Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, February 19, 1909, Image 1

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Keed-Bldt khdll Nuptials
Wednesday evening, February 10, a
very pretty boms wedding occurred at
the residence <d Mr«. J. Blackball, Port­
land, when tier daughter, Maml Noleta,
was given in marriage to Floyd E.
Extension of Rose City Line as Reed
Under a canopy of Oregon grape
Proposed Would Mean
leavee, fern« ami carnation« Rev. II. B
Foulks, pastor of the Presbyterian
z Much to Section.
church, performed the ceremony. The
bride'« gown was a lieautiful creation ol
Will the Rose t'ity carline lie emend­ French lawn. She carried bridal roaes.
ed east?
Yea. undoubtedly «Miner or Neal Blackball, a brother of the bride,
later, but the vital question from the acted an liest mat* and Miss Gertrude
atand|iolnt ol the |>eople of Fairview Stephenson waa bridesmaid ami carried
and tbe Mandy Itoad ia, bow soonT If pink carnation«. Aa non a« greetings
there were cotn|ietllioii the Knee City and congratulation« were over, a dainty
The bride
line Would lie built eastward immediate­ , weakling «upper was nerve.I
ly, but since there is horn* at present and groom were the recipient« of hand­
tbe P. It. I.. A I*. Co can afford to bide some ami valuable present«.
Tile grimm in a pqiular young busi­
its lime, |uat as Harriman ia doing with
ness man of Corbett and one of the best
some of his much touted projects
There is no question that thecuui|>aiiy ami most favorably known young men
as well as tlie country effected, would I in the vicinity. We are but slightly ac­
Iwnelll greatly by the propose*! exten­ quainted with his bride wbo in a lady
The exceptionally fertile land of very pleasing manners. Those from
along the Mandy road, which is the route Corbett who attended the weakling
the electric would probably follow, »era- Mr and Mrs W If. Head. Mr
would increase in value ami many of the ami Mm. F. II. Read. 1 ra-,1 C , F. W.,
farms would I* cut up ami Bold in small la-wi« L. ami Eva Reed, Mrs. Clara
tracts, the population would increase, l Smith, Miss Mae Walker ami laiwis
ami Portland would continue to build in i Weaver.
Andrew Harrison Meets a Sud­
den and Horrible Death
Late at Night.
Ijut Friday evening about 10 o'clock,
neighbors adjoining FI. Jack's farm sev­
eral miles east of Gresham, saw a sud­
den bright light on the farm that they
realised was the cabin occupied by
Andrew Harrison.
Hurrying to tbe
scene they found ths cabin already in
ashes and no signs ol its occufiant. On
examination they were horror stricken
to discover his charred and badly burn­
ed body lying in one corner where be
had evidently lieen overcome by the
By his side were the remains
of an oil can and l-antern. which would
indicate that an exploeiou of the coal
oil had caused tbe lire and consequently
his death
Harrison had just returned (torn Ep­
worth 1-eague meeting at Pleasant
He was a man of exemplary
Win Childers who has lieen suffering habits and an active church worker. He
an attack ol lung trouble is convalescing was well known here and highly re­
Herman Dune of Barton, visited in spected by all wbo knew him.
Rockwood last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rolse of Port­
ia tfi I, are visiting tbe former's mother
Mrs. t.instad.
Subscription, $1.50 a Year.
the form of resilience districts out Ire-
yond the Country Club and Belle Crest
What is needed to promote the pro
ject is the formation of a syndicate of
property holders and the cooperation of
the farmers ami the county in giving
the righl-of way. Some promoter with
a large capital should push the matter.
The fieople of Fairview and Troutdale
are very anxious to have the line built
as it would afford them a quicker and
more direct means of reaching Portland
than they now enjoy over the tl. W. P.
The trip could be made without change
In about 40 minutes, whereas under tbe
present O W. I* arrangements, with its
circutous route, sn hour ami a quarter
must tie s|>enl on the road with a change
ami a wait of from five to twenty-flve
minutes at Unnemann Junction. Also
the fare would probably be cheaper.
