Beaver State herald. (Gresham and Montavilla, Multnomah Co., Or.) 190?-1914, May 10, 1907, Image 2

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San Francisco Scene of Bloody Con­
flict Over Car Strike-
Keystone State Capitol Grafters Must
Face Criminal Chargee
Ban Francisco, May fl — Rioting by
streetcar strikers and their friends and
repeated fusillades of bullets from
strikebreakers yesterday marked the
first attempt to run cars on the United Fall end Spring Wheat in Harney Ara Large Irrigeted ’ ract I« Beker County
In Excellent Condition.
Railroads since the strike began. Ths
Thrown Open.
movement of a freight car from one
Burns—Prospecta are gxxxl for the
Baker City—The pleclng upoo the
lorn was the elf tai for obstruction of largest crop of gram, gra«« and fruit merket of a lergv traet of land lying
the track by a mob and for a shower of proxliK»l since cultivation began in northsest of thi« city and owned by the
Harney county. There ie store acreage
A Resume of the Leee important but missiles aimed at those who ope rated
in grain than ever before.
Both fall Baker Irrigation .xroipany, marke ons
Not Lose Interesting Events
and apring wheat are isc«lying atten­ of the greeteet stepe In tb« piogvwee of
block the ear was taken back to the tion from lhe farmers, »ho «ieeite to th« ruetropoli« of Ea»l«rt»Oiegun. The
of th« Paet Wook.
x»*e wlikh is the nraat productive, sour«
opening of thia Uxly of laud topureliaa-
of the fartn«*n <x*ntendiiig tall giam
Having thus made a test, the com­
does not do well here.
Ho tat, how­ •re ls au «ranl tiiat has been ewalteU
pany at 3:30 p. m. sent a string of ever. It has l*e«n a aixx'ses.
I wlth iuterast by a large numbsr of
Russian Socialists nr» to hold ■ con­
seven paieenger cars out of the Turk
The -agebruah land cultivated fot th«« hom«>ee«kere of Baker City and vicinity,
vention in England.
and Fillmore street barns, manner! by first lime last year »II) pnxiuce gxxxl who have been wat« lung the progress
Nine livre are reported lost in the
armed strike breakers. Their appear­ crops if termers »ill cultivate lhe soil of tbs irrlgetitMi ditch sure« work com­
tornado which «wept Texa».
as they do in other aixx-esaful agricul­
ance wax ths aignal for renewed rioting.
menced on It about 18 uronlhs ago.
tural countries.
Union teamsters of Lo« Angele« are
Brickbats, paving stones and all man
The canal he«!« in the Powder river
on «trike and all other organizations of
ner of missies were hurled at the cam eeveral years, and there »ill be plenty about eight mil«* south of Baker City,
the city may join them.
by a pursuing m>»b of several thousand. of f«xxi for the stick thia summer. The and after following the tortuous oro toc r
The Imperial council of
of the guan!« on the cars retaliated hay crop will be larger than last year, of the valley ami the hillside for a die
Hhriners is in session at lx* Angele«.
enl with the fixl.ier left over from laat tane* of 13 tulles, trechee the reservoir
Seattle is working for the next con- with a shot, which hit its mark. The winter inaur«« plenty of feed for the
site, one mile east of Hus city.
assault on the cars became arose furious cxxming winter.
a g«xxi portion of the urountsln side
Fruit tree» are in a healthy condi­ above South Baprer t lie canal has, at
A new Iriah home rule bill has been
introduced in parliament.
Absolute fusillade«, which caused the death of tion. ami at present there is g*xxi proa- great expense, been cut into the solid
Iaxt reck, thus obviating the use of tire
jxxts for a large crop of fruit,
control of eight departments is granted
les« seriously.
After running a few tall several rollectiona of fruit were cheaper but temporary wooden flume,
by the bill.
blocks the cars were returned to the sent out of this county to iliow a hat i The company has not «[«'«xl any ex­
A San Francisco maniac killed six barn and the attempt to operate the
could be pnxiiKxxl here, ami all
pense to provid«* against any »vident
people with a shotgun.
He declares lines was abandoned for the day.
pronounced of first class quality.
that would deprive it id the water at
they were trying to poison him for hie
Union pickits went among the mob,
the criticai perkxt of irrigation work,
imploring them not to throw stones.
and at one point near Suturo creek a
In a colliaion between a freight and They were jeered by union men and
long line of flume lias lx*en disjienaed
The police with one
passenger train on the Mobile A Ohio sympathizers
C. H. Gram, of Portland. Will Work with by making an immense All of
railroad at Percy, 11., eight persons
in First District.
