Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, March 10, 1911, Image 4

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    Succeeding Gresham Vindicator, Greeham Gaietto. Fast Mulini.n ah R<«onl
Multnomah Recon! and Montavilla Herald.
Published Every Fridav at tin-sham, Ore., by the B kavkk S tatk Pvau«HiNu Co
H. À. DARN ALL, F. oitob and M anaokh .
Entered •• «n-ond cl««» matter *t the postulare *t Gresham. <‘re«oii
tuwctinie« litis l'»*r Y.«r, Sl *‘ in advance: to loretan eoumru-» st
Six Wonih»
TSc : Three rionlh» trial »ubecription« «V. Slagle copie« V k»k tor clubbing rat. «.
IteitTSACtS thonld b* *.*nl b> Kxprve, or l',*#tortlce Money Order. Regl«U-rvd l«-tier or* heck
8tanq»i Accepted up to cent«.
HCflTTS tor »ubwriptton« «re not *<>nt tittle»» requested The change ot label on your paper
will indicate the receipt .*< your remiltace If tt d**e# not please uotify us
BUCMnaViXCES H you do not wt«h your paper continued plea»*- notify u* about the tune the
■ubM-ripti.m . apt re. We find this plan nio«t aattefactory to our patron», though it 1» not tn
BCContaiK-*' with our peraonal view»
CSMft Of 40MtSS In ordering change of addreas give old a« well a» near addresa
CtMtWOMliars «re wanted in even community. It no eorre»p-n l.-nev appears from >ur
neighborhmat. you »re r*-«s»-etfully rvqu *»led to »end u» a» many local Item» a» you can.
I'ROFESSU'N M t’ARDs lone inch) .’.‘Sc e«eb IMite CAKIN' OF THANKS
(not excMdtn« two itiehe».) SO nnb t.FTTFKs OF CONtmi.KSCK (not exceeding (our me to »>
Il OKTVAK1KS (or ».itwcriber» or their mint- Hate (anittle». tr<s up to nv aor.l». I cent
per wont for additional wont» WANT Al‘S «1 1 eent per word tor tint tnseratl.m »ul-e-ment
insertion« IMu 3t> word«, ........nt» .-OtoP'aonl» IS rent» *' to l" word* .*■- cent» KKADKKs
1 cent per word per iMue DISPLAY ADVERTISING, rates made known on appiieati n
All Lodge Grange. School. Church, or other notice« or adverti»enient» of socials, parties,
dances, concerts, theatricals, etc . given for a profit, charged for at regular rates
In order to Insure change of ad advertiser» mu»t have copy in this odlc-e not later than
Thursday preceding day of publication.
MM M«IT>»S .« our specialty. We are well equipped to do the b«’«l work at current price»
Especially termer»’ «nd business men'» letter Heads. Knve'.opes. Rutter W rapp*-n. Statement»,
etc in >m«ll or large quantitie». Auction Bill» lXaiger». Poster», etc . printed on short notice.
The 01J Oaken Bucket
A Revi«e-t Version.
Detordte lour Home
Faugh! What a sight, what a com­
(< >KBI 11
mentary on civilisation and on the
Allw-rt F<>x, wifi- »nd l>abv cairn* out
trait in human nature which leads us from Portland Saturday evening and
to ex end ail our energie- on keeping «l«>nt Sun-lav wit Mr«. Fox'« parent«,
up a "front” The house« «nd yard« Mr and Mr« w. ii Read
and »tore«, etc., where they lai-e the
A baby girl i« rc|Mirti-d at the home
■tree!« show a scrupulous devotion to
• ppearence and
respectability—but of Geo Chanila*rlain.
Mr mid Mrs. Bv is and baby and
w hat sorry backiard »ca|a>s they li ve.
Singular it is that people will spend John Rohrer were Sunday visitors nt
almost any amount of money on their the Julien home.
house, furnishings, etc., but - hen it
James Bentli-ld came out from Port
comes to the back yard they will till it land Saturday evening and «p<-n*«nn
w ith the most disgraceful eontruption«— day with hi» wile mid mother Mis«
no wonder work in the kitchen is so de- Annie Benfield accompann A her broth­
pre-sing and the servant is a "pro- i er to Portland Sunday evening.
Mr». A. B L. nder’« hou»e win en-
Why not make heck yard« just as at­ tore l last Wednesday and robbed of
tractive as front yards? There's an money and eatable».
