Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, November 01, 1907, Image 6

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For the
li • eon at Hut tonal dlaease originatine tu
Impure blood and requiring constitutional
treatment acting through and purifying the
blood for its radical anti ¡»rrmanent curtu
The greatest constitutional remedy is
Hood*3 Sarsaparilla
To succeed these days you
must have plenty of grit, cour­
age, strength. How is it with
the children? Are they thin,
pale,delicate? Do not forget
Ayer's Sarsaparilla. You
know it makes the blood pure
and rich, and builds up the
general health in every way.
In usual liquid form or In chocolated
tableta known a« Sarna tabs. lOOdoaesfl.
Nasal and other local forms of catarrh
•re relieved by Cat ar riel», which allay tn-
fiammaUon and éaodorire discharge. Ma.
Haw ta Werk HiltrakalM.
Wh»u working s buttonhole In a
heavy doth, or on» that pulls snd
frays, it save« much trouble to work
the hole by bastlug thread, then stitch
Ing close to thl* on tbs machine, put
ting In two rows just the length of
th» buttonhole to be Cut with s sharp
penknife between these line* «nd work
closely In the ordinsry way over th*
machine stitching
This buttonhole
will keep Its shape and remain Intact
as long as the cloth holds together
aaer* AboBt 1«.
(Ooecermng th* fair maid of Nanfa»
kst. wbo put th* marked <*cg ia th» ba»
k»t. a cwrrrapondenc tell* th» r**t of the
A young am in old NarrsgansotL
On finding the eg», aa.d "I chanco it"
Rut decided quick not to.
For the egg, when it got 'O
Old 'Oaao»tt. had addled ia transit.
Tke ehUdran raw wot po««lblv Save ®*»*i
health unleea the bowel« are In proper ceadl
tton a aluotah l»«r givea a coateU toogua
bad breath ■■ouat|p<te«r b*>*el« Correct all
latlre donee at Ayer e
igar coated.
Dlfpreif Mathada.
Som* men break into a bank
Ry violence and with slaughter:
And some men find an easier way
By wedding a banker’s daughter.
HU Idea er It.
Her» th» locomotive fireman «poh» ajk
"It makes m» tired." he said. ~to beet
the bosses talk abeut killin' off th» anso.a
nuiaanc» by •intelligent firin’.' If I was
runa.o' things I'd do a little isteili<eat
firin' mraelf. You can bet your life oa
that. I'd fir* some at th» b easse."
p * a |O aoi innotni aqj
•jn^iEnjiAoJ aqj íq jmï js»| pajçnboi
ftJiM *v*n J° ft*[!tn OOÇT fniAWti •wtuad
-woo x|s 'avdvf jo íwí . iaí paojjiBj dqj
M||«o«uvu Xpjotdmoo oj uojp *qj o¡
“I'm told.” said the rector, sternly,
“that you play golf on the Sabbath."
"Yes.” replied Miss Pert. ”but I only
use the clubs that I won at our church
fair.-—Philadelphia Pre»
Vol in Stock.
Customer (at book*tore>—I'd Ilk» ts
get a cheap edition of Sbakspeare'* plays.
New Salesman (after an extended
search)—Sorry, ar. but ws haio't <oc
nothing but bis works.
Owe Excepftoa.
”Toti can’t get a money order fot
more than $100, can you?” asked Grin­
“Don’t yon believe it,” replied Batcb-
•ller Hall. “I jot one tbe other day
for $2s’»0.”
“Through tbe postoffice?”
“Sure. It was from my wife. Sbe
•aid: Send rue $250 at once.’”—Phila­
delphia Presa.
trust which ha« put more than one hundred million« 'ntn th* p-x-ket« of
Its exploiters la that et<*zv'l lu mäkln« :bread. It has 111.1 de money so fast
that It has been enabled to close mret of the factories outside Its control and
tboae which struggle along are keeping up bsx-auae the managers hope the
government will aou>e day break this rvmorselewt eviublue and punish the
lawbreakers who are behind It
A* the trust aqueeseil Its rival* to the wall It raised the price of thread.
