Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, September 23, 1910, Image 1

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Subscription, $1.00 a Year.
ter than within the prlaon. Hix men
to a lent ia the tale. The overaeera
have lente of their own. A feature of
each camp la a corrugated l>ath houae ;
water ia puni|>ed from the «pring or
Solitary Conllnamrnt and Ara I m* atreain near by and the men take turns Preparations Nearly Completed for
fourth Big Annual Event.
I in the big bath tuba.
ployed on Roa«la In Colorado
Each camp baa a baaeball nine The
warden furniahra Italia, bata and other
paraphernalia Sometimes a game is
arranged with near-by clulai and the
convicts forget their status In the ex­
citement of lbs sport.
"I have hail experience as foreman Many Attraction» Being l.l»ted*-Flne
Warden Tynan Explains the Many
grading and construction camps,"
Program of Sport», Football and
Adtanlagea of Allowing Prlaoncra
said one of the overseers," and 1 am
Ba»eball--Exhlblt» in All De­
To do I his Work-«-Convict«
tree to say that 1 get more and better
partment» Will Attract
Work Better Than Free Men
work out of these convicts than I ever
lid out of free lalsir. My men here ate
: always on time ami they work steadily
The first thing to claim the attenti-
The subject of convict labor on state through the entire day. There is no
this year will ) m > the preparation of t
roa<la ia of intereat In Oregon and Wash­ lagging and no shirking. They are so display room. An effort will tie ma<
ington where the aame daaa of lalatr glad of the opfsirtunitv of getting out to have all exhibits in place Wed need i
has Iteen under conaideration for aomr here tn the sun, and they are so aealous evening before the Fair o|*ens. Exhibi
I of the little pleasures they have that
time, or tried with favorable result». they will take no chances of lieing sent , ora are especially warned that no ma­
The following eaccrpt from th Septem­ t>ack to the prison and to stri|ws. We terial will I* entered after 10 o clock on
Thursday and es|iecially should ail such
ber •'World's Work," in regard to the have less trouble with the convicts than as require considerable arrangement lie
aucceaa <>f u ing such laltor on public the contractors have with free lalxir. on hand by Tursday morning. The
made, ia worthy of study. There ia no The secret of it is that there is no judges will get to work Thursday and
doubt that the ayatem ia proving to l>e whiskey in the camp.
the public will have full opportunity to
It is a fact that since the camp« have
a aucceaa in Colorado, ami there ia no
see who gets the honors.
reason why it should not do equally as been established not one complaint ol a
Instead of placing ribbon* on the ex­
crime or misdemeanor committed by
Well elsewhere
hibits this year it has been decided to
"The tirat thing that Warden Tynan the "honor" convicts have lieen re|K>rt- attach cards upon which the name of
noted in taking charge of the prison ed to Warden Tynan. They res|>ect the the exhibitor will lie written after the
was that there were faai idl men with­ property of the surrounding ranchers judging is completed. Then when the
in its walla. In lie insane ward" were and miners, and in return the ranchers awards are issued from the secretar- ’
seventeen men; discontent that might and miners welcome tbain to their office, r i bls ins will be inclosed.
at any time break forth into murderous neigldiorhoods. The warden is proud
of the fact that the attempts to escape
revolt Itirksxl in many hearts
Arrangements have been complet
He Irarned that Ills predveeseor lied are growing more and more infrequent.
worked alKiut 50 men on the public I hiring the tirst year of the camp« the securing Rosebrook with a sixteen-pie-
roads with excellent results.
lie de­ attempts amounted to I ss than one- band. This insures the production
termined to put many more thau that halt of one |M-r cent of the men put oil good music.
number out into the sunshine, and their honor.