Mr. Fleury'«
obvious moral cigniticance to it, too, house broken into the nameday. No
for if we think «all the while of the due to the perpetrator.
front view appearances, we can't he i Columbia grange met in regular »<■«
genuine in any way. Acuiodeu« in the > mon Saturday, March 4. The Attend­
tale lilted the roofs off the houses and ance wan more than tin- average. Eight
was thus able to see just how all the I candidate were imtiati.l in first and
people lived, in their innioet privacy; second degree«. A masquerade dance
when air»hi|«< become common what will t>e given by the director« of the
sights will lie seen as the aereal | asse • | grange Saturday evening. March 1H.
gers catch glimpses into upper window«
and down into back yard« and all sort«
of odd place« which hitherto could de- 1
(v prying eye«. A new specie« of mor-
O. Budeen and II. Schultz were in
alitv will doubtless develop as a result IMrtland on busint-«« last Thursday.
ot air flight
II Schults loaded two carload« ot rick
Actors tel! us that there are scarcely
w<»»l last Friday.
any theaters in this country, no matter
L. Faught is building a new house.
how costly and luxurious the front and
A. Tiickev 1»,light a llolatain bull last
audience sides may be, which have any
decent arrangements tiehind the scenes week.
Actors have to du their work in sur­
\ ten ¡»Hind boy was l»>rn last Friday
roundings as a rille wore- than l>arii- 'to Mr «nd Mr«. F Eiling
like. What can be expected in the
Jay Gould’s children have been on
way of moral elevation of the stage the sick.
when the c nditions are so degrading?
O. B-sleen visited W Jauiw I mr I .Sun
Why should not an actor look upon life
as sufwrficial and als<> when lie con­
Win. .Martine <d .Montavilla mine up
stantly sees such a contrast between
front and back standards preeented.— Sunday to Iwk after hi« farm.
Do you live tn a rented house* Or
How dear to my heart is the steady do you own a home in which some of
the room are too large and some are
Who pays in advance at the birth of too small? You can make them coay
each year.
and attractive by using a little skill in
Who lays down the monev and does it selecting the furnishings to harmonize
quite gladly.
and «1 the same cover np defects. The
And casts round the a halo of living room, dining room and bed
rooms are used by all the family, and
He never says: "Stop it, I cannot af­ they should tie as attractive and cheer­
ford it,
ful as a mother's mind can make them.
I'm getting more [tapers than now I
Light, plain colors make a room *;>•
can read."
pear larger. A room with a high ceil­ Pathfinder.
But always ssvs : ‘Send it; the family ing and narrow walls can lw* made to
likes it—
appear more in proportion by allowing
In fact, we all think it a real house­ the ceiling covering to extend down Mortimer Whitehead to Visit Gresham
the voters voted for
hold need.”
'over the walls several feet. Another
Re|sirta have heen eircidatuig for some school h<»i«e.
How welcome he is when he steps in plan to remedy a high ceiling is to time that Mortimer Whitehead, Past
Mrs. 1>. G. Butler amt children of
our sanctum.
make the base board appear higher by Isi-tuivr of the National Grange, anil a Latourell visited the former’« sister.
How he makes our hearts throb; how i using canvas« or some other material man of note in grange work, would Is- at
Mr» Wilson, an I sttendeil the enter­
he make.« our hearts dance.
which can be painted to match the Gresham next Saturday. The Herald tainment at the M-Ixsd house Saturday
We outwardly thank him; we inwardly wall pa|>er. Finish this with a mould­ received a letter la-l week from Mr
bleee him—
Whitehead stating that lie could Is- at
W. T. Burkholder i« -arking |H>tat<x-s
The steady subscriber who pays in
High, narrow windows and doors can Gresham on the 21th in.»t. A letter from
be made to appear more in proportion Mr Spence of the Oregon -late grange
The following young |x-ople from this
by having the curtain rc»!s or portiers confirmed the statement and a confer­ district wer<- initiated into Columbia
a little below the actual height and ence with some of the (irestiani grangers grange Saturday
Misses Bar burn and
Mary Gebhardt, I.aura. Be«-m and llllie
covering up the intervening space w ith ha« fixed that date a« tlx- time
*oibe thin material that will eorre«pon-l
Mr Whitehead ha.« Is« n aectl.«tonM-<l Wilson, Irene Knapp xml Lorena
with the ceiling in color. Low ceilings to speak every day and it may poMii- Trickey and Gilbert Bukholder.
can be more easily remedie*!. One of Ine to have him deliver two «pc* ehes.
Grace Kilis visited at Mr. Burkhold­
The latest from the Mt. Scott the easiest ¡-Ians is to use striped wall Tlx- h-.ur ha.« not been set when he will er's Sunday.
Is- ready to speak, that probably being
Bank is that the presi lt nt of the paper and long, straight draperies.
