Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, February 10, 1911, Image 3

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Government Troops Take Ad­
vantage of Rebels’ Delay.
Federal Train Derailed But Forcée
Proceed and Heath City After
Hard Fighting.
KI Paso, Feb. ft. At 11:15 p. tn.
U m exact result» of today*» develop­
ment» in the situation al>out Juarez are
bcclou<l<><l by numerous conflicting re­
ports. From the Federal vicw|>oinl
the situation may bo summarized ss
Colonel Rsbago,
with 300 men
marched into Juarez at 9:25 tonight,
unmolested by the insurrectoa, and
amid tlie Joyful acclaims of citizens
and soldiers.
Rabago's command repulsed the at­
tack of Oroaoco's force at Bauch today,
with only two dead and six wounded,
inflicting on the insurgent» a loss of
140 killed and wounded. Insurrectoa
reported badly scattered as a result of
the clash.
General Navarro's command, of a
strength unknown, re|>orted marching
to the relief of Juarvz and expected to
arrive tonight or tomorrow.
From the insurrectoa' viewpoint, the
situation stands as follows:
Rabago's command reached Juarvz
tonight, after defeat nt Bauche, in
which they arc reported to have lost
more than 100 men ¡and a »ubstantial
part of their arms and equipment.
Alanis* rebel force of 000 men in a
fight with 100 Fedcrals 25 miles east
of Juarez..
Alanis expected to join Ornzoco some
time tonight for an assault u|a>n Jua­
rez. which is scheduled for about day­
light tomorrow.
General Navarro in command of 700
Fedcrals, consisting of infantry and
cavalry, left Gallego Friday for Jua­
The fatal policy of delay having en­
abled reinforcement» to reach Juarez,
the probabilities of taking that city
are now considered much more remote
than before.
Other reinforcements, in the sha|»e
of General Navarro's column* are en­
route from ('hihuahua and will reach
Juarez tonight or tomorrow, and it is
believer! here that the Federal» will be
able to hold the city, and that know­
ing this, the Insurrectoa will retire.
There is a rumor that the insurrectoa
are near Juarez, but this cannot be
verifier!. The net result of the battle
at Bauche tor1 ay between Orozoco and
Rabago we» two kill«! and five wound­
ed among the insurrectoa. The Federal
loss cannot be learned, as they carried
their wounded with them.
Convicts Make Heroic Fight for Mis­
souri's State House.
Gotham Horror Was Result of Ac­
cident to 10,000 Pounds.
New York Ten thousand pounds of
blnck powder on board the lighter
Katherine W, "contrary to the com­
pany's policy or orders,” probably
caused the explosion of dynamite at
Cummunipaw, N. J., on Wednesday,
states Dr. H. W. Hudson, Inspector of
the E. I. l)u|M>nt de Nemours Powder
Thia powder, he said, was part of a
Dupont shipment for .South America,
as was the dynamite, but it should
have been deliver«! to a steamship, he
maintained, before the dynamite was
taken aboard.
"Contrary to general belief,” said
Dr. Hudson, "black |>owder la far more
dangerous than dynamite. We believe
the powder bccamu ignit«! and In ex­
ploding detonated some of the dyna­
mite not much of it.
freezea at alxiut 45 degrees Fahren­
heit. and It is nearly im|>osaible to ex­
plode it when frosen.
The« tempera­
ture on the day of the explosion was
below 45 degrees.
Hudson Maxim, the Inventor, an
authority on explosives, is inclined to
the same belief. Hu agreed that the
after effects of the explosion suggested
gunfmwder rather than dynamite.
"The eight arrests are only a la-gin­
ning,” said Prosecutor Garvin, of Hud­
son county. "It is not our intention to
pick out little men in the employe of
the corporations.
We are after the
men really responsible.”
Southerners Will Show at Panama-
Pacific Exposition.
New Orleans If the plana of the
IxMiisiana development league are car­
ried out, the slate of Louisiana will
have one of the most attractive and
tameflcial exhibits at the Panama-
Pacific ex|>oeition at San Franciaco.
Plana are now under way, according
to C. H. Willard, one of the directors
of the organization, to this end. Mr.