The police did little to check the
were injured.
lawlessness». They attempted to dis­
Salem—Labor Commissioner O. P.
Butte Chinese charge the police with suade the mob from violence, but only
Hoff has announced the appointment
The Orientals say officers
two of them used force and they did it of C. H. Gram, of Portland, president
are in the habit of visiting their stores so effectively that they cleared the way
State Land Board Will Praas Colum­
of the State Federation of Labor, dep­
frequently and helping themselves at
bia Southern Work.
for the cars for the time being. The uty inspector of workshops, factories,
the point of a gun.
police arrested 13 of the strikebreakers etc., fot the First district, ami Walter
Salem—Unless the new management
A New York grand jury has indicted for shooting, but made no arrests H. Chan»*e, of Albany, foreman of a of the Columbia Siuthern Irrigation
the Chicago, Rock Island A Pacific. the among the mob.
bridge crew on tbe Southern Pacific, (company, of which Walter H. Moore
Ontario A Western, the Chicago, Mil­
That the many bloody events of yes­ deputy inspector for the Second dis- and W. H. Lytle, of Portland, are at
waukee A St. Paul, and the Western terday may be repeated with even more trict. Their appointment takes effect the bead and principal financiers, ap­
Transit company for giving the Ameri­ tragic result« was the fear expressed May 25, but do not assume their duties pears before the State I And boarvi and
can Sugar Refining company freight last night when it was made known until Jun« 1. Their compensation ia makes a aatlefact. >ry showing of gtxxi
that the United Railways' program for 44 per day for actual time employed faith and intentions toward the fulfill­
today includes another attempt to re­ and necessary expen«««. Another dep­ ment of the cootnu t t<etween th« state
A new revolt has started in Morocco.
sume the operation of its system. This uty will be appointed for the Thirl dis­ and the company, which is being held
There are still many Ruaaian soldiers attempt, according to General Manager trict, all that territory lying east of the in abeyance per. ling the fulfillment of
in Corea.
Mullalley, will be made acme time in Cascade mountains, who will probably the promisee of the new management to
make g«xxl the deficiencies of the old,
The National Tuberculosis convention the forenoon. He declined to state at be a man bom Baker City.
what hour or to discuss the company's
proceedinge will be instituted in court
is In session in Washington.
plana in thia respect.
and the company vigorously prosecuted
Teach Raising of Fruit.
Three thousand textile workers at
Salem—The rudiments of horticul­ to relieve the company of its obliga­
Orina, Mexioo’, are on strike
ture in the rural school, to be taught ae I tion and make room for other capital
France and England have agreedg on
a branch or side line from the regular to complete the project.
an Oriental policy, isolating Germany.
studies, and to occupy the same im­
Engineer Loses Life in Saving Passen­
portance to the country mhocl as man-
Rich «trike in Badger Lode.
Ellen Terry, the English sc tress, is
gers Prom Destruction.
uel training does to the city schools, is
Medford—President Green, of the
again a bride. She is 59 years old and
Butte, May 8.—The North Coast the innovation that President W. K. Badger Gold A Copper company, re­
married a Chicago man of 35.
Limited east bound train of the North­ Newell, of the state board of horticul­ ports a strike In the Badger lode, which
The aid of Pennsylvania constabulary
ture, is striving to iulioduce into the promisee to make that one of the beet
has been asked to preserve order at ern Pacific Railroad company was held public school system of the state.
At mining enterpriser in this section. The
Pittaburag, where a machinists’ strike
every opportunity he ie acquainting the ' ore ixdy encountered in the crosscut at
is on.
masked men near Welch's spur, a sid­ patrons of the different districts with a depth of 30 feet from the main cut is
The British Columbia coal miners ing 18 miles east of Butte, and Engi­ the practicability of and advantages to between 40 and 50 feet in width, and
havs secured a settlement of their neer James Clow shot dead and Fire­ be gained from bis theory. Teachers' from random
lys taken runs high in
trouble and the men will all return to man James Sullivan shot threugh the institutes in the valley give him es­ copper and more than 4250 in gold to
pecial opportunity.
work at once.
the ton. The Batlger is an old mine
arm. Without making an attempt to
but has not been extensively worked
Between 4.000 and 5,000 longshore­ blow up the express car, as was evi­
No Reply from Railroad.
until acquired by the corporation now
men at New Yolk are on stirxe for an dently intended, the two robbers jump­
Salem—As yet no response has been operating it.
increase in wages.
The trouble has ed from the cab snd ran down the
mountain side, disappearing in a gulch received by the Oregon Railroad cotn-
tied up five big trans-Atlantic lines.