Nature scenes are beautiful because
When you have rheumatism in your
institution has allowed a note of the harmony of colors displayed. at the pleasure of the local grange.
Gresham was selected 111 January as a f<«>t or instep apply Chamberlain's Lini­
against himself for a cool $1000 The true home maker should desire to d.-siral
>le point to have Mr Whitvln-ad ment and you will get quick relief. It
come tn the surface. Of course have the interior of her house corre­ ap|» ar as it is centrally l s ate-l. having co«t« but a quarter. Why uifhr'’ F r
a note of §1000 is not much for a spond with nature’s law of harmonv as a half dozen live granges around it, and «ale bv all druggists.
banker who has been expecting nearly as possible. Thia can lie done the idea yet i- to have a« many present
without extra cost if she is careful in as possible. let the grangers bring their
to leave town. Indications are selecting
her house furnishings to have Inc-ket- and make a day of it. They will
that the said banker will be them harmonize.
The undi r*igned will -ill at hl» home
Is- well repaid for their trouble. If for
under arrest before the public The location of the rooms should de­ nothing else, it is Worth while to have | on the Wm Wiu*»|«- place, two and one-
termine what colors are appropriate to met an-l spoken w ith a man who ba« half mill-» east of Sandy, iiregon, on
reads this paragraph.
; be used. Rooms with a north exposure Is-i-n in every «tale in the union on work
The plan of the Fair Directors and dark «hould always I m * finished otT connected with it« development and who commencing at 10 o'clock a. tn., tlx* fol­
to change the name of the asso­ in golden brown, red or yellow, a« these know- mon- als.ut the lalue of the order lowing dc-eri bed pro|»-rty:
I colors siigg- st light and warmth. Light,
ciation is one of doubtful good. airy rooms look more attractive in blue, to it« memls-ra than any other |s-r*>n
If anything can be gained by - it i light green or pink. The darker tints
Two mowem.
all well and good, However, it 1 in a room should alway be in the floor John W. Sickelsmith, Greensboro, One two-horw- hay rake.
< Im- bay tedder.
Oipk UllU
a Al ceiling should always I’a., has three children, and like most
appears to US that the name of i VVIVI
and the
One two horw- »ted lever harrow.
the association lias not been in
< Inc 11 inch sti-el plow
in selecting furniture to have the beet “We have tried several kind« of cough
Two one-hor-s- cultivator».
the . way in securing outside help j and . not to»
< me fiHldi-r cutter.
too much. All the furm-hin^F medicine," he »ay«, ‘‘but have never
during the last few years and I should
shoum harmonize. Bedroom furniture found any yet that did them a« much < hie fanning mill
3 incfi wide tin- wugon
there is no reason to believe that should enameled and not polished wood, g‘>od Charnlrerlain's Cough Remedy." One
One 3 inch truck.
i Draperies should be of washable mate- For «ale by ail druggists.
it will in the future.
< Ine light wagon.
One tree sprayer.
: ria), as they are more sanitary.
One derrick-fork outfit.
Taking the country over Care should be taken in selecting
One garden si«»ler.
fair Directors Meet
nothing that has happened re­ pictures. Copies from the best ma«ter«
One iawn mower, etc.
cently has met with the general , should adorn the living room and din- monthly meeting of the director« of the All the above jm-litioned artiel«-» A*
good a« new
I ing room walls, especially the livinr
approval of the people so much i room. Dining rtxims, as a rule, do not <»range Fair association. A gissi repre­ Also one cast-iron range, two heaters,
as the resignation of Ballinger. ; need many picture«, a« the walls are sentation of the board was present al chairs,
Team of horses, weight 12U0 |»>unds
The plea that his health has been ¡often finished with plate racks. The
each Also one set double harnexH. Also
endangered by his official duties | bed rooms are the most appropriate cussion were taken up with a definite on«-
Terms.—All sums less than f20 must
action a« regards a publicity committee
is not surprising. He has not
I m * cash; over that amount a en dit of six
one room every member of the family which «hall Istgin at once to lay plana
been entirely free from nerve can call his own and it should l>e fitted for the coming fair. Another commit­ months will I«- given on approved
racking opposition since the day np according to his desires. Don’t put tee was appointed to look after trana-
[sirtation matters. A. F. Miller die- Geo. Woir, Auctioneer.
he accepted the portfolio.
portraits in the guest chamber.
