Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, March 03, 1911, Image 6

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    "t understand,” sntd Hew« eonfi
ret like way
That Fitnfea Trcveeca
was secretly pitting bar h»-art away
"Then ther«'« the new
house; for Wilfrid Biennia became perfectl}
I there's a confounded amount of p»-tty clear to Hews th»» unsuccessful Mine»
detail connected with that which will the former’s return the girl Imd grown
I fall to you ”
perceptibly thinner and paler, her ste|
Hews waved hls hand with a gea had lost Its |»r< ity qulrkneas, her mat’
ture of complete asaurance
"Give ner lacked Ha old time biioynney am
j yourself no uneasin«sa. Mr Stennis sprightllm-aa
The certainty tlint hla diagnosis w><-
, I believe I can do all these things to
right fairly Infuriated the rival aulto
' your satisfaction "
"Well." said Wllfrl»l Impulsively, "I Originally he hail api ro.-tehed the g"
rather like you, Mr Hews, anil I don’t In a spirit of sordid «peculation, wit
see whv we shouldn't suit »aeh other onlt th»- cot liter'» It pretciice of lot
But as the womans
I'll talk It over with Paa-avnnl and let upon hla ll|s
' you know "
sweetness ai d the unattainable mitui
"Very good, sir." said Reger, rising of the prise b< c inn- appttrs nt. ao did It
to go. hat In hand
“There Is one feelings chnnx»*. and he who came '
thing I should prefer you to hear from barter with n woman's h» art rvmnlu
in«- direct Mr l*aasavant »III prob to beg for a klnd'y glance, to yen'
ably mention It: Aid- »-g!. a atrang»’r lor a word that m'ght give him t»< t ■
to you personally. I ki ew someth ug For H -wa was d 'eply, pnsslonut»'
about your affnlts. for I was th»- man smitten wl’h Eunice Trevecea
sent to Pi nnsylvauia t v Mr Carboy such a rasa had I' ro-ne wl’h him tl
to verify certain facts connected with to wilt her he would have been »1111«
to forego the golden fruit of ull bi GEOLOGIST MAKES AN ERROR
your late uncle's early lite."
"The devil yoti wete" exclaimed plottings and achtiulngs
«franga Rock Ho Thought Was of
Again and again did h»» try to IT
St» nnls. looking at II» ws with accrued
Glacier Oays Was Once Barral of
Then, after a moment's ie- pronch ti e forbidden topic of Ills lov»
Cement, Says Farmer.
flection, he continued:
"I don't ace why that should ma kt*
"Hallo' what n flint " said Geologist
ised to respect her w Isl es, but th»
any difference do you?"
No. I. "Here Is conclusive proof of
"Not at all" was the rej-’y
"1 t!o»-dg:iti s of passion were at l»ngt’
all our theories
See this rock? It
should serve you none the less faith­ ov» rtlowed. and he resolved to ktio»
la as round as a barrel, and just about
fully. Mr Stenpts."
th»» same rhn| • and site
It must
To halp hla cause somewhat h
"All right." assented th»» latter "I'll
have rolled for iigru In th»» bed of
let your h.-ar from me one way or the sent Eunice a-onrmimsl» a market
copy of a v-
• - rarer which author <ome swift atrium Note how smooth
other, Mr Hews "
the engng- ment It Is.”
Hews bowed, and had h's hand on
"It la unlike any rock In thia vicin
of Clare '*
d Wilfrid Sten
the doorknob when Wilfrid said:
intelligence the Ry.” replied Geologist No. 3
“By the way. It just occurs to me: nIs, wit'
must have In-» n brought from a great
Mr Jocelyn is leaving because he Is
there was no mis distance. probably by some mighty
going to get married.
I hate these Easter
Iceberg In the ages that are gone "
'• s w« re right.
changes, anyway
Pardon uie—but take
"There are mountains near here It
On v.-r
iM-caalons throughn»t*
have you— er—er—any similar Inten­
may have come down In a glacier,"
tions, Mr Hews?
It's none of my
"It la unlike any of
Eunice—som« times successfully. but add»-d another
business, perhaps?"
the rock on those mountains In fact.
