton and faui ly.
although it is late in coming, it 1« doing
Mix J I
edge of Eagle Creek, hut are moat ex­
Th» Have to B».
Mrs. G. l usted was a Portland visitor a wonderful lot of go,*! to th«* crop« ami
Sal«‘in aa »1,*
cellent ¡»e«»ple ad\ocating «iecen* y an«i
several days this week.
"Romo men are g<M»| talker» "
th«* M. I cl
aobrietv and are raising a family of
**Pvr tmllcrxl another thing nlamt
Tin* excavating work on the the re— strong neartv children t<» walk in their
Th»- M ihm
ervoir has had to -top on the account of («wtatepa. Thev are now milking eight
the rain. The work i--till programing cow* and sell the cream nm tlv, but
• What I» ItT'
on and around the Power plant The make occaamnallv cheese for their own
'I r John llo**Mn»r Irtt l«»r bin» ,
All miirrii.l men are g<s*d Balenerà
Miss Abbie Stites accompanied Üv lier
mammoth pip«- an* I*mg brought in use and regret that there is tmi a che» -«*
gun, u h«*r« he it
or nt least api'rar to la»."
sister Miss Dai-v Stites, were week end
that i- to carry the water from tin r,-er factory Dot t«m distant, a* it is b«dieved
vixtitig at 'Ir
\l» \
visitors at the home of Miss C ara
!•’> ()(■ i acrt'M.
voir to the plant. They an* brought to that it w ould pa\ and wrouM greatly
Smith. Miss Abbie Stites ha- been en­
tin* plant by the construction train, then stimulate the dairy business.
gaged to teach th- Latourelle Falls
"We c**t f w Im* h *>ur Ium*«*. nini voti
haiued up tli<* blutl with a donkey en­
school for the coming year.
Mr. and Mrs Jam« - Mavl»r. former
gine. We an* al! waiting anxi**u-ly t*>
Journal * 1 4) Th»’ ain’t ''
.lames Benfield and wife of Portland -,*,* the n*«u!t of this grand work, it ha- resi«lt*nrs «•! this viciniiv. hut imw liv­
v il w alt till they
"l it huh! But
for two years and
have come out to stay indefinitely er. aln-ady don,* wonder- for tin- little val­ ing at Lent*, were visiting a«x|uaint*
secret», Ponili ’ ali t he w hoopin' « »mull ”
the farm and rebuild their mother's ley in rai-ing the value of land. Real­ ances and ohl friends here last week • 111 ♦ at j art f tow II
Mr Maybe nays «mt» party at Lents ha*
B W (¡rant w h«» liaa l>«*i*ii m ('all-
et-, Corning I gg
estate men ar»* coming in hen* buying tin*
six cow* that clear him
a month iornia viailing at >an Fran«■!*•«'«•. I.«m
T eying.
The game between Corbett and An­ land in large tracts ami ■» iling it out in above all expense*
» >rdrl at ■ -nee.
He arila the milk \ngvlea, an«l San l>i» g«> for th«» past few
If !•» •* ttiiimrii! Mol«-tim
dersons resulted in a score of 12 to 11 in small lots of 5 and 1U acres, 'o we an* for which then» is
a demand that Im* weeka ia expect* «1 home tin* we«*k
the atrrner
all 1,Hiking forward to a larger |>opuLi
favor of the Corbett team.
To »trrt« h til« «(»Inal column
never been suppii»*«!. < hie cow ill thia
'Ira. T 1» \xtell who baa lieen
Mr Frank Reed took a party over t* tl* n. more -,-iio.*1-and a iwtter -**eiety herd give* sev«*n gallons a »lav.
Ar ! frirtorra it
...... «I Samaritan b -pitai for the
Amt for uwlille to hex»» tile I'mili
Patronise the Herald
Mt. Pleasant Sunday evening in his in general.
David Dougias of this place s««hl
i three weeka, ia alowly improving.