The extension of the Rose City line
and also tbe Montavilla line is inevitable
ns tbe country increase« in population
anil Portland continue« to expand east­
ward ; but the construction will be some
years hence unless some of the property
owners and other« interested coms out
of their comatose condition and see that
the necessary capital is forthcoming to
push the matter.
G resham
[ nlertdlnment and Basket Social.
Plan to Interest and Instruct Attention of County Court Will
Youth in Poultry Raising—
Make of This Road Great
Artery ol Trade.
Auspices O. A. C.
at < i resham. in the State of Oregon, at the close of business February 6, 11*00.
Iziana and discount«......................................
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured...........
Bonds, securities, etc....................................
Banking house, furniture ami fixtures
Due from approved reserve banks
Check« and other ca«h items......................
Cash on hand...................................................
T otal ,.....................................................
$47,' iw . iih
5,081 io
4,683 13
Advertising Oregon.
Oregon will come into her own it
tbe present methods of advertising her
resource« are continued. Some of the
largest subscribers to tbe Oregon Devel­
opment I .eague have lately donbled
their monthly subscriptions, tbe Port-
lam! Railway Light A Power Company, I
Ladd A Tilton ami First National Bank I
each now giving $200 a month. These
subscriptions are said to be uneapialled
by any financial or business interest« for
a like purpose in any other city io the
United States.
Over a ton of publicity was forward«*!
to the East by the Portland Commer-
cia) Club last week, and about six tons
two weeks ago.
No. 8.
Oregon Agricultural College to
Send Specialists—Other
Speakers Coming.
“The greateat good for the great eat
At the meeting of the Push Club on I
A moat interesting and unique poul­
number" is the reaaon that haa led the
try contest is a«m to Is-gin among the Wednesday evening, tbe improvement
Firwood Boost Club to change the meet-
boys ami girl« of Portland and vicinity. of roads in southern Multnomah and
‘n* place of the coining farmer’s insti-
The suggestion came from Mr. H. W. northern Clackamas counties in the
Firwood to .Sandy.
A very
Stone of the Portland Y. M. C. A., but locality known as Pleasant Valley, was
interesting time is looked lor as some of
the plan haa lieen developed by Prof diM'iiased. The Foster road and its ex­
the best Agriculturists of tbe state will
James Dryden of the Oregon Agricul­ tension in Clackamas, familiarly known
tural College and it will lie undertaken a« the "Devil’« Cut-off", and several
The one-way colonist rate« sax... to go be present. James Witbycombe, dir­
aa a feature of the extension work of ■ short branch roads are to receive first into effect will be more attractive to I ector at tbe Oregon Experimental Sta­
the College of Agriculture. The Port- ! attention if present laid plans mature.
tourists anal homeeeekera than any ever tion will conduct tbe work pertaining
land Commercial Club is also aiding in | Thia Valley ha« long been known as . before offereal. You should write and to general agriculture; Prof. C. I. Lewis
. will address tbe people on horticulture;
one of the most fertile in the county I tell your friends about it. Help to cir-1
furthering the plan
The plan as recently decided cn to to and despite n few disadvantages in the culate the leafieta advertising these Prof. Braailey, station chemist, will
form a poultry raising club among the way ol poor roads has been able to de­ rales. People can buy their tickets to speak on soil sustance anal William
la>y« ami girls in the outlying school velop into a populous and productive I nearly every rail point in tbe state Scbulmericb, a successful dairyman of
districts of Portland where there is suf­ f community. Here one may see in all j at about the rate to Portland, am! so Washington county, will go into details
ficient land for the railing of a few ; direction«, young orchard« and newly I save the local rate« they woulai need to on tbe dairy question.
chickens. The boys and girls are lim­ cleared land, side by side with produc­ I pay from Portland to their destination. views will be used to illustrate the sub­
jects and farmers will have an oppor­
ited in age to over 12 and under 18 ing lands and orchards that each year
are increasing the toll on these worn out Herald and "Human Life" only $1.30 tunity to learn the details of modern
farming methods.