It cost a great deal to crush the tittle fellow* and this charge nas been levied
upon the housewives who buy thia !nd!st>ensable article of drvra. The tactic*
of John D Rockefeller making a big gift to a public Institution and then
Increasing the price of oil to make good th» outlay, har» not been followed
by the thread contingent. They neks the consumer pay the ront of forcing
out of buslnew thone who would not accept their Impossible terma and no gift
1« made to placate the public, With the field won after this fashion, the
thread nabobs are carrying things with « high band, laist year their profit«
rose to 132.00(1.000 or over 00 per rent on their watered stock. This year they
will do many millions better
All over the United States cotton thread sold at from 4 to 5 rents a spool
several months ago. Not so now Stx rent* Is the least that a spool of thread
may be bought for. and In some stores the price ha« been 7 rents, and now the
edict ha* gone forth that thread Is to coat 10 rents a spool. The reason Is
that the truat suddenly discovered that rotton and labor nnd wool have !n-
ervased In root, and al«o that—It need« the money.
Tbe women pay the freight when stockholders of the thread trust think
they are not getting enough money. Tbe immense dividend paid last rear Is
not euough for these moguls. and. In ronwsjuenre. millions of women In tbe
country, with aching backs and bursting eye*, bending over sewing machine«
and working perhaps by dim light until late in the night, are contributing to
this dividend.
In the opinion of the Utica Globe, the managers of the thread combine
fear that the ruling of the government against trust« may Interfere with their
huge profits and they are seeing to It that tbe public are squeezed to the
limit before the law designed to punish tb.we engaged in the restraint of trade
Is enforced.
oiranne r nets.
California has ¡L500 artesian wella
Bacon—I see It Is said that a man 1»
The Bank of England employ* 1.U00
regarded as of greatest value to hit
country at tbe age of 34.
Egbert—And yet that Is about the
The Saturday half holiday originated
time of bis life that be goes about with in England in the eleventh century.
a hank of some girl's hair In hia watch
Four-flfths of the commerce of east­
case.—Yonkers Statesman.
ern Europe is carried on the Danube.
It Is said that out of Brazil's navy
A Hoof Guardian.
The new Singer bulldlu« in New Ysrk of forty-five vessels only five are sea­
1« now up to its thirty sixth floor and worthy.
has only sixteen more floor« to add.
Japan is one of the few countries
Of course it Is ■ little early yet to where the men outnumber the women.
select an aerial whitewing«, but it will Tbe ratio there is 980 tn 1.000.
have to be done pretty soon.
Two hundred and fifty million dol­
The duty of this important official lars a year would be saved if electricity
will be to push the clouds off the roof. was to supplant steam entirely.
—Cleveland Plain Dealer
The Bank of France bolds a reserve
of «88,000.000 In gold, which la more
than any other bank In the world ha*.
Tbe mole Is one of the greediest of
tbe animal kingdom. It will die of
starvation if deprived of food for twen­
ty-four hour«.
A 580-mile oil pipe-line from the
Baku district of the Black Sea has re­
cently been completed. Its yearly ca-
Helps the Wagon up
the Kill
< parity Is 400.000.000 gallons.
The oldest coin tn the world Is
the British Museum. It is of g
The load seems lighter—Wagon
mixed with silver, and probably be­
and team wear longer—You make
long« to the seventh century B. C.
more money, and Live more time
t3 make money, when wheels are
All that remains of the great royal
greased with
library at Nineveh, founded by Asaur-
banipal (688-025 B. C.), the last of the
great Assyrian kings, is now In the
British Museum.
—The longest wearing and most
It Is estimated by the head of one
satisfactory lubricant in the world.
of the large tobacco establishments of
New York that at least «5.000 worth
of tobacco la dally thrown away In the
city In unconsumed cigars and cigar-
MOWAKD E. PrRTG.T -Aftftayw ar2 Cherr.'-t. ettes.
I-eadville, Colorado Kpactmea price«: tsusd,
»liver, L*a4, fl ; Gold, Stirar,; Gold.