For an Instant the astut ■ Reger half more oft»-n fulling — In a sincere t*n
It la unlike any rock to la- found <»n
suspected some hidden or covert deavor and desire to renew their old
Here comes a farm hand; I
But the girl met hla nd earth
I meaning in tills sudden question; but
will ask him If there are any tradi­
a glance at Wilfrid's quite tranquil vanees with such coldness ami pal
tions concerning It.
See here, my
countenance quickly dispelled the pable Indifference that at length tiv
good man. do you know anything
Idea. It was merely a chance shot
. she «as hopeleskly off--nded with him about thia strange rock?"
With a grave smile he answered:
"Strange rock, sir?" anld the farm
Then, and then only. dl<l In» put the
"Not the slightest!"
hand. In astonishment; "why, that
As ne descended In tho elevator he momentous question to the daughter
used to be a barrel of cement!"
reflected that Stennis was not likely , of the bouse of Passavant. and wna at
to^iear any tell tale contradictions of once accepted. She had been ready to
this statement from Eunice Trevecca, yield months ago; In her Inmoat heart
Lesson From the Paet,
and even a better man than Roger she wondered why the man had best
Ulysses was on another of hls long
Hews could have Justified the mislead
and the neighbors were
When Eunice received th»» paper Absences,
Ing answer by appealing to the reply
I trying to comfort hls faithful wife.
made by Sir Philip Francis when
. Penelope.
asked point blank If he had penned happened to be alone. She could not
"For the land a sake!” she exclaim
certain notorious letters: "If I had.
cd; "you don't think I'm worrying
you know. 1 should certainly say I Lad
marks. As she took In the sense of the about 'Lyss, do you? Every letter I
get from him la full of complaints
A variety of motives Impelled the printed lines h»-r lip curled scornfully, about the hotels where ho has to
schemer to take this plunge Into the as she said, half-aloud
.atop' '
"I hope she la satisfied now!"
enemy's country.
For well rhe knew that any travel­
First and foremost was the feeling
man wearies of the life after a
that by being on the spot he would be ment she ran to her little desk—one
| while and g»-ts th»- house to give blu>
able to keep In touch with the prop- of Wilf's keepsak» s — and rapidly
: ■« job In the home office
erty he had almost come to ngard as penned this note:
his own
baa Just a»-nt me a copy of the Hom«
Then, too, he fancied that the cov­ Journal containing the announcement ot
Chose the More Merciful Way.
eted position would enable him to de- your engagement and forthcoming mar­
”1 see that Mrs Schenck Is alleged
Aa one of your oldest friends 1 to have tried to poison her husband
want to he among the flrat to congratu­
late you. and to offer my alncereat wlaiiee so that •he Would be free to enter
society "
tor your laaliug
Cordially yours.
"Well, she showed that she loved
Rhe dashed off th« atldrcsa. and
"I'd like to kno— how you arrive at
with her own hands posted It forth thnt conclusion
with at the box on the corner, Th. n
"She might have tried to take him
she ascended slowly to her room, Into society "
locked the door, and had what worn
en call "a good cry." But when old
John came home that night she was
Proof to the Contrary.
able to tell him the news with com
Baldwin regarded him auspiciously.
plete composure, save for a tiny dash
"Rambo." h»- said. "In spite of your
of red In cither cheek
New Year's resolutions you'vtt been
“Eh. lass,” he said, getting up from drinking again.”
hls chair, going to her side at the
"I haven't either!" Indignantly pro
other end of the table, and taking her tested Itambo.
lace between hls horny hands, "thou st
Th»-n h“ repeated rapidly, and with
gotten tha' dose, but doau't 'ee fret; out a mistake, "Round and round th"
tha' lth<-r 'ooman has na' land»») 'Im ragged rug the ruddy rustic romped.
yet. an' she will na‘." He scaled the
words with a hi-arty, com passionate
kiss, and went heavily back to hla
seat, chuckling to himself. But Eunice
She Dashed Off the Address.
shook her hea<l hopelessly.
"It's all the fault ot that horrid
tect any signs of renewed tenderness
money, father," she said.
between Wilfrid and Eunice; while
"There's nowt ta matter wf th* lad,
equally, of course. If Stennis were con
1 girlie; niver
nlver forget that. He'll win
teinplating any other union matri­
oot!" afflrnied
affirmed tin- old man. empha
monial he would know of that.
