Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, December 20, 1907, Christmas Edition, Image 7

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Wtm they are weak. lurpld. or etagnant
11» wbula ayetam suffers.
U»u> at tbla tin», but bead Ute warulug ot
Uw sobIna back. l be l>U»la<l taue. tha callow
aotnplaikxi, tha urinary disorder, and baglu
IraaUaarit at once with
Hill Give Canadians Beller Rale
Than Americans.
In banal liquid form or In chocolated
tablet* known ea Bareatabe. lOUduaea»!.
Fur thu Drr,
I hear that you're been playing
with Donald Hnilth again. Tommy.
Now. I told you—
with him! You we the black aye be'a
got and you'll anon (uru If (bare war
■ny playing about It. I'uucb.
Illa WkudrM Kl»»fi»,
It wna th» nr it morning «ml Mr. Jsg
• ay was penitent.
••This K positively tbs list tlM$* ,n’
dear,“ hr said to his wife, M| had been
reading about th» »i baust Ion of lb# tini
Irr bu ppi y and I wautrd to go on on«
moro bat before It wsa all goo».“
i m > a« a lien.
•’Too ran t»»t»r t»ll,M observed Uiwh
Allen Mpsrhs, "what lasting reoulta may
M arromplisbod by in
*pob<*n at th» right time.
Many a man
lan had the shape of bla uosa chanted for
*fa by calling another man a llar.“—-Ciú-
mao Tribuna.
tamal Irnos ibera ara nigbta when
Uveo crooked however you yank it|
Till you're for<«-d to eadaim
"(), bother and blame
Thia blaukety blankety blanket I“
—4'arolyn Wella.
Woystdo (ommkNlkgk,
Adam Zawfoa - They My meat la gola*
to bo cheaper.
Jot» Hturky—If It'» any cheaper than
the kind they*?» brm bandín* out to me
lately sotn »body'll hev to ¡»ay m» fur
♦allo' It. b'garsh! I'm no garbage reduc­
tion plant.
A New Parlor Game
For the Long Winter Evening*
On to vour <l< tier and l>tiv a p <tind pack*
avo of 2t>Mti’s•Tram B<)R\X. Cyt off
the top panel troni package and Utail to
Pacific Co*at Itosi C«». Oakland* Cal
with 4c in tarn pt and the WiilZ game
will I* promptly vent \<m Prepaid.
WHIZ. thr Rrw Parlor Card game,
co hikmmmì oftt lisndeono-ly printed car«*»
in ìomm I in a flap cane with full and com*
no'tr rule» for piaving. Entertaining,
instruct v«» «»r • du< al tonal.
gami*» coal 50u In the »hope. You van
got it FREE.
Mail Orders
You ruu no risk in aending
your u>nit order, to ua. We liarr-
dla reliable good* only and guar­
antra iwrfect aatiafacliun both aa
to price and quality. Hrnd lor
our new reduced price Hat.
New Fall Stock Women'* Tail*
Orel Suita, Skirt*. Waiata, Hoa-
ierr, Muslin Underwear, t'oraeta,
Glove*. Drees Goods, Tabla Lin­
en«, Lace Curtain*, Etc., Etc.
McAllen & McDonnell
Cor. Third and Morrison
Portland, Oregon
The «tor« noted for Beat Good*
a. Lowest Pr.ce».
Ona Lumberman Bey* Truci Control*
All of the Northern Pacific.
Land Grant Timber.
Washington, !>eo. 14.—Washington
lumbermen who appeared aa witneaee.
yeeteidey before lhe luter.Ute Goto-
meres oom ml*. Ion, took
pain» to "rub It in" on Jauira J. Hill,
incauae of hie threat to drive mere
lumlwrmen Into bankruptcy. One wit-
urea brought out the fact that, while
lhe rallloa<l* aaaeit that the old rate on
lumber frota Puget Hound to Chicago,
Uenver and Kanaer l ily wee not com
nenrutory, Ute Greet Northern le today
loading lumber al Vancouver, bringing
It to I'nget Mound, thence Eaai through
the United Hlat«e and ba. k to Canada,
landing it at Wlnulpeg and more dla­
tent points, for «0 cent«, the rate for­
mer ly In force on 1‘ugat Hound lumber
«hipped an equal illateuce In the Unit­
ed Htatee.