; Zinc ot
According to the census of the Board
topper,|1. Cyanide t«-«ta. Mailing «ava.opt? and
füll price list s«ut oa application. Control and Um­ of Health. Manila has 11.022 houses of
pire work solici tad. iUfwntnc«: (.Artwaxi« N«r strong material. 15.142 of light materi­
Uoaai MaAk.
al and 3311 of mixed material, a total
of 30.745 bouses. The population Is
223.542. says tbe Manila Dally Bulle­
ties purchased. LOANS made.
In Hungary the narrow gauge rail­
roads are of fifteen different gauge*,
Commercial Block PORTLAND. OREGON from 18 Inches to 39% Inches.
The i
government has now decreed that
henceforth such railroads may be built I
of only two gauges. 27% inches and 30
It takes four years to train a Hon
for exhibition work, but only one ani­
mal in four la available for training
A few accomplishments Increase« the
animal'« value five fold.
Mica Axle Grease
“The RoadofaThous
and Wonders”
From Portland to Los Angeles
Through San Francisco
Aa »rustie book with 114 b-*itlful
cslored uictum hs, 1e--n publlrh -4 tv
the S,>«lh»rD t’srlflet (impar, illu-trsk
In* snd daaerlbiat th* sttrs, tlon» ot
ikli wendertsl road and tbs «euntry
ibrourh which It puiw It c*n h* ob-
taln»<I by tendlny 15 r«nta to Cb*. s
Toa. F**«on(,r Traffic M*ni(»r, rena
WV, Flood Bulldin* boa iruti»». C*1
ortho ttndoroloBcd
whoa sou «•« r**<ly to re But rosiest-
two-thlrdr of »day
»nd oajoy
trip direst to Chi
». Hist or aoonad
a*. V.ion F m IB*
**«o»<*r Aseat.rerV
They Kat, Brink, Sleep nnd Breathe
la an Atmosphere of Oasaan.
Hindoos eat, drink, sleep and breathe
In au atmosphere of superstition.
There Is not a »Ingle action In every
day life that does not savor of gf>od or
bad luck. They must be continually
on their guard, either to propitiate a
I bad spirit or return thanks to a goo<l
Th» Hindoos are early riser«. In
th» warm season—extending from
April to October—they sleep either
upon tbe housetop or In ths courtyard,
or In tbe veranda if rain should be
threatening, and are usually up at 5
o'clock or earlier In tbe morning.
I d the cold weather, when they sleep
wltbtn doors, they rise later, but they
are eat before 7. Rising la tbe morning
* •
while but half awake, the Hindoo re­
peats the name of Kama several times.
He prepares for bls morning toilet. He
plucks a twig from a tree, breaks off a
span length of It. crushes one end be­
tween bis teeth and extemporizes a
He next draws up water
from a well In the yard with an Iron
bucket and prepares to wash bls hands
and fare. This Is quickly done. He
next throws on an extra garment, tbe
thickness nnd texture depending on tbe
season, lights hl« hooka, taken .* few
pulls with his euphonious, bubble-bub-
ble. nnd 1« ready to go out.
With a passing "Kama, rama!" to
friend or acqualntanre and a neigh-
borly gossip by the way. tie repairs to
his plnre of business. While going he
will sedulously avoid th «e signs and
*<>nnds which may augur 111 for the
Should one sneeze, or should he hear
the cawing of a crow or the cry of a
kite, or should he meet an old man. or
one blind or lame, or see a cat cross
his path, he would tie greatly distress­
ed as to the day before him. On the
other hand. If a fox cross** his path.
If he hears a gong or shell summoning
him to worship, or If he meets a Brih
man with his head uncovered, he would
rejoice, hailing It ns auspicious. Home
are so superstitious that If any evil
portent occurs on tbe way they return
home, have a smoke or chew a betel
leaf, and proceed afresh.
W kst H» SSvasS.
Goodley Of rourse M«*n!»y 1»! s
«»ry bad Ilf».
