Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, January 21, 1910, Image 1

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Death of Pioneer.
Sandy Commercial Club.
Th» «lomth of I«aa<* Clark on ThurmUy
morning. Jan. 20, rlown th» career of
another Northwestern pioneer.
Clark family cam» w»»l ami located
near IC< mi »» v »II. Wash., whare they have
engaged in farming and stuck raising
Mr. Clark was well known
aver aln«*e.
throughout Klickitat and adjoining
Many ul his acquaintances
reside near <irtwiham, Fairview and
I .»nt«.
Mr. ('lark wae 70 years, 1<>
month» and I «lay old at th» time of h»»
death, which »»«du» to a Cold rauarxl
by ri|MMuir» <>n a recctit trip in Klicki­
tat muniv.
Whan ha ram» back to
Lanta ha wn» ¿|ultv ill ami wan nut able
to owreotna the »fleet» of that trip. Mr,
Clark baa four I mo a who live in Wash­
ington and a daughter, Mr«. iMnald
Eaurv of (iilharta Station, who will be
accorded Ilia ayiti|>athy of numaroua
friend« in their bereavement.
Th» funeral will l>® held at the M E
church at Lent«, Sunday at 2 p. tn., un­
der the direction of th«’ <i. A. Il , and
th» lM»ly will fat laid l<> real in Multno­
mah cemetery.
Twenty-two members of the Handy
Commercial Club anawered roll vail at
the retftilar meet I ng Munday evening,
Jan. 17, President F K. McGuggiu pre-
Itsporl of g<Mjd roads committee by
I Chairman Hurns was that they had
waited on County Court regarding im­
provement of the **BlufT lload” and had
received enruurageinenl ami a promise
of more material help. Th» Club is de­
termined to open this road as it o|)»nw a
large territory adjacent to Kandy and
wiivn improved its wonderful scenery
will make it one of the moat |*u polar
pleasure drives io the »tat«.
J It. Tawney made an alt ck on the
condition id the sidewalk» in the town,
with the result that a committee wan
ap|MHhled to wait on the property hold­
ers regarding wide »ubatanlial sidewalks
throughout tile town.
Casper Junker sp«>ke ul the need <»f a
Hank in Nandy staling that be would I»»
a tiling to donate a building site If the
proper par lie» could
found to con­
duct the I mi I i U. Tell thouaatid dollars of
local Capital lias already been pledged
toward capitalising a local laink.
Meeting adjourned until next regular
meeting, first Monday eveoiug in Feb­
lUrgAinff in <*ur clubbing lint.
Simple Preparations to kill Pests
• •••••••••••••••a •• ••••••••••••••••• ••
Some Startling Club Offers
HERA I FT anc^ anv num**‘r on l^’s i*st at
IIL IlLIiALLr quoted. Other Clubs may be
if these do not suit. Magazines may be sent to different ad­
dresses; if so write address after each. Order by club number.
I Kegnlar prie». Our prier »
Tbe It«r«l.l and-
Fl tJ, e
Ih-fter I run
2 51
2. ( M » •
Hemi e. kly Journal
Daily Journal
6 U) •
Itaily and Sunday Journal
« 25 e
Daily Oregonian
..................................... .........
7 <0
U) »
Daily ami Sunday Oregonian
6 25 a
Dally Teli-gram
........... ..............................
3 ill
2 <«»e
Better Fruit and N W. Pacific Farmer
2.60 a
Better Fruit and l‘acitlc Monthly
......... ........... 3.60
1.46 a
l<> Farm Journal ami Poultry Secrets ........................
......... 1.50
1 35 .
Mel alls
1.28 «
IS. Oregon Agriculturist
2 00,
13. I'acifie Monthly.
14 Pacific Monthly, McCalla, Farm Journal
..... 4.(U
2 96 .
I». Better Fruit, Rural Spirit and MeCalls
2 75 J
4 (»•
id. Oregon Agriculturiat, Better Fruit. I*a< itic Montlil ly
3 15 I
17. Human Life, Pacific Monthly, Better Fruit
IN. Human Life
2 25 *
III. Huccvsa, Ifesigiivr .......................................................
2.50 ’
3 00
v Fuci. »», ('•«mio|«>litan (or American!