Anoliier wltueea retailed
Mr. illll'a a auranre given Waahington
lumberuien at a banquet some time ago
to the effect that hie read* would never
imprws a rate on lumber that would be
Injurlona to lhe milling indu.lry of the
North weak.
The Oregon men rharvl their teeti-
niony by eubmiltlng further ootn|«ri-
eon* of luinlier i.tea from the Mouth
■nd from the West to Chicago and
Kansas City. Heveral witna.aee teal).
Hrd ■* to the technical case of the Ore­
gon and Wethington lumbermen, *e
cooling to the amount o' output ol
their rotn|«nira, lhe point* of lieatin*
lion of tlicit product and the price*
|al-l fat It
Th« rate* which the Ore­
gon and Waahington lumber produce'*
were forced to |«y were offered lu teetl-
loony an<l the aeaertion we* nuuie that
the*« raiea were nrli *a to compel the
producer* of lumber In the Pacific
Northweat to rloae their mill*. Wit-
neaaea teatlfled that they were unable
to place their product on the market
Faat of the K<cky tnounatina al a pro
At, and that they ooald no* depend ep-
oottehcal market in their tertltory
to provide auoh a market *a would en
able them to maintain their bialtieea.
The line of cro*e ««amination Indi­
cated lice p-trpoee of the mllrueda to
ebow that the rate* were not exorbi­
tant, but really were lair and equitable
oompared with t -e rate* given ptodue-
era of mannfaciured lumber In the yel­
low pine diatricta.
W. 0. Mile», preeident of the Month-
weatern Waahington Luntliermen’c aa-
acsiation, teetifled that VO per eent of
lhe milla in hie «action of the atate had
clowed ilnce it became known the lum­
ber rate wee to be advance.!, and thnae
mi I la now have on hand 70,006,000
of lumber, for which there ia no mark­
et. He «aid the« now
owned all the timber lamia of the
Northern Pacific grant and virtually
controlled tl>e price within 100 mile* of
the road. They bought 1,000,000 cere*
for fft.OOfl 000 and cold one cection of
that for »76.000 etompage.
He aaid
they no* controlled pricee and empha-
aiaed the fact that the member* of hie
■awrlation were anxioua that the Inter­
state cornmiaalon ahould open the Port­
land gateway to Waaiungton lumber ao
that Houthweetern Waahington mlllmea
could dump their common atoek Into
Oregon and other Harriman territory.
No indication of an end of the hear­
ing ie In alghL Heveral other caeca are
Crreaing for hearing by thecommieelon,
nt it ia not likely that the pending
iwaee will 1» ooncluded before tba mid­
dle of next week.
Recover 320 Bodie*.
Monongah, W. Va., I«ec. 14.—Th*
aeerch in mince No 6 and H of the
Fairmount Coal company for victim«
of laat Friday'* exploaion waa au.pend
e«l early tonight, partly benanee fire
had again broken nut In mine No. 8.
and tartly breanee practically every
acct inn ol the twn mince ha* been ex
plored and It waa not believed that
further aeerch along the aame linee
would reault in the finding of more
bodle*. Three hundred and twentv
bodice have been removed.
Of three
71 were American*.
Going Eaay on Ewcluclon.
Find Santa Claus in Picture and
Win a Fine Reward Free
F<»r every correct solution of this pus-
sis, we will give, absolutely free. • Mu*
sic Book, containing fi> good o <1 favor-
is National M »ng«, with words and mu-
ilo (only one book to each per-on) a so
many other valuab a prises free. Kv*
eryone should know these songs send
today. Dkrcliom Mark oatlinrs of
Banta Claus plainly, cut adv. out, place
In envelops, enclose stamp for reply and
mall to our address below.