The contrast la-tween fri-e and con­
gradua ly the "honor” system now in
Considerable interest is being showi
vogue entered his mind. A law enabl­ vict lalror was sharply drawn, recently, in the entry id articles for exhibit.
ing the coni ids to earn more "time off” when a railroad contractor established Never liefore has so much interest l>een
by proving their trustworthiness, and a grading camp near one of Mr. Tynan's shown. Re|>ort» come in that the boys
another law permitting the ein|doy- road camps. The convicts lieat the ami girls are intending to have a part
ineiit of men on the public roads, were free men at baseball and at won. There in the show, several boys have indi­
pass«*<|. Camps were established within was always n full force on the road cated their iulenti ns of competing for
a few weeks, and there has not lieen a Wo k, but the complement of lalsirers the vegetable contest. At least four
new case of Insanity in the penitentiary on the grade was sometimes reduced to granges will place extensive exh < its in
since When the new ide* ill the treat­ one-half. One day the contractor called tlm fair. They are, Evening Star, Rus-
ment of prisoners became understoisi to the warden ami said: "Tynan, you rellville, Sandy, and Fairview granges.
by the men, fresh ho|*e sprang up ill have all the la-sl of it ; you get along These exhibits will require from twen­
their breasts; there was something to with one gang of men while 1 have to ty-five to thirty feet frontage, and will
employ four—one at work, one going, include the l>est that each grange can
live for after all.
The nuinlx-r of men in the camps to town, one coming back, and one stir up. Sandy's exhibit will tirst be
steadily increased, and the nuuilier in drunk.*’
shown at Sandy at a fair of their own
the hospitals ami in the solitary cells
and will then be brought down to
decreased. Mow, only little more than
Gresham ami will tie one of the win­
As usually treated, a sprained ankle
a year from the time when k'r. Tynan
begau work, about half of the prison s will disable a man for three or four
population is working outdoors. Inside weeks, but by applying Ulianitierlan,«
Lest it be overlooked, let every entry­
the prison there ia a new regime, too. Liniment freely as soon as the injure ia
man bear in mind that the opening day
Guards who drink ami are brutal are
will la* too late to make entries. Bet'er
discharged ; swearing at the prisoners ia witli each bottle, a cure can be effected
to that matter soon and have every­
|s>sitively prohibited, no matter what
thing in place liefore the opening hour.
the proyia-ation; the spy system lias Gresham I’rug Co.
disappeared; tbe whip i" hung up on
The floral exhibit is growing and it is
the wall a» a relic, ami the "cooler," or
Gresham Millinery Opening
probable that the space alloted for that
solitary "black hole” ia used only in the
Mrs. M. Vogel has purchased the feature will I m * well filled. If half that
last extremity.
Gresham Millinery store on I’owell is promised conies in there will Is* no
Every Sunday the Warden gives au­
street. A new line of fall millinery for room wasted.
dience to anv convict who w i«ti«-a to talk
ladies and children ia on display. Iler
with him. In these talks he learns
formal opening will occur Tuesday and
mole of the character of Ills charges
Mrs E. L. Thorpe, superintendent of
Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2*». Iler styles
than lie could possibly learn in any
ami prices will pleaae you.
3 s Art department, is proving to be an ex­
other way. He always encourages tin­
cellent worker for her part of the show.
man ill the hope that lie will lie able to
|*iarrliiH-it is always more or less pre­ Quite n number of Portland people have
earn 11 pla e outside the prt on walls.
valent during Sep ember. Be prepaired promised to exhibit. It will be neces­
If the applicant for camp work lias h
for it. t'liamla-rlan’s Colic, Cholera sary to send ii wagon lor the load of
bail r.cord. he will la- bluntly old that
ami liiarrhoea Remedy a prompt and line work hat lias been promised. One
he must nieml Ins ways Hut the
effectual. It call always be depended of the pictures is a tlx» canvas valued at
door of hope is never shut in Ins far«-.
u | hiii ml is pleasant to take For Sale $«¡00.
l ife in the road camps is md n trying
by The Gresham l>rug Co.
ordeal. The f.... I and clothing are bet-1
l’oa ibly n few person« will want
rooms during the fair. Should anyone
Report of the Condition of I lie
desire a roomer, or find it convenient
to accomminiate such, they will confer
III the State of Oregon, nt the close of business September 1, l!»IO.
a favor by notifying the Secretary,
II. A. Darnall.
$ 02,426.51
Lains ami discounts.........
' F7- 85
Overdraft«, secnriai and unsecure-l
The program lor the opening day has
Bonds, securities, etc
Banking house, furniture and fixtures
not II been arrange«! but it is probable
Ihm from approved reserva banks
that 2 p. tn. will I m * the hour. The
Checks and other cash items
band from the city will arrive at that
Cash on hand
time and the formal opening will I m *
* 'T otal ,
he d at once, if it is decided to do any
I Ifi.OnD.Oi)
such thing.
