Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, February 10, 1911, Image 4

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    Sii. ei «‘.ling < I i<-'li»iii Viii.L. iit ir. < Ir. -liHin < .azetti-, I a-t M ult tn n ah R« «oni
Multnomah R«‘«vrd ami Motttavilla Herald.
Published Fv«*n Fridav ■« «*r,'«ham. Or«»., bv the l>> « vkk S tat » I' i bi n*ni\«. Co
H. A. DARNALL. F i ’IT vk am ’ M ahaoxk .
Fniered a» -eeon.t <■*»»» matterai lb«' po.t0H1.-e at iire»h»ui. Or,-«on
SUBSCAlFTIOII RATES IVr Ye«r. I' * n a-ha" c
Io tot< tgn c«»untrir* ♦
> v Mouth!*
75c. Three month» trial subscription#
Singh eopi< > m
for clubbing rate»
REMITTABCES *houhl ba sent bj Exprc» or 1‘ostotttce Nloncj Order. Registered le tter or < heck
Stamp* Hi t vpted up to 50 cents.
RECEIPT’S (or subBcriptioii« are not sent unless requested The cham;» o( label onyourpai«et
will indicate the receipt of your remittaee. It it does not ph ase uotity us
DiSCOfiTiRUARCiS 1( }ou do not wish vour pa|«er • nlin ied | «»»c notify u» about t! • t m<
»ubacription expire* We find thi* plan mo.*t aaliatactory to our patron», though it i* not m
accordance with our personal views.
CMAME OF AOORESS In ordering change of< ** give old as well as new address
CCMIRESPONOEMTS art* wanted in everv c.mimuniu
It no correspomlence appears Iroai yuir
neighbor i o,.d you are rrspcetfully reqv »»ted to send us a* many local item* as you can
invFRTtiiMfi RATES
PROFESSION AL CA RD> . > ”e inch). * < ach i*uie ('ARDS t>F TH AX KS
(not? x" - Hni Uu inches i s' cents l.b TTF R>fE < «»Xbol KX< E (not exceeding four inch«*
11 OBIT! \RlE*i for subscriber* or their immediate fMinilii *. free, up to h*1 word* I cent
per word for additional words WAXT \OS«t sniper* rd bu t- r*t in*er*t-on sub*, .lucnt
insertion* 1 s to
wonts, io cents .V t< • w «rd* 1 ' emt* w t«»
word* ..’Cent* KEKPLRS
lcent in r word i»er issue DISPLAY At'VEKTlslXi. rate* made known on application
All Lodge, Grange. S h*n>l, Church, or other noticv* or advertisements of toi iaU. partitiv
dances,concerts, theatricals etv . given for a profit, charged for at regular rate*
In order to insure change of ad advertisers must have copy m this offlee not later than
Thursday preceding day of publication.
109 FRlRTIk6 i* our specialty. We are well equiprw «1 to do the best work at c urrent pri.> *
Estfciallv farmer»’ and busim *s men’* l«ett- r H ids Envelop
Hutter Wrapo. r*. Mau >
etc in small or large quantities. Auction Bills Ikxig. r*. Po*ters. etc . printed on short none.
whole state. Improved trans­
tvn . nj.>) <Ple party agiven on
portation facilities will be pro­
vided, but, perhaps best of all, \V.dll. ««lay ereliinif al II,«' K \ I','ll
is the confidence shown in the I Eyck li 'in«' loi the M i » mm R«wa and Ivy.
tiain«'« ami mu«i<- «»■ iiqovvd by a
northwest bv the great railway l irge number
system in authorizing this heavy late hour.
.1 A Watt« ha*
Hood company and rv-
with tin* Mt
Jefferson Pity. Missouri, can turn««1 to Portland
certify that some, at least, of ; Mr« llenrt Helm« 1» -pending the
her citizens are heroes. The state | «v«H-k in Bull Run
capitol burned down the otheri tiiiwta« Aiw'hotT «ui'ce»«full\ pa««e<l
morning and the most valiant the recent eighth grade examination
men on the scene were the peni­ held her«'.
tentiary firemen. They were Mr Mct'ranger i« upending the week
end in Bull Run.
foremost in preserving the state
I.. B Frame «|>ent Saturday and Sun
records and in fighting the fire day in Sandy.
which all goes to prove that a M im Blanch Bvltield is on the sick
man makes some mistakes and list.
still be more than an average Mi«« Glines left Saturday for Oregon
City, where teacher«* examination« are
h mg held. She will al«o vi«it friend«
and relative«.
Mr. and Mr», Leaf have returned
from a visit with their daughter, Mr*.
Ralph Shelley, in Portland
< hir w inter Nt ill ««'em« to cling to n»,
another heavy fall of «now laat W«Hines-
day night.