Winners will b» n»,..l1sd promptly by
Trouble* to Inter­
For that
Washington, l>ec. IS.—Two Oregon
ioli linei» yesterday testified before the
fuler.Ute Com meice coiuui I m I od that
wbeu it wee ruiuored llu»I the rete ou '
Farlite coe.1 lumber *•■ Io be advanced
There la one thing that will
they law R. B. Miller, general freight
cure It—Ayer’a Hair Vigor.
eg.>ut of the l>. ltd N., end told bltu
It la a regular scalp-medicine.
the lucieeae would dri«e them out of
It quickly dcatroya the germs
lleuver, Kanaaa City end Chicago tetri-
which cause this disease.
lory. Mr. Miller ia reported to hfiva
replied that Uie new retea were experi­
The unhealthy acalp becomes
mental, and If the trade would aland
healthy. The dandruff disap­
them they would be maintained, but >1
pear?, had to disappear. A
not aeti.factory, lhe rale* wt uld be re-
healthy acalp means a great deal
elored to the uid figure*, ft waa hi*
upmion aa well a* Mr. Harrtmau'a,
to you—healthy hair, no dan­
llrat lumbermen were extremely prue-
druff, no pimples, no eruption a.
peroua, an I that their large contra, ta
Th. beat klad ef a t.atlmonlal -
juatrued lire rare*.
“Bold tor ever sixty year*."
lutter, when lire subject wa* braaclMal
mm sy a t, «
ve . L»«*BU. HM».
to Jai.MM J Hili l>y tire Puget Bound
A»»» ■kAauBMiBrera ef, Mr. Hill luat hie temper «nd
ret»-tied tiiat, wlrlle many milla Imo
treen »riven to bankrupt-/ already,
■till other* would
wlpod oat bwlore
.he ooiniuiaelon oould diepeae of thia
. .... ■' 1 ■
Maktsw Tklwsa Evea.
•• We are going to give you people out
Customer (to watchmaker)—I told
here a clunare to oool your h.aia," he you that my watch lost half an hour
Kulared »« he turned away.
every day. and new that you're repair­
Mr. Hill, lloaer-l I. .Hott. J. <
ed It It gain» half aa hour.
Mubl«. J. M. Hannaford and many
Watchmaker—Well. Aon't cotnplala.
.ther rallr.ied men will ba placed uu
It'a oulv working te «-str-h UD lost time,
th« etand beiore the hearing olo*ea.
«.eeawwe «•■»«■.
WOHK la HxbUMkO.
Vo Trouble at GoluA Io Whan Non­
union Man lake Charge
Goldfield, Nev., Dec. IS.—The Are
lay ol lhe attempt to re-open the miner
it Goldfield without the aid Ol the
Wratern Federation ol
Miner* hae
ixaaed, and there baa not l«en a aiugi*
netance of allempled violence ot die
BISo l.lsbta
G<-or*a Waabiagtaa sad last th« battle
ef Brandywine.
"Th* prohibitioniat» ara carrying ee-
rrythmg before them la Kentucky and
Georgia, too!” he greased.
Climbing hastily aa rhe nearaet waler
wagon, be race th* order foe retreaL
order In the camp
Unaimed picket«
of lhe Goldfield miner» union have ap
ptoM'he.1 aa close to the scene of the
operation* a* ti.e armed guard* of Hie Not ao If yeu atop *< té* Carroll Inn—
Mineowner*’ aaaociatioB would permit Sood place te dieplay eea'e apparai ia:
Where ail th* day loog
and have auioeeded in inducing aome of
You may revel la auog,
those who had rigned the agreamaut to And carol io Carroll lea. Carolyn.
return to work, to violate that agree­ —Chicago Tribune.
ment and leave the mine«.