I sizing bis opinion with hls knife and
In fact, by this move, should It I fork In the air.
prove successful, bls position would
"1 wish I could think so,” slghed
be like that of a man in the center
I Eunice, smiling wanly, "but It's no
of a seesaw plankt he could depress
use; be will never come back to us
or elevate either end at will.
! now—It has gone too far!" And so It
Roger Hews was one of those men
, seemed. for with hls engagement to
to whom power, or the knowb-dg»- of
Miss Passavant openly announc»-d It
power, Is Inexpr» sslbly sweet.
| looked as If Wilf were indeed Irre­
assurance that he held hls unsuspect­
vocably lost. Then her pride came to
ing adversary In the hollow of hls
her rescue, and with some attempt at
hand, that If he chose he could at any
abandon Eunice exclaimed:
time oust him from hls high estate In
"I don't care! I sent him my con­
half a dozen words, was to him meat
gratulations today!”
and drink
"Did 'ee, now! That was plucky of
In less than a week he received a
ee.” was her father's sententious uu
note from Stennis d»-flnltely engaging
him, and requesting that he begin hls
Glff —My wife has developed a great
new duties forthwith So Roger Hews
passion for singing.
The Latest Air.
took up hla residence at "The Albany ”
Gaff—Yes; but It's nothing to th"
"I'm looking for a breezy march,”
and speedily became ad»-pt in his
pnsslon your wife's singing arouses In
work, as well as possessed of most of said the bandmaster In a Chestnut
the neighborhood.
street music store the other day.
hls employer’s little secrets.
"How about this one dedicat'd tn
The winter came and went without
bringing much change In the outward the Aero club?" the facetious clerk
relations of the chief personages r»f asked.’
Cicero, weary of the grind of pu,
this tale. The walls of the new man
lie life, had gone Into retirement at
bandmaster conn
sion on Riverside were steadily rising, struments,” the
hls villa near Tusculum—peaceful, be-
and the envious heart of Roger Hews tered.
yoottiful Tusculum.
"Well, the air Is easy," the clerk
was made sick at the thought of the
"If Ed Howe can do this sort of
enormous sums that were being lav­
thing," he said, "by ginger, I can.”
stopped.— Philadelphia Inquirer.
ished thereon.
But he had hla troubles there, Mr
"Confound him!” he growled In hls
Howe; even there.
Not a Modern Custom.
gizzard a dozen times a day "He lit
In a certain church In Philadelphia
tie thinks whose money Is being
the custom has prevailed of present
A Faithful Agent.
I'll give hltn a little
Ing to each scholar of the Sunday
more rope, and then—"
"Why, Harkens, where have
school an egg during the exercises at
For Hews had come to hate Wilfrid
been? You look like a wreck.”
the celebration of Easter. On an oc
with a blind, unreasoning hatred
"I know It. My twin brother and I
canton of the kind
which, In a less cold-blooded man, clergyman arose and made this an had a quarrel and I hired a bruiser to
him. The fellow mixed us up
would have endangered by preclpl
nouncernent. "Hymn 419, ‘Begin, My lick
tancy hls ultimate plans and plots
and here I am ”—Tlt-BIts.
Soul, the Exalted laiy,’ after whlcb
Strange to say, the unconscfouH Wil
the eggs will be distributed.”—IJppln
frld rather liked his taciturn and me
Drew th* Lin«.
thodlcal secretary.
"Maybe ah« won't like m« any mor«,
"He's a perfect gourmand for work,"
Bln and the Conscience.
said the young Croesus one day to Mr.
To say that we have a clear eon but J can't help It.”
"What happened?”
I'asaavant; "I can't find him enough science Is a solecism; had we nevei
”H«r pet poodle was under the mis­
to do."
sinned, we should have no conscience
tletoe and I failed to take the chance.”
But Roger was busy la hla own tar
Leads all other medicines irJ
the cure of all spring ailments
humors, loss of appetite, that'
tired feeling, paleness and
nervousness. Take it.
o4n Heir
Get It to<!>y In liquid form ot ■
■bltfts called Sarsa'.abs. Ivo Doses TV
Locking Down a Well.