Willard said:
"Louisiana cannot afford not to have
an exhibit at San Francisco. We have
been put to the test, and we must do
our l>cst in order that thia state have
an adequate representation of its pro­
ducts and resources.
We want to
make the Louisiana exhibit the moat
attractive in the big show. .
“It will be a center of observation
on account of the magnificent efforts
made by our |>«>ple to win the prize.
We have come out of the contest with
honor and with clean hands. We have
won the respect and admiration of the
world for pluck and energy, and every­
one who attenda will want to see what
Louisiana has done.
"1 believe the commercial orgnniza-
tiona and the p«>ple generally will
come forward and assure a handsome
state building and other displays. ”
Jefferson City, Mo.— The Missouri Walla Walla Farmers Say New Hy-
Capitol building was totally destroyed
brld Variety Better.
by fire. The total loss, including the
Walla Walla, Wash. — That blue­
building and many records and state
paper», is estimated at (1,000,000, stem wheat, for many years the lead­
with no insurance.
ing grain grown in the Walla Walla
Lightning which struck the dome
shortly after 7 o’clock spread flames valley, will be displaced within two
to the roof and in less than half an or three years by a hybrid variety, is
hour it was apparent that the building the opinion of leading farmers of the
was doomed.
Walla Walla valley in attendance at
Because of the inadequate water the Farmers* convention he**e.
pressure, the fire could not be reached,
Bluestem, they |>oint out, has always
and no aid could I m * rendered for some
had faults of being easy to burn, easy
time by the hwal fire company.
Governor Hadley personally direct«! to frees» out, and a light yielder. Hy-
the tight against the flames, which, i brids originated at the Washington
pcause of the building'» great nge, state college, they claim, do away with
rapidly gain«! great headway.
The all these faults, and add many virtues
|>enitentiary fire department wa call«! that the old variety never had. Be­
to the »cene and the convict» worked sides yielding better, they are hardier,
heroically, scaling walls and taking and do not burn as easy as does blue­
stem. And the milling quality of at
dangerous chances.
The local military company wa» least two of the hybrids is just ns good
called out and formed a cordon around ns is that of Bluestem, which has been
the building, driving »pectator» from rain«! simply because it brings two to
dangerous position» and removing rec­ six cents better to the bushel.
Many of the farmers will plant ex­
tensively with the hybrids this spring.
Smugglers See Opportunity.
Oregon is Sure to Gain.
Tuacon, Ariz.—The revolution in
Washington.—No matter what bill
Mexico has created a nituation on the
liorder which in straining the energies may be passed by congress providing
of every officer in the offices of the for congressional reapportionment,
Unit«! States marshal and of the im-
mgration service.
The marshal is Oregon will gain a third member of
»wearing in deputies to hold in check the house and Washington will gain
the throngs of Mexicans who are two. Idaho, however, will lose out if
crowding to the border, waiting oppor­ the caucus bill ¡is substitut«! for the
tunities to cross and join the revolu­ Crumpacker measure, for under the
tionists, while the immigration inspec­ caucus bill Idaho gets but one member,
tors arc kepbtbusy nrresting contra­ ns at present, whereas the Crumpacker
band Chinese who are utilizing the op­ bill gave Idaho two representatives.
Chances favor the passage of the
portunity to scurry across Into the U. S.
caucus bill.
River Wrecks Property.
San Jose, Cal.—The San Benito riv­
er, which is swollen by the heavy
rains, is doing a great deal of damage
at San Benito. It has changed its
course and is sweeping everything be­
fore it. At Taylor’s ranch five acres
of land and a barn full of hay were
wash«) away by the powerful current.
The property loss as a result of the
storm will run into the thousands of
dollars. |The river is subsiding slight^
ly at last reports.
San Joaquin Valley is Flooded.
Stockton, Cal.— Rising waters in
the San Joaquin river and flooded is­
land tracts have caus)*d the serious in­
undation of French rsmp, south of this
city, and rescue parties have been dis­
patched in launches from the sheriff’s
office. Many homes are surrounded by
high water and much livestock has
Iteen drowned, many farmers losing all
their possessions. It was necessary to
remove sevral patients from the build­
ings in the county hospital grounds.
Sea Wipes Out Village.