It ww« staled laat night that the leaJ-
er* of the strike have secured what rvi-
dence they want to pr.eeeute » .me ot
tiie mining opeiator* under a statute if
the state ot Nevada, which make* It a
crime punishable by a flue of not leer
than »Mi or more than »300, nr impria
onment for nut lee« than 20 nor more
titan 160 days, or both, to require an
Prescription Given Wh ch Sufferers of
employe to promise or agree not to be­
Dread DiaeaM Can Eaady Make
come a member or remain a member of
Lp end Iry at Home at
any labor organisation.
Anaeta may
Smafl Coat.
be expected al any time, It ia stated by
some, while other* characterise the
whole report of probable arrest aa a
To relieve the worst forms of Rheu­
matism. take a tenspeweful of th* fol­
lowing mixture after each meal and at
Fluid Extract Dandelion, one half
National Democrat!« Convention I* ounce; Compound kargon, ooe ounce;
Compound byrap ttereaparllla, three
Calle« for duly 7, 1008.
Washington, Deo. 13.—After decid­ ounce*.
Tbeee harm!**« ingredienta can be
ing to bold the next l>eiDocatie na­ obtained *rom any ciruggia* In th*
tional convention at I Wav er, and fixing ■mailer town», and ar* taaily mixed by
the date of the meeting for July 7, shaking them well in * bottle. Relief
1IKH, the Iiemoratie National oom mil- la generally fait iraaa tha Erst taw
tee late yetterday entered upon a spir­
Thia prescription, atate* • well-
ited debate on the propriety of accept­
known authority ia a Cleveland morn­
ing more of the »100,000, offered by
ing paper, foreea th* clugged-up, lnao-
Denver for the convention than ia act­
tire kidneys to filter and drain from
ually needed to pay Ute convention ex­ the blood the poieonous waste matter
penace In that city. The oppoeltlon to and uric acid, which eauaee Rheuma­
the aiceptance of the conttibuticn took
the form of a resolution by Represent­
Ar Rheumatiaan ia not only tha moat
ative Clayton, of Alabama, declining painful and Urturoua dieeeaa, but dan­
money not actually needed for the con­ gerous to life, thi* simple recipe will
vention, but after a long debate the no doubt be greatly valued by many suf­
resolution waa laid on the table by a ferer* here at home, who should at once
vote of 31 to 14.
pre>ar« the mixkuia to gat thia ralfof.
Mr. Clayton, Representative John
f ii aaid that • paraon who wtrxld
Rharp Willlama, of MiMieaippi, and take this prescription regularly, a done
Governor Hoke Rmith, of Georgia, all or two daily, or avta a few time* a
•poke in favor of the postage of the ween, would never have eeriooa Kidney
or Urinaty dlrordera or Rheumatism.
Mr. Taggart advocated the acceptance
Cat thia out and preaarra it
of the »100,000, aaylng It would be Rheumatism prescription* which really
needed now even worse than it wa» relie re ate scarce, indeed, and when
needed in 1904, and that at that time you need It. vnn wank it badly.
it would have been practically Impoaei-
After math.
b<e to open h**dquartwra for Judge
Visitor—IIow era renditions her«? Ha*
Parker if the committee had not had
the extra money secured from Ht. xmfidenca returned?
Reaident—Condition* ar* e.owiy set­
Louis, where the convention wa» held.
Boole* Ar* Washed Away.
Rloomaburg, Pa., Dec. IS.—Owing
to the high water in the Bueqnelianna
river and the terrlfio fotce of the cur­
rent, no attempt wm made today to re­
cover the bodies of the »even men
drowned yesterday when the Mitflina-
ville bridge collapsed. The water roee
rapidly until noon, when it began to
With the flood aa It I* at
present any attempt to recover the bod­
ies would be futile, and probably noth­
ing can be done in that connection for
several day*. All of the seriously in­
jured are expected to recover.