Frost Does ' ittls Demags.
several hundred yards from the track. mission from the officials of the South­
Ruef’s trial has been postponed one
Eugene—Frosts have occurred in this
On the tender of the locomotive was ern Pacific company to its opinion de­
week owing to the illness of the de
found a telescope grip full of giant claring the 45 tariff per ton of 2,000 vicinity for the pest several nights, but
fendant. Physicians say there is dan­
powder, intended for use in blowing pounds upon rough, green lumber ex­ as far as known very little liamage has
ger of pneumonia unless care is taken.
County Fruit
cessive, discriminatory and violative of been done to the fruit.
up the express car.
The Wisconsin legislature is still
The two bandits thus far have man­ the orders, rules and regulations of the Inspector Beebe says that strawberries
deadlocked on the senatorial question. aged to elude about 15 officers scouring Interstate Commerce laws, and request­ on the bottom lands have been nlppe.l,
The contest is losing interest and many the mountains in the vicinity of the ing that the old rate of 43.10 per ten but those on higher ground end most
In other
Chairman Campbell saxs other rfuits have escaped.
members are absent when the ballots hold-up. Officers returning from the be restored.
are taken.
spur state that the trail was lost by the that the Commission will allow the rail­ parte of the county prunes have teen
road officials a reaaonable time in which injured, but not generally. The peach
Eugene Debs is in Boise to attend prison doge on a road leading to Butte, to make reply to the opinion.
crop seems to be In excellent condition
where the bandits had sprinkled a
the Hayoood trial.
and promisee well.
quantity of red pepper.
The officers
Every street car line in San Francis­ have a number of fresh hounds in re­ Land Taxable When Reds Get Patent
co is tied up by a strike.
Salem—In an opinion given in answ­
serve and the hunt wrill be teeumed.
Linn County Bridge Sinking.
er to a query from Assessor Lull, of
Albany—Weakened by the winter
A fierce forest fire is burning much
Lincoln county,
Attorney General floods, the Kendall bridge,
timber on Vancouver island.
Give Back Their Coal Lands.
Crawford rays that nnderthe provisions spans the Calapooia river on the road
Ban Francisco telephone service is
of the act of coroners of 1887, making from Albany to Shedd, has Ixrgnn to
badly crippled by the strike of the strumentality of officials of the depart­ the Siletz Indian allotment, the lands
sink into the stream, and traffic over it
are held in trust for the Indians by the is now endangered. One end of the
a state farther east have surrendered to
It is said the San Francisco grand Assistant United States Attorney Gene­
structure has sunk a foot in the past
jury will find 74 indictments againet ral Burch the patents for and deeded the date of the act, during which time few days and the bridge is also keeling
the United Railroads.
over. More travel ernesee the Kendall
back to the government voluntarily be­
to the land, and that it will not be sub­ bridge than any other country bridge
It is declared an attempt was made tween 1,000 and 2,000 acres of very ject to taxation until patent passee.
in the county. It is 92 feet long.
to wreck the train on which King Ed­ valuable coal lands in Routt county,
k i Mml ftm Ir hr
ward was traveling from Genoa, Italy, Colorado, for which nearly 4100,000
bad been offered them, the probable
to Paris.
value being two or three times that
The attorney general of Santiago,
amount. This was done after careful
Cube, says the police did not fire an
consultation with eminent counsel.
the American marines until it became
necessary for self defense.
Trains Crash in a Fog.
Chicago courts have been asked to
Wheeling, W. Va. May 8.—In a
require a reorganization of the Corn dense fog early today the New York-
Products company tiecanse the company Chicago ex pt ess No. 7, upon the Balti­
has been practically wrecked by Stand­ more A Ohio railroad crashed into an
ard Oil men.
east bound freight train as it was tak­
A Chicago grand jury has indicted ing the siding at Roeby’s Rocks, 20
•x-Chief of Police Collins and other milee east of here, killing four of the
police and city officials in connection railroad men, seriously injuring three
with alleged corruption in the police others, and slightly injuring five pas­
The engine, baggage, mail
department during Mayor
Dunne’s sengers.
and express cars were demolished, but
term of office.
the passenger coaches and the sleepers
The government is securing informa­ were uninjured.
tion on the watch trust.
Ocean Liners Crippled.