1 never draw a pail of *«.t*r fro-r
the well without an appreciation of II.
eharm such r. a country bred m«n.
tniag no, could never feel.
He mt :!r
gape at open plum . Ing. lcoklr.g at ti
with hls fre.h country eye. »hero J
shou’d stn ply take it for g anted; bit
I am afraid he never could fully ex
perlence what might be called the sen­
timent of a well, that delightful, in
varted tower of darkness and darn-»-
• ms and coolth.
If there Isn't ««ch
a *««d as eoo'.th. ther» ought to be.—
Atkmsou F ■—*-«'! i»» s-t-n’ln.
Uncle Jerry's Tribute.
facie Jerry Peeb'es was returning
torn the funeral of an acquaintance.
•Well, 1’11 say one tai- -g for old Josh
IcGfmblet,” he remarked, with an ef-
ert to be cheerful; "he lived a consist-
«it life, anyhow. He always tuck hls
Iquor straight, and in all his S3 years
•e never drunk hls coffee any odler
•ay than out of bls sasaer."
For Bettles Marked Poison.
Put common pins In the corks of al'
bottles marked poison, sticking them
Into the bottom and allowing the
pofnts to rrotrude beyond the corks
After doing this you will never pick
•p such a bottle—even tn the dark —
Woman's Home Companion.
We seldom feel JUST RIGHT
At such a time KlSPaRiUJI is the best anc
safest Blood Purifier, the most succcssfu
prescription for spring humors and sucl
disorders of the blood as boils, pimple-»
postizles, blotches, sores and cutaneou:
eruptions. Kasparilla is admitted to b<
the best remedy for that lack of energx
and the peculiar debility so prevalen
luring the close of winter and theopeninj
sf spring. For derangements of the di
festive organs it is a natural corrective
•perating directly upon the liver and al>
sientary canal, gently but persistent!) |
■itnulatinp a healthy activity.
beneficial influence extends, however, t<
every portion of tl.e system, aiding in th«
processes of digestion and assimilation o-
sool. promoting a wholesome, nalura
appetite, correcting sour stomach, bac
breath, irregularities of the bowels, con
Itipation and the long list of trouble«
fcrectly tracea' le to those unwholesom«
Kasparilla dispels drowsi
•ess, headache, backache and despond
ency due to inactivity of the liver,
kidnevs and digestive tract.
It is a
■rengthening tonic of the highest value.
By' Frederick
^Author g-
•The Other ¿Vian"
Illus'.ra'.ions by Ray Walters
ILup^r.g.iU by J. U. L.pp.licoll Co.)
Andy Mcleen. as» .1 m!1!t<»na!re miner. 1«
dying and i»r»l--rs a will drawn up. leaving
all liia property t»» the son of a slater of
whom lie bus heard nothing for years,
and whoso m.irrted name he does not
kr w
M.-l.-en was married year» before,
but left liis wife after a quarrel In which
hi s:ru--k her
He I■ire- I later that she
and H , r daughter w-r>- dead The « one
shifts to N, w V r\ r-trodi-. tug Wilfrid
Stennis who is t. P.lna hls flane, - E.-n'ce
Trvvnn-». • hat he would • ».■* It he » rs
the posr. ss.»r of wealth
In the law nf-
fl.-e of t'rrhov Pass ivant .< Cosine at­
torneys fer the estate of Vfeteen It -ger
Hews ren- rts the resylt of hl« search for
heirs of M. Iren He eon.-. i's the fact that
he h.-s dis.- >v, rod that M-deen's itaugh’er
Is living Wilfrid Stennis r piles to an ad
in format
Io*-’ concern'nc
vertlxem« nt " for
hls dead mother M^r*ha Mel- » n ami 1«
toM that be is the heir to Andy Meleen’a
He wan'« to mnrrv E ml •* Il
»-nee. hut she reaolu*e’v d»»murj< He meet;’
Clara Passavant fCvtdou«« daughter of
his a^torn^i
Eunice b» ••■»mes
i!ous <»f
Wjlfr’»T’s avtentions to Clara.