Helsingfors, Norway — An entire
fishing village of 253 men which had
been establish«! on the ice outside
Bkorko Sound, was carsied out to sea
in a gale on Friday nighL The disasj
ter was not discoverred until morning,
when the village was already out of
sight. Boats have been Bent to the
rescue, but have not yet returned.
Blizzard Sweeps Nome.
Nome.—The worst blizzard of the
season is raging here and there is much
suffering on the trail. Thomas White
died of heart disease following expos­
ure to the extreme cold. Ed Johnson
was brought In with both feet frozen
and must submit to amputation to save
hie life.
Washington, Feb. 7. — President I ton prior to 5 o’clock next Thursday
Taft mad» no effort today to conceal afternoon. This date was fixed to per­
his displeasure over the rejection by mit Pacific Coast lumbermen to reach Bulldins Shown tn Illustration and Used nt Mnlns Expert)
menl Station, Affords Satisfactory Means
the senate of the nomination of Was .ington and make statements.
Elmer E. Colwell ax United Htates
of Ventilation.
marshal for Oregon, but, on the
Washington, Feb. 3.— Senator Root
other hand, was decidedly outspoken of New York today came out flatly
in discussing thia matter with Bev* j againat Senator Lorimer of Illinois.
eral of hi» callers.
In a speech on the floor of the senate
Tb» president, acting upon recom­ Root declared for the expulsion of the
mendations mad» by Heliator Jones, Illinois senator, saying that to any
toilay sent to the senate the nomlna reasonable man there could be no doubt
tlons of Joseph It. II. Jacoby of
Heattie to be United States marshal that Lorimer had been elected and at
for western Washington am! W. A present holds his seat as a result of
Hulfi-man. of Hpokane, as marshal bribery.
A bitter attack on former President
for i-imti-rn Washington.
The bouse of representatives yes Roosevelt and on the steel trust was
terday passed a bill which has here made in the house yesterday by Con­
tofore pusHi-il the senate, permitting gressman Staley of Kentucky, during
the secretary of the interior In his the debate on the agricultural appro­
discretion to graduate payments re­ priation bill. Staley argued that the
quired of settlers now on government trust restrains trade.
irrigation projects, exacting of them
”1 insist that the lawless, deflant
small nrinuul payments during their and pernicious monopoly be investi­
The Open-Front Hen House.
first years of residence, but Increas gated immediately and the guilty, no
Ing them until at th)* end of 10 years matter how powerful or how high, be
The accompanying Illustration shows , two curtains tn front of the roost are
they will have paid back to th» gov­ brought to justice,” he shouted.
•>ne of the curtain front house» In use each 15 feet long and 30 Inches wide.
ernment full charge assessed against
They are hinged at the top and open
their land for water, maintenance I Referring to the trust’s obtaining .t the Maine experiment staiion. Fresh out into the room and fasten up when
Roosevelt's preaidentisl sanction for dr has been a tig consideration in the i
ami o|H*ratlon.
Th)* house of representatives Mon its absorption of the Tennessee Coal & oulldlr.g of this bouse, which baa a not In use.
At one end of each pen are placed
day passed the bill heretofore passed Iron company on the pretense of pre­ urtaiued tront to the house proper
12 trap nests, and eight at the other
by the senate granting leave of ab venting a panic, he said:
“Never since the Prince of Darkness
e: I. Se eral small boxes are placed
sence to homesteaders up to May
15, lull. This bill also extends un­ appeared to the Nazarene, was there essor Dowell, expert in charge of against the wail 1*>4 f»»t above the
til that date the time In which home­ such a vista of evil and far reaching toultry raixing at this station, has floor for shell, grit, bone, etc. The
steaders shall be required to estab- dominion unveiled to the vision of God ound this method of ventilation very d«>ors between the pens are wooden
llxb residence.
or man. The savior said, ‘Get thee satisfactory.
frames covered with ten-ounce duck
The house of representatives to-1 behind me, satan,’ but the hero of San
The building is 120 ftet long and 16 and are hung with double-action spring
day passed a bill already puased by Juan said, *1*11 get in front of you. 'eet wide. The front wall is 6 2-3 feet binges, so as to open in either direc­
tin* senate, providing that, where Omnipresent devil. I’ll stand between wd the rear wall 5% feet high from tion. Tight board partitions are used
entries on government Irrigation you and this collossal and law-defying rhe floor to the top of the plate. The
projects mail» prior to June 25, act of plunder.’ I’ll paralyze the arm oot is of unequal span, the ridge be­ between the pens to avoid drafts.