A Montana sect is selling its prop­
New York, May 8.—With the spring
erty in preparation for the end of the
tide of tourists to Europe at its height,
the trans-Atlantic steamship companies
One of the walls of the Chihuahua, are facing the danger of a serious tieup,
Mexico, dam gave way and between 25 practically all of them being today par­
and 30 workmen were killed.
tially crippled as a result of the strike
of longshoremen for increased wages
A thousand mile balloon voyage from Many coastwise and tramp steamer
8t. Louis to Washington is to be at­ lines are also affected. The number of
men now out Is estimated by strike
It is said the Montenegro revolt was leaders at about 10,000. The only dis­
caused by the domineering ways of order thus far occurred today when 150
strikers attacked and scattered a gang
Prince Nicholas.
of 40 nonunion men.
An explosion of a gunpowder maga­
zine at Clanton, China, wrought great
Telephone Girls Weakening.
destruction to surrounding property
San Francisco, May 8.—fieepite the
Hundreds of persons were injured and enthusiasm shown by several hundred
31 bodies have been recovered. It is girls at the meeting of the striking tel­
not known bow many were killed.
ephone operators Unity, the indications
The government has decided to place are that, unless the linemen go out and
S large tract of land in Montana on the complicate the situation, the company
market about July 1. It will be irri­ will have practically a complete force
gated by what is known as the Huntley at the switchboards within the next
few days. A committee of linemen
In the Federal court at Portland waited on President Scott of the tele­
Judge Hunt has sentenced Franklin phone company to intercede for the
Fierce Mays to serve four mont ha in striking operators today.
the county jail and pay a fine of 410,-
2,000 Hodcarriers Join Strikers
000. Willard N. Jone is fined 42,000
and eent to jail for eight months.
Chicago, May 8.—Twc thousand hod-
George Sorenson did not appear in carri-ra and building laborers today
rvwirt and hia bail of 44,000 was for­ joined the strike of the bricklayers. A
faited and a bench warrant issued for speedy settlement is predicted.
hie arrest. Three three men were aon- total number of men now out is about
riatad of land tend.
Hatriaburg, Fa., May 7.—Civil and
criminal suite will bv inxight by At­
torney General Todd agniiist thoae re­
sponsible for the state capllol scandal.
A complete list of the defendants will
not be known until the Inquiry ie com­
pleted. The com m I m ion will hold no
more public sessions uutll after the
legislature adjouri a on May IA.
As the eomniiaeion cannot finish its
work In tine t > repost to the ptireeiit
legislature, ae provided in the reeolu-
lion creating that body, the investiga­
tors will send a report to tlie genrial
assembly which »ill slaiply lie an an-
noeiireinent that lhe inquiry is incom­
plete and a requret that its time be ax-
temled indefinitely, and that it be au­
thorised to make its report to Governor
Htuart when re«dy.
The suits will be bawl on the testi-
moiiy showing Dial ttie oorxtractor sol-
Irvtexi from the state for 752 thermo­
stats and install««! only 383, and on the
•ubetltuthxn of domestic for ha«x*arat
glass ami an inferior glass for Tiffany
favrlle. The testi «sony also »hows that
while the more vkborste of the 42,IH*<>
worth of lighting fixture« waa to be
tuerx-niial gold, the bulk of thoae in­
stalled were merely lacquered, the lai
ter |>rx«*eee costing one-tenth the prire
of the former. All these fixtures were
supplied to the state al a o«t uf 44 85
“per pouud."
Investigation to Begin, Conducted by
Governor Folk.
Kansas City, Me., May 7.—Tomot-
tow morning the txarvl of polk*« cum
tnieaioners will begin thsir promised
Investigation of chargee of polk« cor­
ruption. The probable advent in Kan­
sas City within the neat week or so of
Governor Folk, who has practieallv
said he would route here and take a
hand personally in the investigation,
gives promise of sensational dleehaurve
For a l«rog time allegations have
be«n made that graft was commonly
It has been rliarge«! that it extender!
all the way from the protection of petty
criminals to the covering up—for a«xro-
sideral ion—of the graver crimes of mur­
ders, and dangcroua crocks shielded,
and appointments made at the behest
of certain factions to pay politiral debts.
Chief of Police llares has repeate«lly
said that he court»! an Invealigntion of
hia department, and be has offered to
give the governor and lb« poi««.w curu-
miseiouers all aid at his t'orumand.
Lawyers, Witnesses and Reporters
Occupy All Available Rooms.
Boise, Ida., May 7.—Practically every
available room In Boise, the capital
city of Idaho, lias been reserved for
lawyers, witnesses, or newspaper men
in attemiance to the «rourt which will
try William Heywixxl on the charge of
the murder ol former governor Frank
Hteunenberg. While there la little or
no public discussion of the case, the
umlercunent ol intereat runs strong,
and every incoming train bring» aiidl-
tiona to the very large number of people
connects«! with the case who are al­
ready on the ground.