He builds
a yacht and starts on a trip abr ' id. the
F’Mssavants beinif Included in the party.
Rocer Hews, havin? discovered that Eu-
• i la the d
NTelecn. p’ana to use »he Information to
his own advan»aste
He propose* to Eu­
nice and is rejected.
Ja<!ed after two
years of rt’letv In Europe Wilfrid returns
and Immediately cal’s on Eunice
Hls at­
tempts to renew his former relation»»
with her meet with no encouragement
One morning In the early fall, a
few weeks after the return of Stennis
from abroad Roger Hews called at
his rooms bearing a letter of Intro-
duction from Horatio Passavant. It
Mv Dear Mr Stennis- Thia will rom-
mend to your consideration Mr
Hews, who prefers to do hls own explain­
ing ad to the object of his waiting upon
I am requested to say. however—
and It gtvea me great pleasure to do so—
that Mr Hews has upon more than one
occasion acquitted himself
and faithfully in matters of moment en­
trusted to hltn by this flrm. and I be-
'*eve hint to merit the utmost confidence.
Moat truly yours.
H oratio passavant .
“What can I do for you, Mr. Hews?'
Inquired Stennis genially, dragging a
&OYT CiiKiUCAX Co. Portland, Oregon chair forward.
"1 understand that your secretary
about to leave you, Mr. Stennis, and
1 venture to make application for the
post. It occurred to me that a per­
tones Wai Psrfectly Willing to Ao
sonal call would be more satisfactory
comodate Fellow Passenger,
all around. 1 hope I'm not too late?"
But Couldn't Do IL
"On the contrary, you are the
Brown to Jones (sitting by open wit» In the field. How did you know
few In a railway carriage)—Excuse there was to be a vacancy?”
^e. sir. but that open window la very
"I see,” said Wilfrid.
pleasant.y)—I'm sorry, but through him that Mr. Jocelyn came
•m afraid you will have to grin and to me three years ago; if he sends me
as good a man this time. 1 shall not
year it.
Brown—I wl-h you would close It, complain ”
Hews bowed. In dress and deport­
Jones—Would like to accomodate ment—the former severely business­
like, the latter quiet and sedate—he
•uu, 1 ut I can’t
Brown—Lio you refuse to close that seemed outwardly all that could be
Indow, sir?
Stennis turned to the letter of rec­
I certainly do.
Brown—If you don't close it, I will ommendation, slightly at a loss what
to say next. This man was evidently
Jones—I'll bet you won't.
Brown—If I go over there I will,
some years older than himself, and
Jones—I’ll give you odds you won’t. no doubt eminently respectable.
Brown—I ask you once more, sir,.
Despite his experience of the re­
ill you close that window?
spect and deference everywhere ellci-
Jones—No, sir, I will not
i ted by hls wealth and social standing.
Brown (getting to hls feet)—Then I Stennis had never quite gotten over
Mil. sir.
a slight feeling of embarrassment and
Jones—I should Ilka to see you do sliamefacedness when dealing with
' those of his fellowmen who might
Brown (placing hla hands on the ob- In any sense be considered as de­
•ctlonable window)—I’ll show you ' pendents. An acute observer would
yhether I will or not. sir.
, have said that this hangdog trait was
Jones (as Brown tugs at the wln- ' convincing proof that he had not b» en
tow)—Why don’t you c os« It?
! born to the purple. Your titled Eng­
Brown (getting red In the face)—I lishman, for Instance, has no compunc­
■n't; it—It appears to be stuck.
tion or hesitation in ordering his serv­
Jones—Of course It Is. I tiled to ants around; they are to him, and al­
»lose It before you cam» In.
ways have been, simply so much fur­
"I suppose I ought to ask you some
People are always talking about questions, Mr. Hews,” said Stennis,
•rlginallty; but what do they mean? I with a whimsical but engaging little
As soon as we are born, the world j smile, "but for the life of me I don't
begins to work upon us. and this goes ' know where to begin.”
”1 am entirely at your service,” mur-
on to the end. And after all. what
ran we call our own, except energy, mured the irreproachable Hews, who
strength and will. If I could give an was on his good behavior.