Every woman desires to make her cnnsed at some length the advisability
The people of the United home attractive and worthy to be called of changing the name of the fair to I Io you know that of all the minor
States are not the only ones to a home. An interior harmoniously meet public approval and at the «ame ailment« cold« are by far the most dan­
wonder what it all means. Even planned will create an atmosphere of time secure the support of certain gerous'’ It is not the cold itself that
and peace. These make a happy official« who might not approve of the you need to fear, but the serious di­
the Mexicans themselves are on rest
present name. A committee consisting seases that it often lead» to. Moat of
the anxious seat, while Canada
of Rasmussen, Gill, Slerit, Miller and these are known as germ diseases.
is as deeply interested as it was
Shattuck were ap[>ointed to wait on the Pneumonia ami consumption are among
court and ascertain whether a them. Why not take Chamberlain's
just after the “Canadian annex­
Front and Back Yards
portion of the county appropriation for Cough Remedy ami cure your cold while
ation” proposition. All Europe It is a wonder that
some -------
----- --------
, or fairs could be secured for this fair.
is looking this way and it will cult has not before this taken up the The committee in charge of the prem­ you can. For «ale by all druggist«.
probably develop that some of I work of reforming the back yards of the ium list were given an extension of
time in which to make the r list and
South America ia pointing their world; they need it bad enough. Re­ present a report.
form, like charity should lie started at
paragraphs with question marks. home—and the back yard is a very good The date for the fair for this year was
set for the 21st to the 24th of September.
What the outcome of the move­ place to begin.
ment will be is too indefinite to Do you know, many people never get
even conjecture. Let ua hope around to look at their hack yards; If you have trouble in getting rid of
that it is not the intention of the! they are so busy keeping the front your cold yon may know that you are
yards in order that they have no time not treating it properly. There in no
executive authorities in this left, ami then, who cares about the reason why a cold should hang on for
country to assist in the settle­ back yard anyway?
weeks ami it will not if you take Cham- .
ment of the civil troubles now No one cares, apparently, about back berlain’a Cough Remedy. For sale by
existing in Mexico without giv­ yards, but everyfxxly ought to care. all druggists.
ing some consideration to the
country speifHs more time with the
improvement of the social con­ back yard than with the front yard for ’ To renew- worn meadow without
dition of the working people of an outlook; families as a rule live more plowing it, give it a thorough harrow­
ing. so that the carpet of «orl in well
that country. That the abolition in the back than the front of the house, torn to bit«, then topdreaa heavily, sow
of slavery and false imprison­ and the house and surroundings should grass see<l, and harrow and brush
smooth. Thia ia especially true of land
ment shall be one of the de­ be planned accordingly.
Have you ever gone through some, (,sthat ie shallow and stony and hard to
mands made in closing an agree­ town by rail and from the elevated I plow, land that ia fnll of knolls and
hollows. The nroces« levels and ini-
track« looked down into the back yards? ' proves auch surface«.—Farm Journal.
O regon
S hort L ine
« nd U nion P acific
Wl I ( HI S
Mr. Ewing I ina returned to hi »t-hool
dut Ira niter «|>i-ii<liug n few <lny« In
Portland visiting with hi« family.
Mr» II Murphy ling gone to Port-
land lor medical treatment. She ia re-
¡rotted •« Ireing quite aick
Mr. Tawney in able to la* up and
around after neveral week»' «lege of
it. Haun lumie a viali to Welche«
last week.
The snow is fast disappearing lier«' «»
the sun baa lieen «hilling for the |>a»l
W. J Fanbion Ima the contract for
making one hundred tbonaami shingle«
for the new Mt ll>»»l hotel to la- en-ct-
e<l «<wrn near the old hatchery site on
Salmon river.
Steve Mitchell, one of the old |iiomer«
of eastern Clackamas county, celvhratr-d
hi« birthday by visiting Win. Welch
last week an i talking over old time«
ami idling «tori«« I early pioneer day«.
Mr. Mitchell croNHoil the plain« in ISS7,
coming from Wisconsin and «etili*.!
near the pn-nenl town of Sandy about
IHfiO. lie is «till vlgoruua, hale and
In-arty ami can out walk many a voting
man. He ia now seventy-four year«
old ami say« Im i« g-m-l tor another
•core an.I ten year»
lieraid and Farm Journal |1.’O, The
Journal will coms for two year ami
vour choice of Horae Secret«, Poultry
Secret«, Corn Secret«, Corning hgg
tssik. with each order, tinier at once.