All members of the club are to take road surfaces. Many of these orchards ,
I »cal farmers will also make a few
a special reading course in poultry bus- > produce fruit which takes first place in
talks. There will be three sessions,
bandry to be furnished by the O. A. C. the market and at the Fairs.
morning, afternoon and evening
All member« to pay a fee of 25 cents ■ The raising of live stock on the open
morning session to commence at 10.
as a registration, which fee will go to range has in the last decade given place
Everybody invited.
Remember tbe
the college to apply on expenses. There to tbe fattening of stock for tbe market,
date, Momiav, Feb. 22.
will be no other charge for the course. raising blooded animals and poultry
At the end of the reading course an
examination will be given, the mark­
ings to apply on the final score.
Professor Dryden will supervise the
contest and instruct and encourage the
members, lie will visit the contest­
ant« and inspect their premises.
A bulletin will be sent each contest­
ant after each regular inspection show­
ing tlie standing of each contestant.
The prixes Will be giv< n to those hav­
ing the higheet average scores at the
end of tlie year.
At the end of the
contest an illustrated bulletin, show­
ing the best yards, the successful con­
testants, and giving a complete record
of tho contest will be issued.
Further details of the plan will be
given out later but this is enough to in­
terest every boy and girl and make
them eager to know more of the com-
ing poultry contest.
farming. The latter, in particular, will
in the near future prove to be a very
important industry for this Valley, for
the close and excellent service afforded
by the O. W. P. enable* the producer to
land bis shipments in Portland in tbe
I best of condition and to put them there
when tbe price is best.
The growing of small fruits and berries
1« also receiving mor« attention each
year and the small tracts set to these
money producers also demand first-class
thoroughfares. In fact there is not a
man, woman or child, a resident, citizen,
taxpayer or renter wbo would not be
lienefitted morally, physically and fin­
ancially by improved roads.
This Club is organised for the pur­
pose of securing by united demands on
the County Court, what has been in the
|n»st and is now, the right of the fieople
> of this community. Tbe boundaries of
, this district are such that Clackamas
i cou.ity is also interested.
Another meeting will be held Wed­
Help your Home Paper by dealing
with our adverisers.
Tell them yon nesday, February 24, when some defin­
ite action will be taken.
saw their ad. in The Herald.
An entertainment and basket social
Mr. ami Mrs. Burdick of Portland, is to be bold at Hpringdale School house
Interesting Paragraphs Picked Up Here and There About Town
visited Mrs. Burdick's parents, .Mr. and the evening of February 27. Everyone
Mrs. Taylor, last week.
Reciting the Events of the Week in Growing Gresham.
invited, especially the ladies.
ExerciM-n in honor of Lincoln'« birth­ will lie given for best and second beat
day were held at the Rockwood «chool baskets.
The affair is given by tbe
Harry Wood, the barber, will move
Hereafter then* will be a new stopping
last Friday. The exercises were excel­ Mpringdale Imll team.
place on the O. W. P. name*! I'alinblad into the bouse vacated by Mrs. J. C.
lent considering the poor attendance
about a mile south of Hogan. It ia near Allen.
due to measles.
the resilience of John Palmblad.
Grand Ball at Sandy.
A. Meyers has purchased the Regner
The masquerade ball given last Satur­
Walter ami Floyd Metxger and Kuth building on I'owell street.
One of the biggest balls of the season
day night wan attended by the usual
A move is on *oot to put crushed rock
will tie given in Junker's hall, Sandy, Winters are fully recovered from diph-
large crowd. The first prise was award­
I on our streets during the year anal thus
Saturday evening, February 27. Sftecial tlieria.
ed to Mins Florence Gould of Portland.