Knox—Yea, and h»'s going from bad
to worse.
Goodley—You haven't beard, tb»n.
that he's dying?
Knox—Yee. I bav«.—Philadelphia
Love** Awakeolo*.
“I'm almost sure tbe rount Is la let*
with u>e.” excitedly »claimed tbe ft rat
“What makes you think so?” laqutrod
the other.
"He asked m» today bow much I was
worth."—Philadelphia Pre»
Moth.n will find Mr*. Window's Snothles
Syrup th«* b- *t remedr to ua* tve their chUarea
turi*« ib* leeihlu« period.
AS y I p ».
“So you tire anxious to go Into pub­
lic life.” said tbe Influential man.
”T««» How would you advise me to
go about It?”
“Well.” If you are per anally am­
bitious I should auffest politics. If
your wife Is socially ambitioua I ahouid
<ugre»t diplomacy
Wash.u<too Star.
a (•««• Wh«le v»w Walk.
Allen's Fret Esse is «certain cur* tor hot
sweating callus, an«t swollen, aching feet. Bold
by all I’rugguts Price j&r Don't accent auy
•'.bat'tutr Trial package FRKK. Addr«M
Allan S. Olmsted, La Roy, >. Y.
“1 suppose.” said Cltlman. “you find
the ride home to Swampburat »very
day pretty long sad lonusoai», don't
"Wall," replied Subbubs, "of »our**
It's long, but I can't say It Is lone­
some. You *«e. I usually bare a new
servant girl wltb ms.”—Philadelphia
Aver. Harrel-Ito,,» Aeeklo
< hokvU to tlealll.
Nature fakirs, attention!
Here la the »tory of a vain shark that
attempted to wear a barrel hoop as a
nts*klare and choked herself to death,
says tba New York World. Of rourao.
It uniat have been a female shark She
was toimd on the beach at Rockaway
today, having arrived at night with
the high tide.
The shark waa about ten f«**t long.
Fitting eloaa shout her nock was a tetr-
rel hreqi »nd hanging fnsu a point
where her Adam's apple ought to be. It
a shark had an Adam'« apple, waa a
barrel slave attached to the hoop, like
a pendant Early arrivals on the beach
aaaert that the stave was brandesl "Oy­
ster Bay.” but this rould not be veri­
fier. for one of these roufiscated It as
a souvenir.
The carcass of the ahsrk floated
»shore at a point near the Park Inn.
It waa dl»siver*il by a ni*n on his way
to take an early morning silk». 11«
spread the tidings aud »on a crowd
gatbemd. In the crowd was a des-p,
ee* Sherlock Holme«, wtto knows all
afcout th« babltn of dwellers In It»
"It la all very plain.' 'he explained.
“Ws know that sharks fmjueut ths
oc«au out where the gartwigo mvwa are
dump«! This was probably a social
lender ot the sehouL
“Hom* time yesterday she enoiun-
tered this stave and hoop floating on
tbe wav««. Tbs Idea of dworatlng her­
self occurred to har. She slipped ths
hoop ov»r her head aud held a rvrvp*
tlon, tn the course of
< which rvfrwh-
insnts w*re abrveti.
“After partaking freely
of the re­
freahmenta her »hark ladyship attempt­
ed to removn the ueckjaiw but dl»-or-
ered that It had boevsu« attached to
her. Theoo marks «round the edge of
the hoop show where her niskl sad hu»
band made vain attempts to remove (ho
ornament. Finally discovering that tho
roaourco* of h»r habitat were Insuffi­
cient to rid her of her deocrallon. »ho
started for Rockaway, la the bo|«< that
Hill Dovory might run acre»» her and
take It away from her."
At the roik'lualon of the lo-ture
the deep-aen Sherlock Holm«*» those
tho audience fell upon the remains
the vain shark and despoiled them.
Commuter^ under th.« Inspiration of
tho signa they read every morning on
tho palnles* dentistry emporium a«*runa
from the Atlantic avenue station of tho
Ixmg Island roa«l. removed the teeth.