Capital stock paid in ...............................................
2,000 DO
Siirplua fiiml ..................................................... .
I'ndiváb'd nrotlts, less expenses and taxes pmd
Saturday will lie Politicians' Day.
|)ue t<> banlta and bunker» .................................
Individual denosit« snbject to check
Mr. Lafferty has promised to come out
Di-nuiml certifícales <d deposit..........
and make a speech whether he is the
Time certiflcatea of depoait.................................
successful nominee or not.
Savings Peposits ...
has the reputation of being a tine
T otal ,..............
C'ounty of Multnnniah, I
1 ('. .1. LcMiqt ist , Caslder of the nbovi- mentioned Bank, do «olentnly
Children's Day will ns usual be on
swear tliat the alsive report is truc tu the hest of mv knowledge and belief.
Saturday. Admission will I m * 10 cents.
,1. Lranqt'iaT, Ca«hier
Don’t forget that there will be many
CORK ECT—Atteal:
Subscribed and sworn to
special prizes for the children, dolls,
A. M kvkks
before me this Hth day of
etc. Webb farm has offered a tine Lin­
Septenils-r, 1910.
C. J. I.VNiiqt'isT,
coln lamb again for this purpose.
A, M kykks ,
Notary Public.
The following special amusement« will
be brought of! Thursday and Friday:
Egg race, II.
Tug of war, box of cigars.
Nail driving con tee t for women, fl.
Jumping cont st—Standing, $1 ; Run­
ning, |l ; Vaulting, II.
Throwing contest, 10-lb. »ledge, 12.50.
Races — Lean men's, 11 ; Fat men's,
|1 ; Boys under 12, 60c; Girls under 12,
i ree for all. fl.
Sack race, free for all, 11.30.
Wood sawing — Men's, >2 50; Boys’,
11; Girl«', fl.
Lents and Montavilla will cross bata
Sunday at 1 :30.
There will tie a football game on Sat­
There will tat good music all the time
y Rosebrixik’s band and a Sacred Con-
trt Sunday at 2:30 by tbe Oregon Male
Dancing Thursday. Friday and Satur-
Miss Marian Robertson has resumed
her studies in the Greehani high school
Messrs. Weatherby, Hart and Adam«
were at E. D. Hamilton's last week
looking after land intereats.
Theo. Neibauer has a fine new Imrn
nearly complete-1.
Alfred Hamilton visited relatives in
Portland one day this week.
Mr. Era’ new residence is nearing
G. Carpenter has been painting Ray-
aond Miller's house.
Ralph Neibaaer and family have gone
o the mountains for a week’s hunting
nd fishing.
Mr. Martin, who has been visiting
W. Kobertaon ami family during the
at tv t months, ba« returned to Cal­
if« .it
Mrs. Martin and daughter
Florence will join him later.
The Baptist Ladies Aid society held
a successful meeting last week at the
home of Mrs. A. B Elliott.
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs.
J. S. Wilcoxon on Septemlier 15.
Harold Elliott and Mary Pitts have
entered the Greehani high school.
The new Powell Valley schoolhouse
is now completed except the furnace,
which has been delayed in shipping.
On this account the opening of school
has l>een delayed.
A pleasant surprise party was given
Mrs. John Lovegren Tuesday evening.
Many friends were present, a short
address was given ami a suin of money
Coffee and cake were
served. The recipient expresses appre­
ciation for the favor shown.
Bull Run Project Will Be Completed
as Far as Gresham this Winter
Time • Saving Methods Now Used
Are Great Advantage over those
Used on Former Line--Will
Mean Much for Gresham
Tbe claim is made by the pipe line
contractors that water will be flowing
in the new pipe within six months and
present indications are that the Schaar-
Batcher company will make good. The
string of big pipe along the line almost
within the town of Gresham is a re­
minder that tbe work is progressing
The digging of the ditch, which is
mostly in the hands of sab-contractors,
has approached to within about three
miles of town on tbe east. It has been
intimated that it is the purpose of tbe
company to complete the work now-
under way, so far as weather conditions
will permit, and then bend all their
effort« to completing the line between
Gresham and Portland daring the
rainy winter weather. It is believed
that rain will nut interfere with their
work materially through this section
where roads are good all winter.