3 10 *
21. Huccres, Pictorial Review, Modern Priscilla
■ »•! Huccess, Womans Home Companion (or McClure*
2 (U *
4 .«■ • *
in. Review of Reviews. McClures or Womans Home < l'orn, H 5o
4 75 *
24. Success. Youths Couiiainion. McC’lurv»
4.75 •
25. youths Companion, Review of Reviews
M Success, Review of Reviews, Normal Instructor, . l’ri-
6 .00 •
mnry Plans
N. W Poultry Journal. Better Fruit, Fann Joiirna al.mid
2.50 •
2 95
Poultry S««-ri-t»
3.60 •
4 50
2N American Hoy, Hucevaa, World Tuday
21». Wei Oregonian or Journal, Poultry Journal, Better
3.25 •
Fruit or Farm Journal and Poultry Hecrvta,McCalls 4.1*5
(If you have choice ol two as al«>vv.stateune prefemi)
: m ). Beekee|>vrw Magazine, W.-vkly Oregonian or Journal,
4 25 •
American Boy. McCall* On-. Agriculturiat
4.50 »
Youths Companion, I In man Life, McClures
.............. 5.25
: « ■ •
Cosmopolitan ami Suvcew*
.................................. 3.*U
3 (XI ,
Delineator, EveryUsly's
............... 3.50
4 00 s
Review **f Reviewa. McClure«. McCalls ................ .... «tu
F.verytiody*» ami World's Work
......... 5.60
4 50 s
Everybody's, World's Work. Delineator
00 ,
2 50
Womans llomv Companion
3 50,
Womans Hom*1 Companion, Review of Reviews
4 75 ,
Scientific American, technical World
................... 5.51
Hamptons, Gtsid lloum-keeping ......................................... 3.60
2.00 ,
Rural spirit
................. 2.50
Canitdiell's Hcientitln I Dry i Farmer
2.00 *
XVeexly *Irrgonian.
If th**»*- Combinations do not suit select vour magazine* « ami W» will e
try to arrange a money-saving Club for you. II your subs*- ription to the e
Youths Couipnnion is a new one plva*v say ao.
• • • ••
do you turn him loose along the road-to gras**? You put him in a field where
you know tin* fences are all strong and where tbere ia no chance of his breaking
through ami escaping.
Why not follow the same plan with your money 1
With all the protection yon can give your cash around the house it is never safe.
There are no liiding-plneva that cannot he discovered There are no houses that
are absolutely tire proof The newa|>apers are tilled daily with accounts of
robberies and destruction of concealed money. In other words,
Protect your money just as you would your livestock. Put It in our l>ank when»
it will la* perfectly safe. From the minute you deliver it to us until it ia with­ ■
drawn you are fully protected against
Fire. Burglary, or "Daylight Holdup."
Planning Premium List.
No. 3.
library Tea Next Friday Night.
On» application of 11 ma-sulphur vpray | Mt. Hcott is interested in divorce pro-
The Fair Ass^a-iation, through its di­
Everybody is invited to attend the
each winter will do more for the n»g- reelings instituted recently by Mrs. rectors, is beginning the plans for this free tea given in the Gresham resiling
levt»d orchard than can I h * don» in any IzM-ke whose husband is hy trade a plas­ year's exhibit. The officers for this room next Friday evening, January 28.
other wav by the «Mine »K|*nditure of terer. The Locke family located at year are essentially the same.
Mr. This ia an annual event and is for the
cash and energy. It not only destroy* l.eiita when tbe town was a mere sta­ Coleman requested that someone else purpose of giving the public an opj>or-
the Nan Jo»» scale, but it also destroy» tion ; as llie toau ha* grown so has llie : be elected president. John Townsend | tunity to visit tbe branch library and
the branch form of woolly aphis, the family. It now numbers 15 though two was then chosen but declined the bon- become informed regarding its work. It
egg« of the green aphis, the pear leaf of the children are dea'. The children or. R. W. Gill was then chosen, and I it the annual welcome and light refresh­
blister mite, the liiliernating larvae of are all bright and industrious; so are Mr. Townsend was made vice-president. ments will be served. The committee
the prune twig miner, probably the hi- the mother and father. The mother, A meeting held last Monday opened up of arrangements consists of the follow­
lieri.aling larvae of Hie bud moth, Ue parti* ularlv, deserves conimrndalion, the arrangements for the premium list ing ladies; Mr*. Osborne, Mr«. Martin,
getlier with moat other insect« whirli .being a g'»'*d neighhor and dutiful moth­ lor the next season.
A careful re-ar­ Mrs. Stafford, Mrs. Larson. Mr«. Carl­
may chalice to lie wintering upun the er to the large lamily.
Not so with rangement of the rules for ttie year re­ son, Mrs Mildred Metzger..Mrs. dctmei-
ft is also a good fungicide; ap­ Lucke.
Hi« reputation for years has ceived first consider at ion, hoping thus <ier.
plied to pencil trees just bel .re llie buds been that ul broken promises and many to avoid much of the difficulties hereto­
The members of the library associa­
open in the spring it is a preventive ui affinities.