Has Million« of I rlcnds
How would you like to numlier your
friends by millions n» Bucklen'« Arnica
Salve do«*«'.’ It« astounding cures in
the past forty year« made them It«
the best salve in the world for «orca,
ulcers, ei-zema. burn«, l«>il« scald ,
cuts, corn«, «ore eye« sprain«, «Well­
ings. bruises, cold sore« Has no equal
for piles. .*.'»• at all <1 uggists.
i >ur Method« • i-ir Ntock of j
Lumber «n-l Millwork and Our ♦
PricM We MO • • ■ 1111 I.■ r.! | Iml | X
Maud Michel mede au inh-nwting rc-
view un thè notisi lleh-ii Keller*« lite
litri Tilosday niorniiig ili thè u -s iiibly
Wilbur Tlioiiip-on wa- ub-s-nt «everal
day- due lo Hii kiie««.
IJIIiait Fn-dolph'a Inlairatory apron
wii« buriii-d l« y< tul recognition ill the
lals-riitory last Thuraday.
Marian Rols-rtauu and Marni Michel
wert- aliacnt Tlitirmlay
Is-na and <iene«« Wright are stili out
<>f m 'I kmi I. lena liaa nut yet n-covert»!
frolli ber n-eent illneaa alni < teneva I«
perforuiing thè pari of a heroilii- hy stay-
Ing al homo and ai ting «a nurse
The junior Englbdi vi use ha« l»»*n glv-
ing reviewa of Ilio live» of notisi F.iigliih
writer«. O h Monday llamld Kern read
a rvvit-W of Edmund Burke'« life, and
Fari TI ioiii | n < ou gaio a very huinoroua
hs-turv on Hir Francia Bacon*« life Mel-
viu Hunday waa tu give a review on
Samuel Johnson'« lift- Tue«.lay
A n lie
WS« «Imeni Ile he »dl givo it Nome timo
iti thè m ar future.
Pearl Fleming i» gültig tu come to
« c I hmi I part of thè lime a» slio I« Hot alile
lo «tteiid all day.
Cheetcr Daily »a» aliariii last Tuesday.
I««<» Canning lias bevii alwnt (rimi hi«
clamss for m-ieral day« thl« werk
Roy Peti-rson recelvrd a black aye
while playmg ball l«»< w<»-k
The «•■Illuni bave ilccidral tu gilè "The
Merchant <>f Venite l'p lo Date", as a
class play TI»- pl«y ia a parody un
>hakes|s-are's Meri hant t»f Venie«, and
deal» humorously siili a niuida-r of Isn-
tures of scliiad lift»
The high schisi! Student« seni lena
\\ righi a niis- lot of tl.iHei« tlus werk aa
a mark of their «yinpatliy (or her in l«-r
Negl Momlay Mr Robin».m «ili or­
ganile a elusa in |»-<l«g'>gy. i>>inp>«e-d of
thè girl« in thè senior class «Ilo espect
to teseli beni year
m-NM wlx-n yon nwd anything from o He«’
•t i-.-t io a lull of lumber for a Z y relUing
hollas- or barn.
♦ tuaiiuiiig.
< kime m and Inveetigate
«S kk e . w . miller , le . x
Wiley-Allen < Hlire
♦ ■»
Whit» Trw Oa!
Predarmi 1 w tm
e a. re un dry bill i*»d
Whit« U!» Oat
n*< r grotto. I'iaul
F all <»r h pring
\ Iritis freni l‘t> to JIA
btialt«la |Mtr a« ro» maim»« i
la I lm daja
Sampiat. Catalag Me <•
and Rkea e.t ReqtieH.
PortiMflid. Or ««Mia
Phu nr
Mill 1 1 4 tnilr« Noiithrawt of Krl»o
Did you know that yon co hl feed
Hr. lie«« Poultry Pan « ■<••• a the
balance of tlx- Winter, all Spring, in
fai l until the first day of Align t,
then If voii are not satisfied that it
haa paid and paid big.
Bough and Dreaacd lumber for all purpose«
We will refund every cent you paid us
I mpk «- «hick of rilmcnilon Lumber on hand
»end order to J( 'NHRI’ D HRoS. Boring RD2
your watch 9
keep time :
ff not, we'll cure it, and then you’ll
wonder why you did'nt think of UN
long before.
Ail our work guaranteed.
No haaty,
«¡H hi I km I job leave« our «hop.
w irkmen are
You'll not
Fred D. Flora
It I« to make your hens lav. to make
your I hiekeiis grow fast, heallliy and
strong, to cure gnpvs, cholera and
• H course you are i-xpecti«l to keep
your (Niullry free from lie- an-l for
that pur|>i»*e wi< know of nothing
lietter than Instant l.r>u»e Killer.
Johnson à Van Zante
liti % Morrison Ht.
(Near Pap’« Restaurant)
Krmovpfrjfrom rmnmcrriiil BI<Tg to
«14 MpaulflliiK Hhljr |!|<I .V Wnuhlngton
Hay, Grain and MiM Feed