Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, May 19, 1911, Image 5

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A modern utility organization inaiatH
upon knowing that ita aervice ia aatia-
Service cannot be aaliafactory if a
patron uaea more electricity than he
Therefore we encourage the intelli­
gent and economical uae of our aervice
ao that the wnautner will get full value
for hl\ expenditure.
We have no control over the wire,
fixtures, lamps, motors and other elec­
trical appliances on your prerniaes.
But we can advise you as to the
beat methods of installation and can give
you the benefit of the moat scientific
thought on all electrical questions.
Our experts can tell you how to get
the most and the best light and power
for the least money; what appliances are
the moat economical and efficient and can
otherwise assist you in many ways.
It costs you nothing to consult the
experts of our Contract Department.
'telephone .Main 66MN
A 61.11
Alder at 71li St.
I 9 I 1
Oregon - Washington Railroad <&
Navigation Company
♦72 fsi
May 1«, 17, 18, 19. 22, 23. 24, 25, 27, 38 and 29.
June .’>, 7 9, 10, 12. Hi, 17, 21, 22. 2«, 29 and SO.
Work on D.iwsett A Pateneaude's big
served if the buving public an<l the
merchants would help along the ‘‘Made concrete building has reached the sec­
ond story ami is being rushed day and
in Oregon' idea
The |H*tition invoking the referendum night in order to get the mixing plant
on the State University appropriation out of the way of the pipe line which
was being circulated in Gresham last has the right of way and cannot be!
Tuesday. A few jiersons signed it but delayed.
July 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 7, 19, 20, 2h, 27 and 2H.
August 3, 4, 5, 11, lb, HI, 17, 21, 22. 23, 2». 29 and 30.
September I. 2, 4, b, 0 ami 7.
within limits in either direction. Final return limit October 31st
One way through California flb.ilo additional.
not many were enthusiastic al>out it.
Several boys from this vicinity are in
attendance at the University and their
friends are not in faior of curtailing its
seojie of usefulness.
Inaulrr of an, O.-W. H. a .V. 4r»nt
/ nr
Kors Cornp/rlr Information. or
Mi.Mt'kRAV, General Passenger Agent.
Portland. Oregon
Capital $ 15, (MH)
,1. Elkington, Pre«. .Ino. Hleret, Vice I'res.
Emil G. Kardel), Cashier
(ienerat Hanking Business
Foreign Exchange Bought and Sold
Interest Paid on Time Deposits
Loans Negotiated
Eire Insurance Written
Notary,Public and Conveyancing
John Brown
Rockwood's Leading Merchant
■ tVli^I T F1 A
li CIATIONS furnished at moderate rates.
Wilt not represent any company unless thoroughly reliable
Grandma (’illy who lias been qu le ill
Two petitions were being circulated
is able to lie around again.
during the week, asking the city cotiii-
Mrs. Lcighty ol East Portland Visited i eil to pass hii ordinance that no saloon
. licenses shall be granted incomer build­
Mrs. W. E Wood Tuesday.
F . II Thompson has returned from a ings. One of the petitions was being
short trip to the southern part of the ¡signed by residents ot Gresham, the
other by people of the surrounding
Burn to Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Metzger, neighborh'xsl outside the city limits.
Both had a large list of names. This is
a'laughter, Wednesday.
the same matter la-gun in the Commer­
II A. Durnall left Thursday for Free­
cial club and it is now up to the coun­
water, Oregon, to attend a Grange con­
cil to act.
Prof. E. E. Ih-Cow of the department
Mrs H. R. Bradfield ties been confin­
ed to the house for the past three weeks of mathematics of the State University
will deliver the commencement address
with a sprained ankle.
to the graduates of the firesham High
Mis, Mary Hansen spent the week
school. Commencement exercises will
end in halem last week visiting Misa
lie held June 2, at H p. in., in the as­
Francis Judy and also Mira Stella Hop-
sembly hall of the high school building.
er, wb<> is attending the Willamette
The Baccalaureate sermon will lx- given
by Rev. J, W M, Dougall of Portland,
Rockwood Grange is gaining new on the morning of Sunday the ZHth day
niemlieis alter a short period of inactiv­ of May, at the M. E Church.
ity in that direction Six new names
High waler is coming right along on ,
will Is- proposed for membership it to­
Columbia bottoms, and the flooded
morrow s meeting
district is getting larger every day.