1910, have been relinquished in
who)» or In part, the land so relin­ of clamor while you sandbag your com­ ing four feet in from the front wall,
quished shall be subject to settle­ petitor» and loot a dominion in the •aid the height of the ridge above the
ment and entry under the home­ south as rich and vast as an empire." floor 1» nine feet The sills are 4x6
inches and rest on a rough stone wall. I
stead law.
Washington, Feb. 2. — With the The floor, consisting of two thick­
Washington, Feb. 6.—A defense of adoption of the rivers and harbors bill nesses of hemlock boards, rests on [
Cullom of Illinois formed the most thia year, carrying more than $2,000,- 2x8-inch timbers, which are placed two I
of Soil Fertility
striking part of an address made in the oou for Oregon, and a total of $26,- feet apart. The rest of the frame of Conservation
by Rotations Together With
senate today by Theodore Burton, of
the building consists of 2x4-inch ma- :
Applications of Fertil­
Ohio, in opposition to the report of the system and annual appropriations will terlal. The building is boarded, pa­
izers Overlooked.
committee on privileges and elections have begun.
pered and sbinglaii on both roof and
For the first time in the history of walls, and in inltlon the rear wall
by which Lorimer, of Illinois, was ex­
Few farmers realize the difference
onerated from the charge of obtaining the government, the vice-present of and four feet of the lower part of the
the United States today exercised his rear roof are celled on the inside of j in income that may be produced on
his seat by means of bribery.
The reference to Cullom, who is constitutional prerogative of casting a the studding and the space packed their farms by the systematic intro­
Lorimer’s colleague, was called out by vote to break ties in connection with with dry sawdust. Outside of the duction and rotation of clover or
a statement made by Bailey, of Texas, three successive rollcalls in the senate. building a three-foot platform extends other leguminous crops over the en­
By the first he saved from impend­ across the ends and along the front
in the senate during the excitement in­
tire area of their tillable land. The
cident to the close of Root’s arraign­ ing defeat the ship subsidy bill and
The bouse is divided into four 30x16- planning of rotations to meet certain
ment of Lorimer last Friday. Speak­ by the thirJ he forced an adjournment foot pens. In the front side of each feed requirements and to gr w crops
having di-! pen are two twelve-light windows and ! which shall be the greatest income
ing of the existence for years of a of the senate in a vote
"jack pot” fund in connection with rect bearing on the resolution looking a door 214 feet wide. The space be- | producers under given conditions is
the sessions of the Illinois legislature, to the election of senators by direct tween the window and door comes a problem that is not easily solved
Bailey, who supports Lorimer, said vote.
close up to the eaves, leaving an un­ I by all the tillers of the soil. The con-
The vote on the subsidy bill, both in : broken front three feet high below the | serration of soil fertility by appro
that the means used to elect Ixirimer
were the same as had been employed committee of the whole and in the sen­ eaves. The opening is 3x14 feet and is priate rotations together with appli­
ate proper, stood 39 ayes and 39 noes, covered by a wooden frame, covered cations of manures and fertilizers in
in the election of Cullom.
Burton did not dwell long on the and on adjournment 37 ayes and 37 with ten-ounce duck. This curtain is such manner as will maintain a per­
Texas senator's inferences.
At the noes: On all three occasions the vice- hinged at the top and is swung tn manent system of agriculture has been
joint request of Bourne and Chamber- president voted in the affirmative.
when opened, and tt is always kept largely overlooked by farm owners in
An amendment was offered by Sen­ open, except on stormy days and win­ the past. Farmers' Bulletin 37C s-
lain, the senate today rejected the
nomination of Elmer B. Colwell as ator Stone of Missouri, .to admit for­ ter nights. Each pen Is of suitable slsts the farmer in solving these dif­
United States marshal for Oregon, eign-built »hips under American regis­ size to accommodate 100 fowls, thus al­ ficulties, and a copy may be had free
thereby rendering it necessary for try, if operated between America and lotting 4.8 square feet of floor space on application to a member of con­
President Taft to pick a new man for a foreign land or between America and to each bird.