Seattle, I «co. 14.—The Japaneee-
Korran Ex. lu.ion league of Heattie lie.
radically modified ita predion on the
excliieion of Oriental*. When firat or-
ganiuv! the league declared in favor of
the excluaion of all Oriental*, and ad­
vocated thia for month*. lately the
aentintent ha« changed, and tonight the
lemlera of lhe league indoreed * peti­
tion which will be laid before congreee
calling fcr the exclusion of Orieritali,
Man Fed Through Pipa,
with the exception of merchant», etn-
Reno, Nev., Dec. 13.—The . three
■lent* and traveler*, larring only the miners—Brown, McDonald and Bailey,
laboring claaeea.
who have been entombed for a week in
a drift at the 110-foot level of the Al­
Weeding Cut Japanece.
pha shaft of the Giroux min* at Ely,
Norfolk, Va., I>c. 14.—According to ■till are alive and are able to commu­
the report of petty officer* on shore nicate with the miners at ths top of
leave tonight, when the tlwt pnlle out the shaft. They have been given food
Monday for the Pacific there will not enough through the six-inch water pipe
l»e a Japan««« cook ot aervant on any of connecting with the surface to last
the Ironclad*.
Thia report I* to the them a week, and in case this pipe ia
effect that the Japatteee ate being qui­ broken they will not die of starvation
etly but rapidly weeded out by order of or thirst. The work of clearing the
the commanding officer, and thier shaft ia progressing slowly.
place* are being filled by negroee. No
remain I* given for the order by the
Roosevelt Band* Commission.
Waahington. Dec. 13.—Aaeislatnt Sec­
retary Murray, of the department of
Lowait Bidder on Canal Lumber.
Oommerce and labor, Commiaaioner
Waahington, Dee. 14.—The Olaon- (Ttarlea P. Neill and Herb«rt Knox
Mahoney Lumber company, of Ban Emith, commissioner of corporations,
Franciaro, was the loweet bidder al left Waahington at 3 o'clock this after­
»124,372 for fnrnlahing the Iathmian noon for Goldfield, Nev., to make a
Oanal cornmiaalon with approximately thorough investigation of th* trouble
8,000,000 feet of lumber, ranging in between the miners and mine operator*
Mr. Murray and Mr. from 1x3 tr> 12x14 inch««. Th., at that place.
material la toflie delivered at Colon or Smith made thia announcement after a
LaBoca. There were 21 bidder*. It la conference with President RocaevelL
expected that the Oleon-Mahoney com­
pany will get the contract.
Massachusetts Goa* "Dry.”
Reston, Dec. 13.—All but one of ths
Will Continue 2 1-2 Cent Rate.
364 cities and town* of th* state have
Montgomery, Dec. 14.—The Roothern gone on record on the question of per­
railway today agreed to keep In force mitting the agle of intoxicating liquors,
the Sl*-eent passenger rate nntii the and tabulation show* a no-lioense ma­
other atate rat* quMtioua art tattled,
t jority in Maaaachnatta of over IS,000.
“Is the ship stripped to repel board-
era?” "No, repel eouvenir Setwla."—
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Rinka— Doee etrong coffee keep you
awake? Jink*—How do I know? 1
board.—Somerville Journal.
Nall—I think Maud bee mor* coloi
than ber elater. Belle—Yaa; about 60
rmta’ worth more.—Pblladelpbla Rec­
“Du you believe that the good die
young?" “f think they do. If all my
wife telle me about ber firat buaband
I* true."—Pick-Me-Up.
Cautious Customer (la drug store) —
How much do you charge fot a dime's
worth of tooth powder? New Clerk —
"TTie doctors bav* finally agreed
upon the cause of Markley'* lllneae.”
"Ah, they've held another consulta­
tion ?" “No; poet-mortem.”—I’blladel
phis Press.