In J I »■ r 1“ 1 t v 111*» I*«*»* of ch«f>C<
'Ir- '-phia Rols r-*-n -*f Portiami i-
new pleasure launch.
head 4 rattle last week to a Sandv
\ I. rnnmr liu* been down from
Mr. 1.. C. Benfield spent Monday with I tlie guest of her con-in. Mr-. Emma butcher for l-Vs
herd. by­ ( ••rvallia viaitmg relatlv« «* an«l ohi
Thotna-. 'lie will probably »jand th«* little were fe«l largely on th«* rang»» ami
his mother. Mrs. Lottie Benfield.
frienda here.
summer here.
were in excellent flesh. It Neems strange
Mr. Art Gibbs has recovered from his
Mr*. H. 'I Sima .1 ¡1 «laughter. Mi*a
Ijena Thomas -pent tin* w.,*k - emi w itli that cattle will get fat browsing in the
injuries sufficiently to l>e able to com­
M ->• - Igstira ami 'tal l« 'liipley of Lu— timber, hut after all they are of t tie H ith. Mi-*.-«*- Ma ul, 'lav, Harriet and
mence work at Bridal Veil.
till, and attended the <•* mmvm-einent same nature st* deer ami live in the llarrv Ihmlev have la<en Mpendin^
The rock crusher near this place ex­
f« w dava at Painaactia
■ \>-r* m - at tl • I >:-t« *1 school. The pro­ same manner.
pects to double its capacity in the near
gram was very nice ami had a pleasant
Jamea Amlerxon and mi«- ar»* th»*
Rev. John A I. *gan. a Baptist min­
time all around.
ister from c'ottrell occupied the pulpit ent.a of a a«»n l»»»rn on June 27
Henry Oak ?an<i Jerom«* Cis kelra- at the .'I. E. Chundi here last Sunday.
'Ira <». II Jinkin** ami daughter
lade a business trip to Portland Batnr*
Miss Lillian Aveult returned fr«un Betihih, ha\e I m « d a|**iiding a
the summer mdmol at (»reg -n City last with friemla at lx‘banoti ami Sah iit
Mix-Clara M' inift wa.- bn ught h»m>
Mr and Mr*. G |B.Th**nia.sarvinI‘ort- 'aturday. The examination by th»»
'll*”»** Hallie ami B» «*ie Ft»rwt«*k’g. Buy
-uiniuy from Portland when* -i,* lia- and visiting with their daughter. Mr- new state Sup»*rintendent, Mr. \hler- Biulev and .X. P. 'a«l«ller w< r«* gu« *t* <>f
bo n tor -ome tinu pa-t. ntoverin,? from M.C Donahue, and attended the pi**m >*r man. was something “fierce” and many Mr ami 'In* I* 1» Bailey
an opperation for app, mliciti-.
meeting They an* piontvrs of, I * and old ‘teachers who had l»een teaching h
Mr* J. P Healin ha- ret time« I fr- in
or In years. gav<- up m despair. Next Portland w h«*re -In* ap ni th«* pa*t few
Mi<- Hop,* Si,.* ;.-,- vi-ited hvr brother.
Melvin Haerty of'ilverton. i-Nisitirg winter then- will be a scarcity of teach­ wevka with her «laughter**.
P T. Shvliey Saturday, enroute to H* *»l
Y" M X - i Ht j1 • 1tf
ers an«i in all pro’ ability they wifi go
River, from Ann Arl«>r. Mich., when* Fn-d Gil«*n- and other friends
Mr*«. Anna ll«in«*y ami rhihlrvn
she has l»-en attending medical coil»tr<-
P««rtland ar» ajamding a (» w «layx
competent people.
1 relativ«**» hen*.
Children-’ Day wa.- ob-«*rved with ap­ I—ti down vi-itingjhi- -ist«*r. Mrs Ha
'! r. am! Mrs. Henry Izens»*h and
J. Inman liar* nmved hi*» family
propriate eS’-rei-,*- at the M. E. church
.Lu • ' F« jal
»I«if*Afr •. Hnrinan. th« family of Portland, came down in an th«* Sun Dial Ranch h«»u*<* fr«»m
iaat Siinday evening
Mr. Runyon will
auto xunday ami visite»l their <»l«i time T«>W naend Imua«*.
aibly butrlu r,wo l**»»v«,**y«**ter»lay.
| rea- I a- > Mil next Sunday evening.
neighlxir- and friends, Dr. and Mrs.
Mr*. J. HerUrt ami «laughter,
Mi-- E-ter -pillman of -andy Ridge is
Henry Beidenstein.