gress or to the secretary of agricul­
this office. Who that man will be, the American possessions. Senator New­
A roost platform four feet ten Inches ture. Washington. D. C. The bulletin
president has not yet intimated, but he land of Nevada proposed the creation wide and three feet above the floor ex­ discusses a run-down farm in Illinois,
has stated that he would ,not act upon of a government commission to build tends along the rear side for the entire and plans six different types of farm­
30 ships.
the recommendation of Bourne.
ing that may be substituted for the
Senator Heyburn, of Idaho, today 30 feeL Three perches of 2x3-lnch ma­ usual one of corn and oats now prac­
"If the necessary appropriations
were available, I would establish served notice on the senate that he abovo the platform. The rear peren is tised, so as to raise the Income all
postal savings banks tomorrow in 500 would not permit a vote upon the bill 11 Inches out from the wall, and the the way from two to five times as
additional cities and towns of the Uni- which passed the house at the laBt ses­ space between the perches Is 16 Inches, much as that commonly received, and
sion, authorizing the Western states to
tad States.”
which leaves 15 Inches between the at the same time increase the fertil­
This statement was made by Post­ relinquish to the government school tront perch and the duck curtain. The ity of the soil.
master General Hitchcock in view of sections 16 and 36 embraced in theI
reports of the first month’s operation forest reserves and to take in exchange !
compact bodies of forest reserve lands
of the postal bank system.
Favorable action of the house on the of like area and value.
Canadian reciprocity agreement was
Wasington, Feb. 1. — President:
assured tonight, when the caucus of
Democratic representatives formally Taft’s nomination of Archibald, Hunt, |
pl«!ged the party to vote for the Garland and Mack to be judges of the
commerce court were ¡confirmed by the Good Job on Winter's Dny Is Co Timothy Has Lead, Especially
senate yesterday afternoon.
Among City Feeders, Because
Muke This Useful Imple­
Ii Is Not Only Nutritious
Washington, Feb. 4.—The first read­
ment to be Used oh u
President this afternoon cancelled
Furrowing Plow.
ing of the agricultural bill in the house all engagements for his proposed
today precipitated a bitter controversy southern trip in March with the ex­
between Macon and Stanley and later ception of a single day at Atlanta.
The rules of the National Hay ass^.
A good job on a winter’s day Is to
this afternoon w as followed by a de­ No reason was assigned, but the action make this row marker to be used on elation recognize 23 grades of hay,
nunciation of a Washington newspaper is believed to indicate the probability a furrowing plow. It is very easily which seems to fall into five classes—
man by Macon, which nearly ended in of an extra session of congress.
made by anyone handy with tools. A timothy, clover, mixed timothy and
an exchange of blows between the two.
"Decide the Lorimer case, popular is a piece of old wagon tire six inches clover, wild grasses and alfalfa. Choice
Nearby representatives, newspapermen election of senators, the tariff com-;
long with each end turned up and a timothy hay must be sound, properly
and 'the sergeant-at-arms prevented mission bill and the Suiloway bill, pro­
hole tn each end for receiving the pin, cured, of bright natural color not
actual hostilities.
posing a leveling of veterans’ pens­ b. Tbe piece, a, is securely fastened mixed with more than one-twentieth
With the first reading of the bill ions, or prepare for an extra session of >
to the plow beam with two screws. C of other grasses, and well baled. Low­
Macon began to make points of order ! congress.”
is a piece of a wagon tire colled at er grades of ttmothy are Nos. 1, 2 and
on proposed increases in »alary to
This is the way Senator Brown, of
3 and “no grade.” Clover hay has
chief clerks and other
employes. Nebraska, today laid down the law to one end so that pin b. can be inserted. two grades. No. 1 and No. 2. No. 1
C is bolt«l to d. which is the arm of
Several members objected to this his fellows in the senate.
the marker and may be mads of a clover must be medium clover, sound,
method'of "persona! legislation” and
"It must be understood now,” 1 by 4 inch piece of wood six feet properly cured, not mixed with more
appealed to Macon to desist. He de­ Brown declared, "that if any of these
than one-twentieth of other grasses
long, says the Farm and Home.
questions is put over to another ses­
At the extreme end are several and well baled. Choice alfalfa hay
Macon charged that nearly every sion, some of the appropriation bills
holes bored in this arm six Inches must be reasonably fine, leafy alfalfa
member of a committee had some will go over also.