Prof. Raker is spending the week in do away with tlie tine gravel now need.
ball room music by Simahall and Hefty
Good floor visiting various schools anal colleges in ‘ This is a step in the right diiection and
When writing or talking with our ad­ Orchestra of six piecas.
vertisers please mention that you saw managers have lieen engaged and a fine the Willamette valley. He will accom- will meet with hearty approval.
I time is assured. You are invited.
their ad. in The Herald.
panv the debating team to The 1 talles
The band boys are making great
strides these days, taking in new mem-
Re [tor t of the condition of the
Vol. 5.
Mrs. Clarence Irish is very ill at her ! tiers, purchasing more instruments ami
preparing for the coming season. They
home on Main street.
J. C. Belieu, a former Greshamite, re­ have just receive*! two more new cornets
cently of McKinley, Wash., has moved and added a few new members, bring-
into Lewis Metxger,s bouse on South ng the membership up to 25.
■ night is rehearsal night and Thursday
Roberts avenue.
Burton Meade has fully recovered : practice night for new members and
others who wish to attend.
from hie recent sickness-
Theo. Schacht was in town on Tues­
Earl Thompson waa release*! from
quarantine last Sunday and will take day Arranging (or an auction sale to be
Ills place on the debating teem Friday. held on the 27. Mr. Schacht expects to
He say« they are out to win.
Make leave for Walla Walla soon.
! good now I
Saturday afternoon an Italian employ­
Capital slock paid in...................................................
Surplus fund ................................................................
Mrs. J. M. Short and children and ed on tbe Webb farm on the Base line
Undivided profits, less expense« and taxes paid
Mrs. King left this week for aouthern road waa held up ami relieved of a silver
Individual deposits subject to ch«ck ...................
watch and $8.60 in cash and then brut­
Demand certificates of deposit...............................
ally beat by two men, wbo then made
Time certificates of deposit..................... ....... .........
Sim Stafford has moved into the Win­
their escape. The authorities here and
T otal ,.................................................................
ters house on Fourth street.
He is
at Portland were notitieal ami later two
working for T. R. Howitt A Co.
suspicious characters where captured
Mrs. Wm. Bequeath ami Miss Ella
near Montavilla but the Italian was un­
County of Multnomah, j
Tibbetts of Portland visited Mrs. Han­
able to identify them.
I, E mil G. K ardrli ., Caahier of the above mentioned bank, do
<" solemnly son and Miss Alexander last week.
J. W. Jones, the saloonman, was ar­
«wear that the above report ii true to the best of niy knowledge and belief.
Miss Stella Alexander will leave
E mil G, K ardkll , Cashier
about March 1 to take up church work rested for selling liquor to a drunkard
ami brought before Justice Olson of
Subscribed and sworn to
at Hermiston. Oregon.
A. Mar san
before me thin 16th day of
Mrs. J. C. Allen moved to Port- Portland anal found guilty and fined
T hrooorx Bacuosa
February, lflub.
On appeal to the circuit court
land where she Will go into the rooming $200.
A. M xvirs ,
E mil O. Knanai.1.
Notary Public.
house business with Mrs. Westhal.
(Continued on Page 8)
Loss is About $2000, Partially
Insured — Started From
Engine Room.
Mrs. Douglass Tells of Her Trip.
Mrs. E. M. Douglass of Pleasant
Home recently returned from a very
pleasant trip up thf Willamette Valley.
Robert Tassel's chop mill caught fire She spent a few days in Salem where
Tuesday morning at 2:06 a. m. and by she attended the legislature and visited
3 o'clock it was a smoldering mass of the various state institutions.
Htie was mwete rnserested in the State
It burned so qulrtty and fierce
that nothing could be saved. The mill Reform School and was shown around
had been running late that night and it the school by tbe matron. Many im­
is supposed that tbe fire started from provements are being made for the
the engine room.
Night watchman boys. She was much impressed by the
Davis at Palmer's mill first discovered way tbe superintendent and wife man­
it and hurriedly turned in alarm by aged ti e boys, many of the worst char­
blowing the mill whistle.