Lawyer—As your husband died Intes­
tate. you will, of course, get a third.
Widow—Ob. I hope to get my fourth.
Ilie private soldier la the regular army He was my third, you know—Town
wiped bi* perspiring forehead.
and Country.
“I didn't mind aped a' op tba colooal'e
garden, and wbltawauhla' hie barn, and
that sort of thing,'' he wid. “but bow the
Sam Hill can a mas do all thia and main­
tain bis position ia eoclaty on »13 a
month 7”
tling down to their farmer basic, but no-
Sdemw baa not returned.
Moat of the
?eopla still believe it vu th« children of
ibeir next door neighbor* that carried
»way tbeir gate*.
Tw lie Avwia«*.
"Do you believe there Is any future
for me In polltice?"
“Yen," answered Ben*tor Sorgbum;
"but in these day* ef graft you want
to take mighty good care not to be one
of those fellows who start In with a
fine future and «wm* ent with a terri­
ble past."—Washlarton Bear.
Then the Fireworks.
“I had a call froxu Mrs. Multiplunks
"I beard «he was going In for alum-
sitng."—Houston Pont.
aclie.k duo to Constipation;
Acts naturally acts iruk as
a Laxative.
“I thought you were married, and
yet you're sewing on your own but­
tons." “I am married, but I keep my
lnd«l>endence. let tua tall you.”—Meg
gendorfer Blatter.
Scribbler—I nnderetand the Inmate«
of the Home for the Feeble-Minded ar*
CoIng to publleh a tnagaxlne. Qulbbler
—Isn't the field ratber overcrowded?—
Philadelphia Record.
Wife (looking up from ber book)—
You know a great many thing*. John;
now, wbat do you think ahould be done
In ceee of drowning? Husband—
Hava * funeral, I should think.
Cynlcus— I have been engs*ed to at
lout a docen girls
twen unlucky In love, eh? Cynlcus—
Ob, I don’t know. I've never married
any of them.—Pblladelpbla Record.
Bu(cber—Come, John, be lively now,
break tbe bone* In
Mr. Rimpeon'*
chops and put Mr. Rmltb'e riba In your
basket John—All right, sir; Just aa
soon as I've sawed off Mr. Murphy's
"George," murmured tbe young wife,
"am I as dear to you now aa I was
before we married V "I can't exactly
tell,” replied the buaband, absent-mind­
edly. “I didn't keep any account of my
expenses then."
Mr. Chlppe (looking up from tbe pa
per)—Tbe doctors have discovered an­
other new disease. Mr*. Chlppe—Well,
I wlah they'd etop looking for new dls-
eaeea long enough to find a cure for my
old rheumatism.
Old Scotch farmer (having spent alx
.cnee on a race ticket for a pony and
trap, value £30. and having won) ia
shown tbe prixe. After gazing critical­
ly at it for some minutes: "But
wbaur*a tbe wbup?"
Cbaplelgb—I say, dwugglet. can you
— aw—give me something to—aw—•
bwlghten me up, doneber know? Drug­
gist—You're in the wrong place, young
man. Tbla Is a drug store, not a night
school.—Chicago Dally Neva
"What pleased me moat." said th*
man who had been abroad, “wee tbe
wonderful clock at 8trasburg." "Ob,
bow I should like to see It I" replied
tbe IgnorsDt youth. "And did you ee*
tbe watch on the Rhine, too?”
District Visitor—What has brought
you to the destitute condition? Appli­
cant—It's my wife. mum. "Tour wife!
How Is that?" "Well, you see. mum.
I've got ber three good situation*, and
I'm bleeaed If sb* could keep one of
“Yew,” said old Roxley, “my daugh­
ter Is to be married next month to Lord
"Ah!” remarked tbe
“everything's nettled, eh?”