( ORBI 11
and Mm. Byers visited at l t he
Reed home at Rooster Kock
I.oel* war in the city on bn«i-
Kineaid i* atHieted with the
’| ant for the feathers. It isf a
game bird and as long as it is
hunted, what wrong can there
be in using the feathers for or­
The real problem of life to the
nament? If the bird is to be
men and women of today is the
killed, what better use can be
probable of citizenship. Making a
made of the feathers? Aren’t
living is not a problem. W ith
these bird lovers suffering from
present prices of labor and its
an attack “f the ego? Why not
•»•I ';|lh
products the question of living is
use a little common sense? The
the V
not a serious one. But the ques­
birds will die in a short time
tion of the quality of the citizen­
anyway, and if they die natural­
ship being produced nowadays is.
ih, which
.luv« «»I ill
ly their remains serve no pur­
There has always been graft.
the farm»
h alltMgt»«)H'
pose. If they are killed humane­
We of today are led to think the
ly they go to sustain a higher
moral tone worse in this species
creation in several ways.
of wrong doing than ever before.
That may be due to the under-, That Oregon will double its
standing that comes with years. present population during the
It was there all the time, but we next ten years is the prediction
did not recognize it. One reason of Dr. Joseph Schafer, head of
why we hear so much more about the department of history at the
it today is that people are com­ university of Oregon. He draws
ing to recognize it. On an aver­ interesting parallels between the
age people are more intelligent agricultural states of the middle
than ever before and beyond be­ west and Oregon, which he says
ing able to recognize "graft,” is now facing an era similar
they are also able to comprehend to that marking the periods of
its true relation to civic integri­ heaviest settlement in the Mis­
ty. "Graft” is not simply over­ sissippi valley. He finds that
charging a public account. It Illinois, Iowa. Indiana and others
includes more than working a doubled their population in ten-
bill through the legislature to se­ I year periods when people sought
cure a public sinecure. It in­ the cheap agricultural lands to
cludes all these and more. It be had there. He expects his­
means any scheme to secure an tory to repeat itself in Oregon.
unjustifiable advantage. We are
Pendleton is setting a good
coming to understand that, and
we also are coming to feel that example of western enterprise A number of Rockwood’» young |*o-
our public men should be free by starting early to put on a ple met at the home of Earl Middleton
from all such restraints as may great show at the time of its an­ on Saturday evening to do honor to
Earl’» 21»t birthday A pleasant time
be due to pledges or personal ob­ nual "roundup.” Liberal sub­ war
had by all. Refreshments were
ligations. Their private inter­ scriptions are being made to »erved by the hostc»».
ests are not to intrude. What build a race track and grand­ Miss Hester Thorp, having tucce»»-
the men of the future will be stands that will be ample for the fully pasaed th** eighth grille in District
will depend largely on the stand­ occasion. A large tract of ground No. h, has taken up the ninth gaade in
ard of the parents of today. near the city has been purchased the Roewood school.
Undoubtedly, people take a more and the 1911 show promises to Mrs. Win Childers made a business
serious view of political crooked­ be a great success. Pendleton trip to the city on Ttieedav.
ness now than ever before. If is attracting wide attention
Wife Got Tip Top Advice
they will carry the idea into their through its unique frontier cele­
“My wife wanted me to fake our boy
own lives, practice the principles bration.
to the doctor to cure an iitflv boil,”
- - ♦♦♦-
at home that they abhor abroad,
D. Frankel of Stroud, Okla, “f
It is probably a little early to
the men of the future will be
«aid ‘put Bui klen'a Arnica Salve on it
commend Judge McGinn. His She di ho , and it cured th'- boil in a
safe. But do they do that? We
term of office has hardly com­ abort time.” <pitek' -t heal'T oi burn«,
question if our children are not
and yet he has been acaldr, cut«, corn«, bruise«. aprnin«,
in many instances being trained
His parole system »welling«. Be«t pile cure on earth.
today along lines that will result
has caused various comment and Try it. (July 2o<- al1 dealer«.
very badly. The idea of duty,
of moral obligations to parents is it is open to argument. His at­
Tortured for Fifteen Years
not developed now days as our titude on the question of addi­
By a < u re-defy ing .«tornach trouble that
forefathers were accustomed to
baffle doc or«, and re-i-te.l all reiioolie-
do. Very few children now days 1 xiks well and his demand that lie tried, .John W. M aider« of M1 tddera-
consider themselves under any the county jails be cleared of ville, Mich., «eenied doomed He had
obligation whatever to treat their waiting inmates is practical and to well his farm and give up work, Hi*
elders with courtesy or to offer just. It is to be hoped the judge neighliors -aid, “be can’t live mucli
longer.” ‘ Whatever I ate dietreeHHl
them a favor unless they are to will continue as he has begun — me,” be wrote, , “till I tried Electric
get a reward. Many parents
Bittern, which worked »uch wonder«
pay their children for perform­ economically.
for ine that I can now eat ’things I
could not take I for year«. It’««ur<-ly »
ing the ordinary chores around
Usual low-priced colonist rates
home. The result is the child to the Pacific northwest from grand remedy for atomach trouble.’’