He left his lamily three fore eucounlered. It was decide*! to of­ tion met last night in an adjourned reg­
peach leaf curl.
year« ago at a time when bi. presence fer three prizes, aggregating »(JO, for ular meeting and elected the following
There are two methods of pr«*|*arifig was moat needed by Ins wife, took to tire best« put up by any of the directors lor a term of three rears: R.
the lime-sulphur spray, The forniuIn himself another partner and traveled grange« in Eastern Multnomah and R. Carlson, T R. Howitt, W H. Bach-
which lias been moat generally used in East.
After Kinin six or eight months, : Northern ClackautaS.
Eiach exhibit meyer, for a vacancy caused by Mrs.
this »late ia a» follow«
Quick iitnu, 50 which were sorely trying to the hard , must present at least 1*1) subjects, but Emery’s resignation, Mr«. Gwet Larson.
pounds; sulphur, 50 pounds; water, 150 worked mother, who found providing a the exhibits are not confine*! to mem­
The constitution was amended so as
living lor her large family the limit of i bers of the grange. That is any grange to admit members to the Gresham Li­
Hlake the lime thoroughly, add the einluranc*».
But «he had loyal support will tie allowed to exhibit the best its brary Association upon toe payment of
sulphur, and boll briskly for al least an for her third and fourth sous, boys of, locality affords, whether produced by a ' $1, which also pays the dues for one
hour or until the mixture is of a deep 13 and 14, at that time, and managed to granger or not.
Another feature that year A committee was ehoeen to make
blood red color with but little free aul- live throuth it without outside assist- j meet« favor is the extension of the juve- a general canvass for new members
phur on the surface.
Add water to auce. Ths paternal Locke at length, mle department by addiug a lot of
The annual reports of the treasurer,
make 160 gallons. Apply with consid­ tire*I of Ins consort, or she deserted school subjects, things that the teacher secretary and librarian were presented.
Anyhow, after Several petitions can guide the child in preparing. For These reports showed sulistantia! pro-
erable force through a tinck nuzzle.
The chiel fault to be found with com­ to the folks at home, they helped him to i this individual prizes will be offered gress during the year.
The librarian’s
mercial preparations is that they cost return, arid after many promises he1 and then collective prizes in tbe form of report is a« follows for two years:
too notch
A spick solution which is attain became the bead of the family. school libraries. Thus a school exhibit
equally a« effective cunts at present re­ Ollier Luckes have since beeu added to would be shown as a unit, and the in­
i Total Circulation .....
tail prices approximately 83. It may be tlie group and tbe burden lias again dividuals who prepared those exhibit«
j Per cent of Fiction ... ......
prepared as follow«; Sulphur (best grown heavy, or else the innate bruUsb- would then be put iu competition with Attendanc», Adult..... ........ .WA
finely ground I one sack, HO pound«-, neas of tbe man has again overcome each other or with the children who
Juvénile..... ..... Mai
lime (ta-st grade, unslakeri) OOpoumia; him. Recently he baa found a “friend" prepared other exhibits. It is hoped i Total Attendant?»
water, sufficient to make 6*1 gallon«.
in East Portland, who has been the every school in tbe territory will enter
1 Registration, Adulte . ........ 217
While Bordeaux mixture, arsenate of immediate cause of divorce proceedings luto the spirit of tbe contest.
It is not
lead and lime-sulphur are the only one« and a plea for alimony, instituted bv > expected that a great amount of time
generally used in orchard practice io the much-abused wife.
Every person I will be taken from school work to pro­
this state, other sprays are occasionally in the neighborhood is hoping Mrs. | vide an exhibit, but that as the regular
needed, principally fur destroying sudi Locke will prosecute the case to tbe work is carried out some of the best will
was here on busineas
inser ts as the various plant lice, apple tinish, even if it laads Locke in tbe pen. be preserved for use. Tbe idea will be
lingis, etc.
Fur thia purpose there is Home of them even say tbe pea is too to stimulate good work in drawing, pen­ Thursday.
prottably nothing better than keroseus good, and remarks iiave been made that manship, watercoloring or map-making,
Mrs. M. E. Reed was a Portland visi­
it would be a good plan to try stereliz- class practice, and a lot of other thing« tor Saturday.
oil einulsiou.
Kerosene oil, or coal oil. is a powerful ing as a best method of quieting a man that will be fully outlined in the pre in-
The Emmons families enjoyed a visit
insecticide. The undiluted oil is. how­ who fiuds himself so utterallv unable to lum list, and probably sooner in a cir-
from their parents from WasbuugaL
ever, liable tu seriously injure the plants recognize and perform bis parental du­ cular letter to the teachers.
Mrs. Mary Schell moved into her new
to which it is applied. This difficulty ties. To cap all this Locke has taken
Another board meeting will he held a
is overcome by using one uf the special the matter in his owu hands aud tried week from Monday to continue tbe ar- residence the last of the week.
Mr. Burbower is quite ill at thio
spray pumps which have been devised to commit suicide by taking poison. raugement of the premiums.