“Well, I guess not! You don't ketch
me paying In advance."—Pblladelpbla
“Of course. Tommy." »aid the Sunday
school teacher, "you'd Ilk* to be *u an­
wouldn't you?"
yee'm." replied Tommy, “but I'd like
to wait till I can be a full-grown angel
with gray whiskers." — Philadelphia
First Summer Girl—Who Is thst
cleso-sbaren. hsndeome boy? Second
Summer Girl—Ob, he's sn actor. Flrat
Summer Girl—No; 1 mean the other
one. Second Summer Girl—Oh.
hasn't any money, either.—Harper'*
Little Boy—Mamma. I wish you'd
find out who It waa hypnotised me. end
punish 'em severely. Mamma—Wbs-at?
Little Boy—While you was out I waa
pulled right into the pantry, an’ forced
to eat a bull lot of those cake* you
«aid I mustn’t touch.
“How are you. Broom?” asked a
bluff old sailor of a fop who waa al­
ways annoyed uuleaa he wa* addretned
as Mr. Broom, and who responded,
“I'd have you to know. air. that I've
a handle to my name." “Oh, all right I
How are you. Broom handle?”
A lady has a grumpy »errant too lit­
tle given to washing. Other hints hsv-
tug failed, the mistress aald. In a tone
of deep confidence. “I am told. Mary,
that If you wash tbe face every day In
hot. soapy water It will make you beau­
tiful." "Will It. now?" answered Mary.
“It's a wonder you haven't tried It
you reelf."
Busti [orMenWii
nr,d Child­
fl Old.
Aa« Mak* Vaeee.
its Ben«
neficial Effect^
Mrs. Gotham—Don't you think tbe
Benuine which t*klt< of medicine should be frowned
jiill name of the Com- upon?
S yrup C o .
» rt >» «<jnufMtur»,f pristed en the
one »ire
Hood's Sarsaparilla
which ouulelna tba beet and aalaal curative
•u balances.
Lumbermen Tell
cut* Gommiselo«.
liunt iu>g>«>
Mr*. Flatbush—Tee; why. even my
children frown at It—Yonkers States­
Seven men out of ten who get Into
trouble are able to trace their downfall
»o aide Issues
A stiff upper lip has nothing In com­
mon with a limber tongue.
Catarrh is not merely an Inflammation of the tissues of tha head and
threat, as the symptoms cf ringing noises in the ears, tnucoua dropping bach
Inta the throat, continual liawking and spitting, ate., would teem to indi­
cate | it i* a blood <h.->ease in which the entire circulation and th* great**
part of the system are Involved. Catarrh is du* to the presence of an excess
of u ic acid in the blood. The Liver, Kidneys and Bowels frequently be-
com t torpid and dull ia their action and instead of carrying off the refuafi
and waste of th* body, leave it to sour and form uric acid in the system.
Thia is taken up by the blood and through its circulation distributed to all
rta of the system.
These i impurities in th* blood irritate and inflame
different membranes and tissues of th« body, and the contracting
e e different
of a cold will start the secretions and other disgusting and disagreeable
of • Catarrh.
»*-• *-
As the blood goes to
. all parts cf the body the ca-
tarrhal poison affect* all parts of the system. The
...___ full
head has __
a tight,
feeling, nose continually »topped up, pains above the eyes, slight
slight 1 fewr
comes and goes, th« stomach is upset an I th« entire _________________
system disordered
□ aa 1
It is a waste of
I had Catarrh for about fifteen
F>ara, and no man could have time to try to cure Catarrh with sprays,
ten wore*. I trtod evarythla? washes, inhalations, etc. Such treatment
oould hear of, but ne sued ro-
not reach the blood, , andean,
therefore, ,
eultad. I then began B.
a. B. I. 8.,
B., an<l
and does
—-- ------- --------------------
?r’o“rn thTfiraVb^tf“^!’^?