In a very acters appearing like little gentlemen.
short time the whole populace were at The matron to a great favorite with tbe
tbe scene, vainly endeavoring to check boys, whe are generally partial to the
the flames. The mill pumpe were start­ 'fair sex.’ There are houneplants in
ed and about 6(0 feet of hoee run out, each room, giving tbe place a home­
with which they succeeded in saving the like appearance.
blacksmith shop ami other adjoining
Mrs. Douglass spent one afternoon at
Mr. Tassell's loss is about tbe School for the Blind. Among tbe
$2000 with about $1500 insurance.
many she saw there, making beautiful
baskets, using the typewriter, reading,
etc., she saw Joe Stevens and was glad
What Oregon Has.
to note bis accomplishments in his de­
Oregon has one-sixth the standing partment. Although he has attended
: timber of the United states and more only two years be can weave rugs which
than any other state.
The Govern- 1 surpass many that are factory made.
rnent estimates it at three hundred bil- ' The hammocks and chair bottoms made
of cord are very good. He is making
lion feet.
rapid progress as a stenographer and is
Oregon has a vast undeveloped area j
quite accurate in tuning piano«.
now available to the homeseeker and
At the Mute school she watched the
investor which will go on the market in
The larger girls
1909. This will be the moat luscious ! little ones sewing.
, '
were hemstitching, embroidering, i in
melon cut in I ncle Sam s domain dur-i furl
. . mateln*»
. .
fact, making mil
all bimlo
kinds zxf
of fonnv
fancy samrfa
tbe present year.
It was interesting to watch the boys at
Oregon has arable land enough for play, talking on their fingers.
20,1X0,000 people. Present population,
The new School for Feeble-minded
attracted much of Mrs. I*ouglas«’ at­
Oregon does more than any other tention. There are sixty-three in at­
state to advance irrigation, living the tendance and many applications. Tlie
large-t contributor to the United States mothers are finding it a very good place
i Reclamation Fund.
for thoee who have worried them until
Oregon is a natural dairying state. they no longer have strength to look
Annual product $17,000,000, being an after them. Mr. H. E. Bickers is the
increase of $6,000,000 over five years efficient superintendent and Mrs. Bick­
| ago.
Western portion has pasture ers is the matron. They are putting
! every month in the year. Ranks second forth every effort to educate the little
unfortunates. They find it hart! to give
in wool clip among the states.
Oregon apples, pears ami cherries the children all the advantages they
find their way to the tables of sov­ would like as funds are often short.
ereigns and multi-millionaires of every It is surprising the progress the little
civilised land. They are the best. Re­ ones are making unedr their teachers
The latter they have
turns of from $300 to $1000 an acre on j and matron.
practically adopted as their mother, so
fruit lands are not exceptional.
kind and considerate is she of them.
Oregon’s poultry products amount to
It is unnecessary for the feeble-minded
$5,000,000 annually,
Local market«
to stay at home, being put back in
demand three times that amount at
school. The school is supported by the
higheet prices.
state and the beet of care is taken of
Oregon has water power enough to the children, so that parent« should not
run all the machinery in the Unite«! hesitate to send them there.
States. It has only begun to be devel­ is required of the parent« but their
clothes, where parent« are able.
Oregon's livestock is estimated at
Mrs. Lkiuglass was entertained by
$75,000,000. Packing plant« now build­ Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Rees wbo are now
! living at Salem where Mr. Rees is at­
ing insure a trebled market.
The little
Oregon has two prosperous mining tending the university.
sections locate*! in the eastern and twins are growing finely and learning
southern portions of the state. Gold, to walk.
silver, iron, copper and oil are among
the products.
Johnson creek is to have a new bridge
Oregon has a diversity of climates and at the old Giese place. The present
soils suited to every product of the bridge, built bv Ernest and Percy Giese,
temperate sone not specially dependent has seen some forty years service and is
upon bot nights.
the oldest bridge in the county.