(or the purl«we uf mixing the oil with Unfortunately he is supposed to have,
water in auy desired proportion, or by taken too much and as a result lies in
Miss May Walker has resigned her
forming an emulsion with some sub­ one of the city hospitals on the verge of
position as telephone operator.
But no one supposes that he
stance that may be readily diluted with death.
Geo Dressell and Will Hughes killed
G. N. Sager has recovered from tbe
Soap is most commonly used did that intentionally. A man who will
five coons Mounay.
for this purpose, as follows ;
Kerosene treat his family as he has done is too
F. H. Reed and wife made a trip to
oil, 2 gallons; hard soap (preferably much of a coward to pass in his time by ' in Portland Wednesday.
Washougal on Monday.
the suicide route. He may have taken
whale oil) S pound, water 1 gallon.
Wellman Bros, loads*! a car of pota-
Mrs. Albert Fox of Troutdale visited
IHsaolve tffe"»oap in the water by |Kiisou, if so it was more than likely he : toes this week.
b*r parents ber Tuesday.
Add the sude, boiling hot, to uieaut tu take just enough to shock the j
The Nth grade examinations are being
the oil.
('burn the mix'lire violently isuiilv, appeal to their sympathy and
held this week The class has done ex­
with a spray pump until it becomes a secure a withdrawal of the suit, Lucke
cellent work this year and ready for the i
thick creamy mam.
If perfectly emul­ m^y'die and bis family will get a lot of
uiid-year examinations iustead of June.
sified, the oil will not rise to the surface sympathy, but no tears will lie shed
Notice is hereby given that the firn»
Grange ineeta in all-dav session Sat- '
even after standing an indefinite time. outside of the taunily, for him.
of Leete-Roberts Co., was dissolved on
urday and installation of officers.
Hueli an emulsion mav lie used immedi­
Jan. 1, 1910, ami that the business will
Rev. Havcock is holding meetings. heretofore be conducted by M. A. Leete
ately or may lw* kept as a stock mix­
You this week and considering the weather, I w ho will collect all bills and pay all out­
Head t|i»‘ ails in The Herald,
Before using, dilute one part of
the stock emulsion with eight or ten will find bargains.
i has goo*i audience each night.
standing accounts.
rf. E. Roberta. (5
;>art» water. This will be found to be
an efficient remedy for green aphis,
woolly aphis, red spider, mealy bugs
and certain scale insects.
Stung soap suds made from any giMMl
soap are useful for destroying soft b(MÌ-
ied insects like plant lice.
It is usual,
however, to employ for this purpose
special soaps. These vary considerably
in composition, some being made with
soda, others with potash lye.
The lat­
ter are much superior and buyers should
insist on having |>ota»h soaps.
scale insects,wlialeoil soap is sometimes
• • •
need in as concentrated a solution as
You have heard of cheap buggies for $65, but not good ones ■■1
two pounds of soap to one gallon.
various plant lice one pound of soap to
for $58.50. We carry the second largest stock of vehicles in |
eight or tell gallons ia usually sufficient.
Portland and have no agents at Gresham, Oregon City or P
Hop growers are inclined to believe that
nearby towns so we can make you these prices. You cannot g
better results are obtained when spray­
afford to be without a buggy at these prices and you cannot I
ing for hop lice, by adding some quassia
afford to let this chance go by to get one.
decoction to the soap solution as fol­
lows: Whale oil soap, 10 pounds; quas­
sia, .5 pounds; water, 100 gallons.
Black Leaf Sheep Dip, may be used
for the aame purpose as kerosene emul­
sion or whale oil aoap and quassia but
has the advantage that it doea not in­
jure the foliape ami ready for use. One
gallon diluted with 76 to KU gal­
lons of water makes a very efficient in-
Good Guaranteed $80 Buggies,
with Leather
trimming, plain black sides, red or dark wheels, for.
$2.00 Horse Blankets, heavy burlap, full lined, at
$3.85 Chase Plush Robe, at.........................
$40 Team Harness. Cali Stock, at....................
Moline 12-in. Steel beam Plow, with Extra Share, at
GIVEN AWAY—Dinner »et» given
away. Hee our clock offer. Be present
when we veil the clock at 3 :J0 Saturday,
the 22nd, end when we unveil it at 3:30
Saturday, the 30th, to take advantage of I
I these offers, lkntglass Store, Handy. (3
In the Oregon Moline Plow Co. Bldg.
I have started a milk route in Greeh-1
We carry thia insurance at conaiderabla expense and it is for you to avail your­
nm and will deliver first-class bottled
self of it.
i milk. For particulars phone 29N or see
Safety Deposit Doxes for Rent at reasonable rates.
; D. F. Tallait.
A Human Derdkt.
Vol. 6.
Portland. Oregon