Between Gresham and Lusteds tbe
ditch is dug for more than half tbe
distance and pipe has been laid and
riveted for about two miles. Between
I nwUwi* and tMalt Bun poBtoTTler TTW
ditch is nearly all dug ami for more
thau half this distance the pipe is iD
place. Between Bull Run and tbe
headworks tbe excavating is done for
about two-thirds tbe distance and pipe
has been hauled for most of the dis­
tance. Large crews of men are work ng
on these various d visions and the haul­
ing for practically all tbe line east uf
Gresbaui will be completed by Decem­
ber 1.
It will certainly mean disagreable
conditions in Gresham witb some of
of the main streets torn up by excava­
tions, dooryards made into dirt plies
and pipes strewn along the way. There
is reason to believe, however, that the
company will not make it more incon­
venient for the citizens than it can
help. There is no way out of it. It
means employment for many workmen
all winter and incidentally a water sys­
tem ior Gresham in the near future.
The process of laying and riveting
the pipe is most interesting. Those
living in Gresham who desire to see it
Vol. 6.
No. 38.
will have tbe opportunity soon, some of
them right at home.
The laying of the old pipe line ia
remembered by many people who lived
here at tbe time. Tbe methods used
then were very different from those
now used. When the first pipe line
was laid tbe pipe was all hauled from
Portland where it was riveted by hand.
Now it comes ready made shipped di­
rect from the east to Gresham Tbe
auto-truck has superseded the ox team,
and tbe pneumatic riveters now do
what waa formerly done laboriously by
Tbe capacity of the new pipe will be
45,000,(> j 0 gallons daily, twice that of
the old pipe. Thia will give Portland a
supply sufficient for 600,000 people.
Surely a little of this can for a while be
spared to the municipality of Gresham,
especially as the town is willing to pay
for it.
Premiuns for Floral Exhibit at Fair
Dahlia Premium List
Best display of dahlias, any variety.
First, 13; second, >2; third, Better Fruit
one year.
Routledge Seed Co.
For best display of cactus dahlias, by
amateur, not less than ten kinda, |5.
For best vase of six Howers, Peony
flowered dahlias, any color, >2.
Portland Seed Co.
Commercial orders. For amateurs only.
For best display red cactus dahlias,
3 flowers of each variety, first, |2; sec­
ond, fl.
For best display yellow cactus dahlias,
3 Howers of each variety, first, f2, sec­
ond, fl.
For largest decorative dahlia. 11.
For »«-e white cactus dauliaa, 3
flowers, first, $1.50; second, 50c.
For best Grand Duke Alexis dahlia,
3 flowers. $1.
Gill Bros.
Dahlia growere. Commercial ord- r
dahlia bulbs. To amateurs only.
For beet display o pink ehade of
cactus dahlias, 3 flowers each variety,
first, $2; second, fl.
For best display cactus dahlias of
blende«! colors, 3 flowers of each variety,
first, $2; second, $1.
For beet ebow dahlia, $1.
For beet new seedling dablia, >1, sec­
ond, 50c.
For beet new cactus dahlia, named, 3
flowers, first, $1, setîond, 50c.
What are you planning to exhibit at
the Grange Fair?
M eekly Oregonian and Herald $2.00
See the Herald club offers.
Mandt Wagons and Henney Buggies
Now acknowledged the Best Goods made for this western country.
All Sold at Cut Retail Prices at our
Big Portland Store.
$ 16 Single Buggy Harness, at
$ 18-50 Single Buggy Harness, at
$25 Double Buggy Harness, at
$33 50 Double Buggy Harness, at
$38 Double Buggy Harness, at
$ 12-50
$ 14-50
$ 18-50
Good Stock Single Strap Farm Harness, *ith breechinq. for iooo-ib. horses, at $27-50
$50 Team Harness, at. . $37-50
$52-50 Team Harness, at . $4150
All of Chase’s fine Winter Robes at 40 per cent. Discount.
You Cannot get these prices anywhere else!
Come to our Big Store in the Moline Plow Co. Bldg., at 320-328 E. Morrison St., Portland
C. L. BOSS <& CO.