That there might be some delay has
lieen dissipated by statements emanat­
ing from both sides. Clarence Harrow,
cf Chicago, and E. F. Richartls« n, of
Denver, jointly lea«ling cuuneel for the
defense of Haywood, have both stated
that they are ready for trial.
for the proaecotion, James H. Hawley,
and Senator W. E Borah, who have
been ergage«) specially, are ol the opin­
ion that therb will be no further delay.
Peace for South America.
New York, May 7.—The Tribune
Andrew Carnegie, leading ex­
ponent of the peace propaganda in this
country, thinks he lute solve«) the long
standing problem ol bringing perma­
nent peace to the combative republics
Hamilton Invests in Wasco.
of Latin America.
Mr. Carnegie has
La Grande—W.
R. Hamilton, of
appointe»! Diemo Mendosa, ex-minister
this city, recently made extensive bua-
Wheat—Club, 78c; blueetem, 80c; of Colombia at Washington, to visit
inees investments in Waaco, Sherman valley, 77c; zed, 76c.
the republics on a p«we mission. He
county, purchasing a large store and
Oats—No. 1 white, 429; gray 428<«i will te accom pan i»«I by Professor W H.
stock of general merchandise, flouring 29.
of Columbia university.
mill, residence property and an inter- i
.re—41.45^1.50 per cwt.
Henor Mendoza, it is raid, will receive
est in the local bank of Wasco. Two! !
Barley—Fee«l, 422.50 per ton; brew­ a salary of 420,000 a year and expense«.
of Mr. Hamilton's eons, Fred and ing, 423; rolled, 423.50(924.50.
Chester, have gone to Waaco to aseitt
Corn—Whole, 425; cracked, 428 per
Took Toll From Police.
in handling the business.
Chicago. May 7.—That the city of
Hay—Valley timothy, No. 1, 415<9
Chicago lute lot years lieen violating
Big Cheese Factory for Lorane.
16 per ton; Eastern Oregon timothy,
thr civil service law was brought to the
Lorane—The cheese factory to l>e 118(919; clover, 49; cheat, 49; grain light by the investigation of the police
started during May by E. H. Crow will hay, 49(310.
department, which resulted yesteriiay
Fruita—Strawberries, Oregon, 25c
be an important industry to this com- i
in indictments being returned againet
munity and county. The milk of about per pound; apples, 41®2.50 per box. four city officers ami two detectives un­
200 co«s will be used at once, which
Vegetables—Turnips, 410125 per
der Mayor llunne’s administration.
will bring a return of from 41,200 to seek; carrots, 4101.25 per sack ; Wte, The investigation b»-gzn ten days ago,
42,000 a month to the owners.
For 41.2501.50 per sack; cauliflower, 410 following charge« made during the re­
the present, the products of the factory 1.25 per dozen; lettuce, head, 35045c cent mayoralty campaign that ex-Chief
will be handled through the local per «lozen; radishes, 20c per dozen; of Police Collins had nae»l hie depart­
men-han te.
1 as[«ragus, 12013c pound; rhubarb, 3
ment to further the interests of Dunne
I 03He per pound.
by receiving money fromthe police.
Baker Plana to Celebrate.
Onions—Oregon, 42.5003 per hun­
Baker City—Plans are now well un­ dred.
Linemen May Alaa Go Out.
der way for one of the largest Fourth of
p, t .toes—Oregon, 41.85®2 per sack;
Han Francisco, May 7.—-The linemen
July celebrations ever held in this new potatoes, 8c pound; sweet pota­
of the Pacific States Telephone A Tele­
city. Committees have been appointed toes, fle per pound.
graph company held a meeting yrater-
by all of the local department leagues
Butter—Fancy creamery, 20®22He
day and were In conference with com­
•nd they will soon meet to perfect per pound.
mittees from the labor council and from
plane for the great event. ♦That some­
Batter Fat—First grade cream, 21c
the striking telephone girls on the
thing new shall he the order of the day per pound; sei-ond grade cream, 2c I m «
question of declaring a sympathetic
seems the desire of each member of th* per pound.
strike in support of the latter. No
Poultry—Average old hens, 150111c
decision was arrive»! at so far as can be
per pound; mixed chicken«, 15015HC:
learned, and another meeting will be
Would Continue Drain Normal.
spring fryers and broilers, 22H02fic;
held today. There was practically no
Relem—Gvernor Chamberlain, upon old rooeten, 9010c; drsesol chickens,
change in the strike trxlay.
hie return from a meeting of the txrord 16®I7c; turkeys, litre, 13015c; tur­
of regents of the Drain Normal school, keys, dressed, choice, I8H®20c; geewe,
President's Words Denounced.