I'n-'la. left on Thnr*«lay tor thvi
at home for the umnier alter a term a’
I . '. Senat«»rChamlierlain, I. F 11 ar»- home in 'Vapa« a Io, \\ i*»'onain, u
’ I i « t «
Fore-t < i rove I n versity. when* -he ha-
and >. J. 1 isher «>f Portland, sjtent a part
L B. Kelley amt
been taking mu-i • and German.
hi­ of last Saturday and Sunday foreno«>n at they will vi-it f»»r -«»m« tim»
ante from -an Fram i-io and family to
Mra. A I. « •>|>»*lnml left f«»r I
Cherryville on a fishing trip.
\ -tranger in town giving his name a- attend the Clan ofKelley tribein the ci
< »r«* *on Tlmr.-ihiy to -| m * u «I *»*vera,
“Tenn’--«*e Char!’—" and w
rlaim- to He was out looking "V«*r his «o .„ r. tr.e t
' with her ai-ter Mr* l»«»tip«*.
have done time in t > • -tat,--, b »-gan to and i- flatter’ d with the pro«q»*<*t of X »« I
Mra. E \
Whitney i- « nt**rtn
irnbil»* freely M *nda, and by la ite after- crops.
her nie»*»*. Mr- \ I»’ < rump ami <!
noon, I’ecanie -*• vile in hi - angtiagv on
Mr«. B. C. Altman
•«I t»*:i with ice
II« mh | River
the street tl at it 1- Ame nei*«—ary
Mrs. F. Shoult* has returned Imme,
cream to the fjuli«—' \id of Baptist
take care of him. He w, a.- locked
Mr. am I Mr- \ Hnrwy entrrt
church. Twenty win* present and a ¡
overnight, but^wa- rile aae«i Tiles
fine auto outing w ith Mr. T. I van« la-t at a family reunion on >«m«lay. Iheir
lit. ral collection for tin ■aii-e taken.
forenoon and sent out of town. IL
thr»*«-«laughter*. Mra. Xlr- \\
B < .ni.
Mr«. I«ennartz gave a re.i ption to Rev
ever the call of the -al* *»>n wa- t<-> -tr
nae. Mr-. John R <lg« r*» ami Mr* V k
Mr. Fre»i Benfield
and by the middl* >f the afternoon
Cald« r ami wife aii«l Mi— M«*veti-, Mr-.
William* with th» ¡r lantili«*- ami lh«ir
at Fairview <>n We«ln<
-i«'er. Refro-liment*
w as back and a iis old gam*-. lb*
two .»«m*, Kenna Harvey ami family ami
Mra. A. Julien i* he
again b l
ha« I -*rv.*d to 15b guests. Th.* M
I’» rry Han• •» wen all at I in* inal ng
-oi. reii il p -utfi* • ntly
-d. pr*—nte.| Mrs Cald«*r witli a -ilk crazy sojourn at \ an< «»uv« r, Wash.
-« \« nt*« n in all ah«« «town t*» a Umn-
He and h is two pal- w
Mr. ar.d Mrs. <»e ,rge Ree«| was at te»»ua «linner MT\e»l By 'Ira Harvey
it of <juilt in token of e-tw*m. Tie* hou-« were
town ami ordered to
lieti -1« : f in mii-i<* ami - ng- ami after g *•..! hom» Sun«lay at ( «jlnmbia heights farm
J. II. 'ehram i- » n « ting a l-arn on hi
i — an* >lirti,*ult f<*r an un- wishes, all returned horm*ward.
problems a- tlx
Have y«»u hear«! the latest news'1 Well, lota «>n < «-«jar atn*et. Mr. Schram ••
’*<l town to handle, for they
I> ''. Altman gaw the
addn-s- to it i- a pair of twins b»*rn at th«- Corbett |M*« t.* t«» move lawk into hia plae»* In*
can le dealt with only upon i--uan<- ■ : the gnuluates at Lusted- - ! i « hi | in ai
ranch. R P. Rasmussen is looking *a»n.
a complaint.
-ems* of Miperintemlent Robinson.
very satisfied.
Little l?«a- < roe ia ill at her home h< re.
Mr- I \. Mephens left tor li« r 5 a* re
Mrs. Lottie Benfield i* tearing down
Mr-. Lupton'- -i-ter vi-ited h< r la-t
Mr*. I. I
llealen i- in (»« mh I Xaruari-
farm on Johnson creek.
her old house ami a new -ix room m <1- tan hoapital when* ah«* umlerwent an ««p-
Mrs. Douglass i.- >>a<*k at her old stand.