Others backed off the tall aud fin» Va­
rious boardlug tmu*o ke«*i*r* were not­
ed hovering In the dlataure awaiting
tho departure of tho souvenir hunters
and various gsstronomlcal novelties
will undoubtedly appear on the tables
of some Kock a way feeding plarea thia
An enterprising showmau endeavored
to corratl ths carcass for purp*”»*« of
exhibition, but wao det er ret by a re­
cital of the exi>erlenre to a couple of
amateur P. T. Barnums. who ran a
show consisting of a de.-vns.vl shark at
Coney Island some eight or ten years
ago. Between the board of health and
the exhibit they were driven Into bank­
ruptcy, one losing «4 nnd a tent, live
other a straw hat am! a megaptione.
Nath m Straus, an eastern philanthro
phi st, haa established in New York City
a aerie« of milt booths where pure ster­
ilized milk is sold to the poor for one
cent a bottle. Absolute antiseptic clean-
IneM i» required by him in all branches
of the ent* In cleansing the milk Native of Brooklyn, of
bottles he uses two things—-hot water
Life, Hope« to (so to tea Aftftln.
and BORAX. The glistening bottles tes­
Dr. Osier's age limitation 1» strik­
tify to the effectiveness of this method. ingly falsified In the case of an Ameri­
can ; Sydney Talbot, aged UM years, s lw
Servile Flatter.
Alexander the Great had mounted bi« worked all hts life without nn ailment
fiery Bucephalus and was puttinf lb« until a few weeks ago, when he was
admitted to the Seamen's hospital hers
famous war horse through hi» pace«.
suffering from a »light stroke of paral­
“How do I look?” he avked.
“Like a Cbicafo mounted policeman, ysis. says a Ixvndon cable to the New
•ire.” said his cbi«*f of commissary.
York Snn.
Pleased with the comparison, Alexan­
He was then earning $25 weekly ns
der spurred Bucephalus straight at a five engineer on the ocean going tug Ulin,
barred gate and n > 1 kd to the young man
to which he hopes to return In a few
■with tbe camera
day* He Is already able to walk brisk­
ly with the aid of a stick, nnd Is other­
$100 Reward, $100.
of thl< naper will be pipas**! t* wise quite fit.
He Is a remarkable
l*arn that th-re is at lea«t one
d¡» cam
• it •-"■"*! :. m !»• a «-..f to cure m all ita specimen of hale old ag»‘. being upright
•tago«, and that in Catarrh. Hall’s Catarrh and active.
Cureia the onlv ;>oahive rurennw known toth«
He was born In Brooklyn, May 1,
medical fraternity. Catarrh !»• n< a mn^tlt i*
tonal dlauaae. ntpilrea a constitutional treat­ 1WM». and came to England when he
ment Hall « < atarrh Cureia taken Internally,
a^tiri^ <| r> < tly
n the bio >d and mucous aur- was 21. After «even years In an engi­
fai»-* .if thea> »t»T.i. thereby 'lent-oyl n< the four»-
dat! >n of the <1: a«e, and giving t • patent neering college lie aoon got employment
strength by i mlding np the constitution and ns a marine engine*. which profession
MB'.’tlng nature In doing Its work. The pro
t-rietora Lav»* ho rnn< h faith In itacuratlvepow« be has followed over since w ith experi­
era hat th-y < iter One Hundred Dollars for any ences enough to fill a library of Sen ro­
at it taijg to cure, bend for lut oí
mances. He nerved the White Star
A IdreftB F J CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Steamship company and nnmerous oth-
Hold by al 1 druggiatfl, 75c.
Take Hall's Fanu.y Pill» for constipation.
"er employer». He wont around the
world In Ix>rd Brasttey's famous yacht
A Dora Diplomat.
Canvaaaer- -»rood morning, madam Sunbeam.
He has been wrecked four fl mow. and
I'm Introducing a polish for cleaning
was once cast away for five days In the
silver It Is superior to anything now
Ited sea. when he and his companions
on *?io market and tho price la only
nearly went tnnd from thirst.
B0 rents s box.