«ays it was the sense of the beard that live, 8c; young docks
nominal, old
Mobile, Ala., May 7.—The Hocialista
the school be continued during the bal­ ducks, lflffil8c.
of thia city and surrounding places
ance of the term and that the expense«
Eggs—18c per dozen.
of running up to July 1 would he met
Veal—Dressed, 5H0*M« P*r ponnd. held a largely attendetl meeting al
by public subecription and depend upon
Beef,—Dressed bulls, 3H04c per Fairhope, a single tax colony, today.
the next legislature to meet the defi­ pound; cows,
country The president's statement as to the
undesirability of Moyer, Haywood ami
steers, «H07H«-
Mutton—Dressed, fancy, lO01OHr Pettibone were denounced.
Prepare forSane Fourth.
per ponnd; ordinary, 80fte; spring
Los Angeles Fears Strike.
Eugene—The city council has just la mist, with pelts, lOffilOHc.
passed an ordinance, which prohibits
Loe Angel««, May 7.—Prospects for
Pork— Dressed, fl®9«: per pound.
the use of firecrackers of a greater
Hops—fltBOc per pound, «cording to a local teamsters strike which lest
length than four inches, or of any quality.
night appeared encouraging have sud­
rockets ol a greater weight than six
Wool—Eastern Oregon average beat, denly taken a tnm in the opprsilte di­
ounces, and all dynamite canes of any 15019c per pound, according to shrink­ rect ion and there la a possibility of a
size, within the city limits. The pen­ age; valley, 20®21c, according to flne- eerioue strike in the immediate future
alty for violation is fixed from 41 to neea; mohair, choice, 29030c per with many other branches of labor In­
Vlolinct Sains Cirtili Io San
Fnoclsci Labor Vir.
Han Francisco, May 7.—An air «4
nervous ei|Mxlai>cy hang« over lhe city
of San Frauctsco.
It la such a quiet
eiipprveae«l sentiment as bespeak» ap­
proaching conflict.
The sltuallou is
seriuua with a gravity b>*m of un<w>r
Ths United ltalInsula |rr*>-
poses to resume the <>|wrallon of its
lines with non-union meu. Two thou
•and union men are cn sinks, and.
shtle neither >l«le will diaruas ths p««
aibllity of violence, the sitnatlcu has
l«een rarefully canva«oe«l hy ths police,
th« niilltla and the officers ol the tegu­
lar aruiy.
Thera ie a settled feeling In the city
that the rars cannot be operateii with
«nil violence of some sort.
lhe subject was diA'uased. lhe opinion
»nu» ex pre«»» I that trouble sea Inevita­
ble. While still hoping tiiat no out­
break will attend the running of Uie
cars, tlie aulheritiee have made ptepa
rations for any emergency.
Gen« ral
Funston arrived last night and aa»un«e«l
«xuiunand of the departntent of IMlilot-
aia. The militia artixtrlee aie being
guarded and Uie police foice lias l«een
given emergency orders.
Tlie situation is complicate«! by lhe
telephtxne strike and the vast industrial
army made idle hy the ironworkers'
strike. Among the unions the feeling
prevails that lhe defeat ol lhe caruien
would 1» the heaviest blow lhe unions
could re>*elve.
Reports are current that. It trouble
attends the attempt of Mr. t'alhoun to
run th«* ears, he will force the issue up­
on the government, eillier through a
request for a receiver or through Injunc­
tion proceedings in the Federal court.
Union Pacific Official Says Road Will
Sell No Mora Coal.
Cheyenne, Wyo., May 7.—"I look
for a greater cual (amine next year than
ever before, and the Union Itaciflc,
ahicti has always taken care of the peo­
ple along its line, will no longer lie
able to do so on account of th« Hepburn
bill," is a statement attributed to W.
L. Park, general superintendent of the
Union Pacific raiiraad, by the Wyom­
ing Tribune today.
"The »mall dealers,” Mr. Park is
further reporte«l to have raid, "have
in a way >lcper»d<*<i upon tbe railroad for
lhe supply of coal to help them out.
and, unlive they store their own 0*1
during the coming summer, they will
face a famine in the winter. C<x»l con­
sumers along other line« where a »iml-
lar arrangement has been maintained
try coal-carrying r««ds will meet the
same emergency.
Tbe Union Pa«-lfl<*
will store c««l as usual thia summer,
but will have none to sell "
Wrecks Villages and Kills People In
Northern Texas.