Just as good for the liver ami kidney».
develops the idea of placing the east will be in effect from Every bottle guaranteed. Only 50c at
everything on a money basis, in­ March 10 to April 10 and will, no all druggists.
stead considering it a duty, an doubt, result in inducing many
obligation or privilege to serve settlers to come west.
his parents or friends. Such a I will be the same as last year, on
tendency cannot help but result the basi8 of $25 to the coast from
badly. I he person who grows Missouri river terminals. Fare
up with such ideas as a basis of from other po^ ¡8 jn propor.
their moral code can hardly avoid tjon> for examp|e> <533 from Chi.
improper standards when they cago: $32 from St. Louis; $50
get older.
from New York City; $49.75
First-Class livery and Feed
Stables dt Borlnq and Sandy
The latest exaggeration on the from Washington, etc.
part of the humane bird lovers
The double tracking or the
Transportation <d all kinda
of Baggage to Handy and
of the state of Oregon is an effort O. W. R. & N. line down the
interior point* ....
tn prevent the use of the feath­ Columbia river from Echo to
For turlh.r information phone or write
ers of the china pheasant for Portland, as authorized by the
B. F. DONAHUE, Prop.
ornamental purposes. We ques­ Harriman directors in New York,
tion if any one hunts the pheas- will be of great benefit to the
$ .65
Prussian stock and ptultry food. $1.00 size
25 “
Pure Lard the best 10 lb pails
5 “
Ladies’ heavy slux’s regular $2.50
Children’s “
Ladies’ Fleece Lined Underwear
Childrens’ Fleece Lined Underwear
800 yards embroidery, 7 l-2c and 10c values, per yd.
25 % off on all wool knit goods
Now is a good time to buy a supply of
We keep only the best goods in Taffeta and Satin Ril>-
bons. About 3000 yards in stock. 25 per cent off the reg­
ular price.
This is all genuine. All goods are marked in plain figures.
Come in and hear the latest records played on the Victrola,
the talking machine without a horn. Take a 1‘XXJ washer
home with you for 30 days irte trial.
Bornstedt & Ruegg, Sandy, Ore.
. timed
*e of
Mt* MvKim
Special Clubbing Lisi
Weld U1» IN ar**
n|i a
»cription in
th to tgih
>2 5o price.
»al ( iubhing <i
li Ikral.t and
Zest l)r. Hess
Save the cost of your home pajxT on a Clubbing Offer
Write or phone for it today.
The Herald Office
It i« tu mak>- your ii»«n« lay. to make
your «-bicker» j;row fa«t, healthy and
atrnrig, to cure trap*-«, cholera and
Of courae yon are expected to keep
voiir |M,ultry free from lice an I for
that purpwe we know of nothing
(letter than Inxtant Loll«,- Killer
Gresham, Ore.
in all munir- Ufi %
I *
k. u h. Mori* i wr I
o-r T
« . itaMi.’v
U r - ht »
HirrrcMCï 1.
Expressing, Draying
Gresham, Ore.
•J ■
In Bi -C !»• I’.’f InVB
t io c ;TA H t i I bf.LC e-
For Sale At The
r’T LAWYCt. .
.rawi ti . a
Try An Electric Heater
Portland Railway, Light &
Power Company
T rade M ark *
C opyright » A c .
Electric Building
Anyone sending a a hatch and de»crfptlon ma,
quietly aeeertaln our opinion free whether an
Invention ie probably
lions strictlyconfidential. HANDBOOK on Patente
sent free. Oldeet agency for eerurtnp patents.
Patents taken tnrough Munn A (A), receive
spacin' notice, without charts In the
Scientific American.
A h»n4.',ni«l, llla^r»»*1 ««rtlj
rotation -if »nr aoisntltc lournal. T«ti»« W •
r««r: tour mnnik». 11 Sold brail n»w»d»»l»r».
Real F.Nlate, i’robHt«* hik I Corporatoi
Prompt Attention to All Bti«in<*m>
• IN ll'-nr, 111'1»
Phoii.-. Main 101
w. j. ott
B eaver E ngraving C o .
o h • i r *
/ öfdir.MSi,
. w-
S. P. BUT NER, M. D.
•.>' .'if*
r • ?*■
W. c. Belt, M.D., C.M.
OfficH ov«r Fir«t Nt»t«' Bank
Phone, office, Itt, re»., |g
Ow- 1>