Ho confidently expects to live and
hire. Smart (sharply)—Don't want
work for six or seven years more. ba»*
rMnvaaner--Borry to have troubled Ing his expectation on hl* family
yon. madam. I nee tbe lady nert doot tory. Ills father died nt the ago of
his mother at IOS nnd bls sister at 102.
teas right
Talbot has always l**en teni[>erato In
Mr*. Smart—Eb I What did sbe nayl
drinking and smoking, but he Is not a
Caneaasnr- Sbe said 1 needn't want»
teetotaler. He snya cheerfully :
my time cal.Lag bam. as you had do
“I hope to rejoin the Ulin In a few
Mr» «mart—The impudent thing' day«. I am almost well, nnd when I
get to SOS again and get nicely soaked
Give mo *1x fioree
I will he all right.”
A man with that peculiarly ngonlz-
Ing expression whicti It>IIcate« corns
came bouncing through the gate« at
the Broad street station not long ago
and caught the rear platform of the
through express for the south Just as
it began to gather headway. He
limped Into the car and <Jr>>ppe<! into a
“Oh. lx>r<l!” be groaned, and com­
menced tugging at a shoe, “You'll
have to excuse me." be continued to
the rightful occupant of that partlcu-
lar se«*tJon, "but I've Just got to get
these tight shoe* off. I Just had time
to rush Into a store on my way to tbe
station and get another pair—didn't
have time to try them on, but I w<*ar
only sevens, and I told the clerk I
wanted tens.”
By this time two glaring white sock*
were exposed to view. With a sigh of
relief the man burled the despised
tight shoes out of tbe car window and
reached for the box contai ni ng the
new one«.
"Great Scott!” he gawp<*«l aj he
viewed his purchase, “that Idiot haa
appeal to the Well-Informed In every
gl ven me tens, children’s size
walk of life and are essential to per­
Philadelphia Ijedger.
manent success and creditable stand­
The t’mbrella.
ing. Accordingly, It la not claimed
♦Where’s the umbrella I lent you y*»
that Syrup of Figs and Elixir of
ter day?”
Senna la tho only remedy of known
•‘Jones borrowed It. Why?”
“Oh, nothing; only the fellow I Ixvr- value, but one of many reasons why
rowed It of snys the owner has been It Is the beat of personal and family
asking for It”
laxatives la the fact that it cleanses,
sweetens and relievos the Internal
Plent« nt Praetlee.
“I met yf/ur friend Ituhley to-day.” organs on which It acts without any
*'Y'es? I haven't seen him for a Umg debilitating after effects and without
time. I «upp"«e be «lutter» as badly as having to Increase tbe quantity from
time to time.
"Oh, no! He's quite an adept at It
It acts pleasantly and naturally and
now."—Philadelphia Pr.-ss.
truly as a lasatlva, and Its component
When children ar» telling earli other parts are known to and approved by
conundrums, the one who gueaaes the physiclann aa It la tree from all
answer la always accused of having objectionable gubstanoes. To get Ita
beard It before.
beneficial effeeta always purebaae tho
Nothing makes a farmer quite so genuine—maaqfactwsd by ths CsdU
mad ee to bear there was a good rain tomia ng Ryrap Co., only, and «■
In town and none In the resintry, where
aalo by aU loading druggiata.
It la needed so much mom
and. Quality
How We Ito t'hsoge.
“Aha!” exclaimed Mr. Jellua "Been
treasuring another man's picture all
these years, eh?"
“Not exactly,” answered bls better
half. —That's a picture of you. dear,
taken when you had hair.”—Loulavllla
Courier Journal.
In A ntomohlkilom.
Scientist—Light travels nt the rnts
of about 187.000 mil*« n second. Chnnf-
feur Gee. that’s goln' some! Auto
Enthusiast (slightly denf)—Pardon
me, sir. Hut what make machine was
It you Just mentioned? Bohemian.
Helped Some.
“Has your automobile helped you
getting into noelety?"