Runs W. Thor|<e, vinploywj a* r. lire-
However, no serious apprehensions are ■
man on the N
K. R , VIHlti'd
felt that it will do any damage, because
on Saturday last and remained over
of the continued cold weather of the
Sunday, lie intend* tj come home
past three weeks which has prevented
again early in July and slay a week or
the siiows from melting as fast as tfi^y
might. There is no likelihood of a
I C. Jones (ell from a scaffold while damaging tloisl, such as has hap|>ened
at work on a dwvlling bouse on Mon­ in other years.
day last, ami was severely injured.
The pi|*e line air compressor for the
His face wus badly hurt and other se­
vere bruises laid him up for several riveting machine «»< moved down I om
Kane's on Monday and installed inside
the city hniita. From there the pipe
Arthur Hleret arid sister Miss Helen
will be riveted through the city, where
Sleret of Chicago, 111., are visiting rela­
the plan' will lie moved again to com­
tives here Mr Sleret is a jeweler ami
plete the work at Kellv creek where
exjH-cts to locate in Ihssj River
M is*
the last section of ditch is lieing opened
Sleret will return east after the rose
between the Sandy and Mount Tab r.
A granite shower was given by Miss
1‘repar ation.« are complete for the
graduating exercises al No. H school on Grace He«-el at home in honor of Miss
Monday evening next, state Su|>erin- Pearl Lindsey Thursday evening. The
tcmlriit I. R Aiderman will l>e there; time was spent in games and music
also < oiint v Superintendent R. F Role after which refreshments were served.
inson. A banquet will Is- given the Those present wer • Misses Lindsey,
graduate- and their parents and the Bulkeley, Michel, Anderson, Holliday,
I school board and entertaining visitors. Thomas, Heesell, Grace and Minnie
lawrence and Mrs. Elkington
Mrs James Elwood, with her eon
Arthur and daughter I-rances, have
Hay seems to have taken another
lieen out from Portland fur the past two drop in price since the coming of green
we< k> spending their time at ti e El­ grass It is now being delivered within
wood bungalow. near Rockwood. Mr. a reasonable dis ance for ♦ IB per ton.
Elwood lain Eastern Oregon looking When the farmers held for high prices
alter his r rich of 23,OS) acres on which last fall they invited inqiortations fr mi
be ha« 30,UUU sheep ami other live other localities and the result is a large
surplus of last year’s crop yet on hand.
Herliert Simmons and family left on
Plans and perspective for C. I. Calk­
Wednesday for Ridgefield, Wash., to ins' new brick building on Powell street,
lake up a permanent residence there west of the bank, are tn lie seen at the
M r. Simmons recently sold his farm, office of the Smith Land Com­
| four miles east of Gresham, to the pany.
show an
Smith Iain I Co., and has lioughl an- front ami a splendid arrangement of the
other at his new location where lie will store rooms. Work will commence
go into the dairy business on ari exten* within a very short time.
sive scale
An examination of the fruit trees in
The mail order Loune* of the East various localities, now that the fruit is
would not be so prosjierous if the peo- to be seen, shows that there will lie an
pie of this community would insist on average crop of all varieties. Those |
having "Ma<ie in Oregon" goods from heavy frosts last month did very little
the local mere bants, The business of damage, generally, except in certain
thia community would I* better con- localities.
Lots of material for the power house
and reservoir at Bull Run is going ont
this week on the Mount Hood road.
Light list cars loaded with water pipe
went out on Monday to the Sandy Bluff
whence it will be taken bv teams to its
destination. Other material is living
«hipped every day. which means that
the work is being pushed along as rap­
idly as |sissible.
A game of baseball will be played on
the Gresham grounds next Sunday
the Rockwood
Browns and the Shattuck A Lindsey
Blues. The latter club is a new one
just fitted out by Shattuck A Lindsey.