This is not a
of bright green color, properly cured,
“pet” whom he was anxious to pro­ threat. It is an ultimatum.
I am 'part. By means of the pin which fits
sound, sweet and well baled. Other
mote and to this end he said the mem­ stating a simple fact, and it is well,
grades of alfalfa are Nos. 1, 2 and 3
ber« were willing that other “pets” with four working weeks ahead, that
and “no grade.” These rules are used
should also go up in the salary scale.
you should understand it. If congress
by most cities that have official In­
That the Canadian reciprocity agree­ adjourns without action on these meas­
ment must stand or fall as a whole in ures it tyill adjourn without action on
A large percentage of the timothy
the house committee on 'ways and some appropriation bills.
This will
the market is graded below No. 1.
means was made clear today by Chair­ make an extra session necessary.”
The reasons are that many meadows
man Payne at hearings that occupied
Brown’s assertion that Lorimer had
are cut for years until they become
the entire day.
full knowledge of the bribery was a
weedy and mixed with other grasses,
A proposal of Fordney for an amend­ step in advance of any that had been
and that the hay is often cut too late,
ment of the lumlier schedule and an­ taken on the subject of the election of
so that it loses the bright natural col­
other in reference to a possible amend­ the Illinois senator, and if accepted
ment of the item making barley free j would result in Lorimer's expulsion. Into those holes the distance between or and palatablllty.
Timothy has the lead, especially
were met with the unequivocal state­ | Brown undertook to show that the re­ rows may be regulated. FIs a 12-lnch
ment that the committee would sanc­ lations Lorimer and State Representa­ board cut to a point at the forward among city feeders, because it is not
tion no change of any item.
tive Lee O'Neill Browne had been such end with a hole bon'd in this end only nutritious but palatable and non­
Notwithstanding this, the pressure as to render it certain that Lorimer where a line may be attached. This laxative, and the horse is not likely to
brought to bear on the committee has had been positvely advised as to line Is fastened at the other end to overfeed. Nevertheless, other kinds of
resulted In the granting of hearings to | Browne's operations in Lormer'a be- the top of the hames. Q is a piece of hay would often prove better for the
feeder. Alfalfa, for Instance, has high
all persons who appear in Washing- I half.
scrap Iron curved so as to drag
muscle-building qualities anil is espe­
through the ground easily, and marks
valuable for draft horses. It Is
Senate Rejects Nomination.
American Contributions S4O.OOO.
the next row.
highly relished, however, and the
Washington, Feb. 1. — President
Washington, Feb. 3.—With $18,000
horse may overfeed.
Taft’s attempt to reappoint F. E. Har­ cabled by the state department toiiay
per to be collector of the Puget sound to the United States consul general at
Leaving Parsnips In Ground.
Clean mtlk, good tools and a careful
customs district failed, the senate ju­ Shanghai, the total contributions of
Parsnips will bear many hard
diciary committee rejecting his nom­ the Christian Herald fun«! for Chinese milker, are the three principal factors
ination on Senator Piles’ protest In­ famine relief reached $30,000. The In making good butter. Selling to pri­ freezes In the ground and do not have
terest in this protest was general, as it American Red Cross society today sent vate customers !s the most profitable the best flavor till late tn winter. Tbe
was thought it would be effectual. $10,000 and issued an urgent appeal way of marketing. My cows average best way to handle them, except tn
The effort of Bourne’s protest against for more funds. Reports to the state seven pounds a week, says a writer in the north, is to allow «uem to reurahr
Malcolm's reappointment seems also to department by consular and diplomatic ' an exchange. I use very little com­ In the garden soil and dig them an
show that the committee will respect officers describe the sufferings of the mercial butter color, merely enough to they are wanted for use at times when
the protests of senators.
maintain a uniform tlit
people as almost inconceivable.
■ It« ground is not frozen.