Fort Worth, Texas, May 7.—A storm
of wind and rain, which was general
throughout a considerable area in
Northern Texa« ami which at oom«
pla«-ea aseumed the proportions of a tor­
nado, areordlng to meager reports re-
ceivrd here tonight, lias reenlted in the
k*s of at least three llvse, the Injury of
many other persona and great «lamage
to property and crops.
Heveral village« were wiped out, but
becauae of lhe prostration of both tele­
graph and telephone wires details are
almost impiseible to obtain.
At De-
port, one of the largest villaeee In La­
mar county, 20 mllee from Paris, tbe
storm pasee«l northeast, cutting a path
about 200 yards wide.
Harriman Annuls Long Contract With
Clark Hallroad
Washington. May fl —Official Infor-
matlun rea«h*l the InterstateIkniimsres
«tonimi.aioli lixlay of the oancellatina
of a traffic agreement enterr«! Into June
18, 190.1, between the Houlheru l's.’lll<*
and lhe Han Pedro, Lie Angelas A Hall
Laks iallroe«l etMB|«Blse.
In ths upiuioti nt ths coniinlaalcm the
alMOgatfiro of tlie agreement la of lhe
highest Importance
Tl*e fail« rxro-
oernlng it sere «leveloped al the rroeul
inquiry Into the relations « t the Krol fi­
eni Psclflc will« other corp rail«iiia. Il
was the opinion of several Intelaiale
Corrimelo.- ixniiinieeloiieia that Ute
agreement sas In restraint ol lra«le and
might aubjM't the officiala »ho entere«l
into it to a pnweculiou under lhe Hher-
man anil Unsi act
Notificali«» ut the abrogation of tlie
Hgrvenietil was received In a letter from
R. H. Ixivelt, of New York, gem ral
counsel of lhe H.*uth«-rn l*eclH«- com-
peny. Mr. Iznelt aasigna
lh<* rea­
son for lite action lhe enactment liy lhe
California lego latore of a law wh*ch
prohibit« contraete iMtrlCtlng <*oinjro-
The agiecrn.nt lurida the Halt Lake
roa-t not tu change rate« within VW years
without the muernt of lhe Houthern
It came out al the Inquiry
that the agreement extemla l>ey<m«l
tblifurni ami I Imla lhe Halt lake t«*d
Io build no extensions north of Balt
lake parallel.
Witness Sew United Railroads Official
Pay Gold to Ruef.
Han Franriero May 6 — Sensational
testimony was given before ths fraud
jury lolay by Uniteit Htatxs I resaury
official«, which laid bare tlie details of
the brltiery of Abe Ruef, Mayor K'hmlta
and ths members of the l*o*id of super-
visors by th«
Through the testimony of Hupei Inleml-
snt leach of the mint, Assistant Treas­
urer Julius Jsreilw, al the Han Franelaoo
sub treasury, and others, 4225,out) of
boodle was tracvxl form the hands <>f the
L'niUel Railroad« to the city officials.
Heveial officials of the United
were also called a« wltneoare. but In­
voked their <ron«tilutiunal right snd re­
fused to testify.
On« of ths nxat startling plerna of
(«alimony was that of Mr. Leach, who
told tlie grand jury that he personally
ha«l s « m ' u Tlrornwell Mullally. aasiatanl
to ths prreldent of Die i'nitol Kail-
t<>a<la, pay 45,<XM> to Ruel.
This was
only the Ivglnniiig.
Other witnesses
compleUxI the rhain of evidence, which,
it ie predicbsl, will result tn ths iudict-
nrent ol some of the most prominent
officials of the final tns'tion trust.
London Corporation Quarreling With
County Council.
Ixwidon, Mav 8.—Cllix«*n« of Ixrodoo
are anxious about the safely uf Ht.
Paul's ralhnlrsl. Tlie southwest tower
is Inning several Inches «rot of perpen­
dicular and large cracks l>ave appeared
in the stone work.
A sharp conflict has arisen l«et»een
the City corjxwslion and the IxmdoO
County council regarding the stability
of ths cathedral. The council _ prop* wee
to run a main sewer under tlie threat­
ened tower, ami this the citizens resent
as likely to hasten the ruin ol the re-
l«>rd Mayor Trefiror has
spoken vig«irn«Mtly on tiro necessity of
safeguarding ixiodon'a cathedral, while
Sir Benjamin Baker, the m««t eminent
alvil engineer In England, «aye lie is
prepare«! to pledge hia professional rep-
ata lion that the propnee«) eeser could
not in any way zffe«t the cathedral.