The Browns are going on their fifth
year ami are more or less the champions
of all the junior clubs of Eastern Mult­
nomah. A good game ia expected.
Don’t forget the senior class play to •
lie given May 26 at H p. in. in the as­
sembly hall of the high school building
The title ia, "The Merchant of Venice
Up To Date." It ia a parody on Shake­
spear's plav.
Don’t forget the public 'eception giv­
en by the Gresham District Commer­
cial Club to-night in their ball in the
Metzger building. Everybody invited.
A good programme will be rendered.
Mr«. Bellman and son from Cosmo- |
polis, Wash., visited at Mr. and Mrs. 1
Oliphants the first of the week. Mrs.
Bellman was on her way to visit her
parents in Iowa.
C. R. Keller, who has been connected j
with the Multnomah and Clackamas
County Mutual Telephone Company
for a number of years has severed hie
connection with that company.
Home prosperity depends upon home
industry, and state-wide prosperity will
lie greater if factories selling “Made in
Oregon” goods are patronized by the
The support of home industry is the local merchants.
duty of every citizen We live by the
J. D. Regner of Portland, was
interchange of trade. There ia small
need indeed for the people of Oregon to Wednesday looking up old friends.
go outside their state for the everyday
requirements of life, and if the Oregon
people would insist on "Made in Ore­
gon" goods being sold them, retail deal­
ers everywhere would keep up their
stock to meet the demands of their
W. E Wood ha« accepted the |H>ai-
lion as Manager for the Pacific Coast
Casualty Company with headquarters
in the Rothchil i Building. Portland,
Mr. Wood will have charge of Oregon
ami south western Washington He
will write policies and adjust claims.
He was the successful qne_piit of a large
number of applicants. Mr. Wood has
been representing the North American
Co., for the past two and a half years,
but will sever his connection with that
company at once.
Sick headache results from a disor- '
dered condition of the stomach, and !
can be cured by the nee of Chamber­
lain's St nnach and Liver Tablets. Try
it. For sale by all druggists.
I Now is the time to get rid of your
' rheumatism. You will find Chaml>er-
lain’s Liniment wonderfully-effective.
i One appli ation will convince you of its
j merits. Try it. For sale by all drug­
J. M. Howell, a popular druggist of
Ky., save, “We use Cham­
berlain’s Cough Remedy in our own
and know it is excellent.**
For sale by all druggists.
where genuine merit and right conditions prevail.
enables $1800 per acre land to yield a net annual profit of 20
to 50 per cent ?
Fertility, Science, Irrigation
With chat combination highly specialized lines of in­
tensive husbandry will yield hundreds of dollars profit per
acre. Thus many make fortunes on $1500 to $2000 land.
If $300 land produces same crops, the per cent of profit
would be about six times as great and up would go the price
especially if it is near the town or city and close to market.
My 16«) acres, 32 minutes from Lents Junction and 15
blocks from live railroad town, fronts one-half mile on auto
road and is mostly irrigable by perennial stream. Soil of
great fertility for celery, onions, rhubarb, berries, pears and
apples. The ground swells are coming from two directions.
Fine view of Mt. Hood. Rare combination for beauty, utility
and fine profit.
Holder for thirty years will sell at price below average
agricultural land on easy terms. Address
622 Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Portland, Ore.
S your kitchen
plumbing thoroughly
sanitary and up-to-date? If it
is not, a porcelain enameled
sink would afford better sani­
tation and make the kitchen
work more pleasant.
a itaodawT enameled
suited to your kitchen.
Get our prices for installing
We can supply a design just
Carlson Bldg.
Main St.
Gresham. Ore.
Complete Lines of Garden
Seed, Implements, Sprays,
Chick Feed and Insect Killers
Try Our “Boss” Gray
Digger Poison
No more Seed Eating.
No more Dead Chickens.
Save your Poultry From Rats
and Squirrels.
We Handje Building* Sand.
See Us for Prices on Fencing
Material. ^ur Stock Is Renewed Daily.