•'Well, If you refer to the society
the company's collector nn<1 a lot
country constables, ye«.”—Philadelphia
Bwt Net tbe Deagb.
"Ie Shooters really very strong
hbt convictions?”
“Well, no. If tltere'e a bet np
dollars to donghnuta, he's the kind
that would be betting tbe doughnuts.
—Detroit Tree Presa.
It 1.* perfectly natural to nib Ihe spot that hurts, and when the muscle«,
lerw*. joint* aud b«»ne» are throbbing and twitchinr with the pains of
Rheumatism th« sltfeter it ant to turn to the liniment nottl«, or soma other
rxternal application, in an ctlott to get relief from the di*« sac. by nroduring
rountsr-irritatMa on tho Resh. Such treatment will quiet Hie pain tempo­
rarily, but caa b«*s no direct curative clfect on the real disease beejus« it
does not ranch th« blood, whete the cause is located.
Rheumatism is in<«m
than akin deep- -it ia r <oted and grounded in the blood and can only Io
reache«! by eoMtltutioual treatment IT CANNOT Illi RUHHKD AWAY'.
RheutnatLanx ig due to an escess of uric acid in the blood, brought alxnit by
th« «covunnteUna in the system < f trfu«« matter which th« natural avenue«
of bodily waste, the lkiwrls and Kivlneya, have failed to carry off. Thia
refuse matter, eominff in contact with the different «« Ids of th« lK>dy, form«
uric acid which 1« abaotbed hito the blood and distribut»} to all parts of the
body, amt Rheumatism get* possession of the system. The a« hrs and pain«
»re only symptoiaa, and though they may >«e «cattewd or relieved for a tun«
by sutface treatment, they will reappear at the firat ei|H««ure to cold or
latupness, or after an attack of indigestion or other irregularity. Rheum«-
lisnt can never be permanently cured while the circulation remain« ««lurated
with irritating, pain producing uric aci<l poison. Th« disease will shift
rom muscle to g|uac1e.or joint to joint, settling on the nerves, catisinf
Inflammation «aa swqUinr nnd au< h tortible paiua that tbe nervous system
A ol ftrn .shattered, the health untlrtminnl, and p<-t!ia[>« the patient beuoma«
i «.a * for - • life,
* . S. S. 8. thoroughly c Iranees the bt«x>d and
Jefortned ■ and ■ crippled
ing the «<Tds nnd e«p»1llug all foreign
renovatea th« circulation by neutralizing
natter iron» the system. It wat ms an,.
id invigorates th« blood go that instead
of a weak, sour stream, constantly deposit»
ing acrid and corroaive niatter in the tuus-
clea, nerves, joints and Ixrnea, th«?>ody is fed
nnd nourished by rich, health sustaining
blood which completely and permanently
cures Rheumatiam. 8, 8. S. 1« composed
PURELY VEGETABLE of both purifying and tonic properties—
just what is needed in every ease of Rhett-
xtatism. It contains no potaah, alkali or other mineral ingredient, but 1«
Stade entirety <>( purifying, healing catractg and juicca of root*, hetlus and
Mt Its. It you am suflrring front Rheumatism do not waste valuable tliuo
trying to rub a blood disease away, but begin the use of S. S. 8. nnd write
is al<out your case and our physicians wilt give y»u stay information off
4dvKgdc344cd tree olcharge and will send our S)>«ial troatise ost Rheumatism.
mr «mrr «pcc/no oo^ atimta ,
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Nvw Contributor
I try to writ» witb
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in dispense with uiy visit* kereaftsr. Mi** ft free, utihamperel *tyl».
Editor (looking over his manuscript> —
Pinkie, do you?
Mix Plskie Why, ye*. Mr. Feather Wall, you aureeod. I never aaw any­
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liapense with one's luxuries, you know
personal «upervtslou for over ill) years. Allow no onn
to <lex-elve you In this. Counterfeits, Imitation» uik I
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Colic. It rellevtss Teellilnir Troubles, ettrea Constipation
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Ntonuo li anil Itowcl*. giving brislthy nnd tuittirul sleep.
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