"Well—er—what experience have
account of all that I owe to great pre­
decessors and con'emporarles there you had? I presume that's a fair In­
would be but rjaall balance la my quiry?" said Winfrld tentatively.
"Oh. certainly, Mr. Stennis To be
frank with you, I have neVer occupied
Mothers Wtn find Mrs. WtMloWs B-othln«
lyrup tee b- st r«rned» to use for their cuUdrer exactly the position of a private sec­
turlag me teetblnc period.
retary, but I have been employed at
various times in a confidential ca­
pacity by several men of affairs, and
Restoring Whltness of Marbta.
To clean marble take finely pow» the firm of Carboy. Passavant &
fered pumice stone and mix with vin­ Cozlne has also used rne in some deli­
egar to a paste Lay this all over the cate matters I may say without hesi­
marble, and leave it on for five or six tation that I am thoroughly familiar
hours. Then brush It bard and wash with the duties of such a place."
Wilfrid nodded. “Mr.
It with warm water and curd soap till
Then, to give a polish, rub transacts all my weightier business,
•ver with oxide of tin applied on a you know; you would look after my
keep me
wet cloth. 8hould the article be stain­ private
ed. you can remove tUa stain by dip­ posted as to social engagements, go
ping a cloth In oxalic acid solution through the begging letters—there s
•nd pawing It quickly over It. Then a devil of a lot of them, I can assure
wash la water to ramove Itet acid a*4 you—purchase supplies, and pay »he
I bills.
lev* Lattare Burled With H« a
A maiden lady of llauley (Htaffa)
who died at the nite of more than
ninety ,mn asked shortly before her
death that her love lettere should be
turtvd with
ound severe I lettere, dating beelt
<>me of them to tin» 10a. with the Ink
I a. oat faded
Her laat request was
Heacneu Ina Limit.
Th» laat courre war buina broti-bt
>n. and Itti'«- Jo'n who had f»iirtak«n
if each (iruil nia on". I< "ki I U|i nini
"C.b, thia one whl fa! ;l urn
By Lydia E. Pinkham’»
Vegetable Compound
Ottumwa. Iowa.
For venni I was
aluioat a constant au(T»-r»-r fr»»m fetuai»»
trouble in all Ila
d i a » »I f u I forms ;
shooting pallia nil
ov»-r uiy bo»iy. sick
b< atlacne. spingi
W enktieSH, «lizzili» aS.
<1 <» p r « <» a I o n, an<l
ever,'thing that Was
horrid. I trl<-«l many
dottora in <liff»-r«-nt
parts of tin- I ' nlti-d
Stat» «, but Lvilla E.
.. t »...... •- V Vi-gct.i.
1...... . .
A I».
\?\ -Xllile Compound has
»¡one mor»» for nt« than ull the doctors.
1 feel it my duty to t«-ll you thrna
facta. My heart Is full of gratitude to
vou for my cure.”—Mrs II akkiit E.
W ami '1.1 ii . fi'.** S. Hansom Street,
< ittuiuwa, Iowa.
Cottsltlcr Thia Advice.
No woman ahould submit to a surrl-
cal O|s-ration, which ntay nu-tn <l»-atli,
until slit» has given l.v<l»a E riiikl.aut’s
Vegetable Coui|s>una a fair trial.
This famous medicine, ma<lt* only
frotn roots ami herbs, has for thirty
tears ¡»roved to Is* tho most valuable
tonic and invigorator of the femahi
organism. Women residing in almoat
every city ami town In th»* United
States ls-ar willing testimony to the
wonderful virtue of Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetable CoUljmlind.
Mrs. Pinkhnm. nt I.ynn. Mana.,
Invlt«-a nil sick women Io write
Iter for adv Ice. Iler ndv icr is fr««e,
conlldt-ntini, utid always helpful.
Beat He Ceu'd Do.
Miss Chatterton (gushingly)—"What
a magnificent great Dan«!
And of
course hit name Is Hamlet?" Mr.
Gaiety (the owner) - "Not exactly;
you see. I er couldn't conelstenf ly
use that name Th" beat 1 could do
was to call her Ophe'tn'”
is the medicine you can rely
on to du the work
It is a real digestive
help. Try it today.
Refuse dll
W est