A public meeting to protest againet
the construction of the sewer ie being
arranged at lhe Guildhall, »here tiro
lord mayur will prolably preeule.
Will Not G've Up < Ims.
City of Mexico, May fl—Guatemala
has rrfiiaed to comply with the request
of the Mexican goxernment that J<«e
Marla Lima and Colonel Bore, clarxrd
with complicity in the a»»e«»ln«ti<>n of
General Barrlllas, he extradite«!. The
cabinet held s protracted -eeaton and,
it is raid, delate«! the advisability of
immediately aeveting diplomatic rela­
tions with Guatemala. No one would
talk, but Minister of Foreign Affsirs
Record Trip Around Horn.
Msrlscal said that ths position of the
Izw Angeles, May 7.—A .peelsI to the Mexican government may 1« announced
Herald from Han Diego says tiiat th« tomorrow.
«•learner President, one of th« vessels
afloat, now engaged In an effort to break
Buss« Calls for Hcalps
th« rxlating record for a voyage around
Chicago, Max fl—Mayor Busse toilay
Cap« Horn, is repotte«l to have passed formally aaktxi fot the resignation ol
Han Diego yesterday afternoon.
Th« J<«eph Powell, William Prentiaa aid
tnee«age was revelv»l hy wireless tele­ Frank Weriter, who «onatitnte the civil
graph and rtated that the President, service oomnna«ion of Chicago.
which left Philadelphia March 23, refused ami aaserts«l that the mayor is
Would arrive at Hen Franoieco tonight without authority to ask them to re­
or We«ln«re<lay morning.
If the esti­ sign. Mayor Biiane refiuMxf to s»«lgn
mate la «rorrect the Pereldent will make any reason for his notion. Afier lhe
the trip in 4fl days.
commissionin' refusal to resign, Mayor
Bus«« deciilwl that he has the author­
Forest Land Reopened.
ity to remove them. Consequently he
Helena, Mont., May 7.—Notice of declare«! the office« vacant and appilnt-
tlie release of thousands of acres of ed three new membrrs to the biatd.
Montana lands, which were withdrawn
some weeks ago for national forest pur-
Japan Has Qat-Rlch-Quick Fever.
xiees, was received toilay at the Helena
Ixxntlon, May fl.—Japan ha« caught
and office from Commissioner of the the "ge-rich-quick" fever, according to
General I And Office Ballinger. Notice a izindon merchant who has Just re­
waa received stating that "for lack of turned from Japan, and who mya that
funds all hearings set for dates later nnleae the nation sobers down, specula­
than May 25, except at Carson City, tive crises will become sa common in
Nevada, and caaee In California and Tokio as they are In New York. Home
I jos Angeles, set for May 27," are poet- ■iflj • Japanese filter will make a cor­
poned. This will tie up a goml many ner in rice. The coni|Mniea an<l syndi­
tract« of land in title district.
cate« floate«! during the twelve months
ending In January last representwl I ltd
Shota Fired In Labor Riots.
astonishing total capital of 4700,000,-
Coonneelvllle, Pa., May 7.—Benja­ 004».
min Carter, a negro strike breaker, waa
stabbed in the lack, two negroes were
Strike Fever Is Spreading.
arrested for carrying firearms, and pa­
Han Francisco, May fl.—The Iron
trolmen and mem tiers of the state con­ workers strike has setlle«l down to a
stabulary were fliwl upon tonight «lut­ siege. Pra<*tically all ths Ironworks,
ing a riot between whit« men and negro foumlrlra and sh<q« in the city are clos­
str ikebrrakers at the plant of tlie Hllgo ed. ft was «aid toilay that the employ­
Iron A Hteel company. The mills havs ers would declare for sn "op«n shop"
lieen closed since April 13 until a few thia week. Another strike knmlng up
days ago. when several carloads of ne­ on the horizon Is that nf the bakers.
groes were imported from Pittaburg.
The Bakers' nnlon held a midnight
meeting last night to formulate demands
Relatione Not Severed.
for a considerable Inrreae«* In wages and
Mexico City, May 7.—Diplomatic re­ possibly an eight hour «lay.
lations between Mexico and Guatema­
la have not been severed. Tonight the
Attacked by Guatemala,
eiilr-aecretary of foreign affaire, Jose
City of Mexioo, May fl.—Telegrams
Alegaria, emphatically denied the re­ from Halina Urea lend to confirm a re-
port emanating from Washington to the >ort that the Guatemalans attacked the
effect that Minister Gombe had been Hexloan lighthouse at Han Berth on the
west coast.