»»thing more than temporarily relieve
the ri»az<»w»il^.4
discomfort x-.ff
of the »•«..LI.
trouble. 'To . curs
it & »Xsort WAxllB WA» > on
Thia waa six year« a«c,
.- an
—¡'i I am Catarrh permanently ths blood must b*
as wall today •< any m ■an.
- - Ithlnl
ad thoroughly purified and thesystem cleansed
Catarrh la a blood di llaeaae, anu
hnow thare ie nothlr
rth of all poisons, and at the *same time
better toi the blood t
Nobody thinks more
strengthened and built up. Nothing equals
than I do.
8. S. 3. for this purpose.
It attack* the
Lapeer, Mich.
disease at its head, goes down to the very
bottom of the trouble and makes a complete
and lasting cure. 8. S. S. remove« every
particle of the catarrhal poison from the
blood, making this Vital stream pur«, fresh
and healthy.
Thea the inflamed mem­
branes begin to heal, th« head is loosened
and cleared, the hawking and spitting cease.
every symptom disappears, the constitution is built up and vigorous health
restored. S. S. S. also tones tip the stomach and digestion and acta as
fine tonic to the entire system. It you are suffering with Catarrh begin the
use of 8. 3.S. and write tts a statement ot your case and our phytlcisjrta will
send you literature about Catarrh, find give you special medical fidviefl
Bfitbout charge. 3. S. S. is for sale at all first class drug stores.
The mattress«* used ia the German
army are stuffed with little rolls of pa-
pet. and ar* said to be a great Improve­
ment en straw.
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< opp»r,
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full pneo list i»ùt od ap^ileatlon. Control aad Use*
ptrework soUdtod.
Kstareaca: Carbonai» V»
Uctoai Baak
PAZO OINTMENT ia gua-enteeS to ear« any
ea«e of Itching Bind. Bleed Ing or Protrt.ding
Pile» fa S to 14
or money refunded dOc.
Otely a Pretvcf.
Ardup had made haff a do»*n attempts
to borrow money of bis friemla, but one
and ell had pleaded the prevailing finan-
hal stringency.
"That'* all pretense." ba a*>«l with bit-
terueaa. as be gave it up. “It's nothing
but a case of financial stingy—see'»“
To euch b«ae uses of the language may
adversity br ng a man.
write Us
r-TA *>. VxeV tfoara aau all kWToea D<a»sMa
f r|o permanently curM by Dr. Ki n»'a Great
A«rve fcs orer. Hood Ibr FBER wtna. bottle aud
trxtlBe. Dr K H.KllAe. Ld. Ml Arrt »t-, PULA..P»,
"He 1* perfectly at bom* oa tbe plat­
"You mean perfectly away from
"How ao?"
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he's on tbe pletform be talks."—Hous­
ton Poet.
lor Infants and Children.
Ibi Kind You Hare Alwiys Bought
Beers the
Signature of
reriBctiy «. i*ar.
Teacher—Tommy, the 1« m » b speaks of
^o “thread of life.*
Does that convey
my idea to you?
Tommy Tucker—T»»’m.
That's want
rou fool when you'v» got a stitsh ia your
on stormy days
by wearing a
•tote of Ohio, City of Toledo >
Luca* County.
Frink J. Chonoy makes oath that he is senior
rtrtner of the firm ot F J. Cheney £ Co., doing
usineee tn theCity of Toledo, County and State
afortMAid. and that »aid firm will pay the sum
of ONI HUNDRED DOLLAB3 for each and
every case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
the use of Boll * Catarrh Cure.
8w*cn to before me and subscribed in my pres­
ence thia Sth day of December A D 1st«.
Notary Public.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure in taken internally, and
act« Qlrectly upon the blood and mucoussur-
faces of the system, send for testimonials free.
F J CH F.NET A CO., Toledo,O.
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itand for?
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“Yes’r,” said the captured crook; “but
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tellie« I'm goin' te prove it by ain't out
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P»'«i ia tae
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A m
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