«•ratioti a few «laya ag<».
Mr. Dahlgren Las built a -tand l*y the
Miss Helen Eilige _ uav«
a birthda\
-everal Indians fr*wn ea-tern Oregon
'Ira. J. W Townaend ami a«»n Earl
side of hi- -tore and equipped it with a
table and l»*m h> -. Ice cream and <*<-L with a band of horse* cani|«*d ben* th«* party on Sunday, it was Miss Helen's aent to Montavilla «>n 'nmlay to \ tail
Rentrtx able and Renewable Wheel Hox,
ng *rr:.*.»- will be served there d - g other night an«l marie th«* n-sident- think tenth anniversary, and several friend* W. A r«»wn***ml wIm <*el«*l>rate<l hi- 77th
of early day- when they were warrior» from the city came out to celebrate.
the hot weather.
birthday on that «lay. Mr. TonnM» nd i-
this box and rev»TMinj< axle stub makes this part
School District No. 4:: held its annual convalescing from an attack <>f pneu-
Our citizen- most of them goto tin*
Clieer up' This is only a June show, r
of the rake like new.
school meeting last Monday, which re­ monia.
• ad works for th«- -Ith.
A number of jieople gathere>i in town
TheO. W. R. R. *k N. Co., an*
fr. and Mr-. W. Bankers -j«ent -<*v- sulted in the election of F Etling for
school director for three years. The riinnirig through freights over the
Saturday to -ee th** rate Ix-tween "Tom­ • ral days with the -jiencer family.
Adjusting l ever. Adjusting the teeth further under
rest oi tx«ar«l to serve next year, is Geo.
my'’ and “.'tarlight'’ owned by 'helley.
Mr-. Ed l.onderba« k <>f **astern<>n*g- Gill Mrs. Amelia Woodward, and Mrs. John a rut «»tl. which renmvea from Fair­
the rake head for heavy hay, less for light hay.
It was a pretty race and a floe«* fini-li,
view a gr»*at <1« al of rmim* ami «lirt.
W. Hicks, wa* reelected as clerk.
"Tommy" clearing by six inches. There <*n, is visiting with '. .Maybill’« family
perfect working position under all con­
wen three pony races also; John Dunn's -I • will return in a month.
The young folks from this locality are
pony against !>■<• f anning-, former being
busy rehearsing a play, entitled. “The
the winner: Douglas» of Eagle Cnel
Deai’on’s S«*cond Wife”, which will I h *
Reversing Wheel Ratchets. Engaging dogs on dump
against *R<*d" .McCormack, Dougla*
The <lry spell was broken Momlav
given some time hence, for the l«enefit
hon*e winner and Dunn's hor»e against
We are having a much needed rain of the Christian
Endeavor, in our morning bv a Imavy ram which still
r<«ls when worn, reverse and you double the life
Dougla—, Dunn winner.
w! ich will help all crops.
continues doing the <*ro|>- lots of go>sl.
Grange hall.
this part.
I1. I Hite is building a large barn
Preparation- for the Fourth are still
Columbia Grange hail is getting the
P. Magnolia and w de have retnrn<*«l
going on. Geo. C. Brownell of Oregon which will le#n improvement to our last coat of paint and is now looking from tin* Hot Spring*. Thev rejairt
Reversing \xle Stub. Reversing thin axle stub anti
< ity will deliver th«- oration. A bra- neighborhood.
very fine. Mr. I- Kneriem has been their health greatly improved.
«»ing the painting.
band of 15 nieces will Is* on hand all
J H. Dixon and family came nut
renewing box in wheel, makes this part of the
W. I*. Roberts' horses ran away
day to fill th«* air with «w«*«*t music.
\ from Portland over Sunday to visit his
William I leaver made his first trial Thursday morning throwing him out
like new. Doubles its life.
grand parade at '» io. oth«-r attra«-tion- parents.
trip a* railway mail clerk last week up of tin* wagon and injuring hi- back.
too untneruii- to umntion.
Mr. Deav»-r experts a
Paul Dunn «old Jim Dixon four ton to the Dalle*
Mr. l.van- ha- fini-li«*«l his tiro* ur*w
a {»osition *o«>n.
Singletree Strap connects hitch directly with ce nt er
N< »TICE—L'eader
the Herald in of very firn- hay.
|s>iiltry house Which is
this vicinity *f .'ami
I tí
hinge on head. This means direct draft and no
proveinent ideal place.
lepresentativ«* at tl
of P. li
for head to spring.
'hellty. Mr-, 'hell
«T»nw*ritwi t
Deviled Lobster.
Mart N«*w* ami family from va-tvrn
handl«- 'andy news f
Herald, 'he
< iregon are here visiting his sister. Mr«.
Take the f!e«h from lob-tr-r and c hop
Champion I sers arc Satisfied I sera. They have re-
will also take order- for printing, adver­
W P. Rolierts. Mr. New was sur-
very finely, sprinkle with a little cay­ Manley, i- -*.lfi*ririg with an abnormal
tising. notie«— and other printing.
prised very much to see how Dover had
liable machines and know it. « 'harnpion is a sure
enne pepper, a dessertspoonful of chut­
improved, ami he was glad to get back
The Sandy ball team is mat -lidi
<,j»*riition will is* found m-cewsary
guarantee of satisfaction.
to Webf’Hit to see it ram one«- more.
again-t th* -andy Ridge boys fur the ney, a little melted butter and a torna-
Mr I
ag'“«r «Im has taken the con
Fourth. The game is set for 1:3o
t > cut up small. These must Is* stew­ tr.K t to plaster A. I.. Horton- house wa»
Mr Moxleys were visiting Mr. Hhaws
ed over the fire, stirring till they boil. taken quite ill while working there on Sunday.
Mowers, Rakes, Hinders. Tedders
Have ready -ome neat squares of frier] Wednesday.
Harold Miller is away visiting hi»
in llijf Champion Catalog
bread and put some of the deviled lob­
brother* at Columbia City.
rnr-nt ' «‘liar
Mrs. Miller 4 Vancouver visited her
Eberhart Hall <y Co., have estai>)i«h<*>l were entertained at the DeBhazer home
chopped parsley over. This is a deli-
father, John Revenue iaat week.
a meat market in connection with their Bunday.
cious savory.
Miss Kline is visiting with her sister.
-tore which is sornctliing Ifis kw<s«l ha
Mr. A. Miller ha* his large Kam
Mrs. Henry Eri.
long n<s-«l«*d.
working now. lifting the water ¡rym
The uniform • wee** that has attended
Mrs. Frank Patterson is visiting her
The Igwlie i—’ Aid
met at the church on Jone* Creek onto his fruit ami poultry
mother at Independence.
i.... wen* farm.
the me* of Chamlierlain'* Colic, Cliolera Thurwlay aft<*rii>s>n. I"
Many plan*-
in I the
ami Diarrhoea Remedy lias made il a made for work to is* iw«-ompli-lic«l
Rev. M. M. Rei<l went to Portland
near future.
favorite everywhere, ft can always ia*
Work Will Soon Start
Mis* Malflc I'ulien wa- calling on
Jo*. IteShazer wa* hauling lumber
after you take Dr. King - New Life Pill*, de|**nd«*d uj ' n. for -ah* by all ffrug- Rockwood friends on " vdm ««lay
for Mr. Shaw’s Monday.
and you’ll quickly enjoy their fine re­
Our Bunday s< bool is progressing very
sults. Constipation and indigestion van­
\\ hooping cough is not dangerous
ish and fine ap[**tite return-. They reg
Important Clubbing Offer: The Pa­ when the cough is kept loos«* ami exf»*ct- nicely under th«* supervision of Mr.
Rei«l. The teacher* are M. M. Reid,
ulate stomach, liver and bow« 1- and im­ cific Monthly, The Herald, Hammond’* oration easy By giving Cliamlierlain’s
Bible class teacher, Mr Shaw, inter-
part new -trength and *energy to the Modern Atlas of the World, worth $5.50. Congii Remedy. It has l**. ii u«, ,| j
tnediaie ami Mrs. A. Rews, primary,
whole system. Try them. Only 25c at j for only $2.75. The Regular price of many <*pi<lcmic- of this disca.«* witli )s r Mis* l.lauor Hews, secretary and treas­
Everyone cordially invited to at
Gresham druggist*.
the atlas is $3.00.
feet su<'ce<«. For-ale by all druggist«.
Good Reasons
\\ hV the
Rake You
Buv Should he
for it